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Facebook to Begin ‘Fake News’ Filtering in Germany

Facebook to Begin ‘Fake News’ Filtering in Germany published on 1 Comment on Facebook to Begin ‘Fake News’ Filtering in Germany

"The Financial Times reports that following Angela Merkel’s worries about fake news and misinformation prior to the upcoming German elections, Facebook will begin their fake news monitoring program in Germany very soon. Facebook announced their fake news fact checking program in the US in December, partnering with partisan organisations such as ABC News, Snopes, and Politifact to determine what counts as fake news. Stories reported on Facebook’s platform as fake news will now be forwarded to Correctiv, a German-based non-profit news organisation. If the news is deemed to be incorrect it will be marked as “disputed” and an explanation for the judgement will be attached. These items will also appear lower on Facebook timelines as items are sorted by Facebook’s algorithm." –Source

You know what this all means don't you? The fake news agenda is… FAKE. What I mean is, since the left didn't like the way they lost the US election they have now gone global so as to "police" what they deem "fake news" in other nations so as to assure a positive outcome on their end when the times comes for them to take the golden scepter. This is what Hitler did in his day. Anyone against his Vatican commanded insanities were declared war criminals based on a Vatican definition of dissension. And how do I know the fake news "police" are going to lean to the left and by no means do this policing in an unbiased fashion? The fact they mention one of the fact checkers as the government owned and operated "Snopes" website makes it painfully obvious the fix is already in before it starts and therefore free speech will be off the table unless of course it leans to the left.

And how do I know Snopes is government owned?

Snopes, who has been tagged more than once as a "tank for Obama" and one "heavily financed by George Soros" is nothing more than a Vatican approved propaganda machine painted as a legit source of truth to the sheeple they have been able to herd the last few years. In fact, one thing many people that have had legitimate battles with AMA vaccines can attest to is that whenever their story goes viral regarding how their children were maimed or killed by AMA vaccines Snopes will jump online and declare their stories a hoax when in fact it's been confirmed many times and quite often on video to be factual. has an obvious leftist agenda when it comes to assuring the AMA gets their billions so that those in DC that built keep getting their millions per each silk lined pocket. And it's not just regarding vaccines either. They protect manufactures of such deadly food additives like aspartame and glysophate just to name a few. In short, just as one of the article authors stated, "Snopes is just another voice for the status quo" and so having them as part of Facebook's police farce against free speech lets the cat out of the bag. But then, most people will no doubt go to Snopes and read their next "false" post declaring all those websites exposing them are bogus as well? I guess to bottom line reality here has to do with what side of the fence you're standing on? Are you in the coral of sheeple or outside the fence trying to help some out of the herd?

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Thought crime: Germany To Prosecute Online ‘Hate Speech’

Thought crime: Germany To Prosecute Online ‘Hate Speech’ published on

"Germany’s record on free speech leaves a lot to be desired. Vacillating from one extreme to another, from simulcasting Nazi propaganda to criminalizing Holocaust-denial, it has long struggled to protect the civil liberty of free speech while quelling the tides of authoritarianism. In an attempt to control the recent uptick in xenophobia and racism, largely exacerbated by sudden demographic shifts linked to Berlin’s refugee-intake program, German authorities are now prosecuting arbitrarily-defined “hate speech,” otherwise known as free speech, with what appears to be de facto blasphemy laws. On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel backed a federal program to monitor and police internet activity on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.  " –Source

Why they claim they are just now passing the law is a joke. Why do I say that? Do recall this video I did back in December of 2015 wherein I show how YouTube blocked a video I made titled "Nazi's pledge to obey Pope on Camera"? In that video I show pictures of the Nazi soldiers saluting the Pope using the same Vatican hand signal the Swiss Guards do as a show of respect and loyalty to the Pope and his Trinity doctrine. YouTube pulled the video in Germany and Israel to hide the truth that they feared would go viral regarding Rome's obvious plans for Israel even today. And I don't believe they only blocked in the nations listed in that email they sent me either as I got many emails from other countries no on the list saying they could not see the video either. Praise the Lord there is a way around viewing blocked videos. All one needs to do is use a proxy IP address. But they know most people don't know how to do that. There is software that helps people do this that aren't too techy. But it is rather easy to do without wasting money on such things. Click here to see what I mean.

What appears obvious to me on this is the craftiness of the man of sin just as the prophet Daniel predicted. Germany as we know was by majority Roman Catholic when the Vatican Emperor Adolph Hitler came to power. It is still by majority (66.8% Christian) claiming to be Catholic. Now yes, I know they split the count by claiming 31.7% Protestant to 31.2% Catholic with a few fringe denominations. But we all know about the ecumenical charge of Rome has claimed all "Christian" Churches to be one with Rome now (including the SDA church) and just recently the German based Lutheran Church supposedly caved to join the Vatican as well.

But my point in all this is:

The Pope knows he needs to get free speech removed. (hence the reason I created this page on my site years ago) And what is the best way to craftily get free speech removed? Make free speech legal of course! How's that?! Think about it. If you let the people in Germany, who have a long history of Hitler worship to flourish unchecked for a few years, it will get so out of hand that the politicians can just sit back and wait till it gets near the borders of anarchy to where they "suddenly" have no choice but to remove all free speech so as to stop all the hate crimes, riots and bloodshed.

So, how is this our problem?

