Symbols of Revelation


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1000 years – millenniums

144,000 – the Gideon Band


Abomination – false balance, unclean foods, psychics/spiritualism, idols, the forward, 7 things, wickedness, lying, pride, false justice, cheating, scorn, prayers of the sinful, adultery, Rome, Roman Catholicism

Adultery – false worship, unrighteousness

Air – Satan’s palace/realm, outside man’s power, emptiness, above the earth, realm of birds

Alpha – Beginning

Altar – place before God, place to offer before God

Amen – truth, so be it

Amethyst - upon the third row of the breastplate of judgment,

Angel - stars, ministering spirits, messengers, immortal, holy, obedient, strong, concerned for us, protectors

Antipas - DEFINED: "like the father"

NOTE: a Christian of Pergamos who suffered martyrdom in 92AD by being burned inside the "brazen bull." (the brazen bull was a cast iron hollow bull, wherein Christians were placed inside while a large flame heated the iron.)

Apostle - servant of Christ, one who has seen Jesus Christ, does not persecute Christians, signs shall follow the apostle, will teach and preach Christ

Ark - God's throne, testimony/witness, footstool, Godly strength, where God meets man

Armageddon – There is no definition of this term in Scripture. There is an understanding as to what this means with the Remnant people of course. But this is always defined by the Lord to His people on an individual basis. Yes, this is a war, but it is a global war of the wicked against God's remnant people. However, on this great day our God will fight for us because our faith is such that we trust Him above all in the Universe.


Babylon - religious apostasy

Backslide - last, last

Balac - King Balak, who sought Balaam to curse Israel

Balances - judgment tool, Lord's justice, measurement tool

Barley - Gideon band / 144000, appointed, eternal

Bear - kidnaps, bitter, violent, government

Beast - nation / kingdom / king, foolish, false teachers

beasts (of the earth) - kings, false teachers

bed - vulnerability, grave, false sense of security, lukewarmness, spiritual sickness

beginning - origin, chief, first / head / corner, start

begotten - first fruits

begotten of the dead - firstfruits of the dead

belly - Satan's judgment, mankind's start, human instinct, Man's good destiny, bottle, center of force, center, ivory, wheat, the flesh

beryl - upon the fourth row of the breastplate of judgment, hands of Christ, color of wheels of God's providence in vision, precious

bird - wanderer, angels (fallen and not), ravenous, unrighteous, fearful, crafty, deceptive

black - absence of God, Hell, pain

blasphemy - man claiming to be God, man claiming to forgive sins

blind - in darkness

blood - New Testament, atonement, justification, right to passover during plagues, right to be overcomers, washed, life

blot - remove, destroy, forget, blemish / mark

blow - blow, hostility, strike

bondman - slave

book - Record of judgments and remembrance

book of life - names of Christians

bottomless pit - A dark and empty earth

bow - weapon, strength

brass - strength, from earth

breast - sanctified, blessed, nourishment for early life, marital graces, tower

breastplate - righteousness, judgement, faith & love

bride - people of God, New Jerusalem, the saved, righteous, glad, Christ's betrothed

bridegroom - the Sun, righteous, God, gladness, Jesus Christ

bridle - mastery / restraint

brimstone - breath of the Lord, destruction, wrath of God

bright and morning star - Jesus Christ.

burned - zeal, judgment


cage - imprisonment

calf - tender and good, sin offering, Christ

camp - gathering in wilderness, homes in wilderness, soldiers of the Lord

candle - spirit of man (conscience), life of man, God's justice

candlestick - churches, people in the churches, (candle = people. stick = church. candlestick = filled church), heavenly wisdom, prosperous work of the church, God’s truth / justice

captain - author, commander

cause - force/enforcement

censer - fire pan, contains saints’ prayers

chain - ornament, pride, shackle, shameful, darkness, priestly adornment

chalcedony - Only found in Revelation 21:19

chariot - clouds, whirlwind, tool of war, man's glory, salvation

charity - love of Christ

child - Israel, Jesus, God's people

children - Israel

chief - ruler, military general, overseer / supervisor, important, best, noble, great, first

