I have compiled ALL the Scriptures that PROVE the truth about the Rapture!!!

This file also contains a section PROVING Jesus as Messiah for all your Jewish friends as well. I "pasted" it in because It explains in prophetic DETAIL the "seven years of tribulation" everyone seems to believe is coming. This "7 year trib" period is actually a twist on a prophecy proclaiming the FIRST arrival of Jesus as Messiah 2000 years ago. The devil "re-wrote" this prophecy to get the world to "think" they have plenty of time to get right with God once the millions of Christians are Raptured up. This I believe is to be the last "trick" played on mankind by the devil! The Bible plainly states that once the Christian leaves,THAT'S IT! It's OVER for those left behind! NO seven years. NO three and a half years! NOT even seven "seconds" will be given to those that choose believe the "doctrines of devils" and "traditions of man" rather than the WORD OF GOD.

You owe it to yourself to see ALL the Scriptures that explain the Rapture. ALL of them! Not just the ones your friends... preachers... pastors... or priests" feel you needed to see. ALL of them PROVE the facts about the Rapture in a simple to understand method. ALL of them prove the "other" Scriptures you have been given were taken OUT OF CONTEXT to get you to believe a lie.

More than 75% of all Christians I meet are unaware of the Scriptural facts contained in this document about the Rapture. ALL were truly SHOCKED after reading it!