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 Dear brothers and sisters,

First of all please forgive me for all the emails I have sent this last few days. I believe this will be the last email on this topic. All other alerts will be placed on my "breaking news" page on the site for those interested.  The next email from me will be the newest "Truth Provided Newsletter" that I am working on now. I did want to share this email I just received from Pastor xxxx as he is the one that contacted the newspaper to find out WHO and WHY the ad was cancelled. MANY of you showed genuine concern about this, so I figured it only fair that you know as well. We are all in this together! :)

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Hello beloved,

 Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Early this morning I received a call from the local paper informing me that they will not print the ad that we submitted to them.  I asked for an explanation as to why but none was given.  I asked to speak to the Ad Director and was informed she was out of the office until this afternoon.  I tried repeatedly to contact her and others but no one was there.  I decided to contact ‘the man’ and talk to him.  The publisher of the paper was IN and did take my call.  I informed him about the ad, to which he knew exactly what I was talking about, and I asked for an explanation as to why it was dropped.  He told me he didn’t need to give me an explanation.  I asked if it was because of legal issues, or did he think it was offensive in any way?  I wanted him to know that it was not our goal to needlessly offend anyone and if it was a legal issue (our county has some very politically correct ordinances) we would appreciate knowing so as to have the opportunity to make any corrections that would alleviate the legal concerns.  He said he didn’t have to tell me anything but he would share with me that it was NOT for any of the reasons I had mentioned!  Interesting?!

I was told that this particular edition is to “Celebrate” ALL religions and to uplift and make people feel good about themselves and our ad was too much of a warning!  It was not a “peace and safety” message and so they decided not to run it.  He told me that we could place an ad telling people about why they should worship with us and what we have to offer, etc…  I THOUGHT THAT IS WHAT OUR AD WAS DOING!  Giving the Three Angel’s messages and calling God’s people out into His fold!  

 My impression from our conversation is that he was afraid that the ad would cause too much of a stir within the community.  I asked him if it was a timing issue… would they run the ad at a later date?  He said he wasn’t sure if they would run the ad at all.  Read between the lines… the world hates the truth and it will do whatever it can to keep it hushed.  I have been told that there were some of our ‘brethren’ who were praying that the ad would not be placed in the paper at all.  My only goal and prayer is to do the will of God.  Whatever that may be.  I do NOT believe that the Lord is the one who ‘closed the door’ to the printing of this ad.  There is too much instruction to the contrary.  I have a very difficult time believing that the Lord would give us the most solemn message ever entrusted to mortal man only to sit on it and find a ‘peaceful’ way to ‘safely’ give it.  We have been called to give the message, period!  We are not to worry about ‘numbers’ or ‘results’ for we can not read the hearts of men.  Having said that, we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves… we are to devise more and more methods of preaching the truth.  To those who believe this means we are ‘not to offend anyone at all costs,’ I say NAY!  What about Elijah, Noah, John the Baptist, JESUS, Paul, Knox, Huss, Luther, the Wesleys, Miller, White, etc…  Thank God they didn’t preach a peace and safety message!  No friends, it was not God who closed this door…

 “These messages [Three Angels] we are to give to the world in publications, in discourses, showing in the line of prophetic history the things that have been, and the things that will be.” --Manuscript 32, 1896

 “We are called upon to arouse the people to prepare for the great issues before them. We must give warning to those who are standing on the very brink of ruin. God's people are to put forth every power in combating Satan's falsehoods and pulling down his strongholds... To the people far and near we are to bring home the question: "Are you following the great apostate in disobedience to God's law, or are you following the Son of God, who declared, 'I have kept My Father's commandments'?"  This is the work before us.” Publishing Ministry, p.49.

 “To us as a people God has given great light, and He calls upon us to let it shine forth to those in darkness. By us the light, the power, of a living truth is to be given to the world. >From us there is to shine forth to those in darkness a clear, steady light, kept alive by the power of God. We are charged to use the light given us to create other lights, that our fellow men may rejoice in the truth. Let us not disregard the charge. Suppose that the sun should refuse to shine, what terrible darkness and confusion would result! For us to refuse to let our light shine to those in darkness is to contract guilt, the magnitude of which cannot be computed.” Colporteur Ministry, p.152.

