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Catholic Judges ~ Friend to murderers thieves, and child rapists

Christian greetings everyone in these last days of life on earth. I hope and pray this Newsletter does not anger you as much as it will confirm in your heart just what Rome is up to and allowed to get away with now-a-days. We have all witnessed how the child molestation scandal has all been dropped by the media after a judge put a gag order on them. This was done of course to prevent the general population from finding out just how many lawsuits are pending and being filed each day. However, if you noticed not long after that gag order, the press was allowed to release a “so called” confirmed number of Roman Catholic priests that had complaints against them as child molesters over the last few decades. The number (4,400) was admitted to being doctored in the articles by the writers. They stated the reason for the discrepancy was that they figured it would be better not to “add” the priests to the total that have died over the years. That in itself made the total appear far smaller than reality. Plus, the article failed to mention that the overwhelming statistics prove that the grand majority of people that are molested by priests fail to come forward later in life because of sheer embarrassment. So I ask, can you imagine if everyone came forward? The number would be anywhere from 100 to 200 times greater than some estimates show! I know this to be true because I know of people personally that never did come forward over the years. How many do you know? Seriously.

It is obvious the media, as well as the US government, is doing all they can to keep Rome out of the negative spotlight on this one. Take the blasphemous and horrific film “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson. That film was a much needed and obviously planned shot in the arm for Rome! It helped bring quite a few Catholics back into the church since the molestation scandal forced them out. Plus, the majority of Protestants are no longer protesting against Rome since that film. Sure, the Protestants have all but embraced mother Rome as home for some time now already, but after that film they are now speaking of it in a very positive light. All one needs do is look at all the Protestant TV preachers and how they praise that slasher flick. This is exactly as prophecy stated it would happen. And now we can see just how far Rome and the US Government will go to protect the image of these drunken, Roman child molesting priests.

Do you recall the Catholic bishop named Thomas O'Brien that killed an innocent man in a hit and run accident? This is the same Bishop that admitted in 2003 that he covered up over 170 reports of child molestation by 51 priests under his supervision. 51 priests!? I can understand letting one, maybe two slip by on a whim it was some sort of a fluke. But 51 priests in one area? What's worse, those 51 priests generated over 170 complaints alone! So it wasn't as if only ONE person came forward to complain about a priest! If it was, there would only be 51 complaints. What was this bishop thinking?

After admitting to this hellish long lasting activity, this evil and unrepentant man sought immunity from prosecution for covering up all those molestation cases, AND ACTUALLY GOT IT! Can you imagine? However... his evil lifestyle wouldn't let him rest. Not long after that he get's absolute freedom from prosecution for allowing 51 priests to molest over 170 children, he gets in a fatal hit and run accident. He killed 39-year-old James Reed with his car as he walked across a street. This bishop drove off causing the man to lay dying in the street all alone. By the way, were you aware that every priest, cardinal, or bishop of Rome is "supposedly" bound by duty to perform the unbiblical act of “last rites” to anyone they know is dying, or even dead. This bishop on the other hand, decided rather to speed away from the scene so as to not get caught killing a man that shattered his windshield and damaged his car.

Vatican Accepts Bishop O'Brien's Resignation
Phoenix, Jun. 18 (CWNews.com) – The Vatican has accepted the resignation of Phoenix Bishop Thomas O'Brien, who was arrested on Monday in connection with a fatal hit-and-run accident.

 Bishop O'Brien was freed on bail after being formally charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident, a felony in Arizona. Witnesses reported seeing the bishop's car hit a pedestrian, Jim Lee Reed, on Saturday night. Reed was killed by the accident. The bishop – whose car was later discovered with a broken windshield and body damage – reportedly told police that he thought he might have hit a dog or cat; he did not stop to investigate.

