Pope uses sex to sell Gospel

Most of you know of my stand on "Catholicism" and my calling to expose the
errors it preaches as dogma. A few days ago I posted the following message
on multiple newsgroups and message boards that generated MUCH controversy as
well as gobs of hate mail. I did receive many
"thank you letters" as well for those of you wondering. It was revealed to
me that I should share it with you folks as well just the other day. I
fervently and honestly pray I do not offend anyone of you with the
documented facts contained here. Keep in mind, I did not write these
articles, nor did I commit these acts. I merely gathered them from official
teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, history books, Encyclopedia's and
the media. The main reason I posted it was because of what the Vatican just
released a few days ago to all the World. The Pope made a music video.
That's right, I said the Pope made a music video. And in the video he shows
a NAKED man and woman for all the world to see! I was shocked and angered
when I read this press release. I decided that ENOUGH'S ENOUGH! I am going
to tell as many as possible about this so they can see with their own eyes
the TRUTH PROVIDED in God's Word!


TITLED: -Pope using SEX to sell Catholicism!!-

That's right people! The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is using MTV
tactics and SEX to sell the Gospel Message to the world. Notice the two
articles below. They both more or less say the same thing. I pasted a small
excerpt from one of them that is repeated verbatim in both. You can verify
ALL of it by simply going to the URL's I shared. Notice the fact that the
Pope is showing a man and a woman NAKED in his video. NAKED!!! It's bad
enough that he is using a "world beat" in the background as he prays and
unBiblically "chants" his twisted Gospel message. It's bad enough he borrows
the cherished name of the Father in Heaven spoken by His Son Jesus in Mark
14:36 by naming his CD "Abba Pater." It's bad enough he uses "Everything
from chants from Uganda with African percussion, to Slavonic liturgy from
Bratislava, to Celtic flutes to classical" to sell the CD for financial
gain. This Antichrist is now using SEX to sell the message of Salvation to
the World!!!  What's this world coming to?

AN END!!! (




Excerpt from BOTH...

"They showed one video Wednesday: MTV-paced, digitally doctored, rapid-fire
cuts of John Paul embracing children, strolling mountains and dunes,
greeting the faithful, appearing pensive, all to an orchestral background.
The spirit of the video is upbeat and warm, although there's a jarring
moment in which a man and woman appear in profile - naked or near enough to
count as such, for the few seconds they show. ``Abba Pater'' - one of the
cuts on the CD as well as the title - is the Aramaic and Latin for

NAKED????? The Pope is appealing to the EYES of mankind with the LUST of
flesh! Instead of Allowing Jesus to appeal to the HEART of mankind with the
TRUTH of the Spirit!!! LEAVE THIS CHURCH PEOPLE!!!! Heed the call of
Revelation 18!!

Revelation 18:4, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of
her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive
not of her plagues."

Truth is truth!


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