Christ - Lord's goat, Sanctuary, Lamb of God, Son of God, Jesus, Messiah, all knowing, Saviour, Head of church, God, Lord

Churches - pillar and ground of truth

Chrysoprasus - Only found in Revelation 21:20

Cinnamon - a principle spice used in the tabernacle, perfume

Clean - pure, righteous, saint, justified, wisdom, healed, innocent

Clothed - salvation, righteousness

Cloud - forgiveness, God's presence, strength, goodness, dust of God's feet, covering, vessel of Latter Rain, protection, flight, whirlwind, place of the rainbow, reflects God's glory, vessel of Christ, witnesses

Clouds - evidence He blot out our sins, chariot, strength, goodness, witness, answered prayer

Cluster - beloved, new wine, bitter, breasts,

Cold - without righteousness, unpreparedness, joyless, Christless

Commandments - holy, expression of love, lamp, truth

Confess - acknowledge, to profess, promise

Corner - quarter, position of prominence, edge

Countenance - face, expression

Court - earth

Craft - deceit, trade of the tradesman

Craftsman - sculptor, tradesman

Creature - All that the Creator made, includes man

Crown - kingship, victory, reward, Christ's glory, grace, virtue, righteousness, life, lovingkindness, mercy, rejoicing, honour

Crystal - perfect glass

Cup - Babylon, salvation, duty, life, Gospel, trials, judgement, God's wrath portioned, consolation, New Testament, portion / part, God's hand, God's fury, trembling, astonishment / desolation, salvation, consolation, Christ's blood, blessings, man's heart, devils


dainty = desirous

darkness = God's wrath, under God's feet, secret, man without God, wicked realm, night, evil, final judgment upon wicked, heart of man, unfruitful

day = a year, when men can work

death = sleep, sleep in grave

decked = covered

defiled = to make unclean

desolate = death, barren, alone / deserted, guilty, astonished

devil = dragon, old serpent, Satan

doctrine of Balaam = ecumenicalism / fellowship with unbelievers for gain

doctrine of Nicolaitans = mixing Paganism with Christianity

dog = bloodthirsty, whoredom, unconcerned, wicked, dead, rebellious, servant, greedy, Gentiles

door = Christ, faith, opportunity, probation

dragon = Atheistic spirit, Satan

drink = refreshment, receive, experience, act of agreement, blood

drunk = bloodthirsty, intoxicated, naked, merry, unstable, overcome, insane, in darkness, filled (meal), drank, received

dust = earth, serpents’ food, mankind, death, multitudes, tool of judgment, sign of grieving, destruction, dishonored, hopeless, clouds, reject

dwell = inhabitants, dwellers

dwellest = home, abides, live, agreement


eagle = swiftness, defender, lifted up, great, exalted, the Lord

ear = obedience, service, listen, understand, understanding His prophetic voice

earth = world, land, man, devilish, furnace, beastly abode

earthquake = To announce the Lord is very near

east = King Jesus will appear, position of Temple gate

eat = knowledge, study, acceptance, agreement / communion, justice, nourishment, consume

the eight (king) = Vatican

elder = pastors/leaders in the church, great, older sibling, older

emerald = a stone in the "breastplate of judgment" (Urim & Thummim), a stone on Lucifer before falling to become Satan,  one of the stones that makes up the foundation and wall of New Jerusalem, a stone in the "Urim and Thummim"

