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Passengers Flee in Panic as Commuter Reads Bible Aloud on London Train

"An eyewitness to the incident told The Guardian newspaper the “well-spoken and calm” preacher started reading from the old testament and told the carriage: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk to you about something and that something is the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He’s here to heal your sins. The Bible tells you that homosexuality is a sin and sex before marriage is a sin. You need to repent.” –Source

And believe it or not, that is what got the people to fly into a panic and literally jump off the train unto the tracks?! And why do you suppose that is? Well, look at how the media portrays Christianity now-a-days. Everywhere you look you see a Catholic priest being interviewed on camera regarding Christian topics, someone making the inverted sign of the Catholic cross on their bodies right before they go for the gusto in some televised sporting event, or some human interest story about how some dead Catholic saint supposedly helped some poor soul who prayed for a dying loved one.

And so why is all that a problem you ask?

Well, first and foremost, Roman Catholicism is not Christianity. But because the media claims it is and the Pope claims to be a Christian leader, most people do in fact think the Catholic church is in fact a Christian church. For the biblical facts that graphically declare otherwise, see my November 2000 Truth Provided Newsletter on that. But with that in mind the frightened people on the train are also moved to recall to mind how the Islamic terrorists, who are not only promoted by the Pope and some US presidents as so called peaceful religion, the people with the ability to still think straight know it is not a peaceful religion when they see the news reports on terrorism as well as the many graphic videos of Muslims torturing or beheading Christians. And then reality sets in making them put 2 and 2 together regarding how Muslims are doing the exact same things to Christians as the Roman Catholic Vatican did during the Inquisitions. Every act or torture from the slow and torturous hands on flesh ripping act of beheading Christians to actually burning them alive. And so as all that reality begins to boil up in the mind, when these train passengers suddenly hear a Christian preacher echoing Bible Scripture, and because the prophecy declared in Luke 21:26 has literally been fulfilled in their own hearts, most people are extremely fearful today and so they can't help think the preacher is a Roman Catholic who's history shows there is no difference between the Islamic terrorist and crazed Vatican prelates, they naturally think the preacher with Bible in hand is about to kill everyone on the train just as Muslims have been doing with their Koran in hand, who by the way were called brothers in the faith by the present Pope just two years ago.

In other words.. As also prophesied, Satan has used Roman Catholicism and Islam to generate just enough fear in the hearts of billions into thinking that anyone with a Bible will kill them. And by the way, Satan fears the Bible more than anything else in the Universe because he knows anyone reading it will actually find perfect peace in Jesus Christ and out him as the dying god he is. Better yet, all the fearful things we see today that are not only prophesied to happen, Satan knows the Word of God brings peace deep the hearts of God's people making them aware that "no weapon formed against them can prosper" (Isaiah 54:17) and with that peace those obedient Christians can further expose his lies and he will lose souls from his damned trophy case.

That all being said, what do you think is the better choice for you and your family at this point in prophetic time? Ignoring the only book on earth that has been proven by billions to be the Word of the living God so as to cower in fear at every turn? Or opening that book to not only find that promised peace once you meet its Author, but to see exactly how to prepare you and your family for what's about to happen next? I mean after all, not only has the Bible been proven to be the Word of God that brings peace and hope, it has also been confirmed by billions to be the only book on earth with documented prophetic facts that have been fulfilled to the letter for literally thousands of years all the way up today when we hear of the fear people have in their hearts for a mere man preaching from that same blessed book on a train!

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Polish bishops for total ban on Sunday shopping

"Free Sundays are what all Catholics, non-Catholics and non-believers need," Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki told Polish Radio ahead of a meeting of the Bishops Conference on Friday, which is expected to support the ban. The idea was put forward last year by the powerful Solidarity trade union, backed by a million-strong petition, and has been batted back and forth in a parliamentary subcommittee ever since. The clerics are careful to base their argument on quality of life rather than religious grounds. "Families don't just need financial support, they need time for themselves," said the Archbishop of Katowice, Wiktor Skworc." –Source

I just got word from a brother in the faith that lives in Poland that they plan to enforce the ban starting January 1, 2018. And no, this is not yet the enforcement of the mark of the beast. But it is a major stepping stone in that direction. As we just saw in a video I just made and then posted on YouTube yesterday titled, "1 Million to pray Rosary on Polish Border," as prophesied, Rome is doing all they can to normalize Paganism in the minds of billions of people so as to make Catholicism to appear as moral when in fact it is not. Having millions openly pray using Pagan prayer beads in public to having the entire nation of Poland to close their businesses on the ancient day of worship for the Pagan Sun god Baal is nothing more than a show of force on Satan's part. He knows his time is short and at the same time he knows he has most souls in his camp. So just as in Noah's day, most will believe the lies over the truth. And for those of you that think you would never agree to embrace Pagan rituals as the norm, you need to double check your current holiday activities a bit more. Not only has Rome moved all Christian churches to keep Sunday holy, they also take part in Pagan rituals most now call Christmas and Easter.

