Reasons to homeschool your child

'Your child belongs to us already'
-Adolph Hitler



Notice the PENTAGRAMS on the Brake Lights?!



Despite safety emphasis, school shootings continue


"75% of all children raised in Christian homes who attend public schools will reject the Christian faith by their first year of College." -Video "Let My Children Go" -Caryl Matritiano Author, Vice President Jeremiah films and International cult expert.

“Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State..” –Adolf Hitler



"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." -Proverbs 22:6


"Be careful how you advise them to go to other schools, where error is taught, in order to complete their education. Do not give them the impression that greater educational advantages are to be obtained by mingling with those who do not seek wisdom from God. The great men of Babylon were willing to be benefited by the instruction that God gave through Daniel, to help the king out of his difficulty by the interpretation of his dream. But they were anxious to mix in their heathen religion with that of the Hebrews. Had Daniel and his fellows consented to such a compromise, they would, in the view of the Babylonians, have been complete as statesmen, fit to be entrusted with the affairs of the kingdom. But the four Hebrews entered into no such arrangement. They were true to God, and God upheld them and honored them. The lesson is for us. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" -A Concerned Christian

This is WHY Homeschooling is growing

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 Schools producing more dummies than ever?


A 15-year-old student from Minnesota got an A+ for this entry!


An outline of history of religion in American schools

Google now collecting info on government (public) school students

  School shooting list big-pharma connection




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  1. VIDEO: Teacher, pastor among 125 men arrested in Hillsborough Co. human trafficking sting
  2. VIDEO: Will Cain exposes potential collusion between Biden admin, school boards
  3. Parents outraged as doctor schedules abortion without permission 
  4. State excludes religious educators from sex ed advisory panel 
  5. VIDEO: High School Football team holds 'drag ball' show to let 'boys express effeminate side' 
  6. Schoolkids now pay for lunch by having their faces scanned 
  7. Top university scientist quits, says scientists excluded based on politics 
  8. Parents of victim in school's alleged trans assault to sue district 
  9. New curriculum: Kids at age 13 required to define oral, anal, vaginal sex 
  10. Teachers urged to track parents' comments on COVID-19 
  11. Parents demand superintendent resign over sexual assault cover-up claims 
  12. Transracialism: UK Teachers Union Members Allowed to Self-Identify as Black 
  13. VIDEO: High school student arrested for defying mask mandate 
  14. Biden Unleashes FBI Gestapo to Terrorize Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory 
  15. GOP Accuses AG Garland of ‘Weaponizing’ DOJ, FBI to Intimidate Anti-CRT Parents — ‘This is Totalitarianism’ 
  16. Shooting, Multiple Wounded Reported at Texas High School 
  17. VIDEO: Mom speaks out on FBI school probe: DOJ ‘has declared a war on parents’ 
  18. Kids who don't wear masks in school could 'commit murder,' says radical school board member 
  19. Dallas public schools will no longer suspend students because too few white students are suspended 
  20. VIDEO: Arizona State Quietly Deletes Profile of BLM Activist Seen Harassing White Students 
  21. California parents request judge block public schools from asking students to pray to Aztec gods 
  22. VIDEO: Students signs petition to Kill Constitution (Brainwashed by Teachers) 
  23. Schoolchildren allegedly imprisoned in 'tiny closets' for not wearing masks 
  24. School district cancels 9/11 memorial, goes after the American flag in sick stunt 
  25. Top football coach fired after refusing to get vaccinated for religious reasons: 'I continue to stand firm in my conviction of faith' 
  26. VIDEO: Professor faces years in prison after allegedly bloodying face of anti-vax-mandate student 
  27. School wakes up to 1st Amendment after transgender-resisting Christian teacher's victory 
  28. Newest mask threat to adults: Make kids wear them or face jail 
  29. VIDEO: Ohio mayor warns school board during meeting: Resign or face charges for 'child pornography' 
  30. VIDEO: Unmasked Kids Push Through Administrators To Go To School 
  31. Students forced to pray to Aztec gods of human sacrifice 
  32. VIDEO: I was furious': Mom enraged after learning teacher taped a face mask to her child's face 
  33. Unvaxxed student banned from ONLINE classes by university 70 miles away! 
  34. VIDEO: CDC tightened masking guidelines after threats from teachers union, emails show 
  35. VIDEO: Attorney for parents suing school district over mask mandate: 'They're violating constitutional rights 
  36. Shooting reported at North Carolina high school 
  37. Baltimore City Schools to Mandate Vaccinations for High School Athletes 
  38. VIDEO: Watch– Teacher: ‘180 Days’ to Turn Students ‘into Revolutionaries 
  39. Terrible confusion': Parents turn on Christian girls' school for 'going woke' 
  40. Only white people could be racist': Staff sue district over mandatory 'equity' training 
  41. Parents furious as teens forced to wear COVID ankle monitors warning others to stay back 
  42. VIDEO: Obama disciple takes over school, trashes horrified parents as full of 'bigoted 
  43. VIDEO: Moms Read GRAPHIC CONTENT from K-5 “Wit and Wisdom” Curriculum 
  44. VIDEO: Radical school-board member says kids who don't wear masks to school are murderers 
  45. New grading policy goes bonkers: Assignments and attendance don't matter 
  46. Governor signs bill allowing students to graduate without knowing how to read or write 
  47. School hammered for separating black and white children 
  48. Black mother files complaint against Atlanta elementary school for racial segregation: 'disbelief 
  49. Christian champion sounds alarm on Dems 'brainwashing your children 
  50. What a shot! New vaccination law jabbed as threat to parental rights 
  51. School district sued for hiding kids' potential exposure to porn 
  52. Busted! Schools caught sending disabled children home 
  53. Illinois Schools echoing Hitler's ID Badges 
  54. 4th-graders get told to hide 'equity survey' from their parents 
  55. Teachers Unions Push Mandatory Masks, Vaccines for Students 
  56. VIDEO: Seattle Transit Union Endorses Somali Muslim School Bus Hijacker 
  57. Judges warn school its policies violate Constitution’s free speech clause 
  58. VIDEO: School board meeting gets heated as parents demand mask policy be dropped 
  59. 500+ Doctors, Parents Testify Against Massachusetts Bills Targeting Parental Rights and Religious Freedoms 
  60. Lawsuits Challenge D.C. Law Allowing Kids to Get Vaccines Without Parental Permission + More 
  61. VIDEO: PTA official says 'let them die' about parents fighting critical race theory (And they APPLAUD?!) 
  62. VIDEO: Facts About SLAVERY They Don't Teach You at School 
  63. VIDEO: School volunteer turns whistleblower, alleges CRT-style course instructed her on race-based treatment of kids 
  64. High-school employee allegedly gives beers to teens before deadly car crash 
  65. Principal's alleged plan to oust white teachers backfires, leaves her on the chopping block 
  66. Middle School Teacher: ‘Radicalized Curriculum’ Is ‘Creating Racial Hostility
  67. School curriculum in Canada disputes view of math as 'objective' discipline, argues it has been used to 'normalize racism' 
  68. Video of leftist (Muslim) candidate threatening kids goes public, campaign now in dire straits 
  69. Parents reject principal's apology, demand more after kids shown video mocking white women 
  70. More than 5,000 woke teachers sign pledge to teach CRT 'regardless of the law' 
  71. Parents who publicly disagreed with school's leftist bent have their children forced out 
  72. VIDEO:Teacher Who Claimed She Had Constitutional Right to Sex with Students Gets Jail Time 
  73. School Board Recalls Nearly Double as Parents Fight CRT, Pandemic Policies 
  74. VIDEO: Girl nails school board: 'I don't want to hear about sexuality during class
  75. VIDEO: 'Google whatever is in your head': School gives 11-year-olds sex-promoting flyer 
  76. See the 'white privilege,' 'gender equity' indoctrination plans for kindergartners 
  77. VIDEO: Ohio Democrats Scream, Bang Furniture in Opposition to Amendment Banning Trans Athletes from Women’s Sports (Notice the chairman does NOT demand order) 
  78. Illinois Teacher Sues School District over CRT Training: ‘Pitting Racial Groups Against Each Other 
  79. Terry Schilling: Critical Race Theory Is Used to Undermine Parents and Family 
  80. VIDEO: 'The Five' praise parents for going head-to-head with 'woke' school board 
  81. Teachers instructed to classify 'Make America Great Again' as racist
  82. VIDEO: Armed cops charge parents as school board gets tough on dissent to transgender policy
  83. Australia Senate Moves to Block Critical Race Theory from National Curriculum: ‘Education, Not Indoctrination’ (CRT sole goal is to promote racial hate / riots)
  84. VIDEO: You're 'Acting Like Some of Us Are Guilty for Just Existing': Watch Student Defy Woke School Board in Front of Parents
  85. VIDEO: Minnesota school board meeting 9-year-old confronts district over blm posters
  86. VIDEO: PARENTS WATCH NOW - Ex NHS Nurse Louise Hampton Speaks The Truth & FACTS
  87. A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids' Face Masks to A Lab
  88. VIDEO: Father Smashes Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting
  89. VIDEO: Grosse Pointe teacher roasts board of education in intense resignation speech
  90. Elite girls school shows students videos of white women 'tarred and feathered'
  91. VIDEO: Watch furious mom's epic response to school teaching children about graphic sex
  92. VIDEO: School Board Meeting Turns Wild When Board Member Calls Parent An ******* (These people TEACH our children?!)
  93. VIDEO: Angry mom goes nuclear over 'communist values' in schools
  94. VIDEO: Crazy video: Mom goes undercover as 13-year-old daughter in middle school (Security? Really?)
  95. VIDEO: White teacher quits teaching Spanish, cancels herself for upholding white supremacy
  96. Girl has Bible confiscated by school officials
  97. School sued for suspending teacher who opposed transgender activism
  98. Parents 'furious' at NYC private school over graphic sex ed videos shown to 1st graders
  99. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Signs Bill to Ban Teaching of Critical Race Theory (That means YOUR state still doe teach this)
  100. Parents scorch elite school after it adds 'porn literacy' class without their knowledge
  101. VIDEO: 'My body, my choice!': Hundreds of students rally against COVID vaccine mandate
  102. Another governor signs law banning Critical Race Theory in schools
  103. VIDEO: Parents ‘finally had enough’ after ‘vile’ selection of books for school children
  104. VIDEO: Remove Informed Parental Consent
  105. School blocks girl from 'Jesus Loves Me' mask, but her faith still making impact (The school lied about mask policy - Plus they allowed BLM masks in the same school)
  106. VIDEO: White people are inherently racist, claims diversity expert hired by schools
  107. VIDEO: 'It doesn't make sense': Watch 10-year-old hammer school board over mask mandate (A 10 year old has more wisdom than ANY of his teachers)
  108. VIDEO: 'I Don't Care if You're Vaccinated, You Little Dink': Teacher Goes Viral with Unhinged Rant at Unmasked Student (He was vaccinated and she mad he won't wear a mask!)
  109. Superintendent Defends Reading Transgender Book to 1st-Graders: ‘Diverse Books Consistent with Our Values’
  110. New GMU diversity hiring practice encourages selecting for skin color over qualifications
  111. Teacher ripped from post after lewd act with shirtless man in front of kids in online lesson
  112. VIDEO: These Louisiana Reps Voted in Favor of Spanking School Kids
  113. Report: Students offered school credit toward graduation for getting vaccine (Yet many graduate unable to read)
  114. 'Eradicate' white people, urges student-government candidate (Government schools are required to teach government agendas)
  115. New Law Eliminates Religious Exemption To Mandatory Vaccines For Students
  116. VIDEO: Parent to 'woke' private school: Stop the obsession with race
  117. Michigan State Education Conference Separates ‘White Folx’ and ‘People of Color’ (They're trying to get us back to pre-1950's)
  118. The 'offensive' names this Florida school district wants gone
  119. Music prof sues university for 'canceling' classical compositions as 'racist'
  120. Teacher says Left has turned public schools into 'indoctrination centers'
  121. Brainwashing America's next generation
  122. VIDEO: 'Let's hope this isn't what's in store for us in this country'
  123. VIDEO: 'Appalling': Boys made to apologise to female classmates on behalf of gender
  124. Will the Pandemic Break the Government School Monopoly? Data Says Homeschooling Is Skyrocketing (FINALLY!)
  125. 'Experts’ Provide Tools to Raise Woke Children: ‘Antiracist Baby,’ Drag Queens
  126. New curriculum mandates teaching atheism in public schools
  127. North Carolina schools launch campaign against 'whiteness in educational spaces'
  128. Teachers plot to discredit parents who oppose critical race theory 
  129. OK, children, let's chant to the Aztec gods!
  130. Brainwashing America's next generation
  131. Report: Proposed California Curriculum Leads Students in ‘Social Justice’ Chant to Aztec Gods
  132. VIDEO: Biracial student fails Critical Race Theory class for refusing to confess his 'white dominance,' mom claims
  133. Report: Arizona Dept. of Education reviewing 'equity' toolkit that suggests babies are racist
  134. VIDEO: WATCH: NYC Mom Becomes Livid When Son’s Teacher Plays Rap Videos During Zoom Class
  135. Catholic School Students Expelled for Using ‘Racist’ Acne Medication, Sue for $20 Million
  136. Department Of Education attacks white infants
  137. Utah teacher calls for deaths of Republican senators at next 'riot at the Capitol'
  138. Boston schools suspend advanced classes because they were too white and Asian
  139. Teacher Asked Students to List Their Political Party and Why, Then Publicized Their Responses, It Didn't End Well
  140. 12-year-old girl arrested for selling stun guns at her middle school, police say
  141. California school district pushes segretation, promotes 'black-only' event
  142. Mr. Potato Head to become 'gender neutral' to allow kids to create same-sex familites
  143. Shocking racism taught in Buffalo schools to kindergartners-12th
  144. VIDEO: Entire school board resigns after mocking parents
  145. In 'woke' new curriculum, Buffalo schools teach students 'all white people' perpetuate systemic racism and much more
  146. VIDEO: (old news) they have been giving children flu shots even after parents said DON'T DO IT!
  147. VIDEO: Young children are being taught ‘utterly inappropriate’ content
  148. Book promoting transgenderism pulled from elementary school (One can only wonder how many children were affected by this book) 
  149. VIDEO: School Board Members Caught Mocking Parents Urging Reopening of Schools: ‘They Want Their Babysitters Back
  150. Racist principal/professor calls for full white abolition
  151. School sued for canceling coach who protested 'extremist' race studies
  152. To fight racism, math teachers urged to accept Tik Tok videos instead of asking students to ‘show their work'
  153. Black Lives Matter at School’ Teaches Young Children to Be Transgender and Queer ‘Affirming
  154. Art department changes name because acronyms are 'white supremacy'
  155. School demands Christian girl attend explicit homosexual sex-ed class
  156. Horowitz: Norwegian study shows very little transmission in school without masks, as suicide crisis intensifies
  157. Teacher says 'white privileged Trump supporters' are 'scum and a plague' (This proves the left's narrative is racist)
  158. Iowa School District Plans Black Lives Matter “Week of Action” For Preschoolers thru Grade 12
  159. Teachers’ Unions ‘Keep Moving Goalposts’ on Criteria for Reopening Schools
  160. Rash of student suicides push Las Vegas schools to partially reopen
  161. Virginia Teachers’ Union insists students get vaccine before schools reopen
  162. 3rd graders forced to 'deconstruct their racial identities' in class assignment
  163. State school standards banish lessons about World War I, II, Holocaust, Civil War (If the kids don't know about history, they won't be a problem later when it repeats)
  164. VIDEO: Principal punished for warning kids about Twitter censorship
  165. Virginia plans for all public schools to allow boys in girls' bathrooms, sleepovers
  166. China is waging a campaign to 'influence' U.S. school textbooks
  167. Catholic school forced white student to accept critical race theory with 'false imprisonment'
  168. Family sues school that won’t let student out of class promoting anti-white racism
  169. Arizona School Board Member Indicted for Ballot Harvesting Voter Fraud in Yuma County
  170. School district warns teachers of 'spirit murder' of blacks
  171. Website Invites Parents to Track ‘Woke’ Curriculum in Schools (I have been posting all this here since 2009) 
  172. Chicago story exposes rank selfishness of U.S. teachers unions
  173. Teenage girl: I was banned from wearing American flag in yearbook photo
  174. VIDEO: Youth Coach Banned for Life, Charged with Child Abuse After Hitting Player
  175. Public School 2nd Grade Homework: Biden Is Your President, Not Trump
  176. Former Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Sneaking Girl into Classroom Inside Bin
  177. New ethnic-studies mandate: Turn students into 'agents of change'
  178. Betsy DeVos: 'Free' college is a 'socialist takeover of higher education'
  179. Bill would mandate lessons on racism and social justice
  180. New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Bill to Adopt ‘Social Justice’ Education in Public Schools
  181. Teacher's request caused student to be suspended, reported to police
  182. Southern Poverty Law Center: Teachers Are ‘Weaponizing’ Whiteness
  183. Radical racist indoctrination overtakes Oregon schools
  184. A Bill to not only vaccinate children 11 years old and up, the Bill seeks to make it legal to hide the vaccination from the parents!
  185. The 1st Amendment right school denies student
  186. School bans 'Jesus Loves Me' face mask as 'offensive, disruptive'
  187. Former Alabama substitute teacher admits to having sex with two students
  188. School district retroactively changes policy to justify ban on ‘Jesus Loves Me’ mask: lawsuit (‘Black Lives Matter’ and sports logos allowed on masks, though)
  189. High school forces student to remove pro-Trump face mask, allows pro-Biden masks: warning letter
  190. Tennessee school district bans ‘homosexuality is a sin’ shirt while allowing gay pride symbols: lawsuit
  191. 'Junior Scholastic' tells middle schoolers America is 'systemically racist'
  192. Student newspaper publishes instructions on how to make a Molotov cocktail
  193. SF Mulls Changing ‘Racist’ School Names, Including Washington and Lincoln: Black Mayor Calls Timing ‘Offensive’
  194. School Therapist Loses License After Pleading Guilty to Sex with Student
  195. Elementary School Kids Taught That “Objectivity” and “Perfectionism” Are Racist Traits of “White Supremacy”
  196. Family Sues After 4th Grader Suspended over BB Gun Seen in Virtual Class
  197. VIDEO: Teacher Threatens to Kick Student Out of Virtual Class for Trump 2020 Flag
  198. School fires worker who alerted friends to LGBT agenda in classrooms
  199. VIDEO: Girl told (by teacher) she has no right to opinion because she's 'white' and 'blonde'
  200. Seattle-area schools tell 2nd graders cops are racist, push left-wing activism
  201. Teacher tells white student she doesn't have right to an opinion
  202. Parents protecting 4th Amendment rights with letter to schools
  203. \VIDEO: FNC’s Carlson: We’ll Look Back on Incorporating BLM, 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory in Schools in ‘Shame and Horror
  204. Vanderbilt Quiz On The Constitution Marked Students Wrong If They Said It Was Not Designed To Perpetuate White Supremacy
  205. 12-Year-Old Suspended over Toy Gun Seen During Virtual Class
  206. Students taught 'risky sex' through startling body-parts dice game
  207. Trump says he'll stop funding schools that teach N.Y. Times' 1619 Project
  208. VIDEO: Is it any wonder our children come out of school ANGRY?
  209. No grace for Grace: Teenager incarcerated for not doing homework
  210. 1st state orders all students to receive flu vaccine by end of year (Massachusetts)
  211. School assignment depicts police as slave owners, KKK
  212. Report: Texas School Sides with Mother Pushing Son James to Be Transgender ‘Luna’
  213. VIDEO: Fired for accidentally calling a transgender student 'she,' teacher takes case to court
  214. Students forbidden from criticizing BLM, gay marriage, abortion
  215. Grade school requiring children to study 'Book About Whiteness'
  216. CDC director warns high-school-age suicides and overdoses outpacing teen COVID deaths (Yet no nationwide school closure?)
  217. Lawmaker calls teaching history 'miseducation' and demands halt
  218. Scared for school: 4 in 5 parents may homeschool kids this fall
  219. Schools accused of extorting parents to educate children
  220. More parents are home schooling. How that will change public education
  221. Nearly all Oregon students will be required to wear masks in school, state education officials say
  222. Schools prepare to train children in Marxist BLM curriculum
  223. Expert warns of huge violence problem in public schools
  224. VIDEO: Watch young Americans stumped over what July 4 means
  225. Denver public schools unanimously votes to cut ties with city police, removing all school-resource officers
  226. School Calls Police over Presence of BB Gun in Home During Virtual Class
  227. Lawyering up kindergartners on school sex abuse
  228. Maryland School Board Members: No More Armed Officers to Protect Kids
  229. VIDEO: German state threatens to confiscate children who don't bring 'daily health certificate' to school
  230. VIDEO: Homeschool organization says public schools are blocking parents from withdrawing kids
  231. Nearly 1/2 of Chicago students not receiving online instruction most days
  232. School Apologises After 11-Year-Olds Told to Define Transgender, ‘Hardcore Pornography’ as Homework
  233. Philly students can now change gender on school records, without parental consent
  234. VIDEO: Government Teacher meltdown: Urges teens to die 'a long, painful death' of coronavirus
  235. Nation’s Report Card: Only 15% of Eighth Graders Know Much About U.S. History
  236. Attack on homeschooling is latest way of silencing conservatives
  237. Advocates say coronavirus letting parents see all the benefits of homeschooling and then... Harvard prof calls for total ban on homeschooling
  238. VIDEO: Lawsuit claims Fulton County special needs student was stripped naked, raped on bus
  239. Middle school hangs LGBT flag in cafeteria, bans flag of traditional family
  240. School pummeled for flying gay 'pride' flag alongside Old Glory
  241. Kentucky school district caves to out-of-town atheists
  242. A young boy got a concussion and was hospitalized after his friends performed the TikTok 'skull-breaker' challenge on him
  243. Homeschooling to the rescue as coronavirus closes schools
  244. Gone too far: Drag queen lunacy and child abuse ("homeschooling never looked so good")
  245. Court orders school to explain punishing students over activities at home
  246. Male teacher campaigns to share restroom with little girls
  247. School tells 6th-graders they can't say no when asked to dance
  248. School launches secret program to turn kids 'trans' without telling parents
  249. 14 parents sue school district for affirming kids' transgender identity without consent
  250. Parents' anti-drag queen hour resistance rises
  251. VIDEO: Watch school official bully team handing out pro-life information
  252. School decides to expel children for what they do and say AT HOME!
  253. VIDEO: A 6-Year-Old Girl in Florida Was Committed to a Mental Health Facility After She Threw a Fit at School
  254. A 'humiliated' 5th-grader withdrew from school after her teacher asked if she was in a relationship with another girl — as their entire class watched
  255. The latest porn-based sex-ed outrages: Parents, get active!
  256. Police: Valdosta State U. Dean Arrested in Child Sex Crime Sting
  257. Ohio Superintendent Gets Max 10-Year Sentence for Sexually Assaulting Students
  258. VIDEO: A School Resource Officer Threatened to Shoot a Student for Leaving School
  259. VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Video shows high-school basketball coach viciously assaulted by his own players: Police
  260. 6-year-old with Down syndrome makes finger-gun gesture at school teacher — so the school calls the police
  261. School bus with 20 children on board crashes into barber shop in Sheffield
  262. THANKS TO GOVERNMENT TEACHERS - 80% of Young Voters Think ‘Global Warming Is a Major Threat to Life as We Know It’
  263. School censors Bible citations on Post-It notes
  264. Rabbis Warn of ‘Anti-Israel Craze’ Leading to ‘Hatred of Jews’ in NYT Op-ed (Culitvating Hatred for SABBATH KEEPERS?)
  265. VIDEO: Texas school ripped after question about rape ends up on ninth grade homework
  266. VIDEO: Teacher charged after video shows him lifting teen, carrying him out of classroom
  267. Christian mom loses court case against school that forced indigenous smudging ritual on kids
  268. VIDEO: Thousands of Seattle students told to get vaccinated, or don’t come back after winter break
  269. Universities Use Students’ Smartphones to Track Their Location
  270. VIDEO: LGBT flags handed out at school, kids rebel and raise Confederate flag
  271. School changes Chrstmas Carol lyrics to include Islam
  272. School that can't figure out sexuality de-recognizes Christian club
  273. Update: Officials say savage beating of pro-Trump boy is not a 'hate crime'
  274. Outrage! Abortionists setting up businesses inside schools
  275. School defies law in rejection of Christian club
  276. Elementary school features drag-queen speaker with prostitution record
  277. GRAPHIC VIDEO: 14-Year-Old Boy Brutally Attacked on Florida School Bus (See UPDATE above)
  278. 3 teachers suspended over text messages leaked online
  279. Planned Parenthood Will Open Abortion Referral Clinics in 50 Schools at Taxpayer Expense
  280. Suspended student expelled after posting "IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE" flyers at OCU
  281. Teacher instructs 6-year-olds to write gay love letters
  282. VIDEO: Bus driver drank beer while picking up students, police say
  283. IT’S HAPPENING: Colorado public schools now requiring students to role play child sacrifice “poems” as part of rape training indoctrination
  284. Teacher Defends Drag Queen Makeup Class: Parents ‘Don’t Know What’s Best’ for Their Children
  285. Report: Teacher Defends Drag Queen at School, Condemns ‘Bigoted’ Parents
  286. Real gun is a misdemeanor, but 'finger gun' is a felony
  287. 'VIDEO: Sex-ed school': Trans 'man' teaches children about cross-sex hormones, breast removal
  288. VIDEO: At least 2 dead in shooting at Saugus High School in Southern California
  289. Math teacher arrested for threatening to shoot students
  290. Police: California School Shooter Used .45 Caliber Handgun
  291. Reports: Numerous Persons Shot at California High School
  292. High-school student says her pro-life club was rejected for being 'too controversial'
  293. Christian college bans pro-life display because people might think it's pro-life
  294. VIDEO: Cellphone Video Shows Texas Substitute Teacher Punching, Stomping On Student
  295. Student: School suspended me for ‘hate speech’ when I protested wearing LGBT rainbow poppy
  296. VIDEO: 10-year-olds say they were suspended after asking to be excused from LGBT lesson
  297. School officials warned after discriminating against pro-life students
  298. TEACHER: 'Boys need to be Castrated at Birth'
  299. Student: School suspended me for ‘hate speech’ when I protested wearing LGBT rainbow poppy
  300. Parents fight back as schools jam mandatory LGBT lessons on kids
  301. School district greenlights more 'aggressive' sex ed for 3rd-graders
  302. North Carolina teacher suspended after allegedly segregating students based on political, religious beliefs
  303. Why kids are socialists and how to start fixing it
  304. Kids are lab rats in school boards’ transgender social engineering experiments
  305. Drag queen gives unsuspecting children a look up his skirt
  306. Texas school district to teach third graders (8 yrs old) about sodomy, condoms
  307. Drag queen in skin-colored leggings flashes kids at Minnesota story hour
  308. Reading Scores on National Exam Decline in Half the States
  309. Video ~ Calif. Boy Told Assistant Principal About Bullying Days Before Sucker Punch That Killed Him
  310. GRAPHIC! Texas Schools Mandate teaching pornographic Homosexuality
  311. Video ~ Teacher 'puts student with disability in trash can multiple times'
  312. Video ~ Leftist student unashamed to tear down conservative posters
  313. Students tackle teen after he pulls gun on them during class
  314. Mom shares gut-wrenching photo of son, 12, in coffin to show result of bullying
  315. Supremes have no problem with teacher forcing Christian student to voice Islamic prayer
  316. Teacher tells class that includes Jewish children she would 'ship you all off to the gas chambers'
  317. Irate parents pummel gov't official over porn in class
  318. Middle School Girl Charged with Felony for Allegedly Pointing Finger Gun at Classmates
  319. Video ~ The Drugging Of Our Children
  320. 2 + 2 = 5: Now math slammed as 'racist,' 'western'
  321. Iowa boy and family fear retribution for resisting LGBT propaganda at school
  322. Seattle Catholic schools to require POISONOUS vaccinations
  323. Christian students must get speeches OK'd, swear oath to school
  324. Students charged with manslaughter in fatal school beating of California 13-year-old
  325. Video ~ Teachers are turning to 'sugar daddy' dating site to supplement their salary
  326. Video ~ Shows school bus driver accused of DUI rambling, screaming at students
  327. Students earn credit studying 'Star Wars,' 'Harry Potter,' 'Game of Thrones'
  328. Video ~ Florida grandmother outraged after 6-year-old arrested for ‘tantrum’
  329. Video ~ Everyone has to see this new back to school video
  330. Video ~ North Carolina teacher under investigation after allegedly calling for Pence assassination
  331. 12-year-old boy is charged after he 'sexually assaulted a teacher'
  332. LGBTQ activist transforming schools admits: “We’re training school teachers to completely smash heteronormativity
  333. Student told he is 'smarter' than to engage in free speech
  334. Feds: School forced nurse to help with abortion against her will
  335. Uncovered: Mandatory, tax-funded, 'Islamic propaganda' for teachers
  336. VIDEO: Pelion Middle School student charged after threatening to drive truck into school and shoot girls
  337. VIDEO: California high school students filmed giving Nazi salutes and singing Nazi war song
  338. Public schools to incorporate LGBT people into history
  339. Illinois Governor Mandates LGBT History Curriculum for Public Schools
  340. Google’s overreach into your kid’s school privacy
  341. Polyamory is for Pre-Teens in Public Schools. Oh, Really?
  342. Video ~ Cleveland high school security guard sentenced on charges of sexual battery with multiple students
  343. Video ~ WHAT?! CBS47 Investigates: Raisin City Superintendent has school janitor wear mask and carry fake gun in active shooter drill, staff & kids terrified
  344. Pro-Family Advocates: Opposition to California’s Graphic Sex-Ed Curriculum Grows
  345. Video ~ California’s Sex and Gender Ed: ‘Abstinence-Only’ and ‘Religious Doctrine’ Not Allowed
  346. CBU instructor fired after demanding sex, moose meat and lobster for better grades
  347. Video ~ MUST SEE: ‘Killing Free Speech’ Documentary Exposes Far-Left Propaganda in Schools
  348. Spanish River High’s principal refused to call the Holocaust a fact
  349. School Bosses Forcing Islamic Indoctrination
  350. Video ~ Woman loses job for 'teaching while conservative'
  351. Video ~ LGBT teacher accused of screaming at Christian kids
  352. NYC Public Students Can Change Gender, Name Without Documentation
  353. Teen Who Said There Are Only Two Genders Expelled from School, GoFundMe Shut Down
  354. Video ~ GRAPHIC X ANON... THE WAR ON CHILDREN (If you don't get your children out of schools - IT'S ON YOU what happens to them!)
  355. Video ~ Student says there are 2 genders, all hell breaks loose
  356. Video ~ Substitute teacher fired for filming porn in classroom: School
  357. WHAT?! U.S. School lets Muslims Interrupt Classes to 'CONVERT STUDENTS' to Islam
  358. Incoming Texas freshmen threatened with doxxing if they join conservative campus groups
  359. Teen Who Said There Are Two Genders Suspended from School
  360. Poisoned': School convinces 6-year-old she's not a girl 
  361. California High School Student Newspaper Condemns ‘Toxic,’ ‘Goal-Oriented’ Mindset
  362. Public schools: The most racist institution of all
  363. State moves to take over Christian school
  364. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Allowing More Armed Teachers in Texas Schools
  365. Betsy DeVos: Schools’ Failure to Teach U.S. Civics a ‘Huge Problem’
  366. WHAT?! Law would let schools diagnose kids 'mentally ill'
  367. Girl Reportedly Bullied by Teacher, Classmates for Refusing to 'Climate Strike'
  368. Video ~ Teachers forced to attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP' training session
  369. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza accused of demoting admins because they were white
  370. U.S. school fails Christian student for refusing Islamic prayer
  371. School pays massive fine for attacking Christians
  372. Government Schools plan worked - Ther eis now a Drag Camp for Kids nurtures next generation of queens and kings
  373. 8-year-old grilled about gender, parents sue school
  374. WOW!!! VIDEO: California Is Teaching Pedophilia As A Sexual Orientation To Kids
  375. 6th-graders charged with plot to shoot up school
  376. AS WE EXPECTED: Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools
  377. 20 Indian students commit suicide after failing test
  378. Video ~ Shawnee police investigate battery against child at elementary school, teacher fired
  379. WHAT?! No Jail for School Bus Driver Who Raped 14-Year-Old Girl
  380. Video ~ Teacher charged with hiring hitman to kill student after molestation accusation pleads not guilty
  381. Parents Sue Elite School Claiming Son Was Expelled for Conservative Views
  382. WHAT?: University professor taught students how to make ecstasy
  383. Video ~ Fifth Grader Who Died After School Fight Hit Her Head on a Shelf, Mother Says
  384. SWAT raid on homeschoolers goes to top court
  385. Video ~ Surveillance video shows Chicago police dragging female student down stairs, using stun gun
  386. Teacher suspended for inability to read, write
  387. Texas Public School Cop Sent to Prison for Working with Gulf Cartel-Tied Gang
  388. Video ~ WOW!!! Access Islam: US Department of Education
  389. South Florida teacher faces suspension for showing videos with nudes
  390. Parents ID'd as problem in school LGBT promotions
  391. Mom Outraged after Gay Rights Book Read to 2nd Graders: ‘It Caused Her to Question Her Faith’
  392. 10-year-old girl dies after classroom fight
  393. Video ~ I Wanted to Spread the Word of God': Student Suspended for Posting Bible Verses in Response to Rainbow Flags
  394. Clinic for transgender kids hiding suicide risks
  395. Florida Kindergarten Teacher and Boyfriend Accused of Making Kiddie Porn
  396. Video ~ Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer
  397. Nine dead, including 5 children, in Brazil school shooting – 17 others also shot
  398. Video ~ Lake Mary High suicide: School cancels classes as students mourn junior's death by self-inflicted gunshot
  399. High-school holy war: Bible verses vs. LGBT pride
  400. Video ~ Father angrily confronts school officials after daughter, 5, is left behind by school bus - again
  401. Video ~ 'Hit her! It's after school': Parent caught on video encouraging teen to hit another girl
  402. Video ~ High school teacher reassigned for dragging student across classroom by her braids
  403. WHAT?! School apologizes after father says his daughter went missing three times on their watch
  404. Students can get more than $400 from Pomona College to legally change gender
  405. California Wants Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number on Student IDs
  406. Primary school children ‘to be taught about gay and trans relationships
  407. OUCH!! Teacher Accused Of Ripping 11-Year-Old Girl's Braids From Her Head
  408. More than 6K suspension orders to go out to Waterloo region students over vaccines
  409. Video ~ Teacher Brittany Zamora had sex with boy in classroom while other student watched  
  410. Student altercation at Santa Fe involves Trump hat, banner
  411. Video ~ Wisconsin high school cheerleaders received awards for biggest breasts, butt
  412. Video ~ Court Rules School Can Use Electric Shock as Punishment For Special Needs Students
  413. Dianne Feinstein Pushes Funding for Climate Change Indoctrination IN THE SCHOOLS
  414. Socialists Organizing Teachers to Turn Purple States Blue by 2020
  415. School librarian fired after reporting her son was being bullied as a student there (They don't want parents in the schools because they see things teachers ignore)
  416. School Hires Combat Vets With Rifles To ‘Put Down’ Active Shooters (IMO: The safest place is NOT to be in school)
  417. Video ~ ANOTHER Principal placed on leave after 'altercation' with student: 'Something definitely needs to change'
  418. Michigan boy, 13, kills himself after being bullied on school bus, mom says
  419. Video ~ Mother of 9-year-old boy arrested after students get sick from weed gummies doled out at school
  420. Father outraged after learning son walked to class in below-freezing temperatures during school bus suspension
  421. Feds caught pushing Buddhist-based meditation on preschoolers
  422. Video ~ Student died after eating 5 day old spagetti
  423. Principal to teacher: You can't be in church if your students are there
  424. Video~  Boy, 10, kills himself after being bullied for wearing colostomy bag
  425. Video~  Seven teacher licenses suspended amid state’s largest ISTEP cheating case
  426. Teach (BRAINWASH) kids about climate change? This state might require it
  427. Video~  WHAT?! Report: Roberts Elementary students planned to "murder another student," escape in golf cart
  428. ANOTHER 6 year old brings a gun to government (public) school
  429. Video~  Teacher Drags 9-Year-Old Autistic Boy Down School Hallway
  430. WHAT?! Iowa school districts to roll out mandatory firearm courses next year 
  431. Video~  Outrage over 5-year-old boy seen on video left in school bus 
  432. Texas Teen Gets 12 Years for Slitting Classmate’s Throat During Lunch 
  433. Teacher arrested after professing love for 13-year-old boy: cops 
  434. WHAT?! Mandatory Mental Health Exam for Students up for Consideration 
  435. Video~  Student Charged After Video Shows Fight That Left Another Student Injured 
  436. WHAT?! Schools Ordered to Teach Eight-Year-Olds That ‘Boys Can Have Periods Too’ 
  437. Teenage Gunman Dead After Shootout with Police Outside Middle School
  438. Video~  Elf murder exercise leaves student 'traumatized,' mom claims: 'There was a crime scene in one of the classrooms'
  439. Video~  13-year-old student with autism dies after being restrained at school
  440. Teacher spills beans on Santa, Easter Bunny, gets fired
  441. Video~  Teacher attacks students WITH SCISSORS during class
  442. Mother pulls son from preschool after he wore a dress while allegedly playing dress-up
  443. Hawaii Preschoolers Accidentally Served Pine-Sol Instead of Apple Juice
  444. Video~  Teacher Charged After Fistfight With Student is Caught on Camera
  445. Video~  Shows high school student who violated dress code being tased
  446. Maryland HS football players face life in prison for alleged locker-room attack
  447. Video~  Police say Utah teacher murdered ex-husband’s girlfriend in front of suspect’s twin children
  448. Homophobes Should Keep Quiet’: GOVT Elementary School Accused of ‘Intimidating’ Christian Parents
  449. School won't punish teens for 'Nazi salute'
  450. School bars mom from entering after she objected to gay ‘pride’ event for 5-year-olds
  451. Now man faces threat to career for refusing to watch girl shower
  452. WHAT?! Supremes asked if schools can expose naked students to opposite sex
  453. West Shore teacher charged with dealing drugs
  454. Columbia offers students a course in writing ‘effective sex scenes’
  455. WHAT?! School demands Christians let atheists 'lead Bible studies'
  456. Inflated Grades: What Happens When Report Cards Lie
  457. WHAT?! Photo: Wisconsin High School Students Appear to Perform Nazi Salute
  458. Florida principal stole nearly $1G from mentally disabled student, authorities say
  459. High school football players charged with raping teammates with broomstick in 'hazing' ritual
  460. VIDEO: Baltimore High School Teacher Punched in Face
  461. Friends, peers pay tribute to teacher who attempted suicide during school hours in his classroom and later died
  462. Video~  WOW! High school teacher arrested after punching student during class
  463. Video~  Mom strangled to death by her own teenage son
  464. Video~  Teen bullied, beaten and threatened with a gun in Facebook video
  465. North Carolina student dead as high school fight ends with shooting
  466. Police Stop Middle School ‘Satanists’ Alleged Plot to Mass Murder Students, Drink Their Blood
  467. Video~  WHAT?! Florida middle school girls plotted to kill up to 15 students, drink their blood, police say
  468. Video~  Some Parents Outraged After Drag Queen Speaks At School Career Day
  469. SUED! Drag Queen Story Hour
  470. Video~  Who Controls The Children (schools dumb down kids deliberately)
  471. Video~  Students claim cookies contained ashes of grandparents, police say
  472. Sharia Law Scholar Defends M&S School Headscarves, Some Nine-Year-Olds ‘Mature’
  473. Pediatricians: ‘After 40 Years of Comprehensive Sex Ed in Schools, Why Are STDs at Epidemic Levels?’ It's because of HOW they entice kids to have sex in sex ed!
  474. Video~  Student Accused Of Bullying, Raping Classmates At Indiana School
  475. Video~  Mississippi high school band criticized for GRAPHIC halftime show
  476. Video~  Crest teacher accused of lesbian sex with student
  477. Teacher, 28, Told Teen Student That If He Didn't Have Sex with Her She'd Lower His Grade: Lawsuit
  478. Boys Encouraged to Wear Nail Polish, Massage Each Other at Gender Neutral School
  479. High School Teacher Accused of 12 Sex Crimes Involving 3 Students
  480. Video~  Texas High School’s Homecoming Crown Goes ‘Gender Neutral’
  481. Ex-Loyola Roman Catholic Academy teacher under investigation for crimes against children, placed on leave by special education district
  482. Video~  Six-Year-Old School Children Instructed to Write Gay Love Letters to Make Them ‘Accepting of Diversity’
  483. Schools Are Tracking Your Child’s Mental Health—Whether You Like It or Not
  484. Maryland High School Decides on Gender Neutral Homecoming
  485. Video~  School Bus Driver Arrested for Allegedly Letting Students Drive (Allegedly?! IT'S ON CAMERA!)
  486. 3 infants, 2 adults stabbed at home-operated daycare; suspect in custody: Police
  487. Texas Teacher Gets 40 Years for Molesting Kindergartners
  488. Video~  Texas Daycare Owner Drugged Kids, Tied Them in Closet, Say Police
  489. Video~  Teens Allegedly Attack Georgia School Bus Driver
  490. Google Partners with Federal Education Department to Mine Private Student Data
  491. WHAT?! Texas Board Votes To Cut Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller From History Courses
  492. Iowa boy, 12, 'tries to shoot teacher in face'
  493. Muslims 'proselytizing' at U.S. school assemblies
  494. Drag Queen Story Hour sparks protests in conservative towns
  495. Oklahoma high school to fine students for tardiness, missing class
  496. Horrors! 10-year-old Punished For Calling Teacher 'Ma'am'
  497. High-school Database Includes Kids' Sexuality, Family Wealth
  498. Boy, 14, held after repeated stabbing of girl, 14, at school assembly, police say
  499. Video~  Horrifying details released in investigation of 'extremist Muslim' compound that allegedly conducted school-shooting training
  500. Teacher charged with murder in beating death of wife
  501. Video~  Md. School Bus Driver Accused Of Raping Special Ed. Student
  502. Emails reveal teachers plotting to hide political bias
  503. Video~  Drag Queens Teach Children ‘There’s No Such Thing as Boy and Girl Things’
  504. Survey: 40% of Americans Could Not Name a Single First Amendment Right
  505. School ordered to restore religious teaching
  506. Teacher orders kids to reveal private details with 'DNA dossiers'
  507. Judge forces high schoolers to share showers with opposite sex
  508. Texas School District Considers Facial Recognition for Campus Security
  509. PTL: New law lets parents veto schools' sex ed
  510. Brooklyn school told raped girl to just ‘move on’: suit
  511. Revolt grows over Islamization of U.S. schools
  512. UC Santa Barbara Says 4-Year-Old Children Should Engage in ‘Sexual Play’
  513. Video~  CONFIRMED Governmt Brainwashing in schools: Students hate Trump's Supreme pick, before it's made it!
  514. Massive spy program invades Trump country
  515. Michigan Axes Basic Skills Test for Teachers
  516. Video~  Teacher Accused of Trying to Hypnotize Students, Forcing Them to Call Him ‘Master’
  517. ANOTHER SCHOOL shared LGBT video with children WITHOU parents knowing!
  518. Pregnant Prom Princesses and other idiotic trends
  519. FYI: Judge to hear alleged Islamic takeover of U.S. schools
  520. Sex dancer (stripper) hired to teach Chicago high-school kids
  521. FYI: Report: 1,000 D.C. Public School Teachers Are Not Licensed
  522. Family of 12-year-old New Jersey girl who killed herself sues school district
  523. Nearly 220 Texas School Districts Allow School Staff to be Armed
  524. Principal lets students pass even if they never went to class
  525. Maryland Teachers, Students Live in Fear of MS-13 Middle Schoolers
  526. Erich Pratt: The Anti-Gun Left Is Weaponizing Our Children Against the Second Amendment
  527. Christian teacher booted for refusing to call girls by boys' names
  528. Anti-Christian, anti-gun, pro-evolutionists, pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration and pro-LGBT teachers can now carry concealed weapons n Texas schools
  529. Video~  7-year-old left behind on school bus for second time in less than a week
  530. Officials suspend Upstate teacher's certification, say students engaged in sex acts in classroom
  531. Student, teacher hospitalized after shooting at Indiana middle school, suspect in custody
  532. Video~  Bus driver involved in deadly school bus crash in New Jersey had 14 license suspensions
  533. Video~  High school forced valedictorian to strip Jesus references from graduation speech
  534. Video~  Caught on camera: 3 officials admit protecting union members
  535. Video~  Masked students run into school with water guns, firecrackers
  536. West Virginia 7th-graders told to declare submission to Allah
  537. Oliver North Blames School Shootings On Ritalin
  538. School bus driver in N.J. made U-turn before deadly crash: video
  539. Video~  It took seven arrests and a Taser to break up this South Florida high school brawl
  540. Video~  Eight Dead After Shots Fired in Texas High School – ‘Possible Explosive Devices’ Found
  541. Video~  ‘Heroic’: Police Resource Officer Shoots Suspect Who Opened Fire At Dixon High School
  542. Video~  Lesbian couple questions Morton Ranch HS's prom king, queen voting
  543. School board warned about 'illegal, obscene' classroom instruction
  544. Video~  Teacher's Union Official Protects Violent Teacher
  545. Video~  O'Keefe shows video teachers union tried to conceal
  546. Video~  Teen Girl Who Suffered Rare Condition Commited Suicide After Being Bullied
  547. SHOCKING! Broward County Officials Admit Nikolas Cruz Assigned to Obama's PROMISE School Leniency Program
  548. Why on Earth would a School have weapons grade Plutonium on School grounds AND THEN LOSE IT?!
  549. California School Mural Depicts Aztec Warrior Holding Trump’s Severed Head, Heart
  550. 8-year-old boy slashes other students with knife at school
  551. Video~  GRAPHIC: Mom says 1-year-old beaten at daycare: report
  552. Video~  'Mystery Pooper' at New Jersey High School Turns Out to Be Superintendent: Police
  553. ALERT: 50 underage girls in four states mailed creepy packages at school, putting parents, FBI on alert
  554. Schools POLITICIZING (brainwashing) our children
  555. Video~  CA bill could spell the beginning of the end of homeschooling in California!
