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Truth Provided Newsletter 5-16-2002

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Presents of God ministry has joined with Eternal Truth ministries for a special undertaking that I am sure you will agree is of the utmost importance. As many of you know, we are living in the last few hours of Earth's history. And as ALL you that receive my Newsletter are aware, the MARK OF THE BEAST is on the extreme near horizon. It WILL be administered in our lifetime! As I was getting ready to send out this "mini-newsletter" to all of you concerning this pressing matter. The following article came across my desk to make it even more intense! I do not "subscribe" to this publication and that is why it took almost two months for it to get to me. Nevertheless, it is URGENT that you read this short article and share it with as many people as possible!

March 26, 2002 

Dear Representatives,

The moral fabric of America is wearing thin. We must not go back to B.A.U. (Business as usual). The terrorists attack on America September 11, 2001 sent a wake up call to many of us.

We not only need a day or prayer and unity but many of us here at Christian Coalition believe it is time to legislate a National Day of Rest. As Dr James Dobson reminds us, families need time for rest and worship. The United Mine Workers (U.M.W.) of America support this agenda also.

*"Christopher Columbus has given an inspiring example of respect for the Sanctity of Sunday under the most trying circumstances. It illustrates the Spirit of unfaltering trust in God."

Destroy the Sanctity of Sunday and you throw civilization back into darkness and mire of Pagan materialism -- The observance of Sunday is essential to the welfare of this Nation.

We must make this part of our legislated agenda in 2002 and increase our trust in God to protect our nation. See you in Washington D.C. in October.

Thank you and "God Bless America".
Pastor Mike Brown
National Church Liaison 

*The Faith of Millions, pg. 404

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The mark of the beast is being pushed forth as the law of the land SOON! It is the duty of every true child of the Creator to get busy and start doing what they were created to do. We do not have the luxury of time on our side any longer. We must WARN the people of this world with every ability the Almighty Creator has blessed us with. The Lord has blessed us with an opportunity to get the word out BEFORE the mark becomes law! We mustn't waste this chance!

What I propose is this.

Presents of God ministry along with Eternal Truth ministries has created a full page article proclaiming the prophetic Three Angels message to the world. We will be placing this ad in as many newspapers as possible. We plan on taking complete advantage of the time we have left. Our first choice is a blessed one because of "certain circumstances" surrounding the placing of the ad. On June 2, 2002 there will be an article run in an Indiana newspaper titled, "Faces of Faith" that will go out to a little over 90,000 homes. In this article will be interviews and pictures from numerous Christians and non-Christian faiths in the Lafayette Indiana area. This article will become a KEEPSAKE to thousands of church members as well as friends and relatives of these church members mentioned in the article. We feel that to place a FULL PAGE AD in this particular keepsake would be a wonderful method by which to spread the Three Angels message to thousands for years to come. Granted, judging by today's prophetic events, that won't be too long. Nevertheless, the paper has a minimum circulation of 90,000 homes in the Lafayette Indiana area! Plus, once our full page ad is viewed we are sure than many thousands more will see it do to simple word of mouth, not to mention the blessing the Almighty will place upon it.

The Presents of God ministry