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More Sunday Laws Criminalizing Christianity!

Christian greetings in these last days of life on earth. It’s hard to believe “for some” but again it seems we are witnessing yet another government enforcing Sunday Laws…

Louis VuittonFrance Enforces Sunday Rest 
WORLDWATCH: EUROPE  September 2006 

In May, French courts ruled that the Louis Vuitton flagship store must remain closed on Sundays in accordance with law. The suit was brought against the famous Paris fashion house by the French Confederation of Christian Workers.

Stopping here for a moment, notice anything prophetic here besides the laws being passed? Look at who is pushing the government to enforce such laws. The French Confederation of “Christian” Workers. Yet nowhere in the Christian Bible do you find a single verse declaring Sunday is the Christian Sabbath. In fact, every “Christian” denomination on earth has admitted in writing there is no such verse. All three frogs are on the same lily pad now! (Revelation 16:13) I even offer on the main page of the site a $10,000 cash reward to anyone that can show me such a verse in the bible that says God changed the Sabbath to Sunday. Of course, no one has ever been able to find such a verse. Yet they still claim Christ Lord by ignoring His Law. As was prophecied, the Devil will, and is using Christians to do his bidding so as to enforce his prophecied mark upon mankind. And like the Jews of old and the Catholics of the not so distant past, they will be doing so thinking they are doing God’s will.

·        John 16:2-3, "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.  And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me."

Continuing with the article we find…

Three facts are revealing:

1) The union that sued has no employees at the store.

2) All 300 employees of the store voted in favor of opening on Sundays.

3) An Ipsos telephone survey in April showed that 75 percent of French citizens polled approve of stores opening on Sunday.

Those three facts—along with every fact associated with this case—changed nothing though. Even if every American citizen approved of it, a community that began driving 50 miles an hour over the speed limit in school zones would still be violating law. In this case, French law was clearly violated: Thou shalt rest on Sunday.

Ever notice how quickly all big government leaders are bowing to Papal desires lately? This is no mistake after they all had those “private” meetings with the previous pope just a few years ago. As this article illustrates, even if the population doesn’t seek the same thing as the government, the Papal prodded big wigs will do it anyway.

After the pope had his meetings with all the world’s so called “religious” leaders back in September of 2002, we now see a new set of Vatican puppets in the global church agenda. Is it now becoming clearer as to why the world leaders needed the United Religions Initiative as well as the United Nations initiative formed? Without these two entities the Vatican would have no hope in their global agenda. And before you ask, “what of the private sector, and their obvious voice?” They already have that area taken care of. Do you recall the pope’s meeting in June of 1999 with all corporate officials representing any and all things you could buy and sell? They have already agreed with Rome to do as suggested, even if it means losing customers. By the way, this is one of the reasons we see massive retailers like Walmart coming to life that effectively drown out the mom and pop retailers that were unable to have a “voice” in that Bilderberg meeting. It’s no different then the “five companies” that control all that you see and hear on TV or Radio today. Less “owners” makes for easier remote control by Rome. That’s one of the nice things about looking back with eyes that see and ears that hear. The big picture becomes far clearer when you see their steps laid out in retrospect. Hind site truly is 20/20! That is one of the major benefits of the end time Christian. All the final prophecies are coming to a close and we have history behind us confirming all Scriptures predicted as well. Yes, it is true the wicked have for more “toys” then in generations past because the devil knows his time is short. But the remnant Christians have already started to realize the “Latter Rain” that was prophecied upon them and that is the main reason Satan pulls out the big guns. He knows he hasn’t a chance against those that truly look to Christ our Righteousness!

The article continues…

But where does a law like that come from, especially when the citizens of the nation don’t want it? How can the French government defend that law’s existence?

The popular defense of the law is that small merchants can’t compete with larger retailers that have the resources to remain open on Sundays and therefore need government protection. That is poppycock. The law itself is 100 years old—a time when said large retailers simply didn’t have that ability. The National Clothing Federation might be able to make that argument today, but it has nothing to do with the origins of enforced rest on Sunday.

