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The Pope and Forgiveness?

Greetings everyone in the last hours of history... I would like to share with you a few thoughts in regards to the Pope's "Mea Culpa" on March 12,2000. First however, I would like to share this article that came out March 7, 2000. See if you notice anything strange in what the Vatican released to the press. Is this going to be the general direction for the March 12 'confession?' If so, I am sure some Catholics will look upon this as the last straw. I say "some" simply because it appears most seem to ignore all that the Vatican does so bluntly before the eyes of man. Why is this? Catholicism is actually designed to cause the flock to ignore the obvious. Hence, they teach the Bible is a dead letter.  


VATICAN CITY, MAR 7 ( On March 12, the first Sunday of Lent, John Paul II will publicly ask the Lord's forgiveness for past and present faults of the children of the Church. ...This morning, Bishop Piero Marini, Pontifical Master of Ceremonies, explained the meaning of this Day of Forgiveness in the Vatican Press Office. He explained that "in all generations the holiness of the Church has shined forth, witnessed by an incalculable number of her children; nonetheless, the Church suffers from the contradiction of the presence of sin, which has continued to weigh down in the road of the people of God. ...For the first time in history, John Paul II will confess the sins committed by Christians through the centuries." ...Specifically, he will admit the sins committed in the service of truth: intolerance and violence against dissidents; religious wars; violence and abuses of the Crusades; and violent methods of the Inquisition. ...The Holy Father will also express the repentance of Christians for the sins committed in relation to the people of Israel: contempt, acts of hostility, and silences.-ZE00030709

The Vatican is openly stating in the above article that the tortures and murders of well over 150 million believers of Jesus Christ were done by CHRISTIANS! Regardless of the well documented Historic fact that these are the acts of the Hirearchy of Rome itself. This is nothing new for Rome. This obvious hatred of Christians is evident in many areas documented throughout History. I recall one very graphic admission of this hatred once "slipped" out on OakLawn Illinois Cable TV Channel #51 "Catholic Television" 11:00 a.m. May 5-2-95 when A Roman Catholic priest made the statement for all the viewing area to hear. He said, "FELLOW BELIEVERS STONED STEPHEN" Nevertheless, as any true believer in Biblcal truths realize, NEVER did a TRUE follower of Jesus Christ ever step forward in all the 1260 prophetic years (538ad to 1798ad) of this Beast's first reign to kill a single Christian. Yet we see the Vatican is declaring that all that occured was the "...faults of Christians" and "..sins committed by Christians" in this Global media blitz of the Beast. Is it not written, "...they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ." (1Peter 3:16) You do realize that to say "Christians" did these horrendeous acts is actually proclaiming in loud prophetic tones all throughout the World that FOLLOWERS OF JESUS ARE EVIL! That way all those thinking of entertaining the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit upon them, now have additional reasons to seek "another Gospel." One that doesn't torture, maime and kill as do these...these...CHRISTIANS! PLUS... Keep in mind the Beast is also doing what he has always done best. He is lying about Jesus and His children. For Jesus said, "the gates of hell shall not prevail against" His church in Matthew 16:18 To say "Christians" did these acts is to openly say Jesus lied when He said Hell would not prevail against His own! For it is obvious is it not? Hell HAS prevailed against Catholicism. In fact, it is Hells masterpiece!

Another aspect to this "so called" confession juts forth as well. The Pope is shouting to all the World that these horrendous torturous acts are the, "...faults of the children of the Church." That's right! The Roman Catholic Church is blaiming its very own flock for the tortures and murders of all the true Christians during the Great Tribulation of the 1260 prophetic years. Regardless of the fact that History overwhelmingly records that it was the Jesuits and hirearchy of Rome that did these acts of Hell. History books all over the planet prove quite well that this Pope is spouting bold face lies, especially when he utters, " all generations the holiness of the Church has shined forth." Holiness? Is it considered holy to torture and kill 150 million Children of the Living God simply because they won't bow down to the Idols of Rome? Is it holy to skin men alive in front of their wives and children? Is it holy to boil people in oil before all those they love? Is it holy to rip arms and legs off of mommies and daddies in front of their children so as to assure the children will denounce Jesus Christ and accept the "WAFER" as Jesus Christ incarnate? Is it holy to bury entire families alive? Is it?!

