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Christian greetings everyone. It seems I too must speak my piece regarding this Roman Catholic movie called "the Passion of the Christ." I wasn’t going to say much simply because I usually don’t like to comment on media generated hoopla. But this movie the Passion has bothered me to no end. Especially when I see the Remnant of God Christians flocking to it as if it’s some sort of evangelistic tool they can use. This movie is Roman Catholic to the core, and that alone should be the reason to steer clear. All I see here is a movie designed to get the daughters of the Whore back home and busy for their mother. Rome needs to start the persecutions again, and as usual she needs someone to do her work for her. Please don't get me wrong in thinking I am harping here on Rome. This is absolute prophetic fact for our day. We as Christians know this is about to happen, and so I feel it is necessary to be as blunt as the prophecy itself.

There is a specific prophetic order of things I see this movie taking part in. But before sharing that order, we must all understand the method of operation the Vatican has always used to get her evil work done, yet at the same time "appear” to be uninvolved, or appalled by the goings on. Look at the crusades of old where Rome actually invents the Muslim religion, and then convinces them to run rampant across the land so as to kill all the Jews and Christians that speak out against her. Then look at the Inquisitions, and massive killings of the Vatican itself during the prophecied dark ages. Rome had the governing officials in the Vatican controlled regions of the world kill hundreds of millions of innocent Christians. Their crime? They did not want to believe in the Roman Catholic version of Christ. They preferred the one described in their bibles. That was their one and only crime! Then looking in history we see the self professed Roman Catholic madman, Adolph Hitler, and his insane killings. Why is it so hard for anyone to believe Rome was involved? Rome did the exact same thing with the Muslim's that they did with Hitler. But when the Muslims decided not to give Rome what she felt was due her. Rome attacked with a vengeance in the Crusades. The end results were millions upon millions dead! Rome was just as involved with Hitler as she was with Mohhamed back then. In fact, documented evidence has now surfaced to prove just that. The Vatican is right now in the midst of a major lawsuit due to her actions in concert with Hitler. Strange how the media doesn't seem to pick up on that isn't it? The nice thing about the Internet is, even high profile Lawyers can publish their findings online. And for those that feel this is all a farce, those lawyers handling the lawsuit against Rome have not only published their law office address, their phone numbers are all over the site as well. You can verify all this on my "Vatican War Crimes" page in the Current Events section of the website. Also notice the massive length of links on that page sharing sites that expose the Vatican's involvement on this point all around the world..

All throughout history the Roman Catholic church has done massive evils. This is not something anyone has to be convinced of. Our day will be no exception! Prophecy confirms that. Antichrist is one cunning enemy. But not cunning enough to hide behind the Truth we have been blessed with in the Word of a loving Father.

Prophecy said the three frogs of Revelation need to get on same lily pad before long.

Revelation is plain. As students of prophecy are aware, the three frogs are as follow…

Just as prophecy predicted, the devil is gathering all to his camp using his two favorite entities. The whore, and the daughters of the whore. The “Mother of Harlots” (Rev 17:5) is once again being used by the dragon to gather his flock under his hellishly burnt wings. The beginning of the One World Church on June 26, 2000 is open evidence of this global entity of hell. When this church came into being, MANY students of prophecy started to become even more vocal. What comes next is what we as Christians need to get a handle on. We have already seen over the years that ALL Protestant churches have embraced all that their mother in Rome has given them to drink or chew on. The list is truly a sad but accurate tale of the prophesied lukewarm churches of today.

ALL of Protestantism claims Roman Theology as doctrine today. Some more than others.

