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Roman Catholic Priest Gives Voodoo His Blessings

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Christian greetings in these last days. The ecumenical movements of the beast in Rome is appearing to come to a place that easily reveals their true desires. Their boldness, and obvious confidence in having conditioned the people of this earth into accepting any move they make as moral, has brought them to a place where they now see no error in declaring a religion, second only to Satanism itself, as an official church. It used to be all the rage and mainstream source for sermons concerning Antichrist whenever the Vatican would openly embrace Protestant churches into their court. However, now that the Vatican has all but absorbed the "so called" Protestant factions in the land, they are now lending their support to the more radical, and openly non-Christian religions as a source of pew warmers. We have already seen the Pope kissing the Koran, as well as Yassir Arafat kissing the Pope. We have already heard the Pope "apologize" to the Buddhist Religious leaders for "certain passages in the Bible" they deemed offensive back in January of 1995. And we have even heard the Pope as well as many of his followers proclaim Jesus Christ is no longer necessary to gain Heaven.

Now.. we see this...

AGAPE PRESS NEWS BRIEF - April 10, 2003...The government of Haiti has declared voodoo an official religion in that country. Associated Press reports that in making the announcement, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide -- a former Roman Catholic priest -- said he recognizes voodoo as a religion like any other. And he called it an "essential part" of Haiti's national identity. Voodoo practitioners believe that spirits link humans with the divine, and that those spirits are summoned by offerings that include everything from rum to roosters. Among other things, the official status means voodoo practitioners in Haiti now have the legal authority to perform such things as baptism and marriage ceremonies. [by Fred Jackson]

Besides the obvious example of church & state conglomeration being played out in Haiti, we now see a "so called" former Roman Catholic priest, now President of Haiti, declaring Voodoo a religion with legal authority to baptise and even marry couples! I must say I am not surprised that a Roman Catholic politician would do such an act as this, nor am I surprised the Vatican is altogether silent regarding his pathetic statement.

The ecumenical movement of Antichrist must move forward, no matter how evil a religion is proven to be. The Vatican is completely desirous of it. And why not, it is the home of Antichrist, and he is the one setting these false religions up anyway. He already has them in his control, as is obvious by their spurious doctrines, this is just the "end run" of all things because he knows his time is short. Fact is, looking into Voodooism, (That's right, I said Voodooism. It's official now.) one can see it's origin is in fact found IN ROMAN CATHOLICISM. No wonder Roman Catholic Politicians are eager to accept it. What bothers me about milestone events such as this is, it's apparent now we are about to see the time of Jacobs trouble fall upon us, and MANY of us are simply not prepared for it.

For those unaware... To further define the revolting anti-Christian religion of Voodoo, I found these two reputable sources regarding same. If in fact you already know about this Satanic religion, skip over it for now. It's merely a collection of facts to help define it for those that are unaware.

[from the god Vodun], religious beliefs and practices, African in origin and also held by certain Caribbean peoples, particularly in Haiti. Similar observances are found in Jamaica, under the name pocomania, and in parts of the United States and in the Guianas. A highly developed voodooistic religion known as candomblé is found in Brazil. The basic features of voodoo were brought by slaves from W Africa (particularly those from what is now Benin), where the name originated and where the religion is still practiced. Voodoo contends that all of nature is controlled by spiritual forces which must be placated through offerings and animal sacrifice; ecstatic trances and magical practices play an important role in its ritual. In the New World, Christian elements were soon introduced; the African deities became identified with various (Catholic) saints. The magical aspects of voodoo are related to beliefs and practices found throughout the world. Although attempts have been made to suppress it, voodoo continues to flourish. -The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition Copyright© 2000, Columbia University Press. Licensed from Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V. All rights reserved.

voo·doo n. pl. voo·doos
  1. A religion practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries, especially Haiti, syncretized from Roman Catholic ritual elements and the animism and magic of slaves from West Africa, in which a supreme God rules a large pantheon of local and tutelary deities, deified ancestors, and saints, who communicate with believers in dreams, trances, and ritual possessions. Also called vodoun.
  2. A charm, fetish, spell, or curse holding magic power for adherents of voodoo.
  3. A practitioner, priest, or priestess of voodoo.
  4. Deceptive or delusive nonsense
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Some will say that the key thing about this ex-priest is in fact that he is being portrayed as an EX-priest. Therefore I would like to investigate if in fact this acceptance of Voodooism is merely being "played" before the eyes of Catholics to see if they will speak out against it. If this man was not an EX-roman Catholic priest, and merely a normal citizen, now president, the Vatican would have no problem here. But since "they say" he was a priest in the past, they have to make sure we see the prefix "EX" in front of his title. Or.. is it a ruse to better hide Vatican intentions? If he is in fact still a priest, then the Vatican has to spin a lie to better play this out.