Euphrates = river #4 in Eden, Israel's border, tool of judgment

every eye = all eyes will be "opened" this day,

eye(s) = reflects inner being, knowledge, watchful, residence of grace

eyesalve = Holy Spirit, the Law of God, Word of God


face = presence, sight, countenance, me, appearance

fainted = given up / gave up

faith = trust, righteousness

faithful = hopeful, demonstrate, Law abiding, testify

faithful witness = Jesus Christ

fallen = sinned, cast down, to fall, become poor, dead, given

false prophet = sorcerer, deceiver

fast = tight

fear = reverence, respect, wisdom, instruction, treasure

fear not = absolute and/or prophetic statement to follow

feed = teach, tend to, keep, nourish

feet = beauty of His Gospel, proper dressing of feet, all things under, where they pierced Him, deliverance

fellowservant = one who serves same Master

fig = Christian fruit, healing fruit, joy, God's people

fig tree = Leaders in Israel

filthy = abomination, unrighteous, polluted, sin, foul language, worldly gain, fleshly / sensual

fine = purified, pure

fine flour = used in offering, provision, sanctuary item

fine linen = royalty, sanctuary item, holy garment, wisely crafted, expensive, righteousness of saints

fire = Holy Spirit, God's Word, ministers, God, judgment, His presence, destroys enemies

first = mighty, just, righteous and faithful (before sin), The Lord

first and the last = The Lord

firstfruits = first of harvest, best of all things, best of the Spirit, Christ, goodness

first resurrection = Christ's second coming

flame = Holy / His holy one, ascends unto Heaven, devouring, power, ministers / ministry

flesh = grass, weak, meat

flood = destroys flesh, eventually dries up, enemy, Egypt, arms

flying = position of defense and deliverance

foot = His righteousness stands firm

forehead = mind

former things = the past

fornication = seek after / worship another god, false doctrine, ecumenicalism, connecting church with world

foul = troubled, stamp, bad

fountain = fear of the Lord (reverence)

four = compass directions, (N.S.E.W)

four beasts = Heavenly beings

four and twenty = courses of priests

fowl = bird

frankincense = holy perfume, used in offering, sanctuary item, gift to Christ (faith)

frogs = destruction

fruit = Christian deeds (also see notes on 18:4 for fruits = increase, holy, evil, evidence, output)

fruits = increase, holy, evil, evidence, output (also see notes on 22:02 for fruit = Christian deeds)

furlong = approx. 600 feet

furnace = Affliction, purified, heart tested, deliverance from, His altar, His perfect wrath, perfect judgment


garment = salvation, righteousness

garments = Light of Heaven that covers self, salvation, righteousness of Christ, heavenly strength

gate = Jesus, righteousness, Gospel

gift = offering, bribe, employ, gift, salvation, Holy Ghost, righteousness, eternal life, grace,

girded = clothed, armed, covered, equipped

girdle = righteousness, faithfulness, truth

girt = fastened / placed

glass = the Law of God, reflected glory

glory = characteristic of God, fruit of His Kingship

God = Love

Gog and Magog = all the wicked throughout time

Golden = tried in purifying fire, sons of Zion (the church), ruler/reigning, faith

goodly = beautiful, precious, mighty, honest

good news = Gospel

Gospel = salvation, power of God, truth of His Kingdom, Word of Jesus, grace of God, peace, Christian life, glorious, praise, eternal, promise of God, mystery, faith, hope,

grapes = blood, tender, sour, gall, wild, Israel

grass = small / weak, flesh, the wicked, people, man's heart

grave = place of the dead

great city = wicked, Sodom & Gomorrah, Babylon, worldly, New Jerusalem

green = flourishing

grievous = heavy, great, displeasing, forcible / sore, hardened, arrogant, painful, disagreeable, displeasing, revolting / corrupting, sickly / diseased, sorrowful, difficult

guile = associated with wrongdoing of all kinds


habitation = abode / home

hail = grievous, deadly, cleanses of wickedness, God's voice, just wrath

hair = loyalty

hand = work, knowledge, wisdom, power, might

harlot = apostate, desolates

harp = instrument of prophets, comforter, joy and praise in song

harvest = end of world, souls in need,

head = Place of recognition, strength, cornerstone, resting place of blessings, home of visions, King, God

heart = home of wisdom and knowledge

heart = home of wisdom and knowledge

hell = grave / death

her / she = church

hidden = mysterious, heart, protected, secret

hidden manna = Christ Jesus

"Him which is and which was, and which is to come" = Jesus

His mouth = All creation relies on it for existence, wisdom, His Law proclaimed from, judgment proclaimed, Prophecy, Truth, righteousness, deliverance

