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Christian greetings everyone in these last days of Earth’s history. Do you feel we’re living in the last days? Are the signs that evident? Does recorded history confirm this?  In this Newsletter I hope to illustrate that this is indeed the case. We ARE in the last days, and it’s getting to the place in time that we may no longer have time to GET ready. Soon it will simply be time to BE ready. For those that understand prophetic fact, we are without excuse. If we ignore the opportunities now, it will be too late.


Before getting into a few modern day prophetic facts. I would like to “set the stage” concerning what has already occurred many years ago that MOST Christians are unaware of. Jesus said in Matthew 24:29 that "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven…"


I would like to focus on the statement Jesus makes regarding, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days.” Many believe a 7 year tribulation is soon to arrive. Some believe this passage is speaking of that time. Yet if you do an in depth study of the eschatological  facts in this passage, you will see Jesus was talking about the “Dark Ages” when the Vatican attacked His followers during the exact years Daniel, and Revelation speak of. In fact, after the Vatican mass-murders all but ceased in the late 1700’s as prophecy predicted, and historic fact confirms, the events of Matthew 24:29 were realized. 


·          the sun shall be darkened

The remarkable Dark Day of May 19, 1780, is described by Samuel Williams of Harvard, The professor relates... "between the hours of ten and eleven a.m., and continued until the middle of the next night,... Candles were lighted up in houses; ... the birds having sung their evening songs, disappeared, and became silent;... the fowls retired to roost; ... the cocks were crowing all around, as at the break of day; ... objects could not be distinguished but at a very little distance; and everything bore the appearance and gloom of night." -Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences [through 1783], vol.1 pp. 234,235.)

·         the moon shall not give her light (See Joel 2:31; Acts 2:20. & Revelation. 6:12  regarding the “red” appearance)

"There was an appearance of midnight at noonday," and in the evening, although the moon was just past full, "perhaps it was never darker since the children of Israel left the house of bondage." In connection with this extraordinary phenomenon the moon was reported to appear red. (Letter signed "Viator" in the Independent Chronical [Boston], May 25, 1780, p.2; see also the Pennsylvania Evening Post [Philadelphia], June 6, 1780, p. 62)

"The morning of November 13th, 1833," says an eyewitness, a Yale astronomer, "was rendered memorable by an exhibition of the phenomenon called shooting stars, which was probably more extensive and magnificent than any similar one hitherto recorded... Probably no celestial phenomenon has ever occurred in this country since its first settlement, which was viewed with so much admiration and delight by one class of spectators, or with so much astonishment and fear by another class." -DENISON OLMSTED in The American Journal of Science and Arts, vol. 25 (1834), pp. 363, 364
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(Want to know what’s next? See this timeline… http://www.remnantofgod.org/timeline.htm  -If you use Dial-up, give it time to load. It’s huge!)

Isn’t that amazing? Directly after the Roman Catholic church stopped killing Christians in mass numbers, the signs Jesus spoke of did in fact start to occur! Yet, most end time Christian’s are totally unaware of this because their Pastors won’t preach prophecy or more likely, CAN’T preach prophecy. Instead, they do all they can to hide these prophetic facts from their flock. Satan needs to keep the people in the dark. That way when it’s time to BE ready, they never knew they needed to GET ready, and so many are lost for lack of time to prepare.  Hosea 4:6 states plainly, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…"


In the last few years I have seen a major increase in prophetic events. In fact this is what lead me to pray for permission to go full time into the ministry. Praise the Lord, He finally answered that prayer on May 11, 2002.


All around us is evidence of our Lord’s soon coming. For example, Luke 21:25 tells us on top of the signs we just saw in the sun, moon, and stars, nations will experience  distress because of, “…the sea and the waves roaring;"

"Hurricane Floyd struck the North Carolina coast in September with rainfall producing floods exceeding the expected 500-year event… … Floyd was the fifth hurricane in 3 years to affect this portion of the U.S coastline. 1999 also produced five category 4 hurricanes, the greatest number in any one year on record…In the Atlantic, another above average hurricane season, when combined with seasons beginning in 1995, produced a 5-year period with the greatest number of tropical systems on record …In the United States, over 200 tornadoes were observed in January, nearly 14 times the average number..." -National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration & National Climatic Data Center

1998 a Deadly Hurricane Season: ..winds up …racking up the deadliest toll in more than 200 years…In September, there were four hurricanes at once - for the first time since 1893… -The Associated Press, USA TODAY, 11/29/98


There are no prophecies that I can find that state bluntly the weather will be bizarre in our day. But when you read prophecies like that in Luke, you can see that this is indeed the case. Just last month, the National Weather service announced the final count of Tornadoes during the first 10 days of May of this year. 412 of them!! I’ve lived near “Tornado alley” my whole life. NEVER have I seen such activity as this! Disaster after disaster seems to be the norm lately in the natural world. In fact, 1998 started a frightening trend regarding disasters. It became the worst year on record for natural disasters.


