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I pray you are as blessed as I was by reading this. It's not just what is written that touches the heart. It's that it is written by a 14 year old young man displaying an absolute desire to please His God. In today's world this is all but non-existent. So be blessed and know this. Even one called David was a young man once.

Everyday I pray,
That the Lord will guide me through the day,

Everyday I pray,
That the Lord will heal the world's pain,

Everyday I pray,
That I am thankful for all the water & food I get,

Everyday I pray,
That I am happy for all the new friends I met,

Everyday I pray,
That I have Happieness, Joy, & Love

Everyday I pray,
That an Angel will protect me sent from above,

Everyday I pray,
That I am healthy,

Everyday I pray,
That I am wealthy,

Everyday I pray,
That God Blesses my friends & family,

Everyday I pray,
That my friends & family will all live Happily,

Everyday I pray,
That I believe Jesus died on the cross,

Everyday I pray,
That when I am outside I will not get lost,

Everyday I pray,
That I am sorry for sins I've done,

This is why I pray ... for I am proud to be God's son.


When will it end some say ...

Seems to get worse every day

Homocides are all over the place

And sadly left without a trace

Nation rising up against Nation

Roberies at your local gas station

Could there possibly be an upside to this?

Yes there is ... and here is what some miss

The devil knows his time is near

So he wants us all to be in fear

But wait a minute .. wipe that tear

Because Jesus Christ the Son of God is here

Jesus loves you and me

He loves us all individually

Just look back at Calvery

Pain and suffering .. can't you see?

The Second Comming is soon to come

Will you be ready for the Holy one?

His present for the righteous is Heaven

And this aint no ordinary 7/11

Will you give up your spot ?

Hmm let me think .. Eternal Happiness or rot ?

Yes, Jesus Christ will soon return

And if you doubt it .. you soon will learn

So let's obey and give Him glory

You still have time so don't you worry!



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