What is Presents of God ministry doing now?

  1. Building updating and managing Presents of God ministry website (as of 06/17/14 over 11000 pages)
  2. Building and updating SDAapostasy.org website
  3. Create, narrate, edit and upload videos to www.John1429.org and www.youtube.com/user/NicholasPOGM
  4. Daily monitor and maintain physical and virtual servers for above mentioned websites
  5. Email prayer ministry / counseling
  6. Telephone prayer / counseling
  7. Truth Provided Newsletter (this newsletter has recently evolved to the SDR Herald)
  8. Update main page on site daily with current News articles that affect us prophetically
  9. Research scores of articles and present day events to verify and report on prophetic fulfillment
  10. Create, edit, convert, and upload audio sermons to Internet radio broadcast servers for POGM
  11. Edit audio sermons to post as videos
  12. Teach Bible studies online at  Pogm Audio Conference (Wednesday night, Friday night and Sabbath day)
  13. Teach Bible studies on telephone and in email
  14. 878 workers (as of 06-17-14) spreading present truth to 204 countries (as of 06-17-12)
  15. Preach online at Pogm Audio Conference, WTPR and teleconferencing
  16. Street preaching and tract passing as often as possible
  17. Maintain audio library of all Presents of God ministries Bible studies, sermons, tracts, and newsletters
  18. Search for or set up home churches. (as of 06-17-14 we have over 2000 families seeking churches)
  19. Maintain a virtual server for online gatherings (Via Pogm Audio Conference)
  20. At present we fund ministries proclaiming Present Truth in the USA, some Asian countries, and some in Africa in the hopes of funding more.
  21. We fund 22 active workers in the Philippines that travel to do the work in a little over a dozen nations in that region.
  22. We provide food for 14 trainees, their housing, Internet, printing needs and travel expenses as well as 2 weekly radio broadcasts in Asia.

  A few additional projects I hope to begin before Jesus returns...

  1. Research, create, edit, and broadcast digital videos on natural healings and natural foods found in the wild.
  2. Research and report on every nook and cranny of the Vatican's daily movements. (I need help here)
  3. Create a 24/7 video broadcast via the Presents of God ministry servers. (need more bandwidth to do this)
  4. Create a LIVE weekly Newscast on prophetic events around the world.
  5. Build or help in the building of a "school of the prophets" as is prophesied to be needed in our day.
  6. Build or help in the building of a sanitarium to help spread and utilize the biblical health message.
  7. Create a YouTube "type" website that allows remnant people to upload and download videos that will help spread the Loud Cry
  8. Build a CMS site to allow for a safe and secure meeting place for remnant Christians around the world.

  What Presents of God ministry needs...

  1. Funds to purchase wooded undeveloped land in 4 remote areas of the USA for annual convocations
  2. Machinery to produce booklets, tracts, or cards. Or funds to have books/tracts/cards published on a regular basis.
  3. Funds for a building to house the school of the prophets and or a sanitarium.
  4. More bandwidth to provide a safe online public portal for free 24/7 access to Remnant Christian videos on Present Truth.
  5. Larger gell based battery bank and additional solar panels, or larger windmill to allow for longer uptime during power failures
  6. Hydrotherapy unit for natural healing methods
  7. Funds to build a better school system in the Philippines



The Presents of God ministry