“Large scale natural disasters are three times as common as they were in the 1960's, experts said yesterday as they declared 1998 the most calamitous on record... Comparing the figures for the 1960's and the past 10 years, we have established that the number of great natural catastrophes was three times larger...” -The Times: World News 12/30/98


We are living on a planet that is convulsing right under our feet! And to make matters worse, these disasters are even more costly than they have ever been in the past. USA Today reported that worldwide natural disaster losses in the 90s have totaled more than four times the losses in the 80s. Couple that intense expenditure with the Trillions in national dept, the shaky economy, present costs for war, dishonest corporate officials, massive Stock Market fluff, terrorists destroying the World Trade Towers, and you have a volatile breeding ground for the global economic disaster James 5:3 speaks of. It’s going to happen! Christian prophecy doesn’t lie! (Keep your eye on how everything cost-effectively falls in place for the Vatican’s toy, the EURO!)


In the last decade (1992-2001), earthquakes have cost the world about $238 billion in damages alone, floods, $192 billion; windstorms, $181 billion; forest/scrub fires, $25 billion; droughts /famines $32.5 billion, avalanches/landslides $1.7 billion; and technological disasters (industrial, transport) $10 billion the study said -United Press International 6-18-2002

The prophetic Word also reveals that violence will rear its ugly head in our day as well. Matthew 24:12 declares plainly that “…iniquity shall abound.” And since iniquity is running rampant, more men are embracing evil. 2 Timothy 3:13 confirms this inevitable fact when it states that, “...evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse”, and of course the end result will be that “...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence.” - Ezekiel 7:23

This is a fact of everyday life now. Especially in America! Violence is glorified by TV, Hollywood, computer games, and music videos. Even the Evening News is drenched in it. Children arrive at school with automatic weapons ready to reenact what they learn in video games. Road rage is common place now. Adults are “going postal” on fellow employees. Police are beating suspects to death. Wars are claiming dozens of lives daily. Abortion doctors are ripping live children from their mother’s wombs WITH permission!  Riots are frequent. Gang wars, and gang “turf” have gotten so bad that police, as well as paramedics refuse to go into certain neighborhoods after dark! And to make matters worse, Hollywood is throwing fuel on the fire every chance they get! And who is soaking up all this violence? OUR CHILDREN!


The Children of Jonesboro: This was, after all, the third multiple homicide at a Southern school in the past six months. Each successive slaughter had a progressively younger accused killer and a progressively higher body count: In Pearl, Miss., in October, a 16-year-old shot nine students, killing two (plus his mother, with a knife); in West Paducah, Ky., in December, a 14-year-old killed three of his classmates and wounded five more. Last week's carnage in Jonesboro, Ark., may well have been the work of the youngest mass murderers in American history...When the fire alarm went off shortly after 12:30 p.m. last Tuesday, teachers and students at Westside Middle School marched dutifully outside. Four minutes and 27 bullets later, 15 bodies lay bleeding on the pavement. -US News (April 6th, 1998)






May 20

Syria, Antioch




Greece, Corinth




China, Chihli




Asia Minor, Cilicia



Sept 27

China, Chihli



May 20

Japan, Kamakura



Jan 26

Portugal, Lisbon



Jan 24

China, Shaanxi




Caucasia, Shemaka



Jan 11

Italy, Catania



Dec 30

Japan, Hokkaido



Oct 11

India, Calcutta



June 7

Northern Persia




Portugal, Lisbon



Feb 4

Italy, Calabria



Feb 4

Equador, Quito



Sept 5

Asia Minor, Aleppo



Dec 28

Japan, Echigo



Aug 13-15

Peru and Equador



May 16

Venzuela, Columbia



June 15

Japan, sea wave


The Word declares in Proverbs 22:6 that we should "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." When you introduce a child to evil “entertainment,” you are truly training that child to be evil. Thanks to Hollywood, most children will have been “entertained” by more decadence than you can possibly imagine by the time they reach 18. Now that we have statistical studies to access on most any topic, looking back, one can see that violence and immorality have increased dramatically with the onset of Hollywood! Yet there are still some that believe violent movies and video games contribute nothing to the makeup of ones personality.