  556. Florida teachers forced girl, 7, to clean floor with toothbrush, family says
  557. Christians object to this school's yoga 'mindfulness' routine
  558. Schools fret as teens take to vaping, even in classrooms
  559. Video~  SHOCKING! Florida Dad Slams ‘Revenge Sex’ Question on His Daughter’s Homework Assignment
  560. Video~  Elementary School Teacher involved in Drug Ring Accused Of Molesting 5 Girls On School Grounds
  561. Black Grad Student Brags About Giving White Students Lower Grades
  562. South Carolina prom king's dress angers parents, but not their kids
  563. School's explicit sex videos for 14-year-olds outrage parents
  564. New York Teacher Accused of Sexually Molesting Boy in School Restroom
  565. Georgia High School English Teacher, Cheerleading Coach Allegedly Caught with Heroin
  566. California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed
  567. Boy, 5, says teachers taped his mouth shut, threw away his lunch
  568. GRAPHIC!: Parents Say, ‘Enough’ to Planned Parenthood’s ‘Pornographic’ Sex Ed
  569. Boy killed by truck during School walkout on guns!
  570. Teacher is Fired for Sharing Biblical View on Homosexuality with Student
  571. Schools in 43 states blasted for porn curriculum
  572. Video~  Teacher Filmed Dragging Black Boy Upside Down Off School Bus
  573. Photos show babies in Kansas daycare in sleep sacks bound with hair ties
  574. Former Illinois School Superintendent Arrested for ‘Revenge Porn’ Texts
  575. Polk substitute teacher arrested, accused of choking student
  576. Teacher accused of banging 6-year-old’s head against brick wall
  577. Video~  Georgia Teacher Charged Over Gang Murder of Two Sleeping Children
  578. Teachers acquire a new skill: how to stop the bleeding
  579. School district: Students going to anti-gun rally 'cutting class'
  580. Professor at The New School Accused of Having Orgies with Students
  581. Will & Grace’ Creator to Donate John Oliver’s Gay Bunny Book to Indiana Schools
  582. Video~  Student bites head off live chicken at school
  583. Video~  WOW GRAPHIC: Inappropriate teaching in Toronto schools
  584. Technology monitors students on social media to ID next shooter
  585. School defends links to Muslim Brotherhood front group
  586. Video~  Watch: Dad explodes on principal for letting kids, 12, hold anti-gun walkout
  587. Video~  Parents of 12-year-old who killed herself following alleged bullying want school officials 'held responsible'
  588. Video~  Parents Irate After Bullied Kindergartner Leaves School Unnoticed
  589. Video~  School bus company responds after girl, 6, dropped off far from home
  590. Video~  Deputy never entered building during school massacre
  591. Video~  Idaho science teacher fed a puppy to a snapping turtle!
  592. Chgo GOP to File Lawsuit Against Chgo Public Schools: Student Walkout ‘Political Indoctrination, Pure and Simple’
  593. WOW! N.Y. School, and 911 employees on leave after autistic student drowns in river
  594. Video~  Mom Shares Photos of Son's Casket After He Killed Himself Because He was Allegedly Bullied
  595. Video~  Teacher accidentally fires gun and injures student during safety lesson
  596. NYPD Removing Armed Officers from Schools amid National Push for Armed Officers in Schools
  597. Police: Florida Teacher Pummels Woman for Wearing ‘Short Shorts’ to Little League Ball Game
  598. Video~  5 girls assault female freshman in Florida high school cafeteria
  599. Former Middle School Cafeteria Worker Pleads Guilty to ‘Sexting’ 15-Year-Old
  600. MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed
  601. After Florida shooting, 638 copycat threats target schools
  602. Berlin Teachers Complain of ‘Religious Bullying’ from Muslim Students
  603. Gun falls out of kindergartner’s backpack in class
  604. Daycare workers dosed toddlers before naptime, a practice more common than you'd think
  605. School ordered to reveal details of collusion with Muslim activists
  606. Texas students launch 'No Whites Allowed' magazine
  607. Cops: Teacher in custody after barricading self in classroom with gun, firing shot
  608. Healdton schools use bulletproof storm shelters to keep students safe
  609. Married Florida Middle School Teacher Accused of Sending 14-Year-Old Student Nudes, Buying Him Drugs
  610. DACA Illegal Alien Arrested for School Shooting Threats in New York
  611. Grade school kids will attend another campus Wednesday because of gun blessing ceremony at Poconos church
  612. VIDEO: Tucker: Gov't at all levels is villain in Parkland massacre
  613. School teacher accused of snorting pills in front of kids
  614. Video~  Additional deputies did not enter Florida high school during shooting: report
  615. Feds Hid White-Collar Outsourcing Program From the Public, Says Judge
  616. Report: Police Were Warned That Nikolas Cruz Allegedly Used Guns Against Others Prior to School Attack
  617. Deputy Assigned to PROTECT SCHOOL did not go in when shooting began
  618. Sheriff: armed officer at Florida school “never went in” even as he heard gunfire
  619. Day care owner admits ditching kids to hit the gym and tan
  620. Video~  Florida Shooter's Former Friend Says She Reported Him To School 'Multiple' Times
  621. Families: Schools secretly teaming with 'Muslim mafia' on 'anti-bullying'
  622. Video~  Teen allegedly caught on camera bringing gun to entrance of Philadelphia school
  623. Stunning list: Cops stop dozens of school attacks before they happen
  624. Video~  Police say student shoots self in Ohio middle school, no one else hurt
  625. Video~  North Carolina Substitute Teacher Fired After Being Caught on Camera Body Slamming Student
  626. School shooting list big-pharma connection
  627. Police: 11-Year-Old Student Arrested for Writing Note Threatening to Kill Classmates at Florida School
  628. Texas Schools Receive Terroristic Threats Following Florida Shooting
  629. NY Teacher, Twin Brother Charged with Paying Students to Make Bombs
  630. Video~  Student arrested after posting Snapchat threatening 'Round 2' of Florida shooting 'tomorrow'
  631. Video~  Shepard Smith lists all 25 fatal school shootings since Columbine
  632. Video~  17 dead in shooting at Florida high school
  633. Mother of Teen Who Plotted School Shooting Charged After Allowing Son to Keep Weapons in His Room
  634. Video~  Second Grade Teacher, Husband Arrested in Undercover Drug Bust
  635. Video~  WATCH: Texas Parent Questions School’s ‘Draw Yourself as a Slave’ Assignment
  636. Video~  Mom upset after school tells students they can't say no when asked to dance
  637. Former Alabama "Christian" Teacher: ‘It Is Unconstitutional’ to Prohibit Sex with Minors
  638. Mom: Teacher bit her 4-year-old's finger, causing infection
  639. Entire school curriculum to push 'gay' lifestyle?
  640. Drag Queens to Teach Children at Swedish Library, ‘It is Important to Break Societal Norms’
  641. Video~  Teacher facing backlash over math problem about cocaine use
  642. Public Minnesota Kindergarten Class Teaches Children About ‘White Privilege
  643. 12-Year-Old Female Suspect in Custody in Los Angeles School Shooting; 2 Students Injured
  644. Teen suspended from high school after her anti-bullying video hurts principal's feelings
  645. New Jersey teacher asked students for nude pictures in exchange for better grades
  646. Video~  Teacher seen tackling student in "disturbing" video says he was trying to restrain boy
  647. Video~  Bully Rips Teen's Wig Off Her Head over $5 Bet, While Another Student Recorded, Mom Says
  648. Video~  Parents Upset After 7-Year-Old Son Was Handcuffed by School Police
  649. Video~  California teacher slams military members as 'lowest of our low' in classroom rant caught on video
  650. Mind-blowing plot to sexually confuse America's little ones
  651. 'He Kissed My Forehead and Slit My Throat': Teacher Who Abused Teen Student Tried to Kill His Wife
  652. Teacher sued for teaching Islam is 'the true faith'
  653. Video~  14-Year-Old Florida Girl Allegedly Beats Up Classmate While Students Snapchat Incident
  654. Video~  A school police officer body slammed a teenage girl while she was in handcuffs
  655. Toll Rises to Two Dead, Nineteen Injured in Kentucky School Shooting
  656. Video~  Teacher Strips Naked On Elementary School Playground, Chases Nearby Students
  657. At Least One Dead, Multiple Injured in Kentucky High School Shooting
  658. Video~  Muslim teacher's bizarre religious rant, behavior under investigation after cops called to classroom
  659. Video~  Girl, 9, unknowingly hands out THC-laced candy to classmates, school says
  660. Students Across D.C. Graduated Despite Chronic Absences, An Investigation Finds
  661. Schools Attempt to Ban Kids from Having ‘Best Friends’ because It’s Not Inclusive
  662. New Year's Eve party leads to arrests of teacher, teenage son
  663. San Diego State College Students out professors that indoctrinate students
  664. Video~  ‘Give 3 good reasons for slavery:’ 4th-grade homework assignment sparks backlash, apology in Wauwatosa
  666. Video~  Teacher forcibly removed, arrested at school board meeting
  667. Husband catches Christian school teacher in bed with teen: cops
  668. Teacher mom, 38, charged in sex romps with six teen boys is now focus of three new lawsuits
  669. Video~  Students Report that Teachers Pressured Them to Support Black Lives Matter
  670. Video~  Vashon Island High School opens all gender restrooms
  671. Students Discover Math Professor Had Past as Gay Porn Star
  672. California Teachers Receive Low Marks for Classroom Effectiveness
  673. Video~  Father Allegedly Catches Texas Teacher Having Sex with Teen Son
  674. GRAPHIC: VIDEO: PLEASE get your children out of American Schools
  675. Course teaches students about ‘queering the Bible
  676. Video~  Driver in deadly Tenn. school bus crash was on the phone during incident: Prosecutors
  677. Government Confirms Compulsory Sex Ed for Young Children Will Include Transgender Issues
  678. Vampires, video games, racial capitalism – education in 2017
  679. Primary Schools Told to ‘Celebrate’ Transgender People, Block Complaints Which ‘Interfere’ With LGBT Agenda
  680. Video~  Parents mourn son's 'senseless' and 'horrific' death following alleged hazing incident at LSU fraternity
  681. 'Christian' Teacher wants to Kill Students!
  682. Cancer survivor Chloe Terpenning disciplined for wearing hat at School
  683. Video~  Colorado teacher's troubling message, 'I want to kill children,' leads to resignation
  684. Union Urges Gay Teachers to Come Out in the Classroom, Teach LGBT Experiences
  685. California Sued by Students & Parents for Failing to Teach Literacy
  686. Elementary school teachers smoked marijuana in office every day before school began, cops say
  687. Shooter among dead in New Mexico school shooting
  688. University Shuts Down Pro-Life Display, Calling It “Harmful” and Issuing a “Trigger Warning”
  689. Video~  Girl, 13, Leaves Heartbreaking Note to Parents After Suicide Attempt: 'Sorry Mom and Dad'
  690. Texas State Student Defends ‘White Death’ Column Despite Condemnation by University President
  691. Video~  Students record teacher snorting cocaine in class
  692. Three High School Football Players Allegedly Raped 14-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint
  693. NYC High School Teacher Allegedly Became Student’s ‘Sugar Daddy,’ Paid Cash for Sex
  694. Ohio State student government adds meeting break to accommodate Islamic prayers
  695. Video~  Teacher arrested at school after filmed allegedly using drugs in classroom
  696. Mom documenting classroom bullying charged with felony
  697. New Swedish Children’s Book Promotes Transgenderism to Preschoolers, Features Trans Species Horse-Dog
  698. Video~  It spreads! Drag queens teaching kids becomes phenomenon
  699. Video~  California shootings leave 5 dead in 7 locations, including school
  700. School Worksheet Quizzed Students on ‘Boy Toy,’ Affairs
  701. Cross-Dressing ‘Queer Role Models’ Read to Toddlers to Stop ‘Hate Crimes’
  702. Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Pupil
  703. Prof suggests using art classes to help kids 'turn out queer'
  704. Good at math? Then it's obvious you're a racist
  705. ISIS Hacks 800 School Websites Across the US
  706. School 'violates student privacy' with sex survey
  707. Sexually active students must be reported to law enforcement or state officials, Oregon school district says
  708. UNC teaches students the 21 steps of condom usage  
  709. Video~  School apologizes for 'disrespectful' 9/11 math problem
  710. Video~  Parent Who Allegedly Took Teacher Hostage in Riverside Was Shot by Police and Has Died; Victim Safe
  711. More students, young Americans turn to paganism
  712. Xi Jinping Thought’ Will Go into ‘Textbooks, Classes, and Brains’ of Chinese Students
  713. HIV-infected school aide accused of sexually victimizing 42 children in Maryland
  714. Lakeshore HS freshman injured playing ‘ISIS Game’
  715. Video~  Mom Says Teacher Did Nothing While Students' Brutal Fight Was Recorded
  716. Video~  Outrage as Nevada professor suggests Trump deserves blame for Las Vegas massacre
  717. French Police Called in After Student, 10, Beaten at School ‘for Being Jewish’
  718. Video~  School quiz includes 'shooting at Trump' answer
  719. Pricey St. Louis school teaches kids, staff how to ‘Witness Whiteness
  720. Superintendent: Bible Verse on Student Memorial Bench Must Be Removed
  721. Heterosexual Clemson Students Encouraged to Find a ‘Same-Sex Partner’ in Questionnaire
  722. Video~  Teacher to 'hail Satan,' pastor vows sledgehammer
  723. Wife of Former High School Football Coach Pleads Guilty to Raping 16-Year-Old
  724. Video~  Teacher hailed as hero for taking down gunman at Illinois high school
  725. Arkansas high school teacher, 25, slept with 4 teen boy students, 2 in same night, cops say
  726. Video~  Teacher is repeatedly slapped during fight between students
  727. Judge Roy Moore: We Removed God from Schools, Shootings and Death Filled the Void
  728. Video~  Teacher has meltdown over patriotic shirts, kicks students out of class
  729. Video~  New videos emerge of girls in agony as they are forced into painful splits
  730. Day Care Worker Arrested After 5-Year-Old's Body Is Discovered: Cops
  731. Video~  WOW!! Videos show East High cheerleaders repeatedly forced into splits, police investigating (video#2)
  732. Video~  California first-grader sent to principal’s office for misgendering classmate
  733. Video~  Milwaukee high school student caught on camera pummeling teacher as class watches
  734. Kindergarten boy 'instantly turns into girl' at school
  735. Video~  12-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Stabs Teen in Middle School Fight During First Week of Classes
  736. Video~  Veteran Lithia Springs High teacher shoots self at school; classes canceled
  737. Video~  NY schools to use vaping, bullying detectors
  738. Video~  Student, 18, Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Teacher's Life On Facebook: Cops
  739. Video~  Teen smiles, laughs during his sentencing for murder of Ann Arbor high school student
  740. Video~  High school teacher has baby with pupil 'after grooming him from the age of 14'
  741. Government schools intentionally making children dumber?
  742. Teacher of Year who had teen sex parties gets jail
  743. Schools warned against mixing genders in showers
  744. Video~  Teacher jailed for rape of student released after 195 days
  745. Video~  Group of Bikers Escort Bullied Sixth Grader to First Day of School
  746. Video~  Officials: HIV positive former Md. coach indicted on 119 counts; 24 victims reported
  747. Video~  Lake Minneola teacher accused of having sex with boy in band closet
  748. Video~  Evergreen Student: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Speak Because I’m White’
  749. Former Fairfax Co. principal accused of smacking student’s buttocks charged with assault
  750. NYU librarian laments 'fatigue' from 'presence of white people
  751. Prof: 'white marble' in artwork contributes to white supremacy
  752. Union Demands Teachers Undergo Compulsory ‘Gender Diversity’ Training
  753. Schoolboy dies after cheese from sandwich 'flicked into his mouth'
  754. Smith College to Offer Scholarship for Refugee and Illegal Immigrant Students
  755. Professor teaches students about ‘the problem that is whiteness’
  756. Video~  HIV-positive school aide, coach accused of sexually assaulting boys
  757. A fifth-grade teacher’s act of revenge gets her three years in federal prison
  758. Jewish Elementary School Faces Closure for Not Teaching Kids About Gender Reassignment
  759. Little children MESMERIZED by drag queens in American Schools!
  760. NY Eighth Graders Failing Common Core Math Tests Tripled Since Testing Began
  761. WHAT?! US gun laws: Colorado to arm (Government) teachers in classrooms
  762. Married teacher arrested for having sex with teen student
  763. School administrator arrested for DWI in parking lot during HS graduation ceremony
  764. Video~  Police investigate reports of cupcakes containing bodily fluids brought to school
  765. Police: North Carolina Teacher Accused of Sexual Relations with 3 Students
  766. Video~  Warrensburg teacher flips off the White House and sparks outrage from parents
  767. Video~  Two Maryland honor roll students found dead hours before high school graduation
  768. Uniformed Marine barred from walking in high school graduation ceremony
  769. Former Groesbeck teacher charged with meth possession
  770. Video~  Willard superintendent suspended for graduation prayer
  771. Video~  This is how out of control students are in American schools
  772. Epic fail: Every student flunks state exam
  773. Video~  Racist Evergreen Student Activists Demand Video of Them Screaming, Cursing at College President Be Taken Offline
  774. Video~  Classmates fight as substitute teacher sleeps
  775. UK Children Taught to ‘Respect’ Terrorists Who Kill over ‘Unfair’ Treatment
  776. Video~  New Orleans Principal Fired After Video Captures Him Wearing Nazi-Associated Rings
  777. Video~  Kumail Nanjiani Tells Grads To ‘Have Sex With An Immigrant’
  778. Texas Governor Signs Law to Crackdown on Teacher Sex Misconduct
  779. Principal kills himself in school parking lot after resigning
  780. LGBT teacher called out for 'bullying' Christian students
  781. Valedictorian escorted off stage by deputy mid-speech
  782. High School Censors Pro-Life Club: Too ‘Controversial,’ ‘Political’
  783. Top Private School Brings in Skirts for Boys Amidst ‘Surge’ in ‘Trans Children’
  784. ICE Agent Tried to Apprehend a 4th-Grader but Was Turned Away by the School
  785. FYI: Parents warned about potentially deadly ‘Blue Whale Game’
  786. Video~  Prof sued after declaring no free speech on campus
  787. Video~  Teacher kills herself amid student sex probe, family says
  788. (Muslim) Princess Prom gives Hamtramck girls a party of their own
  789. Rebellion grows against Muslim indoctrination in schools
  790. 15 cases when schools lost it over idea of guns (These teachers are EDUCATED?!)
  791. Video~  Weld County teacher placed on leave for Trump pinat
  792. Video~  Teacher Fired for Dragging Student Down Hallway at Ohio School
  793. Video~  Shots Fired at North Lake College, School on Lockdown: Police
  794. Florida Student Loses Credit for Using Word ‘Man’ in History Essay
  795. New Mexico Science Teacher Goes ‘Breaking Bad’ with Illegal Meth Business
  796. Backlash after schoolkids taught to wash bodies for burial
  797. Video~  Hidden horror of school sex assaults revealed by AP
  798. Video~  Two Washington (Elementary) teachers arrested
  799. Family sues after school janitor charged with raping boy
  800. Video~  Mom Says Stranger Pulled Her Daughter Out of Class, Berated Her
  801. Video~  Foul Mouthed Homosexual School Principle Attacks Freespeech of Christians on Camera
  802. High School Student Dies After Being Punched at Party
  803. President of Buena Park School District arrested on suspicion of trafficking in child pornography
  804. VIDEO: Mom films autistic 10-year-old’s arrest at school. Then he spent the night in jail
  805. Teachers’ Union: ‘Promote’ LGBT Lifestyles to Two Year Olds to Stop Hate Crime
  806. VIDEO: Gun Controllers Advertise ‘Bulletproof Hoodies’ for Students on Campus Carry Campuses
  807. Study: Islamic Kindergartens Lead to ‘Parallel Societies’ and Extremism in Austria
  808. Stressed teachers are becoming reliant on caffeine, alcohol and prescription drugs, poll suggests
  809. Universities require scholars pledge commitment to diversity
  810. University of Wisconsin-Madison offers free tampons in men’s bathrooms
  811. Possessed 8th Grader Tells 911 Dispatcher the Man Inside Him Killed His Dad's Girlfriend: Report
  812. PBS Islamic Lesson Plan Encourages Students to Identify with Radical Jihadists
  813. Florida Middle School Teacher Fired for ‘Comfort’ Survey on Gender, Sexuality, Religion
  814. Video~  Delaware judge convicts girl in fatal school bathroom fight
  815. Video~  At Cromwell High, Transgender Athlete Competes With Girls For First Time
  816. Video~  Multiple people shot at San Bernardino school
  817. Gender Expert: Teens Are Trying to Be Transgender Because It’s Trendy
  818. Homeschooling now booming – in Russia!
  819. Michigan boy, 11, hangs himself after social media prank
  820. Video~  FYI: Feds fund 'how to be a good Muslim' lessons for U.S. schoolkids
  821. Dems ask teachers to destroy books by 'climate deniers'
  822. Middle School Moms Object to Islamic Curriculum
  823. Dead man discovered in closet of all-girls Catholic high school
  824. Police: Mother Beats Up Daughter’s Rival at School, Destroys Girl’s Car with Ax
  825. Video~  U.S. Education Department Asked to Eliminate Lesson Plans on Islam
  826. Two Female Texas Teachers Accused of Middle School Sex
  827. Video~  Father turns in daughter after finding journal with plans of mass shooting at Md. school
  828. Video~  War on Boys in all Schools
  829. Five-Year-Old Girl Suspended After Making ‘Shooting Motion’ with Stick Shaped Like Gun
  830. NC School District Fights to Keep Pro-Transgender Message in First-Grade Curriculum
  831. College Diversity Council Posts Fake Racist Flyers to Encourage ‘Dialogue’
  832. FYI: Finally we have the PROOF Government Schools and Colleges are designed to DUMB DOWN Americans
  833. After illegal-alien bathroom rape, superintendent accuses community of racism
  834. High School Tries Shaming Boy, Demanding He ‘Tolerate’ Undressing with Girls to ‘Make it Natural’
  835. Illegal Immigrant Accused of Murdering Teacher
  836. School sued after opening boys' locker room to girls
  837. Video~  Police: Illegal Alien Suspects Charged After Allegedly Raping and Sodomizing 14-Year-Old Maryland High School Student
  838. Video~  This is how invasive and downright stupid Government school officials can be
  839. Video~  Islamic call to prayer OK'd in Texas public school
  840. Principal recruits students for secret 'gay' club
  841. VIDEO: Aquin High School students continue tradition with prom draw
  842. Two Rockville High students (illegals) arrested for allegedly raping classmate at school
  843. Homosexuality exploding among youth
  844. Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her
  845. Strict Gun Control Powerless as Attacker Opens Fire on High School in France
  846. VIDEO: Substitute teacher threw up in class, had box of wine in her purse
  847. 23 Percent of Public Schoolchildren Live in Immigrant Households
  848. University of Minnesota Drops Homecoming ‘King and Queen’ in Favor of Genderless Alternative
  849. Anger After Unvetted Migrants Hired To Walk Children To School
  850. Transgender: ‘Toni the Tampon’ Teaches Children Men Can Menstruate
  851. Video~  Students Support Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians
  852. Schools close down so feminists can march
  853. Video~  Day-care worker from hell pushes 4-year-old girl down stairs
  854. College Student with Severe Peanut Allergy Allegedly Hazed with Peanut Butter
  855. Christian Worship to Be Replaced with Multi-Faith Assemblies in British Schools
  856. UK to Teach ‘Sex and Relationship Education’ to Kids as Young as Four
  857. Auction off a senior? Sacramento high school to end ‘all-around wrong’ practice  
  858. Black students demand whites be banned from their 'space'
  859. 'Hardcore porn' found at online library for schools
  860. U.S. preschool teacher urges: 'Kill some Jews'
  861. Video~  Boy, 14, charged with beating classmate, 12, into coma
  862. University of Washington Declares Proper Grammar Is Racist
  863. Md. teacher accused of trying to film cheerleaders changing
  864. Video~  Teachers filmed playing 'F---, marry or kill' about students keep their jobs
  865. Teacher: I lost $100 bet because Trump wasn't shot
  866. Video~  Norristown Catholic teacher charged with sexual abuse of 3-year-old
  867. OCC student suspended after filming teacher saying Trump's election was 'an act of terrorism'
  868. Police: 5-Year-Old Boy Found Chewing Used Condom on School Playground in Florida
  869. 140 languages in suburban Georgia school district
  870. Video~  Mom Says She Warned School About Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Students
  871. WHAT?! School lesson says Christians are treating Muslims harshly
  872. School Suspends 12-Year-Old Boy Attacked on Bus for Wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat
  873. Texas high school students give Nazi salute, yell ‘Heil Trump’ during class photoshoot: Report
  874. Pawhuska Police: Substitute Teacher Arrested For Exposing Self Doing Cartwheel
  875. Disturbing Video Shows Student Stabbing Classmate in Head With Pen During Brawl
  876. California student forced to urinate in bucket after being denied toilet break wins payout
  877. Video~  Texas Teacher Pretends to Shoot Trump in Class
  878. Crawford Central School Board member defends 'clean head shot' Trump posts
  879. Video~  Teen allegedly extorts thousands of dollars from teacher he was having sex with
  880. Video~  Mom Outraged, School Dental Program Removes Child’s Teeth Without Her Knowing
  881. Video~  Again? Students arrested for handing out Constitution
  882. Mom sues to stop Bible study classes in West Virginia schools
  883. GRAPHIC: Five Shot in Mexican Border State High School
  884. House report: dozens of colleges trade in aborted fetal tissue
  885. Parents: School sex-ed program an open door to porn
  886. Suburban Chicago School Teaches ‘Blackenomics,’ ‘Trans-Rights,’ and ‘White Genocide Against Blacks’
  887. Should 12-Year-Old Girls Be Charged as Adults for Trying to Kill a Classmate for ‘Slenderman?
  888. Video~  Mom says Snapchat video shows son, 4, forced to kiss boy at daycare
  889. University pays Christian student $25,000 to go somewhere else
  890. Video~  Teen-Impregnated Teacher Gets 10 Years
  891. Minnesota Health Officials Conceal Case of Active TB in High School for Six Weeks
  892. Berkeley College Republicans’ personal info published on Facebook by Democrats
  893. Video~  VIDEO: Students, parents raise concerns over Highland High dating assignment
  894. Officer Dead, Schools on Lockdown as Orlando Police Hunt Cop Killer
  895. U.S. students support female genital mutilation
  896. Professor behind 'white genocide' tweet says he has university support
  897. Gay Schoolteacher, Partner Accused of Sexually Abusing 8 Boys Kill Themselves
  898. Professor: 'All I want for Christmas is white genocide'
  899. Schools warn new Missouri law to make some student fights felonies
  900. Video~  PA school cancels Christmas play. Guess why
  901. Muslim University of Maryland Students Demand Prayer Rooms in Every Major Campus Building
  902. Video~  Forget the new math, now it's NUDE math in school
  903. Video~  Idaho teen football player walks free after sodomizing black disabled teammate with wire hanger
  904. University offers class on ‘The Problem of Whiteness
  905. Video~  Teacher gets suspended for teaching kids truth
  906. Video~  Third Clovis West HS Student Commits Suicide Since Start of School Year
  907. School district votes for armed teachers
  908. DC Public Schools Spokeswoman Wants To ‘Get Rid Of’ All White Men
  909. 13-year-old arrested after mass shooting threat reported at Tonkawa High School
  910. Video~  Why was this allowed in School?
  911. Oxford Students Told to Use ‘Ze’ Instead of ‘He’ or ‘She’
  912. NYC going after homoeschooled children
  913. Video~  Caught on camera: Principal blows gasket over 'my' property
  914. Teacher fired for saying "abortion is wrong."
  915. Video~  Knife-Wielding Student Shot by Officer at Nevada High School
  916. 'Boy's (normal) haircut' gets boy booted from class
  917. 15-Year-Old Allegedly Decapitated Missing Classmate in ‘Horrific, Horrific Murder’
  918. UCSB student called 'fascist' for questioning aid to illegals
  919. Cannibal’ student accused of murdering couple Googled ‘How to sell your soul to the devil
  920. A teacher allegedly poisoned her son with his own fecal matter — for his own good, she claims
  921. Teen Suspect in Utah School Stabbing Allegedly ‘Wanted to Feel’ What It Was Like to Kill
  922. Pair charged in explosive device at elementary school; planned to shoot cops, start race war
  923. Official: 6 dead in Chattanooga elementary school bus crash
  924. Video~  Day-care owner hangs toddler, then takes minivan on rampage through Minneapolis
  925. Safety concerns prompt school to ask students to not fly flags
  926. Video~  Girl suspended from middle school for cutting peach with child butter knife
  927. Professors call Founding Fathers ‘terrorists,’ founding ideals a ‘fabrication'
  928. Government trying to switch teen's sex without parental consent
  929. Video~  California high school student beaten up by classmate for supporting Donald Trump
  930. Video~  California high school teacher attacked by student during ‘chaotic’ anti-Trump protest
  931. Video~  South L.A. Teacher Caught On Audio Telling Students Their Parents Would Be Deported
  932. Video~  Prestigues school teacher pleads guilty of sex abuse
  933. Homeschooling Doubled in Size, Became More Diverse, Dept. of Ed. Report Shows
  934. Video~  Elementary students suspended for having, selling 'happy crack'
  935. More middle school students dying of suicide than car crashes
  936. More US middle school students dying of suicide than car crashes
  937. Alberta Teachers’ Assoc. Guide Suggests Teaching Children ‘Why Homophobia Leads Us to Sin'
  938. Video~  Teacher resigns after allegedly spitting on special needs student
  939. No king nor queen: gender-neutral school homecoming may be trend
  940. DEADLY School bus driver in crash shouldn't have been behind wheel
  941. Video~  Wisconsin High School Uses Controversial Method to Warn Students About Safe Driving
  942. Portsmouth teacher dances to 'F--- Donald Trump
  943. Video~  TRENDING: Universities work to purge male students of their ‘toxic’ masculinity
  944. Schoolboys allowed to wear skirts under new 'gender neutral' uniform rules
  945. 11-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Commits Suicide After Being Bullied About Looks
  946. Video~  Watch 7-Year-Old Girl Get Dragged By Bus After Backpack Gets Stuck in Door
  947. Video~  Teacher Rips Off Student's Shirt In Classroom
  948. Video~  Watch Gym Teacher Try To Drag Student Into Pool
  949. Video~  Texas middle school teacher charged in his two neighbors' murders
  950. Video~  Parent punches 7-year-old student in school hallway
  951. DoD School to Let Transgender Student Use Girls' Restroom
  952. Video~  Parent: Newark substitute teacher threatened to cut off heads, bury students who acted up
  953. See Columbine's link to Darwinism
  954. Student’s leg to be amputated after altercation with teacher, lawyer says
  955. High schooler records teacher’s racism lecture: ‘To be white is to be racist, period
  956. Video~  University of Missouri fraternity accused of teaching pledges to use date rape drugs
  957. Video~  This guy just sued the school system
  958. Va. teacher distracted cashier while student stole beer, police say
  959. Close the schools
  960. 5th grade student injured on Birmingham school cafeteria table
  961. Video~  Big U.S. school district 'submits to Islamic supremacy
  962. Columbia University to hold no-whites student retreat
  963. Video~  HS student beaten into critical condition for declaring "blue lives matter"
  964. Video~  Forsyth Co. educator fired after social media posts called racist
  965. 4 Students From Same High School Are Found Dead in a Month
  966. Video~  Portland OKs "After School Satan" for elementary kids
  967. Video~  Shooting at South Carolina elementary school
  968. VIDEO: Police: Teen shooter killed dad before school rampage
  969. Swarthmore student called ‘white b*tch,’ told ‘kill yourself’ over op-ed that upset liberal peers
  970. Mystery couple who ‘never seen buses before’ caught taking pictures at NY elementary 
  971. Video~  Student suspended after posting picture of discolored water in school bathroom
  972. Lawyer: After School Satan Club must be allowed to proceed
  973. Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice
  974. Teacher steps on U.S. flag to teach students lesson
  975. Teens dressed as clowns charged with making ‘terroristic threats’ against students
  976. School sends parents email – in Arabic!
  977. Video~  Creepy clowns put two south Alabama schools on lockdown
  978. School rule mandates boys 'bedding down' with girls on overnight trips
  979. Video~  Hooked: A teacher's addiction and the new face of heroin
  980. Kids find gun teacher left in bathroom of 'Christian' school
  981. Video~  Driver saves 20 kids from burning school bus
  982. School superintendent says Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of ‘hostility’ and ‘hate
  983. Video~  Colorado Mystery: What Caused Deadly School Bus Crash at Denver Airport?
  984. Staten Island family torn over 13-year-old's suicide; says he was  bullied in school
  985. Four-year-old child the youngest to transition gender in NSW schools
  986. Video~  Black teenager assaults 5 year old white girl -- "Normal" says school officials
  987. ANOTHER school bans students from bringing American flags to football game
  988. Professors tell students: Drop class if you dispute man-made climate change
  989. Video~  Clemson University Administrator Stops Man From Praying on Campus “This isn’t a free speech area.”
  990. Students testify of $16.5 million 'Clinton U' scam
  991. FYI: School district tries 'homeschooling illegal' ploy
  992. Upstate school district defends decision to not allow American flag into football game
  993. Video~  High School Students Dissected BRAINS OF ABORTED BABIES
  994. North Carolina transgender students win toilet access ruling
  995. Video~  Prepare your kids to pledge Mexican flag
  996. Video~  About 400 parents pull kids out of Livermore charter schools
  997. There’s No Way I’ll Send My Kids To Public School To Be Brainwashed By The LGBT Lobby
  998. Video~  Teachers at school directed to stop addressing students as ‘boys and girls
  999. Video~  This Black ‘Family of Geniuses’ Show off Benefits of Homeschooling
  1000. University of Texas Professors Sue Over Concealed Guns (for students) Allowed in Their Classrooms
  1001. Exit plan: University boss installs $9000.00 escape hatch following student protests
  1002. Video~  Special needs specialist accused of raping teen
  1003. Video~  Judge weighs adult charges in fatal high school bathroom fight
  1004. Video~  Mystery shrouds death of Tenn. girl shot as she came home from first day of school
  1005. Video~  Schools push disturbing 'gender unicorn' on your kids
  1006. 'Satan Club' requests hit elementary schools
  1007. Video~  Georgia Teens Found Dead Behind Publix Store Were Shot in Head, Medical Examiner
  1008. 13-year-old arrested for burping in class
  1009. Elite Prep School Agrees to Settle up to 30 Sex Abuse Claims
  1010. Video~  Student facing 50 day suspension for saying 'All Lives Matter'
  1011. COPS: Teacher let air out of student’s tires for parking in his spot
  1012. Texas allows guns in college classrooms under new law
  1013. An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school
  1014. Report: Obama school-transgender policy child abuse
  1015. Dozens of school safety agents injured in fights with students
  1016. Now boys can wear skirts to school - as new 'gender neutral' uniforms introduced
  1017. Girls gang up on boys in new cyberbullying craze called 'roasting', expert warns
  1018. Teacher gets 15 year old girl pregnant
  1019. Video~  School bus driver pleads guilty to rape, will serve no jail time
  1020. California: 1st State To Teach LGBT Curriculum — to Second Graders
  1021. Female teacher charged with sexual affair with girl student at Destrehan High
  1022. Students perform Satanic sacrifice of Guinea pig
  1023. Video~  Osceola County teacher barred from classroom after allegedly partying with students
  1024. Mom billed $567 for son's school records
  1025. Video~  Report: Adult Refugees Enrolled In Canadian High School, Harassing Young Girls
  1026. Ridiculous Reason Why police were called to a South Jersey third-grade class party
  1027. Schools Secretly Indoctrinating Children With LGBT Agenda
  1028. Video~  Pregnant teacher's body found after alleged school affair
  1029. St. Kate's cuts off ties to events business after protests over 'rape culture'
  1030. Study: schools that give away condoms see more teen births, not fewer
  1031. Assistant Principal Faces Murder Charge in Co-Worker's Death
  1032. College dorms scramble to house transgenders
  1033. Video~  US Schools say NO to Jesus and YES to Allah!
  1034. 7 thuggish tactics of teachers' unions
  1035. Video~  LA Public School Teaching Kids "Allah is the One True God"
  1036. Parents furious over school’s plan to teach gender spectrum, fluidity
  1037. Satanism Haunts School
  1038. Teacher 'pregnant' with 13-year-old's baby turns self in
  1039. UCLA on lockdown as police,FBI comb for shooter
  1040. Video~ Dad pulls kids out of Howell school so they don't have to share restroom with transgender classmate
  1041. Video~ Honolulu schools to let kids with lice stay in class
  1042. Armageddon' for Christian colleges
  1043. 5 signs that your school system is toxic
  1044. Video~ 11 states sue over transgender bathroom directive
  1045. Video~ Man alerts school board that a teacher showed his private parts to students and the school board had police remove the man?!
  1046. Transgender teacher wins $60,000 for being called 'she
  1047. Video~ Bothell teacher recovering after vicious school attack
  1048. Brighton school children asked to choose from list of 23 terms to describe their gender
  1049. Video~ U.S. students donate 'to wipe Israel off map
  1050. Idaho high school football players charged with raping disabled teammate
  1051. Teacher initiates pupils into satanism
  1052. Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials
  1053. Video~ 5th grader savagely attacks 6-yr-old in school bathroom
  1054. Video~ High School Bans American Flags
  1055. Video~ Kindergartner suspended for bringing bubble gun to class
  1056. Video~ High schoolers jump rope with cat intestines
  1057. Video~ Parents Outraged After Alleged Sexual Assault By 7-Year-Old Boy At School
  1058. Principal suspended for posting names of flunking students
  1059. 4 year olds asked to choose gender they ‘most identify with’ on school form
  1060. Video~ The Douglas County School District arm its security staff with
  1061. Video~ Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick calls for FWISD superintendent’s resignation
  1062. Video~ Girl Didn't Expect School Fight to End in Death
  1063. Video~ Ohio Third-Grader Stopped From Reading Bible by Teacher
  1064. Video~ 2nd-grader stabbed at Dayton school hurt seriously
  1065. Video~ Final Foreplay: NCAA demands sexual 'inclusiveness'
  1066. Video~ Black student denied access to school ... over race
  1067. Video~ 7-Year-Old Writes Excuse Note, Goes Home From School
  1068. Mom Convicted After Posting to Facebook
  1069. Video~ Iowa High School Teacher Arrested at Prom
  1070. Nation's best textbooks no longer used in school
  1071. US Spends $600 Billion/Year on Education, But Large Majority of H.S. Seniors Not College-Ready
  1072. Feds: Schools must violate 1st Amendment
  1073. Video~ Bathroom scandal: Reporters go undercover as sexual predators
  1074. America's high school seniors' reading and math scores have hit a wall
  1075. Should sex with teachers be legal? Judge issues ruling
  1076. Feds push Islam in class to stop 'bullying' of Muslims
  1077. Atheists display foetus-shaped cookies at university pro-abortion rally, horrifying students
  1078. Video~ Small Town Antigo shooter was bullied, ex-classmate says
  1079. Choose your gender: Parents blast barmy council for telling kids as young as 4 to pick sex ’they identify with
  1080. Girl, 15, dies after assault in Delaware HS bathroom
  1081. Video~ "Deeply Disturbing": Teachers Aide Arrested after Video Captures Fight with Student
  1082. Federal court to school: Open boy's bathroom to girl
  1083. Video~ School goes ballistic over 'Jesus Lunch' in park
  1084. Video~ Salon Caters To “Super Lice” Infested Clientele
  1085. Thousands of teachers flock to ‘White Privilege Conference
  1086. University OKs concealed carry in classrooms
  1087. Video~ A mom stood and filmed her kid being spanked because she couldn't stop it
  1088. Video~ Student Speaks Out Following Confrontation with Teacher
  1089. Grieving dad says his 12-year-old boy was killed by bully at school, not accidentally
  1090. Video~ Fla. teacher who handed out 'privilege' form resigns
  1091. Graduates earning less than those who did not go to university, research reveals
  1092. Video~ Texas Cop Fired After Being Caught on Video Body-Slamming 12-Year-Old Girl at School
  1093. Your son living as 'girl' at school? Not your business!
  1094. Video~ What REALLY happened to that Halifax news story about Muslim "bullies" at SCHOOL?
  1095. Students beat and bullied me for being white
  1096. Student slashes classmate in face, neck
  1097. Holy Bible among 'challenged' (by parents) books at libraries
  1098. Video~ Parents enraged by LGBTQ week at school
  1099. You’re now a racist if you say schools need to be safer
  1100. Video~ Texas teacher arrested after video shows her repeatedly hitting student
  1101. Video~ Expert: Government schools 'destroying belief' in Christianity
  1102. Video~ Newtown teacher arrested at school, accused of having gun
  1103. Jessica Beraldin, Ottawa teacher, accused of sexually assaulting student
  1104. Cruise For 1,700 School Kids Ends In Tragedy As Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl
  1105. CIA left 'explosive training material' on school bus
  1106. 1st-graders suspended for plot to kill classmate
  1107. Video~ Feds: 12 Detroit principals stole $1M in kickback scheme
  1108. Atlantic City teacher loses job after breaking up fight
  1109. Video~ Teacher's Aid Yanked Out Special Needs Student's Teeth For Misbehaving
  1110. Video~ Teacher caught on tape bullying special needs student!!!! Caught on Cell Phone Cam
  1111. Video~ Teacher caught on camera grabbing kindergartner by face
  1112. Video~ Teacher knocks over child, gets arrested
  1113. Minnesota district restores prayer to public school — but only for Muslim students
  1114. Video~ Teacher rips off female student’s shirt at Oregon high school, exposes her in front of entire class
  1115. District invites Satan into U.S. classrooms
  1116. Video~ 12-year-old Florida girl charged after pinching boy's butt at school
  1117. Video~ Bill Would Require Alabama Teachers to Train in Not Sleeping with Their Students
  1118. Christian’ high school guidance counselor dons hijab to welcome Muslims
  1119. Yoga breaks in school spark faith concerns
  1120. Modern education: Thought control
  1121. Video~ Substitute teacher accused of strangling Fall River student
  1122. Video~ Fire-breathing stunt that set man ablaze at school rally 'inexcusable,' officials say
  1123. FBI: Campus attacker inspired by ISIS, propaganda on laptop
  1124. Video~ Fire-breathing mishap engulfs man in flames at school pep rally (Fires of Molech?)
  1125. Video~ US Teacher Deems American Flag 'Offensive
  1126. ''We are afraid'' - Swedish schoolchildren's desperate letter to the principal
  1127. Fury after primary pupils are asked to complete radicalisation-seeking surveys
  1128. Home-school families face potential investigation over 'radicalisation risk'
  1129. Video~ Teacher admits he helped write Common Core to end white privilege
  1130. Video~ ‘Cooker bomb’ or ‘Cucumber’?: Child mispronounces word, teacher reports to police in UK
  1131. Video~ Student With Special Needs Left on School Bus and Forced to Hitchhike 30 Miles Home... Twice
  1132. America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts
  1133. Massive fight in cafeteria forces Ohio high school to cancel classes
  1134. Florida substitute teacher arrested after showing up to class drunk
  1135. Video~ Student senator faces impeachment for conservative beliefs
  1136. Mississippi parents to be graded by teachers
  1137. FBI Orders High School Teachers To Report Anti-Government Students
  1138. Students told: 'If you're Christian, confess to be atheist'
  1139. Video~ Teacher calls student 'dumbest girl he ever met
  1140. Islam convert, 16, charged in jihad plot on schools
  1141. Survey asks students to confess to sexual assault
  1142. Schools add 'cli-fi' lit to push climate change
  1143. Video~ Boy questioned by anti-extremist police for visiting UKIP website
  1144. Outrageous! Public School Students Taught To 'Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag
  1145. Second daycare worker convicted in 'baby fight club' case  
  1146. Students accuse Gettysburg College of suppressing conservative (pro-life) views
  1147. Video~ School cop pummels teen in profanity-laced tirade
  1148. Four Payette students suspected in felony arson of principal’s house
  1149. Video~  Cops: Students film porn in school stairwell
  1150. Video~  Sex-crime teachers still getting pensions
  1151. Video~  Man stabs 10 children in southern China
  1152. Video~  of high school 'fight club' emerges
  1153. FYI: Video~  Safety Tips That All Kids Need To Know
  1154. Government's 'covert' psychological tests target children
  1155. Super lice’ outbreak hits 25 states
  1156. Video~  Parents outraged by apparent mock slave auction held by Barrington HS students
  1157. Video~  Teacher charged with molestation after sex in classroom
  1158. 3 charged in rape at Athens high school weren't suspended
  1159. Elementary teacher arrested for child porn
  1160. Marine banned from daughter's graduation for exposing Islamic 'indoctrination
  1161. San Francisco school district: Let’s hand out condoms to 6th-graders
  1162. Students given 'convert to Islam' homework
  1163. Educator: Schools fail job teaching Founding Fathers
  1164. Video~  Close Call on Camera: School Bus Narrowly Misses Train
  1165. Officials: Young man poses as Ohio lawmaker, tours school
  1166. School Sets Children Task Of Writing Letter Explaining Their Conversion To Islam
  1167. Video~   School accidentally sends out 'Hurt Feelings Report
  1168. Superintendent apologizes after Texas 2nd-grader handcuffed
  1169. An elementary school volunteer filmed child pornography at school, police say
  1170. Video~  Girl caught on camera kneeing another student at Sonoma Valley High School
  1171. Four High School Seniors Allegedly Gang Raped Two 15 Year Olds on School Trip
  1172. Number of students police say were abused by school volunteer rises to 16
  1173. College kids stumped by Reagan photo
  1174. Students stand on, flip off American flag in class
  1175. New York high school holds World Hijab Day
  1176. Video~  Murder-suicide leaves 2 teenage girls dead at Independence HS
  1177. Ex-school lunch lady admits raping 15-year-old
  1178. Video~  Glendale PD: 2 teenage girls shot dead at Independence High School
  1179. Student caught loading gun on School bus
  1180. Dad Senses Something is Wrong At School. Then He Sees What the Bus Driver Is Doing to His Daughter
  1181. Video~  What School Lunch Looks Like In Japan
  1182. REPORT: Students clueless about American government, history
  1183. Okay schools first to allow staff to arm
  1184. Video~  Mesa day care worker fired over social media post
  1185. Video~  Day Care Director Caught On Camera Beating Child
  1186. Video~  Report of moldy bread in school cafeteria sparks investigation
  1187. Teacher fired for sex with student got new job at NJ school
  1188. Video~  Four Oklahoma high school wrestlers charged with raping two boys
  1189. Video~  Schools In One TX School District Are Learning About Suicide Awareness…For Kindergarteners
  1190. Kids, 13-18, told to pick gender from 2 dozen options
  1191. Student punished for refusing to recite Islamic profession of faith
  1192. Video~  Schoolbook exec: Common Core deals are rigged
  1193. Principal dies a hero saving students
  1194. Video~  Student Suspended For Carrying Asthmatic Classmate To Nurse
  1195. Video~  Phoenix teens spark outrage after posting shocking pic spelling out the N-word with their shirts
  1196. Gunman shot brothers, opened fire at school
  1197. Video~  reveals anti-American agenda behind Common Core
  1198. Video~  4th in 10 years: La. teacher arrested for sex with student
  1199. College to spend month bashing 'whiteness'
  1200. Video~  Teacher fired for doing his job right
  1201. City pays exiled teachers to snooze as ‘rubber rooms’ return
  1202. Howard County adds Muslim, Hindu holidays to school calendar