Sunday Keeping
Immediate life after death
Eternal life in hellfire
7 Year Tribulation
Pre-Trib Rapture
Infant baptism
Pope as “Holy Father”
Good Friday observance

Easter eggs
Easter bunnys
St. Valentine
Wedding rings
Pagan steeples
Sunrise services
Commandments abolished
The millennium (on Earth)
Ministers in special clothing
Fasting in Lent

Rome has taught her daughters well. If you are in a church that embraces these spurious doctrines or rituals, you may as well have a priest on your pulpit, and an alter boy by his side. None of this is biblical, and all of it is Pagan. Many to this day that assume they stand outside of Rome claim to have no ties to Rome. Yet when you look at their church buildings, you see Pagan architecture, you see the Phallic symbol on their roofs, and you see their stained glass windows in the shape of Pagan solar wheels, the list is endless. The daughters are primed and ready, and this is why such a huge flock has gathered at the feet of a bluntly admitted Roman Catholic movie called “The Passion of the Christ.”

The irony of 'The Passion': Protestants flock to film that relies upon Counter Reformation art (Washington Post)

This movie has drawn more Protestants back to Rome than any other Roman Catholic public relations ploy to date. Seriously, has anyone seen such a massive flocking to the halls of Rome before this day in History? This movie is a Roman Catholic creation solely for the sake of filling pews, and closing eyes to the evils of Rome! The recent molestation scandals have caused a fairly large exodus from Rome. But now we see them coming  back! Like Roman Dogma, this movie is not based on the Bible. Gibson even admitted this in numerous interviews! It is actually based on Roman Catholic mysticism, and the demonic visions of two Catholic nuns. Catherine Emmerich (1774 – 1824) and Mary of Agreda (1602 – 1665).

Gibson himself has admitted he believes his wife is going to hell because she is a Protestant Christian. Is this Mel’s way of evangelizing his wife and all her church goers? The hype of this movie is actually getting all the world to break the first two commandments! The first commandment forbids other gods, and the second forbids bowing before them. Yet ALL of Protestant America is proclaiming this a holy and blessed movie worthy of embrace when they know this is not the Jesus of the Bible. And they praise a movie FROM HOLLYWOOD no less! Why do Christians close their eyes to the fact it's from Hollywood? Because they WANT to. It pleases the senses! It's no different than so called "Christian rock" music of today. They like the beat, yet they know it's wrong. Even Science has proven the rock beat to be harmful to humans. But since the words are supposedly a Christian message, they think it's ok. If that's the case, why I ask did Paul command the demon out of the certain damsel in Acts chapter 16? Wasn't she proclaiming a Christian message? Wasn't she boldly saying Paul and his friends were speaking the Oracles of God? Did she not state they would show the people the way of salvation? Yes, right on all counts. But Paul still cast that demon from her. Why? SHE WAS MOCKING THE LORD! She was possessed by a spirit of divination. And everyone in that city knew it. The Word even reported her masters saw great gain in her demonic activities. And when Paul cast that demon out, they were angry because they would loose money. She was mixing truth with error. She was proclaiming herself a believer in Christ, yet showing no signs of stopping her sin. Is this no different than Christian "rock" music? Is this no different then the movie Mel Gibson put out?

Think about it. The "certain damsel" is walking in sin before the eyes of men. And the men know it! It's not even hidden! Like the Christian rockers, or the Mel Gibson's of the world. She starts to proclaim Christ Savior. But, she still does her evil acts, the rocker still uses the rock beat, and Mel still preaches Roman dogma. Now all that look upon these mockers will think they too can embrace Christ as Savior while still in sin! This my friends is the ultimate Roman Catholic theology. They believe you are saved IN your sins. But Christ came to save us FROM our sins!

Some will say that I am being a bit rough here. Some will also say that this movie, even though it has 85% error in it will be used by the Lord to bless many. Some may even second guess the Lord and say "He might approve of bits of this movie here and there." I say…

Strong words, yes. However, do not blame me, for I did not pen those Words. Your God did. Some will say “perhaps… possibly.. or by chance,” our Lord may use this film for good. But I say, why second guess the God you worship when He has already made it plain in His Word what His thoughts are concerning such matters as this? If He has already spoken on the matter, why assume He hasn't? Why assume the Lord will use bits and pieces of an evil film, when you already have His Word saying He doesn't approve? The certain damsel spoke truth about Jesus, but does the Lord approve of her methods? You have His Word on it that He does not approve. Why would anyone think He approves of this movie by Mel Gibson then?

