September, 2004                                     Presents of God ministry

UnHoly Fathers of Rome

Christian greetings to all in these last days of life on Earth. What I am about to share is a partial list of popes through the history of the Roman Church. In this list are historic records documenting crimes committed by these so-called "vicars" of Christ. Although not every pope is guilty of committing such heinous crimes out in the open, nonetheless these crimes must be somewhat condoned by all popes since they are not condemned by them either. The fact the Vatican gives them honored burials and writes them magnificent epitaphs speaks volumes on their acceptance. Truth is I will be sharing documented facts below where the Vatican states even a "sinful pope" is still considered a member of the church and is to be obeyed at all costs. Should they not have been excommunicated instead?

If we were to believe all that came from the lips of these so-called infallible "Holy Fathers" of Rome, then we all should discard the truth that the earth revolves around the sun. Historic fact remains Galileo, had to deal with graphic attacks from Rome, and even forced to recant the truth that he himself discovered regarding our Galaxy? Of course, the Roman Catholic Church recently admitted their error in regards to this. But this lends more credence to the fact they lied again. How you ask? Is it not written within the dogma of Rome that all Popes are infallible and incapable of error? If so, how is it the Sun does not revolve around the Earth as they stated? Of course, when the light of truth is shined in its strength, error possesses no other choice but to submit to truth. Common sense prevails. And so will it be in the final analysis when all is said and done. All will bow their knee to Christ, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. This includes the unsaved wicked of earth. Not only that, Satan and the fallen angels that joined with him in rebellion against God, and attacked the true Christian will bow as well.

The following list of facts can be verified the world over. You can find this information in just about any library or online search engine. It’s that well known. One problem however, you will have a difficult time finding this information if you only seek the data from only Roman Catholic websites. And it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re approved by the Vatican or not. I know, I tried. The only time you will find a smattering of this data is when they feel they were able to either explain it away, or prove it bogus. You will notice however, the only way any of them feel they are capable of proving it bogus is by using biased sources that are most assuredly Roman Catholic in nature. In fact, they don’t even hide the fact their sources are of Roman Catholic authors or publishers. Again, I know… I tried.

By the way, this fairly short list is not to say that the majority of the Popes were good and only this small faction of them evil. The reason I share this list is because I have already proven, using a Bible, that all the Popes are evil. This group just happened to be the crème of the crop, for lack of a better term.

1. Pope Sergius III (904 - 911) obtained his office by murder. He fathered several illegitimate children by Marozia, who assassinated Pope Leo VI (928 - 929), and put her own teenage son (John XI) as Pope.

When I researched this pope on Vatican approved websites to verify further, they had hardly anything to say. Where most popes had huge dissertations about them listed online, this particular Pope had a single paragraph that would cover all but a 1/4 page. Their excuse for this vague data was that the only history they had of him was from negative reports of his opponents. So of course it was considered fictitious and thereby omitted. Sadly, this is a common reaction from within this church. As long as I have been sharing with Catholics, the grand majority that hate the truth always seem to dismiss it as easy as these do. They figure that ANY negative reports no matter how well verified must be a lie. And by the way, I know of this “faith” first hand. I was Catholic 29 years and I do was “taught” to have a blind trust as well by the priests and nuns.

So yes, the Catholic websites will omit any info on this pope. However, they did seem to mention the fact he was allowed the sacred burial of a pope regardless. In other words, he has been buried in St Peter's Basicilla in a place of honor and high respect like all the other popes before him. Including the overwhelmingly evil ones I am mentioning here.

2. Pope John XII (955 - 964) is described in the Catholic encyclopedia as “a coarse, immoral man.” The Catholic collection of the lives of the Popes, the "Liber Pontificalis" said: "He spent his entire life in adultery." Catholic bishop Luitprand states that "he had no respect for single girls, married woman or widows - they were sure to be defiled by him."

In researching this Pope on Vatican approved sites, I found the following...