His right hand = filled with righteousness, victorious, wisdom, His favor, His position on the Throne,

holy = glorious, clean from all sin, hallowed

holy city = Jerusalem, God's people

honey = good, glory

horn = salvation, kingly power, God's power, exaltation, location of sacrificial blood, political strength

horse = strength, prepared, object of trust, swift, decided, God's people, way of escape, honour, good

horsemen = soldiers on horseback

hot = zealous, "on fire", conscious of sin

hour = moment, measure of time, time of day, at that time, time (also 1/24th of prophetic day)

hour of temptation = 7 last plagues

hurt = harmed, unto death

Husband = Jesus Christ


I am He that liveth, and was dead = Jesus Christ

idols = false gods made or carved by man

image = confusion, likeness, Babylon

incense = prayers of the saints

increased with goods = wealth added unto

in the Spirit = in vision, prayer, worship

iron = strength, Heaven

Island = saints

Israel = God's people, believers in Christ, children of promise, Christians

ivory = material of kings, beauty


jacinth = 11th foundation of the wall of New Jerusalem

jasper = most precious, a stone in the "breastplate of judgment" (Urim & Thummim), a stone on Lucifer before falling to become Satan,  one of the stones that makes up the foundation and wall of New Jerusalem, a stone in the "Urim and Thummim"

Jerusalem = Bride of Christ

Jew = inward Christian, true Israel

Jezebel = wickedness; idolatry; witchcraft, Paganism, murderous

judge = a righteous work of God, a work of His people


key = (keys) knowledge, power to open and close, jurisdiction

key of David = eternal blessing

kindred = relatives

king = ruler, originally a judge, Christians

knock = call


lake = lake, death

lake of fire = executive judgment upon all evil

Lamb = Jesus, sacrifice for sin

last = end, hindermost, final

leaf = new beginning, eternal, languish, fruitless

left = out of favor

leopard = government

light = armour, God, righteousness, Christians, garment, Gospel, Jesus, glory, knowledge, law, sweet, prophecy

lightened = radiated, discharged / cast out,

lightning = enlightens world, to shine, Satan falls as

lightnings = power, enlightens, angelic countenance, visible righteousness of God

linen = Christ's righteousness, holy garment, Christ's righteousness on the saints, ambassadorship, angelic garment, Jesus' burial cloth, royal garment

lion = Christ, strong nation, fearless, royalty, of Judah, strength, fierce, vicious, wicked, lurking destroyer, generates fear, devil

livest = lifestyle

locust = people without a king, unstable, destructive

Lord = Creator God, our Sanctuary, God of Israel, God of Truth, righteous, strength and song, greatest, with His people, our inheritance, God, our Rock, Fortress Deliverer, exalted above all things, King, perfect and sure, pure, our Shepherd, Light, shield, powerful, right

The Lord's day = Sabbath

loud cry = loud cry


NOTE: The term "loud cry" is found in only one verse of the entire Bible. Revelation 14:18. As we look at the context of this verse, we see that it speaks of the time of the harvest of souls. Knowing Revelation speaks to the faithful, this is a command of God to go forth and warn the people that the end is very near.

NOTE: In Revelation 18:2 the angel "cried mightily" regarding fallen Babylon. As Christians we know the Lord sends angels to minister unto us, so that we do the work of God. Since we do the Loud Cry, and that cry exposes Babylon, the mighty cry in Revelation 18:2 and the loud cry in Revelation 14:8 are one in the same.

