SDA pastors caught LYING

NOW ON VIDEO Click for updated Headlines – 04-01-19 For as long as anyone can remember, the SDA church leaders have been saying over and over again that the SDA church is the "remnant church." In fact, they have been saying this for so long that all the SDA people now echo their claims as […]

Media using FAKE Christians to Weaken Their Resistance

NOW ON VIDEO UPDATED Headlines 03-18-19 It seems the main stream media is trying to get weak Christians around the world to follow the lead of a lukewarm Christian so as to help Rome enforce their mark in the very near future. Check this out. HEADLINE: North Korea prison camp survivor: 'Am I a Christian? Yes. […]

Real Reason for Climate Change – JESUS IS COMING!

UPDATED News Articles 03-11-19 NOW ON VIDEO As students of prophecy we can look around and see it is time to fearlessly go forth to declare unto all that Jesus Christ our Lord is returning. All we see happening in nature confirms His soon arrival and the Pope knows this via his satanic agencies helping […]