"The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her *good behaviour*." -Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908

It appears the Catholic church does indeed believe to torture, maime and kill is a "holy act" eh? Fact is, the Inquisition that has just been re-born, thanks to John Paul II. This is the very office that was responsible for an innumerable amount of Christians tortured and killed all over the world. Yet, the article only says they seek forgivenes for the, "...violent methods of the Inquisition." Not one murder is mentioned! Out of 150 million documented dead, NOT ONE was spoken of?! Did they die in vain? Not according to the Creator. And soon, VERY soon they will be vindicated by that very same Creator. If they seek to deny the well hidden facts of history that's one thing. But what of the obvious and well publicised link between Hitler and Pope Pius XII? Yet again, John Paul II blaims followers of Jesus Christ for the murders of over 6 million Jews when he spews that is it necessary for, "...the repentance of Christians for the sins committed in relation to the people of Israel" Again, this Pope is blaiming Christians for murders IT has performed along with Hitler. Pope Pius XII knew what Hitler was up to! Fact is, Israel is right now openly requesting the Vatican to release the facts concerning this...


British Jews have called upon the Vatican to change its policy and open up its records on the Holocaust. The call, by the chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, follows an apology by the Pope for Catholic's mistreatment of people of other faiths. Lord Janner said the Pope's speech - part of a unprecedented Day of Pardon Mass - was "worthy and generous." However he urged the Vatican to follow others in being open about the Nazi era. -The Belfast Berean 2000 [] NEWSDESK 2000

Do you suppose the Pope will release such graphic facts that prove the Roman Church was involved in the Hitler Holocaust? Don't count on it! That would be TOO factual. It is better for the Vatican to blaim its own flock so as not to diminish the goals of Antichrist. The ONE WORLD CHURCH must go forth! The papers must be signed June 26, 2000 in the same motel room as were the UN papers in 1945! And the trailing denominations of today must be convinced that the Roman Church is a good church. So, how did the Vatican respond to the request of the Jews? How did the Pope answer the request of the Jews in regards to Pope Pius XII and his right hand man Hitler?


Wed Mar 15,2000 -- The Palestinian representative to the Vatican called on Israel Tuesday to apologise to the Palestinians in the same way Pope John Paul II begged for forgiveness for crimes the Catholic Church committed against Jews. ...He said Israel should recognise its own wrongs against the Palestinian people, millions of whom were made homeless after the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.-Weekend News Today By Andra Brack Source:Jordan Times

The very next day, it appears the Pope is totally ignoring the request to make public the Vatican files that confirm what History has already openely recorded in text as well as photographic evidence. The factual allegiance of Rome and Hitler. The spin doctors of Rome are now shoving the plate back over the table to the Jews. And not even a balanced plate at that. The Jewish nation wants the records released on 6 million MURDERS held in the Vatican and the Vatican compares that to people made "homeless" by the state of Israel planting her prophetic roots. They boldly refuse to answer Israel's request just as Saul refused to admit his sin. In short, they make their own counter request! Does the Vatican think a "picture" is not worth a thousand words? Do they not realize that such graphic evidence has already been made public regarding this very fact? It's everywhere! There have been numerous books and articles written over the last few decades in regards to this historic event. In fact, take a look at this page, Scroll down and see the photographs of the Pope and his best friend Adolph Hitler. Also notice that more than one Pope was actually involved here. That's right! In a photo of the Signing of the Concordat in Germany recognizing Catholicism as the "ONLY RELIGION ALLOWED IN GERMANY" is Cardinal Pacelli who is later to become Pope Pius XII. Plus you also see the little known Vatican prelate, Montini, who is later to become Pope Paul VI. ALL at the same table of agreement with Hitler and his blood thirsty pals! One question... Is this Popes "fake apology" and obvious side stepping of the truth about Hitler going to stir happiness in the hearts of those he seeks his "peace" with?