loud voice = to proclaim, shock

love = God

loved = act of God

lukewarm = complacent


man = Israel

manna = His Word

man's wisdom = foolish, fleshly, enticing, evil, mortal, shameful

marble = used in Temple, used in royalty, beauty

mark = sign, ordain, recognition, target, determine, regard, consider

marriage = the divine nature

martyr = killed for their faith

merchandise = goodness, wisdom, articles of trade, trade, isles, evil acts

merchant = trader, deceptive, worldly

Michael = Chief Prince, your Prince, Great Prince, Archangel, Jesus Christ

midst = among (midnight)

millstone = life taken, hard, to grind

miracle = supernatural, act of God, great/notable

miserable = grievous, pitiful

month = 30 days

moon = idol worship, giver of life, measure of time, permanence, rulership, prophetic signpost

morning = Satan

Morning Star = Jesus

Moses = ceremonial law, servant of God, guide, understanding, chosen, dead in Christ, trustworthy, fair, prophet, faithful

mountain = heads, God’s righteousness, powerful men, fortress of Babylon, major trial

my people = Israel


naked = without salvation

NOTICE: to be without garment is to have an unrighteous walk. The "garment" in prophecy defines the walk of the saved soul. (See notes on "garment" at 1:13)

name = blessing, excellence, strength / safety, surname / identity, character

nation = people, countries, families, descendants

New Jerusalem = Heavenly city of God, Holy city of God

new song = to Him, rather than of Him

Nicolaitans DEFINED = "destruction of people"

Strong's # 3531

 1) a sect mentioned in Rev. 2:6,15, who were charged with holding the

error of Balaam, casting a stumbling block before the church of

God by upholding the liberty of eating things sacrificed to idols

as well as committing fornication 

The fruits of the "Nicolaitans" suggests them to be the forefathers of the Roman Catholic church. Their name came from "Nicolas the Bishop of Samaria" that was a known heretic often in the company of a Pagan magician named Simon Magus. He was the first "Simon Pater" or "Simon Peter" of the Roman church. His name being "Simon" and his title being "Pater" or "Peter." A "Pater" or "Peter" is a high priest in he Pagan church. Rome used this title (Simon Peter) to declare Simon Peter the Christian Apostle to be their first Pope.

Nicolaitans have also been identified as the first historic compromise between Pagans and Christianity.

night = when no man can work

noisome = pestilence, evil, judgment

north = empty place, God's place


odours = prayers of the saints

oil = Holy Spirit, holy / anointed / gladness / joy

olive = new beginning, tried and sure, holy, good, labour

olive tree = 2 witnesses, wild, trust, beautiful, Israel & Judah, anointed ones, God's Word

Omega = Ending

one mind = steady / firm, agreement

open door = Jesus Christ, faith, Heaven, ability to speak of Christ, unlimited opportunities

overcometh = born again, not of this world, believers


pale = fear / unrest, Jacob's trouble

palms = righteousness, upright

paps = chest (in men) breasts (in women)

patience = steadfastness

Paradise = Heaven

pearl = Scripture, Heaven / salvation, costly, gates of Heaven

perdition = murderous, destruction / damnable

perfect = complete, whole, without blemish, obedient, diligent

Pergamos DEFINED = "height or elevation" These were very worldly and in need of repentance. So much so, it was during this period the "man of sin" was received into the church. CHURCH #3~ Pergamos (Revelation 2:12-17) - the church that needed to repent (2:16). (See notes on 1:11)

penny = eternal life / a day's wage

pillar = church, people, overcomer, truth, Apostles James Cephas and John, mark of God's presence, central theme of the Remnant

pit = grave, hell, corruption

place = home, space, secret, wide, plains, country, city, position, refuge, step aside

plague = chastisement / judgment, bear witness of God, disease, deadly

poor = needy, sorrowful

Potter = God the Father

poverty = denial of world

power = ability, authority, strength, Word

priests = Christians

prison = literal prison, spiritual prison, (sin)

purple = royalty


quarter = territory, wind, garment border


raiment = clothing

rain = early and/or latter, heaven sent goodness, God's Word, waiting on God,

rainbow = God's glory, evidence of promise kept

reap = act of harvesting, fruits of labor, just deserts

red = war, sin

reed = staff, six cubits long

reins = internal organs, instinct, passion

remnant = chosen ones, enemies of Satan, Jews of old, saved

reward = payment, gift, bribery, great, justice, blessing, good, recompence

rich = wealth, blessed, understanding

NOTE: The word "rich" like many words in Scripture has two meanings. #1 to be wealthy, and #2 to be rich in Christ. In this instance the word is used thusly...

