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VIDEO: US Muslim woman inaugurated as officer

"A US Muslim woman from Dearborn, Michigan has been inaugurated as a law enforcement officer in the city. She says her religious and cultural background will allow for better community policing in the city that has the highest percentage of Muslim Americans in the US. Elian el-Khamissi reports from Chicago. "-Source

Our sinful elected leaders have normalized everything from homosexual marriage to abortion and now they seek the normalization of Islamic theology and law step by step. That being said, how long do you think it will be before many Muslim men who follow Sharia Law religiously become United States police officers? It's no mistake they had a very small Muslim woman join the police force wearing a hijab first. To have a man do it first would be a show of force and many 'might' protest. I say 'might' because as we have already witnessed the last few decades, the herd mentality of this nation is playing right into the hands of Rome. Still, a small woman with a pretty face and a well scripted profile wherein she supposedly joined to be there for her community when her Koran says her job is the duty of men alone speaks volumes as to the deceptive manner in which they did this.

What I mean is, she is nothing more than a Vatican propagandized pawn. Seriously, what criminal is going to be threatened by such a small woman? She will have to have a large partner everywhere she goes if she is ever to maintain her position on the force. It's also no mistake Dearborn Michigan has slowly but surely been allowed to house Muslims known to have an open hatred for Western civilization and a very graphic and violent attitude towards Christians over the years. It has become a base of operations for Islam that anyone with common sense can see that.

I have more than one video touching on how the Vatican is doing all it can to introduce Islam into society so as to assure Sharia law ends up on our books. Those 30,000+ guillotines in storage will eventually come out and be placed in prominent positions throughout our nation just as the stakes were placed in the middle of villages during the Vatican Inquisitions to assure all peoples would have an opportunity to be indoctrinated towards a fearful mindset if they so much as mention Jesus Christ in the way the Bible defines Him and not how Rome and their authored Koran speaks of Him. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled no matter how many non-believers think otherwise. Just because the majority live in the lies and take part in the lies with zeal doesn't mean the truth will not come to fruition. The latter rain will fall, the loud cry will still go forth, many Christians will be martyred, the mark of the Roman Catholic Vatican will be enforced, the plagues will fall and the Lord Jesus Christ will still return just as He promised 2000 years ago. Just as truth will remain unchangeable for all eternity, the lies will always fall to the ground in failure just as they have for literally 6000 years. The open and obvious track record can be denied no longer. There's is just too much evidence now to declare Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Maranatha!

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Human-rights activist: Facebook enforcing Islamic ‘blasphemy laws

"Facebook occasionally has enforced Islam’s anti-blasphemy and apostasy laws in America by banning statements criticizing the religion on which terrorists base their violence, charges an Egypt-born, human-rights activist and critic of Islam. …Such criticism is banned under Shariah, the Islamic religious law. But not only is Shariah not the law in the U.S., America has its First Amendment free-speech protection. …Islam is the only religion on earth who kills people who leave it. …It seems that Facebook is allowing such tyranny, Islamic tyranny, to be practice on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook is standing against my right to criticize a religion … and a culture that is defending jihad, a culture that allows the killing of minorities in the Middle East." –Source

If you go to my Dangers of Facebook page on my site you will see well over 300 videos and articles not only showing Facebook to be Government owned and operated, you will find it to be antichristian and proVatican, or shall I say pro-Islam as well. You will find they censor all sorts of Christian ministries, but they repeatedly uplift Rome and any other religion they deem to be a "religion of peace" as long as it is not Christian. Yes, we all know Islam is based on a culture of celebrating death and to be alive and well is something they find miserable and only in death can they be happy. This is why it is a religion wherein you will find many standing in line to become suicide bombers as well as shooters in nightclubs and other areas of society they know after killing their victims they too must die.

