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poGm VIDEO: Reality Show to allow Rape and Murder!

Yes, the title of the video seems unbelievable, and when I first came across it I too thought it was bogus. But then I did some research and found it being reported on many News sites as well as ABC News on prime time TV! (See links below) That being said, have you ever wondered what living in the last of days will be like? Wonder no more. And just think.. according to prophecy it’s only going to get MUCH WORSE in the coming days. If you don't have the peace Jesus offers His followers for such a time as this, then you will be one very frightened unsaved soul when it all goes down. (See the video on YouTube or on John 1429.org)

poGm VIDEO: By Beholding Most Become Killers

poGm VIDEO: Pay-per-view Executions!

Internet Show Will Allow Actual Rape and Murder

New York Post article

ABC (channel 6) ActionNews (Wpvi-TV)

Daily Mail


The Daily Beast



The Blaze

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Dad saves daughter as Muslim rape frenzy plagues Germany

"Germany is enduring a fresh round of sexual assaults by Muslim migrants, but until police are less concerned about being called “Islamophobes” than they are about the safety of German women, the attacks will continue, says a top freedom activist in the U.S. In one case, a German father is being called a hero for rescuing his daughter from a Syrian refugee who had stalked her as she was walking home early Sunday morning from a disco. The woman, 23, called her 57-year-old father to say “there’s a man following me home dad…” –Source

The story goes on from there of course and I am happy to say the drunken Muslim was dragged the man's nearly unconscious daughter before he can have his way with her and he is now in a jail cell. And as bad as all that is, and that being of course how these Muslims keep raping women all over the world and the politically correct police who fear being tagged "Islamaphobe" refuse to do their jobs; that's not actually the main reason I posted this article.

So why did I post it?

Take a good look at the picture associated with the article. Take a REAL GOOD LOOK! Notice anything strange regarding the so called migrants seeking asylum in Germany? In fact, click that pic to get the original size to pop up. Now hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and at the same time scroll up on your mouse wheel. Zoom in and maybe you will see what I see, or actually don't see. Where I ask are all the women and children? I could not find a single woman nor could I find a single child. NOT ONE! Yet they call them refugees and migrants seeking asylum from their war torn countries?

No, these are NOT migrants or refugees!

They are SOLDIERS! All of them! If they were true migrants you would see entire families in that massive line of people seeking safety from the crazed killers in their land. But because most people can't see the forest because of all the trees blocking their view, most don't catch the lie about them being refugees even when they look at the pictures. Now keep in mind, when you look at these huge numbers you have to realize the overwhelming majority of them do not know Rome is using them. They only want to invade the nations for Allah. But Rome counts on them to not hold back on their strange culture and lusts of the flesh when it comes to raping women and children. That means Rome can now use the media to create a frenzy of reports on murder, rape and mayhem so as to allow the Pope's puppets in every legislative hall around the world the ability to demand laws that control the populace.

As we have also seen in how the powers that be use peaceful protests to get laws passed against free speech by infiltrating the protests to make them violent, we know this tactic works and works even better when an entire nation is their target. What I mean is, when the people of a nation are way too peaceful, patriotic and law abiding so as to have no reason for their leaders to restrict their freedoms effectively, the Vatican under agreements with those leaders will send in these so called "migrants" to fan the flames of unrest which will cause a demand for strict laws. And because the majority on earth bow to the lie and ignore the truth staring them in the face, Rome does as prophecy said they will do.

When lies become the norm, truth cannot be seen no matter what. However, there will come a day when even the self-deceived will see what we see. It will happen when that Eastern sky splits wide open. Literally billions will be shaking in their boots as they finally see truth in as graphic a manner as it can only be presented by the Author of that truth! MARANATHA!

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Muslim teenagers walk free after gang-rape conviction in Germany

"In the wake of the news that a group of teenagers were unlikely to see any real punishment for gang-raping a 14-year-old girl and leaving her for dead, citizens of the German city of Hamburg called for new rules regarding violent crime committed by minors. On Monday, an online petition calling for the teens to see jail time had garnered some 21,000 signatures. "The sexual self-determination and integrity of a woman must have more weight than any concern for the perpetrators," [of sexual crimes,] says the petition. …However, the authorities have made it clear that they came to this decision on their own, and were not swayed by such petitions, Spiegel Online reported. …The judge admitted that "the penalties may seem mild to the public," but that the teens had all made confessions, appeared repentant and been judged to no longer present a danger to society. …Laws prosecuting perpetrators for sexual crimes in Germany have also come under fire after the string of assaults committed in the city of Cologne on New Year's Eve. Although some revisions to the law have been pushed through, it remains difficult to prosecute sexual offenses." –Source

Why is that? It's because the teens were Muslim immigrants. But then you would never know that by reading this article wherein the word Muslim is nowhere to be found. And it isn't until the last 30 seconds of the seven minute audio that was posted with the article that was describing all this as "unusual" by some obviously PC psychologist. She even claimed this gang rape as a "single incident" and not the "beginning of a series" of such crimes. But when the interviewer comments on the other attacks and especially mentions the Cologne New Year's Eve attack by Muslims, without actually saying the word "Muslim," the psychologist then back pedals a bit by saying "it is something they will see more of." So which is it? An isolated incident as this government approved psychologist claims, or a repetitive issue as everyone else on the planet has seen? You see, this is what happens when lies are exposed. They fall to the ground and ignored as if they were never uttered.

When you get to that last 30 seconds in the audio where the interviewer specifically mentions the Muslims, without saying the word "Muslim" again, however he does go so far as to call them young Arabs. That's when the psychologist tells him to "be very careful" when speaking on this because, as she claims, "there are very few studies" on this and so we have to take a step back before promoting rash judgments. But why does that matter when we have actual accounts of them raping women and boys in every nation they migrate to? Why do they always claim we must have "studies" before acting when their own failed policies are exposed? It's because in Shariah Law this is 100% acceptable and condoned and they don't want to ruffle the feathers of the assigned henchmen of Rome any more than certain reporters refused to mention Hitler's activities in WWII. Thanks to recent meetings with the Pope and all political leaders in his New World Order, this kind of activity is to be handled softly and even censored in most News reports. This is also why we see schools teaching young people to worship the Muslim god in most nations on earth including the USA. (See more on this here) In fact, they are going full tilt on this agenda in Germany! Check out this article reporting on the "Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer."

What's truly upsetting in all this is how the rapists and their families acted in the courtroom when the rapists were set free. This is the norm now-a-days. When children are raised in households wherein God is not honored, and I mean the real God, they have no remorse for sin and this includes everything from rape to murder. When there is no Higher Authority in the house, or the so called god of the family is nothing more than an idol from hell, criminal acts like these will flourish and THAT is why Satan used Rome to write the Koran so as to have a mass of people the world over ready, willing and able to attack their follow man and eventually every Christian they can find. But not to worry dear ones. Satan tried this very same puffed up image of power when he flaunted Goliath before the people. If you have faith, and trust the Lord you love, Satan is as frightened of you as he is Christ Jesus the Lord. Because "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." -1 John 4:4.

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