 "On 6 November (964) a synod composed of fifty Italian and German bishops was convened in St. Peter's; John was accused of sacrilege, simony, perjury, murder, adultery, and incest, and was summoned in writing to defend himself. Refusing to recognize the synod, John pronounced sentence of excommunication (ferendæ sententia) against all participators in the assembly, should they elect in his stead another pope." –Catholic Encyclopedia-

Then on February 26 of 964AD, Pope John XII held a synod of his own in St. Peter's in which the decrees of the synod of November 6 were repealed! How convenient! If you’re a Pope, and someone that has evidence against you steps up, even if it's 50 men, just excommunicate them and move on to have what they brought forward annulled and struck from existence.

By the way, the Vatican still holds this pope in high standing to this day. Thing is, his evil ways did eventually catch up with him.  He died on May 14, 964AD, eight days after he had been, according to rumor, stricken by paralysis in the act of adultery.

One more thing on this pope... Cardinal Bellarmine of the 17th century was a great defender of the papacy but he considered John XII and all the others to be abominable. Nevertheless, he wrote in his book De Romano Pontifice:

“The Pope is the supreme judge of faith of morals…If the Pope were to err by imposing sins and forbidding virtues, the church would still have to consider sins as virtues and virtues as vices"

Does this not bring to mind a quote I shared before in these Newsletters? The Vatican openly declares that if they choose to define something holy, even though you know it to be evil, you must agree it’s holy if the Magistrate defines it as such. Case in point is the statement by the founder of the infamous Jesuit order himself..

"...we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." --By Ignatius de Loyola The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141

Is it out of line to call this BRAINWASHING? No, I don’t think so.

3.Pope Boniface VII (984 - 985), John XII and Leo VIII were described by the Bishop of Orleans as "monsters of guilt, reeking in blood and filth."

For some reason this Pope's records are missing all together from certain Vatican web sites. I could find nothing that would agree or disagree with his reign of terror. In fact, the list goes from Boniface VI to Boniface VIII without any explanation for the missing Pope at all! Perhaps he was far too much an embarrassment to retain? So… they omitted his entire pontificate?

4. Pope John XV (985 - 996) split the churches finances among his relatives and was described as "covetous of filthy lucre and corrupt in all his acts."

Researching further, this is yet another pope who’s evil past seems to have been erased from certain Vatican approved websites. There is record of his existence, however no mention of his evil lusts are recorded in any form that I can find. All you I was able to find was nothing but well thought out positive reports about him.

5. Pope Benedict IX (1033 - 1045) committed murders and adulteries in broad daylight, robbed pilgrims, and was regarded as a hideous criminal by all. The people drove him out of Rome: The Catholic encyclopedia says, "He was a disgrace to the chair of Peter."

Now I will admit I am a bit surprised at the research I dug up on this pope. The Vatican sites were a bit truthful in regards to this one. They did repeat that he was a disgrace to the papacy, but they stopped short there. Not a single mention of his evil reign as a pope, or his crazed activities were mentioned in the slightest.  However, they did manage to speak of him in the same light they would any other pope. So, why did they admit him evil and then praise him anyway? It has to do with the true nature of the beast. Were you aware the word, “Babylon” means “to mix.”? They mix truth with error just as much as they mix curses with blessings. As many years as I have been doing this research I have come to expect this of Rome.

6. Pope Innocent III (1198 - 1216) promoted the Inquisition, surpassing all his predecessors in killing over one million people.

Here we have one of the most evil popes in the history of mankind. A man that surpassed all his predecessors in killing over 1 million Christians in his short 18 year reign of terror, and the Roman Catholic Vatican approved websites start off their historic dissertations regarding this madman by saying he was, and I quote... "One of the greatest popes of the Middle Ages"Catholic Encyclopedia

Historic fact remains he was a murderous and highly satanic man. Yet modern day Roman Catholic leaders herald him as a leader worthy of emulating to this day! Is it any wonder the Roman Church is dealing with a lawsuit at this time for their part in the holocaust? It seems Pope Innocent's followers are trying to live up to his wonderful leadership! And they have the audacity to name him Pope INNOCENT!?