I find it hard to believe that he was unable to tell the difference between a grown man, and a small cat or a dog. His windshield was broken which also proves he SAW the victim he hit within inches of his own eyeballs. Plus, I would like to solicit the help of those reading this. Where did this accident occur? Was in a bar district? Could it be the bishop was too drunk to tell the difference between a cat and a grown man? To make matters appear even more suspicious, notice this next article…

Bishop knew police wanted car when he sought windshield repair

By Anabelle Garay -ASSOCIATED PRESS 1:25 p.m. February 10, 2004

PHOENIX – Catholic Bishop Thomas O'Brien conceded Tuesday that he asked about getting his car's windshield fixed even though he knew police were investigating whether the vehicle was involved in a fatal accident. 

"I was interested in getting the windshield fixed at some time," he said on his second and final day of testimony. "There is no way I would have gotten that windshield fixed that day."

The 68-year-old bishop is accused of leaving the scene of an accident that killed Jim Reed. If convicted, O'Brien could get nearly four years in prison. O'Brien has said he initially thought his car was hit by a rock or dog. The bishop was told by a diocesan official the day after the accident that police were concerned the car might have been involved in a fatal accident. But O'Brien did not speak to police until the next day – the day he called about the windshield.

…During the bishop's cross examination, prosecutor Mitch Rand asked O'Brien why he didn't call police after learning officers were investigating a fatal accident in the same area where his car's windshield was smashed. O'Brien said he was told by the diocesan official that officers would arrive at his home to investigate and believed police would seek him out. The bishop also testified that he planned to speak to someone in the diocese on Monday about how to handle the situation.

Rand pointed out that O'Brien did not answer his phone Sunday night or immediately answer his door for police on Monday morning.

The bishop testified Monday that he heard a loud crash but it never entered his mind that he might have struck a pedestrian. The accident left two points of the windshield glass pounded in and a spider-web crack over much of the windshield's passenger side. The bishop's arrest on the hit-and-run charge ended his 21-year career as head of the Phoenix diocese. The accident occurred less than two weeks after prosecutors announced O'Brien had signed an immunity deal to spare him from indictment on obstruction charges for protecting child-molesting priests.

He says he “heard” a loud crash, but never noticed his passenger side windshield that is a mere few inches away caving in as his victim careens off the hood of his car? Honestly, the only reason I would think that this man was unable to see clearly is that he was probably drunk. It is a well known fact that Roman priests see no wrong in getting drunk on a regular basis. I have had many a conversation with Catholic priests online in chat rooms that were not only obviously drunk, they boldly admitted to seeing no wrong in slamming a few glasses of Cutty Sark while evangelizing online. And this in front of numerous witnesses, the bulk of which were Roman Catholics.

Now.. one would think that with all this evidence against this bishop, he would most assuredly get some jail time for killing an innocent man, right? Think again. The powers that be are not going to let one of their own get in trouble for any reason, no matter what the cost. Especially after they just let him off scott-free for destroying at least 170 lives when 51 of the priests he supervised were allowed to repeatedly rape, molest, and terrorize almost 200 little boys for many years.

So.. what did happen to this bishop? Was he sentenced to jail for at least man-slaughter?

Phoenix bishop sentenced to probation for deadly hit-and-run
Posted 3/26/2004 5:38 PM     Updated 3/26/2004 8:07 PM

PHOENIX (AP) — Bishop Thomas O'Brien was sentenced to four years of probation Friday for a hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian and destroyed O'Brien's career as head of the Phoenix Diocese.

He was also ordered to perform 1,000 hours of community service, including hospital visits to severely injured and dying people, and his driver's license was suspended for five years. The clergyman could have gotten as much as three years and nine months behind bars.

Judge Stephen Gerst said the conviction alone was a significant punishment for a public figure like O'Brien. "He will bear the quiet glances and whispers of others for the rest of his life," Gerst said.

