After multiple requests seeking the pictures displayed within the Whore of Babylon FLASH animation, this ministry has opted to share them online.

3finger-guard 20KB
"Signaling the Trinity with raised fingers, a new Swiss Guard swears allegiance to  the Pope during the annual May 6 commemoration of the 1527 sack of Rome." -National Geographic Dec 1985, p. 741 Vol 168, No.6  

baal-crescent1 41KB
Pagan carving of the solar diety Baal-Hadad depicted as a disk in a crescent 

baal-crescent2 39KB
From the stele of Ur-Nammu of Ur (2112-2095BC) The solar blaze is the sun-god, Shamash, placed within the crescent of the moon-goddess, Nanna. 




baal-crescent2a 34KB
Ornament from King Tut's tomb. Notice the disk cradled within the crescent moon. Also notice the image of the young king himself upon the disk. 

baalface-1 27KB
Notice the face of the Roman Sun god. All around it are horns and rays emanating from it to depict the Sun in the sky. This relief is from the excavated Roman baths in Bath, England.  

baalface-2 33KB
Here the face of Apollo, the Greek sun-god better illustrates the straight (phallic) and wavy (yonic) symbols of paganism dualism all around it. This is found on temple of Apollo in the Pergamum Museum in East Berlin. 




baalface-rcc1 24KB
A Roman Catholic church in Scandinavia proudly displays the Face of the Babylonian sun-god upon their pulpit.

baalface-rcc2 19KB
Here we see the face of the sun-god at the very top of one of the serpentine pillars of Bernini's canopy in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

baalface-rcc3 24KB
Here the face is that of a child within the fertility symbol of the sun's rays on a Roman Catholic altar.




beads-buddah 27KB
Hindu deity holding prayer beads  

beads-egypt 26KB
Prayer beads were commonly buried with the pharaohs of Egypt. Pagan cults of the East also used the prayer beads in their religious practices  

beads-moslem 30KB
To this day Moslems still use beaded prayer chains  




beads-msopotamia 34KB
Notice the beaded prayer circle of the pagan priest in this Ancient cylinder seal from Mesopotamia  

beads-rcc-rosary 28KB
The beaded prayer chain of the Roman Catholic Rosary  

coptic-pagan 14KB
The coptic shell represents the Universe. Here we see a bronze statue of Atlas holding the coptic shell on his shoulders. 




coptic-pagan2 30KB
This coptic shell is found in the Louvre, Paris. 

coptic-pagan3 20KB
This is a Roman gravestone. The coptic shell here is used to symbolize the heavens. 

coptic-pagan4 37KB
Here we see a depiction of the birth of Venus within a coptic shell. 




coptic-pagan5 20KB
This is Poseidon. Notice the coptic shell as part of his head. 

coptic-pagan6 12KB
Venus is depicted here holding a large coptic shell. 

coptic-rcc 29KB
In St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican we see the pagan symbol for the Universe on a papal crest. 




coptic-rcc2 24KB
This coptic shell is found over the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral in London. 

coptic-rcc3 27KB
This coptic shell doubles as a holy water font in a Roman Catholic church. 

coptic-rcc4 13KB
An angel statue in a Roman Catholic church is seen here holding the coptic shell of Babylon as a holy water font. 




dagon-1 10KB
Oannes, Babylonian fish-god. It is believed Nimrod came back to life half man half fish. Notice the fish's head worn upon the human head  

dagon-2 32KB
Neptune / Poseidon was considered ruler of the underworld / sea. He was yet another representation of the sun god of Babylon  

dagon-3 21KB
Here we see a stone carving from Assyria, in a Pergamum Museum, East Berlin of pagan priests dressed as half man, half fish performing a pagan ritual of sprinkling holy water  




dagon-4 25KB
Zooming in you can better see the man wearing the fish head mitre of Babylon. Also notice how the scales of the fish run down the back of the man  

dagon-5 19KB
In this etching of Dagon (Dag - fish, on - sun) the sun-fish god of Babylon, you can see the fish head mitre as well as the scales running down the back much better  

dagon-6 18KB
Cybele, the mystery goddess of Asia Minor as well as Syria illustrates rather plainly the Episcopal mitre upon her head  




dagon-pope1 27KB
Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as high church officials. Also notice upon every Bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fish head mitre of Babylon.