Strong's # 4145 plousios {ploo'-see-os} from 4149; TDNT - 6:318,873; adj

 AV - rich 28; 28

 1) wealthy, abounding in material resources

 2) metaph. aboundingabundantly supplied

To be used in similar context we see the same word "rich" (plousios) being used by Christ in the following passage. 

Matthew 19:24, "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

Strong's # 4147 plouteo {ploo-teh'-o} from 4148; TDNT - 6:318,873; v

 AV - be rich 7, be made rich 2, rich 1, wax rich 1,

      be increased with goods 1; 12


 1) to be rich, to have abundance

 2) metaph. to be richly supplied

    2a) is affluent in resources so that he can give blessings of

        salvation to all 

To be used in similar context we see the same word "rich" (plouteo) being used by Paul in the following passage.

Colossians 1:27, "To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:"

Colossians 2:2, "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;"

riches = Christ, full assurance and understanding, wisdom

right = conquers, fellowship

river = peace, pleasure, gladness, enrichment, blessed life

robes = post judgment, righteousness

rod = correction, strength, men, His Word

rod of iron = Jesus and saints will rule with

root = Jesus

root of David = Jesus

roar = exceedingly loud


sackcloth = mourning, humbleness, repentance

sacrificed = offered

saint = Holy of the Lord, Christians, protected from evil, faithful, patient, saved, nearest Him, His church, Inheritors, persecuted, called / sanctified, blessed, judges, loved, perfect, in His light, vessels of His glory, citizens of Heaven (also See notes on 8:3)

saint = holy, Christian brethren, commandments keepers, good, faithful, preserved by God, citizens of Heaven, ruled by Christ, persecuted, called, righteous judges, in light, wise, patient, righteous (also see notes on 5:8)

sand = boundary, Israel's number, people, corn, covering, excess, heavy, unmeasurable, unsteady

sapphire = Pavement about God's throne, material of God's Throne, body of Heaven, upon the second row of the breastplate of judgment, precious, ten commandments

sardine (also called sardius) = a stone in the "breastplate of judgment" (Urim & Thummim), a stone on Lucifer before falling to become Satan, one of the stones that makes up the foundation and wall of New Jerusalem

Sardis DEFINED = "red ones / song of joy" These are those that were among the first to hear the 3 angels’ message in the ninth hour. This church was "alive" in a way they proclaimed Christ as Lord. But dead to obedience. Hence, the 9th hour workers Jesus spoke of in Matthew 20:1-7 focused on these people. (See notes on 1:11)

sardius = upon the first row of the breastplate of judgment, precious

sardonyx = Only found in Revelation 21:20

Satan = angel of light, devil, roaring lion, offense  unto Christ, dragon, hates truth, fallen, possessor of souls, vexes souls, destroyer, tempter, liar, slated for death, unclean, murderer, oppressor, condemns, snares, first sinner, angry

scarlet = sinful, royalty

scorpion = rebellious Israel, method of chastisement, powerless against Christians

scroll = As it is. The Heavens will roll back upon itself

sea = people

seal = Holy Spirit, foundation of God, righteousness, Jesus Christ, the Law, love

sealed = officially locked, marked

seals = righteousness, Holy Spirit, act of God, Law, love

season = lifetime

seat = presence, place of rest, authority, ownership, judgment, high position

second death = eternal death

seed = Word of God, offspring, God's people, seeds, faith, Heaven, good works, Christ

serpent = poisonous, Satan, baffling

servant = the redeemed

service = labor

seven = completeness, place of rest

Seven churches = The seven stages of the church through time.

