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As some of you may know, I fell behind posting videos and so today I will post 3 videos I never posted to the blog. I already have another one ready to post, but I have yet to make it public on my YouTube page so that will post on the blog next week. I pray these videos are a blessing. (A special invite in the last video)

poGm VIDEO: 666 – The MARK of his NAME

 For literally decades I have had to repeatedly explain using the never changing Word of God that the mark of the beast is not the number 666. According to the Bible, that number is reserved for the man of sin in Rome's name and it is also the sign of loyalty of the powerful elite in the last days that help him enforce his mark by refusing to allow Christians the right to "buy or sell" when that final test comes upon all of mankind. But since as prophesied most "wonder after the beast" in all churches today, most think the mark is the number 666. And so, to prevent having to continue repeating myself, I made this short video. (See the video on Youtube or on John1429.org)

Another short study on “666 The Number of His Name!”

Antichrist video

Mark of the beast study & video

One World Church

Image of the Beast facts

SDAapostasy.org "Evidence in PICTURES

Corporate Logos


poGm Censored by Google

Church Logos

Bogus Bibles

poGm VIDEO: SDA President sends APOLOGY to Pope?

Right when I finished the video and scanned SDAapostasy.org, I discovered I already posted this letter as a "proposed letter" to the Pope some time ago on the "Articles of SDA Corruption" page. But it does bear repeating and it allows me to ask the question, DOES ANYONE in the SDA church know if the letter was ever sent? I know it was penned, and I know he blasphemed in the letter. But I have yet to find verification that it was ever officially sent. If you know anything on this let me know in the comments of the blog.

And by the way, even if the letter was never sent, The SDA "president" did in fact pen the letter and DID declare the man of sin to be HOLY. So sent or not, the man heading up the SDA church is NOT a Christian. For anyone knowing the Word of God or even the prophetic message in the 66 books knows it is a sin to lie and it is a mockery unto our God to declare the Pope to be "holy" when the God of creation calls him the man of sin. (Click here to see the video on YouTube or click here to see it on John1429.org)

Apology Letter

poGm VIDEO: Looking for a Church?

This video shows how to find a home church or join the already established online church services of the SDR Church. I made this video as an update to the old video I had on how to enter the SDR Church services ONLINE. (located here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ab13…) Some were confused trying to use the old video to register because things have changed a little. (my fault.. sorry) It's much easier to get into the online services now; and so.. it was time to make this video for those needing just a little extra help in registering. 🙂

By the way, this video (located here) is a few months old and in it I show that WTPR is down. But that security issue was fixed and we are back online as many already know. So, if you don't like audio/video conference rooms (BTW: You don't have to use the audio or the video if you don't want to) the online WTPR simulcast may be what you prefer. 

And yes, this conference room works on all platforms that support FLASH. If your cell phone does not support it, no problem. There is a link on the conference room entry page to download a free browser that does support FLASH for the Iphone, Android, Motorola or Blackberry operating systems. 

The online church service schedule for Sabbath day (Saturday) is,
12:00pm est for Children's story
01:00pm est for the Adult Study
01:30pm est for the Sermon
05:00pm est for the second Adult Study

The direct link to join us http://www.remnantofgod.org/onlinechurch

poGm VIDEO: Media ADMITS to using mind control

I only posted this video so I can use it for a link outsource later when I mention such things on the poGm blog. A popular main stream News channel just admitted ON CAMERA no less that their job is to "control what people think" in America. Yes most of us knew they did this all along, but for them to admit it as if it's part of their job description is a bit shocking to say the least. It's also a bit ironic when you think about it. What I mean is, their minds are so controlled by their employers that they think it's perfectly acceptable to control the minds of the people that tune in to their broadcasts. AMAZING!

As usual the video is posted on Youtube. Click here to view it. As well as on John1429.org (It's only 2:26 minutes long)

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poGm VIDEO: This will scare most Christians

As many of you that frequent the site know, I wrote a book some years ago (link listed below) that so far every Christian that has read it has been shocked to find out certain prophecies about the end were already fulfilled. The reason they were shocked is because as prophesied, most pastors today are wolves! Not only do I outline many (not all) of the prophecies of the end in the book, I show historic record of each fulfilled event.

If you know someone that claims Christ Lord but has no clue as to how close to the end we are, they need to see this video and if that shocks then enough to get off their couch they need to read my book "People Get Ready" (it's FREE!) so as to get prepared for what's headed our way at break neck speed! (click here for YouTube or click here for John1429.org)

People Get Ready:

We are VERY NEAR the end:

Symbols in Revelation DEFINED:

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