dagon-pope2 18KB
Upon every Bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fish head mitre of Babylon   

eye-pagan 18KB
Here we see a Masonic pendant displaying the eye with a solar blaze about it in a triangle, surrounded by a snake with his tail in his mouth. This is symbolic of the cosmic force or 666 god, the ruler of the Zodiac. 




eye-pagan2 31KB
This large evil eye is engraved on a Roman sarcophagus at the National Archaeological Museum in Rome, Italy. 

eye-pagan3 19KB
This is an engraving on an Egyptian temple of Hathor, the eye of Osiris. 

eye-pagan4 14KB
The eye of Osiris is often used as a pendant against magic. 




eye-pagan5 28KB
The very same eye on the United States one dollar bill. 

eye-rcc 16KB
Very same evil eye of Osiris is found on this Roman Catholic pulpit in Paris, France. 

eye-rcc2 31KB
The Pagan eye of Osiris is found on this pendant that is used by a Roman Catholic youth group in the Philippines. 




eye-rcc3 25KB
Here we see the evil eye watching worshipers perched high above from the apex of the dome in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 

eye-rcc4 32KB
This evil eye is actually on a confessional in the cathedral of Milano, Italy. 

globe-pagan1 18KB
A statue of Isis, the Roman Egyptian goddess. Notice the globe being held in her hand. 




globe-pagan2 12KB
Here we see Hercules who is also a considered a representative of the solar deity in a small bronze statue holding a globe. 

globe-pagan3 19KB
The Persian sun-god Mithra is depicted here as well holding the globe. The globe is actually a Babylonian symbol of rulership of the universe. 

globe-rcc1 20KB
Here the Roman Catholic church is placing  the Pagan globe in the hand of Jesus Christ. 




globe-rcc2 11KB
Here the "Catholic" child Jesus is depicted holding the Pagan globe. 

globe-rcc3 17KB
Another example of globe holding is depicted in this statue of the black virgin of Montserrat. 

goddess-crosier 19KB
Greek goddess of wisdom and war, Athena is depcited here holding the serpent crosier in her right hand, a symbol of power.




halo-pagan1 23KB
Notice the halo behind one of the Japanese gods of happiness  

halo-pagan2 19KB
Here we see Krishna with a golden halo blaze behind the head.   

halo-pagan3 20KB
This Hindu deity in the Gamet Museum in Paris has a large halo disc behind the head 




halo-rcc1 18KB
Notice the exact same large halo disc of the Hindu religion is also found behind the head of this Roman Catholic statue in Westminster Cathedral London.  

halo-rcc2 23KB
You can find literally thousands of statues, paintings, carvings, and photos of Roman Catholic popes, bishops, priests, and saints with 'halos' in every Roman Catholic church the world over  

halo-rcc3 37KB
Here we see Jesus Himself depicted with the Babylonian halo behind His head. Also notice the solar halos upon each cross on either side of the "Jesus" in this glass   




heart-baal 28KB
Quetzalcoatl, the lord of life and death displays the "sacred heart of Babylon"  

heart-rcc 20KB
The Roman Catholic Sacred Heart. 

keys-baal 14KB
Pagan image holding the keys that open heaven and hell as well as peace and war. 




keys-rcc 10KB
In 437ad the pope of that day proclaimed the Roman Catholic church held the keys of heaven and hell.  

king-worship-baal 26KB
Assyrian style carving of King Bar-Raqqah (8th century BC) worshipping the sun-god depicted as a crescent moon cradling a solar disk shape.  

mary-bolt 28KB
Notice "Mary" the true god of Roman Catholicism holding the lightning bolt symbol of "chief god" in the exact same manner as Zeus and all his counterparts of Babylon.  




mesop-crosier 29KB
Mesopotamian king or demi-god with the crooked diving staff that represents both the serpent crosier as well as the lightning bolt 

monstrance1 22KB
The monstrance of the Roman Catholic church is used to display the "disk" shaped communion wafer within a crescent moon cradle.   

monstrance2 17KB
Notice the crescent moon cradle within the sun shaped monstrance of the Roman Catholic church. Once the communion wafer is placed within it, the priest parades it before the people so they can formally worship and adore it.  




monstrance3 27KB
All Roman Catholic monstrances have a crescent to hold the wafer-god of Babylon within it, thereby depicting an exact duplicate of Babylonian worship of the sun-god BAAL.   

