Anti-Pauline Movement EXPOSED


Over the years I have been sent a few emails and some in-depth studies that seek to make the apostle Paul to appear evil. And I find the emails never go anywhere after I send back a short study that places the proper context back on the verses or doctrines being sent to me that some declare to be their foundation for their anti-Pauline movement.

When more than a few people email me on such things, and especially if they send such studies to young church members wherein they try to confuse the brethren off the path of Christ, I realize I need to do a study on the false doctrine and place it on a webpage, a blog entry or even a video so as to allow me a quick way to send a link to the study the next time I am sent such things. This is actually why my main website grew to the size it did as there are a lot of false prophets out there trying to pull the people of God off the path of Christ and His righteousness. And so, due to yet another comment sent to me the other day regarding the apostle Paul, I decided itís time to make a blog entry as well as a video about this anti-Pauline movement.

What I like about this strange movement is just how easy it is to put down. I donít even have to do a long drawn out series of videos on all the twisted verses or any of their out of context assumptions on Paulís words wherein some mangle in the hopes of making Paul appear to be contradicting himself or even the Word of God in general because I know for a fact that if they were actually telling us the truth on this, and we were supposed to remove all 14 of Paulís epistles from the Holy Writ, we would be left with only 52 books of the Bible.

The main problem with doing that is the fact that if they did their homework and did an actual Bible study on the Heavenly Sanctuary which includes the in depth pattern given way back in Mosesí day, which is not just a doctrinal mountain of biblical truths, it is also jam packed with rock hard prophetic facts as well, if they did the study they would know there are 66 objects on the Candlestick that represents the Bible in the Holy Place. Why is that so important? Look at the original KJV Bible and you will find that it also has 66 books in it. Each of those 66 objects on that candlestick are a prophetic statement from the Creator God of the Bible telling each of Hid obedient children that He intended long ago that there would only be 66 books in His Bible.

And by the way, using the Candlestick in the Sanctuary to expose the anti-Pauline movement as of Satan himself works just as well as with the Catholic leaders who claim the Apocrypha is inspired of God. For if it was, there would be a lot more than just 66 objects on that Candlestick. YeahÖ sometimes itís just that easy to expose the lie.

That all being said, please pray for these poor souls who have been deceived by the wolves they call pastor. Pray that they do a study on the Sanctuary which includes digging into each and every item in that Sanctuary, and this includes the colors and materials used to build it because they will find that even the colors have doctrinal and prophetic meaning as well. If they do such a study on the Sanctuary which they can find listed online here, (click here to jump to the 66 objects) they would know they are being deceived by an agent of Satan who is not an obedient Christian pastor, preacher or teacher; for if they were obedient, the truth would be opened unto them. For the only way to understand prophecy or even doctrine is to obey the God that wrote it.

Being in the end of days as we are, Satan now has many false prophets out there as we speak whoís only hope is to make the entire Bible come off as bogus in the eyes of anyone sitting in their church wherein for whatever reason, they are not studying the Bible on their own so as to make sure what their pastor is saying matches that which is written. And yes, anyone can understand the written Word of God; for the Christian God that created all that is seen and unseen would never write a book His obedient children were unable to understand. After all, He created your brain as well as everything else, did He not?

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