Are Political Spies in Churches?

In the United States, with presidential elections only months away, political spies may be attending Sunday church services.The Kansas City Star reports that in Johnson County volunteers from a liberal group called the "Mainstream Coalition" will attend Sunday services in different churches; 100 volunteers will slip into church, trying to catch political statements from the pulpit which might violate U.S. federal law.The move is an apparent reaction to a recent meeting of area pastors who encouraged each other to speak out more on issues involving moral choices. The pastors' meeting was called after the Kansas legislature voted against a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages., July 2, 2004

This is just another benefit of the 501C3 trap. Get caught speaking against a certain political party from your pulpit, and your tax free status is pulled! And what's worse, when they pull it, it's retoractive. In other words. If you have been a church for 20 years, you now owe back taxes and penalties on all those years! That's how easy Government force can be realized. Now, think about how easy it will be when they plan to enforce their MARK. Most "Sunday" keeping churches will go along. But there are some that have "listened" to what us Sabbath keepers have said abou tthat "MARK." The Lord's Word never comes back to Him void!

One question... Why is it the Roman Catholic Church can BROADCAST GLOBALLY for the last month or so to their members on how to vote. Yet they have no Governmental problems? But if the non-Catholic churches voice their concerns about political issues, they will be in trouble? Sound like a double standard? Not really. Rome CONTROLS the U.S. Government.

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