You think this strange? Don’t. For Rome truly does look at killing “heretics” as a blessed and wonderful act worthy of praise.

Mr. Raywood Frazier, in the booklet "Catholic Words and Actions," presents documentary proof of the intensive persecution of Protestants and non-Catholics in Columbia, South America, between 1949 and 1953. The Catholic Church had the support of the Columbian government in the destruction of many churches, and the liquidation of more than 1,000 documented cases -- some of whom were shot, drowned, or emasculated. He says there is evidence of over 60,000 killed. Pope Pius XII awarded the President of Columbia with one of the highest awards which the Church bestows, and praised Columbia for its example of the Catholic faith." (Pp. 59,60)

"The Catholic Church has persecuted ... when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it... Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?... The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her good behaviour." -Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908

Keep in mind people THIS IS IN WRITING! They don’t deny it! And soon this beats will have ALL it’s (fleeting) power returned unto him and the killings will once again become commonplace. And yes, you will also see MANY go to their graves 100% willing! For it is a far better thing to die for Christ then to live a moment for Rome!

7. Pope Boniface VIII (1294 - 1303). The Catholic encyclopedia states "Scarcely any possible crime was omitted - heresy, gross and unnatural immorality, idolatry, magic, simony ... his whole pontificate was one record of evil." Dante visited Rome and described the Vatican as a "sewer of corruption" and assigned Boniface VII, Nicholas III and Clement V to the "lowest parts of hell." He proposed to be an atheist, and in 1302 issued the "Unum Sanctum" officially declaring the Roman Catholic church as the only true church, outside of which on one can be saved.

The Vatican approved sites not only listed these charges, but they also claimed historians have proven them false! Of course they did not list the so called historians names that proved this false, or their so called evidence. Not one single solitary line of proof was shared on ANY site.

The simple mention of that lie seems to be all the Vatican deems necessary to do. Yet when we stand before them to evangelize truth to them about these popes, they not only require proof, they claim it is bogus when we do supply it! The real sad thing here is, most Catholics will believe their leaders lies over the proof an outsider brings forward simply because we are outsiders. Even if it is undeniable proof, they choose to ignore it for what their leaders say without proving it. Pray for them, they truly are in grave danger!

8. Pope John XXII (1316 - 1334) was accused by 37 clergy witnesses of fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft and murder. It was proved by a legion of witnesses that he had seduced and violated 300 nuns. He kept a harem at Boulogne of 200 girls. He was publicly called the devil incarnate. He has been called the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the papal throne.

One would think the Vatican would at least make mention of some evils this Pope committed. However, all record of this man's decadence were completely erased from mainstream Vatican sites for fear the faithful catholic would get wind of it.

Thing is, their stupidity in covering this stuff up only serves one purpose to the genuine seeker. Once they investigate this stuff, and find that it has been covered up, they will leave this church more readily then if they were allowed to know about it first hand. Truth is, Rome can't hide all their records anymore. There's simply too much info out there now. This is the reason the pope came forward in 2000 with his bogus apology. He knew that authentic records are eventually going to surface in places all over the world, especially the Internet. So the public relations ploy was to fess up to try and save face. Well I say, too little... too late guys. They are leaving in droves as we speak praise God!

9. Pope Pius II (1458 - 1464) fathered many illegitimate children and taught others to do likewise.

Here the Vatican sites state he only fathered TWO illegitimate children. Why you ask? Common sense… some of them could still have descendents alive today. As always, it is better to admit to the lesser crime here simply because odds are against any of them coming forward. And if any do, they can claim they already admitted it long ago. But if the real number of children was brought forth, it would be such a graphic admission that Rome would have to admit more evils then they are comfortable with. Admitting to “two” at this point is a win win situation. Even if more then two appear, what are the odds two will surface in the same part of the World so many generations later? So.. they figured.. they can merely say he fathered two children out of wedlock just in case one of the hundreds of possible descendents come forward from the probable dozens of illegitimate children at the start.