Violence isn’t limited to just the human race either. The earth itself is convulsing right under our feet. In fact, I did a study some years back on the frequency of Earthquakes to better illustrate the fulfillment of Luke 21:11 where it states, “…great earthquakes shall be in divers places.”  …What I found was quite interesting.


Notice the top chart on the left. It shows that we had 21 Major earthquakes in 1370 years previous to the 20th Century. That's an average of 0.02 earthquakes per year that have killed more than 10,000 men woman and children. However, since the turn of the century, and commencement of the end times, we have had unbelievable amounts of quakes occurring. Notice the next chart.







Aug 16

Chile, Valparasio



Dec 28

Italy, Messina



Jan 13

Italy, Avezzano



Dec 16

China, Gansu



Sept 1

Japan, Yokohama



May 22

China, Nan-Shan



Dec 26

China, Gansu



Jan 15

India, Bihar-Nepal



May 31

India, Quetta



Jan 24

Chile, Chillan



Dec 26

Turkey, Erzincan



Feb 29

Morocco, Agadir



Sept 1

Northwestern Iran



Aug 31

Northeastern Iran



Jan 5

China, Yunnan Prov.



May 31

Northern Peru



Feb 4




July 28

China, Tangshan



Sept 16

Northeastern Iran



Dec 7

NW Armenia



June 21

Northwestern Iran


Again, we see 21 earthquakes. However, these 21 quakes didn't occur over the course of many hundreds of years like the previous chart shows. These 21 quakes occurred in just 84 years! That's 200 times more earthquakes in 84 years than in all of the recorded 1370 previous years of quakes! The record books don't lie! Fact is, I actually deleted over 35 quakes from the years 1906 and on, because they were under 10,000 deaths each! Many were over 1,000 2,000 and even 6,000 people dead! I just wanted to do a fair comparison of quakes that have killed over 10,000. People of this very unstable world need to be informed that the Lord is not to be taken lightly. The prophecy stated the earthquakes would increase, and as we see so evidently... they have increased! Prophecy of an omnipotent God is absolute!


In the last 90 years there have been over one million and a half fatalities from earthquakes alone. Discoveries in Prophecy A World in Turmoil Mark A. Finley p. 5

Did you know that we are now experiencing over 6000 quakes per year worldwide of varying degrees in size? And fairly recently, this total was greatly enhanced during a three day period in Tokyo!

4000 Earthquakes of all sizes reported in Tokyo in past 3 days. -CBN News 10/18/96

There are many many more signs of the end that can be illustrated, but it’s just not possible in a six page Newsletter to do so. So I will end with this one I know for a fact can be avoided by the true believer if they simply do as is written. DISEASE!


Luke 21:11 declares that pestilence is going to be common occurrence in our day. Did you know that one of the definitions of “pestilence” in the Strong’s Concordance is PLAGUE? Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary, Berkley Publishing Group, 1984: defines “pestilence” as a virulent , usually fatal epidemic disease. The Britannica World Language Dictionary, 1963 edition defines,  “Pestilence” as any wide-spread and fatal infectious or contagious malady. It’s also strangely defined figuratively, as a noxious or malign doctrine, influence. I’m not surprised.


What we are seeing in today’s world regarding disease running rampant can indeed be defined as such. Even if you have to lump all the different diseases together into one category, you will see that it is indeed a plague upon mankind. And just think, this is before the actual plagues of Revelation that we see this happening! And it’s going to get even worse yet! Satan needs to use these “calamities” so as to enact certain laws that will eventually cause Heaven to declare, ENOUGH! (See Revelation 22:11)

Revenge of The Killer Microbes:
Newly emerging viruses, drug-resistant bacteria and a wide variety of other germs are making a mockery of the notion that humans can win the battle against infectious disease. -Time 09/12/94

The Flu Hunters:

The Hong Kong Incident.  Six people were dead, killed by a virus that was supposed to infect only birds. As medical detectives raced to the scene, other scientists were unraveling the mysteries of the great 1918 flu epidemic that killed more than 20 million. With flu season in full swing, experts say it could happen again. -Time 02/23/98

What Ails Antibiotics? 

