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Target BOYCOTT is working!

"Plunging sales and a market cap crash of an estimated $11 billion have convinced Target to try to persuade customers with traditional values that their restrooms still are safe after the company announced earlier this year that people could use the facilities of the gender with which they ‘identify.” On Wednesday, Fortune reported, the company announced plans to spend $20 million to add private single-stall locking bathrooms at all of its stores where that option is not currently offered. …The report directly blamed the drop in shopper traffic at least partly on the retailer’s “transgender-friendly” bathroom policy, which the retailer does not intend to alter. Target shoppers will still be allowed to “use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity." –Source

Yes, as far as I can see it, it's too little too late. The fact they're spending $20,000,000 dollars to not only schmooze the Christians (and those with morals) back into their stores, they also plan to keep the transgender toilets wide open for anyone to wander into. So, how is that making anything better? The people that are boycotting Target aren't refusing to shop there because they want private bathrooms. It's because Target is allowing sin and decadence to reign openly in society for all to see (including our precious children) so as to normalize this idiocy. Wasting $20 million dollars when their lack of sales are already lowering their bank account balance is par for the course of those blinded by sin. But then this is to be expected of a company that uplifts Satan. And yes, that dot inside a circle is a symbol for Baal. (Satan) Even the Mason's use it to hide the phallic symbol from plain sight. It's to depict how Baal looking down upon the phallic point (dot in middle) directly from above. And the circle embracing it is both the sign of the universe as well as a sign of embracing Baal and his 'phallic' properties by those displaying it. It's also one of the earliest symbols for the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols used for their Sun god Ra, Horus or Osirus, in India it's was for Shiva, and finally the Druids use it to represent their supreme god Odin.

But think about the self-destructive financial problems that also arise from their blatant blindness. Not only do they have to spend money on educating the public as to where the "safe" bathrooms are, (which only have ONE stall) they also have to remove valuable shelf space for products that make them money so as to cow-tow to Obama's (and Rome's) homosexual agenda. It's a lose lose situation and they just can't see it!

The article also stated, "However, Boylan said Target decided to add single-stall, lockable bathrooms in all of its stores “because we’re listening." No, they're NOT listening. If they were listing the transgender 'approved' bathrooms would be closed. All they're "listening" to is their fading bottom line. But then, there is another more logical bottom line to all this. Those with morals know nothing has changed by their comments to place "private bathrooms" in the stores. We know Target is still going to do all it can to normalize transgenderism even if it means placing a little girl or boy in direct danger of being kidnapped, raped and even killed. So, they can place all sorts of "private bathrooms" in their stores all they want. It won't change the reality that the isles of the store will still be well-populated by transgender men and women looking for easy victims. And those victims are more often than not children. Yes.. all roads lead to Rome even here!

And by the way, what's going to happen when a mom or a dad has a child with them in the store who is suddenly aching deep within to go potty in a big way? (we've ALL been there) What will mom do when the directions to the "safe" bathroom suggest it's way on the other side of the store because Target had no room the place it next to the unsafe bathrooms? Will mom let her child writhe in pain as they both scamper to the other side of the massive store as the child moans and groans? Will she then be seen as an abusive mother? Or will she take the child to the dangerous transgender toilet because she doesn't want her baby to be in pain? Or worse yet, will she be forced to let her child simply 'explode' in one of the store isles to relieve her gut wrenching pain? Now some may accuse me of stinkin thinkin on that last scenario. But me thinks the latter would get the message across a tad more pungently don't you think? 😉

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Transgender arrested for voyeurism at Target -repost

"A man named Sean Patrick Smith who identifies as a woman by the name of Shauna Patricia Smith was arrested on charges tied to taking photographs of women inside a dressing room at a Target retail store in Ammon, Idaho. Target, which recently opened its bathrooms and dressing rooms to both genders, allowing users to visit the facility that most corresponded with their chosen sex – so men could use women’s facilities, and vice versa – has caused widespread outrage among shoppers." –Source

I am sure millions of people are about to shout "told you so" to Obama and all his Vatican cohorts who demand the LGBT society be normalized so as to make their homosexual priests appear less offensive. But will it matter? Not at all. The normalization of perversion will continue just as much as the prophesied lusts for pleasure will continue. The fact everyone ignores the fact that 98% of Roman Catholic priests are homosexual yet everyone somehow believes the Vatican when they say it's an abomination and they would never allow it to become a political issue is oar for the course in this blind society. They ARE homosexuals and they WILL do all they can to normalize it. Basic reality is, even though this man was caught faking transgenderism, wherein his camera's storage bin will confirm he is a guy looking at girls with lust in his heart hands down, businesses across this sickened nation will continue to bow to Obama's Vatican inspired commands so as to assure their subsidies and profits continue to funnel in and their political connections remain intact.

How do I know this?

Have you seen my RCC&SEX page on my site? This insanity has been going on for centuries! Just as one would think a heterosexual man claiming to be transgender in a woman's dressing room won't stop Washington DC from moving ahead on this; the tens of millions of little boys being raped in the Roman Catholic church by their pedophile priests never caused the Roman Catholics to leave their church pews. When the lies become the norm, then the lies become the comfort zone and sitting in that pew wherein doing so endangers the lives of their own children becomes a major key in their judgment against them when their self-deception is finally wiped away as they weep and gnash their teeth.

