SDA Removed Loud Cry & 501c3 From GC

NOW ON VIDEO NEWS Headlines Updated 06-26-19 1884 Great Controversy (Highlighted areas MISSING in 1888 GC) "As the time comes for the loud cry to be given, the Lord will work through humble instruments, leading the minds of those who consecrate themselves to his service. The laborers will be qualified rather by the unction of […]

SDA removed ANOTHER rebuke in the GC!

NOW ON VIDEO HEADLINES updated 06-19-19 Notice what it says in the 1884 Great Controversy. "Chapter XXII. – Modern Revivals. The converts are not renewed in heart or changed in character. They do not renounce their pride and love of the world. They are no more willing to deny self, to take up the cross, […]

SDA Removed “A Solemn Warning” Testimonies Vol. 8.

NOW ON VIDEO HEADLINES updated 05-27-19 Many in the SDA church are unaware of this but, the SDA church has compiled their own version of "Testimonies for the church" as well as other books so as to prevent the truth from getting out regarding their wicked ways. Notice what we see here in the Government […]

Ted Wilson: Abortion is OK

NOW ON VIDEO Article Headlines UPDATED 05-03-19 REPOSTED VIDEO (David Gates False Prophet) Ted Wilson stated when visiting in Jamaica that, “We do urge that lawmakers give strong adherence and cognisance to the sanctity of life. Most Adventists would be very supportive of the sanctity of life and not in favour of abortion unless the […]