Many common bugs are becoming more and more resistant to the once powerful drugs--at an alarming rate. A study presented at this month's Infectious Diseases Society of America conference in San Francisco revealed that Streptococcus pneumoniae, the bacterium that causes pneumonia, has doubled its resistance to penicillin in just the past year. -U.S. News 09/29/97

Losing the Battle of the Bugs:

Common bacteria are now so resistant to antibiotics that they can kill. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Pneumococci are the deadliest bacteria in the United States, killing 40,000 yearly. The bug also causes an estimated 7 to 10 million middle-ear infections in children a year, 500,000 cases of pneumonia, and thousands of cases of meningitis and bloodstream infections... The first penicillin-resistant pneumococcal strain was reported in New Guinea in 1967. By 1992, about 5 percent of U.S. samples tested by the CDC were resistant to penicillin. Now, seven years later, an average of 25 percent of cases are resistant; in some areas the rate tops 40 percent. - U.S. News 05/10/99


The scary thing here is, the powers that be are all but ignoring the real issues. Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT saying they can stop this ball from rolling down hill. Prophecy WILL be fulfilled no matter what we do! What I am saying is the media is exploiting these situations as a method of “herding the masses.” They’re really not as concerned with a cure as they are with seeing how far they can get us to jump through hoops. Need I mention the Y2K non-event that got the “sheeple” of this world to do as the media suggested?  Dried foods, survival gear, generators, and bottled water sales made billions during that trumped up fiasco.


Literally billions are totally unaware of the HEALTH MESSAGE proclaimed in the last day message of Present Truth thanks to the wolves they call Pastor. Sadly, this is all part of the plan. If the Devil can’t keep people out of the Bible in some circles, he can most assuredly keep them from understanding that very same Bible by destroying their brain. A diseased body gives rise to a diseased mind incapable of hearing the Word of God. The brain cannot function properly when it is diseased. Frightening fact is, you won’t even know it! How are you going to know you’re in trouble when you need your brain to tell you so? Most of the problems deal with memory, comprehension, appetite, emotions, attention span, and decision making. These areas are already impossible to measure in a healthy brain, let alone a sick one. So the simple fact here is, you may be poisoned and you would never know it your entire life! Science has merely scratched the surface of investigating the human brain. Sure they have mapped it, probed it, and even dissected it. But IT’S A BRAIN! Like the optic nerve that broadcasts full color images via the eyeball, Scientists are totally at a loss of how these wonderful organs do what they do. One thing’s for sure concerning the brain… IT’S INSIDE YOUR BODY! And when you place food in that body, your brain is going to be nourished by that food. Even if it’s poisonous, your brain still solicits food from what you place in the stomach. You literally ARE what you eat! "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?  If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are." -1 Corinthians 3:16-17


Sure, certain animals have been cleansed by the Lord for human consumption since the flood of Noah, as Deuteronomy 14, and Leviticus 11 proves. However, today’s menu is now all but corrupted. Those animals, which were at one time considered clean, are now absolute poison to the human body.

The Next Bad Beef Scandal?
Cattle feed now contains things like manure and dead cats.

Bargain breakfast. Agriculture experts say a slew of new and questionable methods of fattening cattle are being employed by farmers. To trim costs, many farmers add a variety of waste substances to their livestock and poultry feed--and no one is making sure they are doing so safely. Chicken manure in particular, which costs from $15 to $45 a ton in comparison with up to $125 a ton for alfalfa, is increasingly used as feed by cattle farmers despite possible health risks to consumers...

Animal-feed manufacturers and farmers also have begun using or trying out dehydrated food garbage, fats emptied from restaurant fryers and grease traps, cement-kiln dust, even newsprint and cardboard that are derived from plant cellulose. Researchers in addition have experimented with cattle and hog manure, and human sewage sludge. New feed additives are being introduced so fast, says Daniel McChesney, head of animal-feed safety for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that the government cannot keep pace with new regulations to cover them.  -U.S. News 09/01/97


I recall in the past how if a cow “appeared” sick, it was not sent to slaughter for human consumption. It was destroyed. Then I heard a few years back, that if a cow has cancer, the USDA would allow the tumors to be “cut out” and the rest of the meat sold, regardless of the fact that the blood still carried the cancerous cells within it. Then just recently, I read that cancerous tumors are now being processed along with the healthy meat. It’s no wonder millions possibly billions are now becoming vegetarians. It’s also no wonder that these vegetarians are being blessed with stronger minds as well as bodies.


I could go on and on about all that is happening all around us. And I have actually done so on the website in numerous areas. However, being a one man ministry, it’s not easy to keep up with all the prophetic events happening all around us. So, I have decided to share with you a few of the literal thousands of articles I have stored on my computer awaiting posting online. These are just the “HEADLINES” you see below. I straddled the colors to make them easier to read.