  1203. Video~  Wrestling coach fired, students suspended after “extremely disturbing” incident on school bus
  1204. USC apologizes for requiring students to detail sexual history
  1205. Video~  Common Core undercover video: 'I hate kids'
  1206. How can you teach 580 students that speak 42 different languages at Buffalo, NY high school?
  1207. Coach Carrying Schoolchildren Attacked By Migrants In Calais
  1208. Bad NYC high school kids can now ‘get away with anything’
  1209. Government orders cab drivers to spy on children
  1210. Students barred from reciting 'God Bless America' as New Jersey school yields to ACLU demand
  1211. School for gays opening in September in Georgia: Where 'kids have full permission to be themselves
  1212. Video~  4th Grader Shames School Board On Standardized Testing And Receives A Standing Ovation
  1213. 40 Alumni Assert Sexual Abuse at a Rhode Island Prep School
  1214. School caves to ACLU, yanks 'God bless America'
  1215. California Laws: On January 1st, Students Won’t Have to Pass High School to Receive Diploma
  1216. Lawsuit claims teaching assistants at Amherst were told to sleep with students to boost enrollment
  1217. German teachers push Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' for schools?
  1218. High-school basketball players charged with raping teammate
  1219. 80 primary school pupils a year seeking help to change gender – charity
  1220. What do you say to a naked girl in the boys room?
  1221. New push to carry concealed guns on campuses
  1222. Government Now Preying On High School Graduates
  1223. Students protest transgender invasion of privacy
  1224. Mom Outraged After 7-Year-Old Comes Home From School With Muslim/Hindu Tattoo
  1225. Video~  Take your Kids Out of Public School NOW!!!
  1226. Black leader: Schools must discipline 'out-of-control, angry thugs'
  1227. Sandy Hook-denying prof to be fired by university
  1228. School calligraphy lesson: 'No god but Allah'
  1229. Non-Muslims encouraged to wear Islamic head scarf at Chicago school
  1230. Paris teacher 'made up' ISIS stabbing
  1231. Was local high school a target of San Bernardino terrorists?
  1232. Miami student says campus newspaper dismissed him for conservative views
  1233. School principal: ‘Only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white Christian men
  1234. Video~  Parents attacked for refusing to partake in school's LGBT Week
  1235. Kids Are Boycotting School Lunches They Say Are Worse Than Prison Food
  1236. Video~  5 students, ages 10 and 11, accused of plotting to set off explosive at Clifton school
  1237. Student who vowed to kill 'white devils' free to return to class!
  1238. Video~  Sexting teacher 'asked me to send naked pics' - BBC News
  1239. Video~  7th-Grader told to kill herself for not denying God
  1240. Video~  Dad arrested for protesting graphic-sex book (at school) loses case!
  1241. School backs plan for transgender promotion
  1242. Bulletproof blankets rolled out for schoolkids in America
  1243. Washington state girl, 16, found tied up in high school bathroom
  1244. Police: drunk school bus driver took students on bumpy ride in Pennsylvania
  1245. Girl sues female teacher in sex-assault case
  1246. Amherst College students protest free speech fliers, seek punishment for offenders
  1247. Parents irate after students told to sing Muslim fight song
  1248. Teacher from Syria jailed for sexual abuse of students
  1249. Video~  Two Teenagers Arrested in Brutal Paintball Attack on High School Janitor in Victorville
  1250. Classroom firepower: Ohio teachers increasingly pack heat on job
  1251. Video~  SCS teacher arrested, accused of running illegal strip club
  1252. Madison teacher accused of shooting minor daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend
  1253. Video~  High school art teacher detects evil spirits, brings tarot cards for ‘classroom cleansing
  1254. Video~  Homosexual coloring books distributed by the splc conditioning 4 year olds
  1255. A 'Depressed' Freshman Shot Himself in the Head During Class but Survived, Authorities Said
  1256. Video~  Kissimmee officer’s alleged takedown of middle school student caught on video
  1257. High School music teacher sold guns to fund terror
  1258. Video~  Sexting scandal shocks US high school
  1259. Video~  Family hires attorney after girl receives detention for hugging classmate
  1260. Video~  4 stabbed on UC Merced campus; suspect killed by police
  1261. Video~  Florida teacher arrested for watching porn in class
  1262. Video~  Boy, 9, dies after football practice in Ohio
  1263. VIDEO: Government funded College caught shredding US Constitution in undercover video!
  1264. Complete Anarchy' as Obama invades girls' showers
  1265. FEDS rule to force high school girls to undress next to naked boys who think they’re girls
  1266. Student with autism physically abused, called 'idiot' by Lansing teacher, lawsuit claims
  1267. Video~  Police Respond to Video of Students Threatening Teacher
  1268. Feds to School: Let Transgender boy dress with girls
  1269. School sides with Teacher in Anti-God assignment
  1270. Activists press for mandatory "gay" lessons for Kindergartners
  1271. Video~  Cops pummeled by brawling high schoolers
  1272. Planned Parenthood now targeting schoolchildren?
  1273. Video~  Principal body-slammed in student fight
  1274. College students: Yes, you can limit our speech
  1275. Video~  Teacher instructs 7th–graders: There is no God
  1276. Video~  5-year-old boy blows up used condom found on school playground
  1277. School allows Muslim kids walk out of school as national anthem sung
  1278. Video~  shows school officer tossing student in classroom
  1279. School staffer impregnated ‘bullied’ student: report
  1280. Pennsylvania teacher guilty of changing grades for nude pics
  1281. Video~  Methuen students charged in plot to 'shoot up school'
  1282. 4 dead after car crashes into Oklahoma State homecoming parade
  1283. Obama presses mass school enrollment of illegals
  1284. Tennessee college shooting kills 1, hurts 3
  1285. Teacher quizzes students on porn habits
  1286. PHOTO: Mother rips Islam school worksheet: 'My son will not be a part of this'
  1287. School fight erupts over pro-life posters
  1288. 6th-grade teacher: He's 'not worth saving in a fire
  1289. H.R.2232 - Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015
  1290. SWAT team descends on CO school over student’s Halloween costume
  1291. Parents: Pro-Islam textbooks violate Constitution
  1292. 8th-grader suspended for patriotic shirt
  1293. 1 dead, 3 hurt in Arizona university shooting
  1294. College diversity officer charged for #KillAllWhiteMen tweet
  1295. Video~  Infant bitten 27 times, daycare shut down
  1296. High school questionnaire: Do your parents own guns?
  1297. Police: Student shot principal in arm
  1298. Students go berserk over 'anchor babies'
  1299. Islam quiz has U.S. parents 'outraged
  1300. High-school star QB dies after hit
  1301. Teacher’s Inappropriate Note to Second Grader Raises Questions
  1302. 'Clock-boy's' sister was suspended for 'bomb' threat
  1303. Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 10 Without Their Parents Knowing
  1304. Pennsylvania teen charged in gasoline attack on 2 school guards
  1305. Video~  Offended Muslims erupt on school board
  1306. Video~  Remember when this was taught in school?
  1307. Almost 1 in 4 college gals claim to be sex victims
  1308. Schools nabbed for hiding Common Core detail
  1309. Authorities defend schoolboy's 'hoax-bomb' arrest
  1310. Video~  Boy Helped Rescue Kindergarteners After Bus Careened Into Lake
  1311. Concealed carry coming to classrooms
  1312. Video~ 1 dead, several injured when school bus overturns in Houston
  1313. 37 charged in fraternity-hazing death
  1314. Active shooter at Delta State campus, 1 victim dead
  1315. Video~ Special-needs student found dead on school bus
  1316. Video~ Students clueless about 9/11 terror attack
  1317. Video~ Employee says Christian school is denying benefits to same-sex spouse
  1318. College's longtime janitor is also its cocaine dealer
  1319. Video~ 'Never would I think a child would do this'
  1320. 3 illegal aliens 'slay 17-year-old high-schooler'
  1321. Video~ School probes vicious hits on football referee
  1322. Parents Upset that Middle Schoolers Assigned to Write 'Allah is the Only God
  1323. Teacher arrested in school parking lot on DWI charges
  1324. Former teacher accused in 2nd inappropriate relationship
  1325. Unknown Illness Strikes 100+ Students in North Carolina: How Common Are ‘Mystery’ Outbreaks?
  1326. VIDEO: School probes mass baptism at football practice
  1327. Daycare workers filmed kids 4-6 in 'fight club'
  1328. Video~ Congressman frightens elementary students
  1329. School blocking student with Down syndrome
  1330. 3-year-olds taught 'non-Jews' are 'evil'
  1331. Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female
  1332. 'Visual inspection' (in schools) could be part of state law to determine gender identity
  1333. Student killed in Savannah college shooting
  1334. This Is When Your College Student Is Most Likely to Experiment With Drugs
  1335. Student told she can’t start conservative club
  1336. Video~ Teacher 'sends topless selfie to student'
  1337. University frat suspended for sexual 'welcome' signs
  1338. 'Gay' history thrust into U.S. classrooms
  1339. School board member sanctioned for crude comment
  1340. High School teacher charged in nude photograph case involving student
  1341. California issues illegal high-school diplomas
  1342. Federal watchdogs charged with school-lunch fraud
  1343. Destrehan teacher Shelley Dufresne about to lose her certificate
  1344. How 1 Student Can Be Accused of Rape at 2 Colleges — and Receive a Scholarship to a 3rd
  1345. Dad openly carries gun in daughter's school
  1346. Video~ Teacher defends 'sexual' relationship with teen
  1347. Video~ 'Boy loving' Michigan professor busted in FBI sting
  1348. Student killed, dissolved in acid
  1349. Choir teacher fired for field-trip boozing
  1350. Teacher shows up drunk 1st week of classes
  1351. University commits $12 million to educating illegals
  1352. What’s Wrong With This Middle School’s Sign
  1353. Video~ Chris Christie to teachers union: You deserve a punch in the face
  1354. Teacher on why she passed student who ‘begged’ to fail
  1355. Video~ Student suspended for insulting Islam, Mexicans
  1356. Video~ Sheriff's deputy shackled elementary school students who had disabilities
  1357. Former Abortion Clinic Owner: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion
  1358. Video~ Middle school teacher allegedly used tree house to have sexual relations with student
  1359. Principal kills self amid Common Core scandal
  1360. Girl complains about school prayer, wins $7,500
  1361. Embezzling teacher now accused of sex with 5th-graders
  1362. Video~ Secrets Teachers Don’t Want You To Know
  1363. Public schools ruining U.S. kids with 'indoctrination
  1364. Mom: Kindergartener was "traumatized" by teacher duct taping him
  1365. Teacher suspended for romp with colleague to be back in school
  1366. What Is ‘Family’? High School Test Question Redefines Definition, Counts This Student’s Answer Wrong
  1367. Girl aged just TEN gives birth hours after complaining of stomach ache at school
  1368. Video~ Iowa school district plans to outfit staff, administration with body cams
  1369. Video~ Teacher found guilty of rape, sodomy of former student
  1370. Culture of death' now targets school girls
  1371. Champlin Park HS girls soccer coach accused of having sex with boy, 13
  1372. Christian college extends benefits to 'gay' couples
  1373. Email exposes plot by city high school to ‘fix’ failing test scores
  1374. Gay Teacher Promotes Homosexuality to Little 3rd Graders, Says He Didn't Care What Parents Thought
  1375. Police: Boy, 13, rapes 7-year-old girl on bus
  1376. Schools Implant IUDs in Girls as Young as 6th Grade Without Their Parents Knowing
  1377. School worker accused of sex attempt on 11-year-old student
  1378. Outrageous Kindergarten Application Question Mom Refused to Answer
  1379. School district OKs mandatory LGBT class for 7th-graders
  1380. U.S. Congress considers mandating vaccinations for all school children
  1381. Teacher has sex with student, nude pix circulate
  1382. Kids create black markets in cafeterias
  1383. Video~ DEPARTMEMT?' When diplomas don't spell
  1384. Football coach can't lead team prayers anymore
  1385. Video~ Teacher resigns after reading 'pro-gay' book
  1386. Video~ Teacher hates 'white people,' outs lesbian student
  1387. Want good readers? Keep kids from school, parents told
  1388. Mom protests at school: Educate my child!
  1389. Video~ Teacher: 'Blacks the ones causing problems
  1390. Video~ Students arrested in grade-changing scandal
  1391. Illinois College Agrees to Cease Censorship
  1392. Video~ University apologizes for confrontation with student
  1393. School takes kids on 'field trip' to sex shop
  1394. Lesbian student kills lover who wore sweats
  1395. Video~ Arrest warrants for people who cheered at graduation
  1396. Video~ Selfie With Parents’ Sex Toys? Alameda Teacher Accused Of Assigning Bizarre Extra Credit For Sophomores
  1397. Video~ Students Claim History Textbooks Ignore U.S. ‘Crimes Against Humanity,’
  1398. Video~ Teacher 'shows off pix of breast enhancement during class'
  1399. Video~ Teacher suing over 'Bibles, prayer circles, ministering
  1400. Schools ask 12-year-olds if they've had sex of all kinds
  1401. Public schools called 'gigantic criminal enterprise'
  1402. Crimes perpetrated against your children
  1403. Teacher: Don't fire me for 'sex with student'
  1404. No pay, no play! Poor kids banned from school carnival
  1405. In Texas, courts turn truancy cases into cash
  1406. Video~ Horror: School bus drags young girl down street
  1407. Christians called to resist feds' grip on schools
  1408. Treasonous' educators 'dumbing down' U.S. kids
  1409. Students screened 'Fifty Shades of Grey' during class
  1410. Video~ Lunch lady allegedly had sex with underage high school student and his older brother: cops
  1411. Video~ Town rallies around student told to remove flag
  1412. Federal bill requires all public students to be vaccinated
  1413. Video~ Prom Dress-Code Change Sparks Outcry at Connecticut High School
  1414. Video~ Tennessee senior prank gets principal suspended
  1415. Mom 'Sick' Over Daughter's Controversial Class Assignment
  1416. Naked Final Exam at UC San Diego Sparks Mom’s Outrage
  1417. Video~ Principal gets blatantly racial at graduation
  1418. Audio~ Obama to schools: Gender-bend or lose funding
  1419. Police: Florida principal caught with student in pot-filled car
  1420. Video~ Student failed for refusing to condemn faith
  1421. Video~ School-bus driver traps children inside
  1422. Video~ High-school teacher 'poisoned'
  1423. Video~ Dad shoots school-bus bully's grandfather
  1424. Video~ Public slams school board over teacher sex cases
  1425. Teacher ousted for saying Obama not Christian
  1426. Philadelphia professor accidentally sends students porn link
  1427. Students accused of raping girl inside class
  1428. Video~ Professor hits 'breaking point,' fails entire class
  1429. Gender-bender bathroom doors flung open for preschoolers
  1430. Parents fighting secret government tests
  1431. California senate committee passes bill to deny education to unvaccinated children
  1432. Video~ 11-year old girl suspended for recording her teacher bullying student
  1433. Common core's real goal? 'Dumbing down people
  1434. Video~ 100 Afghan Students Poisoned By Beans Sold By Vendor At School Gates
  1435. Lesbian teaches being 'gay' in classroom
  1436. Elementary students taught transgender story
  1437. Video~ Education disaster 'no accident,' expert warns
  1438. Government schools have essentially become criminal enterprises
  1439. Video~ Spain: Teacher killed by pupil 'armed with crossbow
  1440. Video~ Racist School field trip causes controversy among some parents
  1441. Gay Agenda Hijacking America's Classrooms With 'Day of Silence
  1442. State seizes 11-yr old, arrests mother after he defends medical marijuana during school presentation
  1443. School clubs ok unless they're pro-life
  1444. School snubs Christianity in 'be Muslim' assignment
  1445. Video~ shows boy beaten outside school
  1446. Video~ Commack High School Students Pictured Wearing T-Shirts With Anti-Semitic Messages
  1447. Video~ Spokane Schools Expel Students With Missing Vaccination Records
  1448. Kids sleep as tutors do their homework
  1449. Video~ Wayne Community College in North Carolina on Lockdown After Deadly Shooting
  1450. Video~ Substitute teacher arrested after allegedly making threat in classroom
  1451. California moves to ban vaccine exemptions
  1452. Video~ Elementary student from the Carolinas forced to clean toilet with bare hands
  1453. Teacher offers better grades for nude pix
  1454. Islam extremism in schools: 100 teachers face sack
  1455. Video~ High schooler arrested for raping classmate at school
  1456. Video~ Atlanta cheating scandal: 11 of 12 convicted
  1457. Video~ Fear of Demons Led School Assistant to Barricade Class
  1458. Video~ Porn in classroom causes controversy, debate
  1459. Video~ Barron Collier students say rats are taking over high school
  1460. Video~ Undercover video: College OKs pro-ISIS club
  1461. Video~ 4th Grader Shames School Board On Standardized Testing And Receives A Standing Ovation
  1462. Video~ 21st-graders accused of forcing girl to perform sex acts
  1463. Video~ Transgender homecoming king commits suicide
  1464. Video~ Students return to find teacher now a woman
  1465. Video~ School Bus Crashes into Mansion
  1466. Hitler: 'Your child belongs to us already'
  1467. Video~ Students go to extreme lengths to cheat in Indian school exams
  1468. 5 high school students in Tucson charged with plotting to kill classmate
  1469. Union lobbyist who worked one day as a teacher suing Illinois for $30,000 pension
  1470. Video~ Principal: 'I just don't like the black kids'
  1471. Arabic version of Pledge of Allegiance at Pine Bush High School ignites furor
  1472. Video~ Teacher reports girl's sex abuse, gets fired
  1473. Demands of bullies will become school policy
  1474. Video~ Teacher 'digs nails deep into young girl
  1475. Students sickened by hash-laced brownies
  1476. School’s Punishments for Kids Upsets Parents
  1477. Orwellian nightmare unleashed on schoolkids
  1478. Video~ A Mom Stands Up Against Common Core and They Smile. When She’s Done, They’re Not Smiling Anymore
  1479. Video~ Students use bats, brass knuckles in racial brawl
  1480. Student uses machete at school in car-rim dispute
  1481. Video~ Catholic high school now scans faces at door
  1482. Students at UC Irvine vote to ban American flag
  1483. Egyptian schoolboy dies after being beaten by his teacher
  1484. Boston high school dean tried to murder student over marijuana feud: prosecutor
  1485. Video~ Dallas 6th grader records teacher's profanity-laced lecture
  1486. NYC mayor closing schools for Muslim holidays
  1487. Video~ Muslim Dad Says Teacher Called His Son ‘Taliban
  1488. 1st-grader suspended for 'you're dead' finger point
  1489. Perhaps you didn’t know… Schools across the country are literally building solitary confinement cells for children
  1490. Video~ Middle School Holds Black History Children’s March in Honor of Michael Brown & Trayvon Martin
  1491. Teacher hangs herself in classroom
  1492. Local schools evict Bible study from grounds
  1493. Student charged with manslaughter for egging on suicide
  1494. Video~ School humiliates boy, 6, for being 1-minute tardy
  1495. Ga. Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Urging Schools To Show D'Souza Film
  1496. Outrage over kindergarten kids with 'AK-47s
  1497. Video~ Dad hits back after 'false arrest' at school meeting
  1498. Wesleyan offers LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM housing (Not a Typo)
  1499. VIDEO: School Bus Aide Accused of Stealing School Lunch and Money From Preschoolers
  1500. Video~ Cupcake cop goes ballistic on grandma, 78
  1501. N.J. teacher had sex with 6 students ages 14, 15: prosecutor
  1502. Schools across the country are literally building solitary confinement cells for children
  1503. Video~ Hillsborough deputies: Teacher had sex with student during class hours
  1504. Video~ Ethan Chaplin, Student, Says He Was Suspended For Twirling Pencil
  1505. Teacher indicted for 'sex with 6 boys'
  1506. Kindergarten teacher 'drunk in class'
  1507. Teen in hospital after teacher's booze party
  1508. Video~ Illinois high school freshman records video as teacher bullies him, calls him 'ugly xxx'
  1509. Video~ 10 hospitalized in school bus crash in Shoreline
  1510. Top teacher' winner quits due to Common Core
  1511. Video~ How police stopped runaway school bus
  1512. Video~ Parents: Schools illegally wiretapped our kids for years
  1513. Video~ Middle-schoolers given '50 Shades of Grey' puzzle
  1514. Video~ Driver 'swigs booze' on school bus
  1515. Video~ Teacher: I didn't rape 15-year-old
  1516. Student reprimanded for saying 'God bless America'
  1517. Fourth-Grader Suspended for 'Lord of the Rings' Magic
  1518. Feds look to control kids 'womb to workforce'
  1519. Video~ Christian Mom Alarmed that School Bus Has Tail Lights form Pagan Pentagram
  1520. Video~ School Bus Violations
  1521. Shock claim: School grilled kids on parents' views of 'gays'
  1522. Shooter reported at University of South Carolina campus
  1523. Video~ Student threatens: 'I will stab you to death'
  1524. Cops: Teacher attacked 1st grader for having too much food at lunch
  1525. School scorched for having kids bow to 'sun god'
  1526. Activists: Schools must teach sex consent to kindergartners
  1527. Schools restore junk food, snub Michelle Obama
  1528. Video~ School bus driver fired for texting behind wheel
  1529. Grand jury declines to indict 5 students accused of rape
  1530. Holocaust survivor booted from public schools
  1531. Video~ Students forced to expose underwear for inspection
  1532. Handcuffs, Leg Shackles and Tasers: The New Face of Punishment in the Public Schools
  1533. Adults allowed to pack heat at school?
  1534. Scottsboro High School teacher resigns; accused of sexual misconduct with student
  1535. Ex-Clover teacher, coach accused of having sex with student
  1536. Video~ Muslim call-to-prayer broadcast on UCLA campus
  1537. Government grills grade-schoolers over lesbianism
  1538. Brooklyn teacher paid 16-year-old student for sex act, cops say
  1539. Parent outraged over possible pentagram symbol on Mid-South bus 
  1540. Video~ Girls' basketball coach bit fellow coach’s face
  1541. Peeping student photographed other boys in Lakeside School bathrooms
  1542. Horrors continue under Michelle O's lunch rules
  1543. Video~ Students taken to mosque for 'diversity'
  1544. Video~ Parents claim sex abuse covered up
  1545. Video~ 2 teachers accused of sex with boys on beach
  1546. First 'Gay School' Catering to LGBT Students to Open in the UK as Christian Schools Fear Closure for Teaching Biblical Traditional Marriage
  1547. VIDEO: Parents aghast! School films girls changing clothes
  1548. Kindergarten perp: School backs off handcuffed 4-year-old
  1549. Alabama has highest rate of teacher-student sex
  1550. Muslim call to prayer to sound at Duke University
  1551. Proposed LGBT club prompts new Rankin school policy
  1552. Teacher 'has sex with girl more than 45 times'
  1553. Contagious diarrhea closes middle school
  1554. 3rd-grader threatens to machine gun students
  1555. Wisconsin School Board Votes to Reject Parental Complaint About ‘Two Mom Story
  1556. Video~ VIDEO: Playboy-Themed Party Lands SoCal Dad in Jail
  1557. Fight erupts over university's censorship of student speech
  1558. Average college freshman reads at 7th-grade level
  1559. Teacher that raped 2 teens gets no jail time
  1560. School wrong to fire teacher who gave student Bible
  1561. Video~ Pasco teacher accused of having sex with student
  1562. Angry Parents Say Son Was Stopped From Reading Bible in School
  1563. Video~ Police: Teacher arrested after deadly crash; BAC was three times legal limit
  1564. 24 hurt in school-bus rollover
  1565. 3,100 students embroiled in N.C. cheating scandal
  1566. Sexting-scandal teacher hired for homeland security
  1567. VIDEO: New bulletproof glass built to stop school shooters
  1568. Mendham High suspends teacher accused of sexual relationship with student
  1569. Video~ Middle-schoolers transformed by transcendental meditation
  1570. U.S. student-loan debt tops $800 billion
  1571. Activists: Schools must teach sex consent to kindergartners
  1572. ACLU sues to allow 'gay' club at high school
  1573. Video~ Viral Video Denounces Islamic-Themed Vocabulary Lesson at North Carolina High School
  1574. Video~ Teen dies after single punch from classmate
  1575. 7 teen girls get pregnant on school trip
  1576. Teacher goes on snack run with 11 kids, 2 in trunk
  1577. Video~ Arizona Biology Teacher Mocks Jesus, Biblical Creation in Lecture Slide
  1578. Video~ Student sex tape rocks middle school
  1579. Video~ Government schooling at its best
  1580. School replaces blind child's cane with pool noodle
  1581. Teachers busted mocking own students
  1582. Teachers Are Being Mandated To Get the Flu Vaccine or Wear a Mask and Gloves
  1583. Schools warned of lawsuits over gender accommodations
  1584. Video~ Three teenagers shot outside high school in US
  1585. US Dept of Education: Let Students Choose if They Are Boy or Girl
  1586. Video~ Elementary teacher indicted for sexual abuse of 9
  1587. Video~ 7-year-old boy 'raped' by male teacher
  1588. 13-year-olds told they can have sex, choose gender
  1589. Video~ 6-year-old gets handcuffed on campus
  1590. Video~ Going to Extremes: UK university big-wigs ordered to track and teach
  1591. Video~ Police probe student sexting at high school
  1592. Public schools now spying on kids
  1593. Irish School Withdraws Worksheet on Bible’s Teachings on Homosexuality Over Complaint
  1594. Student fighting for concealed carry shot on campus   
  1595. More evidence of invasive student data-mining scheme
  1596. School-board member apologizes for Klan image
  1597. Communism survivor: Common Core looks scary familiar
  1598. Why are high-school football players dying?
  1599. Christian beliefs put student in danger of expulsion 
  1600. Teacher 'rapes girl, tries abortion in class'
  1601. In Clawson, uproar, a resignation over 'shoot kids' joke
  1602. School has hissy fit over Creation invitation
  1603.  School kids are blaming Michelle Obama for their ‘gross’ school lunches
  1604. Video~ High school prostitution ring busted, police say
  1605. Video~ Reference to female condoms appears in 5th grade curriculum
  1606. Principal suspended after armed officers conduct live shooter drill during school
  1607. 5th-grader suspended for pointing imaginary gun
  1608. Students videotape sex at school
  1609. Video~ Teacher breastfeeds baby in class
  1610. Video~ Gunman opens fire at Florida State University
  1611. Teacher accused of sex with teen had been warned not to be alone with her, feds say
  1612. Teacher to student: 'I'll pull a machete on you'
  1613. Students forced to disclose sexual history
  1614. Chicago Public School Teaches Fifth Graders About "Safe" Anal Sex
  1615. Video~ 5 students accused of raping girl classmate
  1616. 3,000 illegal minors in Houston schools
  1617. Video~ Satanic request has schools rethinking policy
  1618. Video~ Teacher kills, skins rabbit in class
  1619. Video~ Violence spikes at school for illegal-alien youths
  1620. Video~ Mom Questions School for Portraying Muslims as More Faithful Than Christians
  1621. Video~ Atheist parent attacks Christian after-school club
  1622. Video~ School installs shooter-detection system
  1623. Teacher drags girl on concrete: 3rd-degree burns
  1624. Schools propose: Let boys into girls locker rooms
  1625. Black teacher tells whites to kill themselves
  1626. School bans students from praying together
  1627. Schoolteacher charged with raping her son
  1628. Video~ Teacher Laid Out During Encounter With Student at Bartram High School
  1629. Parents pull son from class because school is teaching islam
  1630. Former Marine Gets Banned from Daughter’s School Over Islam-Lesson Dispute
  1631. Video~ Teen girl sought to be '1st female mass murderer'
  1632. CORONA: School's erroneous phone call scares parents
  1633. Video~ Police: Teen planned slaughter at school
  1634. WV public schools bullying homeschoolers to come back (it's about the MONEY again!)
  1635. Video~ My college degree is worthless
  1636. Teacher of the Year' charged with raping student
  1637. Teen in ICU after fight over shoes at Detroit school
  1638. Video~ Massachusetts Father Mad Because Public School Teaches ‘There Is No God But Allah’
  1639. School Robocalls Parents to Advise That Male Teacher Will Undergo ‘Gender Transition'
  1640. Video~ Estonia: Teacher shot dead during class
  1641. HS Students Say Pledge In Arabic: ‘One Nation Under Allah’
  1642. Anti-gun billionaire: 'We need more school shootings
  1643. Yoga recognized as 'state religion' in school
  1644. Video~ School shooter used texts to lure victims
  1645. Video~ Controversial Homework Assignment Goes Viral
  1646. Killing made easy? School offers first free online abortion class
  1647. Video~ Witness: 'Popular' football player gunned down lunch mates
  1648. Video~ Substitute teacher has sex with student on her first day of work
  1649. Christian school told to have Muslim imam lead assemblies
  1650. Video~ Clearwater wrestling coach accused of battering students while naked
  1651. Video~ Bat-Wielding Women Break Glass of School Bus, Hurt Child in Apparent Road Rage: Police
  1652. Coach-Led Prayers No Longer Allowed at South Dakota High School Following Complaint
  1653. Georgia High School Will Remove Bible Verses From Football Monument
  1654. Video~ Family's anger over school lunch reveals more widespread issues
  1655. Substitute teacher, 72, arrested for child porn
  1656. Middle schoolers earn gift cards for sex-ed course (Sexuality Explicit!)
  1657. Video~ Students 'threatened' for handing out Constitutions
  1658. Slashed! Student tries to kill classmate
  1659. Video~ Bus driver on meds takes kids on wild ride
  1660. 'Gender inclusive' school district says drop 'boys and girls,' call kids 'purple penguins'
  1661. Video~ A town begins to splinter in the wake of the Sayreville High hazing scandal
  1662. Video~  Kindergartner forced to sign 'no suicide' contract
  1663. Threat to behead school kids in Rhode Island
  1664. NY School Violates Rights of 20 Christian Teens to Co-Mingle
  1665. Waging war through textbooks
  1666. Principal found with drugs, passed-out woman
  1667. N.J. high school cancels football season over bullying
  1668. Elementary introduces unisex toilets
  1669. Charter schools use Turkish ties, visas to get teachers
  1670. Delaware mother charged after daughter brings heroin to daycare
  1671. Student newspaper vandalized for pro-life ad
  1672. Video~ Man with 'Arabic accent' roams school hallways
  1673. Texas school kids in contact with Ebola patient
  1674. Video~ Teacher arrested, another investigated for 'sex with same boy'
  1675. Boys-born-as-boys get OK to shower with girls
  1676. Panic: Parents yanking kids out of Dallas schools
  1677. Wristbands track students' weight, activity
  1678. Feds place illegals in 'nearly every state
  1679. Video~ 2 teachers at same school 'have sex with student'
  1680. Satanic Coloring Books Distributed at Florida Public Schools
  1681. Sex-education proposals surprise CCSD parents
  1682. Video~ Murder suspect hired as substitute teacher
  1683. School bans Christian books from library
  1684. Teacher bites 13 month old boy to punish him
  1685. Students write suicide notes to learn English
  1686. Video~ Plan to use teen as bait leads to rape at school
  1687. Cops: NJ teacher now faces 5 counts of having sex with students
  1688. Video~ NH Teacher Accused Of Playing Kissing Game With Students
  1689. Video~ Student put in detention for sharing school lunch
  1690. Video~ Texas Cops Brutalize 4'10' 70 Pound Teen Girl For Talking On Cell Phone To Her Sick Mom!
  1691. Video~ Parents raise concerns after bat-wielding woman in underwear gets in school
  1692. Colleges give students academic credit for pushing Socialist causes on campus
  1693. Public schools flooded with illegals
  1694. Video~ Student activists told to remove table from penn state 'free speech zone
  1695. Satanists handing out religious literature at schools
  1696. School yanks U.S. Flag from vehicles on 9/11
  1697. More Florida Parents Choosing to ‘Drop Out’ of Public School for Homeschooling
  1698. School pupils to be fingerprinted
  1699. Utah teacher wounded when gun discharges in toilet
  1700. 2 of 3 teens arrested in attack on ex-classmate (transferred to) Rainier Beach
  1701. School’s strict dress code nets 200 detentions and a rebellion
  1702. Principal Bans Booster Club from Selling Chick-fil-A Sandwiches over Marriage Stance
  1703. No jail for teacher who gave boy lap dance  
  1704. Kindergarten teacher accused of dragging student
  1705. Video~ Student tackled by officers over cell phone tells her side of the story
  1706. Video~ Student Forced to Wear 'Shame Suit' for Dress Code Violation
  1707. School founder sexually abused student
  1708. Mississippi school says kindergartener injured herself on playground; mom believes she was attacked by student, website reports
  1709. Angry dad fatally stabs 3 students, teacher
  1710. Principal suspended after crack-cocaine arrest
  1711. Dead baby found in school bathroom
  1712. Video~ Father arrested, upset kids are sitting on bus floor
  1713. Preschooler, 4, expelled over mom's Facebook rant
  1714. Common Core gives new twist to U.S. history
  1715. Video~ Student Suspended for Saying “Bless You” to Sneezing Classmate
  1716. Teacher Punches 5 Year Old; But Only Gets Suspended
  1717. Video~ High school student says he was arrested for killing dinosaur in class assignment
  1718. Teacher shows up drunk, state not informed
  1719. Police: 2 boys planned school shooting
  1720. School District Holds Health Book After Parents Outraged by Explicit Sexual Content
  1721. City's teachers absent more than students
  1722. 'Bondage' sex-ed textbook shelved by school board
  1723. Math teacher came to school drunk, drank in classroom
  1724. Video~ 'Some speak Mayan': Illegal kids swamp public schools
  1725. Black principal racially abused white teacher
  1726. Racial violence cancels 1st day of school  
  1727. Video~ Are iris scanners on school buses necessary?
  1728. Video~ No Bible in my Classroom
  1729. Teacher jailed after showing up at school drunk, pantless
  1730. Video~ 'Bondage,' 'vibrators,' 'handcuffs' in school textbook
  1731. U.S. history takes drastic left turn this fall
  1732. 1st-grade teacher arrested on sex charge
  1733. Video~ More of America's teachers to be armed
  1734. Ex-teacher jailed for assaulting student, 6
  1735. Sinkhole opens up inside high school
  1736. We Will Not Tolerate Your Religion!’ School Fires Scientist for Questioning Evolution
  1737. Atheists End Teacher-Led Prayer in Indiana School District
  1738. Officials turn blind eye to Shariah in schools
  1739. School: We have a right to ban God
  1740. Govt Says Parents Can't Send Lunches With kids To School Unless They Have A Doctor’s Note
  1741. Lawsuit: Teacher failed to stop sex assault on girl, 6
  1742. The militarization of American public schools
  1743. Teacher 'has sexy talk' with teen girls
  1744. Teaching creationism as scientifically valid now banned in all UK public schools
  1745. Video~ Officials Investigate Video of Kids Acting Wild at Queens Middle School
  1746. The education establishment's tragic success
  1747. Chuck Norris: 'Public schools are little more than secular progressive indoctrination camps'
  1748. Schools 'burying' Christian values
  1749. Parents shocked when school features 4-year-olds pole dancing to Disney tunes
  1750. Day care 'duct tapes' napping kids
  1751. Teacher found hiding under girl's bed
  1752. Bill of Rights 'don't exist on school's campus
  1753. Video~ Paper toy gun gets boy tossed from class
  1754. Hernando teacher who was drunk at school will keep job
  1755. Schools Under Fire for Isolation Room Punishment Tactics
  1756. Video~ 5-year-olds taught to celebrate 'queer pride'
  1757. Coney Island principal bans patriotic music during upcoming ceremony: teachers
  1758. Video~ Shock Video Shows Grade School Children Receiving Mandatory LGBTQ Indoctrination
  1759. Video~ Girl, 6, Brings Heroin to School: Police
  1760. Video~ Teacher’s invention could save your child’s life from school shooting
  1761. Video~ Student, 11, forced to clean toilets as punishment
  1762. Crossdressing protected by Louisville school
  1763. 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook
  1764. The new school curriculum: Reading, riting & recreational sex
  1765. Video~ Another school shooting
  1766. Video~ Parents outraged over images shown in sex-ed class
  1767. Video~ Student gets armed escort to and from school bus
  1768. Video~ Dad clobbers teacher with baseball bat
  1769. Video~ Principal to students: 'I'm a proud gay man'
  1770. AMA trying to strip parents rights away
  1771. 'Hero' student stops gunman with pepper spray
  1772. Video~ Teacher duct tapes students' mouths shut
  1773. Video~ Brawl erupts during kindergarten graduation
  1774. Video~ Mother Accused Of Hammer Attack On Third Grade Girl In Oakland School Restroom
  1775. Video~ Schools give 6th graders access to condoms
  1776. ANOTHER Homosexual male student selected as school’s homecoming queen
  1777. NC School District Condemns Christian Prayers at Vet Event as Violation of Policy
  1778. Video~ Teacher 'falsifies grades,' caught ranting on tape
  1779. Video~ RIVERSIDE: Resident sues city over clapping arrest
  1780. School Shows Children Same-Sex Marriage Propaganda Video
  1781. Video~ Students create porn site of classmates
  1782. Video~ Teacher drops F-bomb after F-bomb
  1783. Video~ Student booted due to skin color: "Because I was white, they feel unsafe?"
  1784. Video~ Teacher body-slams student over cookie
  1785. Bill of Rights 'don't exist on school's campus'
  1786. Video~ Riverdale School teacher roughs up boy on camera!
  1787. Video~ Flunking student gets A+ after sex with teacher
  1788. Video~ Race brawl breaks out in school cafeteria
  1789. Hundreds contact FBI about pedophile teacher
  1790. Video~ Feds: School psychologist caught buying, trading child porn
  1791. Video~ Coed bathrooms going statewide
  1792. Teacher 'has sex with handful of her students'
  1793. Holder: Schools must enroll children of illegals
  1794. Why is school teaching kids ethnic slurs?
  1795. West Virginia school accused of covering up sexual assaults on girls
  1796. Video~ Teacher reprimands boy for reading the Bible
  1797. Video~ California School District Under Fire for Holocaust-Denial Assignment
  1798. Girl, 15, raped in school hallway at 8 a.m
  1799. Video~ Detroit teacher fired after breaking up fight with broom
  1800. Talk of 'prom draft' at O.C. high school spurs note from principal
  1801. Boys, 10, poison teacher's coffee
  1802. Video~ 5th-grade: Bible banned from free-reading time
  1803. Video~ School checks 'pubic hair' during annual physical
  1804. Video~ Teenager's Plot to Kill Family, Bomb School Foiled
  1805. 55 US schools face federal sex assault probes
  1806. Video~ Texas school bus driver walks off, tosses child keys
  1807. Teachers refuse to do standardized tests
  1808. Kid vandals kill animals at Santa Clara school
  1809. Teacher 22, rapes boy 13
  1810. Teen brings 3 guns, 12-inch knife to campus
  1811. Video~ Islam Taking Britain back to the Dark Ages
  1812. 4th Grader Sells Pot In Northern Colorado
  1813. Video~ Teens using lip balm on eyelids to enhance being drunk, high
  1814. Trouble for company collecting student data
  1815. Only 30 days in jail for sex abuse?!
  1816. Video~ Medicated to Death: SSRIs and Mass Killings
  1817. School Principal Called a Serial Molester
  1818. Achtung! Germany eyes Nazi laws on school   
  1819. Zero Tolerance" Policy Causing Schools to Resemble Prisons
  1820. Wash. State School District Sets Up 'Homeland Security Class'
  1821. University accused of 'Christian worship'
  1822. Special-ed student who recorded being bullied on his iPad threatened with felony wiretapping charges
  1823. Virginia Governor Vetoes Student Religious Freedom Bill
  1824. School District Finds Teachers Violated Students' Rights by Banning Distribution of Bible Coins
  1825. Video~ BREAKING: 20 hurt in stabbings at Franklin Regional High School
  1826. Video~ 13 yr old suspended in Vernon NJ for Twirling a pencil
  1827. 'Gay' politics in class? Not with my kids!
  1828. Video~ Teen student defends woman he had sex with
  1829. Video~ 'Utterly Alarming': Video Captures Teacher, Student Brawl In Classroom
  1830. Indiana authorities investigate 'hit list' at elementary school
  1831. Tennessee Student Allegedly Told Not to Read Bible During After-School Program
  1832. Student fell to death after eating pot cookie
  1833. Thousands of parents pull kids from New York tests
  1834. Tennessee Teacher ‘Forced’ To Resign After Paying Student's Doctor Bill
  1835. Kentucky parents pull kids from school as atheist books are distributed
  1836. Woman 'has intercourse with student,' gets no jail
  1837. Video~ Teacher body-slams student over cookie
  1838. Video~ 'Lunch lady said I can't pray,' 5-year-old tells her parents
  1839. Video~ Second-grader jailed for punching Jensen Beach teacher, threatening to kill her, police say
  1840. Video~ Girl shaves head for friend, gets suspended
  1841. Transgender teacher returns to School a woman
  1842. Teachers who ‘had sex in class’ can’t be fired: court
  1843. Video~ Two Teachers Placed on Leave in Wake of 3rd Grade Sex Scandal in Riverside
  1844. Video~  Freshman lured into dorm, beaten by 5 girls
  1845. Video~ Teacher Resigns After Being Accused Of Sex With Student In Classroom
  1846. Video~ Alcohol game kills
  1847. Boys, girls to share rooms on overnight field trips
  1848. Video~ Two Wylie Teens Arrested For Murder Of Classmate
  1849. Video~ German schools plan to teach 'sexual diversity', parents outraged
  1850. Board votes against banning book "House of Spirits"
  1851. US Schools Go Full-Bore Soviet
  1852. Long-time Georgia elementary school principal arrested on child porn charges
  1853. School Bans American Flag Shirts
  1854. Teacher taunts, records autistic child with head stuck in chair
  1855. Kindergarteners Caught 'Having Sex' in Bathroom​ -- Where Was the Teacher?!
  1856. Schoolchildren exposed to sex games at Cal Berkeley (WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT!)
  1857. 'Alarming!' NY state steps up surveillance
  1858. Video~ School employee allegedly shot Springfield girl after abduction
  1861. Video~ Girl, 7, beaten unconscious by classmates at Md. elementary school
  1862. Felons work on campus, including heroin smuggler
  1863. Video~ Lunches seized from Utah schoolkids because of unpaid bills
  1864. Video~ Teen sets self on fire at high school
  1865. School Officials Tell 8-Year-Old Not to Bring Bible to Class:
  1866. Video~ Teacher arrested for allegedly standing in driveway wearing only ski cap and goggles
  1867. Video~ Police: Teacher brought marijuana-laced food to after-work potluck
  1868. Video~ American children trashes $3.5 million daily in veggies at schools
  1869. Battleground schools fighting over sex, evolution, Bible
  1870. Phoenix teacher accused of sex with 2 ex-students
  1871. video Why One Woman Used YouTube to Confront Her Alleged Childhood Abuser (Brave Girl!)
  1872. Bullies spur parents to homeschool kids
  1873. Defenders' hidden cameras catch addicts, dealers within students' distances
  1874. video Kansas Middle School: Poster Listing Sex Acts Part of 'Health and Science' Curriculum
  1875. Former teacher convicted on 19 charges
  1876. No books, no clue at city’s worst school
  1877. video Sexting in Middle School Means More Sex for Preteens and Teens
  1878. video Teacher Tells Student "Jesus Not Allowed in School"
  1879. video Randy Majors, Teacher, Allegedly Asked Students For Topless Pictures
  1880. School Experiment That Burned Boy Was Focus of Federal Warning
  1881. Bloomington elementary teacher guilty of kicking, slapping students
  1882. Woman has sex with student 5 times in week
  1883. Kicked out of high school for reporting rape
  1884. Florida teacher re-hired despite punishing autistic boy with hot sauce
  1885. California: Muslim group hides behind hijab to promote Islam at high school
  1886. Lithuanian schools diaries replace mother, father with Parent 1, Parent 2
  1887. Iowa school bus driver fired for texting while behind the wheel
  1888. video Big Pharma Caught Pushing Drugs Causing Same Dangers They ‘Prevent’
  1889. Inhaler zero tolerance policy at school leads to 12 year old's death
  1890. Female teacher gets prison for sex with boy
  1891. Turning Classrooms into Labs: ADHD diagnosis and the drugging of kids
  1892. School suspends 10-year-old over imaginary arrow
  1893. Houston school principal accused of shoplifting
  1894. School: Lil’ Wayne is fine, but Jesus is not
  1895. Video~ Middle School bans a 7th Grade Girl from posting fliers with Bible verses
  1896. USA dead last in education!
  1897. Kansas School Bans 'See You at the Pole' Flier With Bible Verses
  1898. Video~ Lockdown at Ohio high school ends after 15-year-old boy with gun surrenders to police
  1899. Video~ Texas Mom Exposes ‘Illegal’ Practice of ‘Common Core’ in Local School System
  1900. Video~ High School student arrested for lighting teacher on fire
  1901. Video~ Parents Enraged After School Tampers With Students' Cell Phones
  1902. Video~ Castration suggested for some students
  1903. Video~ New charges in Steubenville case aimed at holding adults accountable
  1904. Lyman High math teacher fired for displaying crude carving
  1905. Video~ Dad Breaks School Pickup Rule, Gets Arrested
  1906. Court: OK to fire teacher for 'religious materials'
  1907. Kindergartner accuses another student of repeated sexual assaults in bathroom
  1908. All British School Children Required To Study Islamic History Starting 2014
  1909. Cigar and Hookah Smoking Up--Among High School Students
  1910. Transgender Texas student's tuxedo photo approved
  1911. Teacher Expelled for Barring Planned Parenthood From Classroom
  1912. How Public Schools Are Invading Your Child’s Privacy With Data Mining
  1913. Video~ Cheerleading coach 'has 10 months of sex with teen'
  1914. More lenient school lice policies bug some parents
  1915. Sandbox Spreads Disease in Jerusalem Preschool
  1916. Posh high schools battle boozy sex ragers
  1917. Video~ Lesbians crowned homecoming queen and king
  1918. Video~ Teacher accused of causing boy's death plunge
  1919. Video~ School bullies rip scalp of 8-year-old Georgia girl
  1920. Video~ School bus crashes into house in Texas: Five injured
  1921. NYC Mayoral Candidates Support Adding Islamic Holidays to School Calendar
  1922. Closing schools for Muslims gaining momentum
  1923. Sign in Indiana School Promotes Population Control
  1924. Video~  6 charged in HighSchool brawl that hurt Teacher
  1925. Christian Parents Sue to Stop Board From Indoctrinating Kindergartners With Evolutionary Theory
  1926. Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance
  1927. Teachers Removed From Classroom for Distributing Christian Books to Students
  1928. Atheism to be taught to Irish schoolchildren
  1929. Video~ Texas High School Caught Rewriting 2nd Amendment
  1930. Video~ Parent ‘manhandled', arrested while speaking out at public forum
  1931. Video~ Teacher 'sexted' with girl hundreds of times
  1932. Middle School Teacher Suspended for Showing Students Music Video Promoting Same-Sex ‘Marriage’
  1933. Public school students being tracked continually
  1934. Video~ Shoulder bump led to high school stabbing death
  1935. Indiana Offers Free School Supplies to Children who Consent to Vaccines
  1936. Video~ Cop shot as child pulls his trigger at school
  1937. Former Educator Sentenced For Online Enticing
  1938. 'Religious' yoga in class has some bent out of shape
  1939. Video~ Teacher segregates kids according to race
  1940. Shooting at Nevada Middle School Leaves 2 Dead, 2 Wounded
  1941. Lt. Gov. Forest calls on parents to reject home school visits
  1942. Police: Substitute Teacher Confesses To Heroin Use After Passing Out In Class
  1943. Teacher Rejects Bible as Acceptable for Class Reading Assignment
  1944. Texas to provide masturbation lessons for girls
  1945. Pennsylvania school sued for suspending student over his toy pen
  1946. Hundreds NC Students Suspended for Vaccination Lapse
  1947. Video~ Parent Arrested for Objecting to Obama Common Core
  1948. Teacher busted for sex with boy in motel
  1949. Video~ Transgender Student In Huntington Beach Named Homecoming Queen
  1950. Video~ Teacher says she gave student "sexual therapy"
  1951. Video~ Biometrics Help Teachers Track Students' Every Move
  1952. More Creeping Sharia In Public Schools; Teacher Attempts To Sneak Muslim Speaker To Class On 9/11
  1953. Preschool Teacher Removed After Allegedly Playing Tongue Touching Game
  1954. LA school officials accused in plot to steal thousands of textbooks
  1955. Sex ed forced on kindergartners