Is Antichrist testing the people? Count on it! It is now obvious now that MANY Protestants will flock to a theater to watch a movie they KNOW is filled with Roman Catholic traditions, rituals, superstitions, and out and out unbiblical errors. Will these same Protestants flock to a field one day to see one claiming to be Jesus Christ Himself? Sadly, yes. Many will, just as prophecy declared they will. Antichrist is counting on that! This movie is priming them for a religious revival only Rome could do. One that will herald the arrival of the Roman Catholic Jesus students of prophecy know full well is THE ANTICHRIST.

Jesus wasn't kidding when He said "don't go there" in Matthew 24:26. No matter how strong of a Christian you may be, you will fall! Take for example John, the favored Apostle of Christ. He walked with Christ! He watched Christ raise the dead, heal the sick, and preach eternal life unto the masses. This is also the same Apostle "Jesus loved." Jesus even asked John to care for His mother while on the cross. And Jesus gave John the Revelation for all mankind while on the Isle of Patmos. Yet, what happened when this well known strong Apostle, and follower of Jesus Christ stepped into the presence of an angel? Revelation 19:10 tells us John fell at the feet of that angel IN WORSHIP! Of course the angel was a good angel and directed John to stop committing that sin. He told him to get up and worship God alone. But this Antichrist that is soon to arrive in a theater, desert, or inner room near you will not be a good angel. He WANTS worship! (Isaiah 14:14) Are you stronger than John the favored Apostle of Christ? Then why try your faith? Why not do as Jesus already instructed us to do in the first place? DON'T GO THERE!

Human curiosity in situations like this is what Satan hopes many will fall for. That way he will have an easier job of it when he announces his arrival as Christ on Earth. How many Christians walked into those Theaters knowing it was wrong, but lied to themselves saying it can't be that bad since the plot is based on truth? Take heed lest ye fall Christian!

Most historians know about the reformation, as well as the way the USA was formed on Protestant theology. But look at the most recent example of proof that Protestants have become lukewarm to what their forefathers have made known concerning Rome. Not too long ago ALL of Protestant America was disgusted with Roman Catholicism due to the massive child molestation situation. In fact, this is still in the media on a daily basis! However, directly after this global scandal hits, Mel Gibson is given an “idea” to make a movie based on Roman Catholic dogma about Jesus Christ. The movie is released. And now almost ALL of the Protestants that once looked upon Rome as an evil entity, once again look upon her as their mother in the faith. They have all decided to look the other way and embrace her one again. 100% OF ALL the TV preachers are now pushing this movie. In fact, the TV Networks are now giving the ok to churches that want to advertise the movie for their own flocks ON TV! And they offer it at a discount.




Faith Highway is offering unique 30 second television Passion commercials as an outreach tool for local churches. The Standard version contains a 3 line graphic tag, and is priced at $795 for the usage license. The national average price for cable air time is $15-35 per spot because the average cable market coverage is between 30,000 and 70,000 homes! Call 1-888-OUTREACH for more information or visit their web site at



This movie is nothing more than a two hour commercial for Roman Catholicism! Nothing more, nothing less! Rome needed this shot in the arm to get the sheeple of America to forget about how they molested their sons. Sadly, we see that Satan has picked Gibson to be his front man on this revival of the worst kind. I believe this movie is going to generate more Catholic supporters than any other method Satan has used in the past centuries of deception and force. Were you aware there is also information available online and off on how to book an entire theater for a private showing for churches, or other groups, for evangelistic crusades? Cinemark, AMC Entertainment, Lowe's Complex, and Ogden theaters are flooding their movie goers with all sorts of flyers on this. Plus, they have set up numerous websites as well so as to generate a global cash cow. You can check out some of the pages they recently put up here...

Now all those that are too poor to view this blasphemous film have to do is wait for their local churches to book the theaters, and they can get in for free! Think of all the homeless that are about to be lied to! It's bad enough they have a hard row to hoe, they now have to contend with deceptions designed by the ultimate serpent.

