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The threat to communications
National Guard, utilities make plans for Y2K
By David M. Bresnahan

WASHINGTON, DC -- The millennium computer bug may cause loss of
communications -- an eventuality for which the National Guard and the
nation's electric companies are making plans.

National guard and electric company making plans?

Clinton's latest executive order
'Invasive Species' action
seen as attack on rural America
By Sarah Foster
..."It will have a major impact not only on our agriculture, but on the
daily lives of every American."

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Is the U.S. Army
invading Texas?
Rash of live-fire exercises
concern officials, residents

Sanchez is now a lieutenant colonel in the Texas State Guard military
police. He is extremely concerned about Operation Last Dance because live
rounds have been fired and explosives used in civilian areas

"They pulled the same stunt in a little county south of us in a little town
called Sarita, population 500," Sanchez disclosed. Black helicopters were
reported hovering over a private residence with search lights. That incident
happened prior to the start of Last Dance.

Local News
Saturday, Feb. 13, 1999
Military training disrupts Port A residents
Local officials say they were unprepared for questions, complaints from
residents about exercises

Darby has said that as the world grows more urban, it is important for
special forces to practice their skills in a variety of urban environments.
Monday's training in Kingsville led to a fire in the abandoned former police
station. Army officials have said they will pay for the damage.

What's going on here?
An examination
of military exercises
in U.S. towns

Black helicopters? Men in black? Towns throughout Texas and others in
neighboring states are seeing them -- for real. And they are firing live
ammunition and conducting military assault-style exercises in civilian
population centers.

Did you go to the URL's and READ those articles listed above? If not, DO IT
NOW! The armed forces are practicing over OUR suburban skys right now
people. They are actually using live ammo and "accidently" blowing up
abandoned buildings INSIDE civilian areas. Read about it in the documented
articles! They are practicing repelling down in cover of night over
"strategic" locations in small town's as well. (Power stations, fuel depots,
water treatment plants, etc) They are using numerous black helicopters late
at night with huge spotlights scaring innocent people out of their beds
everywhere! Please understand, I am not trying to be a frightmongeror or
anything. But I do realize most of you aren't aware this is actually
happening right now. The armed forces doesn't "practice" over civilian
"targets" without having a tactical reason for doing so folks. They are
spending millions of tax dollars and "learning" what works best for a
reason. Remember this survey I shared with you some time back?

This survey appeared in Newswatch Magazine in the July/August 1995 issue.
The survey was a cumulation of 43 questions asked of the military protecting
this land of ours. Most all the questions in the survey echoed the Executive
Orders I have just shared with you. Still, there is one question I would
like to bring to your attention. It is the last question asked on the

Q#43- "I would fire upon U.S. citizens..."     (Place an "X" in space

Strongly Disagree__ Disagree__ Agree__ Strongly Agree__ No Opinion__

Am I slamming the US Government? No I am not. I am merely demonstrating how
easy it is to glorify God with His prophecy. It is always 100% correct!
Modern day prophets "scoffed at" some years back are now being seen as
authentic prophets of God simply because of the daily newspaper headlines
that verify their voice. They did say "Many will leave the big cities" for a
reason eh? No need to stockpile food now people.

Amos 8:11, "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a
famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of
hearing the words of the LORD:"

It's time to stock up on Jesus and break the famine in YOUR land. Those of
you proclaiming Jesus as Saviour already, read read read your Bibles and get
ready! And those of you that have yet to make the decision to accept

2 Corinthians 6:2, "...behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the
day of salvation)"

You may not have another chance. Get saved out of this soon to arrive mess
in the only way possible. Let Jesus save you. When the prophecied probation
period ends, IF you have a close relationship with your King Jesus when the
evil is in your face, you can rest assured that, "There shall no evil befall
thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling." (Psalms 91:10) To be
one of His is to be one that has perfect peace in all situations no matter
what! Even food and water would not be an issue for the child of the
Almighty when the time comes, because, "...bread shall be given him; his
waters shall be sure." (Isaiah 33:16)

Am I saying this will happen within weeks? Months? Years? I will not set
dates! Will the Y2K speed it up some. I have no doubt the Y2K situation will
be, and is being used by Antichrist to benefit his plans of enforcing his
mark upon all mankind. A catylist if you will. One that will herald the
Government enforcement of a National "*Sunday Sabbath Law" in order to
decieve the world into getting "right with God" so that all the "troubles"
cease. After a short period of "very graphic and miraculous" soul winning,
the Seven Plagues of Revelation shall then fall upon the wicked. And then
all eyes shall see the arrival of our Saviour and King Jesus, and His Father
upon the throne to take those that DID accept Jesus as their Saviour home to
New Jerusalem, the City of Heaven to live eternally in perfect happiness.

Know Jesus, Know Peace
No Jesus, No Peace

Rejoice! For He is coming soon! The signs are everywhere!

*Sunday Sabbath Laws are NOW in effect in  Rhode Island USA. Is this a
"testing ground" as well? See the documented evidence here...

Truth is truth.

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