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Hollywood director is now seeking a coup in America?!

Hollywood director is now seeking a coup in America?! published on

"Hollywood director and political activist Joss Whedon started using coup-like rhetoric on Monday while national protests against President-elect Donald Trump continued for a fifth day. “Avengers” director Joss Whedon created a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC called Save The Day for the 2016 presidential election. The $1 million in seed money he supplied for star-studded commercials did not sway voters in a free and fair election Nov. 8. On Monday, however, Mr. Whedon confused social media followers with a cryptic tweet regarding the peaceful transfer of power between President Obama and Mr. Trump. “This is simple: Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office. It’s not about 2018. It’s about RIGHT NOW,” Mr. Whedon tweeted." –Source

This is nuts! This Hollywood director is actually suggesting the people do all they can to prevent an elected president from stepping into the White House? And yes, something this crazy will start a civil war if left unchecked. And if that doesn't do it, allowing them to continue bussing in paid for protesters city by city as well as giving plenty of air-time to Hollywood directors like this guy so they can make crazy demands on the people, yes we will have a coup that will lead to civil war. The riots are already here, so what's to stop them from ballooning out of control wherein they set their sights on the nation's capital so as to prevent Trump from being sworn in?

I know what will stop them.. it's what they have been working towards for many years with the local stockpiles of tanks, mraps, quadrupled police forces, ex-military officers dressed as police, and unjust laws that confirm what many assume is coming. It's called martial law. And you know what's really frosting my bonnet in all this? It's all a false flag attack. The uneducated and unconcerned sheeple are once again falling for it hook line and sinker. But then that's to be expected when the majority love to be entertained by the lies of Hollywood. Now that they are so well conditioned, the lies of the politicians are as believable as anything Satan himself can spew.

So.. how do you like living in the last days so far? One thing's for sure, our God is so glorified in how accurate the wicked are fulfilling the prophecies about them with uncanny dead on accuracy. And to think, had they just opened a Bible they wouldn't be in this mess at all. And one more thing.. just so you know… Civil war WAS prophesied. But not for the reasons most think. What we see happening here is just a testing of the waters by the powers that be who fear the people. One can always tell when the powerful are running scared. And they are right now shaking in their boots hoping they can contain their power when that day comes.

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VIDEO: “Someone” is paying to bus in violent protesters city by city

VIDEO: “Someone” is paying to bus in violent protesters city by city published on 9 Comments on VIDEO: “Someone” is paying to bus in violent protesters city by city

"Now, courtesy of a Zero Hedge reader, we have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in this case Chicago. As our reader notes, "I have a video of 5 city blocks on the West side of Chicago lined with busses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors. The Sears tower is visible in the background."" –Source

It's amazing how long that line of busses appeared to be. Literally 5 city blocks and they were lined up on both sides. So in essence, 10 city blocks of paid for professional protesters to start riots in each city?! They are doing all they can to disrupt America and further divide the people. They even claim (in this video) that the powers that be can deny Trump the office of the president. But with a Republican house, Senate, and President elect, that's not very likely. And if you notice in that video, the media is once again hiding truth and isn't saying anything about the fact that the protests are bought, paid for and staged in those cities.

And it gets worse…

As we know, Trump is no saint. In fact he's quite a problem for Christians who keep Sabbath as his on camera comments regarding the 501c3 and how he plans to help the Christians come to power as "the most powerful lobbying group" in America is something students of prophecy have been warning everyone about for decades. In short, that does mean Sunday Laws are that much closer. So again, Trump is no saint. But then Hillary is no better. In fact, in many ways she is far worse. The fact her cohorts are paying for professional protesters to riot in our cities show how little she cares for the people and how much she craves power over them. They even claim she deserves the presidency because she won the popular vote. If that's the case, why wasn't Gore made president in 2000 when he won the popular vote? What no one in the media seems to be showing is that online confirmation is flying everywhere that millions of illegals voted for Hillary and so the reality is she didn't win the popular vote anyway.  

In any event…

Some look at these protests as a way to bend the ears of the electoral college in the hopes Trump is voted out and Hillary voted in on December 19 when they vote. But something far worse will happen if it gets out of hand as many seem to suggest that is their present and obvious agenda. In fact it was prophesied long ago that civil war was to come to fruition in America. Is that about to happen now? Time will tell rather quickly on this one, as we're only 9 weeks from the inauguration.

