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Part III

Truth Provided Newsletter 5-23-2002

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we desperately need to solicit your prayers!

The full page ad HAS BEEN CANCELLED!

Less than 30 minutes ago I received a call from -----------------. The Lafayette Newspaper called and CANCELLED THE AD! So far, they have not given a reason as to why they cancelled it. However, we will be contacting the Newspaper later this afternoon to find out WHY they cancelled the ad. Did someone CALL THEM and complain about the ad? (We did have "some friends" complain to us about the ad since going public about it online) Did their legal department feel it was offensive or legally dangerous for them? Is the Newspaper "Catholic owned?" thereby offensive to the owners?  (two people referred to Pastor ---- as "father" when he called) Did someone previously run an ad similar to ours  that WAS offensive and ruined it for us? Regardless of how the ad was prevented, we WILL find out who is responsible and we WILL share all the details with you for obvious reasons.

BTW... this will NOT slow us down in the least.  The Three Angles Message must be proclaimed! However, we will not be making any public announcements about WHERE the ad will be placed next time. (So as to stop "complaints" from being sent in advance to stop it) We will let you know when an ad is going in, but the location of the ad will not be made known until AFTER it has been run. So, for those that want copies of the ad, please inform us how many copies you would prefer, and we will ship them to you as soon as we get them in our hands.

PRAISE THE LORD! Click here to see full page ad


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