'I want to kill children' message lands teacher in hot water
After watching
this video, three things come to mind in a big way here. #1, the obvious… As I have been saying for literally decades, the American School system is not a safe place for children. My homeschool spurs page with thousands of articles and videos proves that hands down. #2. This News report looks to be yet another slam on Christianity in that the second projected slide placed on screen claims the teacher is a Christian. (see pic on left) If you look through those articles and videos I have on my aforementioned page you will see Christianity has been targeted in a big way in American schools for many decades. And #3; Notice how this teacher spelled the word "flea" on that slide. Now yes it also appears he missed the fact the caps lock was still on as he used a lower case "i" and "c" in ways that don't work well with proper grammar; but the word "flee" used here is very telling in regards to his attention to details. No, he is not talking about fleeing as the word he used here would normally be used in a proper sentence, which we know is defined as someone seeking to escape danger in a hurry. He is talking about a little bug found on rodents and house pets.

As I also exposed all over the aforementioned page on my website about the American school system, no one, not even the reporter that read the slide out loud on camera noticed a literal teacher of children does not know how to spell the word "flea!" Worse yet, I looked this man up and found that not only is he the basketball coach for the boys of that school, he is also mentioned on his School District's awards page as a CERTIFIED "Language Arts Teacher at Stuart Middle School." That's right! He is certified in the English language arts, and yet he can't spell the word "flea?" Perhaps it was a Freudian slip and he was really saying those children should "flee?" I mean seriously, why wait  until it's too late mom and dad? What's more important? Your second income, or the life of your precious children?

What I shared here is only 3 reasons to get your children out of the American school system. If you would like a few hundred more reasons wherein we have well documented proof your child's spiritual, educational and even physical life is in real danger; visit my homeschool spurs page when you get time.  

40 Percent Of Americans Now "Prefer Socialism To Capitalism"
Americans are increasingly embracing socialism, and this is particularly true for young adults under the age of 30. As you will see below, four out of every ten Americans now prefer socialism to capitalism, and if current trends continue it is just a matter of time before those that prefer socialism are in the majority. Of course our society has already been very heavily socialized. We have been trained to believe that if a problem exists, then it is the job of government to fix it, and over time government on all levels of our system has just gotten bigger and bigger." -Source

Surprised? Really? I'm not! Have you seen my "Homeschools Spurs" page recently? Or how about my Vatican Socialist Agenda page? Literally every school in the United States, and this includes the private schools as well as the many so called Christian schools, and most assuredly every Madrasa in this so called Christian nation, all of them are brainwashing the children to embrace the idea of a Socialist format in America so Rome can have an easy row to hoe when the time to enforce the mark finally arrives. I have literally thousands of articles on the Homeschools Spurs page and those spun off from it showing how the Government has blatantly dumbed down our precious children so as to ready them for a society they prefer wherein like ancient and papal Rome declare Government become a god unto the people. Far-fetched? Click here and you will see it was of course the norm in Pharaoh's day but in some nations it is still the norm today! Satan has been busy!

And if you have a chance to check out my Vatican Socialist Agenda page wherein I show how the Popes, who still claim to be "another god on earth" to this day, are very active in American politics so as to bring about a mindset in this nation wherein what the political leaded say go. This is why Hillary so no problem declaring on camera during her campaign that "religious biases must change" because she knew all too well about how she was worshipped. And we all recall all the pics of Obama as Messiah and how some people actually prayed to him on camera and yes he too demanded Christians deny Jesus Christ on camera. And just so you know, I started that Vatican Socialist Agenda page because I saw how the Vatican was not only manipulating our politics, they were going after our children as well.

I cannot count how many times I have warned everyone I can about how the schools have been indoctrinating the children to get used to a police state format in America so that when the children eventually leave the schools and are old enough to vote they will lean towards voting what they were used to experiencing in the schools in the way it's literally like a mini-police state and whatever their teachers told them was "normal" in society. And this is why when you go into any school, the children are already living in a Socialist society from the moment they step into school until they leave. And the very second their parents speak out against it, the teachers do all they can to shut the parents up. In fact, have you noticed all the articles on my Homeschools Spurs wherein the children were subjected to everything from literal school supervised abortions to books promoting Islam and even homosexuality without the parents being asked or even notified? The Government grew tired of having to switch gears and move their lesson plans to different school districts every time the parents complained and so now they just do what they want without letting the parents know, and if a parent finds out or complains about any of this, they suspend the child or ignore the parent. And since it's the US Government that makes the decisions in all the schools, nary a parent can win any argument regarding their own child's curriculum. And so this is why young adults under 30 are moving towards Socialism because #1, it's exactly what they have been teaching the children in the schools for over 2 decades now and #2, it was prophesied to be this way.

By the way, were you aware that a Roman Catholic Emperor was the first to come up with this type of grossly government supervised form of education in the schools? He stated not too long ago, “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State..” His name was Adolf Hitler.

Dozens of top schools fail to presume innocence
"They are among the elite of higher education: Boston University, College of William & Mary, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Penn State, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and others. They represent, to many, the epitome of education. The best understanding of history, social events, medicine, science, literature and law. Yet all of those schools, and many more, fail to ensure that students accused of on-campus infractions are presumed innocent until proven guilty." -

And why do you suppose that is? Well it's for the exact same reason most nations seek to emulate American culture or people in the Western half of our nation influence fashion, sports and "what's cool" for the other half of the nation. It has to do with the blind leading the blind. It's a means by which Satan has been able to lure people into his trophy case for literally eons.

In other words, we know all the schools in America, be they public or private, rely heavily on Government funding and incentives. You know, like the money every school gets from the government for every child they prescribe psychotropic drugs to. It's all about whatever the government wants the children to become in society and therefore the schools will do whatever they ask as long as there's something in it for them. But doping up the children on drugs they can't possibly test can lead to lethal results and this is why a top Psychiatrist tried to expose it when he showed how prescribed meds were behind every school massacre years ago. He tried to show how the schools will do whatever the government demands as long as they win financially for it. Now do you see why Minnesota's largest School district was given the $370,000 government grant in 2015 (as did MANY other schools) to screen the children for "depression" so as to have another reason outside of their fictitcious ADHD invention that allows them to "legally" dope the children up with AMA drugs? And yes, all roads lead to Rome on this as well. I mean after all, it is the end times right? Not only does prophecy predict all this, the Vatican has been recently outed five years ago in the press as being behind the legalized drug problem in every nation on earth. See proof here.

Or what of all the government influence in the schools that not only dumb down the children to where the only thing that matters to them is Hollywood, their cellphones, videos games and music when they eventually graduate so as to be easily manipulated at every election, the schools also pump in antichristian theology on a daily basis. Everything from homosexuality to evolution is considered moral and actual science when neither are anything close to morality or real science. (See thousands of articles and videos on this here)

So what am I getting at?

As is obvious with how the schools bow to government demands via the cash incentives just as a donkey will chase a dangled carrot, ask any teen in school today about how they are treated by teachers in the classrooms and hallways between classes and you will hear much worse than what I recall in the 1970's when I believe it started to mushroom off the chart. Yes, I was a troubled teen back then and I caused all sorts of problems for the teachers, so I saw first-hand on how the "authorities" in the schools handled me and some of my friends and just so you know, it was 100% illegal and today it's much much worse because look around. Notice how society is becoming what the schools have been prepping the kids for. 

Seriously! Look around and you will see that all the cities have MRAPS in them, martial law is always a topic in the News, civil war is racing towards us and the crimes of today are so much more violent and blood curdling than they were just a few decades ago and all of it is the end result our educational institutions pumping out brainwashed children into society without any morals, no love for each other, no idea who God is, and a distrust in in their fellowman. It is all designed to create the perfect storm that allows for the Vatican's long term agenda towards a Socialist society in America which will then allow the government much more control over the people on an individual basis because hands down they have literally gone out of control and everyone knows it.

Satan needs this if his Armageddon troops are to be effective in the long prophesied task to try and kill off the expected Gideon band of God who are soon to expose all that is going on in deafening tones once the Latter Rain falls. And so as is obvious in any civilized society, the people cannot be allowed to run about like crazed anarchists. But at the same time they certainly cannot be allowed to prosper in a free society because in both cases the end time governments won't be able to manipulate them enough to get them to go after Satan's biggest threat. The REAL Christians! And so, the best idea to date appears to be let the people go crazy for a little while so as to have the political excuse to bring on martial law that allows for a Socialist format to become necessary in America that is nothing more than a glorified police state and THAT is why the "top" schools are refusing the children due process of law that presumes innocence until proven guilty. This is where society is headed and when the children eventually graduate they will be well conditioned or BRAINWASHED enough into thinking this strange rule of law is not only necessary in today's world, it must be enforced even though they know it will nullify the constitutional format we presently have. And yes, the "top" schools are doing that now knowing the other schools will follow their lead just as much as a teen in the Midwest will emulate the "cool fads" of the teen on the west coast.

In short.. it's as Hitler said long ago... "Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State" -Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler.

But my Bible says we should rather "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." -Proverbs 22:6

Kindergarten boy 'instantly turns into girl' at school
The push to make children comfortable with transgenderism has reached disturbing new depths, with a California school promoting it to kindergartners by having a 5-year-old boy undergo a “transition ceremony” in front of classmates. The boy left his classroom at Rocklin Academy Schools in Rocklin dressed as a boy then returned dressed as a girl. KTXL-TV, a Fox affiliate in Sacramento, reported two books written specifically for young children were read in the class “to illustrate what it means to be transgender.” The two books were “I am Jazz” and “The Red Crayon,” according to Both are meant to explain transgenderism in a sympathetic way to children ages 4 to 8. ...The report said the “ceremony” traumatized some of the students, including girls who went home crying to their parents, asking if they were going to turn into a boy. Many parents were upset about the event, especially since they were not informed beforehand that it was going to take place." -Source

Absolutely insane! Now do you see why I created a page on my site years ago title "Homeschool Spurs?" The amount of antichristian and downright demonic idiocy that was being pumped into the minds of the children was so frequent from school to school that I had to warn the parents. And the way it has been done to keep the general public off guard was shocking. And what I mean by off guard is; to make sure there wasn't a mass exodus of parents yanking the children out of the schools, the government employees (aka teachers) were told to push the sinfulness in many different regions of the nation that were far enough apart from each other that parents in other areas across America thought it was no big deal since it wasn't near their child's school.

And then, as the second beast of Revelation (aka as the USA Government) saw it was able to get to the children soul by soul in a sporadic manner they strategically continued their evil agenda against the children in bigger numbers as the shock started to wear off due to repetitiveness. But thanks to complacency bred by laziness and a lack of concern by the parents in the "safe schools", instead of targeting schools across the nation that were hundreds and thousands of miles apart, now they targeted schools across the state. And as expected, that then led to schools separated by mere zip codes. 

And notice the way they now choose to attack the children with their prophesied flesh crazed agenda.  Today the Government won't even alert the parents beforehand as the article just stipulated. Have you noticed? That is happening all over the nation over and over again and no one seems to notice why. They do it that way knowing there isn't anything the parents can do to erase it from their children's minds now that the teachers exposed them to it in the most convincing manner they can devise. And, since these are government schools doing this, none of them will be closed for these illegal activities. And the teacher that was asked to do if for the government will only receive a few days off work with pay so as to make it appear like they got reprimanded for it when in fact they just got a bonus most call a paid vacation instead.

In the 1980's when they started to push homosexuality to the children in the Chicago area, at least back then they would send the children home with a note the day before for the parents to read saying they planned to do this and the child had the right to stay home if the parents wanted to opt out. But even there it was a win win for the school because giving the parents one days' notice meant it would be next to impossible for the parents to let the children stay home as many families have both parents working and finding a nanny or babysitter on such short notice was not easy. Praise God it wasn't that way for my wife and I when they sent our children home with a note like that. Not only did they stay home the next from school, both my wife and I went to their schools the very same day we got the note and removed all 8 of our children from school forever. And that is one more reason they don't give the parents the option to opt out anymore. They just push this evil sewage on the kids to the point of scaring the daylights out of them knowing mom and dad can't do a thing to stop them!

And for those that think I'm exaggerating about how bad it truly is in American schools. See my Homeschool Spurs when you get time. And keep in mind as you scroll through literally thousands of articles and videos of the most disgusting and violent facts regarding the public and private school system, know that I don't go looking for these articles. I am way too busy to stop my work of warning the people about the prophesied events occurring almost daily around the world regarding the nearness of the Lord's coming. In other words, these articles just happen across my desk as I go through the mainstream media websites looking for articles. They are THAT frequent!

Now do you see why Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler said “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State.” And notice this quote that outlines why they're doing this today. "75% of all children raised in Christian homes who attend public schools will reject the Christian faith by their first year of College." -Video "Let My Children Go" -Caryl Matritiano Author, Vice President Jeremiah films and International cult expert.

If there is any way you can get your precious children out of the schools system in America I implore you to do so as soon as possible!

U.S. schools 'bowing' to Islam during Ramadan
"High schools across America are being pressured to offer time off school, in-school prayer rooms, and special dietary demands by Muslim students observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. One campus in Brooklyn has agreed not to serve food at its prom until after sundown while another school in upstate New York is setting up prayer rooms to satisfy the demands of students who observe Ramadan." -

Amazing isn't it? In a Christian nation we now have Government teachers who have displayed all sorts of hatred towards anything about Jesus Christ who is the pinnacle of peace and love unparalleled throughout the history of mankind so much so it is illegal to even mention His name in American schools. But, if you worship a god that demands you kill Christians in as graphic a manner that pleases the Pope in Rome who actually wrote the book on torture as well as the Quran of Islam, then you are free to demand all sorts of religious rights in the government schools of America who for decades protested to demand a supposed removal of church & state.

Who's to blame?

The wolves most people call pastors and priests. These so called men of God have CONvinced the masses for years now that "Allah is God" and so when a Muslim declares he is actually a god, they look at helping the Muslim bow to their god as if it's a moral duty of the Christian and so they open the government school doorways wide to allow for everything from certain Halal meals at lunchtime to actual prayer rooms in government buildings! Some schools have even gone so far as to bring students into Muslim mosques to bow before Allah like the SDA church did, photographed and even published for all to see years ago.

The United States government has been taken over by the Vatican directly after Reagan was shot. Reagan, a professional Hollywood liar aka actor became so fearful he widely opened the Whitehouse doors to the Pope. Since then, everything a Pope speaks on regarding one political issue after another, you will notice that within weeks and sometimes days the puppets in the Oval Office bow to him in worship to implement his plans. Need I remind you of how the Pope demanded all the Roman Catholic Schools teach Islam to the children regardless of the fact their parents are paying high tuition rates to the Vatican so as to teach "Christianity" to their children. Not long after that every Vatican sanctioned preacher and priest in the one world church, and this includes the Seventh Day Adventist church. All the pastors started to push Islam into the churches and schools for the Pope so as to brainwash the children into accepting the Islamic hoards they planned to "migrate" into all nations as peaceful loving people?

Historic reality dictates the following:

In 1968 a Muslim killed Bobby Kennedy, in 1972 a Muslim kidnapped and killed Munich Olympians, in 1979 the US embassy was taken over by Muslims, in the 1980's many Americans were kidnapped by Muslims, in 1983 the US Marine barracks in Beirut were blown up by Muslims, in 1985 the Cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old passenger was thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslims, in 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked in Athens and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by Muslims, in 1988 Pan Am flight 103 was bombed by Muslims, in 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed by Muslims, in 1998 the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslims and as the United States incorporation (most still claim is a government) declared Muslims flew two planes into the Twin Towers. And lately, we have seen one bombing after another in subways, on busses, in Malls, at concerts and even in homosexual nightclubs in the name of Allah and still the SDA leaders, Catholic leaders and all those in bed with Rome still declare Allah is God and the Muslims that trust His Vatican inspired Koran to be a God fearing peaceful man?

As prophesied, there are over 30,000 guillotines on US soil right now. And who do you think is standing in line right now vying for the chance to man the lever on those guillotines for Rome when the real Christians refuse to bow to the man of sin and his mark? The so called peaceful loving Muslims. This is why I have been warning people for years that Shariah Law was soon to become valid in US Courts. That all being said, now do you see why there are anti-Shariah rallies planned for 28 U.S. cities on June 10? Seriously, if it wasn't prophesied, planned and already in the works to allow for Shariah Law to be part of the American Court System, why are people protesting all across this nation to stop it? 

Parents warned about potentially deadly ‘Blue Whale Game
"The “Blue Whale” game has reportedly reached two high schools in Baldwin County, though officials wouldn’t confirm which ones.  News 5 is told some students have come forward regarding the game, though officials don’t believe any students have harmed themselves playing.
According to research done by Snopes, the player signs up to follow an administrator’s tasks over the course of 50 days, which can include anything from cutting yourself to listening to a song. The player wins when they complete the final task, committing suicide, on the 50th day. Peer pressure is associated with the game through apps like Snapchat. Teenagers supposedly “tag” each other and challenge them to play. The student then downloads the Blue Whale app, which hacks into their personal information and cannot be deleted. The app originators then threaten the teenagers with harm to their families or releasing of personal information until they kill themselves." -Source

I had a completely different article ready to post regarding the Vatican's claims that the 666 in the Bible is wrong and it should be 616, (I posted a video on this yesterday evening) but the safety of our precious children is far more important, and so I tabled that post for now. And as you all know, especially if you saw my Homeschool Spurs page on the site, the United States Public School system is hands down the most dangerous organization known to man second only to the Vatican itself. They have been destroying the minds of our children for as long as they have been in existence. As Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler claimed during his rise to power, having mandated and even forced access (as we see now in the USA) to the minds of the children grants the ability to those in power to not only manipulate the vote within as little as 2 years (since the voting age changed to 18) to having the ability to create a new format for society whenever they please.

But that's not the worst of it. As any student will tell you, and this includes 100% of them from the day of inception to today, school forces every young child to be placed in an environment where children write the rules when it comes to character formation. Now yes, every teacher will tell you they write the rules and that is partly true when it comes to forcing the children to believe in everything from evolution to homosexuality. But what I am talking about is how the children grow up in a literally society of children who rely heavily on peer pressure. It doesn't matter to me that the teachers are present when you have 35 to 50 students under ONE teacher per classroom; you have the perfect brewing pot for Satan to manipulate the minds of each little child towards his evil way of thinking.

For example.. when I was in school I was a goody two shoes in my preteen years. (one of many pet names for me by bullies) As a young child I wanted to please God. But after a few years of being bullied I eventually succumbed to the temptation to be just as wicked as the other kids just to fit in and stop the bullying. Had I waited till I grew to 6'2" I may not have delved in so deeply. But, little children scare easily. And even though my change occurred quickly, nary a teacher caught it because none of them knew what I was thinking or even going through. Basic reality is, they still have no clue to this day with any child under their tutelage. And this is why idiotic games like "Blue Whale" are so effective among the young. The children rarely tell the teacher what they think is "cool" among their peers because Satan has built in a distrust towards adults in the children for the most part and so it festers on until large numbers of students get hurt or even die. We've all seen it.

When I was a student in the 1960's & 70's, among other strange things, I saw the drug scene come into the schools without a single teacher being aware of what was going on at all. It wasn't until later on in my teen years that I first saw the teachers mentioning it and not too long after police tackling teenagers in the school hallways and taking them off to jail kicking and screaming for dealing drugs to their friends in the school. But by then, the efforts of the police and teachers was totally inadequate because everyone I knew was already into the drug scene and we all had our clever little ways (thanks to demonic influence) on how to hide what we were up to and nothing could be done to stop it. We even got away with doing things during class no less right under the teachers noses and this included smoking everything besides tobacco and they still couldn't catch us red-handed.

In other words, just as we see in prison life, when you only have a few teachers watching a few hundred kids, even if they have cameras all over the place they cannot effectively watch every single child at every single moment and the kids know it! Because even they can figure out ways to "work together" in their demon inspired society to get away with just about anything. This is why you never hear about the rapes and murders inside school classrooms and bathrooms until after it's all said and done.

In short.. As I've said it so many times before, and I am sure I will say it many more times in the coming days. American schools are not a safe place for children!

WOW! Md. Principal Who Created ‘Smash Space’ For Teachers Resigns
"An elementary school principal in Montgomery County who set up a “smash space” designed to let teachers hack away at a chair with a baseball bat to relieve tension has resigned." -Source

What on earth was she thinking? I can venture an educated guess like any other person with a few viable brain cells still intact can. And that is that it appears this elementary school principal actually thought it would be a good idea to create a "smash space" because she no doubt feels in her heart a rage to beat the daylights out of children and she knows some of the teachers under her "rule" do so as well. That's the only thing that makes sense to me as her reason for doing this because why else would you take a baseball bat to a chair in a private room unless you were taking out your rage that was pent up deep within because some innocent little girls and boys got on their nerves in the classroom and because they don't want to lose their job or be jailed for brutally killing a child; they grab a baseball bat and pretend if only for a moment that the chair is one or all of their students.

Jesus said in the last days that "because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." (Matthew 24:12) and so it has. That being said; if you're one in need of a reason to see this statement of Christ confirmed fulfilled in these last days, take a look at my homeschool spurs page when you have a few hours (or days) to kill. It has literally thousands of articles and videos about teachers and principals that are doing all sorts of hateful and demonic things to the children, and that page never seems to stop growing. Multiple times a week I post new articles and videos on it because it's getting much worse now. And this includes many articles and videos of the teachers actually harming the children. One would think the cameras all over the school would stop them from attacking the children. 

The love people used to have for each other and especially for children has all but gone from most hearts today just as Jesus prophesied. And so, when a teacher, who has no love or even the slightest bit of patience in his or her heart is frustrated by a little child, instead of drawing on the inherent love of children deep within the human heart so as to allow the teacher to gather their thoughts and share love with them to try and help them, this principle suggests they just drop what they're doing, go off to the "smash space," grab a baseball bat and swing until all the inner rage to beat on a little child is released on the chair. Wow! What a mess the government school system has become! But then, this was expected all along.

Just a thought.. but if I was a principle I would do this a tad differently. If someone in my school set up a room like that I would place a hidden camera in the room to alert me to any teacher that walked into the room. I would then fire that teacher so as to remove one more teacher that has exhibited no self control from being in the presence of precious little children.

The only ray of light I see in all this is that the principle resigned and so, for the moment, just one school out of tens of thousands has one more crazed adult removed from the little children in American schools. It's as I've said for decades and even saw with my own eyes as a student long ago, America schools are NOT safe place for children!

Lawmakers across US move to include young people in voting
"Looking at all the protests throughout this year throughout all the high schools across the nation, we could see a lot of the minors were protesting because they felt as if they didn't have a voice," said Sainz, a senior at Inderkum High School in Sacramento. Lawmakers in more than a dozen states are trying to increase voter participation by targeting young people. Their bills are among nearly 500 pieces of legislation introduced around the country this year to make voting easier, according to a March analysis by New York University's Brennan Center for Justice." –

As we know all too well, the United States School system is nothing more than a indoctrination station for our precious boys and girls. They need to make them into mindless drones who will do whatever the government wants them to do when they eventually leave school and vote. The fact "common core" was adopted into the system coast to cast proves dumbing down the children is their main priority. I literally came across an article last week that I posted in the "additional article links" I post below the blog entry that reported on how a student's answer to a math question was marked wrong even though the sum of the answer was correct.

The student answered the question with "5+5+5 = 15." But the teacher wanted the answer to be "3+3+3+3+3 = 15" instead and so the student was declared wrong. In other words, the teacher, who is a government employee demanded the student to it their way, PERIOD. That kind of force and pressure will most assuredly generate an obedient drone is kept up.

Regardless of how and why the teacher's excuse was as to why he or she wanted it done in that way makes no difference. The real question is why teach that folderol in the first place? It's because it keeps the child's intelligence in check. If the children are allowed to learn their multiplication tables as I did as a child (which was very difficult at a young age) it will allow them to learn how to use their brain more effectively early on and so cause them to grow in a manner that offers better thinking skills in adulthood. But the Government of Rome can't allow that and so, as the term I heard from the 1980's predicted, they are in fact "dumbing down America" so as to have drones vote that will allow the most wicked, debase, and downright evil leaders to gain office.

I repeat and will repeat again no doubt in the coming days for those that know, but I have NEVER voted and never will. I am neither Democrat, Republican or even so called Independent because even as a teen I saw how corrupt it all was. And so when I say the Democrats are behind this, it's not because I am a Republican. The recent and still on going idiocies of the Democrats in America have gone so far off the chart they have to know by now that in two years when it comes for them to re-run for office in Congress or fours years for the Presidency that their absolute insanities in the media and society itself shows they haven't got a chance. And so they need to create more Democratic voting blocs and so this is just one more way to get that done.

Basic reality dictates that if the chidlren can't think, then they cannot see the danger in voting for people who's policies bring on the Socialist format in politics that Rome needs to enforce the mark. The fact most teens don't have the wherewithal to even vote at the ripe old age of 8 proves this was their plan back in the 1970's when the voting age dropped form 21 to 18. They knew allowing teenagers to vote who just graduated highschool would help their cause. Reason being is, their indoctrination "lessons" forced on the children would still be intact in memory when standing in the voting booth. But to lower it to 17 not only guarantees it's still intact, it confirms a windfall for the schools that for the majority are widely corrupted with antichristian theology. And just so you know, it will also grant them millions of new voters that could be forced (as a classroom assignment) to stand in line to vote for the candidate that has the school board's best interests at heart. And as we also know, recent and even long-term histroic fact is, ALL OF THEM are antichristian in nature. My homeschool spurs page proves that hands down with literally thousands of articles and videos!

One last thing.. Let's say these impressionable children that blindly obey their teachers go forth into life to use the 3+3+3+3+3 = 15 mathematics when they try to get a job dealing with money, or a job that needs them to be able to think on their feet? It's obvious they won't be able to get that job anywehere and so AGAIN they will be forced to look to the US government to help them by placing them on government aid the rest of their lives. Sure, they may get a job slinging hash or digging a ditch, but it won't be enough to survive and so they would most assuredly need foodstamps. That being the case, when it comes time to vote again, they will definitely vote for the candidate that keeps their food stamp meal ticket intact. And then you will see a Socialist AmericKa just as Rome planned.

Pregnant teacher's body found after alleged school affair
"A married middle school assistant principal has been arrested in the murder of a pregnant teacher with whom he was allegedly carrying on an affair in a case that's shaken Baton Rouge, La. ...Robert Marks, 39, the assistant principal at Brookstown Middle Magnet School, was originally charged with kidnapping and abandoning Washington's daughter in a parking lot the night of the murder, but is now charged with murdering the woman and her unborn child. He has yet to talk." -

If you have ever visited my "Homeschool Spurs" page you will see that I have somewhat of an issue with the United States Public School system. And no, it's not because of my troubled years in that same system as a teen that eventually led to my being expelled from school in my senior year. Yes, it was very bad back then, and yes I was negatively influenced by all its insanity. But it was nowhere near as bad as it is today!

Just to name a few out of literally tens of thousands of strange goings on; the schools of today teach our children how to sell and do drugs. They teach them how to have unnatural perverted sex, and this includes sex without a partner. They teach the children that Allah is God, we evolved from Apes and Jesus Christ is nothing more than a swear word. The amount of teachers getting caught having love affairs with the students is literally off the charts. And everything from Satanic hard core Rock music being piped into the school during sports rallies and school seminars, many teachers have also been caught showing the children X-rated pornography during class! If you have time to peruse my "Homeschool Spurs" page for all that and more, you are welcome to do so. But be forewarned, it's not something you want to do in mixed company and if you're the sensitive type, you may not last but a few minutes. Some of the things these teachers and students have been arrested for are shocking to say the least.

As is painfully obvious here, and this bloodthirsty assistant principle is not exception to the rule, the teachers are a major issue in the schools. But it doesn't end there by a long shot. They do what they do because the Government demands the teachers teach all sorts of idiocy so as to conjure up their demonic version of society into reality by brainwashing the kids via the government approved lesson books in the teacher's hand. But have you noticed how confusing even those in the court system have become in all this? Before sharing that point, look back a bit. Just 30 years ago what we see as the norm today was taboo and frowned upon by even the most decadent of people. Today, whatever floats your boat is not only acceptable, in some cases it's protected by law as your right to delve into. And yes, the only reason it is protected by law is so they can openly snub Jesus Christ and His perfect Law. With that kind of mindset comes confusion and with that confusion comes the idea that double standards are somewhat acceptable because those that taught us all this insanity as if it was the norm, said it was the norm.

What I'm getting at here has to do with what the reporter in the video said towards the end about the charges levied against the assistant principle. Because the teachers have drummed it into the minds of the children that having sex is normal outside of marriage and getting pregnant is no big deal because you can just go to any Satanist you find in Planned Parenthood and they will kill your baby for a surprisingly low fee. In short, killing your baby is perfectly normal because it's just a fetus and a fetus is just a blob of useless cells according to those ordained to pass the laws that go against the Law of God. Plus, everywhere we look we hear of millions of suicides, murder, wars, genocide, doctor assisted suicide and yes even legalized abortion. Not to mention all the violent movies, music and video games glorify death. Society has become used to legalized as well as out and out murder being the norm now. So, a "so called" teacher of children is also subject to that well indoctrinated mindset. But what's really idiotic is the fact that in the video the man is not only charged with first degree murder of his mistress. He is also charged with first degree feticide?!

Say what?!

That's right! In the United States of America wherein you can kill your baby legally as long as the government pays a Satanist to do it. But if you do it yourself outside the clinic, or you kill someone with a fetus inside them, then you can be charged with murder? It appears the prosecuting attorney is a product of the same United Stated Public School system's confusion that all our children are right now slurping into their innocent minds every hour they sit in front of their government funded and approved teachers. HYPOCRITES!

Judge upholds suspension of student who chewed pastry into the shape of a gun
"A Maryland judge has upheld the suspension of an elementary school boy who chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and pretended to shoot classmates, supporting a finding that the boy disrupted his class and that his family was not denied due process as it appealed what has become known as the “Pop Tart case.” Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Ronald A. Silkworth ruled that the school system could reasonably consider that the boy’s actions in March 2013 were disruptive and that “a suspension was appropriately used as a corrective tool to address this disruption, based on the student’s past history of escalating behavioral issues,” according to his 11-page ruling." -Source

It's amazing to me who is allowed to sit on a bench now-a-days. One would think someone on a bench wearing the robes of a judge would have at least a few active brain cells in the area wherein common sense is stored, nurtured and drawn upon in times of need. But in this case, this is not happening.

So.. why do they do it?

One word.. INDOCTRINATION! For those of you that have just left High school and don't know that that word means, it means brainwashing. And I don't say that sarcastically. If you just left any American High school you have far less information to use in life than the students did 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago. With each decade comes less and less education and more and more indoctrination.

But what am I getting at?

We all know how fear works, right? With one man, it's not too easy to generate unless you have the goods on their personal phobias. One of Hitler's cohorts said it's impossible to move one man who has common sense yet very easy to move a crowd of men even if they all have common sense.  For example; when standing before a crowd, on shot in the dark can get the herd moving in any direction you need them to move. What I'm getting a here is, the judge knows the little boy isn't up on politics, the daily news or even fashionable trends in his own circle of friends for that matter. He's just a boy! And so suspending him is going to be very confusing to the child and not very effective on a one by one basis. But, the herd mentality is what moved the judge to uphold the suspension anyway because he knows all too well how little Johnny is now the talk of the town, neighborhood, and school. That means, by suspending one child, he can get hundreds of them scared to even think about doing what little Johnny did. Even though little Johnny did absolutely nothing wrong. But again, common sense is not the issue here. Control is what counts. The judge knows the kids will talk and he also knows the parents will as well. So, upholding the suspension will allow for his brainwashing to spread across the school as well as in every household that has a child in the school.

By suspending that one little boy for something as idiotic as chewing on a poptart to make it look like a toy gun, the other children will "be obedient to the powers that be" like little robots who are very careful not to step out of line for fear they will be suspended. And their parents will also use little Johnny's plight as a way to brainwash their own children to "obey the powers that be" so as to prevent mommy and daddy from having to take a day or two off work to babysit the child they trust the government school to raise. 

School sends deputy to warn 7-year-old about Bible verses
"Officials at a California public grade school who dispatched a sheriff’s deputy to stop a 7-year-old from sharing Bible verses with his classmates because someone could be “offended” now are being warned of “civil rights violations.” ...The situation started with an encouraging note and Bible verse from mom Christina Zavala, tucked into a packed lunch for her little boy (‘C’),” Liberty Counsel explained. “The seven-year-old boy read the note and verse, and showed them to his friends during lunch time at school.” Soon multiple students at C’s school were asking for copies of the notes, which included short stories from the Bible, Liberty Counsel reported. “However, when one little girl said ‘teacher – this is the most beautiful story I’ve ever seen,’ ‘separation of church and state’ was the response, and the notes were banned from lunchtime distribution." -

And now you know why I am so adamant about parents getting their children out of government schools. These precious little innocent boys and girls, when introduced to wonderful truths as they are found in Scripture by a fellow classmate are so blessed and so excited about them that Satan moves his people, and in this case the government funded teachers, to demand the children stop sharing loving truths from the Bible and get back to their studies wherein they can learn about transgenderism, homosexuality, masturbation, evolution, Islam and even downright devil worship. This child was warned by a government official not to speak about Jesus in a government school yet the government schools in California are now teaching the children that the Islamic god is the one true god and all the Islamic rituals are to be obeyed?! (See this video)

But have you ever noticed this?

Walk up to a homosexual on the street with Bible in hand and you can land behind bars. But if the homosexual parades though your own neighborhood with his lovers dressed in only some string and a smile, the Christians have to deal with it? Or a homosexual can walk into a Christian owned bakery and demand a pro-homosexual slogan on a cake and if he refuses he is jailed and fined tens of thousands of dollars. But if a Christian walks into a homosexual bakery and lovingly asks for a Christian statement on a cake they get refused and the homosexual is never jailed or fined? Why is that? Or what of the Christian that walks into a Muslim neighborhood with a Bible. He is mobbed and literally attacked by dozens of Muslims yet nary a Muslim is fined or jailed and the Christians are led off to jail instead. And yes, if a Christian student shares Scripture in School, the police are sent to their home to demand they stop. But if the teacher wants to teach the god of Islam is the true god they can do so legally?

It doesn't stop there either

If Hollywood is approached by a Christian organization to make a documentary about Jesus and real truth, they are shut down and prevented. But if Mel Gibson or any other Hollywood actor wants to make a movie about Jesus based on Pagan mystics he is not only allowed to do so, all the "Christian" churches will then promote his movie. Or, if a Christian wants to put a full page ad in a big city Newspaper about how Jesus delivered them from sin, the Newspaper will not allow the ad to be published for fear of offending some people. But if a Muslim wants to run ads that promote Allah, then it is allowed even if it offends Christians. Worse yet, if a Christian draws a picture of Mohammed which depicts historic truth about his pedophile ways, that Christian is in danger of being killed if in fact the picture is even allowed to go public. But Muslims not only make all sorts of negative claims against Jesus, they actually murder His followers and not even the Pope himself asks them to stop. And to top it off, all the Television stations declare Islam is a religion of peace and Christianity is a religion of violence.


There are now major corporations out there that will fire you if you express what the Bible says about homosexuality and some of these corporations will not even hire you if you are Christian unless you deny Jesus and declare you have no problem with Homosexuals or the violent god of Islam. Companies like Oreo, Betty Crocker, Levis, Cheerios, Starbucks, Wheaties, Tide, Microsoft, Home Depot, Pampers, Pepsi, Safeway, Crest, Old Navy, American Trend, Girl Scouts, Macy's, Target, JC Penny, Pillsbury, Walgreens, Ford, GAP and Green Giant have all stepped up to defend homosexual rights in the workplace while at the same time nullifying all Christian rights in the same workplace. (See list here)

In America, if you're in open sin or even part of a global religion that openly hates and kills Christians, you are given rights of protection by the United States Government. But if you're a Christian citizen of that same nation you are supposed to ignore the fact that all your rights have been openly denied. If you ask for a normal bathroom, they tell you to shut up and place your children in danger by going to pro-homosexual bathrooms! If you want to sell a product that has Christian morals, they pass laws to make it illegal. Pretty soon it's going to be dangerous just to go to church in America if you're part of a church family that hasn't succumbed to the Government's 501c3 demands who still actually uplifts Christ and His loving truths. Where are the rights of the Christians to live as God intended them to live? As prophesied.. they are GONE!

Since the Obama administration and the Pope made these drastic changes to our society in just the last few years, can you imagine how difficult it is for those Christians that are working in these companies knowing that sooner or later they will have to take a stand for Jesus Christ? No, I can't see that as a major problem to do as all obedient Christians will jump at the chance to glorify Christ. The hard part will be when Satan tempts them to think they will lose their homes, cars and ability to care for their family if they do stand up for Jesus. But this is where Christ shines the most! If any reading this blog has witnessed a few of our "Testimony Sabbath" gatherings over the last decade or so you know that Jesus is very much aware of what's going on down here and He is very capable to bless those that trust Him to keep His Word.

Now for the sobering thought in all this

If all that I just shared shocked you and you now wonder how it all happened so quickly without you noticing it, I can tell you this. Had you been reading your Bible for just the last 5 years you would not have missed a most of these prophesied events. Students of prophecy have not only been seeing all this come to fruition for decades; we have been warning people all along about how to prepare for it. Now do you see why the Bible is considered hate speech and why Christians are hated by most? It's because of what Jesus said in Luke 10:2, "Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."

Not only have most Christians stopped reading their Bibles, most refuse to answer the call to warn the people and so the "labourers are few" just as Jesus predicted. With over 7 billion ignoring the Lord on earth right now, the message we have is so rare and unheard it makes them laugh and most even get angry. Now that's it's gotten so far out of hand, and Christian persecution is actually hitting home for more people, perhaps now some will actually get off their couches, put down the remote and go forth in the Loud Cry to warn the people that what was prophesied to happen regarding the persecution of Christians HAS ALREADY BEGUN! 

'Beginning of the end of the public school system'
"President Obama, in the dark of the night, without consulting Congress, without consulting educators, without consulting parents, decides to issue an executive order … forcing transgender policies on schools and on parents who clearly don’t want it,” Patrick said. But he as hardly finished. In a press conference with reporters, Patrick also vowed not to yield to Obama’s “blackmail” approach to enacting his agenda. “He says he’s going to withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy,” Patrick said, during a press conference. “Well in Texas, he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. We will not yield to blackmail from the president of the United States.” -

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. American schools, both public and private, are not a safe place for children. Why am I mentioning the private schools as well? Two words... Government Subsidies. That's right, no matter what school you attend in the good ole' US of A it is reliant upon government money to keep its doors open.

Why is that a problem?

As Obama stated, "He says he’s going to withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy." No act of Congress, no meeting with any of the school officials, and certainly no discussion with the parents. Obama, who has played the part of a dictator since day one in office, is demanding the schools do as he and he alone dictates. And being the man with the power, he can (or at least try) to withhold funds from the schools that ignore his executive orders.


Me thinks he can make such demands all he wants without Congress as he has done many times before. And illegally to boot. And since no one in Congress has the courage to stand up against him for fear of looking racist, politically incorrect, or at the very least 'not a team player', no one has stepped up to demand he leave office, or at the very least stop pushing laws on people that are illegal. Still.. even though he can make the claim and push the executive order, unless he finally does step into a discussion with Congress, I see no possible way Obama can actually make good on his threat to withhold those funds.


And this is a big one. Now yes.. some schools are refusing to comply. But sit back and watch what eventually happens. What will happen you ask?  Well.. the government forced the schools to remove Jesus did they not? And if they refused government funding would end. Some schools balked at that years ago but all eventually caved in and now any mention of God, His Son, the Bible or any other moral action that is deemed "Christian" in any way is now illegal in all schools. The government also demanded the schools push homosexuality. And if they refuse the government will withhold funding. Some also refused as expected.. but after just a few short years what do we now see? Homosexuality is very much a part of the curriculum in the schools right down the LGBT pride events inside school walls. They have even put books in hands of the children as required reading that speak highly of everything from homosexuality to simple promiscuity.

What else do schools now teach so as to keep government funding? Abortion, alcoholism, masturbation, drugs, sex, satanic music, porn, racism, atheism, Islam, pedophilia, bullying, murder, suicide, cross dressing, homosexuality, Yoga, Common Core, climate change, socialism and hundreds more evil acts as if they are perfectly normal. Don't believe me? Click here for literally thousands of articles and videos documenting all of this and much much more.

So again.. need I repeat myself? I guess it's only proper and expected of me to do so. The American school system, both public and private, is not a safe place for children!

Missouri State boots student over Christian belief about 'gays'
Missouri State University has joined a growing number of government institutions that punish Christians for their biblical view of marriage and homosexual relationships, dismissing a student from a counseling program for expressing concern about counseling same-sex duos, according to a new lawsuit. ...Cash, according to the lawsuit, “was targeted and punished for expressing his Christian worldview regarding a hypothetical situation concerning whether he would provide counseling services to a gay/homosexual couple." ...Cash was a student “in excellent standing and nearing the completing of his degree” when he was removed, the complaint explains." -Source

I did a Newsletter back in 2003 wherein I shared how the Bible became illegal in Canada and was soon to be just as illegal in America soon after. And as expected, we saw the Philadelphia 11 confirm that reality big time. I also did a Newsletter in 2002 about "hating the Christian" that later became a page on the site due to all the facts confirming Christians will be hated very shortly and it was easy to see as an expected scenario as the lies flooding the News media regarding same became the norm. And yes, you guessed it, many laughed wildly claiming I was insane, blinded by the Bible, as well as an alarmist who knew nothing about current events and prophetic understanding. What say ye now? And before answering, I know the schools do not pass laws. But the schools are run by the same government that do in fact pass laws. This is why we see them testing the waters so often on the students before putting pen to parchment when it comes to legislative action. After all, it's not called Missouri STATE University because it's family owned and operated.

What really irks me about all this is how the majority of the people that not only refuse to see what students of prophecy see, and actually get upset when we speak of it as is our duty to do so, these people always claim to be Christians while at the same time declare those of us doing as prophecy said the remnant would do are to now be considered hateful. What they miss is yet another prophecy that speaks of the hirelings and wolves claiming to be pastors keep their flock so ill-informed and so confused that when someone with the truth comes forth, the lukewarm Christians in those bulging churches get all bent out of shape. It upsets them because the sanctioned lie via the wolves has them sitting comfortably numb in their pews and any avenue to the truth is bound to get their blood up.

Still.. many will claim true Bible Christianity is not illegal when you look around and see Mormons, SDA's, Catholics and Baptists just to name a few reveling in the fog as if all is well with the world. But all of them have thrown their hats into the ring of deception wherein Allah is god, homosexuality is acceptable and Sunday is the Sabbath. And yes, SDA's do in fact declare Sunday is the Sabbath right along with them. Click here for proof. Truth is, if you study prophecy you know the SDA's MUST declare Sunday holy just as the Jews did in February of 2013. Universal compliance means just that! So even though they claim to be SDA, they WILL do as Rome demands. After all, they have been doing so for quite some time behind closed doors without most in their church knowing.

Can you see what I see?

Since the overwhelming majority of all churches have already joined with the Bible hating Vatican as prophesied, government Schools outlaw Christianity, all churches have joined with the government, and State governments will sue, fine and jail you if you refuse to deny your God so as to help blatant sin become popularized. So why is it so many cannot see the writing on the wall here? You don't need an actual thus saith the Supreme Court to see that the Bible has in fact become illegal in the United States of America. Truth is, prophecy doesn't have to come to fruition by your opinion or assumptions only. Prophecy comes to fruition no matter what. The problem with the Christian people is that most are easily CONvinced into looking in the wrong direction for the prophetic fulfillments that are already happening all around them.

