SDA Pastors Caught Red-handed – Every SDA needs to get this Book!

HEADLINES UPDATED 07-17-19 NOW ON VIDEO What I am about to share is just a smattering of what's in the booklet titled "Reviving the Original Spirit of Prophecy Writings." The booklet consists of 79 pages that boldly exposes every Seventh Day Adventist leader standing as a GC leader, pastor or evangelist today. In these 79 […]

Please Stop Defending False SDA Prophets

NOW ON VIDEO Since posting the videos proving David Gates is a false prophet, some have gone so far as to claim he messed up just like William Miller did when he set a date and so he is not a false prophet. Problem is, the mistake of Miller was prophesied. The date setting of […]

SDA Removed “A Solemn Warning” Testimonies Vol. 8.

NOW ON VIDEO HEADLINES updated 05-27-19 Many in the SDA church are unaware of this but, the SDA church has compiled their own version of "Testimonies for the church" as well as other books so as to prevent the truth from getting out regarding their wicked ways. Notice what we see here in the Government […]

Great Controversy CHANGED to keep pews filled

HEADLINES Updated 05-10-19 NOW ON VIDEO Before sharing what I am about to share it is imperative that you consider getting the book put together by Vern Bates at titled, "A Study of the 1884 Great Controversy Changes" because there is no online version available. And for those that prefer the video that the […]