...Maricopa County prosecutors had asked for six months in jail and four years of probation. Chief prosecutor Rick Romley said Gerst sent a message the court system gives prominent people special treatment. "The fact that Bishop O'Brien is humiliated and may suffer the whispers of embarrassment of his fellow citizens offers little solace to the children, the mother and extended family of Jim Reed," Romley said. Last week, O'Brien asked Gerst for probation and said he could still serve Catholics in Arizona as a priest. He also apologized to Reed's family, saying: "I know there is no one to blame for this but me."

O'Brien led the diocese's nearly 480,000 Catholics for 21 years, but stepped down in June after his arrest in the crash. Just weeks earlier, prosecutors announced that he had struck a deal to avoid prosecution on obstruction charges for protecting child-molesting priests. Under the deal, O'Brien agreed to no longer handle abuse claims.

... prosecutors argued that O'Brien knew or should have known he hit someone. He did not call police even after a diocese official told him investigators believed the car may have been involved in a deadly accident. Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the diocese's new leader, said O'Brien has an open invitation to participate in the church and would be welcome to celebrate Mass. "I am relieved and grateful that Bishop O'Brien will not be going to jail," said Olmsted, who said he continues to pray for Reed's family as well.

It’s bad enough that the judges of this land are giving these admitted pedophile protectors immunity for hellish acts. It’s bad enough many of the priests were let out of jail in the USA along with many other pedophiles on a technicality a few days before Canada decided to allow same sex marriages. And it’s even bad enough these judges hand down lenient sentences to these terrorists dressed in the same black robes of the Satanist. They are now letting hit and run killers have complete freedom to kill again. And did you notice, this obviously Roman Catholic judge gave this priest 1000 hours of community service. Doing what for the community you ask? Visiting people in hospitals! Isn't that were most priests hang out anyway? What kind of punishment is one that has you doing things you plan to do anyway?

Did you also hear how the judge sanctioned his demonic decision so as to feel better about his judgment? He said, “the conviction alone was a significant punishment for a public figure like O'Brien. "He will bear the quiet glances and whispers of others for the rest of his life.” For lack of a better word, all I can say is, “whoopdeedo!” This man is now free as a bird, but lets all pity him as he walks by because many people will now WHISPER about him for the rest of his life. Or even worse, they will "glare" at him. How will he ever cope?

SHAME ON YOU to judge Stephan Gerst! You have proven your calling a sham! How can anyone that walks in this man's courtroom feel safe knowing he will judge with an unbiased heart after this? The only ones that will feel safe of course will be cohorts and fellow priests of the Vat of sin in Rome.

By the way... Does this priest show signs of remorse yet? Not at all! He knew the police where investigating his car in a fatal hit and run accident. But does he call police to help them? NO! He calls the repair shop instead to get his precious car fixed. And then later he has the gall to complain about his sentence? Can you imagine? He killed a man, got off with a slap to his wrist, and STILL complains?

O'Brien's bid to tally travel time is rejected
A judge on Wednesday rejected Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien's request to count travel time toward the community service he was ordered to perform for a felony hit-and-run conviction.
Read entire article here…  http://www.azcentral.com/specials/special17/articles/0408obrien08.html

This high profile Roman Catholic admitted child molesting advocate is so torn up about killing Jim Reed that he asks the judge to allow him off on some of his community service? I wonder.. is this normal procedure of the courts to give people probation and community service for hit and run accidents? Was the prosecutor correct in assuming the judge let O'Brien off easy because he was a Roman Catholic bishop? Well.. I scanned the net for a little while to see if I could find any of the “regular people” like you and me in sad situations as this. Do they get probation? Or do they get jail time?

 Megan Coughran will spend tonight, the rest of 2003 and a good part of 2004 at the Correctional Center for Women in Milpitas after a judge sentenced her today to a year in jail for killing her six-year-old neighbor in a car accident.  Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Diane Northway sentenced Coughran, 18, to the maximum possible time behind bars after she pleaded guilty to felony hit-and-run driving and misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges earlier this summer. 