I agree wholeheartedly. This is no different then the reason used by the American government back in the 80’s that forced all car dealers to be closed on Sundays. Their excuse was that it would allow prospective buyers a chance to view the cars on the lot without the high pressure salesmen hounding their every move. Yet, all large auto retailers have their lots wrapped in 9 foot fencing! If you go to a lot on Sunday you won’t be able to view the cars locked behind the fences! Lies are lies plain and simple. But as we see so clearly here in the USA, the politicians prefer to use lies because they see no real problem in doing so. If enough of them repeat the lie often enough it becomes the “truth” to the media, which in turn becomes truth to the sheeple that believe them for some odd reason. The gargantuan amount of proven lies surrounding the 911 situation is proof of that fact. Anyone that has looked into what happened that day agrees, the government and the media are openly lying through their teeth! Still, has that fact alone stopped their forward motion? Not even in the slightest sense. They keep moving forward as if there really was a bonafide terrorist attack so as to ensure their laws will be passed. They have to keep lying so they can keep saying we need these laws to stop terrorists! If they admit the lie they have no ground to stand on when asking for more controlling laws to supposedly “protect” us.

The article continues…

Enforced Sunday worship began with the Roman Empire—specifically Emperor Constantine.

In a letter written after the Nicene Council of a.d. 325, Constantine specifically addressed Sabbath worship: “From this day forward none of your unlawful assemblies may presume to appear in any public or private place. Let this edict be made public.”

Worship on any day except Sunday was illegal, as confirmed at the Council of Laodicea almost 40 years later, in a.d. 363. At that conference, it was determined, “Christians must not Judaize by resting on the Sabbath [that is, Saturday], but must work on that day, rather honoring the Lord’s Day. … But if any shall be found to be Judaizers, let them be anathema [cursed and excommunicated] from Christ” (emphasis ours throughout).

At the Council of Tours in a.d. 1163, Pope Alexander III was even more specific: “Whereas a damnable heresy [Sabbath worship] has for some time lifted its head in the parts about Toulouse, and already spread infection through Gascony and other provinces, concealing itself like a serpent in its folds; as soon as its followers shall have been discovered, let no man afford them refuge on his estates; neither let there be any communication with them in buying and selling: so that, being deprived of the solace of human conversation, they may be compelled to return from error to wisdom.” In other words, if you worshiped on some day other than Sunday, you couldn’t do business.

That is where Sunday labor laws have their origin. Working on Sunday marks those who do so as pernicious in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, a stance many European governments have supported throughout the last 1,700 years.

Today, Louis Vuitton is unable to sell its handbags on the Catholic day of rest. In the future, as Europe becomes more integrated and the Vatican takes on a greater leadership role, we know that Sunday observance will be enforced as an identifying sign of the next incarnation of the Holy Roman Empire. For more information, please write for your free copy of Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?


Also see,,13005,901060612-1200725,00.html

Now I know the dear souls running “The Trumpet” are not like minded brethren, especially in regards to the Godhead, Feast days, and the 1000 years. Still, they appear to have a clear view of what’s happening in France as we speak. Sunday Laws are about to be tested and tried in every nation on earth. The powers that be are in no way doing so because they understand prophecy is about to be fulfilled and they want their part in it. Truth be known, they will only enforce Sunday laws so as to stop the FINAL revival that is emptying the pews of those that line the corrupt politician’s pockets with cash. For example, do you think the politicians were worried about their careers when the voters that made up the “The French Confederation of “Christian” Workers” demanded enforcement of their Sunday Sabbath? A no brainer eh?

At the same time, Sunday Laws will be used to shut us up as well as to keep the donations flowing into their church coffers. The true form of Christianity has to be snuffed out in any way possible. One favored way of Rome has always been to use force as well as the fear of force to get her satanic agenda realized. When they would burn people at the stake they used to strip the Christians naked and clothe them in robes that were painted with all sorts of torturous images on them so as to cultivate additional fear in the hopes of hopefully converting them to Roman Catholicism. With that said, do you suppose the following article is yet another method by which to test the hearts of many weak Christians?

Chaplain who prayed 'in Jesus' name' convicted
Klingenschmitt jury now will consider punishment

Posted: September 13, 2006
7:00 p.m. Eastern
© 2006

A military jury today convicted a Navy chaplain of a misdemeanor count of disobeying his commanding officer for wearing his uniform while delivering a prayer "in Jesus' name" at an assembly in front of the White House.

…Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action told WND she couldn't even express the horror of such an outcome.

