RCC Declares murder good behaviour on her part

"The church may by Divine right confiscate the property of heretics, imprison their persons, and condemn them to the flames."

This decree is still considered valid according to the Vatican II Council! Is this how Jesus taught us to spread the Word? Would Jesus preach to people and kill them if they wouldn't listen? How can this claim to be a Christian church? Why do you think the pilgrims and puritans fled to this country? Don't you think they would rather have stayed home and started their churches in their own home towns? They couldn't because if they were found to be worshipping God in ways other than the Pope's commands, they would die! In countless numbers they came here from all walks of life risking the lives of their families across thousands of oceanic miles for the freedom to worship God in the way the Bible said they would.

"The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her *good behaviour*." -Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908

According to this article, the Catholic church admits they take part in persecutions. PLUS, this article states that the Catholic church has no intention of stopping their "good behaviour." The mere mention of this "good behavior" brings to mind the prophecy of our Lord Jesus that, "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." [John 16:2]

Mr. Raywood Frazier, in the booklet "Catholic Words and Actions," presents documentary proof of the intensive persecution of Protestants and non-Catholics in Columbia, South America, between 1949 and 1953. The Catholic Church had the support of the Columbian government in the destruction of many churches, and the liquidation of more than 1,000 documented cases -- some of whom were shot, drowned, or emasculated. He says there is evidence of over 60,000 killed. Pope Pius XII awarded the President of Columbia with one of the highest awards which the Church bestows, and praised Columbia for its example of the Catholic faith." (Pp. 59,60)

The defense of Roman Catholics to this presentation is as follows: "Communists destroy churches because they are God's enemies; Catholic's destroy churches because they are God's friends... Against such men-founded churches... Catholics in Latin America should arise and wipe them out with fire." -John J. Oberlander, in The Voice of Freedom, 1954, p. 20.

The rector of the Catholic Institute of Paris, H.M.A. Baudrillart, revealed the attitude of the church and her leaders toward persecution. "When confronted with heresy," he said, "she does not content herself with persuasion, arguments of an intellectual and moral order appear to her insufficient, and she has recourse to force, to corporal punishment, to torture." The Catholic Church, The Renassance, and Protestantism, pp. 182-183

To get the government of a country's support to kill over 60,000 souls because they differ in religious belief. And then roar across Latin America for all catholics to rise up and kill "with fire" their neighbors that don't agree with such evil tactics is absolutely insane. And when they are confronted on their apparent boldness of heresy they reply that they have no fear of the authorities and they have every right to force, put to death, and even torture whomever they please. You ask yourself, is this Christlike? Do you suppose the Catholic church will try to convince our government to turn on those U.S citizens that don't agree with the church as well? Do you suppose they will infiltrate the government of this fair land and manipulate them into their way of self righteous and monarchical thinking?

"Democracy is a michievous dream where the Catholic Church does not predominate." -Brownson's Review. "There is one, and only one, sure democracy, the Catholicism of the Popes" -The Catholic World, Oct, 1937. "Some dwell on the vastly increased tolerance shown in this country now to Catholics and Catholic thugs... It betokens a decay of Protestantism." -Catholic World, Oct. 1935, p.66 "It no longer can be said today that the U.S. is a Protestant country." -Cardinal Strich of Chicago, quoted in Time Magazine, Aug. 5, 1955 "The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope... Why can't we make the U.S. Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals?" -Father F. X. Talbot, editor of America, official jesuit magazine for the U.S. statement in New York Globe Dec. 14, 1930 "Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic Church." -Bishop O'Conner of Pittsburg. "If Catholics ever gain sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say; so we believe" -The Shephard of the Valley, journal of the late bishop of St. Louis. In the book Confusion Twice Confounded, Monsignor Joseph H. Brady states that the U.S. Supreme Court is wrong in decisions regarding "seperation of Church and State." He says: "A sound view of the Constitution in its relation to religion probably awaits a change in personnel in our highest tribunal." -The Register, Jan. 23, 1955. "But Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?" -The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes. "The Catholic Church in this nation must live on to accomplish her work, even though our Republican form of government disappears." -The Catholic World, April, 1935, p.12. "They [Catholics] must penetrate wherever possible in the administration of civil affairs... all Catholics should do all in their power to cause the constitution of states, and legislation to be modeled on the principles of the true Church." -Encyclical of Leo XIII.

Yes, it appears rather obvious, "something" is in the works. Want a "glimpse" of just how evil this organization is? Check out this WELL DOCUMENTED HISTORIC EVIDENCE that the Catholic church wishes they could erase!

Get out of this church while there is still time!

REV 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

BTW people... One more tidbit for those that think they're safe OUTSIDE the Roman Catholic Church...

"The State has not the right to leave every man free to embrace whatever religion he shall deem true."
"The Church has the right to require that the Catholic Religion shall be the religion of the State, to the exclusion of ALL OTHERS." "Cursed be those who assert liberty of conscience and of worship and such that maintain that the church may not employ FORCE." ((The syllabus of Pope Pius IX, December 1864))

Truth is truth!


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