10. Pope Paul II (1464 - 1471) maintained a house full of concubines.

As usual, all mention of any evil this pope committed was omitted from the Vatican approved websites. Surprised? No.

11. Pope Sixtus IV (1471 - 1484) financed his wars by selling church offices to the highest bidders.

Research here found that this pope was mentioned as one that entertained an unhealthy passion for riches. It's not like you can hide the sins he embraced. His passion for grasping riches and buying and selling are a matter of public record now. So Rome had no option but to actually admit this preacher of filthy lucre was in fact just that. It's not like admitting to sexual decadence, or murderous acts of other popes that are fairly easy to hide with a swipe of the pen here, and a murderous act there. However, when one makes a “purchase” in this world we dwell upon, and then signs his name to it... well... that's what we so fondly refer to today as a paper trail. It seems money has it’s benefits at times eh? It can force the wicked to show their hand.

12. Pope Innocent VIII (1484 - 1492) fathered 16 illegitimate children by various women.

The research dug up here shows Rome trying to learn by their mistakes of the past. Again they say yet another pope had only TWO illegitimate children like they did with Pius II. But this time they state it was due to his precarious youth “BEFORE” his installation as a Pope. And then they drop it and proceed to praise him as they did all the other popes. Judging by their evil history, do you believe them? I didn’t think so.

By the way, this is the same pope that issued a Papal Bull against all so called witches on Dec 5, 1484. Anyone care to venture a guess as to how many innocent women were burned alive, or drowned at the business end of those dunking chairs after the Roman priests proclaimed them witches? Why does Rome have such a problem with women? See Daniel 11:37 for a clue.

13. Pope Alexander VI (1492 - 1503) committed incest with his two sisters and daughter. On October 31, 1501 he conducted the worst ever sex orgy in the Vatican.

This is one of those popes that you will find is portrayed by a rather lengthy dissertation. They say gobs and gobs of nice things about him. It’s almost as if they wish all the popes were like him. However what you won’t find is any mention of incest or his voracious passion for the decadent things in life. Once again Rome feels it is better to hide the truth then share it. And again I must say this is performed at their own loss, praise God. Human nature is such that they will defend just about anyone that will fess up and shows fruit of repentance. But when they find they have been lied to all along, they usually walk away never to consider them trustworthy again. And for that I thank Rome. For it does make my job that much easier in evangelizing Catholics out of this church. All one needs to do is share these facts with the faithful, and if they’re honest and true seekers, they will leave Rome. The rest? Well, it really doesn’t matter now does it? They will defend Rome even if you were able to transport them back in time to the place where the sin is committed and allowed them to watch it first hand. Again, I say pray for them, because it is no longer our job to help them, only the Lord Himself can soften hearts of stone. So don’t bother with those that attack you for sharing truth, and at the same time choose to defend these popes, or child raping priests. Jesus is very plain about how we should treat those that “trample underfoot” Scriptural facts laid out before them.

14. Pope Paul III (1534 - 1549) as a cardinal fathered three sons and a daughter and sought advice from astrologers.

If you look in the Sunday Missles of many Roman Catholic churches you will find all the symbols of the Zodiac displayed proudly as if they were some spiritual wealth of information. (See St.Andrews Daily Missal Regular Edition Copyrighted 1940, by the E.M. Lohmann Co. St. Paul Minn.) This doesn’t seem to be taboo for Rome even today.