Seven golden candlesticks = The seven churches

seven lamps = seven Spirits of God

Seven Spirits = Jesus' message to the church throughout history.

seven Spirits of God = each individual unction of His Spirit unto the seven churches.

seven stars = the seven churches, angels

shaken = clarified, disturbed, unsettled

sharp = cuts, conviction, provokes

her / she = church

sheep = sacrificial animal, God's people, Christians, lost of Israel

shine = God's grace, salvation, God's presence, God's glory, light source, life, enlighten, Gospel

shineth = enlighten, guidance, salvation, merciful / blessings, knowledge, glory, good works, righteousness, God's image, truth, Holy Spirit

ship = means of travel, way of life, guidance, protection, church structure

shipmaster = captain

shivers DEFINED = "broken in pieces"

short = near/abrupt, brief, lacking

sickle = God's obedient people, instrument of harvest

sign = from Heaven, prophetic, evidence of fulfillment, token, celestial, evidence of God, evidence of God's will, evidence of God's hand, evidence of obedience, evidence of a prophet, Sabbath, evidence of Satan

silence = to hush, muted, quieted

silk = virtuous raiment

silver = atonement, pure and tried words, redemption

sin = transgression of the Law, cords/bondage

sit = dwell

six = same hour that began Christ's crucifixion, same hour for evening sacrifice

smoke = anger & Jealousy, God's glory, presence of God, burning wickedness, wonderful

Smyrna DEFINED = "myrrh" They suffered courageously for their faith even though they were persecuted. Like a sweet smelling savor, they arose out of tribulation victorious. (See notes on 1:11)

snow = sinless, Word of God, obedient to His Word, cleansing, treasure, refreshing to the soul, white (pure),

Son = Jesus, Israel

song = deliverance, praise and thanksgiving, of the heart, His statutes

Son of God = Jesus Christ

Son of man = Jesus Christ

sorcery = enchantment, witchcraft, deception (use of drugs)

sore = justice upon wicked words, evil, painful, fierce, exceeding shame, broken, stick fast, plague, hand, pushed

soul = man

south = disobedience, whirlwind

space = time, distance

speak = legislation

Spirit = goodness, righteousness, truth, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance

Spirit of prophecy = Testimony of Jesus

spue = disgorge, vomit

stand = present, endure, testify, arise, remain, appoint, go forth, be faithful

star = angels, God's people, brethren

sting = death / sin

stone = God's people, Jesus, God's kingdom

street = broad way / street, recognition, trodden / trampled

strength = perfected by God, godly joy, sin, greatness, weak

strengthen the things which remain = focus on remaining good points 

The church (Sardis) was "alive" in their desire to proclaim Christ Lord. But because of disobedience even these good "things" were about to die off. Hence, Christ counsels them to "strengthen the things which remain" so as to gain blessings. (See notes on "Sardis" in 1:11)

strong = Christ's strength, Joy of Lord, absolute

stumblingblock = offense, trial, idols, temptation

suffer = allowed

Sun = Father, His throne, His glory, righteousness, Ruler

sup = dine

supper = evening meal, communion, Heaven

sword = Word of God, bitter words, military violence, evil, lies, wicked

synagogue of Satan = backslidden believers, worshipers of the creature more than the Creator (Romans 1:25)


tabernacle = Holy of Holies, abode, testimony, witness

tail = false prophet & lies       

talent = 100 to 200 lbs.

tears = grief, doom / forgotten / unworthy, life's history, repentance, anguish

teeth = swords & knives, spears & arrows, weapons, terrible, grasp, sheep, evil speaking

temple = body / church, God's presence, location of ark

ten = perfection

ten days = ten years

testimony = evidence of His hand, the Law, His Word, truthful witness

testimony of Jesus Christ = is the Spirit of prophecy, book of Revelation

thief = reckoning, Jesus, unsuspected

thigh = sign of an oath, Jacob's thigh, strength, position of weapon, good

throne = the Ark of Covenant, Heaven, glory, grace

thunder = God's voice

time = year (times = 2)

time is at hand = Now

tongue = language, arrow, choice silver, devouring fire, wicked fire, pen, sharp sword

topaz = upon the first row of the breastplate of judgment, from Ethiopia, precious

tree = righteous man, righteousness

tree of life = fruit of righteous, accessible to righteous, a wholesome tongue

tribe of Judah = loved ones

7:5 – 7:8 shares the names of the tribes of Israel. They are defined as follows… (Names are placed in the order of the “story” given by the Lord)




