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Part II

Truth Provided Newsletter 5-21-2002

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The full page ad WILL BE IN THE PAPER!!!

It's confirmed!! Thank you all for your support! A series of miracles resulted in the ad being placed on time and will be run IN THE KEEPSAKE SECTION "Faces of Faith" of the June 2, 2002 newspaper! The newspaper agreed to place the ad without all the money being in by May 22, 2002. We have about half of the needed $2,400.00 already. We are praying and TRUSTING the rest will arrive shortly. Think of it! Over 90,000 households will see the full page ad declaring the Three Angels message in less than 2 weeks!

PRAISE THE LORD! Click here to see full page ad

BTW... Was the announcement by "The Christian Coalition" a HOAX?

Since running my original "Warning" to everyone, I receive 2 emails about the possibility the article could be a hoax. This is the article in question...

March 26, 2002 

Dear Representatives,

The moral fabric of America is wearing thin. We must not go back to B.A.U. (Business as usual). The terrorists attack on America September 11, 2001 sent a wake up call to many of us.

We not only need a day or prayer and unity but many of us here at Christian Coalition believe it is time to legislate a National Day of Rest. As Dr James Dobson reminds us, families need time for rest and worship. The United Mine Workers (U.M.W.) of America support this agenda also.

*"Christopher Columbus has given an inspiring example of respect for the Sanctity of Sunday under the most trying circumstances. It illustrates the Spirit of unfaltering trust in God."

Destroy the Sanctity of Sunday and you throw civilization back into darkness and mire of Pagan materialism -- The observance of Sunday is essential to the welfare of this Nation.

We must make this part of our legislated agenda in 2002 and increase our trust in God to protect our nation. See you in Washington D.C. in October.

Thank you and "God Bless America".
Pastor Mike Brown
National Church Liaison 

*The Faith of Millions, pg. 404

Is this ad a hoax? We are not sure at this time. Rest assured, we are right now investigating to further document the source either way. If it comes back as a hoax, I will promptly let ALL of you know. If it comes back as truth, I will let you know that as well. However, as students of prophecy we ALL already know that this WILL happen in the very near future anyway. PLUS, all of us are aware of Pat Robertson's push to get "church & state" separation removed completely regardless of the fact that Jesus declared they should be kept separate. We are also completely aware that Pat Robertson ran for the office of the presidency of the United States not too long ago as a confirmation of his true desires to create the "IMAGE OF THE BEAST" right here in the USA. The Vatican is a "church & state" conglomerate, and as prophecy declares, the USA must make an image of that beast to enforce its mark. Pat Robertson is doing all he can to ensure that end result.

With that said, have you ever realized this? I can walk up to someone and tell them a TRUE story about any prophetic event, or ANY subject for that matter. Most people will choose to ignore the message that is being proclaimed if I proclaim it truth. ESPECIALLY prophecy! Most will choose to think you are lying and they will choose NOT to believe you. Now... let's toss the coin. Let's say I share the exact same story, but this time as I am finishing I declare it to be a HOAX. Then you will see 100% of the people will believe me!

Reality depicts that the governments of this world, as well as large corporations all know this tactic works! The government or large corporation ( that includes "Christian" corporations) can choose to make a public announcement, then after the announcement is made they watch the people. If there is a massive negative reaction they simply start a rumor that it is a HOAX, and 100% of the time the people believe it as such!

Besides... has it not been the desire of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition to enforce religious LAWS on mankind all along? Hasn't Pat Robertson been the "man in the front" regarding the separation of church & state? Notice the excerpts I have below...

"Without saying so explicitly, the Ten Commandments set the only order that will bring world peace... The next obligation that a citizen of God's world order owes is himself. "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy," is a command for a personal benefit of each citizen..." Pat Robertson, The New World Order, p. 233,236

"The mission of the Christian Coalition is simple. It is "to mobilize Christians one percent at a time, one community at a time, until once again we are the head and not the tail, and at the top rather than the bottom of our political system... the Christian Coalition will be the most powerful political force in America by the end of this decade." And, "We have enough votes to run this country... and when the people say, 'we've had enough,' we're going to take over!" -Pat Robertson,

Pat Robertson (Christian Coalition Founder) said, "There will never be world peace until God's house and God's people are given their rightful place of leadership at the top of the world. . . . Laws in America that mandated a day of rest [Sunday] from incessant commerce have been nullified as a violation of the separation of church and state." (Pat Robertson, The New World Order, 246, 227, 233, 236)

Here Pat Robertson cites the separation of church and state as the obstacle that's right now standing in the way of setting up a national Sunday law. They are working feverishly to remove the separation of church and state! They have set up the American Center For Law And Justice (ACLJ), who are on a relentless war bombarding the courts until they can achieve their goal of uniting church and state. Like mother, like daughter eh? The Mother church is working her points in Europe to unite church and state, and the little harlot daughters are following suit in the U.S., thus playing into the hands of and courting the beast in Rome who just only a couple of centuries earlier was engaged in a campaign to snuff them out! Amazing! Totally amazing!