The article also stated that "The American Family Association, for example, launched a petition signed by more than 1.3 million demanding a reversal of the open-door policy. Shareholders concerned about falling stock prices confronted CEO Brian Cornell at a June meeting in California and asked him to consider a return to single-sex bathrooms…" Yet even though the profits are tanking and well over 1 million people signed a petition asking them to stop allowing men into women's restrooms, Target refuses to do the right thing. This suggests one of two scenarios at work here.

#1, Target is only a satellite company of a much larger big box chain who has agreed to throw itself on the grenade of decadence and perversion in the hopes of making others realize the 'benefits' (for Rome) of tolerance in a community that inherently refuses to be tolerant towards anyone. And so allowing Target to take the heat to the point they go under won't hurt the true owners of Target who had plans to sacrifice it all along.

#2, Target is owned and operated by Roman Catholics who will stand loyal to the Pope they worship who has promised them a big payoff (if he hasn't already paid that is) that would allow them to reopen under a deferent name for "the cause" of the homosexuals who crave normalization and political power.

In either scenario it's not good for those that prefer to live in a moral society wherein common sense plays a major role. Will Target finally cave in and drop it's open door policy? If they haven't done so after all the bad press, 1.3 million petitioners request it or they haven't done so after their stocks tanked, then no. I don't think they plan to recant at all. Like Freddie Mercury signing "we are the champions" from the grave they hope to become the sacrificial lamb for their cause which will then cause them to be uplifted in the society they hope to influence. After all, their bold praise of Baal in their company logo makes it quite apparent they are already no stranger to demonic influence.

As for the author of the article claiming Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, a man that denies Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation is somehow a prophet who predicted this would all happen; me things the 1.3 million petitioners and no doubt billions of other people would have to shout rather boldly in deafening tones that Franklin isn't the only one that can read this writing on the wall. But then Graham needs all the free airtime he can get to further catapult his political..er.. um.. religious career so as to be the next in line to stand as the 'moral' leader after his father breathes his last. Graham, like all the others is nothing more than another wolf preaching another Jesus so as to corral the sheeple into a tighter circle. Praise the Lord the elect cannot be deceived by such things. Maranatha! 

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Teen girl reports dressing room peeper at Target

"A 16-year-old girl said she was peeped on with a cellphone camera while in a dressing room at the Bismarck Target on Tuesday evening. The girl told a manager that a man placed a phone under her dressing room door with the camera face up, Bismarck Police said. When she walked out, the man entered a different dressing room. Dorothee Wacheux, a manager at Target, declined to comment on the case, but said such incidents are rare at the store. Police describe the suspect as a white male, age 30 to 50, 5 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 3 inches tall, with short brown hair, a muscular build and glasses. Police are reviewing surveillance footage of the area." –Source

And now here's the thing. Even if she was able to yell out that a man took her picture, the pedophile peepers have many political protectors just as the Rome Catholic priest does that joins the church to be able to molest little boys. Kind of makes it obvious as to who is behind all this doesn't it? Yes, we all know that Rome's homosexual agenda is the reason we see such things like this. I go into detail about that in my February of 2004 Truth Provided Newsletter. But the obvious reason as to why Obama and his homosexual friends in Congress keep pushing this is because of how Rome has been able to make it work.

What I mean is…

Rome has been molesting, torturing and even killing children for eons. And 100% of the time it's for their own perverted pleasure. This has been confirmed so many times over the centuries that it amazes me how blind the people are on all this to this day. Still.. it has become plain to me that because Rome has been able to do this to children and only a very small percentile of their priests ever see a jail cell, confirms the pedophile powers that be in America have finally realized they also have the chance to have their cake and eat it too.

Thanks to the transgender idiocy and the bathrooms, what Rome has been able to do with altar boys and "sleep overs" in the rectories all along, millions of pedophiles can do the same thing and Obama is trying to make it 100% legal for them to do just that! If he isn't stopped, and it doesn't appear he will be anytime soon, grown men with a lust for children will be legally able to walk into any woman's dressing area, locker room or bathroom! And the second the innocent victim cries out, the powers that be will accuse them of being intolerant!

By the way, did you see the story about an eight year old little girl being choked unconscious right next to her mother in the woman's bathroom of a restaurant in Chicago last month? Check out this video News report on it. What they're not saying in the video is how the gender neutral bathrooms that Obama, America's "first homosexual president" is pushing. As we know, Obama is not stupid. Everyone knows that he knows a gender neutral bathroom wherein a man claiming to "be a woman" can walk into any woman's restroom freely to rape, kidnap or kill women less powerful than he is will happen more frequently now. Opening the doors like this will cause much more crime in America than anyone can imagine.

Still.. what's amazing to me is how this News story isn't being presented in the way it should be. It happened a month ago and next to no one is talking about it and I am sure the "creepy peeper" story that I posted to the blog today will also find the back burner quickly with the idea that it's all political posturing and so it's no big deal. Their excuse will be that guys have been peeping on women for centuries. Yes, that's true. But, never were they given legal ability to fine tune their demonic craft.

As per the video of the 8 year old girl; I don't know if Jason's Deli has transgender restrooms or not. If they do, the reporter and News channel has failed the public miserably in not mentioning that. But if they don't have a transgender restroom, it is still a powerful tool against Obama's crazed position. This story can be the unequivocal poster child that could promote a common sense reality check that can be used to show how dangerous it can be to allow full grown men into women's restrooms. Will they do it? One can only hope. But knowing how ABC and all the other mainstream outlets are liberal propaganda machines hell-bent on bowing to special interest groups, I doubt they will run with this in the way it should be run.

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