pine-assyrian 17KB
 Notice the pine cone that represents power of regeneration displayed by this Assyrian winged god. This can actually be traced to Tammuz of Babylon 

pine-decor-rcc 15KB
The pine cone is found all throughout the Vatican as well as countless Cathedrals and churches of the Roman Catholic church  




pine-greekgod1 34KB
In this scuplture we see the pine cone staff being held by Bacchus the Roman-Greek god of drunkeness and revelry  

pine-greekgod2 35KB
Here Dionysus, the Greek god carries the pine cone staff as a symbol of fertility  




pine-hinduhand 13KB

pine-johnpaul 17KB
Notice the pine cone upon the Pope's staff    


pine-largest 19KB
The largest pine cone sculpture on Earth can be found in the "Court of the Pine" in the Vatican itself  


pine-lamp 13KB


pine-mexican 18KB
Here we see the pine cone being held by a Mexican god symbolizing rebirth and the sun  

pine-osiris 11KB
The pine cone staff is also used to symbolize the solar god Osiris as we see here  

pine-pope-statue 21KB
Notice the pine cone upon the Pope's staff  




pius-3fingers 23KB
Here we see Pope Pius XII (Hitler's pope) with his three finger salute of Babylon  

pope-horis 27KB
Upon every Bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fish head mitre of Babylon.

Also Notice the eye of Satan looking down on the gathering of Roman Catholic Bishops.

popestatue2 18KB
Upon every Bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fish head mitre of Babylon 




rcc1 8KB
Zoom in on the hand gesture of the statue "Peter" in the Vatican  

rcc2 15KB
This statue which was originaly named "Jupiter" in a Pagan temple is now in the Vatican and re-named "Peter." Notice the Pagan symbol of the trident depicted in the same hand gesture of Babylon  

rcc3 14KB
Satanic hand gestures of Pagan Rome are found on thousands of statues as well as paintings all throughout the Vatican as well as countless cathedrals and Roman Catholic churches the world over  




rcc4 12KB
Notice the Pagan trident symbol in the hand of the infant Jesus along with the tridents coming out of the statue's head  

rcc-crosier-1 26KB
Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as high church officials  

rcc-crosier-2 15KB
Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as high church officials   




rcc-crosier-stat-1 28KB
Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as high church officials   

rcc-crosier-stat-2 15KB
Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as high church officials    

Religion 132.jpg



Religion 132 71KB

Religion 392.jpg

sanctus 19KB
This door of gold in the chapel of St. Ignatius in San Francisco California displays several symbols for the solar disc god of ancient Babylon. The depiction of the Unicorn, Peacock, as well as Phoenix are also recognized in the occult world to be symbols for the sun, Lucifer, or Satan himself. 


Religion 392 33KB


sanctus-l 11KB


serpant1 21KB
Notice the winged serpent spirit that signified the soul of the deceased Egyptian  

serpant2 27KB
Winged serpent guardians protecting King Tut's throne  

sanctus-r 10KB



serpant3 16KB
Mayan serpent sun god, Quetzalcoatl depicted coming from the mouth of a dragon.   

serpant4 35KB
Winged serpent depicted carrying departed soul to Heaven  

serpant5 28KB
Winged serpent door handle on St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, California  




serpant6 36KB
Winged dragon on large papal crest in Vatican museum.
NOTE: Vatis = diviner. Can = serpent. Vatican = The Divining Serpent  

tiara-pagan 21KB
Notice the multi level crown on this Babylonian god from 1800 B.C.  

tiara-pagan2 14KB
This Assyrian winged-bull cherubim sports a tri-level tiara in a British Museum. 




tiara-pagan3 15KB
Even Krishna is depicted with the tri-level tiara. 

tiara-pagan4 18KB
This is a Jewish Kabbalistic solar diety in the form of a human-headed dragon. Can you see this tri-level tiara on it's head symbolizing cosmic rulership?  

tiara-pagan5 16KB
This is a Jewish Kabbalistic solar diety in the form of a human-headed dragon. Can you see this tri-level tiara on it's head symbolizing cosmic rulership?  ZOOMED IN




tiara-rcc 10KB
All throughout the history of the Roman Catholic church the popes have worn the tri-level tiara of the ancient solar cult of Babylon. They do so as an open declaration of their desire to be the god of earth, heaven, and hell. 

