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San Diego Bishop Tells Catholics to ‘All Become Disrupters’

San Diego Bishop Tells Catholics to ‘All Become Disrupters’ published on 2 Comments on San Diego Bishop Tells Catholics to ‘All Become Disrupters’

"Both the Catholic bishops of the United States and the Vatican have now virtually endorsed the strategy of “disruption” being used across the nation to oppose the new administration of President Trump. …The 700 attendees applauded and cheered as Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego told them, “President Trump was the candidate of disruption. . . . Well now, we must all become disrupters.” Bishop McElroy, along with Chicago Archbishop Cardinal Blaise Cupich, has emerged as a leading voice among “social justice” Catholics determined to rally the Catholic Church to reject President Trump’s leadership and policy agenda." –Source

One thing is crystal clear in all this is and that is of course the Vatican's New World Order agenda. Of which we all know to be based on a Socialist (like Hitler) format so as to grant them ample control. And one sure fire way to assure they get to that end is to flood the USA with proCatholic voters, (illegal or legit) so as to have a voting bloc that supersedes all others. This is the only reason they are angry with the Constitutional reality of illegal immigration being curtailed. This is also why the US Constitution will eventually be changed.

As much as I don't trust Trump (even though Hillary would be worse) one thing is clear about his immigration policy. As it has been since its inception, the US policy on immigration is an exact duplicate of how it is in the hypocritical nation of Vatican City or any other nation for that matter. In fact, try getting into any nation on earth without following proper procedures and some of them won't even deport you. They will throw you in jail and let you rot there. The US at least sends you back home where you belong until you enter the nation legally. But the Vatican twists that truth and tries to make it look like we are supposed to let everyone into the nation no matter what. And they always use the "love" card in doing so while at the same time ignoring the laws of the land. Their admitted desire to destroy this nation using the votes of Roman Catholic illegals is far more important to them than the legal citizens who did the proper paperwork from Mexico or any other nation or even the ones born here. That's how easy it is to see the loveless agenda of the beast in Rome. It's about them and their agenda and nothing else.

There is nothing wrong with our nation's policies on "legal" immigration. Anyone can come into the nation as long as they do so legally like they do in all other nations on this planet. But because Rome is hell-bent on speeding things up seeing that the harbinger of the plagues is upon us making their dying god's agenda lest apt to be 100% effective due to lack of time, they will risk the lives of literally everyone in this nation, including their own parishioners just so they can have the power they lust after. They even demand their loyal church members deny God's written will on how we as citizens are to respect the laws of the land, or even those that write those laws. (See Romans 13:1-7)

The Vatican is seeking to undermine this nation by demanding their church members, who they claim in their church Catechism are also dual citizens of Rome to disrupt the peace of this nation so that the man of sin in Rome can have his way! THAT brothers and sisters is an act of war, and it is being perpetrated by the Roman Catholic church against the United States of America and I am appalled that no one in politics have the guts to stand up and say that out loud. But then, prophecy must be fulfilled, and so it shall.

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Vatican Expresses Concerns Over ‘Spread of Nationalism, Populism’

Vatican Expresses Concerns Over ‘Spread of Nationalism, Populism’ published on No Comments on Vatican Expresses Concerns Over ‘Spread of Nationalism, Populism’

"The Cardinal also recalled recent comments by Pope Francis, saying that “there is a risk of history repeating itself.” In a lengthy interview with the Spanish daily El País in late January, Pope Francis was asked whether he was concerned about the spread of a populism that capitalizes on “people’s fears,” preaching “a message of hate.” In his reply, Francis distinguished between a good, grassroots populism, where it is the people who are “the protagonists,” and a cult of personality where a charismatic figure like Hitler rises to power and is welcomed as a savior figure." –Source

Ironic don't you think? A Jesuit Pope who took the bloodcurdling Jesuit oath uses Roman Catholic emperor Adolph Hitler as his example of what can happen when such a political monster, which by the way his very own papal predecessor funded, puffed up and installed as emperor. But because most people are purposely dumbed down all over the world on Scripture as well as historic facts, they don't realize how he's playing both ends against us in the middle.

And as for his claims of history repeating itself. It's obvious that he seeks to make the case (using the same fear he condemns) that we will see another Hitler if the people don't stop distrusting him and his cohorts when in fact I can't help believe that he made the statement because of his inherent fear that yes history will repeat itself and like his office saw in 1798 when Napoleon came as prophesied to pull the Pope from power, Francis no doubt fears the same will happen to him. And so to hide his fear he claims we have fear of a possible Hitler coming to power. How do I know this is in his mind? Besides the fact that his Vatican is prophesied to soon burn to ash, his use of the word "populism" confirms he, being one of the "elite" he speaks of, fears that the people will eventually revolt. The word populism is defined as "a political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite." (See online definition here)

The fact that the people have wised up (if only in the secular sense) to the fact that the powers that be have gone far beyond simple corruption to downright political insanity proves he, like the fearful Congressmen in the USA, are scared out of their wits that the people will surround them and revolt. Hence the  reason for the talking points on martial law as well as the bold delivery of military tanks to every city in America. But nothing says it more boldly and succinct than the present Pope's well documented agenda towards a New World Order that is obviously based on a Roman Catholic form of Socialism. And yes, that is the exact same format Hitler used in his day!

