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Religious leaders indict U.N. as ‘anti-Christian’

"An increasing number of conservative media figures are also condemning the recent resolution against Israel as the last straw, with Josh Hammer at The Resurgent declaring, “Destroy the United Nations.” But the case against the United Nations is also being made on religious, not just political, grounds. Furious at the international body’s hostility against the Jewish state of Israel, several Christian leaders told WND the time has come for the U.S. and the incoming Trump administration to take strong action against the globalist body." –Source

Now that didn't take long at all, did it? As expected the United Nations has become the target for the religious "leaders" in America. And I highlight the word "leaders" because nary a one is leading anyone to Christ. All of them are TV preachers who make merchandise of the people that sit in their pews hoping more for riches than salvation. And so, as students of prophecy warned for decades, the Vatican finally moved a man into office that they can promote as a Christian even though he is only a Christian in lip service and not in fruit. And his wife, who is soon to be first lady, pray for her as well as the many vulgar and quite disgusting pictures of her all over the Internet now declare quite boldly that all the Christians have been easily conned into voting for them en masse. But this is par for the course for those walking away from the Lord. When you disobey and show you don't want Him in your life, He steps back as per His promise regarding our free will. And so, they get what their flesh desires.

But, the real reason for all the frenzied reports has to do with the Vatican's long prophesied New World Order jumping off the printed page and into the lives of every person on earth. But it cannot come to fruition while the United Nations still stands as a governing conglomeration. Either it has to completely dissolve, or it has to be restructured in a way that allows for a ten region rule as well as a so called pro-religion format. And I say "religion" because it cannot be tagged as "Christian" at this point for in so doing will only anger all the non-Christian leaders in the Pope's ecumenical group hug. In any event, more and more "religious" banter is about to become the norm in US politics.

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Scientist fired for refusing to sanction false data on global warming

"The Obama administration withheld information from Congress and improperly fired an employee as part of a politically motivated push to end a Department of Energy (DOE) program, House Republicans say. A report Tuesday from the House Science Committee, based on an 11-month investigation, said the Obama administration wanted to shut down the DOE’s Low-Dose Radiation Research Program — which the committee has voted to save — in order to shift funds to President Obama’s climate change priorities. …The report released Monday goes even further, accusing the DOE of “a scheme to withhold information from congressional staff” to push Obama’s climate goals. …Thereafter, the DOE took punitive action against a scientist because she was unwilling to go along with the department’s inappropriate and unlawful advocacy scheme." –Source

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. So many bogus agendas swirling around the White House now-a-days that when one comes into view that can jeopardize the most current and focused false agenda of the first beast in Rome, anyone threatening that agenda, and this includes those that have well documented evidence confirming the agenda false, they must be removed at all costs. Problem is, you can't fire everyone, you can't pay off everyone and you certainly can't kill everyone that may eventually speak out against you. Still, Rome and her cohorts in DC will try all the way until the Lord that prophesied their plans returns.

Climate change aka global warming is not going to ever go away. The unholy Church in Rome was prophesied to use this agenda so as to have a reason to enforce her mark and so this will happen in that exact way. If only the Scientists who are in such positions to publish their findings would realize this they would be better off laying low while at the same time continuing to publish their findings to the general population that can use it. Word of mouth has and always will be the best method of communication. Because as I said a moment ago, you can't kill them all. Especially when there are 31, 467 Scientists of which 9,029 carry a valid PhD that have all the data on this. All I see this well researched scientific information can be utilized in today's world is in a way to open eyes that may still be a bit clouded as to why the Pope is pushing climate change. After all, most preachers, pastors and teachers no longer know or even care about any of this and so the common man among us will have to step up to the task. And you guessed it, the Lord knows this too. And so obedient Christians the world over with the desire, faith, trust and God given ability to speak in ways that will move many around them will begin to speak out and that loud cry will get very loud.

We have the prophecies and we already have the utterance of students of prophecy who for decades have shared the facts in Scripture and historic record and so the 30,000+ Scientists, along with their proverbial icing on the cake that is loaded down with facts that confirm, the mark of the beast is about to be enforced can be proclaimed far and wide now by many Christians who at one time sat on the couch waiting for the Lord's will in their lives to be made known. That day has come.

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poGm VIDEO: Pope: STOP preaching Christ and START preaching Climate Change!

You may not believe what the Pope just demanded of ALL new priests to the Roman Catholic church! However, all students of prophecy will not be the least bit surprised! Christian prophecy is THAT accurate! (click here for YouTube and click here for John1429.org)

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