Craig Kalkofen II of SSRemnant, SSR MINISTRIES, SDC media, SDC ministries, SDR media, SSR media, DC media and SDR ministries is Not a Bible believing Christian Church

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I got up this morning and found many trolls all over my YouTube channel all saying the same thing but using different names which as we know always means it's one person doing trolling. And sadly, whoever posted the lies spread all these lies ON SABBATH DAY.

But, notice the screen shots below. It proves that Craig or someone very close to him has been making many different YouTube accounts so as to troll us with insults and hatred. That is why we get dozens of thumbs down now on sermon videos filled with Scriptural blessings. Whoever is doing it messed up proving that Craig really doesn't have that many in his camp defending him; hence the reason for the many fake accounts. This is so heart wrenching. The lies never end and sadder still is that we now have even more proof that Craig Kalkofen and his followers have no problem with asking Satan for help, for as we all know, Satan is the father of lies.

Craig or his live in female tutor forgot to change the picture when making fake YT accounts

Notice the first pic is of Craig's live in tutor, who's name is Maezel Miano. Notice the pics below wherein Craig or Maezel use the fake name of a man named "Matt Jew" to post the exact same comments from both accounts yet they forgot to change the picture.

Notice that Craig or his live in tutor, who is a woman which also puts forth an appearance of evil by allowing her to live with him, is now defending Craig using the name of a man named "Matt Jew" as well as Maezel's name to post comments to my YT channel from two separate YT accounts.

Not only is the pic the same in both comments proving it's the exact same person. Craig or his live in tutor is also sharing the exact same hateful claims and even using the very same words in both comments. They even misspelled the word "your" as "yiur" in both comments proving this is in fact a single person trolling my YT channel for Craig Kalkofen.

And why is he doing this? Click here.

The lies always get exposed and the truth always shines forth.

PRAY FOR CRAIG - He is causing many to use sinful deception in obedience to Satan to defend him. That in and of itself confirms all members of Craig's apostate SSR Church see nothing wrong with lying.

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