Pat Roberston declares we must keep the Sabbath holy as Scriptures declare correct? Fact is, Pat Robertson is a Roman Sabbath keeper (Sunday Keeper) is he not? And yes, the "Christian Coalition" IS a powerful force! Will it be used by Satan to "take over" as Robertson so boldly proclaims? Time will tell. (Fact is, prophecy already confirms it)

Let me ask everyone this. If the Christian Coalition was NOT planning on lobbying for a NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW in October, then why would Pat Robertson make such bold statements in his book? Regardless if the "Christian Coalition" article is a hoax or not, it really makes no difference. We have DOCUMENTED PROOF from Pat Roberston's own book that this is his desire all along. Pat Robertson boldly declares in his book that the "Ten Commandments set the only order that will bring world peace"  at a time when world peace is a desire of billions. He then confirms his global desires when he states that "each citizen" would benefit by this commandment. This is true of course, but knowing the "Christian Coalitions" desire to use the GOVERNMENTS of the world to enforce morality upon the people as he declares in his book. One can easily see a man being directly influenced by the Antichrist himself. In fact, Pat Robertson has no qualms about admitting his alliance with the Roman man of sin. Historic fact is, Pat Robertson said, at a meeting with the Pope in New York City in 1995: "We all admire the Holy Father tremendously. We all want to build bridges with the Catholic Church." PLUS, Pat Robertson as well as Bill Bright - head of Campus Crusade For Christ, Chuck Colson - of Prison Fellowship Ministries, and  Don Argue, president, National Association of Evangelicals all participated in a Papal Mass in New York City in 1995 at the Pope's visit. They are learning rather quickly how to do as the beast declares. The ecumenical movements of Roberston and his Coalition mimic the beast with 100% accuracy.

To further solidify in your hearts and minds that this "Christian Coalition" is busy influencing many different faiths into declaring SUNDAY LAWS need to be enforced. Take a gander at the following collection of articles from a bevy of different organizations that happen to be flooding the media lately regarding Robertson and Pope John Paul II's agenda...

(For even MORE data referring to the SABBATH ATTACK click here )

After reading the articles below, you tell me... Is it not time to place full page ads ALL OVER AMERICA? ALL OVER THE WORLD?

36. The Sunday assembly is the privileged place of unity: it is the setting for the celebration of the sacramentum unitatis which profoundly marks the Church as a people gathered "by" and "in" the unity of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

 63. ... Christians, called as they are to proclaim the liberation won by the blood of Christ, felt that they had the authority to transfer the meaning of the Sabbath to the day of the Resurrection.  -Source: Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter  Dies Domini, 31 May, 1998.

The good word spreads about World Sabbath

Day of prayer seen as a balm for terror
January 22, 2002


Since that horrible day in September when people drove planes into buildings in the name of God, the Rev. Rod Reinhart has been looking for ways that U.S. residents can work to eliminate religious misunderstandings.

His top suggestion this week:

Join others around the globe Saturday in celebrating the third annual World Sabbath for Religious Reconciliation. It's a holiday that Reinhart, who works for the Episcopal Diocese of Detroit, founded in 1999.

Since then, the number of celebrants has grown as word of the World Sabbath spreads. People worldwide have visited www.worldsabbath.com, the Web site that Reinhart has loaded with a template for anyone to hold a World Sabbath service, including a suggested opening prayer and a liturgy.

Reinhart's event is one of two this week with interfaith themes. Mirroring a prayer meeting with world religious leaders planned by Pope John Paul II in Assisi, Italy, on Thursday, Cardinal Adam Maida of the Detroit Archdiocese will host an interreligious service at noon in downtown Detroit.

To mark the World Sabbath locally, about 500 people are expected to gather at 7 p.m. Saturday at Christ Church Cranbrook, 470 Church Road, Bloomfield Hills. Scheduled speakers include local leaders representing Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist communities.

"We'll be praying for the victims of Sept. 11, giving a Christian, Jewish and Muslim response, and focusing on what we're going to do next to move toward healing," Reinhart said Monday.

The service also will feature a group of Sudanese drummers from St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lansing, plus singing by the choirs of Greater New Mt. Moriah Church in Detroit and All Saints Episcopal Church in Pontiac.

The Thursday interfaith service planned by the Archdiocese of Detroit also will include representatives of many denominations. The service is free and open to the public at SS. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church at St. Antoine and East Jefferson.

In a letter to parishes, Maida said "fervent and faithful prayer brought down communism" and prayer will help bring world peace.

The celebration of two interfaith services in metro Detroit in one week doesn't surprise Reinhart. With large and vibrant faith communities, the area is a natural place for religious tolerance to take root, he said.

"We've made a great start," he said. "Wait and see. In a few years, the World Sabbath will be as big as Kwanzaa."