Driver sentenced to 3 years for fatal hit-and-run accident
Balian tells victim's mother he's 'sorry you lost your son'
By LAURIA LYNCH-GERMAN llynch-german@journalsentinel.com: Dec.  1, 2003

- A man whose case led legislators to increase the penalty for fatal hit-and-run accidents was sentenced Monday to three years in prison for hitting a 17-year-old boy with a truck, leaving him for dead and launching an elaborate coverup.
Moose Balian, who had previously pleaded no contest to one count of hit-and-run causing death and had been found guilty by Columbia County Circuit Judge James Miller, also received three years of extended supervision once he is released from custody.

Hit-and-Run Driver Sentenced
A mournful chapter in Holderness School history came to a conclusion last week with the sentencing in Grafton County Superior Court of Anthony Begin, the Holderness man who drove the car that struck and killed Mike D'Amico and Wes Lea last February.  Judge Jean K.  Burling, who accepted Begin's guilty plea a month ago, listened to the anguished statements of the two boys' families, as well as Holderness coaches Bob Low and Pat Dennehy.  Also present from the School community were Head of School Phil Peck, friends such as students Sam Woolf and Ali Neal, and alumni Casey Carr '03 and David LaPointe '03.  Finally Judge Burling sentenced Begin to 18 to 44 years in the New Hampshire State Penitentiary, -The Laconia Citizen (3/15/2004)

Man Sentenced for Hit-and-Run
June 6, 2003 -
A Bellmawr, New Jersey man was sentenced today for nearly a year in jail in connection with a fatal hit-and-run accident.  Albert Milano pleaded guilty in April.  Last October he was charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene after this accident on the Black Horse Pike in Turnersville.  Seventeen-year-old Sha-Vell Woodard was struck and killed as she was trying to cross the street after work.  Milano told the judge today he was sorry for what happened and had nothing else to say.  (Copyright 2003 by Action News.  All Rights Reserved.) Man sentenced in hit-and-run Saturday, October 18, 2003

10-year term for death of Mickleton woman
Christina Messina had just moved into a new home with her family and started a new job as a teacher's aide. Her life ended soon after. On Oct.  20, 2002, Messina, 29, died when a van driven by a man who police said had cocaine and alcohol in his system went through a stop sign and crashed into her car.  He then fled the scene. On Friday - nearly a year to the day of the crash - a judge sentenced that man, William Stranahan, 44, to 10 years in state prison.

January 22, 2004 Congressman Sentenced For Hit-And-Run
Bill Janklow, who until his resignation Tuesday was one of South Dakota's U.S.  Congressmen, has been sentenced to 100 days in jail

Woman sentenced to 34 years in hit-and-run; victim paralyzed
Associated Press PRATTVILLE, Ala. 
- A Prattville woman with a prior DUI conviction has been sentenced to 34 years in prison for a hit-and-run accident that left a 23-year-old motorcyclist with severe brain damage and an amputated leg.

Utah Man Sentenced For Stones Concert Hit And Run
by Rob Evans liveDaily Editor September 29, 1999 12:01 AM -
A man who drove his truck over a woman in a crowded Salt Lake City crosswalk after a February Rolling Stones concert drew a four-month prison sentence this week.  As part of the unorthodox ruling, a judge also ordered the man to contact the principal of every high school in Salt Lake and Utah counties to ask permission to talk to students about his experience.  After his release from prison, the man will face 120 days of home confinement, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.  He also must pay $32,000 in medical bills to the woman he ran over.  The woman, who continues to undergo physical therapy, suffered a fractured spine, a broken rib, and crushed arm muscles in the incident outside the Delta Center.

Jail time, fines, home confinement, and extended supervision! All this appears the norm for hit and run accidents. One was sentenced 44 years! Even a US Congressman received jail time! But this Roman Catholic bishop received none, nada, zip! Not a single solitary day! Do you see a pattern here?





