Mary the Morning Star?

Revelation 22:16
I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the Morning Star.  According to what John Paul II said below, Mary is the Morning Star.  Which is correct? -RobMays

Thursday, January 6, 2000 - Vatican City

Dearest brothers and sisters!

1. Today's Gospel speaks about the Magi from the East who, guided by a star, came to Bethlehem to adore Jesus. This is the Epiphany of Christ, that is, his manifestation to all peoples. The Messiah was born of David's lineage, bringing to fulfillment the prophets' promises, but his message of salvation is universal: the glory of Israel and light for all peoples (Cf. Lk 2,32).

Therefore, today's solemnity reveals the Church's universal vocation, called to reflect the Lord's light on her face. In this liturgical and spiritual context, I conferred Ordination this morning on twelve new Bishops from several countries of the world. While I renew my most fervid best wishes to them, I invite you to pray so that they will always be authentic witnesses of the Gospel in their ministry, and wise and generous leaders of the people of God.

2. In my thoughts I now turn to the Christian East, where my brothers in the faith live and proclaim the Gospel -- the Patriarchs of the Orthodox Churches at Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, Moscow, in Rumania, and in every other land in which these Churches sing the praises of the Word of God who became flesh. I would like to name them one by one, expressing the fervent wish that the light of Christ, whose birth they are celebrating at this time, will give them in abundance all that can reinforce the proclamation of the only Gospel of Salvation.

To the Orthodox Churches and to the Eastern Catholic Churches, which tomorrow celebrate the birth of Christ, I wish a merry Christmas with the words of a verse well known to them: "Your birth, O Christ our God, makes the light of your truth rise in the world ... Guided by a star, they came to adore you, Sun of Justice, and to acknowledge you, Celestial Dawn. O Lord, glory to You."

3. Thinking of all the Churches of the Christian East, I send them my wishes for prosperity and joy. I do it by participating in spirit in the song of their Liturgy, and sharing in the many gifts the Lord has profusely given their traditions that enrich the Church of Christ.

At the beginning of this new year, while living the Great Jubilee intensely, we entrust to Mary, the "Morning Star," the evangelizing mission of the Church and the road of Christians toward the full unity desired by our Redeemer.

(ZENIT Translation)


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