For information on the World Sabbath, call Reinhart at 734-459-7319 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or go to www.worldsabbath.com. For information about the Catholic service, call 313-237-5943 anytime.

Contact EMILIA ASKARI at 313-223-4461 or askari@freepress.com. Staff writer Jack Kresnak contributed to this report.

Besides all the OBVIOUS ecumenical movements. Did you notice the article declare they flew the planes into the trade center " in the name of God." Can you see the ECUMENICAL spirit being embraced when they proclaim Allah is now God?

Last update - 18:31 14/02/2002

Judge: Sabbath labor laws apply to Saturday only, not Friday

By Zvi Harel <
mailto:zvih@haaretz.co.il> , Ha'aretz Correspondent

A Labor Court judge ruled Thursday that current state labor laws forbidding Jewish citizens from working on the Sabbath apply to Saturday only and not Friday.

According to Jewish law, the Sabbath begins at sundown Friday and ends after sundown Saturday.

Labor Court Judge Sara Meiri ruled that under the current labor law, work by Jewish citizens of Israel on Friday evenings does not constitute work on the Sabbath, and therefore does not violate the labor laws.

This particular ruling was part of a decision on a complaint filed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare against the owner of a Ramat Gan kiosk that operated at 10 P.M. on Friday. The defendant, Iyoub Yakobian, requested that he not respond to the complaint, claiming that it was without cause. Justice Meiri accepted his position and decided to cancel the complaint after the prosecution finished presenting evidence, before the accused was called to the witness stand.

The complaint, filed by the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry in September last year, claimed that the kiosk was caught operating at 10 P.M. on August 25, 2000, which it said violated labor laws. The judge ruled in her decision that Yakobian could keep his kiosk open until midnight on Fridays.

Meiri also ruled that in the absence of a definition, "day" as included in the law is to be understood as the period from midnight until the following midnight. Therefore, because the kiosk was open before midnight on Friday, it was in any case not considered to be the Sabbath.

Roman "time" is being enforced so as to get "some" to break the Sabbath. Will the Elect? Not a chance!

Zionist Christianity is American heresy

Egypt-USA, Religion, 5/11/2002

Patriarch of Alexandria and Saint Mark Diocese, Pope Shenouda III said  the term Zionist Christianity is an American heresy and a by-product of a  bizarre environment that has no existence in the Arab world. There is no such thing as Zionist Christianity in the Arab world, it is an "American heresy", totally unacceptable and rejected by all genuine Christian sects around the world, the Pope emphatically told his congregation at his weekly sermon at St Mark's Cathedral Wednesday night.

"It is a by-product of a bizarre environment in the U.S. under which any radical group has the right to establish a religious belief, giving way to unacceptable political ideologies under the cover of religion," he added.

"It is from this American environment that Jehovah's Witnesses and the Adventists emerged, whose doctrines are much closer to Zionist Judaism than Christianity," he said.

"Christianity in general advocates peace and love and rejects suppression, occupation, usurping the rights of others or liquidating the opposition, which are basic principles in world Zionism," he added.

"Eastern Christianity in particular has been committed to Arab national causes and has together with Islam struggled for the realization of independence and the protection of the land and honour," he said.

"Among the doctrines of these radical groups is the sanctification of the Sabbath and the belief that the return of Christ is linked to the Jewish regrouping in Israel, which are all Zionist beliefs," he added.


Mormon leaders encourage boycott of Sunday shopping

Associated Press - SALT LAKE CITY- A Mormon Church authority called on members to boycott Sunday shopping as a way to force community wide obediance to the fourth commandment God gave Moses - to keep the Sabbath holy

Catholic church uses birth control to their advantage...

"In respecting religious liberty and the common good of all, Christians should seek recognition of Sundays and the church's holy days as legal holidays. It is time that we demonstrate our Catholic vitality and engage in the public policy debate. We have the power and the people to embark on this movement - a movement that will benefit all Americans." - Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994, par. 2188

Catholic church still pushing the civil authorities...

"The civil authorities should be urged to cooperate with the church in maintaining and strengthening this public worship of God, and to support with their own authority the regulations set down by the church's pastor. For it is only in this way that the faithful will understand why it is Sunday and not the Sabbath day that we keep holy." -The Roman Catechism 1985

Priests push universal religious day
-January 25, 2001 Detroit Free Press (Article heading = WORLD SABBATH)

World Sabbath considered 

"It is so dangerous when people are divided over language, ethnicity, and religion." Hakismana said Wednesday. His parents and six siblings were killed in Rwanda's 1994 civil war; and he subsequently devoted his life to promoting peace. "People need this World Sabbath, the whole world needs it." January 25, 2001 Detroit Free Press 

Remember people. The Lord is in control. This was PLANNED! So don't worry, be CHRISTIANS!