Images scanned from St.Andrews Daily Missal Regular Edition Copyrighted 1940, by the E.M. Lohmann Co. St. Paul Minn. Images are that of the "Liturgical Calendar" pages XXX, XXXI, XXXVI

Notice the "images" to the left of each of the months within this "Liturgical Calendar." These are the astrological "Signs of the Zodiac!" Once more we see the Catholic church teaching its flock to worship the creatures over the Creator. Putting ones faith in the movements of the stars always confused me even as a child. I always wondered how people can actually believe that God Almighty who made the stars in so many billions of different sizes, shapes, colors, and distances would only create twelve different types of people on this planet! What they are truly saying is, God Almighty can make every fingerprint different, every snowflake unlike another, every DNA strand unique, but when it comes to the routines of the day, God is limited to only twelve possible outcomes. Rather comical is it not?

For a church to say that we must look to the "created" stars for guidance instead of the one who created those stars is a very confusing method of instruction. The Word of God puts it rather plain. "Thou art my God. My times are in thy hand." [Psalm 31:14,15] To put faith in the creature instead of the Creator is a very dangerous habit for the soul. Deadly in fact is a better word.

Easily understood verse? Those who trust the stars are truly trusting the celestial bodies to save them. Of course this cannot be done for the Word is exact in its description as to the method of salvation. It is written, "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." [Romans 10:13] How can a church teach such dangerous methods to its flock and still consider themselves a Christian church?

By the way, did you notice the images to the right of each month? These are NEO PAGAN symbols! I scanned November just to give you an idea as to how evil these images actually are. Just where in fact is the Christ-like connection found within the death-mask image of the skull and crossbones?

And again, don’t expect to find any mention of this Pope’s sinful life as a Cardinal in any modern day documents. The research I did find on him had one small statement where they said, “He had his faults; but they injured no one but himself.” I ask, how is it possible for ANY man to be an island? Especially a Pope? Doesn’t Rome preach the Pope is supposed to be the leader of his church? Are not the people of this church supposed to look to him as a moral example? Lies like these are so easy to expose, are they not?

15. Pope Leo X (1513 - 1521) the Catholic encyclopedia says "was possessed by an insatiable love of pleasure, revelry and carousing. Luther visited Rome and said: "No one can imagine what sins and infamous actions are committed in Rome." A saying was prevalent during his reign which was, "If there is a hell, Rome is built over it."

Again, you will find none of this documented in modern day documentation.

16. Pope Joan was a female pope whose name was changed later to Pope Zacharias. Luther, on visiting Rome reported her statue in a back street, and John Huss referred to her in his defense at the Council of Constance, and this mention of the female Pope went unchallenged by those in the council. She died in childbirth while in a public procession.

Like the “Vicarious Filii Dei” situation where Rome fashioned a myth concerning it and spread it globally to try and quench the truth about that title. We know they did this because if you spell that title in Latin, and Latin being their numeric system, all one needs to do is add it up and you realize it equals 666. Problem is, my site as well as many others are now displaying an actual copy of a document where a Roman Catholic priest is found using that very title in the Roman Catholic publication, “Our Sunday Visitor” on November 14, 1914 Plus, the recently deceased Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, used that very same title on page 114, and 122 in his book, “The keys of this Blood.” Apparent problem with myths generated by Rome is they eventually get found out.

This female Pope’s identity has also been rumored by the Vatican to be a myth to pull the onus off of the Vatican. Again, the problem with lies is, you can never cover ALL your tracks 100% of the time. And those of us called to expose Antichrist will most assuredly take advantage of every opportunity to do so!

By the way, when you do try to research this pope on Vatican approved websites, you will never find the mention of the fact this pope was a woman. And you will never hear about her death in childbirth while in a public procession either. In fact, when Pope "Zaharias or Zachary," as they call her now is mentioned, it is always done so by using pronouns pertaining to a man. In other words, instead of using words like, her, or she, when speaking of this Pope. You will see them use words like “him, or his”, to describe this pope. Thing is, lies will eventually be exposed by doing simple research. In fact, it turns out, there was a drama based on a legend about a woman who became Pope in the 9th century, 'while guising as a man' and who was torn apart by an angry mob when her deception was discovered. A friend of the ministry sent the following URL to me directly after hearing about this information on my Truth Provided Radio Broadcast.

