1. Recording: 
    Allows recording of all voice, text and browser pages for full playback locally or on the Internet.
  2. Pause Recording
    Menu:File:Pause Recording
    Allows you to pause a recording. Deselecting, or using Alt-P again will start the recording where it was paused.
  3. Disable Control Key
    Menu:File:Disable Control Key
    Allows you to disable "Ctrl" as a talk key. This will permit you to use the control key while listening in the chat room without accidentally queuing up to talk. Deselecting, or hitting Alt-D again enables the "Ctrl" to talk again.
  4. Lock Talk Key
    Menu:File:Lock Talk Key
    Allows you to lock your talk key so you may work hands free with no need to continue holding down the 'Ctrl" key. Deselecting, or hitting Alt-L again releases the talk key for the next person to talk.
  5. Play Sound Effects
    Menu:File:Play Sound Effects
    Three options allow you to always play sound effect, play sound effects only when you are not speaking, or never play sound effects. Sound effects are short sound played when people enter and leave the room, and when you are keyed up to talk.
  6. Clear Text Display
    Menu:File:Clear Text Display
    Removes all text from the text chat.
  7. Save text chat to a file
    Menu:File:Save text chat to a file
    Saves the contents of the text chat into a file
  8. Next unread conversation
    Menu:File:Next unread conversation
    Selects the tab in the text chat of the next unread chat window. This is useful for quick, easy navigation between public and private chats. Also useful is Ordered Cat Tabbing (see number 20)
  9. Timestamp chat entries
    Menu:File:Timestamp chat entries
    Places a timestamp for each message in the text chat window
  10. Show URLs in text chat
    Menu:File:Show URLs in text chat
    While synchronizing browser as a moderator, you may want each page you navigate to to appear in the text chat automatically. Select this option if you want these URLs to appear.
  11. Show Enter and Leave Messages
    Menu:File:Show Enter and Leave Messages
    Shows a message of each person that enters the chat room and each person that leaves the chat room.
  12. Select Chat Font
    Menu:File:Select Chat Font
    Allows configuration of the font face, size, and style of the text that appears in the text window. This is not what appears to "others", but what appears to you. Multiple fonts in the chat window are not possible.
  13. Launch Windows Recording Volume
    Menu:File:Launch Windows Recording Volume
    Launches Windows Recording control to adjust volume and source
  14. Launch Windows Playback Volume
    Menu:File:Launch Windows Playback Volume
    Launches Windows Playback control to adjust volume and source
  15. Launch Windows Sound Scheme Editor
    Menu:File:Launch Windows Sound Scheme Editor
    Launches the sound scheme editor to change the sounds played by iVocalize for:
    - keyword detection
    - Enter sound
    - Exit sound
    - Private message received
    - Public message received
    - Recording in progress
    - Start speaking
    - Stop speaking (cleared from queue)
  16. Exit
    Closes program
  17. Send Page to Selected User
    Menu:File:Send Page to Selected User
    Sends the page currently displayed in your browser to the person selected in the User Display Window
  18. Accept Web Pages from Moderator
    Menu:File:Accept Web Pages from Moderator
    When selected, you will automatically accept all web pages sent by moderators. When unselected, you will have to confirm each page sent.
  19. Favorites
    Lists your favorites as configured in Internet Explorer.
  20. Ordered Chat Tabbing
    Menu-Window-Main Chat tab/First Private Conversation.....
    Alt-0, Alt-1, Alt-2....Alt-9
    Automatically tabs to the first, second, third, ...ninth tab chat in the text chat.
  21. Send Current Web Page
    Menu:Moderator:Send Current Web Page
    Sends the current page of your browser to everyone in the room
  22. Synchronized Browsing
    Menu:Moderator:Synchronized Browsing
    Synchronizes your browser with everyone in the room. Ever page you navigate to will be automatically pushed to everyone in the room simultaneously. Perfect for giving web presentations.
  23. Lock Room
    Menu:Moderator:Lock Room
    Locks the room and does not allow any more "users" to enter the room until it is unlocked again. Moderators may still enter a locked room.
  24. Clear from Queue
    Menu:Moderator:Clear from Queue
    Clears users from the talk queue. Used to interrupt current speaker.
  25. Disconnect
    Kicks user out of the room.
  26. Mute Text
    Menu:Moderator:Mute Text
    Disables the user from using text chat. User may read text chat, but may not type any messages
  27. Mute Audio
    Menu:Moderator:Mute Audio
    Disables the user from speaking. User may still hear and see everything in the room, but cannot speak.
  28. Raise/Lower Volume
    Menu:Moderator:Raise/Lower Volume
    Alt-Up arrow/Alt-Down arrow
    Raises and lowers the current speakers volume.
  29. Broadcast mode
    Alternate entrance pages
    Takes user into the room in "Broadcast mode". In this mode, the user does not have access to the text chat, does not have the user display window, and can not speak. It is a "Listening only" mode where the user can hear everything that is said in the room, and everything that is pushed in the browser by a moderator. In the "Interactive mode" a broadcast user appears in the user display window with a special icon to identify him as a "listen only" user.
  30. Password Protection
    All rooms may be protected using passwords. Each user may be configured individually, or a general password may be set for all users. All moderators must be configured with a user name and a password.

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