Take the mark of the beast as a prime example. Just about every so called Christian on earth believes the mark is either a tattoo of the number 666, a verichip implant or even the barcode on their pack of cigarettes. That's because Satan's ability to create smokescreens has them all confused. But then that's to be expected when they refuse to read Bibles and join churches that tickle their ears and prophesy deceits. As Isaiah 30:9-10 predicted long ago they are in fact "a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:"

That all being said, one thing most fail to realize is that sure, Christians are being booted from classrooms, jobs, apostate churches and even marriages because of their faith. But look a little closer and you will see that many of those Christians are not actually Bible believing Christians either. Sure, they see the issue with homosexuality and being that is THE hot topic they are easily thwarted by the powers that be by it. But Satan uses these Sunday keeping Christians to keep the fear of government out there so as to make it even more difficult for those Christians to finally accept the real truth that is already being spread via the loud cry.

After a few years of being persecuted via a plethora of Christian doctrines twisted in the media, or even by their friends, relatives and preachers of filthy lucre, when they do finally discover the law of God and it's permanence, many will still walk away from it knowing they will have to be persecuted all over again with this new found truth, and so many more will cave in when Sunday laws are enforced. In other words, the trials some Sunday keepers experience now via the hand of Satan as per their own sinful acts granting him position to do so, is all he needs to guarantee with the loud cry reaches their ears that reminding them of just a few tough trials in the past will get them to accept the mark with a major "what if" planted deep within making them grasp at a false hope that perhaps it may not be as important as the remnant people claim.

Bottom line?

If you don't read your Bible, then you're clay in the hands of Satan to use and abuse in any way he sees fit so as to bolster his agenda which grants him the right to kill you in the end. But if you read your Bible, pray and obey the Christian God, then you're clay in the hands of your Creator who will use you to glorify Him and bless you will eternal life. As always.. the choice is YOURS. 

Obama slaps 'Scarlet T' on Christian colleges
"The Department of Education, under the leadership of Barack Obama, whose pro-homosexual agenda has been unparalleled, has launched a website critics say is dedicated to the “shaming” of Christian colleges that follow biblical principles rather than a leftist social agenda." -

And some still believe Christianity is legal in America and Islam illegal? Obama, who was elected illegally and puffed up politically by Rome so as to make his appointment appear worthy of election has been used by the Roman Catholic church on nearly the same level they used Hitler. With the exception of out and out genocidal murder. Yes, Obama has done this as well using American forces hiding in plain sight as ISIS rebels. And before emailing me, please research how Nero, Hitler and Bush all used false flag tactics to bring about hidden agendas.

Still.. even if some refuse to believe the truth about the creation of ISIS and the so called war on terror, we all know about Obama's repetitive slandering and blasphemy of Jesus Christ, who he claims as his Lord but then has to be "reminded" on camera when he slips up to declare his Muslim faith instead of his 'Christian faith.' In the midst of all this antichristian slander, which obedient students of prophecy saw coming long ago, he does take the time to praise Islam in all its hellish glory. And because of that the Muslims gave Obama a 78% approval rating on his way to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. And so, just as killing James gave Herod a political boost where he needed it and allowed Christians to be better targeted, Obama is doing the same today so as to please his Muslim brethren as well as the Vatican they salute so as to assure his next appointed task for Rome comes to fruition. After all, some saw the writing on that wall back in 09 when he became the first US President to hold a chair on the security council. And yes, you're correct, that is against the US Constitution. But then we've known all along how they plan to replace the Constitution for decades now.

Now yes, I know Obama keeps saying he's a Christian. But the ring he wears bears the inscription, "there is no god but Allah" on it, and his Vatican inspired Koran does say in Sura (16:106) that there are circumstances that can "compel" a Muslim to tell a lie. It also says in Sura (40:28) that Muslims must "hide his faith" among those who are not believers. Now that all the facts are in, we know Obama's received kudos for his loyalty to that passage alone because of his aforementioned 78% approval rate among his brethren. And just as we have seen the Vatican do for eons, and this includes even before Pagan Rome became Papal Rome; the Muslim's so called holy book says in Bukhari (49:857) that "he who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar." In other words, like the Vatican prelates, Muslims believe lying is permitted when the end justifies the means.

Now I can go on for hours on all this, but when I look at my "Is Obama a Muslim" page with its hundreds of articles, pics and videos I realize so much info is already out there no one needs convincing anymore more. Unless of course you count the liars that demand he keep the facade going, but then truth is never going to be embraced by some people. Still, for select few that are new to this basic reality concerning Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim roots, by all means check out that page. I am sure the data compiled on it will help convince even the most hardened scoffer.

So of course, as this article intimates, Obama will target Christian colleges with the same fervor he has for Christian businesses. And no, mentioning his crazed antics are not to make anyone fearful. In fact, it should make you joyful. Prophecy stated it would be this way directly before Jesus puts an end to it all, and just as they didn't believe the prophecies 2000 years ago about Messiah's first arrival when He would glorify the truth and magnify the law of God, most don't believe the prophetic fact that Jesus is coming back to take His obedient bride home after destroying all those that sought to persecute and kill her before He got here. Just as their lies were unable to stop His first arrival 2000 years ago, their present day lies will be just as powerless to stop His second coming as well. Maranatha! 

You’re now a racist if you say schools need to be safer
"Under pressure from Obama educrats, public school districts are no longer suspending even violent students; but now, under pressure from Black Lives Matter, they are suspending teachers who complain about not suspending bad kids. In St. Paul, Minn., a high school teacher was put on administrative leave last month after Black Lives Matter threatened to shut down the school because the teacher complained about lenient discipline policies that have led to a string of assaults on fellow teachers. Last month, two students at Como Park Senior High School punched and body slammed a business teacher unconscious, opening a head wound that required staples. And earlier in the year, another student choked a science teacher into a partial coma that left him hospitalized for several days. In both cases, the teachers were white and the students black." -

So, what does that tell you? First and foremost, like I've been saying for years, American Schools are not a safe place for children. But now it appears they are no longer a safe place for the teachers either.

Government cannot educate children and they certainly don't know how to discipline them either. In fact, all they appear to do is pump every sinful lifestyle into their minds as moral and acceptable, with or without their parents approval. They remove God out of their thought process so as to solidify their perverted lifestyles; which in turn generates a perfect storm for future criminal activity, which then create another cash cow for the government in the courts and prisons.

Have you seen the stats on prison populations around the world? America is leading the bunch. Worse yet, when prisoners finally do get out of jail in America they more often than not end up right back in because, as they have proven works in the schools they repeat in the prisons so as to keep a high inmate population. Education or even re-education is something way outside the grasp of politically correct teachers be they in schools or prisons because they are always going to be more interested in the continued government subsides than they are the precious children or hardened criminals in their care. And now, the teachers are finally starting to realize how their idiocy has come home to roost. It used to be the students usually went after each other. They still do that yes. But now they have a brand new target. The teachers!

Your son living as 'girl' at school? Not your business!
"Michigan is the latest state bracing for a debate over transgender accommodation in public schools, as a Republican lawmaker is confronting a sweeping State Board of Education policy about to take effect and crafting legislation designed to empower parents and protect the privacy of all students. In February, the Michigan State Board of Education quietly passed a new transgender policy for K-12 public schools. ...The board’s policy would allow students to use bathrooms according to the gender with which they identify. However, it doesn’t stop there. “The bathroom is one component, but they’ve gone so far as to say they’re going to allow the kids to blend together even in locker room settings. So you’re going to put a young boy in with the young girls, as if somehow that’s acceptable,” said Casperson, a father of four. The aspect of the policy that may bother Casperson most is language that would keep parents in the dark about the gender identity struggles of their children." -Source

Have you seen the aerial photos of Washington DC wherein the leaders who fund and run the American Schools reside? Click here if you haven't. That's actually Satanic symbols most like to water down by declaring them merely "Pagan." Have you also seen the symbols of the shadow government that is right now running the United States government behind closed doors? Click here if you haven't. As prophesied, the United States Government has become the power behind the beast in Rome.

What's on my mind?

When you see the similarities between the United States Government and Vatican symbolism you see that yes, right down to their Pagan sabbath of Sunday that Roman Catholic John F. Kennedy enforced as law during his administration; Paganism and or Satanism is the religion of choice of the American political leaders and Vatican priests. But then this was prophesied long ago. (Click here for info on USA in Prophecy -and- click here for Characteristics of Antichrist)

What most fail to realize is the connection between the devil worship and promiscuity that runs rampant in both. Pagans are all about sexual rituals, or as they call it "the Great Rite." No I am not going to link out proof on that as it is just as vile and disgusting as one can expect. What I do want to point out is that, once in power they will do all they can to move society towards their way of living. This is why homosexuality is no longer against the law, in fact it is now protected by law and has even been condoned by the Catholic Supreme court as worthy of the God given sanctified rite of marriage. This is also why we see all sorts of talking points in the media regarding polygamy and pedophilia lately. Paganism will once again bring about the "the wickedness of man ... that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." (Genesis 6:5) And yes, as it was in Noah's day, the world will also see as it was in Lot's day. This is why homosexuality is being legalized globally as it was before the flood. And yes, this is why the demons in them love to wave the rainbow flags to mock the Lord. And now, we see the government run schools passing policy (under governmental subsidized approval) that allows the Government controlled teachers to hide the "so called" self-decided choice to transgenderism of the teens in their care from their very own parents.

Why are they hiding it?

Let me ask you this. If you were a homosexual teacher under a homosexual principal who was hell-bent on indoctrinating (brainwashing) the children under your care towards homosexuality as per Vatican/White House command, would you want to have a policy passed that would make it next to impossible for the Christian parents of those students to find out what you're doing with their children? The longer you can keep the opposing and moral views of the parents out of the picture you can easily CONvince the students into any lifestyle you wish!

Again, the AmeriCON school system is not a safe place for children! 

Questioning 'gay' lessons gets 4-year-old booted from preschool
"A preschool in the Denver area has booted a 4-year-old from its classes, telling her parents her attendance was “not a good fit” after the parents questioned the cooperative’s curriculum promoting homosexuality and transgenderism. ...The disagreement arose when the girl’s parents “raised questions about books read in their class, including ones that told the stories about same-sex couples and worms unsure about their gender,” the report said. Sinclair wanted to opt her daughter out of what she viewed as sex education. But school officials, who boast on their website that they embrace “diversity and inclusion as essential to a balanced education,” had no tolerance for any deviation from their curriculum." -

And one can expect they won't have any tolerance towards anyone threatening their Government subsidies wherein promoting pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion, Islam, and a host of many other anti-Christian curriculum. So at this juncture I agree with the school officials that this four year old was "not a good fit" for this type of school. Problem is, all four year olds are "not a good fit" for this or any other government school, but if their parents could care less about their own children, then it doesn't matter one bit what the mindset of the child may be or become. The Government Schools will indoctrinate or "brainwash" the kids towards embracing as the norm a sin drenched euphoric form of society so as to bring it to fruition for those pushing the perverted agenda in government.

Don't believe me?

On my homeschool spurs page I have thousands of articles showing how the United States Government is doing all they can to raise the children of the American populace towards their strangely decadent way of thinking. The fact they have already corrupted the banking system as well as the housing markets so as to assure mom has to leave the home to bring a second income into the home so they can't afford to have the basic necessities in life for their family. This then forces their very own babies to be raised by complete strangers who's only incentive is to do exactly as the Government commands them so as to assure they keep receiving financial assistance from those who wallow on every sin known to man. So once again the almighty dollar takes precedence over common sense and Christian morals just so those in business can stay in business.

Just to highlight a few of the more shocking facts about government schooling, at present we see scientifically proven falsehoods illustrated in textbooks so as to prevent any possibility of any Child wondering if there even is a God in Heaven. In America the children supposedly "graduating" have been tested and proven to be far lower in abilities then some third world countries. Most children coming out of the schools today will be completely against Christianity. The outline of history in American schools is shocking all on its own. And yes, as expected, Google is now gathering private info on the students with the school's open handed approval because those that pay the bills demand compliance!

Has this happened before you ask?

Yes it has, in Hitler's school system. He actually said, and I quote, "Let me control the textbooks and I will control the State.." Why does he think that way? He knows controlling adults the minute he steps into political power is impossible as adults have their own minds made up on what they see as moral and proper and many of them will refuse to bend no matter how much pressure is placed upon them. But, if you get to their children, you can effectively change their way of thinking very early on so that by the time they become adults they will have the mindset the Government needs, and then they will refuse to bend away from their indoctrinated sin drenched euphoric format crammed into their brains by their government controlled teachers and as soon as they have the ability to vote society will be exactly as the leaders want it to be.

But are you sitting down?

Look around.. in most cities we are already there. Everywhere you look you see young people killing their babies, hating their parents, snubbing Christ as if he never died for them, and diving into promiscuity as if this is the expected norm for society. In just a few short years one can expect the next well washed crop of brains residing in 18 year old voters will bring about what prophecy said will perfectly emulate the days of Noah wherein every imagination of the thoughts of their hearts will be only evil continually. (See Genesis 6:5)

Yoga breaks in school spark faith concerns

"A Georgia elementary school is removing any religious elements from its yoga breaks for students after parents raised concerns that their children were being indoctrinated. ...While we have been practicing de-stressing techniques in many classrooms for years, there have been some recent practices associated with mindfulness that are offensive to some," Ms. Moore wrote. From now on, Bullard students who participate in yoga breaks during class will not be asked to say the word "namaste" nor put their hands by their hearts - a gesture often used as a greeting derived from Hindu custom, The Journal-Constitution reported." -Source


Too little too late. Those children have already been indoctrinated to use Middle Eastern Yoga ritualism, which is a proven anti-Christian demon inspired religion based solely on the enhancing and glorifying of the powers associated with the human mind and flesh. No getting around that. In fact, it's impossible to have the children perform Yoga positions or breathing practices without giving permission to demonic influence in some way. Satan's doesn't care if you refuse to use the ritualistic words or hand gestures. All he wants you to do is obey him so he can "show" you how your flesh can be used to "benefit" you.

What amazes me is how blind the majority of the teachers in America really are. On my Homeschools Spurs page, (or click here for a video) I have thousands of articles and videos wherein teachers are pushing homosexuality, which any real Christian can tell you is a proven demonic lifestyle warned of in the Christian Bible. The schools push evolution, which by the way needs much more "faith" to believe in than Christianity because Christianity has proofs all over the place you can witness on  your own, yet evolution has yet to show one spec of evidence. And Yoga, this is by no means the first time it has been used in American schools and I have no doubt it won't be the last.

I have articles about Atheism being promoted in the schools as well as Islam, Hinduism, and other false religions, there are articles about teachers teaching masturbation as an alternative to premarital sex, articles of teachers handing out condoms to 10 year olds, doing medical procedures on the children without parental consent, many schools now outlaw the American flag and demand the children pledge to an international flag, many now teach racism as a normal mindset, children have been asked to spy on and then report on their own parents, teachers have been caught in classrooms with the children engaging in sexual activity, on camera fights breaking out between students and even teachers, porn films being made inside schools during class hours by students, so called "Christian" counselors wearing the hijab to welcome Muslims, teachers being arrested with child porn, acts of murder suicide now happen multiple times a year in government schools, school police beating children up on camera, teachers performing lap dances on other teachers in front of all the children during required school seminars, teachers pushing children into changing genders, Christian children are forced to pray and chant to Allah, bulletproof blankets giving to children during school hours and devil worship is taught to the children just to name a few. And I mean a few, as I only skimmed quickly through the top 135 articles out of thousands on that page!

As I've said for years, the American schools system is not a safe place for children. Allowing the children to partake in Middle Eastern religious practices that are inspired by demons for the sole purpose of allowing them entry into those giving permission, and then claiming it's all safe if they tell the children not to recite the words or use the hand gestures that are an obvious allegiance to Satan as is apparent by the 666 hand sign in the pic I posted with the article. Claiming it's safe if you do it in a certain way is the same lie they have been saying for eons. Check out how the ancient Pagans worshipped their dying gods when Satan had them bow to Astarte the Syrian Sun goddess most know today as the "Queen of Heaven." It was common practice to do "certain" acts so as to show you worshipped these Pagan gods. Today, it's called Easter and the Christians conned into embracing it do the exact same things the Pagans of old did claiming it's all about Jesus. But how is it about Jesus when it's on a different date each year, and the symbols for sex like bunnies and eggs are used? Or what about Christmas and its origins and how 100% of it has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus and everything to do with demon worship?

Having the children perform Yoga without the ritualistic statements and gestures is no different than Christians celebrating Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine's day. Satan doesn't care what you call it as long as you obey him and do it so as to anger the Lord that said  "When the LORD thy God shall cut off the nations from before thee, whither thou goest to possess them, and thou succeedest them, and dwellest in their land; Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise. Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods. What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it." -Deuteronomy 12:29-32

VIDEO: College kids stumped by Reagan photo
"Was that a former president?” a student majoring in government and international politics at George Mason University asked when shown the picture of Reagan. “Nixon, maybe?” Numerous students at George Mason University, located near Washington, D.C., in Fairfax, Va., were unable to identity America’s beloved 40th president in the same classic photo. One student guessed Bill Clinton. “I’ve seen that guy before,” another student stalled before giving up."


No, I didn't post this video as a way to show how politically uneducated our children are, even though that is the point of the video's author. What happens at the end of the video has got to be the most shocking thing I have seen in recent months! Even though the picture being shown of Ronald Reagan is completely foreign to these young people, and even though Reagan was the one president in this generation that gave up control over the White House to the Pope of Rome, he was still a somewhat beloved and famous United States president, and children and especially college students who were educated in a "real schooling environment" would have known this with no problem. But the schools of today, as I illustrate on my "homeschool spurs" page are no longer interested in educating the children on actual historic record. In fact, anything to do with real history appears to be completely wiped from all lesson books so as to fabricate a more "acceptable" version wherein they can indoctrinate (brainwash) the children towards a more sinister end!

When I was a young man I recall my parents finally granting my request to purchase a collection of encyclopedias for me to read. Keep in mind this was the early 1960's. We didn't have video games, cell phones, computers or even much to watch on the black and white insignificant TV at the time. So, in Winter when it wasn't a good idea to go around bike riding or scavenging through the prairies for critters, I was stuck at home growing hair watching the snow fall. As expected, boredom struck and finally we got a set of encyclopedias to help break up the monotony. It was all I could do to get my face out of them on a daily basis. And these were the kind with amazing pictures and drawings that kept my attention.

Then.. reality struck!

Within a few years I was old enough to step into a highschool. Almost immediately I noticed that what I learned from the encyclopedias regarding history appeared to be false according to the text books and lessons taught in school. So I of course went to the school library and what I found shocked me. What the history books assigned to me by the school said about certain historic facts did not match that of the reference books (the ones you CAN'T take home) in the library. So.. I went to the local library and saw the same thing and from that day forward I never did any homework or even participate much in school because I KNEW the teachers were lying to me. And what happens when a hyper teenager like myself gets bored.. you guessed it.. I would either play the class clown or I would act out in other ways to remove the boredom and get in all sorts of trouble to pass the hours. But I won't get in to that here.

Now .. look at that homeschool spurs page on my site again. Notice that the children are taught about homosexuality, masturbation, drugs, rock and roll, evolution, Islam, violent sports, Hollywood and a host of other evil activities. But when it comes to actual American History or even World History, there are some articles wherein parents and even some teachers are getting upset. Real History is doesn't seem to be a prerequisite any more. In fact, do a search online and you will find a movement within the school system wherein they are discussing dropping History all together.

Now the shocker!

After the girl with the microphone asks everyone at the college to identify Joe Biden or Ronald Reagan using pictures, of which only one student did. She then showed them all a picture of Kim Kardashian. Literally 100% of the students knew who she was without any hesitation whatsoever! I am sure some of you older folks are asking, who in the world is Kim Kardashian? She and her sisters as well as her mother are known by just about everyone on planet earth. And what is their only claim to fame thus far? Promiscuity! That's right! The only reason she is known by all is because of her pornographic videos which later launched her into a reality TV show. As expected, the students knew nothing about famous or even infamous people in history where knowing about how they operated could help the students know what to avoid later in life when they're old enough to vote. But these very same students knew everything about the infamous people like the Kardashians that glorify the lusts of the flesh. In other words, all that Paganism is known for is now promoted in the schools as the norm for society!

Now do you see why during this election year how most of the politicians are pandering after what "the young people want?" THEY KNOW the government funded school system in America has the children right where they need them to be so that when it comes time to vote, they will vote for the sinfulness that Roman Catholicism has glorified since day one! And if you don't believe the children were manipulated into mindless drones; wait till the end of the video and watch what happens when the girl with the mic asks a student's mother some questions! That's right! In just ONE generation we have gone from knowing common truths about our national and global leaders, good or bad, to only knowing about those that glorify sin in the most decadent manner known to man.

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times! Government Schools are NOT a safe place for children!  

Student punished for refusing to recite Islamic profession of faith
"A Maryland high school punished a student for refusing to profess faith in Islam, gave her failing grades for a series of assignments that violated her Christian beliefs then threatened her father with arrest for complaining, a federal lawsuit charges. ...Plaintiffs are Marine Corps veteran John Kevin Wood and his wife, Melissa, who “refuse[d] to allow their teenage daughter to be subjected to Islamic indoctrination and propaganda in her high school world history class.” The lawsuit charges that the defendants’ “curriculum, practices, policies, actions, procedures, and customs promote the Islamic faith by requiring students to profess the five pillars if Islam.” The students, the complaint says, were required to “write out and confess the shahada, the Islamic profession of faith.” The lawsuit charges that school officials concealed the curriculum by using two separate history textbooks, one of which contained the Islamic teachings and which students were required to leave at school. The other, which did not contain the teachings, was allowed to be taken home, the complaint explains. The school also excised the Islamic teachings from the course syllabus."


The Vatican controlled United States Government is merely flexing their hell proffered muscles here. I have a page on the website that has literally thousands of articles and videos proving every decadent aspect of the American Society is solely due to incessant schooling methods of the US Government most with wisdom understand as blatant and utter brainwashing of our precious little boys and girls. As early as they are placed in day care centers the attack upon their parents Christian morals begin. Everything from promoting homosexuality to worship of false gods are being pumped into our children's brains and rarely do any of the parents know about it until their child comes home with the news. Thing is, most kids are conned by their teachers into thinking it's no big thing. They even lie to them and say their parents are fully aware of the immoral goings on and so most kids never mention it at home.

I praise the Lord that every now and then we do hear of a child that comes home from school with news of such insanities. And 100% of the time they do this, and only if the parents have the courage to complain, the school acts like it's news to them and then promise to stop the "renegade" teacher from continuing when all along they knew full well what the teachers was doing. And so they stop the "approved" lesson plan in that particular school only to move to the next school down the road until another parent complains. How do I know this? I not only went to a corrupted school in the 1960's to 70's, I have children that later attended these same schools themselves. I of course pulled my children out of the schools after discovering what the school board was doing.

Parents can not trust Government Schools

Later when I moved away from the city and moved unto a farm to get our children away from all the bad influences of the Chicago neighborhoods, I was approached by a local school board official in my new area who insisted "it was the law" that she be allowed into my home immediately upon her arrival and if I refused I would be committing a crime. I then told her I need to do a little research before allowing her in my home so as to make sure everything is done correctly and asked her to call me back in a few days. She of course thought I was blowing her off and probably thought I wasn't going to do any research at all. The very next morning at 8:00am sharp she called me on the phone. I had just arose from bed and wasn't able to collect my notes or even many of my thoughts from the research I had done the previous day, but I knew she was trying to bully me by pressuring with a quick decision to just give up and let her in my home by refusing to give me a few days to research the facts. But she failed to realize I did my homework the day before anyway. But.. being half awake as I was, all I could do was ask her, why she was lying to me? I told her did in fact do some research yesterday and found she does have the right to ask for entrance into my home, but the law clearly states that it's entirely up to me as to whether or not she enters in my home. According to the letter of the law it is solely based on my volunteering her access. In other words, there was no law that demanded she gain entry and there was no law that said I would be committing a crime. So again I asked her, why she was lying to me? In short, she never answered my question and promptly made some excuse to get off the phone and then hung up. I never heard from her again.

So.. why did I share that?

After I had that very annoying experience I asked around and found the farmers in the area that homeschooled their kids in years previous were forced to put their kids in school by this very same woman and all of them believed her when she said it was the law. Needless to say when I told the one farmer I knew as a friend about all this, he was very upset. My point is, most parents, just like most kids sitting in the class rooms will believe whatever the "person with authority" says to them because they use their authority in the same way a school yard bully uses his muscles. And this is why the government schools break laws every single day by doing these illegal acts in the schools. They know most parents and especially most of the kids won't bother to question them because they know they have control over them via their repetitive fear tactics. And they also know when the few parents that do finally complain about them they just move unto the next school down the road so as to keep a fresh crop of brainwashed kids in their docket.

And yes, this is why this school in this article uses two sets of history books in that school. One they know the parents will approve of is allowed to be taken home by the students for the parents to look over at their convenience if they so desire. But the other book that is filled with all sorts of Vatican dogma geared towards uplifting the Islamic state they need to have set up in America so as to keep those guillotines that will soon be well whetted with Christian blood as prophecy predicts eventually legalized and headed towards us on greased rails. They know if the parents knew what was going on in the schools they would remove their kids immediately. But if they can keep it hidden, by using two sets of books to teach from, by the time their children graduate their parents will literally become the enemy in the mind of the child and the State will become the trusted friend.

As I've said so many times before... The American School system is NOT a safe place for children! PERIOD! 

School to remove 58-year-old Ten Commandments monument - after single complaint
"A Pennsylvania junior high school is moving a Ten Commandments stone monolith from its campus after a $64,000 court battle resulted in a judge ruling the display unconstitutional. ...Show and others rallied to keep the 3,000-pound Ten Commandments stone monolith at Connellsville Junior High after Connellsville Area School District officials initially covered it with plywood in response to a complaint from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation in the 2012-13 school year, according to the news site."


It only took one complaint? Seriously?

Keep in mind this "one complaint" succeeded only after ignoring the "public backlash" of complaints to keep the commandments in place. I find it amazing that it now takes only one Atheist organization to complain and the government owned and operated schools bow to them without question. But then prophecy did say this once Christian nation would eventually become very anti-Christian in the last days.

Just this morning one of my daughters sent me a link to a website that shows "An outline of history of religion in American schools." On that page it showed how each time the government did something positive as well as negative within the school system how the end results of those actions were realized. Take a look at the early years of this nation and how the Christian morals of our leaders played a big part in raising and educating our children properly. Is it any wonder America became great? It also confirms why those that hate Christ sought to destroy it. 

I was shocked to see that Harvard was originally founded by a Presbyterian minister to be a religious school to train ministers. Also notice that in 1699 it says "Yale was founded by ten ministers in order to further the reformed Protestant religion. Students were required to read Scriptures morning and evening at times of prayer." And look at the year 1746 that says "Princeton was founded by the Presbyterians with the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson as its first president.  Every student shall attend worship in the college hall morning and evening at the hours appointed and shall behave with gravity and reverence during the whole service." But look at those schools now that Government has been able to con them into joining with them. That is one major fall from grace across the board! School board that is. 

Another shocker had to be what was posted for 1890. It says the "Supreme Court rules that America “is a religious people. . . . this is a Christian nation” as such it is fitting that its people would teach their children the Christian faith. (The Trinity Case)" Today, that same "Supremely corrupted" Court  denies Christ as Lord so as to pander to the Homosexual desires of the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Also notice what happened directly after Roman Catholic president John F. Kennedy outlawed prayer in all government schools. It is reported that in "1980 U.S. schools report the lowest S.A.T. scores ever, after 18 straight years of decline following the 1962 ban on school prayer." And take a look at what is revealed in the year 1999. It says "Two Students at Littleton, Colorado High School shoot eleven students.  None of the students have ever seen the Ten Commandments, "Thou shall not Kill" in a public school." And now we see yet another school removing the ten commandments from the eyes of children who are more than likely playing violent video games as well as watching violent movies?

Even though we have all sorts of rock hard evidence that shows government schooling is purposely placing our children in physical as well as spiritual danger. And just so you know, the grand majority of all schools in America are in fact government run schools. And this includes all the so called private schools that were conned into taking government loans as well as opting into government subsidies wherein after a few years of doing so the schools become reliant on those funds so that the government passed laws making those very same "private" schools slaves to their wicked commands wherein if they refuse to obey they lose all funding. The government purposely granted them the benefits just as the drug pusher gives the first taste for free. Once the schools were hooked wherein they couldn't survive without the subsidies the laws were passed and the fix was in.

Did you also notice what was posted for 2008? It's an echo to what I've been saying for literally decades. In fact, this is why I tagged my page about the schools "HomeSchool Spurs" some years ago. The decadence and downright Satanism in the schools should "spur" parents to homeschool their children. The comment for 2008 was, "Christian run schools and most home schooling programs continue to produce students with higher academic test results then secular public schools." Amazing isn't it? When the Lord is involved in the lives of His people the blessings become apparent. And when He is asked to leave the blessings become apparently gone. 

Threat of radicalisation to home-schools: Warning over children's minds being 'poisoned
"The Government is considering proposals for parents to have a contact at local councils and to pinpoint how many are home-schooled, the paper said. ...We have provided Ofsted with extra inspectors to eradicate extremism in education. We are working with them to address their concerns about home education being exploited, while safeguarding the rights of parents to determine how and where to educate their children. The review comes after warnings about unregistered religious schools. ...Earlier this month, Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw warned the safety and well-being of hundreds of children could be at risk by their education in unregistered schools illegally operating in several parts of England."


Color me confused, but the facts as they are laid out in plain evidence is that the schools are in fact the ones that are poisoning the minds of children and not the parents. Yes, they are claiming they are trying to eradicate the parents from teaching their children Muslim ideology, but as we have seen before, as soon as that law is passed the Christians will also be "monitored" as extremists and the powers that be will do all they can to make sure they don't "poison the minds of their children" either.

Truth be known, if one out of 10,000 homeschooled children are "poisoned" by their parents, what's that in comparison to 100% of the children in every single one of the government schools that are taught to embrace homosexuality, Allah, masturbation, pedophilia, porn, Buddha, alcohol, drugs, violent sports, rock music, Satanic rituals, Pagan feasts, Communism, Catholicism, Islam, and a literal plethora of other toxic ideologies and decadence?

Using the common sense that seems to be left out of all public school curriculums the world over; one can see that the problem is not in the homes of the individual homeschooling parents at all. It's in the schools themselves. For a literal list of thousands of articles and videos proving this hands down, click here.

School principal: ‘Only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white Christian men’
"The vice principal of Camden Hills Regional High School has America’s enemy all figured out: “domestic white ‘Christian’ men with easy access to guns.” After a lone gunman killed two civilians and a police officer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the vice principal, Piet Lammert, took to Facebook to post his thoughts the next day:

It’s Small Business Saturday. Buy local
There’s a show in the Strom tonight. Buy tickets
The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white “Christian” men with easy access to guns. Vote Bernie
That is all. Enjoy your day

Five Town CSD Superintendent Maria Libby criticized the post, but defended the administrator. “I know Piet and he’s someone who genuinely accepts all people,” Libby tells WGME. “The post does not reflect who he is as a person.”


One needs to keep in mind that this man is not only a principle, he is also a government paid employee that must do as his superiors dictate who then do as in Washington D.C. demands. No I am not suggesting he was purposely singled out to make such a post on Facebook, but if you visit my "HomeSchool Spurs" page wherein I have listed thousands of articles and videos confirming the United States Government is using the public school system to indoctrinate children into hating Christians, accepting Muslims as well as literally becoming homosexuals you will see how his mindset was cultured.

The man that made the post is a school vice-principle. You don't just get that job on day one. Besides the fact that he was educated in a government funded school so as to become a teacher, who was then taught for many years to become a principle, you have to realize that living in an environment day after day, year after year that is literally bathed in antichristian hatred across the board as well as being forced to love and accept everything that is evil, a work environment such as this has to affect the man. Hence, the reason for his post.

It should also be noted that he is one that suggests the people reading his post "vote Bernie" as Bernie Sanders is a Vatican operative who has been working for years towards the Vatican Socialist Society in America. The fact this principle is a Socialist and a Christian hater should give any parent cause for alarm.

His defender claimed that "he’s someone who genuinely accepts all people." Yet his Facebook post confirms that is not the case at all. If he was one that "genuinely accepts all people" then he would never have made such a post in the first place. But, seeing how most people claim the atmosphere of lies as their comfort zone, the lie that "he’s someone who genuinely accepts all people" will be accepted as if it the absolute truth. His wrist may or may not be slapped, and he will be back at work in the morning teaching children to be as he is. A man who "genuinely accepts all people." Except Christians of course. 

VIDEO: Parent attacks school LGBT Week
"Pupils and teachers at King Solomon High School respond to a recent facebook attack on LGBT Week. Report by Jonny Nelson."


This video is highly deceptive in its approach. First and foremost the headline should not read "Parent attacks school LGBT week" at all. It should read with truth so as to not confuse the people as well as the children that may eventually read this article. The headline should be rewritten to say "Christians attacked for refusing to partake in School's LGBT week."

What happened? A mother posted a red X over a picture of the LGBT badge all students were forced to wear on her facebook page along with posting the following note for all to see...

"So my daughter came home from 6th form (college) today with this badge ... apparently all children from age 11= were given one of these and told is they do not wear it they will have to sit in detention after school ... are they mad! You cannot force this filth on children ... it is not lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender week in my house we will be serving the Lord as usual and NOT promoting sin so KS high school ... you can keep your abomination badge"

The mother then quotes 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 which says, "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God."

If you watch the video you will notice the reporter did not read the entire note as the mother wrote it. He purposely skipped over mentioning "serving the Lord" while reading her quote and did not read the Bible verse she shared. As you will also notice, the video goes on to show the reporter interviewing some of the kids that are obviously hand-picked. They were either prohomosexual or transgender themselves. As for the claim the children were not "forced" to wear the badges. I would be more apt to believe an 11 year old than an antichristian reporter as well as any government school official who does all he can to belittle the Christian who wants to do as toe Lord commands. (See thousands of articles here confirming the schools are not to be trusted)

One last thing, one of the kids echoed the same lie the media and homosexuals have been saying for years. He said people need to be "tolerant of other people's beliefs." That being the case, why is it they are not tolerant of Christians who have different beliefs? It's because it's the final days of earth's history and so all that is evil must be promoted as good and all that is good must be promoted as evil.

These poor children have been brainwashed by the government teachers and soon they too will be in society casting votes and well as casting Christians in jail simply because they trust their teachers (and sometimes parents) not to lie to them about what real Christianity is all about.

So be it.. Jesus prophesied it would be this way right before He returns, and so it is. MARANATHA!

Students taught to reconcile faith with 'gay' behavior
"The project, which was crafted by the school’s Sociology Department, also tells students it is possible to be “devout and sexually active,” the education watchdog
Campus Reform reported Sept. 18. “As our world progresses, we now appreciate that all forms of sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationships are natural and should be treated equally under the law, though some religions may not see it in this way,” the guide states."


It's as Jesus said in Luke 18:8. When speaking of the day that He returns Jesus said, "when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" When we see so called Christian churches and government run Universities embracing all sorts of sinful acts as if they are the norm, we can see the prophetic statement of our Lord is fulfilled. But then, He is Lord and He has seen the end from the beginning. This by the way is what angers the devil and forces him to use his Vatican pawns to hide their long prophesied actions, like their homosexual agenda, out in plain sight. Just as they use Muslims to fulfill the prophecies regarding their blood-lust, they use the teachers to help them shore up homosexuality and everything else they wallow in as if it was perfectly normal.

The prophet Amos was moved by the Lord to declare long ago, "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:" (Amos 8:11) This is why most (not all) teachers embrace sin just as readily as Roman Catholic priests do now. No one's reading their Bibles anymore. This is also why the Prophet Isaiah, when speaking of our day said, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)

Today, so called Christians say Allah is God, homosexual marriage is blessed, and abortion is perfectly acceptable when rape or incest is apparent. At the same time they declare those of us that claim Allah is a Vatican idol, homosexuality is an abomination unto God, and abortion is out and out murder, we are then declare hateful and evil. So again... Jesus wasn't kidding when He said there will be very little faith when He returns. But then, that is when our God shines the most. Don't believe me? Read up on how He shined when David ran towards Goliath, Mordecai refused to bow to Hamon, or Daniel survived the lion's den.

As for why this University lists sexual perversion as the norm or natural has to do with what they said to end the sentence; which was it "should be treated equally under the law." That's right, this University like all American churches has the 501c3 and is now bound by the laws of the land and therefore the Law of God is now illegal in the USA. When they claim sin is sanctioned "by law" they are saying that which defines sin, which is God's Law, is now illegal. This mindset is now in all the schools and churches of America and is actually the foundation on which Sunday Laws can stand supreme in the eyes of billions the world over.


Ok.. as I said, when they make man's law legal and God's law illegal, it to cultivate the long prophesied mindset that CONvinces the masses that the Bible is nowhere near and important in society as man's word. And was this prophesied? Yes.. of course. Most Sabbath keepers knew they will eventually pass Sunday Laws. But for this University to say what they said is what makes our God's hand move. How do I know that? Psalms 119:126, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

Students forced to recite 'Allah is the only god'
"Amid a new report of Islamic indoctrination in public schools, the
American Center for Law and Justice is fighting back with a petition drive that already has garnered 120,000 signatures. Earlier this year, public-school students in Madison, Wisconsin, were given an assignment to “pretend you are Muslim,” while students in Florida were instructed to “recite the Five Pillars of Islam as a prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs and perform other Muslim rituals,” ACLJ said Monday. Now, parents of public-school students in Tennessee are protesting assignments that include writing a declaration that Allah is supreme and textbooks that recount Islamic doctrines as facts instead of beliefs."


Can you imagine what would happen if the children were told to recite "Jesus is Lord" in those classrooms? There would be a national uproar! But because we have a Muslim president that is controlled by the Pope who is of the historic office that wrote the Koran in the first place; all those in power that know this is wrong to do will now naturally look the other way?

Now do you see why quite a few Christians refuse to vote and many Christians have already pulled their children from the government controlled school system? If you need a few thousand more reasons to pull your child from the schools of Rome, click here.

Just 16 years ago a young girl refused to deny Jesus Christ as her precious Lord and Saviour while sitting in a government school. Her faithful act caused her to be promptly in front of her classmates at Columbine. Shortly thereafter she was declared a hero coast to coast in America on all media News channels. Today, a woman in Kentucky refuses to deny her faith in Jesus Christ as well. But instead of being hailed a hero of the truth, she is instead called a villain coast to coast in America. In just 16 short years we have seen this nation go from uplifting Christians to persecuting Christians and then uplifting Muslims in their place.

One can only imagine how bad it will be 16 years from now if Jesus decides to wait that long to fulfill His prophetic statement made in Romans 12:19, "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."



Terror suspect now wants to drive U.S. school bus
"A Minnesota terrorism suspect, kicked out of his mosque reportedly for radicalizing young people and who is not permitted to fly commercially, apparently won’t be prevented from driving semi-trucks – or even a school bus. In fact, he got his commercial Class A driver’s license from a St. Paul driving school and his $4,000 tuition was paid for by a state workforce program. Amir Meshal got his license this month from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety following a successful road test. Now Meshal, who is reportedly on the Department of Homeland Security’s no-fly list, says he wants to drive school buses."


Will he get the opportunity to drive a school bus filed with American children that he hates? Why not? The same government that handed him the $4000 tuition is also the same government that gave him the class A driver's license that allows him to drive large machinery on American roads. So why wouldn't this very same government give him the chance to drive large machinery on American streets filled with at least 30 precious little American boys and girls? It's not like government cares much for our children. After all, our government kills millions of our children a year in abortion clinics for profit and those that somehow avoid those hospitals that kill little boys and girls, they also have to go to government schools wherein they force them to deny Christ, declare Allah is God and then embrace everything from sex, drugs and rock and roll. Giving a terror suspect a job driving a school bus? Why not?  

Christians warned to pull kids from public school
"Imagine an America in which all children are educated according to biblical, Christian principles instead of modern, secular, liberal values. Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Lt. Col. USAR Ret.), such a scenario is not just possible, but essential if Christians wish to reclaim the American culture."


That's just not going to happen. It is wishful thinking yes, and it is something most Christians pray for, but prophecy must be fulfilled and corrupting the children so as to create adults that will cause society to become the decadent cesspool prophecy predicts will come to fruition no matter what now. In fact that day has already come for the most part. But because those in power are hell-bent on making it worse, it will get much worse.

How do I know that?

Have you see my "Homeschool Spurs" page recently? I have literally thousands of articles and videos posted on that page wherein we have all the proof we now need to easily convince anyone that will listen that the United States Government has destroyed our society by pushing all sorts of disgusting and very sinful things upon our children as if they're normal. They do this to create a society they can revel in, and it is sin that makes them the happiest. And this is nothing new! I saw this idiocy in my own highschool years and this is why I rebelled in that it was all they could do to keep me in that school. The hypocrisy of it all angered me even back then. And later on when I got married and then found Jesus as my Lord, within 2 or 3 years my wife and I pulled all our children out of the public school system. And that was over 20 years ago! Today? It's many times worse than it was then!

Pray for the children. Thanks to other government "plans" we now have a society wherein many times mom needs to leave the home to help pay the bills and the parents have no choice but to place the children in school. Also pray the Lord blesses those parents so as to help mom stay home to raise and even educate the children in the way the Lord intended.  

Dems want to implant abortion-inducing device into teen girls
"Just weeks after 
a prominent health-care expert predicted that Democrats would begin a nationwide push for taxpayer-funded contraception for schoolgirls, including abortion-inducing drugs, Virginia is proving to be the next battleground. The idea started in a Colorado pilot program, in which teenage girls were given contraceptives including implanted abortafacients known as long-acting reversible contraceptives, or LARCs, and intra-uterine devices, also called IUDs. The program showed marked reductions in teenage births and reported abortions. Efforts then began to enact a taxpayer-funded version of the program, but it died in the Colorado Legislature over conscience and religious liberty concerns."


Just one more reason to homeschool your children. These schools did most of this without parental consent, and I doubt had they mentioned this to any parent they would have gotten permission in the first place and so, they did it on their own. But then, that's not the first time they did this and it certainly won't be the last. Placing drugs that kill babies and devices that can be used to trigger spontaneous abortions may be their idea of "progress" for most at the helm of society; but the American school system is the main culprit when it comes to teenage promiscuity. Anyone that's attended a government school in the last 60 years can tell you that it's like a society all on its own wherein children are tempted every hour of the day to "act" as if they are grown up, and this includes doing things in bedrooms to prove they have "come of age" to their peers. 

The demonic peer pressure fostered by the herd mentality of the adult wannabe culture in every school in the nation illustrates just how easy it can be for the powers that be to create a society they want when they have "legal" control over the children in that society. Since making it law that all kids must go to school, the majority of course being forced into government schools, makes it childishly easy for the enemy of souls to build characters in our children that reflect his character just as prophecy predicted it will be when Jesus returns. Need I mention society in Noah's day?

The lustful looks from their classmates, the inappropriate interaction with teachers, the rock and roll music piped in during school hours, the removal of God from all aspects of learning, the promotion of sexual activity in all perverted and even animalistic manners, the lessons that promote evolution and the complete removal of authority in the homes wherein parents suffer the most have created a society within a society that demands attention by the adults that have lost control over their own children. The fact all major corporations gear their demographic research towards teenagers confirms they not only have a viable voice in society today, they now know they do. And thanks to Hollywood acknowledging them in all sorts of disgusting movies, MTV activities, and "starlets" who's only claim to fame is in fact promiscuity, society is now based on what's hip and cool when it comes to the kids and NOT the adults!

So, is it any wonder teen pregnancy rates and the insane number of abortions are off the charts? It not only confirms Beelzebub's hand is in control of the reigns on this one as prophecy predicted, it also shows he can use his own suggestions for sin (premarital sex) to generate the need for even more sin. That sin being of course the killing of innocent little boys and girls because some little boys and girls were tempted into a bedroom to do what adults in their mostly disconnected world like to do.

Student’s stunning plea: Why did NYC let me graduate high school?
"Melissa Mejia, 18, was stunned and embarrassed when officials at William Cullen Bryant High School in Long Island City, Queens, told her she had met all the requirements to receive a diploma in June. She knew she hadn’t. Teachers say Melissa is just one of a number of students magically given credits for classes they failed in an effort by administrators to raise Bryant’s graduation rate. She told her story to The Post’s Susan Edelman. I don’t like receiving what I would call a handout, but that’s what happened. New York City gave me a ­diploma I didn’t deserve. In my last semester at Bryant High School, I had Government for first period, which starts at 8 a.m. I had a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. I didn’t really go at all. I think I showed up about five times in the first marking period. In the second marking period, my attendance was also poor. I got a 55 for both, an “F.”


Yes, stories like this hit home for me at times and this one reminds me of when I was in high school in a big way. I too had trouble getting up in the morning, but I would usually come to class anyway because I was the one that had to drive my siblings to school. But once in the school I would put my head down on my desk and sleep the first 2 classes away. Needless to say I got straight F's across the board for those classes but "somehow" passed them anyway. In fact, my first class was "history / US Government" (like this girl) and since I already did some "research" (as a bored teen in the library waiting on for my mom to check out her books) I knew what the truth was regarding certain things about our government and "other" governments in association with the USA. I knew what the teachers were selling in those text books wasn't the same as what I saw in the microfilms at the library. And so I figured, since they're all lying anyway, they won't mind if I ignore them and nod off. Still.. I passed those classes anyway.

The scuttlebutt of course was the teachers that passed me did so because they didn't want me back in their classrooms next year. They knew I was a problem. But it wasn't until years later that I found out the school received government bonuses for high graduation rates and even though math wasn't my best subject I was able to see how 2 + 2 wasn't adding up when it came to my actual grades and what my "official" grade was.

My hoodlum flavored antics eventually caused me to be expelled from the school, so in my case, the graduation numbers didn't really matter. I just figured they would chalk me up as one that fell through the cracks and moved on in life Well.. that's what I thought for a few years until a decade or so later I had to take an NASD exam to sell products for Prudential Life Insurance company. And yes, on the Prudential app I lied and said I graduated high school hoping no one would check. (I wasn't a Christian yet) I of course got the job thinking my lie worked. Later when I had to take the NASD exam I lied on that government app once again. But when they allowed me to take the exam anyway, I got just a tad bit suspicious. I knew the NASD was strict because the future Mayor Daily was caught cheating on a similar exam, and so all government exams locked down tighter after that day. But I know I lied, and I know they let me take the exam..  so.. I called and asked Prudential to see if they called my school about my graduation. I gave some lame excuse (lied again) as to why I needed the info and it did take a little digging from office to office, but I did eventually find out by a reputable source that they did in fact call the school and according to the school records (now on computer) had me listed as "graduated." 

The moral of the story?