tiara-rcc2 22KB
On this bronze tomb of Pope  Sixtus (Pope 6) you can see  him wearing the tri-level tiara of the solar cult of Babylon.  

tiara-rcc3 11KB
The tri-level tiara / triple crown that is kept in the Vatican treasury. Rome.




tiara-rcc4 6KB
On this bronze tomb of Pope  Sixtus (Pope 6) you can see  him wearing the tri-level tiara of the solar cult of Babylon.  ZOOMED IN 

trident-adad 16KB
The trident of Babylon was placed in hands of all Pagan gods. Adad, Enlil, Neptune, Poseidon and other gods were all depicted as carrying tridents  


trident-cross 15KB
Notice the tridents jutting out of this cross upon the altar of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Also notice the waving of the outer spikes of the fork symbolizing Pagan dualism   




trident-cross2 21KB
Notice the tridents jutting out of this cross upon the altar of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Also notice the waving of the outer spikes of the fork symbolizing Pagan dualism  

trident-enlil 16KB
Notice this trident depicts the wavy lines of the female and the straight line of the  male. Thereby creating the Pagan symbolism of male and female unity/dualism  

trident-hndu 13KB
This Hindu god not only has the trident, it also places the "fleur de lis" a fertility symbol embraced throughout the east upon it.  




trident-infant 15KB
Here we see the trident of Babylon coming out of the head of the infant  Jesus Christ. It also depicts the Pagan symbol of dualism within it.Not only does it display the trident, three finger salute, as well as golden skin of Baal. It also has the infant Jesus holding the Pagan globe.

trident-neptune 18KB
Poseidon or Neptune also carried the trident as ruler of the sea or underworld. This same trident is also depicted in many artifacts and carvings of the horned, hoofed sun god of Babylon. The devil is also depicted with the very same trident / pitchfork.  

tut-crosier 21KB
King Tut holds the crooker augur (serpent crosier) in his hand so as to identify himself in death with Osiris the sun and god of the dead.  




votive1 14KB
Notice the three finger salute of Buddah. It is actually a representation of the trident of Babylon  

votive2 9KB
Notice the same Pagan salute of the "votive hand" on a statue of Apollo in the London Museum  

votive3 14KB
Here we see a Hindu deity displaying the trident sign with the thumb and two fingers extended  




votive4 12KB
Finally we see a pre-Christian votive hand taken directly from a Pagan temple  

wheel-pagan 15KB
Notice the Solar wheel over the entrance of a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

wheel-pagan2 12KB
This bronze ornament carrys both the eye of  Osiris as well as the solar wheel at the base. 




wheel-pagan3 18KB
Here we see a solar wheel of the sun on an Assyrio-Babylonian altar. 


wheel-rcc 42KB
Roman Catholic solar wheel on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. 


wheel-pagan4 51KB


wheel-rcc2 41KB
Solar wheel depicted in the floor tiles of the monastery of St. Ignatius. 

wheel-rcc3 29KB
Solar wheel in the ceiling of another monastery of St. Ignatiius Loyola. This one is in Spain. 

wheel-rcc4 21KB
Here we see the Roman Catholic church goes so far as to have an engraving of a Catholic bishop from a manuscript on the tales of the middle ages. Notice not only the solar wheel, but the serpent crosier as well as the mitre of Dagon. 




wheel-rcc5 21KB
Here we see the "Catholic" madonna figure holding the solar wheel.  

wheel-rcc6 35KB
The largest solar wheel on Earth. The court of St Peter at the Vatican in Rome. Notice the wheel within the wheel, with eight spokes. This is a common  symbol for cosmic energy in the religion of paganism.

wheel-rcc7 22KB
A decorative wheel found on the altar of a Roman Catholic church. 




zeus-bolt 19KB
Zeus the Greek god holds the symbol of thunder (a lightning bolt) in his hand as "chief god." This symbol originated in Mesopotamia. He is called Marduck in Babylon,Baal in Canaan, Adad in Assyria, Jupiter in Rome, and Enlil, the hoofed horned lord of demons in Sumeria. (This is where we got the symbolic hoofed figure of the devil)  

zoom-pius-3fingers 11KB
Here we see Pope Pius XII (Hitler's helper) with his three finger salute of Babylon   





Above pictures were compiled originally by James Aribito in the "Illustrated version of the Great Controversy."

 The Presents of God ministry