Fact is folks, This man IS a priest! According to Roman Catholic doctrine, he is a priest for LIFE! Most Catholics understand this simple fact of the Roman Catholic priesthood. Some will say however, "certain sins" generate the Vatican's ability to ex-communicate a priests, which would definitely afford them the title EX-priest. However, if you have been following the recent scandals of the Catholic priesthood lately, you would realize that ALL these priests that have been caught molesting children AND convicted, have NOT been excommunicated as of yet. In fact, Norman Mayday, a Roman Catholic priest from the south suburbs of Chicago, which received 44 years in prison is STILL considered a Roman Catholic priest capable of performing a mass, marrying a couple, or baptizing a baby! If they are saying President Aristide has been excommunicated, then he must be far worse than all the child molesting priests of Rome. That in itself is also making this man look worse, especially since he still has direct ties to Rome! It also makes Rome look bad because they acknowledge this man's existence in a positive light politically.

It's simple, calling him an EX-priest helps the Vatican feel better about his comments, which in turn allows them a way out if in fact the people are offended by his statements regarding Voodooism. All that Rome is doing is all it has ever done. It plays it's people to watch and see if they will accept or reject what the Vatican wants to do.

Researching the Vatican's method for creating "dogma" one can see this has always been the case. For example... A pope will make a statement regarding a certain  "invented" doctrine of Roman Catholicism. After making the statement, the Vatican will watch the people for a few years to see if they accept or reject it. If they accept it, the Vatican declares it official church dogma! If they reject it, the next Pope, or even a few popes down the line will eventually remove it. By the way, this is all regardless of the fact that their own dogma claims popes are infallible. StRaNgE eh? If they're infallible, how can ANY Pope rescind a previous Pope's dogmatic statements? Yet, history proves this has happened numerous times.

So, I ask, has there been an attempt in the past to get Catholic people to accept this religion of Voodoo? And if there was, do you think the Catholic church would go one step further and allow for an ANIMAL SACRIFICE on Catholic altars to further portray their acceptance of this religion? Will such an act be played out to "watch the people?"

News of Animal Sacrifice in the Catholic Mass

By Thomas Horn

Human Life International reported yesterday that some South African's are calling for ancestor worship and animal sacrifices to be included in the liturgy of the Mass. According to Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of Bloemfontein, plans to include African pagan rites during the Mass is in response to the Vatican's invitation to "inculturate" Catholic rites.

 NOTE: That goat happens to be DEAD. It also happens to be the "first" animal sacrifice on a Roman Catholic altar!

Perhaps the Vatican received a bit too many phone calls and letters from concerned Catholics when this occurred a couple years back. Is this why we see the article stating an "EX-priest" making suggestions to go ahead and accept Voodoo as an official religion now? Could it be the goat has left a bad taste in their mouth? Is this the REAL reason Haiti's president Aristide is being declared an EX priest?

Let's find out shall we? Let's now investigate the man. The media is calling him an EX-priest. Let's see what we can find on this. Are they calling him an EX-priest for evil reasons? Is it because his name is known and some heat would be generated regarding his church affiliations? Is he an "EX-priest" or not?

If in fact he did step down, he is still considered a "good catholic" in standing as one can see by simply reading part of his profile here below. But I would also like for you to see what is NOT being said here...

Aristide went to do novitiate studies at the Salesian seminary in La Vega in the neighboring Dominican Republic. A year later Aristide returned to Haiti to continue post graduate studies in philosophy at the Grand Seminaire Notre Dame and post graduate studies in psychology at the State University of Haiti. After completing his studies in Haiti in 1979 Aristide traveled to Rome and then to Israel where he spent two years studying biblical theology.

On July 3, 1983 Aristide returned home for his ordination by Haitian Bishop Willy Romélus. He was appointed curate of St. Joseph's church, a poor parish on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. As a parish priest, Aristide shared in the lives and struggles of his parishioners and quickly became their spokesperson.

You can access the COMPLETE profile here... Read and see for yourselves that "something's" missing here.

When you get time, go to the official site and read it. You will see they make absolutely no mention of him stepping down as a Roman Catholic priest anywhere in that profile! I must say, I lean towards the obvious here. If he did step down, he would have said so clearly in his bio. So far, only the Vatican controlled "media" is saying he stepped down. I can't seem to find anyone else saying it. Yet.

This president has a VERY public image, as most presidents do. One would think they would say OFFICIALLY in his bio that he did step down simply because they DO mention his escapades as a Roman Catholic priest quite boldly in the same profile for all to see. Has the Vatican been caught red handed once again spin-doctoring? Do I really need to answer that question!? 