Bush sees new era for church-state cooperation

"Consulting with Catholic leaders, Bush pushes his agenda for government-backed faith based social programs. About 62 percent of Catholic Charities comes from government. 

Final, Jesuit Father Fred Kammer, president of Catholic Charities USA, said that while his organization is supportive of the president's initiative, "an infusion of new federal dollars is essential to expand our capacity. None of these faith-based partnerships proposed by the president can work without sufficient funding." -Feb 18, 2001 Our Sunday Visitor -sec. Nation.

Fact is people. The church and state issue is old news. Has been all along. Want TONS of proof? See these pages of articles on my one world church / government pages...

Catholic Church admits to change

 "In respecting religious liberty and the common good of all, Christians should seek recognition of Sundays and the church's holy days as legal holidays. It is time that we demonstrate our Catholic vitality and engage in the public policy debate. We have the power and the people to embark on this movement - a movement that will benefit all Americans." - Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994, par. 2188

The civil authorities should be urged to cooperate with the church in maintaining and strengthening this public worship of God, and to support with their own authority the regulations set down by the church's pastor. For it is only in this way that the faithful will understand why it is Sunday and not the Sabbath day that we keep holy." -The Roman Catechism 1985

Now do you understand why the Catholic church insisted it's followers NOT use birth control and practice the "rhythm method" all those years? It made for a population explosion of CATHOLICS didn't it? Whenever someone has a LARGE family, what always the first question asked of them? "Are you Catholic?" Fact is people. I know of this. Being one of eleven and father of eight! I "was" a Catholic! Key word here is... WAS.  Now look at Congress, over 50% CATHOLIC! Look at the Senate... over 50% CATHOLIC! Look at the Supreme Court... 100% CATHOLIC!

The "TGIS+ = Thank God it's SUNday! Notice also the blatant PAGAN SYMBOL for the SUN  gOD Baal on this Billboard

Here we see John Paul II accepting the "TGIS" banner.

Have you seen this in front of YOUR local churches yet? Catholic or Protestant, it no longer matters. As of June 26, 2000 ALL churches are now


-By Marie Chestney News-Review Staff Writer


School activities that now eat up Saturdays for local students and families are nibbling away at Sundays as well. Should the Public Schools of Petoskey halt school-sanctioned activities on Sunday, to keep activity from gobbling up the SEVENTH DAY also ?

Should Petoskey Schools shut the door on school-sanctioned activities taking place on Sundays? Lots of pros and cons are expected on that question, and the school district wants to hear  them at its Thursday Oct 16, meeting of the Petoskey Board of Education.

If there's a groundswell of support for naming Sunday off-limits for school activities, then Sunday "family day" could go into effect at the start of the 2001 school year. -News Review 2000

Notice? They called SUNDAY the 7th day? Do you suppose they have something up their sleeve? Notice this graphic clip of a friends WINDOWS 98 CALENDAR. Notice which day they claim Sunday to be on this calendar?

Have you checked YOUR computer lately? Notice where the "time zone" is on this computer. Australia Eastern Time.  


June 1997 American stations ABC & NBC report: Clinton has initiated legislation in 1998 to make SUNDAY the "national family day" to bring Americans together. He also mentioned Jews and Seventh Day Adventists with other minority groups might oppose the idea

(((Sign Posted in Rochester Hill, Michigan, USA. 1998)))

How do you suppose the "Christians" of the world will allow this to continue? Do you suppose they would need a "ONE WORLD CHURCH" to get everyone thinking in the same manner???? Do you suppose a worldwide group hug should be enacted??? 

Check out this tract... "Mark of the Beast to be enforced!!"


These figures have emerged together with other statistics from a report commissioned by Keep Sunday Special "The Changing Nature of Sunday". Alongside this we have produced The Sunday Charter which we hope will be signed by thousands and when presented to the Government will provide weighty evidence of the desire of many people to restore Sunday as a day to be spent with family and friends. -The Sunday Charter Special Sunday Campaign Sept. 1999


TO SUPPORT THIS SIGN CALL... 1-800-###-####

This billboard was placed across the street from Review & Herald in Hagerstown, Md. with a phone number to call. It also has a Roman Catholic Icon of Jesus pointing to His "Immaculate heart" Is this a "show of force?"

H.J.78 HAS PASSED! House Panel Passes Constitutional Amendment  

The House Judiciary Committee today approved an amendment to the Constitution that would explicitly allow prayer in schools, religious symbols on Government property and tax dollars for private religious school... New York Times Thursday March 5,1998 Americans United for Separation of Church and State today denounced the House Judiciary Committee's vote in favor of a so-called "Religious Freedom Amendment" that removes the separation of church and state from the Bill of Rights "This is a disaster of titanic proportions," said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. [Americans United for Separation of Church and State March 4, 1998]

If you read my book "The Second Window" you would have known this was prophesied as coming soon. Well, here it is! What is this? It is what the Vatican has been fighting for since day one. It's a removal of the "Separation of Church & State" that will allow the Government to "enforce" the National Sunday Law. Keep your eyes open people! How long before they ask for a "national  day of rest"? It WON'T be long! 