Info on this old film can be found here...

It seems, even the wicked in Hollywood can dig up proof about this female pope. As I have said before, the main reason the Pope performed his so called apology on March 12, 2000 wasn’t because they were sorry about all the millions of murders, and billions of souls they deceived all the way to their graves. It was because of the absolute impossibility to burn all the books, and destroy all the facts regarding this evil church. And especially since the Internet came to be. Now even a child with free access to the Internet in their local library can find out about the true terrorist in Rome. So, the best option left before Rome was to fess up hoping the masses will accept their bogus apology. Sadly, most did.

17. Pope Stephen VI (896 - 897) brought the dead body of former Pope Formosus (891 - 897) to trial, hacked off his decaying finger and had him dragged through the streets of Rome and thrown into the Tiber river.

Out of all the popes, the research I found on this one surprised me completely! The Roman Catholic Encyclopedia actually admitted all of this except the fact he dragged the body through the streets. They stated…

Date of birth unknown; died about August, 897. Stephen was a Roman, and the son of John, a priest. He had been consecrated Bishop of Anagni, possibly against his will, by Formosus, and became pope about May, 896. Whether induced by evil passion or perhaps, more probably, compelled by the Emperor Lambert and his mother Ageltruda, he caused the body of Formosus to be exhumed, and in January, 897, to be placed before an unwilling synod of the Roman clergy. A deacon was appointed to answer for the deceased pontiff, who was condemned for performing the functions of a bishop when he had been deposed and for passing from the See of Porto to that of Rome. The corpse was then stripped of its sacred vestments, deprived of two fingers of its right hand, clad in the garb of a layman, and ultimately thrown into the Tiber. Fortunately it was not granted to Stephen to have time to do much else besides this atrocious deed. Before he was put to death by strangulation, he forced several of those who had been ordained by Formosus to resign their offices and he granted a few privileges to churches. –Catholic Encyclopdeia.. ( )

18. Pope Eugene IV (1431 - 1447) condemned Joan of Arc to be burned alive as a witch, but Pope Benedict IV (1919) declared her a saint.

Does this not lend itself to proving the so called infallibility doctrine of Rome a farce? They claim the popes are infallible in religious matters. Yet time after time you will see one pope correcting a previous pope's religious proclamations, or "so called" religious duties. Talk about confusion! How does one stay a faithful catholic throughout the ages when they keep changing the rules of the game as they go along? Good thing humans only live so long eh? Can you imagine the confusion if people stayed alive long enough to see such tomfoolery being proclaimed, retracted, proclaimed, retracted, proclaimed, retracted, and so on, and so on...

Still.. once again you will find NO mention of this pope burning Joan of Arc alive. An act that most history books report rather nicely. Again, hasn't the wicked that run Hollywood even exposed this historic fact? Could it be that in 1919 when Pope Benedict IV declared her a saint that they expunged all record of Eugene IV’s evil act against her? No doubt.

Truth be known, were you aware a large portion of those that the Vatican calls Roman Catholic saints that were martyred, were actually killed by the Vatican itself as heretics long ago? Reason being, it’s almost impossible to find what one could accurately define as a Roman Catholic saint in history. So they borrow from those they murdered as heretics to place them as martyrs for the Roman church! What an insult to their faith! No matter, when Jesus returns and all this is shouted from the rooftops anyway. It will finally be understood by all who the real liars are.

19. The "Great Schism" of 1378 lasted 50 years, where Italian and French popes cursed each other.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe both popes were recorded as calling the other pope Antichrist. It seems they were both right!