Those of us that study prophecy know, Sunday laws will be enforced in the United States first. But what many fail to realize is how the powers that be must first normalize that act of open rebellion against the Christian God by declaring a day of worship He never sanctified, and they must do so worldwide. Yes, I am very aware most Christian have no idea how they are already in bed with Rome on this one. And so our work is cut out for us as we proclaim that loud cry prophecy speaks of. But for those of you that are Christian who keep Sunday holy, I implore you to read your Bibles and you will see the Lord declared in both the Old and New Testament that the seventh day Sabbath has been the "Lord's holy day" of worship ever since He created Angels who kept His law in Heaven long before mankind was ever created. But as we all know, prophecy must be fulfilled and so this will still happen and the overwhelming majority of Christians will ignore all this and receive the mark just as easily as they agree to dress up their Christmas trees and Easter eggs.

And for those that think I need to sit for a fitting for a tinfoil bonnet on this one, check out my Sabbath attack page wherein I have well over a thousand videos, articles and doc files proving the Roman Catholic Popes are doing everything they can to push for Sunday Laws globally just as the prophecy said they would. In fact, they have even gone so far as to declare Nazi war criminal Pope John Paul II a "saint" so as to have him supposedly "speak from heaven" via his Dios Domini wherein he declared, and I quote, "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy." And so yes, Sunday Laws are in fact prophesied! And according to the Roman Catholic Church, they admit in writing that Sunday Sabbath is their MARK just as the Bible said they would. See the quotes and doc files confirming that on my mark of the beast page.

And if you still think this is all a prophetic pipedream of crazed students of prophecy seeking an audience, besides the fact the majority of all Christian churches already keep Sunday holy without a single Bible verse to back up their Roman invention of Sunday Sabbath, were you aware that the Jews already agreed to keep Sunday holy for the Pope as well as desecrate the true Sabbath as of April 21 of this year? And were you also aware that Seventh Day Adventists have dozens of Sunday keeping churches and their Conference leaders declare "it's no big deal" for them to do so? Christian prophecy will be fulfilled no matter if you're ready for it or not. But it is the prayer of this ministry that you do in fact get ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ very soon.

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VIDEO: Trump to lift military gear ban for local police

"The Trump administration will unveil a new plan Monday to roll back limits on a controversial program that provides local law enforcement agencies with surplus military gear, marking the end of a policy implemented during the Obama administration. President Barack Obama issued an executive order in 2015 prohibiting the transfer of a host of equipment, including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms following controversy over the "militarization" of the police response to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri." –Source

First and foremost, CNN is once again lying here. An Executive Order is not permanent law by any means. The fact Trump has erased a few of Obama's EO's proves this hands down. The only reason Obama signed the EO was to play a political card to make himself look good knowing the next president could remove it, yet the MRAPS, (I have a few videos on that here) still kept flowing into local community police stations as a gift from the United States Government, (second beast of Revelation) so as to have the tools needed to not only enforce martial law, but to create a police State and eventually a Socialist society just as the man of sin in Rome (the first beast of Revelation) was planning to do all along so as to herald the enforcement of the mark of that very same beast in the USA first.

And one more thing. The timing of Obama's EO was suspect in that he should have done it day one the MRAPS rolled out. But no, he waited until the cities that needed them got their gift from the US military free of charge and so signing the EO then was confirmed a political ploy since the MRAPS were already delivered.

Trump is no more to be trusted than any other billionaire or politician that has had to have their meetings with the man of sin in Rome in the last few years so as to assure they stay on the same page as he is so as to keep their money and their power. In fact, have you seen this article that just came out titled, "Congress Quietly Passed A Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes – Only 1% Opposed It." If Trump was really all about being there for the people and not one in bed with Roman power, then why the secret passage of laws to allow the police who are now dressed and armed just as much as any modern day military soldier the free access to our homes without a warrant further confirming the US government is openly ignoring the founding father's Constitution again. This time they are breaking amendment #4 about unlawful search and seizure. Now do you see why they're tearing down the statues of our nation's historic leaders be they confederates or not? As evil as some of those men may have been, we would not be where we are today thanks to moral men that stood against them. This is also why they keep slamming the framers of the Constitution so as to make them and the ideals set forth in the Constitution appear racist and hateful. It was prophesied the Constitution would be rewritten so as to ready the people for the mark of the beast and so look around. Every sign to that end is very apparent now.

What Trump is doing regarding allowing the police to dress up like Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler's men did in their day is just par for the course we find ourselves on prophetically. But I must say that as a Christian my heart is so blessed with perfect peace in all this. Isn't it great that we knew it was all prophesied to happen this way? Just knowing that makes the peace promised by Jesus Christ that much more powerful. Truth is, if we didn't know about this in advance it would be one scary situation indeed. And yes, that is why the lukewarm Christians and all the other false religions have mountains of fear to deal with. In fact, that too was prophesied for it was stated in Luke 21:25-26, "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;  Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."

As Bible believing Christians we know for a fact brothers and sisters that our God is still in 100% control of the whole thing and not only will His people be blessed and protected through it all wherein not even a plague will come nigh thy dwelling; (See Psalm 91:10) if found worthy we will be used by Him to herald His return as well as glorify Him as Lord, God and Creator before the entire Universe on the very day He splits that eastern sky! MARANATHA!

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