Youths Throw Rocks At Palestinian Police

JERUSALEM ( - Israeli police on Wednesday arrested an ultra-Orthodox Jew for placing a death curse on Pope John Paul II, similar to a curse placed on slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin before his assassination in 1995. ...hundreds of Palestinian youths threw stones at Palestinian Authority police after the Holy Father visited a refugee camp today. Witnesses said police tried to push back curious onlookers and beat several of them with batons. In response, the crowd threw stones at the police, highlighting increasing discontent with PLO leader Yasser Arafat's rule. After the initial clash died down, others tried to smash the police barricades set up for the papal visit. Hundreds of protesters marched in the streets as demonstrators and police alike fired shots in the air.


Updated 7:17 PM ET March 20, 2000 JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Ultra-Orthodox Jews pronounced a mortal curse against Pope John Paul in footage aired by Israel Channel Two Television on Tuesday, hours before the Pontiff's arrival for an historic Holy Land pilgrimage.

Police are on alert for the six-day-long papal visit to Israel and Palestinian-ruled Bethlehem beginning on Tuesday evening. Security forces have placed special emphasis on curbing the activities of Jewish militants. The midnight rite, which the television said was enacted on Thursday in a cemetery in the northern Israel town of Safed, recalled rabbinical curses cast on Yitzhak Rabin prior to his 1995 assassination by a right-wing religious Jew opposed to the then-prime minister's peace moves. Participants in the ceremony, sounding ritual calls on ceremonial ram's horns, cursed the Pope as a "hater of Israel."

Not likely eh?

...Adolph Hitler said "As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the Catholic Church has adopted for 1500 years.....when it regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos, etc., because it knew what the Jews were like..." Because of the Council of Trent, laws were set forth to establish who was a heretic and history shows us that the Vatican legally slaughtered "heretics" to cleanse the Land of Christians and Jews. As the Second Vatican Council commenced in 1963, Pope John XXIII declared, "I do accept entirely all that has been decided and declared at the Council of Trent"  this includes the 100 or so anathema's against Bible Christians.

...The truth is that the teachings of the Council of Trent, made the Inquisition & Holocaust possible and these teachings are still being used to kill Bible Christians all over the world even today. Adolph Hitler was never excommunicated as a Catholic for his crimes against the Jews. Instead, the Vatican considered him to be a hero. Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were backed by the Vatican and this is what a Catholic newspaper in Spain said about Hitler the day he died:- "Adolph Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. [Roman Catholicism] It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his moral remains stands his victorious moral figure, with the palm of the martyr; God gives Hitler the laurels of victory."

The world media is very pro-Catholic and Bible Christians are portrayed as narrow minded bigots and people believe their can't be another Inquisition. They say Rome has changed sure Vatican II changed everything. Sorry not so they have claimed to have made tremendous changes, but its the same system under a new coat of paint. The Pope is portrayed as a man of peace however the Scriptures warn that Antichrist will by peace destroy many.

The truth is that Rome is secretly planning another Inquisition they are getting their people into powerful positions history is being re-written and covered up. Because of the popular roman false teaching that the church has replaced the nation of Israel as the true people of God, and that God has no more dealings with the Jews, it will make it even easier for Satan through the Vatican to stir up more violent aggressive anti-Semitism. And who will care enough to resist them? -The Belfast Berean 2000 [] NEWSDESK 2000

Hitler himself admits that the "Vatican legally slaughtered "heretics" to cleanse the Land of Christians and Jews. "LEGALLY SLAUGHTERED Christians and Jews? Legally? What did Jesus say again so prophetically accurate? He said, "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." (John 16:2) Is it any wonder why someone spray painted a cross pointing to a swastika as its definition on the Popes launchpad before his arrival? And is it any wonder ALL the news channels made sure everyone saw that prophetically blasphemous grafitti? The goal of Rome is to make the TRUE CHRISTIAN appear horrendeous and evil unto all the other faiths of the world ESCPECIALLY Jerusalem so as to snuff out any chance of true conversion to Jesus Christ. It appears MANY of the worlds Religions do in fact believe that Christians ARE evil eh? You can thank Rome and their best friend Adolph for this Evangelism nightmare!

