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On this page you will find many Bible verses to confirm that the Father is a God, Jesus His Son is a God, and the Holy Spirit is a God. You will also find historic proof that 1John 5:7 that declares there are "three that bear record in Heaven" is not only a valid Bible verse, it confirms the Vatican tried to remove it along with thousands of other verses. And no, we do not teach the Trinity of the Catholic church. Rome and all those that claim there is "one" God do that. There's a strange new modern day twist on the Roman Trinititarian theology that has confused some babes in Christ to embrace it as their new "one" God doctrine. This page looks to clear up that confusion.

For those with an SDA past wherein you now embrace a "one" God theology; there are some SOP statements about all this on this page that may shock you.

   Hirelings! 07-05-15 & 07-09-15

   Holy War Battle Plans 07-01-15

   Q&A Videos 03-24-15 & 03-27-15

   Abolished at the Cross 03-15-15

   Rome's WAR against FREE SPEECH 02-03-15

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   Climate Change & THE MARK 01-23-15

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