Violence is always the end result when the wicked can't get their way. Need I remind you of the Inquisitions of the Roman Catholic Church? If these paid for protesters are kept hidden in the media, as the aforementioned video confirms already are, most of the people will think it's a legit protest and some may even join their ranks seeding the mindset of war. Obama can then use the media promoted lies and well hidden facts as an excuse for martial law and then all election procedures cease at that very hour, and that means he remains in office. Even though we have already seen him stand as Dictator for the last 8 years, it would become official on that very day if and when he pushes that proverbial button and Rome's Socialist agenda will come to fruition.

Still.. whoever stands in the White House when this is all said and done matters little. This is why I never registered to vote and never will vote for democrats, republicans or even independents. For it is the Lord Himself that sets up kings and paupers and so His hand will move as He pleases. My vote doesn't matter one bit. But what most Americans fail to realize is this. The lackadaisical morals of most Americans today, and this includes tens of millions of lukewarm Christians, the decadence of this nation confirms whoever stands in the Oval Office on January 20th 2017 is exactly who the people deserve! Keep in mind that just as Israel saw Nebuchadnezzar come to power so as to chastise them for their sinful ways, the American Christians are about to witnesses the same just judgment! So be it! It's not like they were never warned!

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Federalization of cops in shadow of Miriam Carey

Federalization of cops in shadow of Miriam Carey published on 1 Comment on Federalization of cops in shadow of Miriam Carey

"It has been three years since Miriam Carey died in a hail of police bullets in the heart of Washington, D.C. Carey was a suburban mother who presented no threat to the law enforcement officers she encountered that day, but a U-turn outside a White House security checkpoint raised the hackles of Capitol police and sparked the fateful “chase” on Oct. 3, 2013. Before all was said and done, officers fired at Carey’s car near the West lawn of the Capitol, in an area with many pedestrians and motorists nearby. Then they chased her a few blocks up Constitution Ave., and after she crashed, they fired a torrent of bullets into her car, killing Carey but narrowly missing her baby daughter in the backseat. However, her daughter was covered in glass and blood when she was pulled from the vehicle. Carey had no criminal record. Police knew nothing of her before the fateful encounter. They found no weapons in her car. Yet she wound up dead at the hands of federal law enforcement officials." –Source

 And so the idea is to federalize the police force? Really?! Who would have thought something like this could be suggested? Students of prophecy, that's who! We have been saying for decades they United States government will create a Police State. When it started to become very obvious so as to make it that much easier to expose it, I did a Newsletter on this titled "Global Police and the MARK" back in January of 2008.

So, how is it a federal police force, who by the way killed this frightened unarmed woman who tried to get her baby out of harm's way, is somehow the best choice to fix this problem? As the article goes on to highlight, "President Obama was very quick to dispatch his Justice Department to scrutinize the actions of local police in such instances as the Ferguson shooting,” said Garth Kant, WND’s Washington bureau chief and author of the comprehensive new book “Capitol Crime: Washington’s Cover-up of the Killing of Miriam Carey.” “But when there was what appears to be an actual deadly miscarriage of justice committed by his own federal police officers he said nothing." At least Obama's reaction can be counted on as the norm because most politicians make it far too obvious that they will never address what they cannot spin.

So, should the US Government Federalize the Police?

Look around.. in America today the School system is controlled by the United States government, and under their control our children learn to how to be fornicators, drug addicts, homosexuals, evolutionists, socialists, and even demon possessed. The hospitals are also controlled (regulated) by the United States government and in these hospitals you can pay a doctor to kill either your baby while still in your womb, or your grandmother while still in your family room. And worst of all, our churches are now controlled by the United States government and all these "government approved preachers" (wolves as the Bible calls them) are teaching homosexuality is ok, homosexual marriage is sanctioned by God, Allah is God and the Law of God is obsolete as far as Sabbath, killing and adultery are concerned. And now some people want the police force regulated too? Are you kidding me? Sadly, No.. I do not believe they are. But then this is what students of prophecy have been waiting for. Unless they Federalize the police force, either outright or behind the curtains, they will never be able to enforce the mark

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