The Vatican excommunicates it's own flock when the Holy Spirit gets a hold on them and they decide to proclaim Biblical Truths. However, notice this if you will. Hitler as well as the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests that aided in the LEGAL "slaughter of Christians and Jews" will not be excommunicated. Now do you understand why child molesting Priests like Rudolph "Rudy" Kos, who was sentenced to life in prison for molesting four altar boys over 1350 times between 1981 and 1992 was NEVER excommunicatd from the Roman Catholic Church? That particular lawsuit cost the Vatican 130 MILLION dollars! Yet, he was never excommunicated. Did you also notice this article actually hits on a prophetic fact? The article stated, "The truth is that Rome is secretly planning another Inquisition..." Fact is people THAT'S CORRECT! Do you recall the article I shared with you that was released in February of 1991 to the media declaring Pope John Paul has reinsititued the Inquistion? I still have the article posted on the "Current events" page. Just do a page search for the "Holy Office" article and there it is. So, did the Vatican do as they released they would do on March 7? Did the Pope blaim his own flock as was revealed he would do?


VATICAN CITY, MAR 7 ( ...CARDINAL JOSPEH RATZINGER. The Bavarian Cardinal was presenting the document, "Memory and Reconciliation: The Church and the Faults of the Past," written by the International Theological Commission. Mentioning events in the Old and New Testaments, the Cardinal said, "Our history is one of rebellions and sins, we do not ask for forgiveness to condemn others, but to know ourselves and to open to our brothers."-ZE00030708

Did you notice this comment...? "we do not ask for forgiveness to condemn others, but to know ourselves and to open to our brothers." His comments are geared for one purpose only. To enact a global group hug that will allow for a greater flow of worldly denominations into his "UR" United Religions one world church. That's right people! The Beast will have his one world church as of June 26, 2000.


...The church, however, is not exactly admitting guilt the sweeping apology is for human sins by the church’s sons and daughters, not by the church itself." -MSNBC Staff and Wire Reports - March 11, 2000:

How blunt can you get? It's reported that it's not the "Church" that has done this. It was it's sons and daughters of the church that did these horrendous acts that resulted in the deaths of well over 150 MILLION Christians. What amazes me is that MOST Catholics I share with are unaware of such openly prophetic and bold statements such as these. And when I try to share these documented facts with them, most of them choose to see me as a liar instead. PRAY for them!


VATICAN CITY, MAR 12 ( ...Vietnamese Archbishop François Xavier Nguyên Van Thuân, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, encouraged confession of sins in the area of fundamental rights of the human person: abuses against  children, marginalisation of the poor, suppression of the unborn in the  maternal womb or their use for experimentation... ZE00031207

ABORTIONS? Does this now prove what this ministry as well as many others have been preaching in regards to the lying Popes who proclaim "abortion is never done by the hand of Rome?" In fact, I do praise the Almighty for what has occured over the last week. Why? For 15 years I have been preaching about certain hellish acts that Rome has been doing. And all the while EVERY Catholic child I come across has declared that which I preach as a lie. Now we see this is not the case. I wonder... How many recall that which was said to them so long ago? PRAY for them too!


...Catholics at times "have not been faithful to the greatc commandment of love, sullying in this way the face of the

Church," the pope said during a solemn Day of Pardon Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome March 12.  ...The pope asked God's forgiveness for violence by Christians "in the service of the truth." The allusion was to the burning of heretics at the stake during the Inquisition, slaughter of Muslims during the Crusades, and the forced conversions of native peoples, such as when Spanish conquistadors rampaged through the jungles of the New World. ...John Paul confessed the hostility of some Catholics toward followers of other religions, and asked forgiveness for the divisions among various branches of Christianity. ...John Paul appears to be "trying to reconfigure the Church's thinking to confront a global reality" that Catholicism will, for the foreseeable future, "remain one faith among many, Christian and non-Christian, with which it must coexist," Time magazine said. "In many ways, it's an intensely personal mission of a pontiff nearing the end of his life." -by the Editors of ReligionToday March 14, 2000

There you have it! First he blames his own flock by stating, "...Catholics at times "have not been faithful to the great commandment of love, sullying in this way the face of the Church," And then his true agenda springs forth within the article. He openly wants as the Beast desires. A GLOBAL CHURCH! Still not convinced? Well...these Churches are...