Is it now obvious? This bishop has gotten away with two very heinous crimes! First he is set free for allowing almost 200 children to be raped on a regular basis. And those are just the ones that came forward! He is then set free for killing a man? Americans are no longer governed by honest judges via the Vatican controlled halls of Washington D.C. Remember this when you stand before these judges in the near future. Now does it appear easier to understand our prophetic fate? Is it plainer in the mind how Sabbath keepers will be judged unrighteously by those that claim to be for the people?

Before closing, I just found this article. Strange how it happens to fit right in with what I'm sharing here eh?…

Priest gets probation in $50,000 theft from Long Island church
April 14, 2004, 2:04 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) _ A Roman Catholic priest was sentenced Wednesday to five years probation and ordered to make full restitution after admitting he stole $50,000 in parishioner donations from a Long Island church, a prosecutor said.

John Johnston, 64, of Queens, pleaded guilty in February to criminal possession of stolen property. Authorities found the cash in Johnston's apartment in Jackson Heights. The priest had kept 20 envelopes marked with the words, "St. Martin of Tours, Weekly Sacrifice," along with his parishioners' names and dollar amounts contributed.

Johnston, an ordained priest for 40 years, had been celebrating Mass at St. Martin of Tours Church in Bethpage for more than 30 years. He told authorities he stole between $60 and $100 a week from the counting room of the church.

The priest was arrested in October at the Rikers Island jail, where he was being held on other New York City charges, including aggravated harassment and weapon possession. He is suspected of making harassing telephone calls to the staff at a Brooklyn high school.

Johnston pleaded guilty earlier this year to grand larceny in Nassau County, admitting he stole $50,000 from the church; he is expected to receive a similar sentence of probation when he appears in a Mineola courtroom on Friday.

"The defendant has admitted his guilt and has paid back every penny of the $50,000," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement. "As he serves his probation, he will be able to reflect on the impact that his criminality has had on the parishioners who had looked to him for spiritual guidance and moral leadership."

It seems it’s not just getting away with murder or molestation that Catholic priests can now hope for in Rome. It used to be that only child molesters sought out the priestly garb so as to ensure Roman protection. It's always been said in "certain circles" that Catholic priests don't become pedophiles. Pedophiles become Catholic priests because they know they will be protected. However, now thieves and murderers can look to Rome as a safe haven as well it seems.

You know what really frosts my bonnet here? They not only let this thieving priest off the hook, they KNEW he was making harassing phone calls, and he is known to be holding illegal weapons? STILL.. he’s a Roman Catholic priest. So.. OFF YA GO PADRE! Seems to me the US Govt has made some deals with the Vatican so as to allow their criminal element safe passage in return for joint holdings in the global arena. Students of prophecy know exactly what I mean here. The lamb horned beast is most assuredly joining forces with the blasphemous beast. "Little Vatican" across the street from the White House needs no explaining.

So... a few months back hundreds of child molesters are freed on a technicality. A judge puts a gag order on all court proceedings involving child molesting priests. Strangely however, the gag order is lifted long enough to allow the widely ADMITTED fabricated "total" of child molesting priests to hit the media. This "PR" is done to make Rome appear to be "at work" on this one. Then a Roman Catholic admits to allowing 170 children to get raped, and terrorized by 51 of his priests repeatedly. This bishop then asks for immunity from prosecution and gets it. He then kills a man and gets off scott free for that crime as well. Then another priest is caught stealing huge sums of money from two churches and gets probation from the first judge handling his case. But what of the second judge? Will he fair as well, or will this judge also show signs of being in the same 'bed' with this Roman priest?

More Probation For Priest In Church Theft
Apr 16, 2004 3:43 pm US/Eastern

(1010 WINS) (MINEOLA) Two days after receiving five years probation from a judge in Queens, a Roman Catholic priest who admitted stealing $50,000 from parishioners of a Bethpage church received the same sentence Friday during an appearance in Nassau County court.

