Do you seek genuine prophecy that can be verified by the Word of God as well as documented history, and this includes current events? If so, then People Get Ready is the book you need!

Within these pages you will find compiled evidence of fulfillments of prophecies that Jesus said must occur before He returns, and especially those very near His return. You will no doubt find this manuscript very helpful in your studies.

This manuscript has many well documented historic facts proving certain end time prophecies have been fulfilled that most Christians today have been taught are still years away from fulfillment. Thanks to cover ups in modern media as well as ungodly preachers working with the powers that be, over 90% of all Christians have no idea the prophecies they thought were soon to be fulfilled have actually come to fruition and have been documented as fulfilled. If you really want to know what time it is, you must read this booklet before it's too late. It will help you understand just how wonderfully close we are to the glorious return of our King Jesus Christ! It is the prayer of this ministry that all Christians understand the urgency of the times we live in. Maranatha!

A Testimony regarding "People get ready"
"I would just like to say that my coming to the Lord has happened suddenly in a matter of weeks. But it has been the result of "People Get Ready" and other influences over the past 5 years, but kindled mainly through your document. I am still a "babe-in-Christ" but already know so much. Close family members have noticed the change of urgency in me."

Thank you   
-Kevin S.  (U.K)