Not only does the censuring of so called Islamic blasphemy on Facebook while at the same time removing all positive aspects of Christianity, like my video about the mark of the beast a friend of the ministry posted on Facebook that was BANNED back on February 23, 2011; one can see that every corrupted, vulgar and downright demonic movement inside American politics is being uplifted, promoted and protected on Facebook. How on earth can Facebook be privately owned when they hold the exact same political ideals of the United States Government across the board? And this includes tracking methods built into the site as well as facial recognition technology.

Is it any wonder they supposedly "invented" the technology after so many sheeple jumped unto the site posting all their pictures along with the pictures of their very own children? How blind can one be? Well.. when Monday Night football come son; when the favored Hollywood movies begin, or a brand new music video comes out or some new juicy gossip hits the media and yes, even when those brand new videos games and a massive list of other immoral distractions distract the people from the real issues at hand, one can expect the majority will do anything their 'friends' are doing just so they don't come off as fanatics, weirdos, and Jesus freaks. But the days are coming when they will wish they had listened to their fanatical parents, siblings, spouses and friends. But by then, according to my Bible, it will be too late. So, as Jesus said long ago in John 9:4, "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." In short.. it's time people. The darkness is creeping up from under every slimy rock imaginable now.

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Another ‘insane’ response to ‘Allahu Akbar’ terror attack

"The latest attack came in Strasbourg, France, where an Orthodox Jewish rabbi was attacked in broad daylight Friday and left hospitalized by a knife-wielding Muslim yelling “Allahu Akbar!” The incident was immediately scrubbed by French police as “not terrorism related” in what has become a pattern across Europe, Canada and the United States. Instead of calling it terrorism, the authorities initially refer to the assailant as mentally ill or “suffering from psychiatric issues,” as the Daily Mirror reported on the latest incident, which took place just outside the rabbi’s home about 500 yards from the main synagogue in the city’s Jewish quarter."-Source

There are two reasons this is happening all over the world. One of the reasons has to do with the fear of the ones reporting it and the other reason has to do with those forcing the ones reporting it to hide the truth. The fear aspect of the one reporting it is the end result of a few years of lies spewed into the main stream media as if they were the truth. In short, no one's buying the lies anymore because everyone knows how evil and bloodthirsty the Islamic faith truly is. Even the Muslims themselves (that convert) realize it when they see that if the "moderate" Koran reader starts to get serious he begins to see that digging deeply into the Koran so as to follow its teachings only makes you more hateful, angry and bloodthirsty. But when you do the same with the Christian Bible you become more loving, peaceful and compassionate towards your fellowman. The reports that claim it's not terrorism are easily exposed by just about everyone alive now and so they keep spewing the same lie to try and cover their tracks. They have to wonder if the common man storm the TV stations in huge crowds demanding they recant?, and so out of fear they try to quench the truth.

As for the second reason. Rome desperately needs positive public relations in all this and so they demand the reporters spew the lies that open acts of terrorism should now be called something else so as to keep the Vatican's pro-Islam agenda that all the American churches (including the SDA church) have agreed to promote Islam for them in all the churches. If the terrorist acts are allowed to be reported as terrorist acts, the agenda to make Islam appear peaceful will fail and it will be that much harder to move them into strategic positions in government wherein Sharia Law can be enforced so as to have those guillotines pulled out of mothballs that much sooner.

In any event, it is an amazing time to live in. But only if you have eyes to see it all. If you don't read, trust or even study the Word of God all you can see are fearful sights all around you. And that fear will move you to make bad decisions when it comes to your spiritual life and the openly expressed will of God in His Word. After all, prophecy confirms, fear will be the main reason most people will receive the mark of the beast.

Students of prophecy know what we see here. It not only confirms Christian prophecy 100% accurate. It confirms our God is still in control. And knowing that makes our hearts that much more peaceful knowing that whatever His decision is for us, or whatever our lot is that He places before us to stand in, WE WILL STAND because in so doing, He is not only glorified as prophesied He will be by His obedient bride, His return is expedited that much sooner. And with that said I shout boldly; MARANATHA!

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