"If they can silence a chaplain, they'll come after you next," she told WND. "The Navy has ruled that chaplains have just one hour of freedom of religion on Sunday morning."

Folger, the author of "The Criminalization of Christianity," said what is incomprehensible is that the judge concluded that public worship is not the same and worshipping in public.

"While our soldiers fight for freedom abroad, our own chaplains are facing court martial for praying for them," said Folger. "Where does the Constitution say that freedom of religion is limited to one hour?"

Full Article

Also see Welcome to the criminalization of Christianity

Of course I don’t agree with the “Sunday” hour, but it is amazing to see how Satan is manipulating the government as well as the common man. The Sunday keepers see their freedoms being threatened, and at the same time the Government sees their agenda threatened. In the end this will merge into a full fledged compromise between the two where enforced Sundays will be the end result. Amazing how a negative agenda on a certain topic can be used to push that same topic forward. As we saw during the Clinton years, playing both sides of the fence can be very profitable!

Take Elvis Presley for example. It wasn’t until Ed Sullivan refused to show his “bottom half” on TV while he was gyrating all over the stage that his popularity started to increase. Of course the media ran with this and soaked every outlet calling Elvis a vulgar dancer and singer. This negative press literally skyrocketed his career. After seeing how the media, the preachers, teachers and parents reacted to Elvis, every teenybopper alive had to see him dance and sing for themselves. And it was mostly because everyone was saying they shouldn’t see him that they wanted to see him all the more. Truth is, is it not written that children would be “disobedient to parents” in these last days? (Romans 1”30) Satan wanted Elvis to be “loved” so he used “hatred” to get the job done.

While the government keeps attacking the name of Jesus or Christianity in general, we are slowly but surely seeing more and more TV evangelists and grassroots movements seeking to stop them and their vile words. The more you push the more resistance will be generated until something “pops.” This is what brought Pat Robertson’s so called “Christian” Coalition to life. The Jesuits played this one to a T. Robertson played the “we’re fed up with immoral government officials” card and took it upon himself to create a political entity that can and HAS affected Washington D.C.’s employee roster.

If the Navy Chaplain would have taken Christ’s name in vain as easy as most do in D.C., there would be no problem at all. If the Navy Chaplain would have prayed unto Allah, Buddah, or even Satan himself, he could have gotten off far lighter, or at least used the “you’re invading my rights to worship as I please” excuse.

By the way, the Navy chaplain “convicted” for using Jesus’ name in prayer was no stranger to government strong-arming. In fact he was at the butt end of a lot of muscling from his “superiors” for a host of reasons lately. All of this is of course is stemming from his strong convictions to do as his faith requires, of which the military won’t allow. If you want more on these facts, see the second article URL I listed at the end of the previous article above. After reading it may appear to you that they arrested him because he was becoming obnoxious. And yes, that too strikes a nerve for those of us that know how the government likes to play both sides of the coin. Was the chaplain “prodded” to be a problem so as to be arrested, which would cause yet another “religious movement” in D.C. which in turn causes the need for even MORE “moral” leaders? (Wow.. one can get dizzy watching these spin-doctors!) We may not know until it’s shouted from the rooftops at the end of the 1000 years. I can wait. I’ve seen enough dirty laundry for 10 lifetimes already!

It’s obvious that the Vatican and the U.S. government seek a generic god that will please all. A god that won’t offend the Muslim, Buddhist, “Christian”, Jew, or Satanist. A god that says all is well as long as we all just agree that everyone can worship as they please, but only if they keep the REAL God out of the equation. Truth is folks, all of this was generated and kept in play by none other then the Antichrist controlled Vatican. Notice the following article that amply illustrates this fact.

Christianity and Globalization
Vatican Official Offers Guidelines

ROME, SEPT. 16, 2006 ( A common ethical foundation to guide globalization would be based on our universal (HINT: Catholic = Universal in English) human nature. The anthropological foundation is important to recognize in order to avoid the error of cultural relativism regarding values. In the face of globalization the Church reminds the world of the globality of human nature and of the need for a universal solidarity between all peoples.

…In this way globalization is seen not as a technical question, but as a process to be guided by people. Economic and technical processes may well bring us closer, but not necessarily more united. And if they are made absolutes, they risk dividing, not uniting, humanity.