John Johnston, 64, of Queens, pleaded guilty earlier this year to grand larceny in Nassau County, admitting he stole $50,000 from St. Martin of Tours church, where he had celebrated Mass for more than 30 years.

Amazing isn’t it? This Roman Catholic priest steals $100,000 between two churches! And he gets probation TWICE! So.. I ask you, what do you think will happen with this next priest that's in the news now?

Ohio Priest Charged in Nun's 1980 Killing  

TOLEDO, Ohio, Apr 24, 2004 (AP Online via COMTEX) -- A Roman Catholic priest was charged in the 1980 killing of a nun whose body was found in the chapel of the hospital where he served as chaplain, police said.

The Rev. Gerald Robinson, 63, was arrested Friday, five months after police reopened the investigation into the death of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, Chief Mike Navarre said.  Pahl, 71, was stabbed about 30 times and strangled on April 5, 1980, police said. Her body was found in the chapel of Toledo's Mercy Hospital where she was the caretaker.

At a news conference Friday night, Navarre said "new technology" led to Robinson's arrest. He would not elaborate on what the link was to Robinson nor would he talk about evidence or a motive.  Police started up the cold case based on a tip provided to the Lucas County prosecutor's office. The Rev. Michael Billian, spokesman for the 19-county Diocese of Toledo, said church officials will cooperate with police. "It certainly saddens the diocese," he said.

Care to venture a guess as to the outcome of this trial? Does it matter?


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I am still trying to figure out who you are and what you believe.  You have probably the best article on the passion film.


Bob H.

Hi Nicholas, gbu brother in Jesus name. Your site is a priceless wealth of imformation critical to these last days in which we are now living. God is pleased i am sure. I too have only learned of these things since I left my harlot church and began keeping the Sabbath (to best of my knowledge), and I feel strongly that this Sabbath keeping is a mark of God that tests us in faith.
I have studied your site with great interest and joy, as I get much conformation that what I believe God has already allowed me to know, is indeed true, and from Him. Praise our Father for His greatness as we endure the work He has set before us, and may we finish the race to see His Mighty Glory before all the angels of heaven. An awsome sight/feeling that will be.

 Keep up the good fight brother.
 A sincere friend in Jesus.


tnx for the warning about "Passion-ate Protestants."

I already knew this wasn't goldy movie when I found out that:

a) Rome was backing it
b) Mel Gibson is "pre-vatican 2"
c) all "her daughters" were behind it -the same ones who preach "the lawless gospel" "the rapture" and all the other "jesuit lies."


About Gibson's movie....
Besides the examples you offer on you site, there are a couple of others that i find disturbing.

1. The gore... No where in scripture does it go into such detail about the scourging.  Gibson took a lot of liberty to entertain the masses who are accustomed to such violence in hollywood movies.  Besides that, i believe the reason the word doesn't focus in great length about the cruelty our Lord's suffering,is  because He doesn't want us focusing on His suffereing but rather rejoice because Christ has defeated death..." in the world ye shall have tribulation:but be of good cheer;i have overcome the world (Jn.16:33). Amen

Also,1peter 2:18-25,1peter 4:16,19 .....We are to suffer, but the world doesn't have to know it, we suffer in private giving glory to the lord in all things.
2. In reference to Simon of Cyrene:in all the Gospels,but John, he was compelled to bear the cross for our Savior....
I believe that just like the Lord says in Mt.16:24..."then said Jesus unto his disciples,"if any man will come after me ,let him deny himself,and take up his cross,and follow me." it is likely Jesus did not even carry the cross.... And certainly not in the manner shown in the clips of this movie (i won't see it).

3. The injuries are so extensive, but all the focus is on His physical suffering... It is conceivable that many people have suffered equally if not more physically, is it not?  babies starved or beaten or burned,people tortured in unimaginable ways.  That being said, what he suffered for our sins is what we would have suffered in our sins...Death and unable to be with our Father in heaven.(thank the Lord for his mercy)  we cannot comprehend what he truly suffered.... But He overcame death, and is seated at the right hand of his Father.

