Islamic Cleric: Muhammed Will Marry Virgin Mary in Heaven

"A leading Egyptian cleric irked his Christian compatriots when he said on television that the Islamic figure Muhammed would marry the Virgin Mary in heaven. …The Quran said: ‘Allah will give [the Prophet] women preferable to his wives, Muslim, pious, pure women.'” One, he said, referred to Asiya and the other to Mary. Egypt’s Christian community was […]

poGm VIDEO: Vatican Controls US Media!

There is something most people and especially Roman Catholics keep missing for some reason even though it's out in the open for all to see. It has to do with the way the Vatican indoctrinates the people in their churches. They have been using this exact same method which is hidden in plain sight for […]

Al Gore rewrites history to promote movie

"The original movie wasn’t without controversy, as a judge in the United Kingdom said it could be shown in the nation’s schools only if schools alert students to nine statements “that are not supported by current mainstream scientific consensus.” Now that the promotions for “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” have begun, critics have found yet […]

Donald Trump Executive Actions Kill TPP..

"President Donald Trump signed three executive actions this morning, killing the Trans-Pacific partnership, instituting a federal hiring freeze, and restoring the Mexico City policy, which bans federal funds from being used to fund abortions. “We’ve been talking about this for a long time … a great thing for the American worker,” Trump said after signing […]