Another strange development seems to be brewing as well on this. For those that seek to share their disgust for this film, you can most assuredly expect a flurry of hate like never before! The 60 minutes star Andy Rooney made a negative statement regarding Mel Gibson, and he was swamped with 30,000 pieces of mail and e-mail in response to his February 22, 2004 comments. (Click here for the article with some of the hate mail listed.) You can thank Channel 4 News on the CBS station affiliate WCCO for sharing these facts. And as you read their foul language, name calling, and all sorts of insults, keep in mind, these are people that saw the film and thought it was a good Christian movie. In other words, their Christians? These foul mouthed people are Christians? Is this a preamble of the coming days? Is this a repeat of Roman Catholic evangelistic tactics of old? If you object to Rome and it's agenda, they will attack you with a flurry of hate! And as we can see, they are already teaching the Protestants on how to do this. Can we stop it? No you cannot. I am not even going to suggest you try. Prophecy must be fulfilled! All you can do is get your house in order. What is prophecied to occur is already started.

For those Mel Gibson fans that think Mel has changed into a holy man or something thanks to this movie. Think again. Many will object to people proclaiming his past as something that should be kept in the past, if in fact Mel has turned over a new leaf and has decided to become a devout Catholic. And I agree. Once forgiven, it's forgotten. But this is not the Catholic way. Mel has always been a devout Catholic. Even during his many lethal weapon movies he claimed Catholicism as his own. Sad truth is, Roman Catholics are taught there is not sin in violence, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And this quick article proves it's the same ole same ole for Mel regardless of how "blessed" he may appear to some...



Mel Gibson in line for "Lethal Weapon 5"!
New York | March 12, 2004 4:00:36 PM IST
Oscar-winning actor Mel Gibson is being roped in to make a fifth "Lethal Weapon" film. According to a report, the "Passion Of The Christ" filmmaker is reportedly in talks with director Richard Donner, who is persuading Gibson to reprise his role as renegade cop Martin Riggs. However, there is no word on whether Gibson's co-star Danny Glover will support him as detective Roger Murtaugh. The last "Lethal Weapon" film - which also starred Rene Russo - was released in 1998. (ANI)

Lethal Weapon 5?
By Peter Mitchell March 10, 2004
Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 4.
Picture: Warner Bros

 If Mel Gibson, on his way to raking in $US1 billion with The Passion of the Christ, wants to return to action films, one of his Hollywood buddies has a familiar project for him. Richard Donner, director of the four Lethal Weapon movies, is keen to shoot Lethal Weapon 5, but it all hinges on Gibson being willing to resurrect his crazy cop character Martin Riggs. "It's up to Mel," Donner said. "If he says yes then there's another Lethal Weapon. I have a great story, I'd love to do it and put Lethal Weapon to bed." -AAP



Is this just a rumor? Or is it truth? Seems the net is buzzing all about it. Time will tell people. Mel has to be very careful now as to what role's he will pick to portray, or what movies to direct. Or does he? Truth is, Rome is no stranger to controversy, so why should one of their own worry about what people may think? In fact, if you do a search on the Internet for the three women that played, Mary Magdalene, the wife of Pontius Pilate, and Satan, you will find they are not only European models, and actresses. They are also very happy to stand before the cameras wearing all sorts of sinful outfits, in disgusting sexual poses as well as do those poses completely naked. I will not give their names here so as to prevent anyone from being tempted to look them up on the web.

Since Mel Gibson, as well as the Vatican itself are completely aware that these women are European porn stars, I don't anticipate they will be bothered by what people think. Judging by how the people reacted to Andy Rooney's comments, I expect many of the same people that saw the "Passion of the Christ" will see no wrong in seeing the "Lethal Weapon 5" when it hits the theaters. At least the 30,000 so called Christians that shared violent words with Rooney can be easily figured to be ticket buyers don't you think? It's not like their the "peaceful" types anyway eh? Perhaps the blood 'n guts is why they went to see the Passion movie in the first place. Seems like a no brainer to me folks. Violence sells! And it is truly all about the money why Rome is backing this, and Gibson is doing it. Truth is, if it were only for the "message of the Gospel" that Mel Gibson did this film, explain this...