Do you want your child to get a real education? Then homeschool them. It's not as difficult as you think! However, if you want your child to learn how to lie, cheat, do drugs, have sex, enjoy Satanic music, delve into the occult, join gangs, become tempted and or taught to become homosexual, or even be murdered by a crazed classmate, then have them go to government schools. Don't believe the schools are that bad? Click here.

Now... for those that are stuck in a two income family or are single parents, or just unable to do homeschooling. Check into it, you may find it can be done. But one of the parents will have to quit their job. As for the single parent... PRAY! Pray the Lord keeps a hedge of strong angels about your child's soul as well as their mind and HE WILL! If you're a Christian, your Father will bless you. If you're not.. well.. you're on your own. But if you want to become a Christian.. click here.

Prayers to 'another god' promoted in US Schools
"We are walking up a slippery slope when we start to decide what books we are going to ban from the curriculum,” he said. Yet, this week administrators at Duval County Public Schools received a petition from several citizens protesting the use of two new books added last month to the third-grade reading list: “Nasreen’s Secret School” and “The Librarian of Basra” both said to be based on the true stories from the Middle East. ...The Facebook post, which addresses parents of elementary students in the district, advises that students will be required to “read two books, promoting prayer to someone other than God.” The post, which has made its rounds from the Facebook pages of local parent groups and churches to the inboxes of several School Board members, urges parents to sign and submit a petition to formally contest the proposed instructional material."



When I was in high school, I saw how the historic facts that I researched as a child (after my parents bought us encyclopedias) was changed, it became obvious certain records were being changed for political reasons in the government school system so as to create a new mindset in society via the teens they were brainwashing. That which was evil 5 years ago were suddenly no longer taboo and it started to become very apparent that history, at least as it was taught in the schools, was to be fiction from that day forward. This was one of the reasons I chose not to do homework, read assigned novels or even attend certain classes. Needless to say I was eventually asked to leave the school permanently. And no, I wasn't asked to leave because I was picketing the school with a political voice or anything. I could care less because I knew they could care less. Their obvious lying made me feel it was perfectly ok to act out and act out I did. For those of you that "experienced" the 70's the term "tough love" may ring a bell here.

So.. did their plans work?

Yes, very much so. Their lies made me angry as well as wandering in life with no real idea on how to live life. For those kids that did do the homework, some did ok, but many are now either dead, in prison, on welfare, homeless or still wandering the planet without a clue. But fast-forwarding to today's world wherein the government teachers have had just over 50 years of using altered history books, school lessons flavored by political agenda, and a plethora of other "government approved" methods on perfecting the art of brainwashing the kids, we now see how the overwhelming majority of the kids have no idea about real history and how the actions of our government were seen in other governments over the centuries with deadly results. And this is especially true with what the Vatican did to hundreds of millions of people and the real truth behind America's birth. The kids today think America was founded to escape massive taxation, to feed the desire for the riches of capitalism, or even the blood lust of human hunters that saw the natives as prey. Today, the reasoning behind how America was settled is based solely on the school board's political agenda. Nothing more, nothing less.

The actual historic reason America was founded was because the Vatican was killing so many Christians that some fled to this land to build a nation structured on religious freedom. And yes.. some of you have pastors that protect the Vatican and declare that's all a pile of anti-Catholic rubbish. No matter.. It's not like they're going to be able to lie forever. It's all going to be shouted from the rooftops when Jesus gets here anyway

Later when I became a dad I saw that when my children were in school we saw how the teachers were being told to teach the kids that having "two mommies and two daddies" was acceptable. When that flyer came home from school that day in the hands of our own children, my wife and I decided to pull our children out of school to homeschool them from that day forward. Today, homosexuality is not only considered a community onto its own, (as per one of the reasons for my next video) homosexual activity that was once illegal is not protected by law and homosexual marriage is acceptable as well that some churches even have homosexual couples as pastors. So again, their plans worked just as the (real) history books illustrated long ago. Well.. 50 years ago as I recall.

And now, the government school system is teaching the kids that "praying to another god" is par for the course in society? Need I wax prophetic and declare unto all what this will cultivate into the minds of millions of children across America? Agreed.. one doesn't need to be a prophet to see the writing on this wall!

School district OKs mandatory LGBT class for 7th-graders
"The nation’s tenth largest school district, Fairfax County in Fairfax, Virginia, voted 10-to-2 to teach gender identity and transgender issues as part of seventh-through-tenth-grade sex education curriculum. Parents angered by the move pointed out the vote also means the course material is mandatory because Fairfax County School Board members shifted the curriculum from Family Life Education to health – meaning, students can’t easily opt out of the class, the Daily Caller reported."


Surprised? You shouldn't be. The United States school system is run by the United States Government. That very same Government just declared homosexual marriage legal and therefore a "normal" aspect in the American society. That being the case, the schools must and will uphold the Government's decision and promote homosexuality even more now that it's legal to do so in the classrooms across America.

If you thought it was bad before when hundreds of schools were pushing homosexuality the last ten years, it's about to get REAL BAD now that you (the parents) can't stop them legally from indoctrinating your precious babies into accepting their version of "normal" for what the Bible says is truly normal.

Homeschooling never looked so good as it does now eh? 

LGBT Studies Course At San Francisco High School May Be 1st In Nation
"Schlax has been compiling the curriculum with human rights activist Cleve Jones, who was mentored by the late San Francisco supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Milk. It will include LGBT history and literature, current events, portrayals in media, as well as a focus on the LGBT community in San Francisco. Schlax said 28 percent of students at Asawa SOTA identify as LGBT or questioning, more than at any other public high school in San Francisco, according to district officials."



First of all, the claim that 28% of the students question their sexuality is a bold faced lie. How can that figure be anywhere near accurate at all when the LGBT community is still the smallest minority known to man. They have been confirmed at a mere 3.4% of the population. So, either they're lying in the school about the 28%, or the Vatican controlled government's efforts to indoctrinate the kids towards homosexuality is working. In either scenario, government schools are not a safe plave for kids! 

The age of lying

Lying to make themselves (homosexuals) look more acceptable in society has always been the norm for them as their dying god insists on using his native tongue to get things done. And no, it doesn't matter whether they claim to be Christians or even atheists, Satan has 100% control over them as is very apparent by their lifestyles and their incessant lying.

Not easy to look upon

The LGBT community is without a doubt the most immoral group known to man. In fact, according to the God of creation, it's an abomination. Whether they want to admit this or not, absolutely everything they do behind closed doors and everything they represent in public life is based on a perversion of sexual activity. The fact they hold parades wearing next to nothing so as to advertise their closed door antics confirms perversion is what they crave and perversion is what they promote. That being said, let me as you this. When a man and a woman walks up to you introducing themselves as a married couple, unless you're one with immoral issues, you don't usually think of them "doing things" to each other behind closed doors do you? But when two men or two women walk up dclaring themselves as a married couple, without even thinking on their actions behind closed doors it is automatically brought into the mind that what tehy do is not natural because it is outside the realm of nature.

Which brings up another valid point

If they (the homosexual) was truly "born this way" as they claim, how is it they have sexual organs that can only work properly when it comes to procreation with the opposite sex? Truth is so blunt in this case that their very own bodies testify against them. They were NOT born that way.

Still, sin is sin, and even though for many this lifestyle does come off very strange and quite revolting, it's still sin and no different than a drunkard who poisons himself to please the flesh or a mass murderer who kills for the adrenaline rush. The drug addict as well as those addicted to heterosexual porn is also in the same capsized boat of decadence and so our only recourse is to pray for them.

Over the years I have seen many come out of a life of sin to become very loving and wonderful Christians and this includes more than a few homosexuals. In fact, being as it is, when someone comes out of such a blanket of sin they often have a much stronger faith than most who come out of a lesser but still sinful life. Once they find Jesus they realize just how bad their life was and how much Christ has forgiven them. In this revelation they more than most come to be very powerful voices for the Lord once they find Him and accept Him as Saviour. After all it is declared in Luke 12:48, "...For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." So again, pray for them. The Lord needs people with powerful testimonies to go forth to glorify Him like most cannot. One can see (and have seen) how many ex-homosexuals have come forth to declare boldly that Jesus is Lord and they were NOT "born this way." 

Teachers bow to Allah, celebrate Islam
"About 50 teachers and administrators at one Pennsylvania school district attended a recent training session on Islam and Arabic culture, during an all-day in-service workshop that came at taxpayer expense. ...Among the attendees: Superintendent Marianne Bartley and a handful of other administrators, reported. ...The training session included a comparison-contrast of U.S.-Arab education, as well as a visit to a local mosque to learn more about the Islamic religion – and to join in the congregation’s prayer service, the news outlet said.


...Teachers and administrators removed their shoes at the mosque and mingled with the congregation, discussing God, Islam and Christianity, the news outlet reported. “We believe we will be judged by God,” Omar said, at the mosque, reported. “The more good deeds we do, God will forgive us in the end. … You must work. Faith without work will not be accepted.”


First and foremost, why on earth are American teachers bowing to Allah in a Muslim Mosque when these very same teachers will sue the daylights out of you if you so much as ask them to speak the name of Jesus in an American classroom? In fact I just posted an article titled "Teacher suing over 'Bibles, prayer circles, ministering" yet we see these teachers in a Muslim Mosque? Why is that? It's because Rome is indoctrinating the teachers so as to make it that much easier to indoctrinate the children they are hired to teach and care for.

How do I know Rome's behind this?

Have you see my "Pope and Islam" page on the website wherein I have hundreds of articles linked out confirming the Vatican is pushing Islam into the churches as well as society right now? You may also want to look at my "Pope wrote Koran" page wherein I not only show doctrinal agreements between the Roman Catholic Catechism and Islamic doctrines along with articles and links to additional info, I also posted a video on that page wherein an ex-Muslim confirms the Vatican wrote the Koran without even knowing it. But the article here went on to say “The more good deeds we do, God will forgive us in the end. … You must work. Faith without work will not be accepted.” Yes, the Christian Scripture does say in James 2:20 "that faith without works is dead." But the beginning of the statement which was, "The more good deeds we do, God will forgive us in the end" is not found in Scripture. But it is found in Roman Catholic dogma! They (like Pagans) teach you will gain Heaven by your works. That completely eliminates the need for a Saviour.

What's really sad about all this?

These teachers that know bowing to the true God is illegal in America inside classrooms, openly bowed to Allah anyway and even joined in a prayer service to Allah in that Mosque. But then, they weren't the first Americans to do this. And no, not even Roman Catholics were the first to be reported as "bowing to Allah" in Muslim Mosques. Truth is, the present Jesuit Pope didn't pray to Allah in  Mosque until November of 2014, So, who was the first "so called" Christian church to be photographed bowing to Allah in a Muslim Mosque? Are you sitting down? It was the Seventh Day Adventist church! Click here for a photograph that was displayed with pride in Andrews University's "Focus Magazine" on page 21 back in the Summer of 2009. Is it any wonder shortly thereafter that Seventh Day Adventist Pastors started to declare Allah is God and the Koran is as holy as the Christian Bible on camera? 

Video~ Teacher suing over 'Bibles, prayer circles, ministering
"A Colorado teacher is suing a school district, claiming a school is not keeping church and state separate. ...Personalized Bibles distributed to students, morning prayer circles on campus, and a church pastor regularly on the Florence High School campus ministering with the principal nearby, are a few examples that attorney Paul Maxon says is unconstitutional."

--Okay, here's a bit of a conundrum to ponder. Atheists and the like always jump at the chance to declare we must keep Church & State separate. And I agree because that's how Jesus prefers it to be. After all, the government funded schools are not going to be able to preach Christianity any better than a government official can in DC or at any 501c3 government approved church. But, that's exactly what the government is doing here. The fact the government allows Satanism to exist as an official religion makes them bold faced hypocrites whenever they demand Jesus be removed from society. If that's the case then, everything in the religion of Satan must be tagged as "church" in need of being separated as well because Satan is Christ's archenemy and very clearly mentioned in the Christian Bible. In fact, it wasn't until the truth was brought forth and the Bible was penned that Satan was mentioned. Allowing it to flourish in the Schools or even society for that matter is to declare the Bible true and therefore hypocritical for all those demanding Christianity be illegal.

Still.. even if we didn't have Satanism as an officially recognized religion in America, we do have Christianity. What I mean is. They say they cannot promote Bible truths in Schools, yet they already protect those people that do in fact promote Bible truths in Schools. The Bible also stats Homosexuality is a sin, does it not? And for the majority of historic record, that's how it's been. But suddenly, in less than ten years it has become ok to speak on publicly and even promote an official Bible topic in the schools? How's that possible? Homosexuality is mentioned in the Bible. Yes, it is mentioned as sinful, but still, it was found in Scripture first just as Satanism was. And so, that too must be kept out of the schools for the simple reason that, if truth as it is defined in Scripture is illegal, then the lies as they are proven to be must be illegal as well. If you cannot allow God to be mentioned in schools or society, then you cannot allow the enemy of God to be mentioned either, for both entities are considered "religious" entities by most.

Still... if this confuses you and becomes too difficult to explain to others, use the fact the government legalized Satanism, wherein Homosexuality is considered in he Satanic bible as part of the doctrine of freedom that declares all followers of Satan can "do as thou wilt."  

District Apologizes After Transgender Book Read to Children Without Parental Notice
"Officials with a school district in Maine are apologizing after a book about transgendered child was read to elementary school students without advance notice to parents. An estimated 20 out of 22 classes in kindergarten through third grade  at Horace Mitchell Primary School in Kittery Point were recently read the book “I Am Jazz,” written by and about Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old transgender activist. The book was part of a lesson to children about tolerance and acceptance."

--The teachers and school administration knew day one it was illegal to read that book to the children, but they did it anyway so as to further indoctrinate the innocent children into a sinfilled mindset that is in agreement with the government approved pro-homosexual lifestyle the vat of sin in Rome has been pushing in America for decades. Not only did the school know it was illegal to read that book to those little ones, they knew they would have to apologize later. So why did they do it? It's simple. Once it's read to the kids, that offensive book's homosexual filthiness cannot be undone in the minds of those precious little children. If it's accepted as truth, and most little kids trust adults impeccably, then those beautiful little innocent babes will grow to embrace homosexuality as the norm. Worse yet, many of them will be moved to become homosexuals themselves.

And by the way, this isn't the first time the schools have been caught doing such things they knew parents wouldn't approve of. This is their modus operandi in fact. They share offensive material they know will alter the thinking process of the little children and they also know the parents would never approve of it if they were alerted beforehand. But they do so anyway knowing that even if they have to apologize, the deed is done and the children have been indoctrinated just as they planned. May God have mercy on their souls. 

California lawmakers advance bill requiring vaccinations for most schoolkids
"California lawmakers on Wednesday advanced a bill that would require schoolchildren in the state to be vaccinated amid impassioned pleas from parents and doctors, even activist Robert Kennedy Jr. Under the proposal, parents would no longer be able to send unvaccinated kids to school with waivers citing religious or personal beliefs. Exemptions would be available only for children with health problems."

--Wait a second! If kids with health problems don't have to get vaccinated, how I ask is it necessary for healthy kids to get vaccinated? What I mean is, they say the kid coming to school without a vaccination endangers all the kids in the school. But I ask how is that possible? Let's say there are 1000 kids in a school. Let's also say 10 kids are not vaccinated. How is it possible for those 10 kids or even 1 of those 10 kids to be a threat to the 990 vaccinated kids? They're vaccinated! The fact they say the kids can't come to school unless they are vaccinated proves THE VACCINES DON'T WORK!

Now.. if they were to say the 10 unvaccinated kids would be in danger and they didn't want them being infected by the vaccinated kids with measles, then it "might" be believable. BUT, and this is a BIG but, how again could the 10 kids be in danger if the 990 were vaccinated? Wouldn't they me immune to measles and then unable to infect anyone? The basic science boldly declares and their own actions against unvaccinated kids confirms, vaccines don't work!

In short.. it's all a scam. A money making scam. And the fact they're allowing "unhealthy" kids to avoid the vaccinations prove this on 2 counts. #1, it proves they don't really care about the unhealthy kids, because if they did they would demand they were especially vaccinated seeing how they're already sick. #2, the AMA knows why the sick kids can't be vaccinated. It's because of the vaccines they gave them as infants that they are now sick. Another vaccine would be a death sentence and they already have enough kids dying from vaccines already. Forcing sick kids to be vaccinated would confirm to even the blinded sheeple that vaccines don't work when 100% of the sick kids die after being vaccinated.

I have a section on my "AMA Insanity" page that has a few links that confirm just how deadly vaccines truly are and why the powers that be insist on them. They know that vaccines do work in one area. They work by causing everyone who is vaccinated to eventually get deathly ill so as to generate customers for the corrupt AMA. The failsafe here is how they know that someone getting sick 5, 10 or even 30 years later by the vaccines makes it impossible for the sickness to be traced back to the AMA. This is how low those in power have crumbled into the worship of money. But then, these are the very last days. Crazed mindsets and unjust laws were prophesied to be the norm. All you can do now is hold on to the Anchor of Christ. Not a Christian? Then you and your family are in for a very rough ride that will not end well. For eternity!

Bottom line is this. Are you, the parent, ready to place your child's health on the line just so you can have a second income? Or are you prepared to quit your job to let your spouse work so as to homeschool your child? After all, God gave you those children did He not? And He will hold YOU responsible for them and no one else.

THIS JUST IN! They PASSED the law! VIDEO: BREAKING: Mandatory Vaccinations Passed on Second Try (You may want to read this as well... 10 U.S. states now considering mandatory vaccination )

Video~ Student suspended after capturing ISIS support on film
"An honor student at Barry University has been suspended “without explanation or cause” after helping with a video that revealed a school official’s apparent support for a club that would benefit ISIS, according to the group that released the video."

--It used to be that if you did the right thing in School you were rewarded by the teachers, principals and sometimes on TV for all to see. Today? Not so much. This girl absolutely did the right thing because she and her fellow students knew what their government funded school was up to; and so the only way to try and fix it was to do as she did.

I would imagine some did try to stop the school from helping Isis before she did but failed, and so this way was the best way to make the truth known as far as any student that no doubt frequents the Internet would think. And now that the deed is done, and the truth is known that her school was in fact planning to help kids start groups that can help ISIS kill Christians, the school  that is funded by the "so called" Christian government of America suspends her? Talk about egg on your shirt!

The school gets caught and then instead of doing the right thing and admitting they messed  up as well as honoring the wise student for helping them snap out of their crazed lust for more government funding, they make it worse by suspending the student?

Just one more reason to homeschool the kids. Want to few thousand more reasons? Keep reading!

Forsyth homeschool robotics team invents way for teaching beginner’s braille
"Six middle school-aged kids formed a robotics club, and their invention — a device to teach beginning braille to the blind — recently landed them an invitation to the 2015 First Championship in St. Louis next month. ...He said they learned from the National Federation of the Blind that 90 percent of blind children in the United States today are not taught to read. This leads to 50 percent of them never graduating high school and 70 percent remaining unemployed. ...Teammates are all homeschooled in Forsyth. They are: Haney; Henry Lyle, eighth grade; Garrett Barker, seventh grade; Christian Carto, fifth grade; Daniel Torre, seventh grade; and Annie Torre, sixth grade."

--I guarantee you will not be finding this kind of educating abilities in Government schools any time soon. In fact, their main agenda is a dumbing down of the children so as to assure the powers that be can squash any future opposition once these indoctrinated (brainwashed) kids step into society as adults.

Want an in depth look at how bad it is in Government schools? Keep reading, but be forewarned however, it's not a pretty sight! 

Appeals court: Yoga doesn't bend rules on religious freedom
"The 4th District Court of Appeal in San Diego upheld a lower court ruling that tossed out a family's lawsuit that tried to block Encinitas Union School District from teaching yoga as an alternative to traditional gym classes. "While the practice of yoga may be religious in some contexts, yoga classes as taught in the district are, as the trial court determined, 'devoid of any religious, mystical, or spiritual trappings,'" the court wrote in a 3-0 opinion."


--How I ask can anyone expect a secular court to decide on religious matters? You can't! But, thanks to all the religious back and forth in the media the last few decades spewing from everyone to adulterous presidents to homosexual senators, the people in the nation have come to expect them to somehow be "experts" in whatever's laid on their table. And because the American school system is funded and controlled by the massively corrupt US Government, decisions like this is par for the course!

Have you noticed? In the media we see one "religious" topic after another being reported on and in 100% of the cases the Christians end up with the short end of the stick. The media also reports (on average) that 200,000 Christians being martyred for their faith by the Vatican inspired and controlled Muslims the World over. And the school system teaches the kids that Christianity is illegal in the schools, but Atheism, Satanism, Wicca, Homosexuality, Evolution, Satanic music, self-abuse, abortion, porn and a plethora of other decadent lifestyles and vices are perfectly legal to teach to the kids. In short.. do you see what I see? No? THEN OPEN A BIBLE! 

Video~ Anoka-Hennepin Schools May Start Depression Screenings
"Minnesota’s largest school district is discussing screening high school students for depression and anxiety in the classroom. As part of a state grant to improve mental health services, Anoka-Hennepin schools could offer a screening as soon as next fall. Dr. Nita Kumar, a mental health consultant for the district, said Friday that the idea is to get students to talk about something they may hide from their parents or not even understand what is happening."

--This is one more way the Psychiatric industry can continue to poison children with psychotropic drugs. But then, that was prophesied was it not? Don't believe me? See this.  

600 Students Expelled for Cheating on School Exams in India
"The incident has received widespread attention after Indian television footage showed parents and friends of students scaling the outer walls of school buildings to pass cheat sheets to students inside taking exams. More than 1.4 million 10th graders are taking the tests at more than 1,200 high schools across the state. They face tremendous pressure because they must pass the exams to continue their education." --Is it any wonder this world is in such a mess? Look at that picture! Those are the parents of the students climbing the walls of the school to help their kids cheat! Amazing! 

Video~ Parents Want Boy Kicked Out of Middle School for Book He Wrote
"When should a student’s threats of violence be taken seriously and when should they be taken with a grain of salt? That’s the dilemma a Texas middle school is facing this week, after a student’s graphic and threatening book, “Killing Children,” surfaced online, pushing frightened pupils and parents to press for his expulsion. ...“It’s very graphic,” Shawnteel Blodgett, the mother of a student killed in the book, told the news station. “I haven’t been able to eat or sleep, nor has my daughter. She’s very upset about that.” ...Student threats are rising, Trump found through a 2014 analysis of school-based threats, due in large part to social media." --Why isn't he expelled? The school actually said they are discussing whether or not it could be allowed under "free speech" laws. Really? The second a kid taks about Jesus he's immediately reprimanded, beaten, suspended and even expelled, but if he talks about killing the kids that bully him he may be 'legally' able to do so? And yes, these are TEACHERS that have this question. Me thinks (again) even the kids have more sense than the teachers! Bottom line is, schools are not a safe place for children! Want proof? Keep reading.

Video~ Ivy League dean: ISIS welcome on campus
"A secretly shot video seems to capture Cornell University’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, claiming it’s quite OK for an ISIS “freedom fighter” to come to campus and talk to students about the group’s mission. ...About midway through the interview, the reporter asks Scaffido: “Maybe we could bring a freedom fighter to speak. That would be possible?” And Scaffido, who’s identified as working with Cornell for more than 20 years, replies: “Yep. We’ve done things like that, yep.” --You have GOT to be kidding me!? Why does this happen? As the end of the video reports, each University in America get hundreds of millions of dollars in grants from the pro-Islam Vatican controlled US Government each year. The fact the dean of students is okaying everything this "student" is asking for suggests he's already been briefed and he knows he needs to allow Islam into his school so as to assure he keeps his job. Again, it's back to the almighty dollar bill. Most unjust laws and crazy situations like this can all be traced back to someone making a buck or someone losing a buck when they get fired. in short, we can all thank those that worship money and not the Lord for the extreme decadence we all must live in daily now. 

Demands of bullies will become school policy
"The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether or not to review a California school free-speech case that could set a First Amendment precedent by allowing random censorship of “pure speech” because of what is called a “heckler’s veto.” ...the 9th Circuit decision was a stunning repudiation of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Tinker case, which ruled students do not lose their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door." --Have you seen my "Homeschool Spurs" page? (or video) Have you noticed that lately, every unjust law that removes additional freedoms from Americans are usually introduced into the school system first so as to have a "conditioned" crop of young voters within a few years that can help them pass their decadent agenda. We have seen everything from the homosexual lifestyle to a literal police state form of government being pushed on the kids in the last 15 years alone. And now, as expected, they are once again doing as the Pope demands and going after free speech laws by using yet another end run around common sense and basic reality. In short.. want to know what our political leaders plan to do over the next few years? Ask your kids how things are going at school. 

VIDEO: Catholic high school now scans faces at door
"A St. Louis city high school is one of the first in the nation to have a new kind of security. Facial recognition cameras scan people's faces as they try to get in the building. If you are not in their system, you can't get in. The cameras are going in at St. Mary's High School in south city." --It's no mistake a Roman Catholic school is doing this. They want to spearhead the move towards a Socialist society, and so they will be "the first" to use facial recognition in schools so that students, who will be adults in just a few years, will be able to step into the workplace feeling as if facial recognition cameras in their society is no big deal. Make special note to listen to what the student interviewed says on camera. He says he feels "safer" with the cameras there, but also admits he sees no need for them since nothing bad has ever happened at his school. So again.. it's no mistake a Roman Catholic school that is under direct orders from the Vatican to do whatever they ask are the "first" to use facial recognition cameras in their schools. Prophecy WILL be fulfilled! The sooner more people start to realize that the better.

University: You can't make fun of terrorists
"No student or student group at a public university should have to fight for their First Amendment rights. But as I’m preparing for graduation in a few short months, that’s exactly what I find myself doing - fighting for the rights of my student publication. At the Minnesota Republic, we pride ourselves in standing up for freedom of speech on campus because we might not exist without it." --Why are they hindering their freedom of speech? The same reason they do so in most government funded schools. The US Government is pro-Islam because the Us Government is controlled by the Vatican, who have been recently exposed as the ones that wrote the Koran. So, any mention of Islam in a negative light will hinder their forward motion on their long prophesied agenda. Since the government has more money and power than the students, who do you think will win here? And by the way.. curbing freedom of speech on campus also fosters the mindset in students to "watch their mouth" when they eventually leave school to become contributing citizens in a SOCIALIST AMERICA.

Public school has students 'bowing to the sun god'
"A legal case over a public school in California that has students “bowing to the sun god” is looming in an appeals court, where a team of lawyers advocating for student and parental rights is challenging the Encinitas Union School District’s Ashtanga yoga program. ...“This school district has essentially adopted a state religion and is forcing it upon our young children by requiring this class to be taken,” Dacus said. “These actions violate the fundamental right of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs, and they disregard the Constitution that this nation was founded upon.” --Have you seen my "HomeSchool Spurs" page? This attack upon the youth in our nation is just one of literally thousands of attacks upon their common sense, sexuality and religiosity, and it's all being done by government controlled teachers. This government, as prophesied, has become the most evil government on the planet. And as Hitler knew, (under Vatican tutelage) getting the kids to adopt whatever Rome lusts after will make for a sinful society when they eventually become adults. Don't believe me? How old are you? 40? 50? 60 perhaps? Ok.. look around. See what I see? That's right! It worked! And now they hope to make society even worse by pushing real hellish rituals upon the already conditioned children.  

VIDEO: Holocaust survivor booted from public schools
"One school administrator at a high school in northern Minnesota contacted her with an invitation to speak, saying she came highly recommended by some students who had heard her speak previously. “I called him back and left a message and said I would be honored. Just let me know the date and time, and I will be there,” Dittman said. “I said, I have to tell you, though, that Christ is in my message.” “Well can’t you leave Christ out of it?” the man asked. “He is the one who kept me safe. I can’t keep Him out,” Dittman responded. “Well, I’m sorry then. You can’t come,” he said. Many other doors have closed at the mention of the “C” word." --In an American school no less. Still, this is not the reason I posted this article. Check out the video as you scroll down in the article. At the start she explains how Germany was such a mess economically that the people were seeking a way out of their nationwide distress. They needed someone to guide them and the Vatican knew it. So Hitler stepped up with all these wonderful promises, and the people were so bogged down with depression, no jobs and in many cases no food for days at a time, that they looked to Hitler "as a God." Now.. can you see how this is happening in the exact same manner here in America? Is that because Hitler resurrected? No.. of course not. It's because the entity or "man of sin" in Rome that has the exact same demon in him as all previous Popes is in power RIGHT HERE in America! He may not reside here physically, but the Vatican does in fact control the United States Government just as Christian prophecy predicted! 

Principal: Let students hurl food cans
"You’ve likely heard of students bringing canned food to school for food drives, but have you ever heard of bringing a canned food item to school for safety? A letter sent to parents of students at one school in Chambers County requested just that — students were asked to arm themselves with an eight ounce canned food item." --You know what works even better than having a few dozen students standing up in hte line of fire hurling canned goods at men with automatic weapons and machine guns? Shutting down the American school system and homeschooling the kids! That way they are totally out of harm's way. One would htink that's a no-brainer eh? I have to ask, doesn't anyone think it's odd that a principle is asking the children to defend themselves against armed men who can spray a hail of bullets at all of them before they can even release the cans of peaches? Are we really that blind that it's come to a place wherein some parents think it's a good idea to arm their children with canned good when in school? Seriously? What's next? Having PTA meetings on how to train your children how the be more accurate while tossing cans of giblets while under fire?  

VIDEO: Teachers allowed to have guns and KILL students at school?!
"The proposal would require someone who wants to carry a gun in school to undergo training with local law enforcement. ...Republican Rep. Dwight Kiefert of Valley City says the bill is especially aimed at rural schools where it may take law enforcement a long time to respond. He says just passing the law also would serve as a deterrent." In a second article / video it was stated that "Teachers in Texas should not be held legally accountable if they injure or kill a student, according to state representative Dan Flynn." --No, you can't make this stuff up! Have you seen my "homeschool spurs" page yet? I even made a video about it because it has so many articles showing how dangerous it is to be in government or even private schools that rely on government subsidies. The majority of the articles on that page are about how evil and unstable the teachers are. Just to name a few reasons teachers are dangerous, I have articles about them molesting and even dating the students, they teach the children homosexuality is normal, they teach them Jesus is a myth and evolution is a fact, they push Islam as a viable faith and some of the teachers grade the kids on how well they understand lesbianism. Some of the teachers have gotten into brawls with the students, some have duct taped the kids to discipline them, locked them in closets, had police handcuff them and bring them to jail at age 5. Some teachers have performed lap dances in front of all the students during a school seminar, some teachers come to work drunk, they teach "self" sex to 5 year olds, some teach how to give "consent" to have sex at age 5 and up, some teachers have bought alcohol for students, most teachers hand out free condoms, some teachers threaten students with murder, some kill small animals in class, some teachers play porn videos in class for the kids, some teachers tell students to actually commit suicide, and some teachers asks kids to steal guns from their own parents and then bring them to school! And I only shared some facts from articles of the last year alone! And it was only a small fraction of the year's article. Not to mention the thousands of articles from previous years about unstable teachers. And now they are seeking a way to arm these teachers?! SERIOUSLY?! So.. one has to ask. How bad will this get? Check this video out! They are now seeking laws to protect the Teachers if and when they KILL STUDENTS! Now do you see why I warn parents about schools? From this point, it can only get much worse.

High school holds 'hijab day' for students
"It was at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School, also known as NP3, where officials posted a notice that said: “January 28, 2015. The hijab is a headcovering worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and their devotion to God. GIRLS! Come to the library Wednesday morning and MSA [Muslim Student Association] members will assist you in putting your hijab on. You can bring ANY type of rectangular (or square) scarf that is bought at any store. (If you do not have any scarves, they will be provided for you to borrow for the day.)” --Let me ask you this. Have you seen this page on my site titled "Homeschool Spurs?" On that page I have many thousands of articles and videos confirming the American school system is very anti-Christian and presently doing all they can to remove Christianity from the society of the children so as to have a Christ-less society when they become adults. More than a thousand of the articles on that page specifically attack Jesus and faith in Him. Yet we now see the United States School system, headed up by a Muslim President, asking our children in the school system were "religion is illega'l" to take part in religious acts of Muslims? Why is it illegal and hated if it's Christian, but legal and embraced if it's Muslim? It's because the Vatican that authored this demonic religion's holy book, is also the power that now runs the Untied States Government. But... not for long. 

Adults allowed to pack heat at school?
"The proposal would require someone who wants to carry a gun in school to undergo training with local law enforcement. ...Republican Rep. Dwight Kiefert of Valley City says the bill is especially aimed at rural schools where it may take law enforcement a long time to respond. He says just passing the law also would serve as a deterrent." --Have you seen my "homeschool spurs" page yet? I even made a video about it because it has so many articles showing how dangerous it is to be in government public or even private schools that rely on government subsidies. The majority of the articles on that page are about how evil and unstable the teachers are! Just to name a few reasons teachers are dangerous, I have articles about them molesting and even dating the students, they teach the children homosexuality is normal, they teach them Jesus is a myth and evolution is a fact, they push Islam as a viable faith and some of the teachers grade the kids on how well they understand lesbianism, some teachers have gotten into brawls with the students, some have duct taped the kids, locked them in closets, had police handcuff them and bring them to jail at age 5, come have performed lap dances in front of students, some teachers come to work drunk, they teach "self" sex to 5 year olds, some teachers have bought alcohol for students, most teachers hand out free condoms, some teachers threaten students with murder, some kill animals in class, some teachers play porn videos in class, some teachers tell students to commit suicide, and some teachers asks kids to steal guns from their own parents. And I only shared some facts from articles of the last year alone! And it was only a small fraction of the year's article. Not to mention the thousands of articles from previous years about unstable teachers. And now they are seeking a way to arm these teachers?! SERIOUSLY?!

VIDEO: Horrid result when teacher confiscates cell phone
"A high-school freshman in New Jersey is now facing a criminal charge after pouncing on his 62-year-old teacher who confiscated the student’s cell phone during class. The violent attack was recorded on another cell phone, and has been posted on YouTube." --Okay, let me ask you this. If you're capable to get your child out of government schooling wherein students show no respect to their elders to the point of beating on them, why not remove your child and homeschool them? They're simply not safe in American schools. PERIOD! And I'm not just talking about physical danger. The schools now teach everything from evolution to homosexuality now. They are also brainwashing the children into thinking Socialism is normal. Yes, even if you homeschool them Socialism will still happen. It's too late to change that. But if you can survive on one income and one parent can stay home to homeschool the children, why not do that? It's not that hard to do! In fact, it will bless you with a much closer relationship with your child to boot! Is that so bad?

'Pleasure activist' teaches sex-ed to 13-year-olds at high school
"A California school district has posted online a defense of its use of Planned Parenthood personnel for public school sex-education courses amid new allegations that one of the workers calls herself a “pleasure activist” and another leads demonstrations at a nearby “sex toy porn shop” called Good Vibrations." --Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a Satanic vile government funded organization that uses all sorts of excuses and "societal current lessons" for children that are truly designed to cause the kids to get pregnant and then become paying customers of theirs so as to make money and yes, kill more babies. There.. I said it. Need I say more? Well.. maybe just one more thing. Why does this woman claim to be a "pleasure activist?" It has to do with one of the final prophesied events of today's society. Click here to see what I mean. Students of prophecy have been expecting this for literally decades. 

Pelosi pick: Make U.S. schools like madrassas
"Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., has declared that tea partiers on Capitol Hill would like “to see African-Americans hanging from trees.” And he suggested that U.S. schools should be modeled after Islamic madrassas, where education is based on the Quran. Now, he’s going to be privy to some of the nation’s most sensitive intelligence. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced she will appoint him as the first Muslim lawmaker on the body’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Politico reported Tuesday." --Now do you see why we have a Muslim president? Before answering, have you seen this article wherein the Mayor of Syracuse appointed a local representative of the nation of Islam to the city's school board? Still think your child is going to be safe and cozy in American schools? If so, keep reading.

U.S. public school forces girls to follow Islam
"The Douglas County School District in Colorado, under fire for saying that schoolgirls will have to cover up completely, from head to ankle, for a field trip to a Muslim mosque, has confirmed that such Shariah requirements will, in fact, be enforced on the school outing." --Notice if you will that nowhere in the article is the "separation of church & State" mentioned. Had this been a field trip to a Christian church, it would not be allowed at all. Atheists and Muslims would chime in a file lawsuits. But because we have a Muslim president who heads up the government school system under obvious Vatican directives, field trips like this can and will be the norm. And are you sitting down? So so called "Christian" Schools have brought their students into Mosques before. In fact, the SDA church not only brought students to a Mosque they convinced the students to bow before Allah in prayer inside the Mosque and they even took photos and published them with pride in SDA magazines! Click here for one such photo.

VIDEO: Middle-schoolers transformed by transcendental meditation
"I thought this is hippy stuff that didn't work in the '70s, so how's it gonna work now," O'Driscoll said. But he changed his tune, when over a four-year period, suspensions decreased by 79 percent and attendance and academic performance noticeably increased." --Satan will make it "appear" to work in the schools so as to allow this demonic Middle Eastern Theology of transcendental meditation to flourish among the young. It's bad enough they are brainwashing the kids with homosexuality, Islam, evolution, drugs and demonic music in the schools. But they are now introducing false god meditation worship that is very much a religion of devil worship that became very popular in the 1960's after the Beatles started to do it and sing of it in their drug induced music. Just one more reason to get your children out of the schools! But if it's not enough, keep reading.  

Denver High School Protesters Accused of ‘Reprehensible’ Actions
"Protesters who marched through Denver Wednesday to demonstrate against events in Ferguson, Missouri, are now being accused of cheering and clapping when a Denver Police officer was run down and seriously injured by a motorist." --Jesus said in Matthew 24:12-14, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Nuff said? 

VIDEO: Govt PSA asks kids to steal and disarm parents
"A provocative public service announcement released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to put themselves at risk and commit a slew of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns from home and turning them in at school." --How does this not remind us of Hitler's kids wherein they turned in their own parents to be killed by Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler? And now, the US Government is asking our children to do the same thing? Why is the US Government following Hitler's lead? Click here. 

Cops go ballistic on 'misbehaving' preschooler
"Officials at a Virginia school turned an allegedly misbehaving 4-year-old preschooler over to law enforcement, where he was put in handcuffs and shackles and ordered to talk to jail inmates, according to a legal group intervening in the case. The unnamed student, who was enrolled in the pre-kindergarten program at Nathanael Greene Primary School, in Stanardsville, Virginia, was removed from the classroom Oct. 16 after allegedly “becoming agitated and throwing several items onto the floor.” --So of course, slap on the cuffs and terrorize the child with a prison cell. Worse yet, let him talk to prisoners face to face?! Let me ask you this. If a mother or a father did that to their child, they would end up in jail, right? Yet officer unfriendly can do it without so much as a slap on the wrist?

Duggars win – transgender bathroom bill overturned
"In criticizing the ordinance, Mrs. Duggar had said that it affected “the safety of Northwest Arkansas women and children” because it would “allow men – yes, I said men – to use women’s and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only. I don’t believe the citizens of Fayetteville would want males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls.” --This shows us how corrupt and blinded most governing officials are today. One would think common sense would prevent people elected to public office, who by the way are "ordained" by God to protect the people that elect them, (See Romans 13:1-7) would see allowing grown men into areas only women, or worse yet, little girls are allowed is dangerous. But because Satan's time is short, and the majority of the people in power are under his control, they just can't seem to decipher the difference between right and wrong. And just think.. it's only going to get a lot worse before it all ends.

School district scans fingerprints for student lunches
"Students lose their ID, they left it at home, it went through the washing machine, there were all kinds of reasons why kids didn’t have an ID and it took a lot of time for them to fish it out of their pockets and holding their tray at the same time." --Okay, now for the real reason they are using biometric scans in Government schools. It's because when the Real ID card was introduced back in 2008, the general consensus was the American people said no way! So, they tried re-introducing two more times, failed and tabled it and then they decided to use it in the schools so as to cultivate the agreement for it to come about in as little as 3 to 5 years by indoctrinating the students that are used to it on a daily basis. When they start contributing to society as young adults, a global ID won't be a big problem for them. I am a product of the 1970's High School system and we had "ID Cards" as well back then. And never did I hear of my classmates loosing their ID's in washing machines or leaving them at home. In fact, if that's the case, why not force all teens to have biometric driver's licensing as well? How is it the always seem to lose their School ID's but never their Driver's license when they are always in the same wallet or purse? It's because, like the excuse "my dog ate my homework," it's simply not the truth. It's only an excuse to introduce the Real ID card in a more stealthy manner. 

VIDEO: Schools encourage sexual promiscuity in teens
--I have thousands of articles on my “Homeschool Spurs” page on the main website that verifies government schools are not a safe place for children. This video highlights an article that just came out about how the schools are purposely cultivating sexual promiscuity in the schools of America.

Christian schools' 'hands tied' by gender-bender rules
"On Thursday, the Minnesota State High School League, or MSHSL, officially adopted new policies that would require all public, private and even some religious high schools to accommodate transgender students, effective Aug. 1, 2015. The decision came in the face of fierce opposition that delayed the decision by months." --This is to be expected when the "so called" Christians schools emulate the public schools by creating a budget that relies heavily on Government subsidies instead of relying on the Lord they claim to trust. Now that the schools have been using Government money for decades the Government can now demand they do whatever they ask or their money stops flowing. They were warned years ago when approached by the second beast of Revelation with all sorts of golden carrots in hand, but because prophecy was to be fulfilled and their worship was more focused on the dollar than the Lord, they are now locked into the beast's system and there's nothing they can do about it. Kind of like the 501c3 government pastors. But then, that's a whole nother prophetic event.

Transgender girl awarded $75,000 in lawsuit over school bathroom access
"The lower court initially supported the school administrators’ decision, but the state’s high court overturned that ruling after Maines appealed. "This is an important decision in that it sets a precedent, and that is a building block for similar cases nationally," Cunningham said." --As if there aren't 1000's of reasons already to get kids out of school, homeschooling is looking better and better each and every day of the week. This transgender movement is one of the most vile ways Satan gets people to defile themselves. As a Christian that trusts the Lord's will, I refuse to identify Nicole Maines, born Wyatt, as a female. His parents, teachers and the court system have all failed him miserably, with his teachers even going along and referring to him as "she" since third grade. It gets worse. Glamour Magazine just recognized him as one of 50 inspiring women of the year, which his father is actually proud of. In a moment of clarity, school officials in Maine had barred this young man from using the girls bathroom, and for this, the state's supreme court will now make taxpayers shell out $75,000 in compensation. The threat of losing a lawsuit will cause school districts all over the country to lay prostrate to these transgender extortionists. So don't be surprised when the same thing happens at your son's or daughter's school.  

'Womb-to-workforce' data-mining scheme sparks revolt
"Privacy advocates are calling for a moratorium on the Pennsylvania school system’s sweeping data-collection program, which they say is part of the federal government’s goal of being able to track the development of every child “womb to workforce.” All 50 states have been mandated by the U.S. Department of Education to establish inter-connected “longitudinal databases” accumulating information on every student from pre-kindergarten through college. ...The expanded data collection has been enabled by federal stimulus grants issued as far back as 2010. Growth in the student data-mining industry has also been buoyed by President Obama’s 2011 executive order weakening the rules against releasing student data, which is regulated by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act." --Now do you see why the Homeschooling network is growing exponentially? And by the way, it's no mistake the economy was designed to force mom out of the house to get a job to help pay the bills. That forces the parents to place their precious children in the hands of the government. What does government schooling have to offer? Keep reading.

High School Offers Controversial Police Workshop
"A New York City high school has introduced a rare workshop into its curriculum: How to deal with the police. A New York City high school has introduced a rare workshop into its curriculum: How to deal with the police. East Side Community High School recently hosted the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) for a two-day, hour-long workshop for 450 students (and several eighth graders) that taught them how to behave if they get stopped by the police. Instructors focused on the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program and Fourth Amendment Rights. They also distributed pamphlets titled, “What To Do If You’re Stopped by the Police” which included the advice ‘keeps your hands out of your pockets” and “be polite." --This may actually be a good idea, as long as they highlight both sides of the fence on this. Police have a very tough job and it is especially difficult when the present day mob mindset has painted all cops as crazed lunatics hellbent on shooting first and asking questions later. Yes, that does happen, but it's a rarity. Picture a typical cop's day. All day long people that got caught breaking laws yell and curse at him for simply doing his job. And then, once in a while you see the literal hand of Satan stepping in. What I mean is - after a few years of a constant barrage of hateful slurs and complaints, some cops snap under the pressure. Then on that day, they pull over a fairly innocent citizen who had a minor offence like a taillight out and they say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It is then you have another cop losing control and another citizen wounded or killed. So again.. perhaps it's a good idea to teach the kids to be polite. After all, Proverbs 15:1 says, "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."

VIDEO: State-funded sex-ed conference for teens goes too far
"Students as young as 11 from across the state have been attending a sex conference held in Seaside, Oregon, for the past 20 years. Taxpayers’ money is used to fund the program, which is meant to promote safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy. However, a KOIN 6 Investigation uncovered that there’s a good chance the parents who signed permission slips in order for their children to attend have no clue what is really being taught behind closed doors." --This is not an easy topic to discuss on a Christian website, and if you're one that doesn't like to hear about such things, then I suggest you do not watch this video! But it is absolutely disgusting and without a doubt a very powerful way to show parents how dangerous Government schools have become. Besides the fact they show the kids as young as 11 years old hard core porn, the teachers show them how to use the porn sites to get the best "experience" their flesh craves. They even show them what types of sex toys work best. And I was totally shocked when I saw they actually teach the kids that using illegal drugs can make their experience last for days! This is INSANE! The prophesied lamb horned beast (America) is most assuredly speaking as a dragon and doing so to our innocent children! They are doing all they can to turn the children into perverts so as to have the Paganistic society of ancient days that the Vatican revels in behind closed doors. They clearly want what Rome does behind those doors to be legalized in society as the norm! But before they can do that they have to cultivate a huge crop of people that will vote for such things in a few years and our children are how they plan to do this! Once they get the kids programmed, society will be changed in as little as 5 to 8 years into the decadent cesspool Rome has wallowed in for centuries! We truly are living in the days of Lot and Noah! 

‘I thought he was going to shoot me.’ Unsuspecting middle school students terrified by active shooter drill
"Police officers in Florida surprised students, teachers and parents Thursday with an active shooter drill. And by “active shooter drill,” we mean that a Winter Haven middle school went into lockdown as two armed police officers burst into classrooms, guns drawn, leaving the unsuspecting children terrified — and their parents furious." --Imagine if you will some parents doing the exact same thing to test the alertness of their local school. Would they not be jailed? Of course they would. And for many years in fact. But for some reason it's perfectly legal for government officials to terrorize innocent children?! Again, American schools are NOT a safe place for children! 