Ya know what I like about the spin doctoring of evil governments? They can't possibly cover all the evils in their past with new lies they make in the present. It's impossible! There is always 100% of the time, a paper trail that shows they are merely "covering their tracks" with new lies to benefit their new agenda. And that makes our job of exposing them all that much easier!

As far as I can find documented... This man is STILL a Roman Catholic priest in good standing. And to further illustrate that fact, here are eight reasons I stand on this belief that he is STILL a Roman Catholic priest...

  1. His profile says he is a Roman Catholic priest
  2. The Vatican has not officially ex-communicated him
  3. His profile does NOT say he stepped down
  4. He echoes Cardinal Francis Arinze's ecumenical statements perfectly
  5. He holds the coveted Martin Luther King International Statesman and Ecumenical Award
  6. He actually wrote the book, "Theology and Politics" in 1993
  7. He echoes the Vatican in another of his books, "Eyes of the Heart: Seeking a Path for the Poor in the Age of Globalization" written in 2000
  8. Roman Catholic doctrine more or less states, a priest is a priest till death

I can recall back when I was writing "The Second Window" that I came across an article that more or less warned us of this day coming. Many thought I was nuts when I suggested to them that soon the Vatican will be embracing such decadent religions as Voodoo just before the time of Jacobs trouble. It wasn't until this article came to be that many decided I may have something here...

CHICAGO- Buddhist monks draped in saffron robes joined black turbaned Sikh priests in gold and white, ...Roman Catholic Cardinal Joseph Bernardin mixed with Jain nuns, who were wearing mouth coverings that prevented them from harming even an insect that might fly into their mouths. ...More than 6,000 representatives of faith traditions from Protestantism to Zoroastrianism have registered for the nine-day conference. Chgo SunTimes Aug. 29, 1993 art. Praying for world peace

The Bible is very plain about walking in agreement with the heathen. It is not a safe practice. Yet the Catholic church teaches it is a must if we are to have world peace. Again, is it not written... "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" [2 Corinthians 6:14] Is this a difficult verse to understand? I think not, yet the church teaches that embracing the heathen is an accepted practice. Again, don't get me wrong, I am not saying to ignore the unbeliever. I am saying however, that we should not let them pressure us into an open denial of Jesus just to make a friend. (As the Pope did in January of 1995) All of us should step out and share Jesus, the One true God, with every non-believer we can find. When asked, "Why does the Catholic church participate in Hindu feasts?" The church's reply is, "To make friendly relations." They have created for themselves a catch-22 situation by allowing the Satanic doctrine of church & state conglomeration. Plus, mixing that with the obvious brainsick desire for world domination, you have a fatal mix that only Antichrist can approve of.

Every sickening sin, every sickening desire, as well as every spurious doctrine that comes not only from Rome, but also from it's many different "friends," is obvious to those that have eyes to see it. The Antichrist is gathering it's forces into one camp so as to stand before the Remnant of God as did Goliath to Israel. Even the "religion" of Homosexuality is no longer considered taboo for this Vat of sin in Rome. Can you see the confidence of this beast? One would think that with all the evidence of AIDS running rampant in the Roman Catholic priesthood, as well as all the thousands of lawsuits against the Vatican for child molestation, they would steer clear of such declarations as we see in the following articles.

Homosexuality and Hope -- Part 1
A Statement of the Catholic Medical Association

WASHINGTON, D.C., APRIL 18, 2003 (  ...It is possible, with God's grace, for everyone to live a chaste life including persons experiencing same-sex attraction, as Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, so powerfully stated in his address to the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian & Gay Ministries:

Bishop Levada says, ...being a homosexual is not a sin. Chgo SunTimes Feb. 16, 1997 Section Religion p. 34 art. S.F., Catholic Charities battle over benefits for gay partners

Anyone with a desire for Truth knows what the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian & Gay Ministries represents. Yet the Roman Catholic church not only defends them, they lend their NAME to them as well! Plus, anybody that believes their Bible, and trusts their Lord, understands that yes, BEING a homosexual is indeed a SIN that is described as an abomination unto God, in both Old and New Testament theology.

By the way, it's not just their abilities in "spin doctoring" that establishes this confidence in proclaiming blunt evils as good. Sure, their ability to LIE is second only to the father of lies himself. But one thing is now becoming more and more apparent in today's world. PEOPLE HAVE AN UNCANNY ABILITY TO FORGET! The fact that PROTESTANT CHURCHES are now joining with the Church they once boldly proclaimed as the home of ANTICHRIST not many years hence, should convince some.