I asked the publisher of I could submit a different ad which pertained to the Sabbath question and he said he would look it over and let me know.  Above all brethren, stand firm in the truth and obey God no matter what.  This is our whole duty!

Please pray that the Lord’s will be done.

Pastor XXXXX

PS   Do not underestimate the forces of evil.  This is a very highly RCC populated area and I was addressed by a few at the paper as ‘Father.’

By the way... a "few minutes" after Pastor xxxx emailed them a copy of our "Sabbath ad" the paper responded immediately with a rejection of that ad as well. (It was a copy of the *100 Bible Truths about the Sabbath) Did they even bother to read it? Who knows. This PROVES the attack is of Satan and the Catholic church. I believe strongly in my heart that the Almighty Creator would NOT in any way change, water down, or stop the message He has given in His Word. In other words, it is NOT God's will that this ad was cancelled, it was Satan's attack plain and simple. But like I said earlier, this makes us even more decided to MOVE FORWARD ON THIS! We now have concrete evidence it is a threat to the enemy's agenda. And THAT is good!

 To give you an idea of just how important we feel this ad is? Stop by the site and notice that I removed my favorite banner on the top of the site. I replaced it with a new flash animation regarding EARTH'S LAST WARNING! This ad WILL go out intact, and it WILL go out to as many newspapers as possible.

 PLUS... during all this. I received this ad today. Notice how the General Conference of the SDA church is slamming those that send out "ad's" similar to ours. PLUS, also understand that this not only confirms the Lord is calling His children to place these ads. It also confirms there are children of God all oover this planet doing what they are called to do. PREACH THE THREE ANGELS MESSAGE!

-Received May 22, 2002 



>Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia .... [Brenton Stacey/ANN Staff] The
>Seventh-day Adventist Church has distanced itself from anti-Roman
>Catholic advertisements that have appeared in New Zealand and Papua New
>Guinea newspapers.

>The advertisements attacking the Pope and the United States were placed
>by lay members of the church and have prompted widespread negative
>reactions. The advertisements appeared in Auckland and Waikato community
>newspapers and in Papua New Guinea's Post-Courier.

>These independent ministries "do not have [our] approval or support,"
>reads a statement from the church in Papua New Guinea. The statement
>appeared in the Post-Courier after the newspaper published the
>advertisements, and apologized to "all of our brothers and sisters in
>Christ" for any pain they may have experienced.

>"We recognize Protestants have incited bigotry and prejudice at times,
>but to blame past un-Christian acts on one denomination is not an
>accurate representation of history or Bible prophecy. No one can call
>themselves authentic Christians if they fail to express love while
>teaching from the Bible."

>It is "unfortunate" the advertisements "misled" readers, wrote Gavin
>Howie, associate secretary-treasurer for the church in North New Zealand,
>in a letter to the editor of the Auckland newspapers. "[The church] does
>not endorse the actions of the [lay groups]. ...[We] focus on enabling
>the community to understand, accept and enjoy the Christian message of
>God's love, which is freely offered to each individual through Jesus
>Christ." The minister of the church in Waikato wrote a similar letter to
>his newspapers.

>Bob Howarth, managing director of South Pacific Post, publisher of the
>Post-Courier, says he will not accept any advertising from the lay groups
>in the future. "I apologize to you and your fellow Christians for the
>upset this caused, and I thank you for your tolerance and understanding,"
>he writes in a letter to the church in Papua New Guinea.

>"Adventists regard all men and women as equal in the sight of God," reads
>a statement released by the worldwide church in 1997. "We reject
>bigotry against any person, regardless of race, nationality or religious
>creed. ...Our primary task is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in the
>context of Christ's soon return, not to point out flaws in other
>denominations."  [Source: Adventist News Network]

Did you notice the ad said... "Bob Howarth, managing director of South Pacific Post, publisher of the Post-Courier, says he will not accept any advertising from the lay groups in the future." Pray for us, we are at WAR! And we mustn't give up and let the enemy win. If you can help us in ANY WAY to get these ads out CONTACT ME ASAP!!!!



* 100 Bible Truth's about the Sabbath can be found here... http://www.remnantofgod.org/Sabbath.htm#100


"Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my
people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins." -Isaiah 58:1

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