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poGm VIDEO: Media ADMITS to using mind control

poGm VIDEO: Media ADMITS to using mind control published on No Comments on poGm VIDEO: Media ADMITS to using mind control

I only posted this video so I can use it for a link outsource later when I mention such things on the poGm blog. A popular main stream News channel just admitted ON CAMERA no less that their job is to "control what people think" in America. Yes most of us knew they did this all along, but for them to admit it as if it's part of their job description is a bit shocking to say the least. It's also a bit ironic when you think about it. What I mean is, their minds are so controlled by their employers that they think it's perfectly acceptable to control the minds of the people that tune in to their broadcasts. AMAZING!

As usual the video is posted on Youtube. Click here to view it. As well as on (It's only 2:26 minutes long)

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poGm VIDEO: This will scare most Christians

poGm VIDEO: This will scare most Christians published on

As many of you that frequent the site know, I wrote a book some years ago (link listed below) that so far every Christian that has read it has been shocked to find out certain prophecies about the end were already fulfilled. The reason they were shocked is because as prophesied, most pastors today are wolves! Not only do I outline many (not all) of the prophecies of the end in the book, I show historic record of each fulfilled event.

If you know someone that claims Christ Lord but has no clue as to how close to the end we are, they need to see this video and if that shocks then enough to get off their couch they need to read my book "People Get Ready" (it's FREE!) so as to get prepared for what's headed our way at break neck speed! (click here for YouTube or click here for

People Get Ready:

We are VERY NEAR the end:

Symbols in Revelation DEFINED:

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poGm VIDEO: WOW! Dust Devil filled with burning Tumbleweeds!?

poGm VIDEO: WOW! Dust Devil filled with burning Tumbleweeds!? published on

I came across a video when surfing the web this morning and I just had to share it. I’ve seen all sorts of dust devils in my day but this one takes the cake! You have GOT to see this video! (watch video on YouTube or on

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Climate Change will lead to the MARK

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