As we have seen in the past they are choosing to play the “good guys” here so as to ensure voter approval. Then when the laws are solidified, the true reasons behind them are made known. New laws “suspiciously” attached will spring to life as we see is normal procedure here in the states, and wallah, their true agenda is realized and nothing can be done to stop them. If their true agenda, or “claws” are revealed now they have no hope. So they smile and make nice nice while the sheeple listen to sermons that proclaim “peace and safety” every Roman Sabbath.

To avoid these and other mistakes globalization requires a new culture that can orient the changes. This "new culture" was called for by John Paul II who explained that this consists both in discerning the positive cultural elements already in existence, and in proposing new cultural elements.

Discernment is needed in order to avoid accepting a vision of globalization that sees itself as part of a postmodern process in which liberty is given an absolute value and a place for tradition and religion is denied. For its part the Church proposes a culture based on a Christian anthropological vision that has as its objective the construction of a new humanity.

The “new culture” or “New World Order” was first penned by none other then Adolph Hitler. And yes he was a puppet of Rome as well. For those that feel I’m a nutcase or believe that’s merely a conspiracy, click here for photographic proof.

The Church also proposes the concept of moral authority in dealing with globalization. The changes at a global level have brought to the forefront questions regarding progress and goods on a universal scale that need to be somehow reconciled according to a hierarchy of values. This in turn requires a correct understanding of human dignity and rights that is not possible, however, if we accept a system based on ethical relativism.

The universal moral principles derive from our common nature. Discerning the content of these principles is not an easy process. But if globalization is not guided by moral principles, then it will result in all sorts of injustices.

This church claims to be a “moral authority” yet this is the one and only global church in history that has embraced everything from genocide, to child rape. Again, they play the “good guys” as if everyone within earshot is down a quart of brain-fluid unable to recall their documented past as well as prophetic fulfillments exposing them as the most evil organization ever known to man in all our years of existence. Truly, “all sorts of injustices” will be repeated as this church has done in the past. Prophecy confirms this! They will kill on a massive scale once again, and they will show their true colors with satanic pride. This is the church that kills the saints and this is the church that will enforce its devilish mark. Yes, they will have their day, but short lived it will be praise God!

Another essential aspect of the Church's teaching on globalization is the promotion of solidarity. A global solidarity that will ensure all peoples can benefit from the economic changes taking place. Christian solidarity consists in making ourselves responsible for the welfare of others. It is more than compassion or sentiments, as it calls for a full reciprocity in human relationships.

The unity of humanity is evident from the moment of creation, when we read in Genesis that God created man and we thus have a common point of origin. Our common destiny is also evident in the incarnation, when Christ becomes man to save humanity.

In other words, when the Sunday laws are passed as “moral” laws by this Roman Catholic global government, the Sabbath keeping Christians will be tagged as those seeking to disrupt global “UNITY.” This is nothing short of two faced lip service. You can’t have global “unity” where “Christian solidarity consists in making ourselves responsible for the welfare of others” is their so called agenda! One cancels out the other!

Globalization, therefore, needs to be a process guided by respect for human liberty. A globalization thus oriented by Christian principles will result in a harmonious unity of the human family.

Keep in mind who is talking here. This is by no means a Christian church. Using a generous estimate, only a mere 13.8% of Roman Catholic doctrine is found in the Bible. They may “say” they seek to use “Christian principles” to run the land. But when you delve into what Roman Catholicism is really all about, you see a quick return to the dark ages for those of us that seek a close relationship with the Lord they mock. NOTHING about Rome is blessed by God, and no one associated with this beast will be found standing after the plagues fall that day. Jesus warned us of those that claim to be His followers when in fact they are nothing more then wolves. Just reading into a few of the past years out of the centuries of documented decadent behavior of this church you will find that they can in no way understand let alone tilt towards “Christian principles.” Just as Satan could never embrace truth, Rome could never embrace Christianity.