BERLIN, MAR 15 (ZENIT-AVVENIRE).- "Words worthy of the greatest respect and gratitude," was the reaction of the German Evangelical Church (EKD) to John Paul II's "mea culpa" last Sunday. The EKD represents 28 million German Protestants and, at the international level, is one of the most important manifestations of the Reformation. Rev. Manfred Kock, its leader, had a substantially positive reaction to the act.-- The impression is given, however, that the "mea culpa" pronounced by the Pope not only affects Catholics, but the whole of  Christianity. In this connection, John Paul II would already have carried out on this occasion the function of "symbolic unitary figure."


Pope John Paul II on Sunday asked for forgiveness for many of his church's past sins, including its treatment of Jews, heretics, women and native peoples. ....

The term "heretic" still rings with great furvor from this Pope mouth. Even though he seeks forgivness of what he says "HIS FLOCK" did. He still considers those that were killed as HERETICS today! And why? Because this is the office of the Beast people. And this very fact is about to come very clear to all very soon. Case in point...

The archbishop of St. Louis said: "Heresy and unbelief are crimes; and in Christian countries, as in Italy and Spain, for instance, where all people are Catholics, and where the catholic reigion is an essential part of the law of the land, they are punished as crimes." ... "Every cardinal, archbishop, and bishop in the Catholic Church takes an oath of allegiance to the pope, in which occur the following words" "Heretic, schismatics, and rebels to our said lord (the pope), or his aforesaid successors, I will to my utmost persecute and oppose." [Josiah Strong, "Our Country," ch. 5, pars 2-4.]

HEADLINE of the~ Daily Independent 4-11-98 -Sara Maitland "On the issues of belief"


NATIONAL ISSUE: One Court For All The World?

A United Nationas meeting in Rome is wrapping up five weeks of work on a proposed international criminal court. The new court would have worldwide jurisdiction and could investigate, indict, hold, try, and punish, those who committed certain crimes. The proposed international court would subject Americans to a new world authority... "Were talking about creating here something that exercises genuine power, real put-people-in-jail power, but that is responsible to no one but itself." said Lee Casey, a constituational lawyer with the washington firm of Hunton & Williams. [Investment Business Daily, Thursday July 16, 1998 Los Angeles, California]


Since 120 nations voted at the Rome Conference to adopt the International Criminal Court Statue, it seems certain that the required ratification by 60 national parliments will be easily obtained. This means that the World Criminal Court will probably begin operation in 1999. Every person on earth would then be vulnerable to prosecution and conviction before this world court system without the protection of our long-cherished constitutional safegaurds and the Bill of Rights. [Prophecy Update, Jan/Feb. 1999]


The Charter of the United Religions Organization is presently undergoing it's final review. The completed charter will be officially adopted at the annual meeting of the United Religions that will be held in June of 1999. This will pave the way for the signing of the United Religions Constitution on June 26, 2000. This document will be signed in the same hotel and the same room in which the UN Charter was signed on June 26, 1945. [Prophecy Update, Jan/Feb. 1999]


THE Pope was recognised as the overall authority in the Christian world by an Anglican and Roman Catholic commission yesterday which described him as a "gift to be received by all the Churches". ...if a new united Christian Church was created it would be the 'Bishop of Rome who would exercise a universal primacy. The 43-page document, The Gift of Authority, has been produced by the 18-member Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, after five years of debate. The commission concluded that the Bishop of Rome had a "specific ministry concerning the discernment of truth" and accepted that only the Pope had the moral authority to unite the various Christian denominations Mark Birchall, a member of the Church of England Evangelical council, said: "It speaks as if the Bishop of Rome has always been on the side of the angels while it is well known that for several centuries past the Bishop of Rome was certainly not." The Rt Rev Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton and the other co-chairman, added: "The primacy of the Pope is a gift to be shared. -May 13, 1999 Oliver Poole -Electronic Telegraph-UK News