PLEA FOR A REST DAY! Bill seen as making state family friendly

Bill LB1334, introduced by Sen. John Hilgert of Omaha, would require employers to give workers a full day off each week... He billed it as a way to enhance family values... [Journal Star March 1, 1998]

There ya have it folks!!! the ball is rolling and Sabbath keepers are about to become extremely unpopular. Is it any man's guess as to WHICH day will be picked by Congress as the "day of rest"? It will be SUNDAY! THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Did you also notice the "heart string" tug? Remember in June of 1997 where President Clinton spoke of a "National family day" being legislated in 1998?  Do you recall WHICH day he said it will be? That's right beloved, SUNDAY!


"Why not send a petition through your neighborhood? I'm sure you will get plenty of signatures. You cab then send copies to your representatives in Tallahassee and Washington and see if we can get a Blue Law passed. [St Petersburg Times Opinion section]

Why Sunday? Why not Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday? Want to know why?... Sabbath.htm



What is The Lord's Day Alliance of the United States?

We insist that merchants close their places of business on Sunday
We commend those who close on Sunday and those who refuse to shop on Sunday
We pray for proper observance of the Lord's Day for our nation and ask for prayers for the Lord's Day Alliance of the United States We suggest that letters be written to editors, legislators, mayors, governors, congressman and the President of the United States and that we speak to our representatives in government about using their influence for passing Sabbath (Sunday) laws that are constitutional.
We suggest we write union and industrial leaders. We write retail merchant's associations and urge them to get together and demand that businesses stay closed on Sunday We write owners and confer with managers of businesses and owners and mangers of malls. We get the message on radio and television wherever possible. We encourage churches, denominations, and organizations to pass appropriate resolutions. [The Lord's Day Alliance of the United States Suite 107 / 2930 Flowers Road south Atlanta GA 30341]

For 110 years they have been pushing the "Sunday Sabbath" in the face of God's people. 110 years this organization has been at it. Want to know why? Read this... mark.htm


[Rev. Roger V. Kvam, pastor First Presbyterian Church Quincy, Mass.]

Keep in mind people. This is NOT the only church doing this. ALL OF THEM are rallying! ALL OF THEM except of course the Remnant of God that is. Are you part of the Remnant? Or are you against it?

The Lord's Day Alliance of the United States

Dear Friends:
Many are concerned about immorality in out nation. Of great concerns the lack of moral convictions on the part of many citizens. People fear because of crime, sexual sins, increased numbers of abortions, pornography, family breakups, and obscene movies and television programs. Our research indicates that the decline in morality in the United States parallels the decline in observing the Lord's day. In this our 110th year we face our greatest challenger ever: the challenge of teaching the importance of keeping the Sabbath (Sunday) holy. We are seeking to reach a young generation, especially seminarians, with God's instruction regarding a day for worship and rest.
                Gratefully yours,

                Jack P. Lowndes [Letter dated March 30, 1998]

A call to the people? A national rally to gather forces that will accept the Mark of the Beast with open arms? Indeed! Just as prophecy stated. It's falling into place people. And now that it has gotten to this point it will gather much greater speed in the coming months! We have precious little time. Are you ready? Do you have enough oil? The Bridegroom is coming SOON!


Some retailers closing  for religious reasons

To allow employees more time for family and worship, this Hobby Lobby will be CLOSED SUNDAYS Beginning May 10th. "Not all people worship that day. But for the "majority", it would give them time for church and to be with their families." [The Huntsville Times 5-3-98]

But for the "majority"? Is it any wonder this argument will be used against us when they realize we will not bend to their "National Sunday Law" so as to stop the plagues that are falling upon them? Was this strategy used before? Indeed it was...

"Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not." John 11:50

They say "the majority" is what matters. And WE are the minority. And this verse proclaims what WILL happen soon to the "minority."


[Daily Independent 4-11-98 -Sara Maitland "On the issues of belief"]

Criminal Penalty? How prophetic can you get?


They come from different walks of life and different faiths. They run businesses as diverse as fast-food restaurants and hardware rental stores. Yet they share a common conviction: SUNDAYS are special. So every SEVENTH DAY these business people, across the country, pull down the window shade and quietly close shop. [Christian Science Monitor, Monday, May 4, 1998]

That's right my friends, they are starting to do "freely" as what will SOON be FORCED upon everyone to do. These can be called "the harbringers of the mark of the beast" indeed. By the way... did you notice? They are calling the FIRST day of the week, "Sunday" the "seventh" day now. Why? Merely for Biblical CoNfUsIoN purposes so as to lock those that are deceived into a deeper deception. Do you recall the "calendar pic" from above? Praise God the child of God cannot be deceived. ( See Mat. 24:24) All they are doing is deceiving each other right into the ditch.


