Bishop commits suicide to protest execution

A Roman Catholic Bishop BREAKS the 6th Commandment (That's "thou shalt not kill" in the KJV) in order to stop others from breaking the 6th Commandment. Such CoNfUsIoN. KEEP IN MIND... this is no "Catholic layman...priest...Nun...etc" THIS IS A BISHOP PEOPLE!!!


A Roman Catholic bishop and prominent human rights campaigner in Pakistan, John
Joseph, has fatally shot himself to protest a death sentence against a
Christian for blaspheming Islam, a church official said Thursday. Joseph shot
himself in the head Wednesday with a pistol at the courthouse where Ayub
Massih, a Catholic, was convicted in April and sentenced to die for allegedly
defaming the prophet Mohammed. The law requires death for anyone who defiles
Mohammed's name.

-->No executions yet for blasphemy

What's next? Will a priest commit adultery now to STOP others from doing it? Or how about a Cardinal STEALS to stop others from doing it? Or a Nun might covet your goods so you won't? Will the Pope say he is God to stop others from doing so? Well... He already HAS done this as a matter of fact... Want the documented proof??? Request "The Second Window" today!!!

Truth is truth!


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