William Jefferson Clinton taught us the lesson that people, or should I say, sheeple, are easy to manipulate. He taught us that you can tell a bold face lie, get caught on video, and then "act" like your sorry, and  people will forget all about what you did. And why not? He was trained by the murderous Roman Catholic Jesuits of Georgetown University. Some would say he was "testing" the waters for the Vatican in the way he "apologized" for the Monica Lewinski scandal. The Vatican watched intently how the public "forgot" about his lies, among other things. So, Rome took advantage of that method. That's why the "Mea Culpa" of John Paul II was such a success in the year 2000. If Bill Clinton, a known adulterer, can get away with it, no doubt the Pope who "appears" to be a moral Christian leader can benefit by this type of spin doctoring!

So the Pope steps forward, tells everyone he is sorry about his church killing 150 MILLION Christians during the dark ages. He even tells the world the church felt they were doing "God's will" at the time. And the world accepts his apology! They TOTALLY ignored the fact that he just admitted to doing what the Bible says the Antichrist would do! Prophecy said Antichrist would kill MANY Christians while acting like a church that thought they were doing God's will, and almost all of Christendom seems to have missed that!! Amazing!

Prophecy declares ALL the wicked of the world must come against the Remnant of God before Christ our Lord returns in the prophesied time of Jacobs trouble. In order for the wicked to do this they MUST have global agreement. That is why the Vatican controlled one world church that OFFICIALLY begun on June 26, 2000 has all sorts of "so called" Christian faiths within it's walls as well as Muslims, Buddhists, Zoroastrianism nuns, and now, Voodoo priests!

For those of you "not of my faith" I implore you to check your church charter statements as well as its global agreements. Is it in agreement with the United Religions charter? If so, YOU ARE CATHOLIC and you don't even know it! After all, the word "Catholic" actually means, "Universal" in English. Since day one, this church KNEW it would become "universal." Why else would it use the word "Catholic" as it's name?


Dear Nicholas,

   WE will keep you and your family and ministry in our prayers. I will also go online and start a prayer chain for you as well. Keep up the faith my brother and sister. It is not easy being a preachers wife as I know by experience(please let your wife know this). There is going to be up's and down's here and there. You will, at times, have to pinch pennies in order to get by. The Lord knows this and tries the patience of His true followers so that He knows are His and who are

not His children. So do not despair  things will get better and the Lord is looking out for  you. Remember that we here in Oregon love you and are keeping you in  our prayers.


 May the Lord bless and keep you in His care and loving embrace. Talk to you soon and keep looking upwards because our redemption draweth nigh. God bless.


                                                 Love in the Faith 

                                                  M and R

Yes, please put us on your e-mail list. So far, we love your site. It looks like it will take us some time to go through all of it. May God be with you.     Gene & Nita
Awesome job on another newsletter! Let all praise go to GOD! Let us keep working through us all! Amen

Thomas P.

Praise the Lord Nic....this is truly a testimony for others to edify others
and only Jesus could do it....

Dear Nicholas:

Thank you for doing your job so well.
You go above and beyond the call of duty -
You risk your life to save others.
What could be more selfless than that?
This note of appreciation is to let you know that you do not go unnoticed by God.
Praying for you all !!

Thank you, R...
In His Firm Grip
Santiago - Chile

I found your site quite by accident. I was looking for some good material on the cults. Currently I am teaching on Islam, then the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons. Also some aborant "christian" groups as the word of faith movement. I have found your site to be very "enlighting" seeing as though I am a former Roman Catholic. I do not know if we would agree on our theology point by point yet I am still studying what you have in your doctrinal statement. What I am looking for is the information on the RCC and its relationship to Babylon and Egypt. I thought that it was your site where I found all the information with actual pictures about the RCC, and its relationship to the masonic lodge. Also all the pictures of the pagan objects that are in the RCC in Rome. Was that in fact your site and if so how do I get that information for my Bible study?

((Yes it was... I sent him this url... )

I have read your doctrinal statement and agree on most points so far. I am KJ and reformed in my theology. I don't know where that may differ from you so far. However if it was your web site where I saw that information or you know which one it was please let me know if you could. By the way I will use your information about the Jesuit Oath of Induction to show my Bible study if that is OK with you?

Yours in the most Wonderful and Precious Name above all names our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Tony A.

  Dear sirs,
  I enjoyed your video slides of"Whore of Babylon"exposing the  Catholic system links with paganism. You only missed one thing. This is the "Mother Goddess" element. That is, Virgin Mary  worship is taken from pagan goddess worship like Venus,Istar, Isis,Diana, Durga,Kali,Kuan Yin and others.I hope you would include it one day.

                                                                         In Christ,
                                                                       Victor L. S.
                                                                        Richmond, Va.

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