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A Testimony Regarding "The Second Window"

Let me set up how I happened upon this information.  A friend of mine had asked me to view a video that was titled, "The Truth Exposed".  It was a video about former Catholics whom had returned to Catholicism and also about some Protestant clergy whom had converted to Catholicism.  There were a few errors in the video in reference to history and doctrine that concerned me.  Whether they (those whom produced this video) did it on purpose or accident, it was challenging to view it objectively when the credibility was in question, especially on a subject dealing with the "Truth."

 One of the problems I had with accuracy of the video dealt with doctrine.  The doctrine on "Justification" was one of the reasons Martin Luther tacked up his 95 Theses on the door of the Church.  Luther said basically "Faith alone" in Jesus was necessary for salvation and the Catholic Church said "faith and works".  The video reiterated this Catholic doctrine, however the Catholic Church and The Lutheran Church had signed an agreement in Augsburg, Germany 10/31/1999 on the Doctrine of Justification where they (the leadership of the two churches) agreed that justification is by "faith alone."  

 So I decided to dig and see if the video had been produced prior to this signing so I went to the web.  I put the name of the production company in the search engine and found it was affiliated with the Catholic Church but it didn't send up any red flags to me.  So I put the name of the video in the search and got an assortment of sites on all kinds of stuff.  I didn't see anything relevant in the first page so I scrolled to the next 15 sites.  In the next group of 15, there was a site about a former devoted Catholic boy, who had gotten married in the Catholic church, became a Eucharistic minister (I think it is like a deacon that can perform communion/The Eucharist), was asked to teach CCD (Cathecism/ confirmation) and he started to do so by teaching out of the Bible.  He started to have questions why the Bible said one thing and the Catholic Church taught some things differently (My same unresolved problem).

 This site is his journey.  What he would find out would not only cause him to leave the Catholic Church, but it also has implications in the rest of Christendom as well.

 Welcome to his journey...

-Thomas Bratcher