Call of Duty Director Says U.S. Should Station Soldiers in Schools
"Dave Anthony, former writer and director for the megahit video game franchise Call of Duty, wants the U.S. government to explore stationing soldiers in schools... we do all the things we can to essentially brainwash people into liking it before it actually comes out". --Still think violent video games are merely entertainment? One of the major players behind the mega-popular Call of Duty (COD) video game franchise is basically admitting here his games are designed to mentally condition people to accept a militarily controlled state. What he doesn't come out and say is these games are also recruiting tools for the military by making combat seem fun and exciting. Even ISIS uses the COD game series to recruit jihadists to their cause, saying that taking part in the conflicts of Syria and Iraq are "better than that game Call of Duty." Be it video games, movies or music, those who produce these things are going to instill their values into their work. So my advice to you would be to do as Proverbs 4:14-15 says and you'll be fine; "Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away." 

Video~ Father arrested, upset kids are sitting on bus floor
"Clayton County School District spokeswoman Vicki Constantinides says the district has nearly 2,000 more elementary school students riding the bus this year than last. While state rules allow districts to seat buses at 120% capacity, she says this is only a temporary situation." --Amazing how the government can do what the citizen will be jailed for. If a parent was pulled over by a cop for having a child sitting on the floor in their car instead of in a car seat, they would be jailed and the child taken away from them. But if the government does it, it's perfectly legal! Only in the last days! 

More college students support post-birth abortion
"A trend seen by prolife activists that frequently engage college students on campuses nationwide is the growing acceptance of post-birth abortion, or killing the infant after he or she is born, campus prolife outreach leaders tell The College Fix. ...“human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons … [therefore] the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee." --Surprised? You shouldn't be! The school system in the prophesied lamb horned beast (America) that leads up to college has brainwashed our children so much that by now, killing their babies AFTER their literally born is no big deal in their eyes! Thanks to the government school system our kids now see no wrong with premarital sex, "regular" abortion, homosexuality, drugs, satanic rituals, rock music, and a few hundred other decadent lifestyles and vices. I have thousands of articles and videos on the site proving this and much much more. Homeschooling is and has always been the best option for our children.

Students hear praise for transgendered killer
"Students across America whose schools take part in “LGBT History Month” soon will be hearing praise for a transgendered killer who recently got out of prison. According to a website promoting the observance, the personality spotlighted for Oct. 25 is CeCe McDonald, who was accused of second-degree murder and accepted a plea bargain of second-degree manslaughter after fatally stabbing a man with scissors. It is almost unbelievable who these activists think should be held up as role models,” said Brad Dacus, the president of Pacific Justice Institute, which issued a statement on the controversy." --Seriously, the American public School system is NOT a safe place for children. And no, it's not just because of this one article. Keep reading the now thousands of articles and videos below. Why is it so bad in the schools? Adolph Hitler once said, "Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the State." Nuff said?

Public school 'purges' Christian authors from library
"Parents contacted the Pacific Justice Institute after Springs Charter School system Supt. Kathleen Hermsmeyer declared the library would not be allowed to carry “sectarian” materials. Pacific Justice President Brad Dacus told WND that among the books was “The Hiding Place,” the story of Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch woman sent to a prison camp by the Nazis of World War II for helping Jews escape." --Amazing isn't it? Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler burned books that he deemed injurious towards his Nazi regime, Now we see American Schools banning books that are injurious towards Hitler's Nazi regime? Why is this vicious circle coming around again? It's because the Roman Catholic Vatican controlled Hitler in his day and now they control the US Government in our day.

Sandy Hook commission blames homeschooling
"Adam Lanza, 20, has been described as being “dark and disturbed” before his death. He coldly murdered his own mother in their expensive home near Newtown, Connecticut. Then he took her legally registered guns to the nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School and shot and killed 20 children and six adults. Then he took a handgun and shot himself. ...Now a state commission of 16 educators, local and state officials and behavioral experts assembled by Gov. Dannel Malloy after the tragedy has a game plan to prevent future occurrences. Monitor homeschoolers." --Unexpected? No, we knew this was one reason they did this. Yes, they have been using this government hoax as a way to push gun control in the mainstream media. But worse than that is their quite agenda which is the hatred of homeschooled children. Homeschooling has shown since its inception to be hands down the safest and best method of education for children. Not only does it cultivate children with grade stats off the heart that embarrasses the Government school records, it cultivates children with Christian morals and THAT is why the hoax held at Sandy Hook is being used today to generate talking points designed to eventually bring about laws that will in fact outlaw homeschooling. The fact Germany, the home of Nazism, has outlawed it across the board suggests those behind the NWO agenda see it as a threat. Still.. I have to ask. How will they be able to control those Christians that give birth to children outside hospitals that later homeschool their children to be leaders in their respective communities? They can't. Basic reality here is, they will never be able to stop some moms from loving and protecting their children as God intended.

Video~  High schoolers protest 'patriotic' curriculum
"Hundreds of students walked out of classrooms around suburban Denver on Tuesday in protest over a conservative-led school board proposal to focus history education on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism and respect for authority, providing a show of civil disobedience that the new standards would aim to downplay." --What they seem to be downplaying here is how they are actually demanding the students obey their civil leaders without question just as Hitler did in his day. And the only reason they're following Hitler's lead is because the Vatican that controlled Hitler is right now controlling DC, who in fact controls the insanely corrupt school system. They want to change society by changing the kids first. I know this because I have a nephew involved in this protest and he outlined rather clear that they are removing all evidence of civil protests from the school History books as well as asking the teachers to build a curriculum that will eventually indoctrinate the children into becoming mindless obedient drones to the government. As I've said before I say it again, the school system in America is all about indoctrination and not education. Our corrupt leaders in DC are following Hitler's lead, who was a puppet to the Vatican wherein a "perfect society" is their goal. And when they say "perfect" they mean any opposition, any sickness, and any faith outside government parameters will be entirely wiped out. Not to worry obedient ones. Rome failed in the past, they will fail again. Only this time, their failure will be globally realized when that Easter sky rips wide open. By the way.. Adolph Hitler said, "If you let me control the textbooks, I will control the State!"

 Video~ School orders girl to remove ‘Virginity Rocks’ shirt
"Chloe showed up at school wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Virginity Rocks.” “It’s a positive message,” said Bambi Crozier, Chloe’s mom. But school officials disagreed. They said the shirt could cause a classroom disruption and contained sexual content. Apparently some folks at Ramay Junior High don’t understand the concept of virginity." --OK, here's the thing. The school is obviously lying here. How do I know? Check out my homeschool spurs page and you will see literally thousands of articles and videos confirming the American Schools are in fact talking about premarital sex, homosexuality as well as numerous other perverted sexual acts with the children in the classrooms each and every day of the year! But, the minute a young Christian girl comes up with a T-shirt suggesting no sex at all, then the school gets upset. Why? It's a "GOVERNMENT" school! Planned Parenthood is a "GOVERNMENT" business. Unless they get the kids to keep having sex, they won't make as much money killing the babies.

San Diego Unified School District Got An Armored Vehicle Under Military Surplus Program
"San Diego Unified School District recently acquired a tank. Well, it’s as big as a tank, and it’s in the garage of Morse High School." --Amazing! Can you guess what has been more effective in dumbing down the public in San Diego? Is it fluoride in the water, too many recreational drugs, too much time on the couch or too much time in the sun? Whatever it is, the people have become clearly blind if they believe the School District is going to use a $730,000 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) solely as a rescue vehicle. But that's actually what the district's police spokesman is claiming. Besides the school getting a vehicle designed to withstand explosions as well as have the ability to kill men. woman and children en masse, six other agencies in San Diego received a total of 112 M-16A1 assault rifles and 31 M14 rifles. For those of us that have not been "dumbed down" we can see that the only reason military weapons are being placed in schoolyards is because they plan to indoctrinate the children towards a police State in the USA. That way, when they step out of highschool and see MRAP's cruising (or crushing) their neighborhoods, they won't think it's strange at all. In fact, by that time I am sure most will feel safe and coddled by their police force which by then emulates the Roman Gestapo guided by Roman Catholic devotee Adolph Hitler.

School Cops Across Texas Receiving Surplus Military Gear
"Law enforcement units policing public schools in Texas have acquired tons of used military gear, including M16 rifles, armored vehicles and scores of “high capacity magazines,” all in alleged efforts to keep students safe." --As we have seen so many times before, whenever politicians want to get a societal change brought about in a few years, they do so by indoctrinating the children in the public school system. Looking around America now we see that we are in the berthing stages of a police state. But, since the general population seems to be balking at it for the most part, or at least online, the easiest way to assure the people will eventually allow it without much opposition is by introducing a police state into the public school system so that in as little as 5 to 8 years you will have a full fledged police state in America! defines homeschooling as 'mindless'
", the popular destination for writers seeking definitions and synonyms, contains some scathing commentary on homeschooling. "If you want to keep your kids from reality and turn them into mindless automaton copies of yourself," the site declares, "homeschool them." The pointed statement is just one of three potentially offensive sentences that could be found on the site as late as Tuesday morning as examples for how to use "homeschool" in a sentence." --Keep in mind, dictionary sites are usually the product of organized groups of atheistic teachers who know their government paychecks depend upon homeschoolers giving in to the system that pays their bills. What they don't say is homeschooled children blow the doors off of government schooled children in every aspect of education INCLUDING morals. So yes, homeschool them. And I say yes again when Christians train their children to grow up as their parents with Christian morals. The evolution pumping, homosexual sanctioning, anti-God education system in America desperately needs more warm bodies to assure their Sodom inspired utopia to come to fruition. Prophecy confirms they will have their utopia, but it's up to us Christian parents to prevent them from counting our children in their number that finds hellfire as judgment upon them.

British Officials Condemn Biblical Creation, Compare It to Radical Islam
"Earlier this summer, the United Kingdom government banned the teaching of creation as scientifically valid in all public schools. Government officials ruled at the time that the creation versus evolution debate could be discussed - just as long as evolution is presented as scientifically valid while creation is presented as an unsubstantiated belief." --The ruling that creationism can only be taught as an invalid theory in British schools happened this past June. But in July, Britain got a new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, and now she's ruling that creationism cannot be taught at all, even if you suggest it's only a theory. Doing so will cause the school's funding could get cut off. This is imply more proof all government schools are not safe for Christian children. The UK Telegraph's version of this story claims an unnamed government source said "We are absolutely not saying, "You can’t teach Bible stories." Maybe that's the case, but two things are clearly evident. First, some bible subjects are going to be completely off limits, and you better believe the bible's teachings on homosexuality won't be allowed either. Second, even the stories you can mention are obviously only going to be allowed if you present them as a myth. After all, only an 'extremist' would dare claim the bible is true in their view. When I was a kid, people who had strong religious convictions were called zealots or legalists. Still, they were tolerated for the most part. Today, those who stand firm in bible truth are labeled extremists and viewed as threats who need to be silenced and even killed if need be. Just a couple of weeks ago we posted this story about a woman who was accused of "bullying" a Muslim coworker by sharing her Christian faith. That incident happened in the UK. But don't think these things aren't happening in America as well. Christians in the EU and US are still getting off easy compared to most of the world. But our governments are now openly showing hatred towards us. So we need to make sure we're spiritually prepared for what's coming.

Principal's racy photo has parents irate
"WARNING: This story contains an image that some may feel is offensive. An elementary school teacher in Canada is coming under fire after provocative images of herself ended up on Facebook and Pinterest pages, prompting some parents to remove their children from school." --It just never ends with the schools in America. (click here to see how bad it really is now) It's almost as if they're competing with the Vatican on who can be the most perverse in the mainstream. What's really sad thing here is, yes the way the photo was taken was to make an obvious perverted point, but what may not be obvious to those taking it is the fact that the Washington monument, as well as the original Pagan spire in St Peter's Square and all the steeples the world over are actually the official Pagan symbol for what these teachers are making their perverse joke about. But then.. being teachers taught in Colleges that hide much of the truth about Rome and it's long prophesied homosexual agenda, they may not know that.

Education subjected to 10,000 violent attacks
 "These are not cases of schools and their staff "just caught in the crossfire", says Diya Nijhowne, director of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack. "They are bombed, burned, shot, threatened, and abducted precisely because of their connection to education." --The story goes to say these attacks do not even include the school shootings that happen with ever increasing frequency in the United States. The incidents in this study are terrorist attacks aimed at changing the political and religious ideology in the countries involved. When it comes to politics and religion, students of prophecy know all too well the Catholic church's goal is to dominate both worldwide. War crimes such as this are par for the course for this church of Antichrist. We all know that raping children isn't even enough for the vile predators at the Vatican. The god they worship, Satan, demands the blood of children. Therefore Jesuits, such as the current Pope, will see to it that the bloodletting never stops. Violent death is the promise of the Jesuits as stated in their own oath. But we have a High Priest who is the mediator of an infinitely better covenant established upon better promises that will be kept! His greatest promise to bring His faithful and obedient children home with Him, and this will happen very soon.

Video~ High School In Woodbury Blocks Students From Accessing Conservative Sites
"Lampart even looked at Web sites focusing on abortion issues and religion. He found that "right-to-life" groups were blocked by the public school firewall but that Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America were not. He also tried to get on web sites such as and the Vatican's web site but both were blocked. he found, was not." --Now do you see why so many Christian parents have opted to homeschool their children? Government schools are 100% political and they will bolster whatever evil agenda is being pushed by the administration because it is their job to follow orders. The powers that be do this because they know by hiding the truth on some issues the majority of the students will eventually become adults that agree with their evil ways and society will be as decadent as their wicked hearts desire.

Video~ Dad: NJ threatens to take away son after pencil-twirling incident
"Ethan was seen by a social worker, and had his blood drawn and urine taken. In the end, no behavioral problem was found. The state, it seems, is ignoring that set of testing, demanding further evaluation and threatening that if Michael doesn’t comply, they are will terminate his parental rights and free Ethan up for adoption." --This is what can happen to any parent that has their child in the American school system. The child did absolutely nothing wrong. But because the schools are "legally" able to scan for and even create "issues" like the traffic cop looking for burnt out bulbs in taillights, they are now putting this child and his father through a literal nightmare! 

Video~ Boy sees 'gun' in cloud, school goes ballistic
"Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination, and that picture is a gun," Kody told his teacher. The teacher sent the 8-year-old to the school office and filed a behavior report." --Again, these "teachers" are the very ones paid by the United States Government to teach our little children about common sense and simple reality. How does that make any real sense? Well, none actually. But then the powers that be also know they were able to convince many people to think Roman Catholics priests that never marry women and for the most part are homosexual can be good marriage counselors. Makes about as much sense as a penny eh? This is one strange planet we dwell upon.

President Obama expresses frustration after OR school shooting
"No developed nation on earth would put up with mass shootings that happen now once a week and disappear from the news within a day, Obama said - no nation except America". --Actually it's worse than once a week. We're right now 161 days into 2014 and this is the 37th school shooting this year. Do the math and you will see that the USA is averaging a school shooting every 4.35 days this year! 37 this year is actually equal to the total number of school shootings reported in 2013 alone. But this year isn't even halfway over. We can expect this number to continue growing expotentially since it's believed 200,000 students who've been bullied bring weapons to school. That's not even counting the kids who aren't bullied that also bring weapons to school because movies, TV shows, video games, and music glorify death and violence like never before; not to mention the millions of children on mind altering antidepressants and ADHD drugs. Imagine how much better we'd all be if those 200,000 students brought bibles to school instead. But schools are doing there best to keep that from happening while also doing what they can to ensure the Quran is uplifted in our classrooms. If somebody told me when I was kid that there would one day be a viable market for selling body armor to school children I'd have laughed it off as the plot of some cheesy sci-fi horror movie. No wonder homeschooling is increasing in popularity to the tune of 700% faster than public school enrollment. After all does not the bible say "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6). 

Video~ Students discover yearbook photos were altered before publication
"Female students at a Utah high school want to know why their yearbook photos were altered to show less skin without them knowing about it. The students who were surprised to find their photos altered attend Wasatch High School, and some of them said they also feel upset because it appears the decisions whether to alter the photos or not weren’t made consistently." --What shocks me is that no one is saying anything about the reality that the girls wore such clothing daily to school and it was only in the yearbook that their image changed. In short, the yearbook is actually the school's advertisement in a way. They hope to make the school appear moral by doctoring the photos when in fact, they are far from it.Still, some may say that most of what they covered up was rather mild. That being said, two more demons creep out of the closet. #1, the people have become complacent with vulgar fashions. #2, the school may be seeking to gain Muslim students who they know have parents that "appear" stricture than "Christian" parents. In any event, society is exactly as prophecy predicted, right down to the classroom.

Video~  An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy
"An idiocy outbreak is spreading, reported "Daily Show" correspondent Samantha Bee. Her Monday night segment ripped into the antivaccine movement, which has been linked to the return of preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough." --First of all, there is no hard data that these diseases are back in huge numbers. But, there is hard data on people that HAVE been vaccinated that got sick from diseases the vaccine were supposed to prevent. What we see happening in this video is the government and AMA's attempt at using humor to get people to see how ridiculous it is to be against the now proven harmful vaccines. Still, simple common sense shines brightly here. If the vaccines really work as they claim, why are people with vaccines getting sick from things the vaccine was supposed to cure? People vaccinated from whooping cough GOT whooping cough! People vaccinated against measles GOT measles! This list goes on of course. But common sense also dictates that if vaccines really work, why are they so worried about the vaccinated kids getting sick when the unvaccinated kids go to school? If they're vaccinated, won't they be ok? But if they know they're lying about the vaccines, then of course, they will make up as many stories about the unvaccinated dangers so as to prevent people from discovering that the kids that were vaccinated still got sick! So, keep the unvaccinated kids out of the school to keep the lie hidden.

Video~   'I’ll be a god': man makes sadistic video before murderous rampage in Santa Barbara
"I hate all of you. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species," he said. "If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you into mountains of skulls and rivers of blood." --Yes, the media is stating he is mentally ill, but as you watch this video, you will see he is most assuredly possessed by a demon. But saying such things in public makes the Bible appear very real for many, so the media does all it can to hide certain realities. In any event, this kid's rampage and demise is the end result of today's society. Everywhere you look you see sex being used to sell everything from cars to candy bars. Compile that with the most violent movies and video games known to man and you get kids without morals and the coldest hearts imaginable. He literally admits he is killing innocent people because the girls he lusted after rejected him over the years and since he is now 22 years of age and still a virgin, they must now die. What a sick twisted world we live in. If it wasn't for the government school system that is designed to fuel his lust and his rampage, 6 are dead and 7 are injured!

Student handcuffed over 'deadly' lacrosse equipment
"This is a rare victory of reason and fairness over the kind of hysterical, irrational exercise of authority that teaches children to fear those in power, what I would call a draconian zero-tolerance policy run amok," said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, which is working on behalf of students Graham Dennis and Casey Edsall." --I couldn't have said it better myself!

Video~  Girl, 10, raped by brother-sister team at school!
"The 10-year-old said she had gone to the restroom, and that's when a female classmate of hers and the classmate's brother began their assault. "The little boy pulled his pants down, pulled her pants down," said the mother, who indicated the sister held her daughter down while the 8-year-old brother raped her." --The sad reality in all this is that this is modern day America, and these are indeed the very last days! For an 8 year old boy to have the actual physical "ability," or even the lust-filled mindset to actually want to rape a 10 year old girl boldly states our society is an exact duplicate of both Noah's and Lot's day just as Jesus prophesied it would be. That being said.. are ready? ARE YOU SURE?! (Yes.. articles like this are not easy to read and even more difficult for me to post. But because this is now "the norm" for our society and disgusting acts like this are happening more frequently, I believe it is my duty to expose it just as any other watchman on the wall should. Turning a blind eye to such things can cause it to fester even worse.)

Claim: Christians sin by putting kids in public school
"Christian parents, do you wish to obey God and reclaim America from a godless culture? Then remove your children from the nation's public schools.That’s the plea from E. Ray Moore, who has been taking his message public during his campaign for lieutenant governor in South Carolina." --First and foremost, he makes this claim so as to further his political career. Nothing more, nothing less. But, he does have a point. No I am not saying parents are in sin for placing their children in public schools any more than parents were in sin Daniel's day when he and his three friends were forced to be educated by Babylonian leaders. We are in the last days, and our government school system is wholly, utterly and hopelessly corrupt. If the parents do have the ability to allow one of the parents to stay home to homeschool the children and they choose not to because they like the extra money or fancy toys money can buy, or they're just too lazy to bother worrying about their children, then those parents are going to be held accountable by the Lord that looks upon the heart. But, for those parents that are forced into government schools due to being single parents, or simply too poor to do otherwise, pray with your children every morning before sending them off to be in the midst of the world. Who knows, you may be raising the next Daniel who needs to experience life in such a place as this so as to pass the REAL tests that come from above.

Video~  Reaction to 'The Kiss'
"Don Lemon goes there as he shares a kiss with Mel Robbins while discussing Michael Sam's draft day kiss." --The only reason I share this video is to show how easy it is to manipulate the sheeple via the mainstream media. The reporters here use both sides of the same lie to benefit their wicked agenda. What I mean is, notice how they claim "only adults were offended by the kiss, but the kids saw it as no big deal." Why is that? Two reasons. #1, the kids have been indoctrinated in the pro-homosexual government schools to see homosexuality as "no big deal." See literally hundreds of articles and videos confirming that as fact here. #2, the reason the adults are upset is because they were not subjected to the brainwashing so apparent in today's school system. Also notice another popular lie being used to their advantage here. One guy chimes in to say he's more worried about violence on TV than he is about sexuality. He says this knowing full well violence on TV will never go away. But he uses his comment so as to make it appear his way of thinking is more moral than those that know homosexuality is an abomination. As prophesied, Sodom and Gomorrah have been resurrected.

School scorched for having kids bow to 'sun god'
"A California school district is going too far when it has public school students “bowing to the sun god” and participating in “liturgical/ritual religious practices” aimed at having them “become one with god,” according to a brief filed with an appeals court." --Notice the satanic posture of this young child in Baal worship. Also notice his hands. Where have you seen that before? Click here.

Dad handcuffed for protesting graphic-sex book
"William Baer, whose ninth-grade daughter last week was assigned the book "Nineteen Minutes," came to the meeting to protest the book’s assignment and the district’s failure to notify parents the book contained graphic descriptions of "rough sex" between teens. ...A parent who complained about a book assigned to his daughter at Gilford High School in Gilford, New Hampshire, was arrested and taken away in handcuffs from a school board meeting for refusing to "be quiet" when repeatedly admonished by a board member." --It's obvious, the only way for the government school system to get away with forcing immoral acts as the norm to our children, is by using force. The moment a parent complains, they are forced to comply. The only option left is to homeschool the child. Which by the way is becoming more and more popular with Christian parents and more and more unpopular with the antichristian authorities. By the way, there are many documented facts proving homeschooling blows the doors off government schooling. In fact, take a look at this article about a homeschooled 15 year old graduating college at the age most finish their first year in government operated highschool.

Video~ Teachers go crazy twerking in class
"Two high-school teachers at Olive Branch High School in Mississippi are raising eyebrows as they were recorded on video twerking in front of students. The dancing teachers are identified as Greg Abernathy and Connie Lambert." --Each and every week we see something like this happening in American schools. No, I am not surprised at any of this because I know what time it is, and I've already read and even posted the thousands of articles exposing the decadent school system in American here. It's appalling that I have so many articles and videos about American teachers on that page because I don't concentrate on searching for them. I just come across them in my regular research! One would think if one Senator got wind of half of the articles that are out there, which will amount to many millions I'm sure, he would do something about it. But again.. I know what time it is and no, I don't expect he will do thing one. That being said.. have you ever considered homeschooling your child?

Teacher with 97 bags of heroin placed on leave
"She is a teacher at Helen Thackston Charter School in York. The school board issued a statement today that Warner has been placed on administrative leave until the matter can be fully investigated. " --Herein lies the problem. The police seemed to have enough wisdom to realize this teacher needed to be arrested. The school on the other hand, which is trusted to teach our children common sense as well as the "three R's" opted rather to only suspend the teacher. Why do that you ask? It's because of the Satan inspired Unions that have much more control over the school system so as to work hand in hand with the government to assure certain evil elements are allowed to stay in the schools to teach the children.

 Texas second-grader says teacher took away Bible during reading time
"The family of a second-grade student at a Texas elementary school says their daughter's teacher took her Bible away during a "read to myself" session. ...The teacher reportedly said the Bible is inappropriate reading material." --First of all, this is to be expected in government run schools because we are now under a pro-Islam format and any reading materials they deem damaging to their agenda will be prohibited. The silver lining in this is what happens with the child. This youngster is obviously from a Christian household. When his parents got wind of this they no doubt told their child this is what Christians are to expect from those that hate Jesus. This is a major seed planted in the child. Now that the child has witnessed this persecution firsthand, he or she will be better prepared to combat it as an adult when the seed is well watered.

Sixth-grader at Louisburg Middle School dies of bacterial meningitis
"The Louisburg Unified School District confirmed Wednesday that a sixth-grade student at Louisburg Middle School has died from complications of bacterial meningitis. But school district and state health officials stressed that the disease is not contagious and does not pose a public health risk." --Keep in mind, the school system is supposed to be the ones that teach our children. Besides the fact the schools are filled with all sorts of falsehoods when it comes to history, religion or even common sense for that matter. (click here for thousands of articles and videos to confirm this) It seems this school is resorting to bold faced lies. The CDC website does in fact declare that bacterial meningitis is contagious! But this government run school system can't report the truth here because in so doing, parents will keep their children home and money will be lost. So.. lie to the people so more kids will die? Now more than ever it's become obvious, schools are not a safe place for kids!

Girl's horror never ends!
"TWO years ago, when she was only six years old, she was brutally raped and now has to wear a colostomy bag. But instead of getting support from the community as she works at rebuilding her future, she meets rejection." --The trauma this beautiful child suffered while being raped and sodomized was only the beginning. Now after enduring torment and humiliation by her classmates because of the colostomy bag she needs to wear. the school's principal told her mother the girl wasn't welcome at the school because her condition was disturbing the other students. The child is scheduled for an operation that may allow her to stop using the colostomy bag, and her mother is actually considering going back to the same school if it's successful. But I have to ask why? She has overwhelming evidence the public schools are dangerous (not just in America as this story attests) and this child has been through enough! It's beginning to look more and more like the parents are a big part of the problem in the schools as well. They either refuse to see what's staring them in the face, or they just don't care what they see. And no, I am not saying all parents are evil for allowing their children to attend school. Some just can't do otherwise. Be it lack of funds or a parent who is not able to be there. But if they're Christian, the Lord does have a hedge of angels around their precious little ones. 

Non-alcoholic beer given to elementary students for history lesson
"Koledo said a teacher allowed her students at Hyatt Elementary School to sample O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer, which had been brought to school by a student to represent ale common in the 1700s and consumed because of the scarcity of clean water. School officials have not said how many students sampled the drink." --One can only imagine how many students found they liked the taste of beer and will now seek out the real thing as soon as possible. 

Video~ Govt School seeking non-Christians for employment
--If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times, the schools in America are not a safe place for children. Please share this with those that are riding the fence regarding homeschooling their children. Also let them see the well over 1000 articles on my HomeSchool Spurs page on the site.

 "12 years a slave" to be taught in school
 "After earning kudos at film festivals and front-runner status during the ongoing movie awards season, the harrowing 12 Years a Slave has garnered a fresh accolade: it will be taught in U.S. public schools." --Why do this? The only thing I can see is that it will create racism in the hearts of our young so that when they  are old they will be easily manipulated in society on multiple levels. One such example being that the powers that be make money whenever someone is arrested for racist crimes. Again... Government schools are NOT a safe place for children!

"Administrators at a school in Tacoma, Wash., have gone nuclear over student expression, banning any and all statements of opinion or expression on posters in school hallways rather than allow a pro-life message to appear." --When a people backed by a corrupt government are hellbent on making murder legal, they will oppose any mention of truth across the board so as to make themselves appear vindicated in doing so. Still, I can't help thinking that if the pro-abortion people had mothers that were pro-abortion themselves, we wouldn't be having this problem today.

Ohio student points finger like gun, is suspended
"A central Ohio principal says she suspended a 10-year-old boy from school for three days for pretending his finger was a gun and pointing it at another student's head. The boy's father says he thinks it's the adults who are acting childish after the boy was suspended from Devonshire Alternative Elementary School in Columbus last week." --Amen to that! It's amazing that the kids now have more common sense than the teachers that are supposedly teaching them how to become responsible. adults.

Brighton High School students don hijabs to explore literature, religion and identity
"The exercise gave students a chance to learn about an unfamiliar culture and religion. But in a school community where no students and only one teacher outwardly practice Islam, wearing the scarves was a good way to draw curious looks, questions and a few unfriendly comments." --The public schools system outlaws Christianity on every level in the schools, yet they promote Islam without so much as a whimper of revolt from the parents? Not surprised at all. Especially since we have had a Muslim president for years now. And why do you suppose Rome feels we needed a Muslim president? Click here.

Spanking, Paddling and Padded Rooms: Are School Punishments Getting Worse?
"The image of a paddle-wielding elementary-school teacher may seem like an antiquated one to the vast majority of Americans. But this week, a proposed Kansas law which would give educators (and caregivers) permission to spank students even harder than currently allowed there is serving as a harsh reminder that corporal punishment, still legal in 19 states, is alive and well in U.S. schools." --Nuff said? No? Then keep reading.

Video~  Active shooter drill makes impact on students.NBC NEWS
"This isn't a bizarre, premeditated mass murder or some twisted sacrifice led by a student cult. These are the 20 minutes preceding an active shooter drill, the 13th one Missouri's Lincoln County school district has staged in the past year." --Notice one of the students interviewed says this is his TENTH school staged shooting! Why so many? I can see him being there for perhaps four. One for each year of highschool. But ten?! It looks more like they are conditioning the kids to live in fear. It also conditions the kids to trust the government to protect them when they see police all over their schools allowing this government staged terrorism to take place. Again, government schools are NOT a safe place for our children! If you need more evidence on that fact, keep readong.

Parents Outraged over 'Cross the Line' Game
"The parents tell NBC26 school leaders forced their kids to play the game called 'Cross the Line' which calls on the students to reveal personal information about themselves and their families. “Those are questions that no child should have to answer," said Janette Sadowski, a parent of a 6th grader." --Disgusting! Not only are the teachers being "turned on" by the answers, they are gathering other information about the parents that is none of their business. But then, this is a government school we're dealing with... again.

Students rally around teacher under fire for showing R-rated film
"A Mississippi high school has been mired in anger this week after losing a beloved English teacher, Mary Porter, who resigned amidst an investigation. Her offense? Showing her 10th-grade class the violent, R-rated film “Dolan's Cadillac," reportedly as part of an assignment to compare the movie to an Edgar Allen Poe story. Now, in response to Porter's leaving, students are rallying around her through a barrage of social media and in-school protests and allegedly harassing the students who complained about the movie in the first place." --Of course the students want to defend her. She allows them to see movies their parents won't. Now imagine your child in this school. Will he or she make the right choice and ignore all the peer pressure to watch the movie with them? If so, then praise the Lord. If not, your child has just been enticed in countless ways by the teachers you trusted to keep them from harm. 

Muslim Public School Holidays Will Be Observed In New York
"Muslim families in New York City have been requesting official recognition for Islamic holidays in public schools for years now, but they may finally see some changes under new Mayor Bill de Blasio. ...Though Muslims appreciate his efforts, another community is feeling stiffed. De Blasio said on Monday that he hadn't yet taken a position on whether Diwali should be officially recognized with a day off for public schools. The festival of lights is celebrated in the Hindu, Jain, and Sikh communities and is an important holiday." --That's right, the school system in America (starting in NYC) will eventually teach our children all about the religions of the World except of course Christianity. That being said, do you still think Christian prophecy is a joke? If so, there are not as many laughing along with you right now are they Mr and Mrs Scoffer?

Parents warned: Big Brother owns your children
"The Bible declares it’s the parents’ duty to direct their children’s upbringing. The U.S. Constitution reserves the power of public education to the states and local governments. But today in the United States, the long-time aim of many leftists to give the federal government control over the minds of the next generation is nearly a done deal." --If you don't think it's "nearly a done deal" that the government run schools won your children, check out the many articles I have on this page. In that stack you will find all sorts of crazy things being done to the children without parental consent. And in some cases when the parents complain, there's nothing they can do about it.

Florida Teen Expelled For Performing In Porn Allowed Back To School
"Local 6 says Marucci’s mother was aware of what her son was doing and that he did so to support her financially. "I think he’s the most awesome person in the world,” she said. “He stood up and he was the man of the house when I couldn’t be.” --What does this say about today's society? I don't know what's worse, the schools allowance of such a corrupting element to be allowed in their building to further corrupt other teens he befriends? Or his mother's obvious approval of his perverted career choices. In any event, as I've said so often before, government school is not a safe place for children! 

‘Dramatic Increase’ in Hostility Toward Christian Students in Public Schools
"We have seen a dramatic increase of phone calls nationwide as it pertains to kids in public schools who are facing hostility because of their faith,” General Counsel Bob Tyler of Advocates for Faith and Freedom told Christian News Network. But Tyler said that the upswing in incident reports do not pertain to bullying from other students, but rather mistreatment by school officials." --If you're into drugs, sex, Rock & Roll, Satanism, Wicca, Homosexuality, astrology, mythology, middle eastern mysticism, or even cannibalism for that matter, teachers will leave you alone because "you have rights to believe as you do." But if you're a Christian, you have no rights! Also keep in mind that the schools in America, be they public or private, are in fact controlled by the United States Government. And the United States Government is controlled by the Vatican. And we all know how Rome hates Christians, hence, if you're a Christian, YOU'RE A PROBLEM! That being said.. Mom.. Dad.. have you ever considered homeschooling your child? If not.. keep reading.

NSA ops 'walk in park' next to plans to track kids
"Under Common Core, Effrem said, students’ personal information increasingly is being collected, measured and assessed while the standards shift the focus away from academics and toward psychological training and testing of personal attitudes and behaviors." --In other words, as I've been warning parents for decades; the government school system is not about education as much as it is about indoctrination. If your child exhibits a "buck the system" type of mindset, he or she will find himself targeted as a problem in need of additional psychological restructuring. Or worse yet, AMA medication. So I ask.. do you want a child that can think on his own? Or do you want a child that thinks as he's told?

Suspect in custody after shooting at New Mexico middle school, police say
"At least 3 people have been injured in the shooting, Roswell Police told Fox News, with two of them being children." --Back in the 1960's I recall how the News was always making a big deal about the occasional murder in Chicago. After a few years of course, they only reported on murders if they were spectacular in nature. Why? There were so many murders it became the norm and too boring to report. They had to keep their ratings up, so they would ignore the News and go for the human interest stories. The more gruesome the better. We now see this happening with the school shootings. This article was nowhere near the main page of the website when first reported. Had it been a newspaper report, I'm sure it would have been buried deep in the paper. School shootings are slowly becoming the norm. But then, the prophecy did say the love of many will wax cold.

First grader told to stop talking about Bible
"The incident occurred Dec. 19 inside a first grade classroom at Helen Hunt-Jackson Elementary School in Temecula, Calif. The previous day the teacher instructed boys and girls to find something at home that represented a family Christmas tradition. They were supposed to bring the item to school and share the item in a classroom presentation." --It used to be the government acknowledged Christmas as a Christian holiday. Yes, we know it's Pagan, and Rome uses it to further the flames of confusion, but now that Christianity has been successfully dragged into the pits of hatred, Christmas can no longer be used to represent a Christian theme. Now do you see why Rome invented Santa Claus? They knew they would eventually do away with any mention of Christ in society. And seeing how Christmas has always been Pagan and now mostly commercialized, it's as easy as telling a 6 year old to shut up so that by the time she's 21, she won't know who the real Jesus is at all.

School violence lands more than 90,000 a year in the ER, study finds
"Despite all the lip service given to battling bullying, many kids are still being seriously hurt while on school grounds, a new study shows. Each year more than 90,000 school children suffer “intentional” injuries severe enough to land them in the emergency room, according to the study published in Pediatrics." --As many of you that frequent this website already know, I've been saying for years that school is not a safe place for children. It's gotten much worse now that our time on earth is limited. If you're new to this website, you need to keep reading the thousands of articles below confirming just how dangerous is it in government schools now.

Texas family battles judge over homeschooling
"A controversy has erupted in Texas after a judge ordered children removed from the home of their Christian homeschooling parents – over the homeschooling itself – even though the Texas Home School Coalition notes the state doesn’t allow that." --They have been doing this in Germany for years. And since they are getting better at working out the legal kinks in their armor of corruption, it's only natural they will be trying this in the USA as well. Why? If the children are homeschooled, the government won't be able to indoctrinate them into accepting Rome's plans for a socialist society. They know homeschooled children will grow up able to think on their own and become viable voices in society. Worse yet, if they are Christian they know they will naturally speak out against everything from homosexuality to pedophilia. And Rome simply can't allow that.

Video~  Canada Schools Blot Christ from Society in Lessons
--The future curriculum plans for government schools in Canada is a society wherein Christianity simply doesn't exist. And strange as it may seem, they hope that within three years they can remove all Christians or at the very least demote them to third class citizens not worthy of mention in their "Dimensions of Diversity" course of study for the children. They do this in the hopes of molding a society without any influence of morality as it is described in the Christian faith. Homescholling never looked so good!

NY School All-in on Trend of All-Digital Textbooks
"We went to digital because it makes for better learning," says Frank Portanova, vice principal at Stepinac. "This is the way kids learn today. And the online content is a lot richer. You've got assessments, you've got virtual labs, you've got blogging." --What he's not saying here is how the digital book idea is a win win for the Vatican. Why? First of all, this is a Roman Catholic "all boy" school that's spearheading this. And it will most assuredly catch on because the Vatican has been infamous in burning books for centuries. They have also been caught actually re-writing books to hide historic facts that expose them as the home of Antichrist. But now thanks to Kindle and other electronic book companies, most of the books are now digital. That being the case, the Vatican knows they can edit the books whenever the need arises with just a few moments on a keyboard. If the Lord tarries in his coming, eventually all books on the planet will become digitized. For Rome, that would be long hoped for Xanadu! 

Ohio Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Described as a ‘Misguided Attack on Homeschooling’
" An Ohio state senator recently introduced a bill that would have forced homeschoolers to undergo government investigation, but promised on Thursday to withdraw the legislation following widespread criticism." --This is what happens when real Christians get involved. What this Senator didn't realize is, most homeschoolers ARE christian. What saddens my heart is, it would have been nice to have these Christians around back in the 1970's when they passed the law allowing abortion.

 Democrat: Investigate every homeschool parent
"A Democratic state senator in Ohio has proposed a law that would require every homeschooling parent to be investigated and approved by social services agencies before they would be allowed to teach their own children." --Why do this you ask? It's because the majority of homeschooling parents are Christians. Christianity has become a problem for those that want to plant all sorts of sinful ideas into the heads of the children. See my "homeschool spurs" page for thousands of articles and videos confirming they want to prevent Christianity from being an issue for the Government in the future. If they can destroy the faith of the people before they become voting adults, their plans for a Godless society is a sure thing. Or so they hope. They fail to realize that the Lord always converts adults who later cause Him to be glorified. So, they're fighting a losing battle.. again. But then, wisdom in only on the side of the obedient, because the source of true wisdom comes from the Creator God.

Portland Math Teacher Who Barred Planned Parenthood From Classroom Fired
"As previously reported, Bill Diss, an 11-year math and computer science teacher at Benson High School in Portland, was removed from the school by police this past March because he refused to allow the organization in his classroom. Planned Parenthood had visited Diss’ class to urge students to sign up for its Teen Outreach Program (TOP) as it was seeking to recruit youth throughout the school." --If you bring Jesus into the classroom, you're fired. If you refuse Satan in the classroom, you're fired. Lesson learned? One can only hope.

Video~  'Sexual harassment': Boy, 6, kisses girl on cheek
"A six year old boy is suspended from school in Canon City for kissing a classmate on the cheek. His mother says it’s a crush and the two children like each other. But the school is calling it something else; sexual harassment." --Keep in mind, these people that run the schools who obviously have issues with reality are the very ones that teach our children! No, not all teachers are this inept. But as one can see by the thousands of articles and videos on my "homeschool spurs" page, the numbers of good teachers are rapidly decreasing.

Fifth Grader Suspended for Aiming Imaginary Weapon in Class
"Disciplining students for having weapons in school is a no-brainer. But for having imaginary ones? Makes sense to at least one principal, in Pennsylvania, who suspended 10-year-old Johnny Jones for “shooting” an imaginary bow-and-arrow at a classmate." --Common sense is not a required course in the colleges that teach teachers?

Video~  Socialism 101: Reading, Writing & Socialism
"Philly City Council Approves Zinn Text Book." --John Paul II demanded a socialist form of government, so his then "main" Cardinal echoed his desires in writing so as to push his agenda forward, then we saw Clinton and Bush with many in their administrations working to that end, and now we see the schools, who are in fact funded and employed by the government, teaching our children that a socialist form of government is the best form.

Illinois high school requires parents to self-identify as liberal or conservative
"An assignment sent home from an Oak Forest, IL high school government class is raising eyebrows among parents who are shocked by the questionnaire they and their children are required to fill out. The questionnaire (below) has the parents identify their positions on a number of highly-charged issues, and then places them on a "political spectrum." --This is what happens when you have your children in government schools. Please pray for the Christian children that have no choice but to attend public schools be it financial or other reasons. Pray the Lord places His hedge around them to keep them safe.

Web access in schools leads more teachers to access porn
"More Utah teachers are getting caught and sanctioned for downloading pornography or viewing inappropriate websites using school computers, on school grounds or while classes are in session, an analysis by The Salt Lake Tribune shows." --It's bad enough the teachers do this on their own time. Parents would naturally want their children to be taught and protected by teachers with more morals, and so they would hope most teachers would not want to delve into such things. But for the teachers to actually do this during school hours and then go to class to ogle the children with those pornographic images still running through their minds is much much worse, and no doubt the reason so many children are being raped by teachers today. Homeschooling never looked so good!

Texas boy tasered by officer after breaking up school fight, remains in a coma
"A high school student suffered a brain injury and remains in a medically-induced coma after a Texas sheriff’s deputy tasered him without cause following a skirmish in a school hallway. ...Acosta’s son, suffered a “severe brain hemorrhage” when McMillan Tasered him after the boy, known as N.N., had intervened to halt a fight between two females at Cedar Creek High School." --As expected, society and the schools in which it is cultivated, has slumped to a new low. Doing the right thing can now get you in trouble. And in this case, life threatening trouble. Again, I have to say, government schools are NOT a safe place for children! Don't believe me? keep reading..

School lesson portrays Obama as messiah
"A new lesson plan for American school students, offered on an open marketplace for educators, is reprising what some devout followers have called Barack Obama for several years already, a messiah. ...The lesson even uses biblical references to describe Obama, explaining how he changed his name from Barry. “One morning, he slipped on the name he’d been born with. The name of his father, Barack. For the first time in his life, he wore it proudly, like a coat of many colors.” --Prophecy does predict many false messiahs will come to stand in our day. In fact, Jesus even said in John 5:43, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive." These teachers and those that actually pray to and worship Obama fail to realize they are not only fulfilling prophecy, they are setting up those children to agree to follow their lead so that the ancient government structure of Rome wherein Caesar was worshipped can be resurrected. Truth is, all Catholics have already agreed to worship the Pope as well as Mary, so getting the rest of the churches that have agreed to allow the Pope to lead them will be a cake walk. So again, I state adamantly, government school is not a safe place for children. PERIOD!

British Students Threatened With "Racial Discrimation Note" For Skipping Field Trip
"In a letter sent to students at Littleton Green Community School, students and parents were warned that skipping a religious education field trip would result in a "racial discrimination note" on their permanent records. ...The field trip involved some elements of Islam, which concerned some parents. " --The powers that be are doing all they can to force the children into accepting Islam as a "religious" alternantive to Christianity. Not only does this allow Satan to garner more souls into Hellfire with him, it will help the political leaders to indoctrinate the children towards accepting Islam just as have done to get them to accept homosexuality. Basic reality now is, school is no longer about education. It has now become all about indoctrination.

Sixth Graders Polled On Gay Marriage, Abortion And Gun Control
"The in-class assignment entitled “Are you a Democrat or Republican?” was posted to the “Stop Common Core in Mississippi” Facebook page with a message alleging that the young female student was told not to talk about or take the assignment outside of class, although some refuted the claim." --Besides the fact the teachers are demanding the kids lie to their parents about what's discussed in class so as to prevent the parents from getting angry, they are purposely polling the kids to see which kids need to be indoctrinated further towards the government's way of thinking. This is done so later in life they can be used to vote in a way that preserves the status quo. That's truly what this poll is for. After all, we all know that 11 year old kids are clean slates that if indoctrinated properly and early enough, they can be infused with the immoral values the government prefers to wallow in. This was the fear of the parents long ago when government schooling was mandated and officials would rip the screaming children out of their mothers arms. And yes, even back then there were some that laughed at that idea the government would corrupt the children's morals. Not many are laughing today I'm sure. But just in case you're one that does offer up a chuckle or two, keep reading the for thousands of articles listed below regarding what the government schools are already doing with the children..

Video~ Dramatic New Video of Arkansas School Bus Hijacking Released
"Emergency 911 calls and dash cam show children being rescued with help of bus driver." --Is it clear yet? Satan is targeting the children. What better place to get at them en masse than in school? If the killers don't get to the children first, the teachers, janitors, busdrivers, counselors, nurses, lunchladies, principals and fellow students will. And if they all fail, the perverted and corrupted lesson books will eventually succeed later on in life. In short, school is not a safe place for children!

Common Core: Porn for 10th graders
"50 shades of government-controlled filth is not exactly what parents send their children to school for, is it?  Thanks to Common Core proponents, an erotic novel landed in the hands of 10th graders who had to read the book out loud in their Arizona classroom. When you read the excerpt, you will understand why parents are fuming." --I've said it before, I'll say it again and again. Government schools are not a safe place for children! Period! Don't believe me? Keep reading.

Schools keep textbook that 'whitewashes' Islam
"A school board in Florida, which wields considerable influence on the curricula of public schools nationwide, has decided to keep a controversial world history textbook that has been criticized for sanitizing Islam’s violent history while diminishing Christianity." --Ok, it's back to drawing upon the resources of common sense so as to see what we're looking at here. The public school system is owned and operated by the US Government. Obama, a Muslim, is the president of that government. Muslims hate Christians and are taught in the Koran to lie if it benefits Islam. Rome needs Islam to grasp the upper hand in America so as to enforce her mark soon. Therefore, many children need to be "trained" to see Islam as a wonderful religion. Nuff said?