By the way, if you still think Rome is a gentle and loving church not seeking to undermine and take over the world, especially the American people, see these two quotes out of literally thousands that say otherwise…

"At the rate of 126,000 converts a year in the United States it would take us too long [to Romanise America].  We must convert Politics, Economics, Sociology, Business, Entertainment, Labor and management, the Department of State and the Executive Branch of our Government to Christian and hence Catholic principles." - An article in The Union and Echo, official diocesan organ of the Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, in December 1950

"We control America and we do not propose to stop until America or Americans are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so." "We, the Hierarchy of the Holy Catholic church, if necessary, shall change, mend, or blot out the present Constitution so that the President may enforce his, or rather our, humanitarian programme and all phases of human rights, as laid down by our saintly Popes and the Holy Mother Church.  We are going to have our laws made and enforced according to the Holy See and the Popes and the canon law of the Papal throne. Our entire social structure must be rebuilt on that basis.  Our educational laws must be constructed to end the atheism, the Red peril of totalitarianism, Protestantism, Communism, Socialism and all other of like ilk and stamp, be driven from this fair land.  We control America and we do not propose to stop until America or Americans are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so."  -"Father" Patrick O'Brien quoted in L'Aurora in December of 1950

Thanks to Roman political influence in the law making process, we now find ourselves WITHOUT...

·        the right to security in our homes and private information

·        the right to use our phones without government wiretapping

·        the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizer 

·        the safety net of judicial warrant requirements before being arrested

·        the right to a trial by a jury of your peers in a system of due process

·        reasonable bail and legal recourse for false arrest

·        protection from cruel and unusual punishment by the “moral” authorities

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Thank you Brother Nicholas.  I remember one of our topics many years ago in a little SDA church I belong to reflected upon "Will there be a remnant out of the remnant?"  I always thought yes, because the old remnant has worn thin in a Laodocean type of complacency.  I fail to see the FIRE anymore in the SDA churches.  Continue your wonderful work. 

God bless,
Sister Cata

I found your site after doing a search for Sabbathkeepers.  I have been questioning why we worship on Sunday instead of Saturday and doing alot of studying.  The church I now attend said they have always had Sunday services and would not change.  I have decided to leave after months of prayer and study.  It will be hard because there are only about 15-20 of us.  A family.  Are there groups out there that I could communicate with?  Thanks for your help.  I love your site.  Keep up the good work.  


Yes there are MANY now that are keeping Sabbath. To find one near you, click here

Hey....I\'m asking for permission for something...

I made an internet \"letter\", using lots of information(and sometimes direct quotes) from your site, urging Catholic\'s to come out of Rome with plenty of info and facts on the prophetic fulfillment and evil\'s of the Catholic church...since i\'ve used alot of info from your site, I was wondering if I could post this on as many Christian/Catholic /Religion and even non-religious based forums as i can to try and get some Catholics to convert...I will, ofcoarse, provide a link to your site on it.

If you wish to see the \"letter\" before hand just ask and ill send it too you.

Ontario Canada

Yes, feel free to use the info listed here. My original design of the site was to help people have a central location for many of the facts exposing Rome. All I ask is that you do not edit anything, and you send back a link. (Click here for copyright info of course.)

the questions i had were in relation to your newsletter. first off im in no way saying anything bad about it. but i do have some serious questions

On March 7th 2006 the Bush administration put into law a brand new executive order (# 13397) that REMOVES the separation of church and state and forces all churches (with 501C3 status) to become government agencies. your newsletter seems vague on how the exec order removes seperation of church and state. i mean where is the proof that it connects the tax exempt churches to department of homeland security?  the exec order says nothing about  that I know this is suppose to happen. but im having a hard time beleiving that it does what you say it does!

please be easy on me i just want truth in all things and im having doubts =(


the executive order starts off in section 1, subsection a, thusly...

 (a) The Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) shall establish within the Department of Homeland Security (Department) a Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (Center).

 The entire executive order is posted for the Homeland Security "faith based" cabinet.


Thank you so much for the warnings. A lot more people will make right decisions once they are equipped with the right informational truths. God is faithful!

Wilson C.

WOW!!! What a revelation to find you, first thing I did as I always do is see if you are Trinitarians or not, and of course your not,this is sooooo good, to find a site with such an abundance of information, I will be hours and hours exploring and learning,and if I can get the timing correct will be with you on Sabbaths

Bless you
Alex G.

My fervent prayer Is that you are blessed by the Truth ProvIded In this Newsletter. I also pray you share It with others that are trapped In Babylon.

Truth Is Truth!
John 14:29

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