PROPHECY FULFILLING: Catholicism will be LAW in USA

NOW ON VIDEO NEWS HEADLINES UPDATED 06-11-19 "At the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Mulvaney said that principles of the Catholic faith are manifested within the Trump administration… The president has allowed us, Christians of all denominations, folks from all different faiths … to be very vocal about their faith. …I’m comfortable as a […]

Media using FAKE Christians to Weaken Their Resistance

NOW ON VIDEO UPDATED Headlines 03-18-19 It seems the main stream media is trying to get weak Christians around the world to follow the lead of a lukewarm Christian so as to help Rome enforce their mark in the very near future. Check this out. HEADLINE: North Korea prison camp survivor: 'Am I a Christian? Yes. […]

Roman Catholic Cardinals in the SDA church?!

UPDATED: Daily Headlines Below 01-07-19 NOW ON VIDEO As we all know the Vatican hierarchy is made up of many ranks just as was the original military ranks of Pagan Rome. And one of the ranks that just about everyone alive knows about is in fact the office of Cardinal which is second only to […]

Roman Catholic Nuns in the SDA church?!

NOW ON VIDEO UPDATED: Daily Headlines Below 01-02-19 As promised, this is another blog entry highlighting the agreements between the SDA General Conference and the Roman Catholic Vatican. And what I am about to share now is something most in the SDA church would never believe unless you showed them proof in writing, and so […]