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Nun receives death threats for suggesting Mary was not a virgin

Nun receives death threats for suggesting Mary was not a virgin published on 1 Comment on Nun receives death threats for suggesting Mary was not a virgin

"A nun in Spain who says she received death threats for suggesting that Mary probably had sex with her husband, Joseph, has apologised for any offence caused but accused her critics of deliberately misunderstanding her point. Sister Lucía Caram, a well-known Dominican nun with more than 183,000 Twitter followers, appeared to contradict church teaching when she appeared on Spanish TV on Sunday to discuss sex and faith. …On Wednesday, Caram issued a statement in which she said she had received death threats after her TV appearance." –Source

Rome has for centuries indoctrinated their flock well. To think that a Catholic in good standing, which they are if they trust the Pope over the Bible, for them to see no sin in sending death threats to someone in their own church speaks volumes of how much control Rome has over their people. Rather strange is it not? They easily place their mortal lives in danger by committing crimes that can land them in prison yet completely ignore the danger they place their immortal lives in when committing open sin that will land them in hellfire. What a church Rome has built!

Even though the Bible specifically states that Joseph did in fact consummate the marriage to Mary after she gave birth to Jesus, the "teaching of the church" says otherwise because Pagan tradition which was started by a self-proclaimed Pagan "goddess" long ago who claimed she was impregnated by "immaculate conception" when after her husband died she had an adulterous relationship with a young man, and so to keep the lie going while at the same time create a "goddess" of Mary that can (and is) worshipped to this day, Rome has opted to teach their flock that Mary is an eternal virgin.

So.. if you're a Catholic who claims to read the Bible and then also claims to trust it, right off you are a rarity. But, if you are like I was 30+ years ago and looked at the Bible as the infallible Word of God, what does it say about Mary having "relations" with Joseph after giving birth to Jesus the Christ?

As blessed and loved as Mary was of God, would it not be considered sin on Mary's part to deny Joseph's carnal desires towards his wife even if only in the act of consummation; which  by the way was required by Biblical law in every marriage? Is it not written plainly in.. 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, "Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.  The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.  Defraud ye not one the other, …” Basic reality is, yes, Joseph did consummate the marriage and it literally declares that fact in Matthew 1:25 where it says he "knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS." Common sense dictates that Joseph waiting to consummate or "he knew her not" TILL she gave birth to Jesus.

So, why do you suppose Rome is so adamant about protecting the goddess they created in Mary? You got a minute? Well, I can go on for much longer than a minute on this subject, but to summarize; for Rome to admit she was never actually "eternally virgin" they would also have to admit they lied about Mary being born without sin which they claim heavily so as to declare her virginity eternal. That also means the Feast of Immaculate Conception must now be canceled from this day forward and the Pope of the day would have to admit it was all a demon acting like Mary. And because their eternal virgin goddess dogma was a major pillar of lies, Satan used it further to fabricate demonic apparitions of Mary as the heavenly virgin with messages from Heaven. With that off the table the "heavenly instruction" to pray the Pagan rosary would also have to be done away with. In fact, all the weeping Statues of Mary would have to be destroyed, they would also have to admit they lied about Mary having a sinless immaculate heart, they would have to remove all the "relics" of Pope John Paul wherein his garments have "Mary I am all yours" etched on them, they would have to decommission the "blue league/army" of Mary, they would have to change the names of literally thousands of churches named after the 'Virgin Mary', not to mention the thousands of Hospitals named after 'Virgin Mary', they will have to scrap all the millions of books, videos and quoted Vatican statements with references to "Mary being ever virgin", all the convents wherein they insist the women emulate Mary's "eternal virginity" will have to close, all the thousands of statements made over the last 14 centuries by Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, nuns and lay people that refer to Mary and her perpetual virginity will have to be disavowed, the Vatican dogma that declares the "assumption of Mary" that alludes to her going to Heaven as a virgin will have to be struck from the archives, all the 'apparitions' of "the virgin Mary" will have to be proclaimed as actual demons because they now know it's all been a lie, the "Apostolate of Mary" would have to be disbanded worldwide, the global and openly sanctified dogma of Virgin worship will have to be nullified by the sitting Pope, and the "Fatima Apostleship" will also have to disband seeing how it's all based on a lie. And that's not all.. BUT.. as I see the clock ticking away, I need to move on. Besides..  I think you get my point.

In short.. this isn't the first nun that discovered her Popes and prelates lied and I am positive it won't be the last. Please pray she not only stands firm, but that she stands up enough to literally walk out of the church of Rome completely!

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