Mel Gibson sues over pirating of "The Passion"
(March 6, 2004)

LOS ANGELES: "Hollywood star Mel
Gibson's company has sued a movie post-production film where workers allegedly made pirate copies of his hit movie "The Passion of the Christ," court documents showed Friday. Gibson's production company Icon Distribution alleged that Lightning Media Inc. is responsible for the action of three employees who were last month charged by prosecutors with copying the films at the facility. ...Authorities on February 12 charged Lightning Media workers Richard Young, Victor Ochoa and Frank Pelayo with illegally making their own copies of copyrighted pre-release movies, at least one of which ended up on the black market. " -AFP Read more



Gibson has already netted hundreds of millions of dollars. Still he sues to prevent anymore of his precious treasure from being depleted. How much would he stand to loose to a corner bootlegger? Don't get me wrong. Bootlegging is illegal. But is this really a national or international bootlegging network? Or is it truly as the article stated? Three employees made personal copies for themselves, and only ONE copy is alleged to have hit the street.
Why is this version of Jesus more popular that the Jesus of the Bible? It’s no different than the gapers at car accidents, or those that love to attend the slasher flicks of Hollywood. Paul warned that in these last days Christians would be lovers of pleasures, more than lovers of God. We all have Bibles do we not? We have all read about what Jesus went through did we not? We all know what price our loving Savior paid for our salvation. Why do we need to ZOOM IN on a whip that is tearing His flesh? Why do we need to see His blood spatter through the air in slow motion? Why do we need to see a fist hit His precious face jarring it violently before our eyes? Why do we need Hollywood with it’s special effects, adding to and taking away from that which is written in His book of Truth? Because it's the last days people!

Why am I so against this movie? Because I see prophecy being fulfilled here. And I see many looking the other way. That is mostly what saddens me and brings such a strong desire to my heart to speak out against such an evil as this.

Protestants need to accept Roman Theology if the mark of the beast is going to be enforced. Protestant America needs to form an IMAGE of Rome so that Rome can once again fade into the background while her daughters do her evil work of persecution. Prophecy declares the USA will create that image in our lifetime. Do you recall my October 28, 2002 Truth Provided Newsletter titled, “Christian Coalition to Create Image of Beast?” In that Newsletter I share evidence that Rome has solicited the help of Pat Robertson and his Christian Coalition to remove the church and state wall from our government, as well as enact religious laws upon the people of this land. Strange fact is, George W. Bush himself started this meeting of politicians and preachers, which by the way was directly against the laws of this land. That's the main reason they held the meeting! To get those laws changed. It is a well known fact now that this so called “Christian Coalition” is a very powerful political entity! It is jam packed with “Christian” politicians and pastors from all denominations. They are joining forces to “ensure Christian values” in Washington D.C. It was even noted in many publications that George W. Bush never would have been elected if it were not for the Christian Coalition’s vote motivating announcements to their listening faithful. So, it's obvious why he condoned and even started this meeting. He owed them!

What Pat Robertson did that day was effectively display his already created image of the beast before the eyes of Washington, and the World. There are already certain laws on the books preventing political statements being allowed from pulpits. Yet, Pat Robertson and his friends were able to convince over 5000 political activists to join with them so as to rebuke Washington. Many preachers made political statements on their pulpits at that widely publicized meeting, and all the politicians spoke of their “Jesus” from the pulpits as well. INCLUDING George W. Bush!

Now that Protestant America is already doing as Rome suggests, they now need a better education on Catholic contrived theology. And what better way to educate the masses than by pumping all sorts of eye candy before their faces in a Hollywood slasher flick called “The Passion of the Christ.”

Soon, the Christian Coalition, in conjunction with Rome and the USA Government will give life unto the image of that beast in Rome. Rome will once again fade into the background as she did for Mohammed, the officials during the Inquisition, and Hitler. Religious laws will be enacted by the “Christian Government” of the USA. And once again you will see Christians being killed for their faith. Rome has done this before, and she is about to put the pieces in play to get it done again. And the sad thing about all this is, WE KNOW THIS IS HOW THIS CHURCH WORKS! Yet most of the so called Protestants out there are now embracing mother Rome as if she never killed a single solitary Christian, or molested a single child.

