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Obama spends $4 million to hype global-warming alarm

"President Obama traveled late last year to Paris for an international conference so he could hype alarm over global warming. He suggested at the time such an event was a “fitting response to the terrorist attacks that cost the lives of 130 people in and around Paris on Nov. 13,” the New York Times reported. That’s even though the campaign against global warming has morphed into a campaign against “climate change” because there isn’t any more warming, and a new movie charges the entire effort is a “hustle” to redistribute the free world’s wealth. The message Obama delivered cost American taxpayers more than $4 million." –Source

Yes, we know global warming is a farce, in fact I have hundreds of articles and videos exposing it's not only a farce, it's also as this article says regarding redistribution of wealth; which I also cover on my "Vatican's Socialist Agenda" page wherein redistribution of wealth is par for the course when it comes to building on the Vatican's socialist plans which are needed to enforce their long prophesied mark. But the main reason I am posting this article of Obama pushing the global warming, aptly renamed "climate change" because their lie about "warming" was proven to be a lie by over 31,487 American Scientists of which 9,029 have PhDs, but the main reason for the post is to highlight who it is Rome chose to broadcast their strange lies far and wide. They chose Obama, a man infamous for lying. And yes, Rome invented global warming decades ago. See this video wherein I show they used Al Gore to trailblaze the concept to any and all that would listen so as to have a reason to gather everyone on earth under one assumption.

As we know, the  mark is to be enforced globally. Problem is, even if you have a one world government, which by the way was prophesied and is already on paper and headed towards reality as we speak; unless you have some sort of reason to get everyone on earth involved, you will never be able to enforce it no matter how charismatic the global lead is. Like Ronald Reagan, a very good friend of Rome hinted during his administration, if we all had a common enemy that threatened the lives of us all, we would all see the need to work together. He of course used the UFO agenda of Rome as his jumping off point, but the concept was heard worldwide because Reagan was a popular voice that Rome could use to get many to listen. (Check out 28 seconds of Reagan's actual UN speech on video here)

Rome was unable (so far) to get the technology to create a believable alien invasion realized as of yet and so their next best idea was to use some fabricated lie that can be made somewhat believable and so global warming was it. Problem is, they messed up on their 50-0 chance at guessing the state of the planet and instead of warming, it's actually cooling and so they changed the name to "climate change" to save face. This fabricated lie did work and nearly every nation on earth agreed to help Rome push this agenda in every nation around the world last April.

Obama's lies:

Now I don't want to list all the lies I found of Obama here because some sites have over 300 listed. But I do want to list at least the top ten or so, which are as follows. He never removed Bush's unconstitutional 'indefinite detention of US citizens without charges as promised. Instead he signed it into law and now any American can be held in jail without charges indefinitely. He had 4 US citizens killed without due process of law. He lied about saying we can keep our healthcare plans. He lied about the death panels that are written into Obamacare. He lied about the cost of Obamacare going down instead of way up as it has. He lied ten times about waiting 5 days to sign Bills into Law. He lied about cutting the deficit in half before the end of his first term. He actually added more to our debt than the previous 43 presidents COMBINED! He lied numerous times about being against homosexual marriage. He lied repeatedly about the economy being much better during his administration when realty says quite the opposite. He (and Hillary) lied about the reason  for the attack in Benghazi. He lied about regulations costs. They were actually 20 times more than he claimed. And just to throw the cherry on top, yes he also lied about being born in Hawaii. Even his wife said on camera that he was born in Kenya!

Again, I am not exposing Obama because he's a Democrat. Truth is, I shared some facts about Trump's associating with Muslims the other day as well. My point is showing all the documented facts regarding the lies this man has spoken, and I can literally go on for well over an hour listing the 300+ lies I found online from linked sources; but I am running late today and simply had to stop. My point in all this is; the man is not only a liar, he appears to relish lying as some relish the truth. For someone to lie as much as he does confirms he is a very dangerous man who cannot be trusted on any level to tell the truth. But then most already know this seeing how we're all on the tail end of his administration. Plus, and just so you know, there were many lies documented on and offline that were of a trivial nature listed all over the place as well. That alone shows he is actually a diagnosed pathological liar. And no, that is not sarcasm either. That is actually considered a proper medical condition in that it even has a list of symptoms that he displays. (I was shocked to find that out)

That all being said, students of prophecy that are honest with themselves and the historic facts presented know that it was Rome that spearheaded the global warming aka climate change agenda so as to enforce her mark. Seeing how the Vatican is owned and operated by Satanists. And no, that is not a sarcasm either. They have been caught red-handed. Literally! And since the prelates in Rome worship Satan, they would naturally have to hire a man that speaks their dying god's native tongue as an obedient and loyal act to that dying god. And for the last 7+ years, that man has been Barack Hussein Obama; the current standing president of the second beast mentioned in the prophetic Word of our ever living God.

Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days:

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VIDEO: Nations sign historic climate change pact

"Representatives from over 100 countries are signing a historic agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Robin Curnow reports." –Source

Most alive today have no clue as to the significance of this event, but students of prophecy do. We have been declaring for decades that the powers that be will eventually come together globally under the watchful eye of the man of sin in Rome because the mark is about the be enforced and the only way they can hope to make everyone on earth see the need to get on board on this would be to come up with a believable lie wherein everyone on earth feels threatened, and unless they do something about it all is lost.

What am I getting at?

The Vatican knows all about the soon to come massive increase in world wide calamities. And no, I am not talking about the 7 last plagues just yet. Yes, those plagues are coming, but they are actually the end result of the Pope's command that all peoples everywhere deny God's law and that nations in bed with him do so officially so as to "legally make void the law of God."

The Popes in Rome know all about the present day disasters and how they were prophesied. They also know they are about to get much worse. But what they won't say is that it's all due to their own evil actions. So, in order to hide (again) their sinful ways, they shift everyone's focus away from the obvious prophetic fulfillment. Since most people don't read Bibles and the ones that do read them do so with a Vatican inspired creed that darkens the truth so as to shine a false light on the lie, most can't possibly see what the obedient Christians see. Still.. it is also prophesied that we, the obedient people of God, will go forth to educate the masses as to what's really happening and why the calamities are here and why they're increasing. So.. Rome (via accepted satanic inspiration) came up with the plan to claim we are all dying thanks to global warming.

But.. they used bad Science

31,487 Scientists have already proven with tons of well researched data that global warming is an easy to prove lie. That is why the Pope in Rome demanded a re-write to the agenda but not in planned execution. All he did was change the name from 'global warming' to 'climate change' because the science was impossible to ignore regarding the lie of global warming.

So.. how will it work?

Sunday Laws! That's right, the Pope will soon be 'visited' by Satan incarnate who will then publicly claim to be Jesus Christ demanding that Sunday Laws must be enforced so as to stop the global calamities from getting worse. The idea is that if everyone agrees to keep Sunday Holy, God will be pleased and the calamities will end. Problem is, that's actually what brings on the seven last plagues for it was also prophesied in Psalms 119:126, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." But Satan (and his Papal worshiper) could care less about all that. They want all souls to worship Satan and even die in the plagues anyway.

The calamities are here and they are getting worse. In fact they are about to get MUCH worse. This is why the Pope canonized John Paul II recently. In his Dios Domini he, John Paul II, demanded "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy" and so, since this very evil man was canonized by the Vatican, they can now claim he is a saint that speaks from heaven towards the need for Sunday Laws.

You have to understand Rome cannot just demand everyone keep Sunday holy for no reason. Especially since it was prophesied they will demand Sunday laws be enforced in the first place. They have to come up with a way to make everyone think it's the only way the calamities will end while at the same time not realizing it was all prophesied. Especially after Satan, who is now playing the part of Jesus Christ on earth, is agreeing with them in all this. And since the prophecy of Amos is fulfilling and no one knows what the Bible says about all this, everyone on earth will agree that Sunday Laws will in fact stop the climate change disasters.

Summarizing the prophetic facts:

Just to name a few of the many that were fulfilled regarding enforcement of the mark, the Bibles have been altered to hide the truth, the sermons have been censored and watered down to keep the people confused, all churches keep Sunday holy to belittle the Law of God, false prophecies have been preached and accepted to keep the confusion well fueled, the Bible truths have become illegal to gag the weak Christians, free speech is being removed to slow the truth, good has become evil and evil good in the eyes of most, the Christian people have become lukewarm and sinful so as to be unready for Heaven, homosexual marriage has been legalized and accepted by all churches to bring on God's wrath just as they did in Noah's day, all the fallen churches are regulated by Government so as to create the image of the beast, the Vatican's Socialist agenda is in full swing, the man of sin has been revealed, false gods have become synonymous with the Christian God, the calamities have begun, the climate change message has been delivered, a canonized Pope has declared Sunday laws needed, and 171 nations have just this morning signed unto the Vatican's climate change agreement. So what's next? Need I ask?