If God could schedule a day of rest creating the world, then Americans should too, after surviving another week. That's the new attitude of promoters of Sabbath observance an idea that's gathering steam in a time when statistics say people are working more and enjoying it less. "They're just so blessed busy," said Floyd Craig, a local board member of the Lord's Day Alliance. [The Tennessean Local News Page 3B]


"This wouldn't have happened if Christian people had taken their stand against making SUNDAY so commercial." [The Tennessean Local News]

The Pope will issue a strongly worded appeal to Roman Catholics this week to restore the sacred nature of Sunday. Prompted by concern that the Sabbath has been undermined by business and falling attendances at mass in the West, he will urge Catholics to defend it as a day of worship and recreation for families...
...the document "Dies Domini" (The Day of the Lord), is expected to be addressed to all "faithful Catholics" rather than only to bishops and priests...
It is also expected to win support from other churches - particularly from evangelical Christians - who share the Pope's anxiety about the erosion of the Sabbath.

David Phillips, director of the Church Society - an influential grouping within the Church of England - praised the initiative this weekend. "Any thing the Pope says in line with the Bible is to be welcomed," Phillips said. "In this country Sunday has fallen by the wayside and Christians need to recover its sacred character."

NOTE: Photo of Pope and caption in bold type reads... "Make it clear that Sunday must not be worked, since it must be celebrated as the day of our Lord" [The Sunday Times World News July 5, 1998 Pg. I 20]



PLEASE consider shopping to PLEASE GOD instead! How?

First: NEVER shop on Sunday!

Second: Whenever you can try to shop at stores that are closed for business on Sunday as a matter of policy

...This may not be economical or convenient, but it will PLEASE GOD!

"Some Suggestions"

[Sponsored by: Holy face Confraternity of our Lady of Peace Church]


"Today, to remain faithful to the tradition of Sunday, one very often has to swim upstream," John Paul said. The new document (Dies Domini) is expected to address issues such as Sunday business and dedicating the day to family." [Reuters, THE TIMES Monday July 6, 1998 "World in brief"]

Mark 7:9,13 And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

Colossians 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Need I say more?


...The Pope is calling for GLOBAL Sunday observance. [From the Brook, July-Sept 1998 Vol. 4, No. 3]


For many people, of course, focusing on observing the Sabbath (Sunday) is rooted in tradition of faith. [Chgo Tribune "Living" Sunday June 28, 1998]

RI House Bill 98H8949


DATE: 04/02/1998
COMMITTEE: House Labor
CITATION NUMBERS: 25-3-1, 25-3-2, 25-3-3, 25-3-4
LAW NUMBER: Chapter 409

This act would allow employers to pay the normal rate of pay to employees who work on Sundays as part of their normal forty (40) hour workweeks. This act would take effect on January 1, 1999.



Work permits on Sundays? Are you READY? Are you surprised?

"Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy." [Pope John Paul II -Section 67, "Dies Domini" 8-98]

This will lead to enforcement people! This will lead to "KEEP SUNDAY OR DIE!" Prophecy speaks this... and the Almighty is NOT a liar!


Seek return to day of leisure, worship [Boston Sunday Herald Nov. 29, 1998]


...church law made such attendance a "grave obilgation" and skipping it amounted to a "grave sin." [By Jeffrey Scott, Atlanta Journal - Constitution


-- Children need time to worship, say several local church leaders in calling for a ban on Sunday morning youth sports. The Cranberry Church Council, which represents about 20 churches and religious organizations near Pittsburgh, sent letters to football, baseball and soccer coaches this month asking that no sports events be scheduled before noon on Sundays. ``We're trying to keep Sunday morning free for religious education,'' said the Rev. John Paul Wadlin of Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.'' [Weekend News Today By Andra Brack Source: TampaBay Online Fri Jan 22 , 1999]


A BILL to be introduced in the Morobe Tutumang soon to enforce Sunday as a day of worship for all in the province. The proposed Bill expected to draw debate because it seeks to ban all activities - social and economic on Sunday. The law will carry penalty provisions for operators and agencies caught violating it. Mr Wenge said yesterday the move was radical one but one that was based on Christian principals and values. The Bill is being drafted for tabling in the provincial assembly in its first session next year [Post Courier NewsPaper Oct. 6, 1998 Papua New Guinea]

That's right folks! It's happening ALL over the world now! This news comes less than THREE MONTHS after a massive tidal wave wipes out over 3000 citizens of Papua New Guinea! (http://cnn.com/WORLD/asiapcf/9807/20/papua.new.guinea.01/) This is the exact same way they will do it in the USA! The Beast awaits a "National Disaster" to get the people to agree that "This is judgments upon us! We need to get right with God! We need to keep SUNDAY holy to prevent further disasters!