4. Also,with regard to this one-eye messiah where His eye was shut closed after his beatings,... Interestingly there is a greek god by the name of Bacchus, and his right eye is darkened: he's a god of sexual orgies and pleasure.... Read about it,it's pretty preverted!!!

5. Lastly.... I am dumbfounded that everyone believes they have a better way to share the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  From books, to movies..... From theologians,pastors,priest, TV Preachers and so on.  Even your website offers a link to the "real" story of Christ.  No one can make better what is already perfect.  Why offer an interpretation from a man who is a sinner (as we all are), when the Holy Spirit is the only interpreter of the Word
(2Peter 1:20-21),( 1 Cor.2:12-13),(1Jn.2:27).  To send someone to a movie,a website, or a book to learn about Jesus Christ is ludicrious.  The only place we learn th truth, is from the our King James new testament by the Holy Ghost!!!! tell them to pray for understanding, you nor i can have a relationship with the Lord for someone else, so it is up to each person to work,eat,and be worthy of his own bread!!!

That is it really....They put the Lord to an open shame (Heb.6:6), and i pray they seek the Lord's forgiveness.
In Christ,

great newsletter!  I can't copy and passout stuff fast enough.  I pray that everyone will listen and read their bibles. I see so many in trouble. it is hard to reach them.I will continue to try and pray for them. I work with a lot of cathlolics they get very offended and think I am crazy but the  LORD  tells me to keep trying.I think so many are unaware of satans delusions.the sabbath is startng to be come an issue at work but I believe the Lord has a work for me do there.I told work it is an easy choice if I have to make it . my Jesus or my job. I told them I have no choice I must always follow my Jesus. I am a hard worker they like that so they have being showing me literature to covince me the it doesn’t mater if I keep saturday or sunday it is the 20th century and God will understand. LOL.

they gave me one article from a former sda who "proves" we cannot keep the Sabbath>

I will send you a copy. i think it is good to be aware of the kinds of things they will use against us.he states we are actually worshipping  on sunday because of joshuas long day lol. that the sun doesn’t go down in certain parts of the world at certain seasons so how can we keep sabbath sundown to sundown."The things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God."for the Spirit searcheth all things,yea, the deep things of God." 1 corinthians 2:11,10. "when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth. For He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you." John 16:13-14. Man cannot teach me the truth only the Holy spirit can. God bless you and your family brother. my prayers are with you. Keep up the good work.



I have sent you and email but I was not sure it got through,

What I wanted to say was, I thank you for your research and articles. I have been very enlightened and have had my eyes open to many things, especially the catholic religion.

I am a former catholic, I thought I never would say that, but, here I am saying it, I have joined a Baptist church and it has been the best thing I have done. I had my doubts about the catholic church for some years and I hated the man made laws. I could not get into all the doctrine and rules. the masses in latin so we would not know what was going on and the keeping us from reading the bible. they did not want us to know the truth. and it is very sad and dangerous to keep us in the dark. We need to know the truth, and to prepare for the coming of Jesus again. And that is something else that use to bug me, why were they not teaching the second coming, the rapture, the end times. I found that very strange.

Well you have given me the answers and I will be passing it around and telling others about your website.

thank you so much.

yours in Christ Jesus

Mrs Donna Prue

Pray for her and the church she joined. Pray the pastor is converted as well.

The Lord has blessed all of you I pray for everything that our church has on website
this is the most amazing truth i've ever learn especially about sanctuary that changed my life..


please keep working hard we here in MA, brockton we have been thrown out of the church because of these truths they are saying that its our new doctrine please pray for our little Group that will one day by the grace of god rise (uncuttruth ministries)
we started building the site but not finished yet
www.uncuttruth.com we just starting

My fervent prayer is that you are blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter. I also pray you share it with others that are trapped in Babylon.

Truth is Truth!
John 14:29

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spread the 3 angels message?


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