Grasshoppers invade U.S. West, Record Heat in Rome, Spectacular rare green meteor lights up morning sky, Powerful Solar Blast & 10 Min. Radio Blackout, Heat wave kills 1,100, Strange Solar Eclipse on May 31, Devastating Storm With Egg-size Hail Leaves Destruction In Northern China, Man Kills 4 Yr Old Son - Claims He was the Anti-Christ, California community legalizes adultery, Freak Wind Causes Maine Building Collapse, Study: West Nile mosquitoes are mutants, U.S. set tornado record last week, New Species of Giant Jellyfish Found, Number of Otters Washing Up on California Shore Doubles, Worrying Experts, A Mysterious ‘Ice Circle’ Discovered in NE USA, Commune in Vietnam invaded by caterpillars, Hurricane Lifted Sea Plankton Into Clouds, Thirsty baboons attack girls in Kenya for water, Deadly toxin threatens multi-million dollar shellfish industry, North Magnetic Pole could be leaving Canada, Mystery Circles In Clouds, US plans death camp, Mom says God told her to murder sons, Ebola Kills 100 In Congo, Wipes Out Gorillas, Dogs Go Berserk and Attack Cars, Rare snow storm blankets Israel, Lebanon, Herpes-like virus threatens spiny lobster species, Horrific venereal disease strikes African baboons, Prosecutors: Organ theft behind Juarez killings, Armageddon asteroids 'best kept secret', Lab to tackle mystery of vanishing vultures, Hungry 'Hitchcock' Ravens Kill 19 Sheep, Freak hailstorm shrouds Islamabad in ice, Inexplicable Hole in Lake Defies Nature, Unprecedented Nightmare of Scorpions, Whole Villages Gone - Giant Waves Crush Pacific Island, Tiny Spiders Cover 60 Acre Farm In Webs, Deadly 100' Rogue Waves Destroy World's Giant Ships Scientists Baffled Giant Walls Of Water, Hungry dolphins attack researchers, Harry Potter bigger than the Bible?, Growing number of diseases jump from exotic animals to humans, Giant virus discovered in water tower, Explosion of sex infections overwhelms health service, Superbug strain hits the healthy, Police: Sons Kill Mom, Dismember Her After Seeing It Done on 'The Sopranos', Former Attorney General Casts Christ as Terrorist, Girl, 4, suspect in killing, Health Officials Issue Plague Warning, Warning over new killer diseases.


Again… these are just a few of the headlines I have stored. I have almost half a GIG of text articles. That’s a LOT of text!



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Dear Nicholas: 

Upon receiving your e-mail I presented your request to the Father in heaven. I believe He has plans for you and ways for your ministry that our finite vision cannot foresee. Regards to your wife and children. I want you to remember that "they that are with us are more than they that are with them."


God bless. John

Thanks for sending me the stuff on the Vatican.....man that was a shock to read and the inverted cross......I never even realized that the Pope would have the audacity to mock our Lord in this way......My Prayer is for the Lord to sort the guy out so that the world may see how real Our Father is......... thanks again bro and may the Lord continue to use you in reaching the
truth to the world....Bless ya double flex dude...



Dear Nicholas,
    Thanks for the information about false Christ’s and false prophets. I recorded the wav file into an audiocassette. I shared it with the members of the church I went to this morning. They were awed by the accuracy of Matthew 24:23-27. I also heard your voice for the first time. Thanks a lot. May God richly bless your ministry there. We are also busy doing Bible studies to non SDAs.


Bye and May His Holy Spirit be our constant companion,


I would like to learn more about prophecy because my church does not talk about it or preach it.
Thank you.

 I find your website very interesting. You have a lot of eye-opening facts about the pope and the church of Rome.  …Also I'm troubled about the fact that most Protestant churches are getting cozy with Rome. I now believe that the Sabbath was never changed and will be eternally the same. So I've started keeping the Sabbath although not for salvation but to please the Lord. 

Thank you for taking time to email me. 


Dear Nicholas:
     I've been holding Bible studies the past month on Friday Nights with a mixture of Christians... about half SDA's and then other denominations... We've already went over the Sabbath and the Antichrist and the Mark, and they get all of that... but they keep asking me about "The Rapture" and what the Bible teaches about it... And I've answered their questions the best I could, but I'm not sure of how to make a Bible study for that. So if you could please help me out in anyway I would greatly appreciate it! 

Take Care and God Bless! 

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My fervent prayer is that you are blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter. I also pray you share it with others that are trapped in Babylon.

Truth is Truth!
John 14:29


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