The movie “The Passion of the Christ” has literally eaten up the Protestant reformation and spewed out yet another faction, or dare I say it, "DENOMINATION" of Roman Catholicism. Shall we call them Roman Protestants? Truth is, looking to how easily the Protestants are flocking to this evil movie, one can see it will be child's play to get them to accept Antichrist as Lord when he arrives. He will walk, talk, and act just like the widely accepted Jesus of Gibson's movie.

Let me ask all you Christians out there that are planning to bring people to this movie as a way of evangelizing them. It is already documented that this movie is FICTION. It is based on Roman Catholic errors. The only thing they get right is, His name is Jesus, His mother's name was Mary, there was a man called Pontias Pilate, a woman called Mary Magdelan, and a cross was in fact involved in the story of Salvation. If you bring a child of the Creator in this movie to "preach another Jesus" unto them. YOU ARE ACCURSED! And before you get angry with me for saying that, once again it is not my words, but the Word of your God that states that fact...

To all the dear Christians that are thinking of seeing this movie,

You know this movie has massive error in it. You know your Bible proves this movie to be evil. Are you sure you want to take the chance of offending one of these little ones the Lord has placed in your path by sharing this film with them? Do you really want to mock the Lord Jesus Christ like this? Jesus said "I will draw men unto myself." Use His Word, that is sufficient. It's bad enough Rome, and all who preach for her, including Mel Gibson are biblically cursed. Why would you seek to join them? Be ye separate! Leave them be! Touch not the unclean thing! This movie violates the second commandment, it preaches "another Jesus" unto the masses and it seeks global acceptance with an entity that is overwhelmingly evil. It is wholly and entirely unScriptural. The fact that the grand majority of the graphically wicked Hollywood critics, TV preachers, Television and Radio personalities approve of this film proves it is a friend of the World, and the enemy of your God. Truth is, since it is well known Rome is the home of Antichrist. Christians are now allowing Satan to preach to them by attending this film. Would you have Satan sing you a gospel song, or preach you a sermon? Then why do you entertain the thought of allowing him to express himself to you and yours in such a movie as this? Prophecy will be fulfilled with or without this movie. In fact, Rome already has her one world church. She has her one world court. She has her one world currency. And now she has the masses walking over to her camp now thanks to this two hour Roman Catholic commercial. This evil church truly is UNIVERSAL!

STOP BY THIS PAGE ON THE SITE FOR MORE INFO... The Passion of the Anti-Christ, to see an ongoing investigation of the movie. I will update it as new information comes in. I already have an extensive collection of facts exposing this anti-Christian film on the page. I have much more data offline that I am sifting through now. I have NOT seen this film, nor do I ever plan to. I place it in fact in a much worse position than that of the "Last Temptation of Christ." Another blasphemous film I have never, nor will ever see!


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Truth Provided Newsletter's E-Mail Box

Up until recently I was Roman Catholic.  I have now read the gospels and see things much differently.  I can accept only the truth in the scriptures.  The word of God has spoken to me and I now consider myself an evangelical Christian.  Thank you for the great information on the web-site.  I am not offended by any of the content, rather, I embrace it.  I hope it inspires others to seek the truth as God intends for them. 

Thanks again.
John D.