"When the western church was divided for about 40 years between two rival popes, one in Rome and the other in Avigon, France, each pope called the other pope antichrist - and John Wycliffe is reputed to have regarded them as both being right: "two halves of Antichrist, making up the perfect Man of Sin between them." --LeRoy Edwin Froom, The Prophetic Faith of our Fathers, 4 vols. (Wash DC: Review and Herald publishing assc, 1950-1954)

Question: Is this the same morally pure church that Christ left to preach the gospel? When confronted with such evil papal history, the Catholic Church, which claims "infallibility", teaches that "A sinful pope ... remains a member of the church, and ... from whom we may not withdraw obedience." -Catholic encyclopedia Volume 4 page 435.

So.. even if the evil pope suggests sin you MUST obey his immoral example according to Rome. And faithful Catholics are ok with this? Truth is, I am positive the grand majority are unaware of this! Rome is very good at hiding their evil acts and doctrines, even from their own followers. I have met many Catholics over the years and I am positive if they knew the half of the truth they would leave this Church in a heartbeat. So pray for them! Much more then half is well documented today for them to read. The hard part is getting them to read it.

20. Pope Alexander III decreed in 1170 that wills had to be made in front of a priest, or excommunication (cutting off from church and sentence to hell) would result.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to why wills were made in their presence? If not to coax a major and final donation, like many churches do to this day the world over. They also would be privy to who the beneficiaries are that would receive the riches of the deceased. Anyone care to venture another guess as to what would happen to those people once their rich loved ones died? Well, judging by the history of this church, if they could not be coaxed into joining the clergy of this church, thereby donating all their monies and taking a vow of poverty, they would no doubt be coaxed into an early grave thereby causing all their money to go to the state. Which by the way is the church of Rome anyway! Yet another win win situation for the halls of Rome.

And by the way, the facts regarding these wills was omitted from modern day documentation. Surprised?

Pope Pius XII from 1939 to 1958 was a brilliant diplomat, a cunning politician and a religious crusader. He was appointed Papal Nuncio to Germany in 1920 — the first since the Reformation!! He, more than anybody else outside Germany, helped Hitler to power. He was one of the paramount personalities of the 20th century. He transformed the Vatican into a global political instrument. His pet obsession was Communism, and he became the main instigator of the Cold War.

If you seek information on this pope you will no doubt hit a major and well built brick wall. Reason being, his actions with Hitler have blessed the Vatican with one of the most notorious war crimes lawsuits in history. In fact, it is still going on as we speak. This pope sanctioned all that Roman Catholic faithful parishioner Adolph Hitler did to both Jews as well as countless non-Catholics. To unseal his records at this stage in the game would no doubt wreak havoc on the legal preceding's the Law offices of Easton and Levy are presently pummeling them with. Which is what amazes me about this next bit of information I just recently verified. Why is it this isn't flooding the media whenever the word "holocaust" is used?

The PRESENT Pope?? John Paul II 1978- ? "In the early 1940`s, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. Their bodies were then burned to ashes in the ovens. After the war the salesman, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946. One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the Nov./78 to Oct./79 and March/80 to Oct./81 experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted by the Center for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco and four other American cities that loosed the plague of AIDS upon the American people. The salesman was ordained Poland`s youngest bishop in 1958. After a 30-day reign his predecessor was assassinated and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as POPE JOHN PAUL II." -William Cooper, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, (Light Technology Publishing, 1991), pp.89-90.

Didn't the Vatican state that the Holy Spirit is the one that elects these men into office?

Now... some Catholic apologetics will say that they agree many of these popes were evil. Most will simply ignore their evil ways and claim them as holy men irregardless of the facts laid before them. As you are well aware, I did attempt to research online looking for more facts about each these popes from pro-Catholic websites to give the benefit of the doubt. Thing is, all I saw on every single Catholic website I found that had info, was a list of the popes in succession with small blurbs about their term in office. Nothing negative in fact, and mostly a pile of gilded reports of nothing but wonderful things about them. INCLUDING these men I just researched.