Do you recall the Vatican's first Nazi Pope who catapulted Germany back into a global player position recently? Do you also recall when Obama campaigned in Germany before his first term? And were you aware of Trump's German roots as well? But that's neither here nor there when you consider how the New World Order will be set up when it's all said and done. See my videos on this and the page I created years ago outlining what the Pope has been up to in all this as per the prophetic Word of God. And… This just in! Were you also aware that the German courts have recently decided that Sharia Police are LEGAL in Germany?

To summarize, think of it this way. As I stated in my June 2008 Truth Provided Newsletter, the prophecy states the World as we know it will be split into ten separate regions for a very short time right before Jesus comes to destroy them all. (See my "Dream of a King" study on how this all goes down. Also see currents events on this regard in a few videos I did on this) In short, when all those nations form under ONE global ruler, the laws of each nation will become the laws in all nations. This is why they changed all their Constitutions in every nation, and as prophesied, plan to do the same in America soon. They did this so as to have all that's needed on paper BEFORE the other shoe drops. That means.. since free speech is now outlawed in Germany, who is a current NWO member nation, it is then to be illegal in all nations when those toes start wiggling in that dropped shoe.

Will that stop the loud cry? Read Acts 5:29.

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Major Advertising Technology Company Bars Breitbart News for Hate Speech

Major Advertising Technology Company Bars Breitbart News for Hate Speech published on

"AppNexus Inc., operator of one of the biggest digital advertising services, has barred Breitbart News from using its ad-serving tools because the conservative online publisher violated its hate speech rules. AppNexus scrutinized Breitbart's website after U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump tapped Steve Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart, to be White House chief strategist last week. The digital ad firm decided the publication had breached a policy against content that incites violence, said AppNexus spokesman Joshua Zeitz." –Source

I've used articles many times over the years from Breitbart and I know for a fact there is not a single line of hate in any of the articles. But we are in the age of lying when truth becomes the lie and the lie is now truth and so it's the norm for some in power as well as deception to assume love equals hate and hate equals love.

Take for example the way the homosexuals like to claim Christians hate them when they try to warn them about their eternal plight of damnation. There isn't a more loving gesture known to man than to try to help someone out of danger. And when I say Christians I mean real ones. Not the bullhorn holders that scream hateful slurs at homosexuals, fornicators or drunks just to name a few. Those people are not Christians. But seeing how most people hate to be rebuked for their sin today, and this includes everything from dress reform to homosexuality, most people will associate the loving Christian act of concern with the hateful screamers and so they vindicate themselves in their sin just as expected. So even if you share love, due to the way society has brainwashed hate into the minds of most, your loving act will be considered hateful.

What we see happening with Breitbart news is nothing new either. Those that place a political agenda above common sense will always use force to quite the truth. Rome did that during the Inquisitions and her cohorts in arms do that today in the media. But for them to claim Breitbart's articles would incite violence is as believable as it was when some so called "religious leaders" in Chicago demanded preachers stop going door to door with Scripture trying to share truth with Jews because that would incite violent hate crimes. Below is an excerpt from back then.

    …I find the current hostility to religious evangelism profoundly disturbing. This includes attacks on the missionary activities of the much-maligned Southern Baptists. According to The Seattle Times ("Baptists' high chutzpah," editorial, Sept. 11), which condemned Baptist efforts to convert Jews, "The Baptists should learn to respect the values and privacy of others." A group of religious leaders in Chicago has gone further, recently urging Southern Baptists to cancel plans to send missionaries into their city this coming summer because seeking to convert others "could contribute to a climate conducive to hate crimes." Missionary activity a hate crime? Apparently yes, according to the new, politically correct view of religious liberty being offered up by guardians of a completely secular public arena. -By John G. West Jr. is an associate professor of political science at Seattle Pacific University and a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute. Copyright © 2000 The Seattle Times Company -Jan 25, 2000

And no, I am not comparing backing Trump and his political pundits as being on the same level as some Baptist preachers using Scripture. Not in the least. Trump's fruit declare he needs us to pray for him just as must as we should for any president who is not walking with the Lord. What I see AppNexus doing here is the same thing the religious leaders of Chicago did years ago. AppNexus hates Breitbart just as those religious leaders hated Christians who wanted to share their faith.

And why do you suppose that is?

It has to do with Rome's ecumenical agenda. The only way to get all the people to see the Pope as THE "moral leader on earth" would be to have all agree with him on a multitude of issues in the church including evangelizing. He does not want people trying to convert Jesus to Christianity because it will upset the Jews. Don't believe me? Check this out…

  • Catholics shouldn’t try to convert Jews, says new Vatican document
    The Vatican has said that Catholics should witness to their faith but not undertake organized efforts to convert Jews, a significant step forward in the once tense relations between the two faiths. The document released on Thursday (Dec. 10) by the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations With the Jews also pushed for greater efforts to fight anti-Semitism. … In the past half-century the Catholic Church has also downplayed the idea of targeting Jews for conversion and has rejected any form of proselytizing of any group." –Source

In short, the so called religious leaders will do all they can to prevent boat rocking on any level. Be it the church or in politics. Free speech is something Rome fears with a passion. Especially now that the loud cry is banging on her doors. And so, as their long studied teacher, aka dying angel taught them of old, they too will use their powers to quench the truth presented so as to make peace. And what did the prophet Daniel say about that?

  • Daniel 8:25, "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand." 

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