THIS Cartoon Wasn't NEARLY Funny As YOU May Think.........Fact IS, The Liberals Couldn't Give A Care LESS About AMERICA, And The Conservatives Think It's Their Job Too "baby" Sit The American People.........As Though We Are NOT Smart Enough To Think For Ourselves, Be PREPARED Religion HAS Taken Over As THIS Presidents PRIMARY Agenda! (Just ROME Doin Its Job!!!!!!!) Pray My Friend.........Just Pray:)  

(This is speaking of the cartoon on this page... )

Hi! i just discovered your site a couple weeks ago,  and I must say it has been exactly what my husband and I have been looking for! As former Catholics we have been searching to find our way back to God. Your site has opened our eyes to what we had always suspected. Even as a child in Catholic school I always questioned some of the thing I was being taught. As I'm sure you already know questions are not welcome in the catholic church. After a few trips to the principle's office my parents started listening to my concerns, and we gradually drifted away from the church. Anyways I would love to read some of the hate-mail from Catholics. I use AOL and every time I tried to join your newsletter it would not go through. I then read how AOL has banned your mail. Please add us to your list, we log on just about every day now!  Thanks for the enlightenment!



I hope this message finds you and your family well. Yes, time is short and I can imagine very soon we will no longer be able to find your web site at all. Rest assured that the message is out, the job is done. We who have been searching for the good news and truth have found it. We will be able to carry on with what the Lord has put into our minds and hearts.

To those who have been awakened by the Holy Sprit and led to your site to have this sacred knowledge given to them, through your ministry, we are truly blessed. We know that  soon we will be tried, and will either follow the senses of the flesh and run in fear or exercise our faith in our Lords words. We will either honor our Lord who went in faith before us or follow the peace and safety offered by the New Word Order.

The Lord has used you in a big way, and we thank you for taking on the task that most would have not taken. You are truly a good teacher who is not afraid to go against the grain of "the world" to teach the truth.

Who will be able to stand? We will. We know that the Lord has placed you where you are in the lighted path of his glory to urge us on. We cannot send large sums of money but we support you with our prayers of blessing to you and your family.

We also have not belonged to any organized "religions" for quite some time. While the fellowship is great we felt we could not belong to or support a church that mixed paganism with the Lord's Word. We searched but we didn't want 90 percent truth we wanted 100 per cent. We felt that through you studies our knowledge of God's true word was expedited. In order to find the truth you must be looking for it. Matt. 7: 13,14.

Thank you for your ministry
Your brother and sister in Christ,
Don and Diane G.

I hope you are feeling better brother Nicholas.... the church meeting to day was very up-lifting.  I have been sharing your information with fellow members of the SDA church that we made close friendships with.  I also use brother Roberts Sesslers site for  material to spread and teach what I see as truths based on scripture. 

I talked with two more individuals before the church meeting on your web-site that are in exactly the same situation as myself.  So that gave me some confidence which was surely needed.  We discussed we must  "come out of her"  (the incorporated church) for it is "a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." 

We pray for truth  !!!!  and pray for God's will and blessings for you  and your famly......   amen. 

Also we hope to start a small home church.......   here in this area...of Fla.... 

PS: really enjoyed Nic III and father with question and answers based from God's scripture...........the Bible  !!!!!


Please send me your news letter. Love this web site not many people stand up to the truth even when it's not popular.Praise God for having  someone with enough gut's to stand up for what is right.

Steven Y.

Hello Brother in Christ,

We have aol so we are resubscribing using yahoo.  Just one quick question.  There seems to be a trend going on in the SDA churches in this area where it's ok to go out and eat on Sabbath.  Many say it's because they don't have enough time to prepare during the week.  Others just do it because they don't see anything wrong with it.  And if the pastor of one church is doing it then why can't they.  There is an argument that I heard a couple of years ago.  They stated that Ellen G. White said it was ok to go out to eat on Sabbath if you're single and don't know how to cook but I still have not found such a passage (and I doubt I ever will).  Others argue that nowhere in the bible does it specify not being able to buy food on sabbath.  As you can see there are many excuses for breaking the 4th Commandment of the Lord.  We found in Nehemiah 10 & 13 where it mentions victuals.  Can you please provide us with more Bible texts and spirit of prophecy statements where we can direct this brothers and sisters of ours in the right path with love and with truth.

 Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you with this wonderful ministry.


Orlando & Maria A.

My fervent prayer is that you are blessed by the Truth Provided in this Newsletter. I also pray you share it with others that are trapped in Babylon.

Truth is Truth!
John 14:29

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