[Boston Sunday Herald November 29,1998 Page 1]


[The Decatur Daily Sat. January 30, 1999 Religion, P. B1]


Criminal Penalty? How prophetic can you get? Do you realize where the worldwide court system is? ROME! Do you see the pieces falling much clearer now people? That's right! YOU will be dragged before this Roman Government of the Beast of Revelation and punished as one who has broken the laws of mankind by keeping the Law of God Almighty!

National 'Day of Prayer, Fasting' Fails in House

By Juliet Eilperin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 30, 1999; Page A04

A non-binding resolution calling for a national day of prayer and fasting failed in the House yesterday, as Congress waded once again into volatile issues of religion and politics.

The measure was the latest congressional response to a series of highly publicized school shootings and hate crimes. Sponsored by Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho), the resolution recommended that national, state and local leaders "call the people they serve to observe a day of solemn prayer, fasting and humiliation before God."

It's just another "Day of rest" bill like Bill LB1334 listed above pleading for a "day or rest." The Catholic controlled congress wants Sunday to be made into LAW and they will continue to push laws forward that eventually WILL be passed. Prophecy guarantees it! Notice a small excerpt of the. H. CON. RES. 94 that failed. Notice the "wording."

Whereas it is the necessary duty of the people of this Nation not only to humbly offer up our prayers and needs to Almighty God, but also in a solemn and public manner to confess our shortcomings; Whereas it is incumbent on all public bodies, as well as private persons, to revere and rely on God Almighty for our day-to-day existence, as well as to follow the charge to love and serve one another; Whereas we have witnessed the rejection of God's love through gratuitous violence and mayhem, hate, abuse, exploitation, abandonment, and other harms, much of which has been directed at the most vulnerable of our society, our children; Whereas oppression, violence, cultural and ethnic division, strife, and murder have stained our communities and the world; Whereas we are compelled to remind the people of the United States of the events that currently burden the hearts of the people...

Did you notice the word "hate?" Now let me ask you this. If I stand on a street corner passing out tracts that Scripturally, Historically, and Prophetically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Roman Catholic Church is the haven of Antichrist incarnate do you suppose I would be arrested for committing a HATE crime? See this...


Vatican City (AP)-- A new Vatican document on how to interpret the Bible condemns the fundamentalist approach of word-for-word literalism as distorting, dangerous and possibly leading to racism. --Associated Press

Preaching is now called RACISM by the Vatican? Is it any wonder that soon those of us that have that Rock hard evidence against Rome will be committing HATE crimes by proclaiming Truth? Can this happen? See this...


It seems to be open season on religious speech in the public arena. Two weeks ago, a group of religious leaders called for a "moratorium on religious rhetoric" from presidential candidates, attacking candidates who shared their personal faith on the campaign trail. A few days earlier, the FCC issued a ruling discouraging noncommercial educational TV stations from offering "programming primarily devoted to religious exhortation, proselytizing, or statements of personally held religious views and beliefs." 
Nevertheless, I find the current hostility to religious evangelism profoundly disturbing. This includes attacks on the missionary activities of the much-maligned Southern Baptists. According to The Seattle Times ("Baptists' high chutzpah," editorial, Sept. 11), which condemned Baptist efforts to convert Jews, "The Baptists should learn to respect the values and privacy of others." A group of religious leaders in Chicago has gone further, recently urging Southern Baptists to cancel plans to send missionaries into their city this coming summer because seeking to convert others "
could contribute to a climate conducive to
hate crimes." 

Nuff said?


Gallagher v. Crown Kosher Super Market of Massachusetts 366 US 617 (1961)

Decision of the Court: Upheld Sunday closing law as applied to owner of kosher supermarket, Orthodox Jewish customers and rabbis having duty to inspect kosher markets to insure compliance with Jewish dietary laws.

Two Guys from Harrison Allentown, Inc., v. McGinley 366 US 582 (1961)

Decision of the Court: The closing law does not violate establishment of religion.

Last updated: 11-14-95

American '24-hour society' needs a Sabbath rest

Christians are finding ways to observe the
Sabbath (Sunday) in the United States, where setting aside a day to rest and worship God is a counter-cultural activity. ...Keeping the Sabbath is an important witness in a society that runs at breakneck speed seven days a week, John Sonnenday, senior pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in McLean, Va., told
Religion Today. He and 10 members of his congregation have formed a "Sabbath-keeping group" to encourage each other to make
Sunday a day of rest. 
..."God wrote the Sabbath into the very order of things. He said things would go better if you observe it," Jack Lowndes of the
Lord's Day Alliance told Religion Today. His Atlanta-based ministry publishes a quarterly newsletter for 11,000 subscribers and has affiliate organizations in South Carolina, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia. -by the Editors at ReligionToday.com Aug. 11, 1999