Behold a son, Look on Me
Hear Him, Hear Me
(and) Be Joined, With me 
Give Him Praise, Now will I praise the Lord
(His) Strife
(and His) Fortune
Happy and Blessed
(am I for) He Brings (my) Reward
Dwelling with Us
He shall Add
(For He is) The Son of His Right Hand

tribulation = trial / persecution, necessary for Christian growth, necessary for evangelization, justice upon those against us

tried = examined / proven, tested

trumpet = alarm, associated with God, voice, warning

try = test

twelve = 12 tribes, 12 apostles, perfect judgment, 12 patriarchs, witnesses, 12 baskets

The two-edged sword = the Old and New Testament:


unclean spirits = demons

unjust = deceitful, wicked, abomination, shameless, evil


vessel = believers, chosen person, God's glove, mankind, body

vesture = clothing

vial = temporary basin

vine = calendar, lifestyle, safe haven, Israel, remnant of Israel, bride, best, fruitful, sustenance, noble, mother, strength, Jesus Christ

virgin = unknown to man, damsel, young, Zion, Israel, Judah, Jerusalem, undefiled, fair, understand prophecy

voice as the "sound" of many waters = loud / thunderous / powerful, His Word, many peoples

voice of a trumpet = God's voice, Holy Spirit utterance


walk = life's path, (good or evil)

wall = protection, counterfeit believer, Commandments

war = battle, fight

"was, and is, and is to come" = Jesus

was, and is not = alive and then dead

was, and is not, and yet is = alive and then dead and alive

washed = cleansed

water(s) = affliction, eternal life, spiritual cleansing, faith, many peoples

water of life = Christ's Word

watchful = on guard (physically and spiritually)

west = facing the temple

wheat = best, chosen people, saints

which pierced Him = Those that have killed Him and His followers,

wife = married, New Jerusalem, Israel, good, prudent, fruitful vine, harlot

white = light, pure, clean / purified, righteousness

white raiment = Jesus' heavenly clothing, Angelic clothing

white robe = righteousness of the saints, washed in His blood

whore = prostitute, worthy of death, perversion, abomination, strange, adulterer, murderer

wilderness = secretive, uninhabited, plains/pastures, desert, mountains, forests

NOTE: In this passage it states the woman was moved by the Lord to flee to the wilderness to a place He prepared that would keep her safe. That denotes a secret location.

wind = true doctrine, false doctrine, commotion / war / strife / scattering / confusion

wine = New Testament, (old) false doctrine, spiritual fornication, God’s wrath

winepress = full vessel, God's wrath, God presses (tests) man

wings = deliverance, healing, protection, refuge, trusted, destroying, wind

wisdom = obedience, motherly guidance / prudence, secret, priceless, reverence towards God, fruit of God, experience, knowledge, righteousness, from God, principle thing, humbleness, builder, Holy Spirit, Jesus, just

witness = altar, Christians, Holy Spirit, the Lord, tabernacle (temple), testimony

woe = grief/despair, cry of despair

woman = church

wood = people

wool  = similar in definition to "snow", white, pure

world = inhabited earth

Word of God = fire, hammer, quick, powerful, sharper than any two edged sword, reads the heart, the Sword of the Spirit, in agreement with Heavenly host, Guide, buckler, right, Creator, Jesus, Healer, Truth, merciful, filled with hope, comforting, eternal, righteous, pure, awesome, understanding, deliverance, swift, etc.

works = standard of judgment, fruits of thy labor, Christian duty

wormwood = judgment, bitterness

wound = smite, mark, bruise, pain, injury, trap

wretched = body of death


Zion/Sion = Those that trust the Lord, daughter, the church, sanctuary, where Christ is, mountain, joy, loved of God, hated of man, Judah, strength, blessed, a cottage, redeemed

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