...the great religions MUST be amalgamated. A series of TAKEOVERS is required. The breakup of Christianity should be reversed. The Church of Rome should join hands with that of Constantinople. The rest - Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists, Seventh-day Adventist should be COAXED IN!  The Daily Advance Sunday Jan 4, 1998. Article by Joe Rogally, "The Financial Times"

It certainly appears the THREE FROGS (Revelation 16:13) are NOW jumping on the same lilly pad eh? What "protestants" protested in the not so distant past, they are now EMBRACING just as prophecy said they would! "...and all the world wondered after the beast. "-Revelation 13:3


MILAN, MAY 5 (ZENIT).- "It is an important step forward, but this measure alone is not enough." This is the authoritative view of Bishop Diarmuid Martin, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who represented the Holy See at the recent meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, where a reduction of the foreign debt of poor countries was approved. "The global economy must be 100% global and must include everyone. With the consequent exclusion of moral evil and the inclusion of the economic good. In order to create a new world architecture it is imperative to have coherence among economic, political and social policies. Otherwise, if the third factor is missing, it will be a crooked construction."

FIRST A ONE WORLD CHURCH, THEN A ONE WORLD COURT, THEN A ONE WORLD GOVT, NOW A ONE WORLD MONEY? Can it be any more blunt that the Antichrist in the Vatican has one mission? WORLD DOMINATION! NOW do you see why the Pope "faked" the March 12 confession? That group hug the NEXT POPE will enforce needs this P.R. work done NOW for it to be effective! It's ALL prophetically sound. And how will this be enforced you ask?

~Pope John Paul II Revives Inquisition

The thought of a revived Holy Office of the Inquisition would pacify some and offend others. Nevertheless, the "Holy Office" still exists. Only it's name has been changed. Pope John Paul II has been instrumental in its revival. One may argue that this Ratzinger run agency is merely an attempt by the Catholic Church to root out communism or backslidden priests and their practices. However, with John Paul II's objective to implement "God's mandate" by creating a global church-state which will administer from traditional Roman Catholic theology, is enough cause for alarm. Malachi Martin has already stated in his book, "The Keys of this Blood," that the pope will not tolerate any belief systems that oppose his, not on a civil or church level. In John Paul II the world will behold a tyrant who will coldly execute direct orders against those whom he deems are heretics or immoral. Moreover, like his papal predecessors, John Paul II will carry out his "Godly mandate" in the name of Christ, or perhaps Mary. May God help us all. -By Kathleen R. Hayes Feb 1991, NRI Trumpet Page 3


Vatican City (AP)-- A new Vatican document on how to interpret the Bible condemns the fundamentalist approach of word-for-word literalism as distorting, dangerous and possibly leading to racism. --Associated Press

The wound is almost healed, the inquisition is now REVIVED, and it is here to "pacify" those that speak out against all that the Roman Church teaches. And yes, it does "offend" many. Do you suppose the killings will begin again? Do you suppose the Roman Church would think it is "good behaviour" to kill Christians? Do you suppose you will be commiting a HATE CRIME when you speak as the Bible declares you must speak in regards to this accurtately exposed prophetic Beast? And do you see the tag "RACIST", "HATEMONGER", HERETIC", or "CATHOLIC BASHER" stamped upon your chest as the "legal" reason you stand before the one world court system in Rome?

"The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her *good behaviour*." -Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908 (emphasis added)


House Speaker Dennis Hastert on Thursday appointed the first Roman Catholic priest ever to serve as House chaplain after earlier passing over another Catholic candidate in a move that created a political firestorm.

Finally... does it appear they have all their ducks in a row?

Are you ready?  Are you sure?







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