They will be deprived of the right to buy or sell

The following article is a quote from a Nazarene magazine called Newswatch. In its 1994 November/December issue, 4-5, it read, "The French magazine, Foy et Rai, reported from the United Nations Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, that plans are worked out to dissolve the UNO to make way for a World Tribunal. . . . This project and this plan provides for a total unification of church and state, and also provides for a single form of worship. The appointed day for all people will be Sunday. The number received by the people will promise the right to buy or sell.
"At the end of this statement, a Christian rose and asked the speaker, 'What happens to the minorities who will not accept this plan?' The Christian was told, 'Their number will be canceled with a black line and they will be deprived of the right to buy or sell and will thus be forced to destruction.' "


VATICAN CITY, SEP 2, 1999 (VIS) - Made public today was a letter from the Holy Father to Archbishop Giuseppe Chiaretti of Perugia-Citta della Pieve, Italy, for the 4th Diocesan Eucharistic Congress, which will come to a close on September 19 in Perugia.

The Pope recalls that "the theme (of the congress), 'We cannot live without the Lord's day', makes reference to the Apostolic Letter 'Dies Domini' concerning Sundays". He requests "that the faithful of Perugia-Citta della Pieve intensify with renewed enthusiasm the value and importance of the Sunday celebration, 'great school of charity, justice and peace'. May the meeting in prayer with God in the liturgy vitalize their apostolic commitment, lived with incessant thanksgiving to the Father, who is rich in mercy".

"It is my heartfelt wish that this Eucharistic Congress may cause the desire for sanctity to grow within the faithful of the entire diocese, an indispensable condition for an apostolic commitment capable of making a
mark upon society. In fact, it is being most fittingly recalled during the various stages of the congress that, alongside a renewal in methods of pastoral care and in forms of evangelization, it is first of all necessary to arouse in the entire Christian community a true fervor for sanctity". JPII-LETTER/EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS/CHIARETTI

He just keeps pounding away at that breach in the wall doesn't he? No matter, the children of God will repair this breach made by the Beast just as prophecy states we will.

Isaiah 58:12-14, "And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in. If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words: Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it."

By the way... that's the REAL Sabbath being spoken of here. Not the "SUNday" sabbath of Rome.

"Some people" do say that God changed the day, but you can't find it in the Bible (all eight texts about Sunday keeping NEVER discuss that.) It can be found in history, the Early church changed the day of worship gradually to the pagan sun god worship on Sunday (that is why it is called sun day). This began about 200 or 300 years after the death of Christ. There was a great feeling of anti-Semitism (hatred of the Jews) and no one wanted to be associated with anything Jewish. Also the church wanted to be popular with the majority of pagans. Eventually the Church at the time changed the Sabbath. the following is a letter that asks a question of the Pope:

Letter sent to the Pope. May 1954

The reply printed in the Catholic Extension Magazine U.S.A.
180 Wabash Ave., Chicago Illinois.
"Under the blessing of the Pope Pius XI"
Pope Pius XI
Thomeston, Georgia
Rome, Italy.
May 22, 1954

Dear Sir:

Is the accusation true that Protestants accuse you of?
They say you changed the Seventh Day Sabbath to the so called Christian Sunday, identical with the First Day of the Week. If so, when did you make the change, and by what authority? 

Yours very truly,
J.L. Day

Dear Sir:

Regarding the change from the observance of the Jewish Sabbath to the Christian Sunday. I wish to draw your attention to the facts: 

(1) That Protestants, who accept the Bible as the only rule of faith and religion, should by all means go back to the observance of the Sabbath. The fact that they do not, but on the contrary observe Sunday, stultifies them in the eyes of every thinking man.

(2) We Catholics
do not accept the Bible as the only rule of faith. Besides the Bible, we have the living Church, the authority of the Church, as a rule to guide us. We say, this Church, instituted by Christ to teach and guide men through life, has the right to change the Ceremonial laws of the Old Testament and hence we accept her change of the Sabbath to Sunday. We frankly say "yes, the Church made this change, made this law, as she made many other laws. For instance, the Friday Abstinence, the unmarried priesthood, the laws concerning mixed marriages, the regulation of Catholic marriages and a thousand other laws.

(3) We also say that of all Protestants, the
Seventh-day Adventists are the only group that reason correctly and are consistent with their teachings. It is always somewhat laughable to see the Protestant Churches, in pulpit and legislature, demand the observance of Sunday of which there is nothing in the Bible.

With best wishes
Peter R. Tramer

Catholic Church seeks LAWS to keep SUNday!

"The civil authorities should be urged to cooperate with the church in maintaining and strengthening this public worship of God, and to support with their own authority the regulations set down by the church's pastor. For it is only in this way that the faithful will understand why it is Sunday and not the Sabbath day that we keep holy." -The Roman Catechism 1985

"In respecting religious liberty and the common good of all, Christians should seek recognition of Sundays and the church's holy days as legal holidays. It is time that we demonstrate our Catholic vitality and engage in the public policy debate. We have the power and the people to embark on this movement - a movement that will benefit all Americans." - Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994, par. 2188

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