Do you seek genuine prophecy that can be easily verified by the Word of an Almighty and ever living Creator God as well as documented history and/or current events? I have compiled all the evidence of the fulfillment of the Prophecies that Jesus said must occur before He returns. You will no doubt find this manuscript very helpful in your studies. I have documented historic facts within it proving Prophetic fulfillment of prophecies that MOST people believe have yet to be fulfilled! Thanks to cover ups in "modern media", over 90% of all Christians I speak with had no idea that some of these prophecies were actually already fulfilled! You MUST read it SOON! It will help you understand just how wonderfully close we are to the glorious return of our King Jesus Christ!!

Amazing Truth . . .  There are 404 verses in the book of Revelation.  278 of them can be found almost word for word in all the other books of the Bible. Want to understand Revelation? It's simple... Read the Bible.

A Testimony regarding "People get ready"

...Finally, I would just like to say that my coming to the Lord has happened  suddenly, in a matter of weeks, but has been the result of "People Get Ready" and other influences over the past 5 years, but kindled mainly through your document. I am still a "babe-in-Christ" but already know so much, close members have noticed the change of urgency in me, I have somehow learnt most things even though I have never been to church. Most of the things I have been shown are "Meaty" yet I have coped with it, no problem!

This document, (People Get Ready) which you do not need me saying, is by far the most important and impressive reading since the Bible and Bible codes and feel that more people should be made aware of it!  Several friends etc in the church had never thought these facts possible. 

Thank you   
-Kevin S.  (U.K)