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On this page you will find a growing list of Questions on either doctrine or prophecy mentioned in the Christian Bible. All of them have been answered using Scripture so as to allow the one asking a valid reference in the Word of God so as to do as the Berean's of Act 17 did when certain truths were put forth by the Apostles they did not understand. As for questions on prophecy; if the question is dealing with a prophetic event that has already been fulfilled, then Scripture as well as all pertinent historic facts and their sources will be shared in the videos so as to make it easier for the one asking to verify the truth as it has been revealed to God's obedient church.

In the event YouTube pulls all these videos offline, (as they have deleted three already) all videos listed here can also be found in their entirety at I pray the truths proclaimed in these videos are a blessing for all those concerned.

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  1. Is The Law only for Jews?
  2. What does "many shall run to & fro" mean in Daniel 12:4?
  3. Who are the 144,000?
  4. Moses' Law -vs- God's Law
  5. Is God Showing Signs Today?
  6. Should Christians vote?
  7. Can Christians keep the Law?
  8. Why are Christians hated today?
  9. Is Islam in Christian Prophecy?
  10. Is the SDA church the Remnant?
  11. Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
  12. Is the blood red moon prophecy real?
  13. Are Sunday Laws and Obamacare connected?
  14. Will the US Congress agree with Pope on Religious Laws?
  15. Will the Pope actually get the Protestant churches to become Catholic?
  16. Is Rome and Israel working Together?
  17. Why are we (the Remnant) so small?
  18. Has the Pope's mortal wound been Healed?
  19. Is Martial Law coming?
  20. Is Daniel 11:45 being fulfilled today?
  21. Are the 7 year Trib and Secret Rapture biblical?
  22. Are the 10 toes of Daniel 2 lining up right now? (also see part 2)
  23. Is the prophecy about 'beheading' Christians true?
  24. Have the 7 last plagues begun?
  25. What is the 'Image of the Beast?'
  26. Was the homosexual movement Prophesied?
  27. What are the 'Ten Silver Coins' about in Luke 15?
  28. Is it ok for Christians to celebrate Birthdays?
  29. Is Jesus Christ 'The Sabbath'?
  30. Must I keep the Ten Commandments?
  31. Did Jesus make Wine or Grape Juice?
  32. Why did Jesus fold the napkin in His tomb?
  33. Is Polygamy a Sin?
  34. Did God create Evil?
  35. Should Christians keep the Feast Days?
  36. Is Nero THE Antichrist?
  37. Is Sunday the Sabbath? part 1 (part 2) (part 3) (entire in HD)
  38. Who is Israel? part 1 (part 2) (entire in HD)
  39. What happens when you Die? part 1 (part2) (part 3) (entire in HD)
  40. What is the 'Mark of the Beast?' (in HD)
  41. Is the Pope Antichrist? (partial) (entire in HD)
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    ...MORE TO COME!

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