I even found a website that was selling a Pope chart with all the popes depicted on them with a short blurb of each pope and his wonderful ministry on the chart. He was even photographed with the chart standing next to the Pope himself. There was even a website that listed popes that were married and fathered children. It was strange to see them mix married popes with popes that had numerous girlfriends. For example, Innocent III with his 16 illegitimate children was mentioned in a way that makes him appear to be a MARRIED pope with MANY children instead.

It's obvious! Even the Catholic people that created these sites know their popes are evil men. If they didn't then why do they try to hide their evil ways so fervently? Pray for them! They are so wrapped up in this church that they will even hide the facts that expose it. They are actually using lies to try and evangelize people to join them in Rome. And they do so because misery loves company.

By the way… When I mentioned partial bits of this research in a Roman Catholic Newsgroup, I was given an explanation as to why most Catholics feel it is good to embrace these popes as holy men. I hope this person wasn’t speaking for all Catholics. He said, they claimed the Lord elected the evil popes not for the evils they did, but for the good they did. He continued to state it was kinda like the Church's own personal Judas's no less. Problem I have with that is, Judas KNEW he did wrong and then hung himself for it. The Popes DENY they do wrong, and then hang anyone that says otherwise.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:18, 20 "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit ... by their fruits ye shall know them."

These are the results of sinful man taking on a position that was not given them by God. The popes set themselves up as lords over God's flock. However, God's Word says:

1 Peter 5:3
Neither as being lords over God's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock.

They, like any man called to be a servant to the people for Christ, must become examples unto those they lead. Instead, these men have made themselves an example of raw evil in the which this institution has much to be ashamed over. Just another proof in a lengthy line of proof-positives that the papacy is NOT of God Almighty in any way shape or form! THIS IS THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!


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I stumbled across your site after doing a search. ..and I am curious as to who the  person is behind the web site that publishes this material. I have never  been exposed to these ideas before and my curiosity has been piqued.


I casually found your website when looking for some biblical information. I was born a catholic in Spain but some years ago I converted to Jesus Christ. I think it would be wonderful if you could have a Spanish version of your web site since there are very few Spaniards able to understand English.

Think of it.


your site just awes me. ive been totally imersed into it. such great stuff. you got so much compelling stuff. your site is truely amazing. cant wait for the next newsletter!

God Bless you


Praise our LORD,

I would like to thank you for bringing much light unto my eyes. Your radio shows has been listened to in sequence about catholicism, I have been waiting to get baptized even though my church still meets on a sunday, I will work to move them. I love the word, and hopefully, my catholic fiance and her family will be turned over to the true christ, and cease their idolotry, however I attended mass a few times for her sakes even though something did not feel right, and I start to sweat. Oh well..

thanks all the same.


I found your website, and after viewing the whore of Babylon slideshow with all the pictures, it convinced me of how pagan the Catholic Church really is. Your articles about the inquisition really touched me too because they really exposed the wolf underneath the sheep's clothing. There is so much that I have learned through your site and I haven't read all the articles yet. Your radio shows are a true blessing, and so are the Sabbath's you hold online. I know you must put in a lot of time and energy, and I know Satan does not want you to expose him but I pray the Lord will watch over you and your family and bless you so that the true church of God may continue to grow. Thank you Nicholas for preaching the Truth; you will never know how many lives you have saved until one day you will see them all in heaven.


i dont know if you will get this message, i couldnt find your email address. this (last Newsletter) i've read and thank you for getting it out there. i am a sabbath keeper, (sat ) but not a member of the 7th adventist church. its been made aware to me and others what is happing to the church (adventists ) . they have been comprimising alot these days.

you are doin a great job and ive been reading your pages for 2 years now, i thank the lord for his protection in keepin your site up and running. i have and will continue to pass this info to my people,that i know

be well nicholas

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