CATHOLICS SEE MARY IN WINDOW. Friday News Notes, November 17, 2000 (David
W. Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, 1701 Harns Rd., Oak
Harbor, WA 98277, - According to the Catholic
Archdiocesan paper for Louisville, Kentucky, Catholics have seen the face
of Mary in streaks on an apartment window in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. "The
story is that in mid-September, streaks began forming on that window. From
the outside, looking in, these streaks appeared to change colors, and
people looking at these reported seeing the face of the mother of Jesus in
the streaks. . . . It didn't take long for many to come and stare; then for
the crowds to start arriving, with people demonstrating their faith,
praying with devotion, convinced that they were experiencing something
miraculous" (The Record, Nov. 9, 2000).


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