Report: Teachers at Va. child-care center abusive
"According to the report, the two staffers encouraged fights among the toddlers in their care and dunked children known to be scared of water into wading pools. The staffers laughed about feeding kids Flaming Hot Cheetos and watching their cheeks turn red after eating them, the report said. Toddlers with soiled diapers were told to go away because they stink, it added." --You truly never know how bad it is in those supposedly loving day care centers across the nation. Here's a novel idea... Let mom to stay home to raise the kids and trust the Lord to bless the dad with the means to support his family. (also see this)

Multiple Wyoming School Districts Implant RFID Chip Technology In Students Without Parental Consent
"I definitely believe our country would benefit from a federally mandated RFID law. I was pleased to hear about the project’s success which has lead to major advancements in RFID technology. At half the size of its predecessor the latest “MINI RFID” is able to hold over 100GB of data which can be easily updated to include medical records, insurance information, drivers license number as well as criminal history and some outstanding credit debts." --How many times are parents going to hear about teachers doing things "without their consent" before they realize the Government can do anything they want to the children in THEIR schools?

Ore. School Board Votes to Allow Staff to Pack Heat at School
"The school board voted 4-1 to allow teachers to carry weapons with a permit on campus." --Keep in mind that some of these very same "teachers" are also all over the News molesting, raping, beating, and even dating minors and having their children. Plus, teachers are also all over the News being allowed to push homosexuality, Atheism, Islam, evolution, and an open hatred of Christianity with our children inside school walls. But when the teachers share Christ, they are fired. And now they can carry guns in school? Seriously?! GUNS?!

Transgender boy invades girls' bathroom
"Girls at a Colorado high school are being forced to allow an older boy to use their bathrooms as the result of a policy of transgender accommodation, and the girls say they are being threatened with punishment if their complaints don’t stop. ...The girls further allege the boy has made sexually harassing comments in that setting." --They are actually forcing the girls to go into harms way because the government demands political equality for the boy who wants to be a girl. Could it be this kid figured out to get the powers that be to grant him permission to ogle young girls? If he did or if he didn't does it matter? Is not reality plain enough here? Why is it the teachers that teach our children don't have simple common sense anymore?

Video~ Principal, Raped Boy In Office While Parent Was Outside: Cops
"A former middle school principal in North Carolina is accused of sexually assaulting a student while the boy's unsuspecting parent was outside the room." --This is how bold those that are into such sins of the flesh are getting now-a-days. And still, the pedophile movement towards legalization rages on. And rightly so as their advocates creep out of the closets en masse. Once it is legal one can rest assured most teachers will in fact be pedophiles. Schools are the perfect environment for pedophiles as it's filled with hundreds of opportunities to "meet" new victims daily. Once legalized it will become a no-brainer for them seek after such jobs as teachers, principals, little league coaches, bus drivers, day care workers and even the Catholic priests wherein they can hand pick their next victim from a fresh crop of innocent children each and every year. May God have mercy on their souls.

Video~ Teen's controversial punishment sparks petition, lawsuit
"Two weeks ago, Erin received a call from a friend at a party who was too drunk to drive. Erin drove to a neighboring town after work to pick up her friend. Moments after she arrived, the cops arrived too and busted several kids for underage possession of alcohol. A high school honor student, Erin was cleared by police, who agreed she had not been drinking and was not in possession of alcohol. But her high school told Erin she was in violation of the district’s zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use." --She was there to do the right thing. The school is actually going to cause other students to make the decision not to do the right thing out of fear of being suspended. Just one more perk of government schooling. Keep reading for thousands more.

Teacher Makes Students Decide Who Lives, Who Dies
"A classroom of 14 and 15-year-old Illinois high school students was assigned the task of deciding the fate of ten fictional characters in an exercise that critics called a lesson in death panels. ...The lesson involves 10 people who are in desperate need of kidney dialysis. ...According to the worksheet I received, the student opted to spare the doctor, lawyer, housewife, teacher, cop and Lutheran minister. The others weren’t so lucky." --I did a sermon and then a video on how Satan is cultivating the minds of people to make them killers using everything from Sports to Hollywood movies. What we see these teachers in my neck of the woods doing is deciphering how well Satan's plans are progressing. Making the students decide who's life is worth ending confirms they are further cultivating the mind of Satan in our children! This is government schooling at its best.

Felony weapons charge for student who brought fishing supplies to school
"The arrests of several students who unwittingly and accidentally violated school weapon policies has some Georgian lawmakers saying “zero tolerance” makes zero sense." --What makes even less sense? These people teach our children lessons in common sense. Homeschooling never looked so good!

Parents warned about porn in schools
“It is deeply disturbing that the organizers of LGBT History Month think our kids should be celebrating homoerotic authors and porn producers,” stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute. “This should be a serious wake-up call for anyone who still thinks gay history in schools is a good idea.” PJI has warned parents to take immediate action to prevent their children from being blindsided this month by “explicit and highly objectionable material.” --How much will it matter? If they stop the homosexuals from showing porn, they won't stop the teachers from sharing it later and it won't stop the teachers from pushing evolution, socialism, satanism, or any other strange isims to the children. And it certainly won't stop the teachers from molesting the kids. In fact, this has been the norm for decades now. Keep reading for proof.

Video~ School official tells students Trayvon Martin case proved it is 'legal to hunt' children
"An email sent to students by a University of Maryland official that cites the Trayvon Martin shooting as evidence "it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida" is being blasted as the latest evidence of a left-wing bias on campus." --The court case proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Zimmerman was beaten by Martin and was in fear of his life. The media even published that as fact. But the racists in the media, and now the school system itself are doing all they can to make this about race again so as to further divide America. What's worse, they are literally training our church to think like hatefilled racists. Homeschooling never looked so good before eh?

7th Graders Suspended For 9 Months For Playing With Toy Gun at Home
"..while waiting for the school bus, the boys were fooling around with an airsoft replica handgun, shooting plastic pellets at a target attached to a tree, with a safety net rigged up to catch any off target pellets. ...When the Virginia Beach City Public School System got wind of the incident, the principal of Larkspur Middle School, decided to suspend the two boys, Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark, for the next nine months, and even recommended that the boys be “expelled for a year” for possession, handling and use of a firearm." --This shows the power of the governmenr school system to disrupt lives without remorse. CHildren are being brainwashed into following orders no matter how idiotic they may be. Soon society will be nothing more than a bunch of mindless drones. Well.. except of course the homeschooled children.

Professor: Crazed shooters should target these kids
"A professor in the University of Kansas journalism department has tweeted that he would prefer to see the sons and daughters of National Rifle Association officials the targets the next time a crazed gunman attacks innocent people." --This is how far hatred has spread across America. Our leaders have seeded the hatred of Hell into the hearts of hundreds of millions for political gain! The "change" has come not as Obama claimed but as prophecy predicted. Now that most are divided in this nation, it won't be long before hatred boils so high that asking Americans to kill Sabbath keepers won't be considered crazy at all. Not only does this professor show this growing mindset is moving ahead as prophetically planned, he is one that has the authority to teach children to follow his lead! And since we now see people fighting in line for the chance at the new Iphones we know it's going to be that much easier to get them to fight against each other when the grocery store shelves empty. When that day comes, blaming the remnant people for society's problems will make it childishly easy to convince the masses we must die. But be at peace brothers and sisters. It is then that the golden censer falls and the Gideon band stands never to fall in death for eternity. Maranatha!

Students Take Field Trip to Mosque, Receive Koran
"A Tennessee high school has decided to revise its field trip policy after a group of freshmen were taken to an Islamic mosque where they were given copies of the Koran and while a student who opted out of the trip was given a worksheet that alleged Muslims treated their conquered people better than the United States treated minorities. The students were in an honors world studies class at Hendersonville High School and the field trips to the mosque as well as a Hindu temple were part of a three-week course on world religions. But some parents objected to the trips and wondered why the school would tour a mosque but not a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue." --The United States Government is presently controlled by the Vatican who not only wrote the Koran, they used their prophesied influence to install a Muslim as president. This is why our children are being taught to hate Christianity and love all false religions. Yes, it seems odd that a "so called" Christian church would hate Christians. Still prophecy did predict Satan would play the part of a Christian so as to attack the Christians from within. By the way, the US Government wasn't the first to have their students step into a Muslim Mosque. The SDA church did it back in 2009. They even forced the students to bow to Allah on camera! Worse yet, they published the pictures for all to see so as to declare their agreement with Islam. Click here to see what I mean.

Video~ California college bars student from handing out copies of Constitution
"The Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, but don’t try to pass out copies of it at Modesto Junior College in California." --This was prophesied. Click here to see proof.

'Religion' of intelligent design banned, atheism OK
"The institute is asking the Muncie, Ind., school to investigate its honors seminar called “Dangerous Ideas.” The sole textbook used in the course is an anthology edited by a prominent atheist. The authors assert that “Science Must Destroy Religion.” The book also declares: “There is no God; no Intelligent Designer; no higher purpose to our lives.” It even states that scientists should function as society’s “high priests.” The book contains an afterword by atheist evangelist Richard Dawkins, author of “The God Delusion.” --What they need to realize is, they can't have it both ways. If the existence of God is outlawed in the schools, then any discussion claiming God doesn't exist must be quenched as well. This may not fly however as we see with how society bows to homosexual politics. The homosexual claims Christians are intolerant and so laws are passed outlawing the Bible; which actually means the homosexuals and those that passed the laws are intolerant to Christians. So, again, this idea to shut up the Atheist may not fly as they have already made the Bible hate speech in the schools already.

Student exodus in Michigan school district where teachers defended child molester
"Enrollment appears to be nosediving in a Michigan school district where several teachers publicly supported a former colleague who admitted having sex with a middle school student." --It appears the students are now teaching the teachers the lesson now.

Mom Upset Daughter Wasn’t Allowed To Write About God
"According to WREG, Erca Shead says her 10-year-old daughter Erin, a student at Lucy Elementary in Memphis, Tenn., was told she couldn’t use God as an idol and had to pick another idol for the assignment. ...Instead of God, her daughter chose Michael Jackson as an idol and that was accepted." --Now do you see why many Christians are homeschooling their children? This child was forced into agreeing with a sinful act by declaring Michael Jackson was her idol. Now I know, she's only 10 and she probably doesn't understand what she did. Plus we also have ample evidence in the Word that our Lord winks at her ignorance just as much as He does anyone else. (See Acts 17:30 & 1Timothy 1:13) What's upsetting here is that at an early age these students are being taught it's perfectly ok do to what the Bible boldly declares to be sin. The teacher no doubt never saw the Bible verse that says, "Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen." -1 John 5:21

Video~ High school coaches brawl after game
"Video from a Jasper cable television station, TV16HD, shows a Cullman coach walking toward a Walker coach, who takes a swing with his right fist. Others coaches, players and police separated the men." --This is exactly why Sports are allowed to flourish. It brings out the animal in people and it helps allow teachers and coaches to educate children on how to become violent.

Video~ Elementary students taught that government is 'your family'
"Fourth-graders learning bad lesson?" --This is exactly what Hitler did with the children in his nation directly before he came to power. And right after they "learned" this, they became loyal to him to the point where these children actually turned their own parents in to be killed. And now we see Obama doing this with our children? See this video to see what I mean.

Video~ Calif. Principal Held in Husband’s Killing
"Leslie Jenea Chance, 46, a principal at Bakersfield’s Fairview Elementary, is being held without bail after police say she fatally shot her husband of 17 years and dumped his body. Police say their investigation began Aug. 25 when farm workers found 45-year-old Todd Chance’s body in a field near an almond orchard near town." --Keep in mind, people like this are given guns to protect YOUR children?

Swedish boarding school shut down for hazing
"Authorities in Sweden temporarily shut down one of the country's most renowned boarding schools Wednesday after repeated, shocking incidents of bullying and hazing — including one in which students were burned with an iron. ...The older students allegedly blindfolded the two younger boys, ordered them to lay face-down on the floor and put a hot iron against their backs until they screamed. One of the boys had to be taken to the hospital." --no comment needed. The truth is plain enough.

Public School Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places You Could Possibly Put Your Children
"Would you willingly send your kids into a war zone?  No way.  Would you willingly send your children into a federal prison?  Of course not.  So why would you send them to a public school?  In America today, kids are being killed on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school.  Mass shootings are becoming increasingly common, the influence of gangs in our schools is on the rise and sometimes the biggest threat of danger comes from the teachers and the security officials that are supposed to be there to “protect” our children.  But violence is not the only thing for parents to be concerned about when it comes to our public schools.  The truth is that public schools in the United States have become government indoctrination centers, and many teachers are constantly looking for opportunities to inject as much propaganda as they possibly can into classroom instruction." --Need I say more? I do? Then keep reading.

Video~ Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself
"A mother in Montana is outraged that a high school teacher who admitted raping her 14-year-old daughter received only a month in prison, while her daughter took her own life." --The judge actually reasoned the 14 yr old child was "in as much control of the situation" as the rapist was, and therefore a lenient sentence was necessary. Yet the fact she killer herself afterwards proves he was dead wrong about her "control of the situaton." This teacher was responsible for her death as well. Yet he only got 30 days in jail? Knowing what time it is, and how insanity is becoming the norm in high office, could this be a trend towards allowing teachers to attack just as the Vatican allows priests? After all, both are now run by the same beast, and both are repeat offenders. It has become downright dangerous for children to go to school now, so rather than remove the bad element, they slap their wrists and move them to a different school? Sound familiar?

Wis. schools to teach fourth graders masturbation
"Some Wisconsin school districts are reportedly authorizing detailed sex education at elementary schools that includes such topics as masturbation. ...As the age of the students gets older, the number of topics discussed will increase. One topic for sixth graders is to “define sexual intercourse, including oral and anal intercourse.” --Seriously, do you still believe children are safe at school? SERIOUSLY?

Teen Sex Sleepovers: The Latest Fad in Immoral Sex Education
"Why not teach children how to have sex well, the way you teach them how to do other things?” She elaborates, describing parents inviting the teenager’s partner over, having a nice dinner and then the couple “toddles” off to bed together." --The Huffington Post allowed this author to have her say. It's truly amazing how many people are so blind to simple morality in today's world. But we have to give credit where credit is due. The author, like the editor of the Post were no doubt educated in the American school system, wherein all mention of God was removed so as to "protect" the kids!

Video~ Students not told 'kidnapping' actually SWAT training
"A SWAT training exercise in Ohio has generated a lot of online outrage after it was reported that students aboard the bus when a “gunman” hijacked it and tied up children were not told it was an exercise." --They literally terrorized those children! What were they thinking?! What's worse, the people that fabricated the entire ordeal saw absolutely no wrong in doing this? What if one of the kids broke a window and jumped out of the bus out of sheer terror and died? What if one of them attacked the gunman and got hurt in the process. What if the teens stormed the driver and purposely crashed the bus to try and save some lives? What were they thinking?!

Video~ School Shooting in Georgia, Alleged Gunman in Custody
"Suspect, 19, allegedly enters elementary school with AK-47; no students injured." --If you think this is going to go away, think again. Some may think that after a few weeks it will all quiet down and the schools are once again safe. But then reality checks in and the horrific reminder comes to mind once again, these are the last days and those that would do harm usually target children because it not only allows them to kill easily, it allows them to generate ten fold grief and fear in the hearts of parents and everyone else involved.

Public School Promotes 5 Pillars of Islam
"Parents at a Wichita, Kan. elementary school were shocked to discover a giant wall display inside the building promoting the five pillars of Islam. The large exhibit was erected before the start of the school year as part of a religion component being taught at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet School, a school district spokesperson told Fox News." --They did eventually remove the display, but the damage was already done. Many students saw it and were influenced by it. Worse yet, they say in this article that they plan to put the display back up when they begin to teach on Islam in the school later in the Fall. As the article admits, they also teach Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism in this school. By their own admission of the fact they teach all religions means they can't possibly have a handle on any of them. It's impossible to have wisdom on Christianity while still teaching Islam and all the rest This is what students of prophecy warned would happen once the ecumenical Vatican had absolute control over the United States Government. We knew they would start this insanity in the schools once they got the go ahead from Rome and now that Rome has been ramping up their pro-Islam agenda, we see them doing just that. Homeschooling never looked so good as it does today!

Video~ "God Is Dead" Drawing to Remain Displayed in Public School Classroom
“It made my daughter very uncomfortable,” Crystal Mitchell told WAGA-TV. “If my child can’t pray in school and they’ve taken religion out of school, for this to be plastered on the walls of school, is a huge concern for me.” --How can they claim the mention of God is off limits when they allow posters that do in fact mention Him like this? It teaches the children that double standards are commonplace in society and can be used to your advantage as long as it's used to belittle those with faith. Atheists constantly complained when kids were allowed to pray in Schools, so Roman Catholic John F. Kennedy outlawed prayer in schools. If that's the way it's to be in this "Christian" nation, then any mention of the God that is prayed to, even if it's done in a negative manner must also be outlawed. But as we see here, they have no plans to remove the poster. Kennedy's unjust law within a Christian nation is why all images of Christianity have been banned from schools. But then isn't this poster also considered illegal? Calling it "art" as the Principle assumes is the exact same tactic pornographers have been using for decades so as to force-feed the general public all sorts of smut. As soon as Jesus gets here they will find out just how deadly their "art" was to them, their friends and their very own children. May the very God they claim is dead have mercy on their souls.

Transgender restroom law humiliates the 98%
"Allowing teenage boys and girls in the same locker room, showering side by side, is a bad idea. In fact, AB 1266 is a recipe for disaster. This will take the normal hormonal battles raging inside every teenager and pour gasoline onto those simmering coals. The right to privacy enjoyed by every student will be replaced by the right to be ogled." --In other words, this unjust law is designed to benefit only those that ignore the reality that 98% of the people that live on planet earth. In short, if you're normal, which 98% of the people are, YOU are now the problem. That's just how bold Satan and his demons are prophesied to move within the hearts of those they control in the last days.  

Video~ California lawmaker pulls son from class over transgender law
"A Republican state lawmaker says a new California law allowing transgender students to choose which restroom and locker room they use is part of the reason at least one of his sons will not return to his local public school this fall." --The only thing about this is the fact that there are still some lawmakers that have some inkling as to what common sense reality dictates when it comes to simple Christian morals.

40,000 public school teachers moonlight on sugar-daddy website
", which bills itself as “the #1 online dating website for sugar babies and generous men,” is now boasting that some 40,000 public school teachers of a certain moral caliber have joined the website in an attempt to sell sexual services seek wealthy, older men for “mutually beneficial relationships.” --Wow. Sexual deviates are now hired and paid handsomely to educate children.

School children to be fed 'gay'-promoting lessons
"An organization that promotes homosexuality is distributing DVDs to each primary school in Scotland to teach “alternative families” to young children." --Prophecy predicted this homosexual agenda would go global long ago, and now we see just how easily it will come to fruition. Also keep in mind that when they indoctrinate (brainwash) the kids into their perverted and sinful way of thinking, in as little as 5 to 10 years max you will have pro-homosexual voters flooding into the polls to further destroy society. In other words, in as little as 5 to 10 years we will see Rome's homosexual agenda victorious all around the world just as prophecy predicted. What's worse, our pure and innocent children will be the tools used by these Atheistic teachers to bring this horrific evil upon all of us. That said, do you still feel comfortable with your child in government schools? If so, keep reading.

Muslims use schools to secure foothold in Europe
"The decision of the Catholic University of Leuven – the oldest university in Belgium and a major contributor to the development of Roman Catholic theology for more than 500 years – to offer a degree in Islamic theology beginning in 2014 caught the attention of Soeren Kern, a senior fellow with the New York-based Gatestone Institute as well as a senior fellow at the Madrid-based Strategic Studies Group." --It can't be said any planer than that! The fact the Pope is pushing Islam in the schools not only confirms he is a friend to Islam and it's evil plans for the Christians, the documentation we have that exposes the Vatican church as the inventor of the Islamic faith is now boldly confirmed as well.

Transgender restroom law humiliates the 98%
"Allowing teenage boys and girls in the same locker room, showering side by side, is a bad idea. In fact, AB 1266 is a recipe for disaster. This will take the normal hormonal battles raging inside every teenager and pour gasoline onto those simmering coals. The right to privacy enjoyed by every student will be replaced by the right to be ogled." In other words, this unjust law is designed to benefit only those that refuse the reality that 98% of the people live. In short, if you're normal, which 98% of the people are, YOU are now the problem. That's just how bold Satan and his demons are prophesied to move within the hearts of those they control in the last days.

Thousands of teenage girls given birth control jabs at school, family planning clinics without parental consent or knowledge"
"First it was Gardasil. Then it was flu vaccines. Today, thousands of teenage girls as young as 13 years old living throughout the U.K. are reportedly being secretly injected with birth control vaccines at schools and family planning clinics, all without parental consent or even parental knowledge that such activity is taking place outside their watch." --This very same thing happens in America. I have to ask, what happens when the girl has a bad reaction to the vaccine and dies? Who's to blame? The school? The doctors? The parents?

Video~ Woman accused of sex with 5 students
"A high school teacher was charged Tuesday with having sex with five students and sending the boys sexual text messages and nude photographs of herself, authorities said. Centennial High School special education teacher Summer Michelle Hansen, 31, was charged with 16 felony counts. She faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted." --It's amazing how many women are doing this in the schools.

California governor signs transgender-student bill
"California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial bill into law Monday afternoon allowing the state’s transgender public school students to choose which bathrooms they use and whether they participate in boy or girl sports." --Seriously, do you want your son or daughter in a school where while they're in the locker room showering, a teen of the opposite sex steps into the shower with them? Judging by how society has changed directly after each new social educational subject was implemented each decade, I am convinced that the American school system is the main reason our society is so corrupt. They have been destroying our children's morals for decades so as to assure adults with their corrupted morals make it to the voting booths. Want proof? Keep reading the now over 1000 articles and videos from just the last few years alone.

Video~ School wants social media contract from students
"Teenagers protest for First Amendment rights." --They are attempting to use the "negative" comments that all schools deal with from students that cause suicides to remove their first amendment rights. Everyone knows however that the overwhelming majority of schools don't have an issues with kids killing themselves over this. Still, it is a problem and should be addressed. But to use it to try and prevent free speech across the board? Sounds fishy doesn't it? Deception is always a means by which corrupt officials can get their unjust laws pushed through. Doing this in Government schools is a no-brainer seeing how most politicians are all for the removal of free speech these days. Just one more reason to get out of the schools. Still.. if they get away this, they will eventually create a need for it in society in general. And seeing how the kids have already been indoctrinated into accepting it beforehand in the schools, they will have an easy way of removing everyone's free speech once those kids become adults able to vote.

Prof kills entire family, keeps teaching job
"Administrators at a private university in Illinois are standing by a psychology professor, despite his own admission that he shot and killed his father, mother and teenage sister in 1967. ...On Aug. 4, 1967, 15-year-old James Wolcott, sniffed some airplane glue to give himself a “boost,” walked into his family’s living room with a .22 caliber rifle and shot his father twice in the chest. He then walked to his 17-year-old sister Libby’s bedroom and shot her once in the chest. When she fell to the ground, he shot her in the face." --

University of Iowa claims top party school title
"College students consider the University of Iowa the nation's best party school, even though Iowa City has tried to make its famous bar scene less hospitable to underage drinkers." --Prophecy does declare that one of the final prophecies to fulfill before Jesus returns is the crave for pleasure. So, it is no surprise when we see schools jockeying for the top spot when it comes to parties. Yes, they may claim they don't like the idea, but the millions in profits each year does dictate how often they look away as the student party on. Makes one wonder who initiated the News report eh?

College assigns freshmen lesbian-sex book
"Before even setting foot on the campus of the College of Charleston in South Carolina this fall, incoming freshman are reading an assigned book described as a graphic sex novel that features lesbian relations, pedophilia and a commentary on masturbation, reports" --What's this world coming to? ...AN END!

University shuts down science-class discussions
"Officials at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., have decided to censor what their science teachers and instructors say, ordering them not to discuss the evidence of intelligent design during science classes, according to a report from the Discovery Institute, which monitors such battles." -This University claims to be all about innovation in education. They even claim to be of some sort of a Christian background because on their website they even go so far as use an angel as their main logo. (They named him "Beneficence" or "Benny" for short) Due to their most recent statement, it is now clear their angel is not from the eternal kingdom. After all, Jesus did say it is by their fruits you will know them right? That being the case, Christians can only deduce that their angel depicts the ultimate fallen angel, who is of course Satan. The fact they now show open hatred and disgust for the slightest mention of the Creator God in their Science curriculum confirms this is not a college for the serious or even the lukewarm Christian.

Investigators: Elementary school t-shirt seen in child porn, teacher charged
"Authorities believe some of the child pornography found in Spain came from Alexander. One child in a video, according to investigators, was wearing a Hildebran Elementary School T-shirt, the same school where Alexander was a teacher." --One benefit of a global government is that criminals that hope to hide their crimes by performing them abroad now have a difficult time doing so. In any event, again I say, government schools are not a safe place for children!

Is Muslim Group Waging "Stealth Jihad" in American Schools?
"School officials in Florida are defending a textbook that declares Muhammad as the “Messenger of God” after critics accused an Islamic education group of launching a stealth jihad in American public school classrooms. The Prentice World History textbook being used in Brevard Public Schools includes a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism. (Also see the article titled "School Defends Textbook Calling Muhammad "God's Messenger.)" --Have you noticed? Florida happens to be spearheading a lot of strange methods in the school system the last few years. (See more info on that below) And why the schools you ask? They know, as does the US Government that's asking them to do this in our schools that if you indoctrinate (brainwash) the kids early into their way of thinking, later when they become adults that vote, they will have a surefire by which to fabricate the decadent socialistic society they need so as to have perfect control. Don't believe they use the kids to get this done? Around 15 years ago the teachers in the government controlled school system started to promote homosexuality under direct orders of DC. Now we have homosexual marriage legalized in the USA. What many fail to realize is that indoctrinating children via the school system is the most effective and quickest way to bring about political change.

Video~ Denver college students flunk 8th-grade exam
"Maybe there is an explanation for the 2012 presidential election – in the responses from students at Denver’s Metropolitan State College, who took stabs at explaining the eligibility requirements to be president." --The dumbing down of America obviously started with the school system. The fact Obama was able to win election proves this as fact. Had he run in 1912, none of the voters would have allowed it because as children they were taught in the schools what the basic requirements to be president were. Today, the majority of the people have no clue, and those that helped Obama win knew this going in.

'Kids, don't forget to make your gender choice'
"Along with decisions about what to eat for lunch and which clubs to join, California public school students may soon may be allowed to choose which gender they would like to be." --Amazing isn't it? They can't speak of their religion without penalties of some sort, but they must comment on their choice of sexual perversion freely? It has become obvious. In the United States school system, you must acknowledge which demon influences you, but you cannot acknowledge which God influences you. Double standard? Yes. But then, these are the last days. Bottom line is this. If you want society to become a lust filled cesspool in a few short years, have your children attend public schools. If not, homeschool them.

Ex-teacher to be sentenced for kindergarten bully revenge
"Cynthia Ambrose, 44, faces up to one year in jail for a May 2012 incident at Salinas Elementary in Universal City in which she ordered classmates to line up and hit the disruptive student, then 6, to show him “ how it feels to be bullied.” --She may have thought it was ok to use violence to try and teach a child not to use violence. But had she read a Bible she would have know it says in Luke 3:14 that we should do violence to no man. A government teacher would not know or even be allowed to teach such truths as this. But a Christian parent homeschooling the child would. In any event, pray for her as this will be a frightening time for her.

Video~ Lookie here! College scans students' eyeballs
"A public university in in Rock Hill, S.C., has announced it is implementing a new eye scanner system that collects and records data about the features of students’ eyes before granting access to school buildings this fall." --Does this make you feel safer? No.. this makes you feel even more violated.

Video~ Video: High-school freshmen brutally hazed
"Last week KDKA reported that several parents showed up at Upper St. Clair Police headquarters to file complaints about hazing at the high school. The parents said their freshmen sons were victims of a brutal hazing ritual, which many call an initiation. Now there is video of the incident." --Again.. I repeat... The American school system is not a safe place for children.

School lunch that killed 23 contained concentrated pesticide
"The free school lunch that killed 23 Indian children last week was contaminated with concentrated pesticide which is not widely available, the district magistrate overseeing the police investigation told Reuters on Sunday." --Only a monster that loves to hate would poison children with such a painful method. Sadly, having children gather under one roof, like they do in schools, makes for a seriously tempting playground for every boogie man alive.

Video~ US Textbooks Say Muslims Discovered America - YouTube
"no comments found in the video" --This is appalling to say the least! American schools are teaching all sorts of lies to the children about Christianity while at the same time uplifting Islam as if it is the true faith. They do this because if they don't do it they won't receive the large government subsidies for teaching the children about Islam. That being the case, how can any Christian parent feel safe having their children in the American school system today?

Church Could Take Control Of Secular Schools Under New Deal, Report Says
"Under a deal with the government, The Church will be forced to preserve the character of non-faith schools and community schools joining a Church of England academy chain would not have to change its admissions policy, religious education lessons or employment terms for teachers, The Times said." --Was this not expected after Tony Blair converted to Catholicism and made nice nice with the previous Pope so as to land his new job? He had to give up something, and not long after that promotion the Pope was accepted in the UK and now we see why. And don't think living in a nation outside the reach of the UK that your schools will be safe from a religio-political influence. Once the Pope's NWO is set up and key nations like the US, UK and Rome start to revel in their new political positions on a global scale, your child's education will be their target. In other words, if the schools in the UK fall under the jurisdiction of the church, so will the schools in all nations. Me thinks even the Atheist is going to start considering homeschooling soon.

Gowerton School Bans Boys Wearing Shorts In Hot Weather, So They Wear Skirts Instead
"One pupil, Luke Snell was so hot he borrowed a skirt to wear. "He is not an attention seeker," his mother Jayne told the South Wales Evening Post. "He is trying to make a point for all the boys." Luke and his friends are now planning a widespread "skirt day" on Monday as they feel the school's policy is sexist. Another pupil, Steven Keane, who passed out from heat stroke last week, is skipping school as he has been threatened with isolation if he turns up in shorts, according to the Post." --

Poll: Florida Middle School students reading child pornography
"Parents at Laurel Nokomis Middle School in Sarasota, Florida became outraged when they learned their children were reading the child pornography book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Speak is about a 13-year old being raped. ...Speak promotes ”group rate abortions” on page 30. Other examples of bad behaviors in the book are: “Student steals late passes” (theft) – page 26,  ”sleep with the football team on Saturday night and be reincarnated as virginal goddesses on Monday” (promiscuity)- page 29; ”slit my throat” (child suicide) – page 32, and ”the crowd bumping and grinding the horny Hornet heinies” (group sex) – page 141." --If you as a parent are seeking a way to discover how Satan will be able to introduce sinfulness as the norm in society, all you need to do is have your child show you every book that is being given them while in the American school system. While doing that, you may also want to look at the now over 1000 articles and videos below confirming Satan is actively teaching American children daily in our schools.

Controversial California Bill Exempts Public Schools from Sex Abuse Lawsuits
"California Senate Bill 131, which is ostensibly about protecting victims of child sex abuse, forces private schools to defend claims of sexual abuse as far back as 40 years ago, but exempts public schools from such claims. Because of the Democratic super-majorities in both houses of California, there is no way to stop the passage of the bill." --There is one way to stop the passing of this Bill from becoming an issue in your child's life. Homeschool them.

Video~ NEA teachers dance to 'N'-word, sex lyrics
"At its 2013 national convention in Atlanta last week, the National Education Association encouraged teachers to dance to a sexually explicit rap song that featured the “N”-word and declared, “When it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.” --This is why society is such a mess. The people with the least amount of morals teach our children. The government school system is NOT a safe place for children. Especially if the children come from Christian households.

California's Transgender Bill Heads to Governor's Desk Allowing Boys to Shower with Girls in Public Schools
"The California Senate approved A.B. 1266 on Wednesday in a 21-9 vote. The bill alters the state’s education code so that a student is “permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.” The bill was previously passed by the California Assembly and now heads to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for a signature." --Jeuss said in Luke 17:24-30, "For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.  But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.  And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.  They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.  Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;  But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.  Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed." In other words, Jesus has been rejected by this generation socially as well as politically. And it most assuredly is as it was in Noah's and Lot's day. Are you ready to meet Him? ARE YOU SURE?!

Should Atheists Be Allowed to Do Yoga?
"Last week, a California judge ruled that a school district could teach yoga, despite objections from parents that it amounted to promoting an "Eastern religion." Now, one provocative columnist raises an even more alarming yoga issue: godless Western atheists are sullying yoga's holiness, by doing it (yoga)." --This article makes my day. Absolutely everyone with an ample supply of gray matter will admit that Yoga is in fact a Middle Eastern religion. But some corrupt judge decided last week that it wasn't so children in the school could practice it via their government teachers desires. I was beginning to wonder if any articles would come out that would challenge that judge's assumptions and here we see one just did. Still, will this stop them from continuing to brainwash our children? Not likely. It will however open the eyes of some parents who will eventually pull their kids from the government schools, and that's a good thing.

Can you pass this 101-year-old test for 8th graders?
"Back by popular demand (well, I like it) here's a 1912 eighth-grade exam that was used in schools in Bullitt County, Ky. This test, which I first published more than a year ago, is now in the Bullitt County History Museum, a service of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society." --Most Americans today, especially those just graduating, could in no way pass this test. Why? Have you ever heard the term "dumbing down?" There's a reason our elected officials like to keep the people uneducated. This test boldly confirms the American school system is not designed to teach children at all. It's designed to not only dumb them down, it's designed to corrupt them in every way possible. Don't believe me? Keep reading! There are over 1000 articles and videos below.

Video~ Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Having Student's Baby
"A Redlands, Calif., high school teacher who gave birth to a baby allegedly fathered by a teen student has been arrested for having sex with the male pupil. Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28, was arrested Monday evening after being questioned at her home in Redlands." --It seems with each passing day we find out about another government employee assaulting a child sexually. As parents, we wonder when this will all end. As Christians, we know it will end very soon.

University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace
"Our faith was attacked. It’s unnerving. I know what’s going on in this country. I know Christianity is being attacked. Now, I know it first-hand and it sickens me and saddens me.” --Ok, first of all, we know wearing the Pagan cross of Rome is not how Jesus taught we should "display our faith." It's having a Christian walk that speaks volumes the the truth we embrace and the Lord Jesus who is our Saviour and King. Still, this young woman hasn't arrived at this truth as of yet and she honestly believes this is how Christians do it. That being the case, this is an obvious attack on her faith. One has to wonder if a Muslim woman walked into that university wearing a burqa, or a Muslim man carrying a prayer rug?

 Yoga in public schools is not religious instruction, judge rules
"The ruling by Judge John Meyer, who heard the case without a jury, means that the Encinitas Union School District can continue to teach yoga as part of a health and exercise curriculum." --Ruling without a jury allows for the judge to do just about anything he wants. Yoga is considered a religion by billions. Anyone with the ability to understand common sense knows that. In fact, anyone with an Internet connection can verify this as fact. Strangely enough, even the Beatles knew Yoga had "spiritual" aspects to it back in the late 1960'S. Is this why the judge decided to rule without a jury? He knew the jury would have issue with this? In short, this is just one more reason to get your children out of the public school system.

Video~ Teacher Faces Charges For Use Of Body Sock On Autistic Boy
"She violated protocols that were put in place for a special needs child, as a special needs teacher, but I am glad the officer saw that this was not an accident, said Shields. But she says the school district has yet to see it that way." school system." --

Obama to teach kids to promote Obamacare
"California school officials will use their part of a $37 million grant of taxpayer funds to teach school children how to promote Obamacare to their own families." --Does this not sound like Nazi Germany wherein Hitler used the children to try and move the parents to his way of thinking? Of course, when the moral ones refused, the kids turned in their own parents to be killed by Hitler. Children are very easy to manipulate. This is why they use them, and this is why the Vatican controlled United States Government is going after our children in the schools. That being said, do you still feel homeschooling is not worth the effort? When your children grow up, will they thank you or blame you? Yes, I understand many households need two incomes. But do you really? If you gave up the expensive car for a more efficient one. Moved out of the massive house for a more modest one. Or stopped going out to eat, buying processed foods, or started your own garden just to name a few, one of the parents could easily stay home to teach the children. And before you declare I am out of touch with reality. My wife and I did that with eight children. Most of you have less than three children. Nuff said?

Anal hazing is apparently a thing in American high schools now
"In the last year, there have been more than a dozen hazing incidents around the country involving high school boys who have sodomized other boys with foreign objects, reports Bloomberg. Over 40 boys have been reported victims. Most have been younger students." --Yes, it is not an easy article to read. But it has to be shared so as to warn those parents with children what they may be forcing their children in to. So I say again; government schools are not a safe place for children! Need more proof? Keep reading.

Video~ Students: Professor forced us to wear 'gay' ribbons
"Several students are demanding a Tennessee community college psychology professor be disciplined for persistently pushing her pro-”gay” views on her students and even forcing students to identify themselves as in favor of the LGBT agenda in a mandatory project."

Video~ CO Transgender Girl Can Use Girl's Bathroom  
"Colorado's civil rights office found that the school district discriminated against 6-year-old Coy Mathis by preventing her from using the girl's bathroom at her elementary school." --Sexual perversion is not only encouraged and accepted worldwide, it is now forced on innocent children in government schools.

Sherwood High School teacher Denise Keesee charged with sexual abuse of students
"A Sherwood High School teacher has been arrested and faces sexual abuse charges, stemming from accusations of sexual contact with at least three students." --Will we ever get past a week without hearing about a teacher molesting children? One can only hope.

School scans eyes without parental ok
"The unraveling began in late May, when the Polk County School District sent home a letter to parents. A new pilot program, it explained, will track bus riders using a feature unique to every child — their irises. Parents could opt out, but by the time they learned about it, a company named Stanley Convergent Security Solutions had already captured images of about 750 children's eyes." --And now, thanks to simply having your child go to school that morning, those 750 children are permanently in the system that is used by all police officials in the nation.

Video~ Disabled kids forced to work at school
"A Providence school that caters to developmentally disabled students allegedly violated the Americans with Disabilities Act for years by making students work manual labor for little or no pay and acting as a "pipeline" to a similar program once they graduated, the Target 12 Investigators have learned." --Right here in America!

US High School Recites Pledge In Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah”
"Well now, here is evidence of what I’ve been saying all along and that is that you cannot be religiously neutral. It just can’t happen. Religion is at our very core and if we will not honor the true and living God as God, then we will fill that vacuum with a false god. Exhibit A: Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado. Outrage is building over the fact that students were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic replacing “one nation under God” with “one nation under Allah.” --The government runs the schools from the janitor on up to the principals. Seeing how our government is now being run by a Muslim man, is it any wonder the schools will be doing this? Rome openly promotes Islam, and seeing how Rome controls DC, our children will be indoctrinated so that when the day comes to kill Christians openly in the streets when the death decree is put forth, they need to have as many people indoctrinated into that mindset for that day. And no, it's not just government schools that do this. Click here for a picture of SDA students bowing to Allah in a Muslim Mosque!

Radical Co-Ed Bathroom Bill Forces LGBT Agenda on Children
"Assembly Bill 1266 narrowly passed out of the Senate Education Committee this morning. AB 1266 requires schools to authorize students to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities and to be allowed access to facilities consistent with his or her gender identity." --How dangerous do schools have to become before parents decide, a second income is less important than their child's spiritual welfare? That question can only be answered by the parent I guess.

Homeschooling Enrollment Skyrocketing as Parents Seek to Protect Children From Public School Brainwashing
"There is less faith now in the public education system than there ever has been. Homeschooling has increased by 75 percent in the last 14 years, according to a recent report in Education News." --All I can say is AMEN!

Video~ Brea High School Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student
"Michele Lynn Johnson, a 45-year-old teacher at Brea Olinda High School (map), was taken into custody at her Anaheim home after Brea police determined she had inappropriate sexual contact with the victim on several occasions, police said." --sigh

Ex-Teacher Admits to Having Sex With Student
"Malia Brooks, 32, pleaded guilty to three counts of lewd acts with a child under age 14 and to the allegation that each act involved “substantial sexual conduct with a child,” according to Erin Meister, prosecutor with Ventura County District Attorney’s Office." --It never ends.. we... not until Jesus returns that is.

Video~ Principal threatens valedictorian's navy career
"A Texas high school principal reportedly threatened to torpedo a student’s future in the United States Naval Academy over the student’s expression of faith during a high school graduation ceremony, but he’s remaining silent on the issue for now." --How is it the reporters in the video didn't mention why they turned off his microphone? It's because he mentioned God and no one wants to go down that road. Except of course Christians.

Dangerous eyeball licking craze gives kids pink eye
"One teacher said a third of his Year six students had licked someone’s eyeballs or had theirs subjected to the practice. But the strange kick, also known as worming or oculolinctus, has led to a surge in conjunctivitis among school children in the country." --You remove the child from their family setting. You place them in a government setting which depicts a sexually charged version of an adult setting found only in nightclubs and parents wonder why their kids are lured into fads like this?

teacher shows pupils horror film 'Saw'
"A French teacher has landed himself in hot water after allegedly showing a class of 11-year-olds the notoriously ultraviolent horror movie ‘Saw.’" --It's movies liek this that cultivate killers. And now we see some teachers use them to educate 11 year olds?

Video~ Coconut Creek teacher charged with molesting two girls
"A music teacher at Discovery Pre-School Center in Coconut Creek was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation of two female students, police said Tuesday." --Nary a safe place can be found for children in school now.

Video~ Edmonds students suspended for using Nerf guns at school
"The project was allegedly approved by the teacher. But the 12-year-old boys, being what they are, decided to "try out" the guns before the school doors opened." --It's bad enough a toy gun that shoots foam projectiles is the cause for their suspension. What's worse is the teacher ok'd the use and still the kids were suspended?

"The duo voted “cutest couple” in the senior class at a suburban New York high school say they’re getting teased about it but not because they’re both boys." --A decade or so of re-conditioning the kids into thinking this is all "normal" has lead us to this point. As for the comments made by the "couple" at the end of the video. It was obviously written for them so as to get as much bang for the buck as possible. This is not uncommon for government agencies to do this. And as we know, all schools are in fact government agencies. And by the way, all churches are also government agencies thanks to what Bush signed into Law on March 7, 2006. Is it any wonder the chruch echo what the schools proclaim about the homosexual lifestyle?

"I was all smiles,” Cody says laughing. “We were standing there and they announced I was prom queen. So I was like ‘oh yay, so exciting,’ But it was kind of surprising.” It was surprising because Cody is transgender." --As the children are introduced to homosexuality starting in preschool, it's understandable that by the time they are in highschool they will be all for it to the point of voting pro-homosexual when opportunity presents.

3rd grade boy forced to perform oral sex on 3 classmates
"The incident took place at P.S. 194. The ringleader, who was in fifth grade and had been involved in an attack on a female student two years earlier, along with two third-grade students, pushed the boy into a bathroom stall, where he was forced onto his knees and had his hands behind his back. The boy’s mother is filing a $6 million lawsuit on Friday against the Education Department." --School is not a safe place for children!!

Video~ One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America
"Diane Sawyer looks at the courage and struggle to educate students under dangerous circumstances." --This is absolute insanity! The parents are forced to place their children in immediate danger because the Government demands their children go to school. Even if the school guarantees a large number of the kids will be harmed and many out right killed, the parents must still agree to place their children in harms way. As you watch this video you can't help feeling the school is being run like a prison with wardens and prison guards. Sad truth is, they are preparing the majority of these kids to get used to that type of societal structure because they will eventually end up in prison thanks to the lack of education and ample supply of highly lucrative criminal ventures offered up in school.

Kindergartener interrogated over cap gun until he pees his pants, then suspended 10 days
"In the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in a school setting, a kindergarten boy has been suspended from school for 10 days because he showed a friend his cowboy-style cap gun on the way to school. ...The 10-day suspension is officially for possessing a look-alike gun, notes the Post. If the suspension is not lifted, the kindergartener won’t be able to go to school the rest of the year. The suspension will also be part of his permanent academic record." --It was a cap gun with an orange tip. Does this not confirm the governing powers are out of touch with reality? Years ago they stated all toy guns must have orange tips to distinguish them from the real thing. Now it seems the same governing employees can't tell the difference? And these are the very people teaching children about reality? This is why society is such a mess today. The politicians and the teachers that educate the children don't have a firm grasp on reality. One group of people run the country, the other educate the children who they hope will eventually run the country. In other words, you think it's bad now? Wait a few years.

Schools scanned students' irises without permission
"Parents in Polk County, Florida are outraged after learning that students in area schools had their irises scanned as part of a new security program without obtaining proper permission." --It literally never ends with the school system. Absolutely every day now they do something that frightens parents and endangers children. And no, I am not kidding. Keep reading.

High school OKs Muslim prayers for good grades
"A high school near Washington DC has taken a rare step of accommodating Muslim prayer during class hours. Parkdale High School now allows a handful of its students to be excused to pray. The decision has made some Christian staffers "unhappy." --Unhappy? That's it? Why not appalled, shocked, flabbergasted, or upset to the point of walking off the job? Had a Christians asked to have time for prayer they would have been suspended immediately! Why is it every time a Christian is given the chance to stand up for Jesus they refuse to do so in a way that opens eyes? That's right, you guessed it. It's the last days when most Christians are nothing more than lukewarm shells of their former selves. Those of us on the wall certainly have out work cut out for us.

School 'forgets' to teach required course
"With graduation only days away, students at a high school in Gothenburg are outraged after learning they must complete a required course in religion that the school somehow neglected to teach them. ... they neglected to teach the students a required course in religion." --On one had I am appalled at the fact secular teachers are going to teach spiritual matters in a government setting. On the other hand, I'm not surprised that they "forgot" to  teach this course.

Autistic boy has higher IQ than Einstein; thriving despite failure of public school system
"When the experts told Kristine Barnett of Indiana that her two-year-old son would probably never be able to read or even tie his shoes due to his severe case of autism, the brave mother of three decided to take matters into her own hands. And as a result, she helped nurture the young boy into the genius he is today, defying all odds and proving that the government-run education system as we currently know it is a complete failure." --Need I say more?

Teacher facing discipline for reminding students of Constitutional rights
"John Dryden, a social studies teacher at Batavia High School, not far from Chicago, Illinois, told the Kane County Chronicle he was docked a day’s pay for reminding his students they have the right to not incriminate themselves before administering a drug-screening survey to the class." --Prophecy stated long ago the Constitution of the United States would be done away with. Therefore, any government employee that slows that forward process under the corrupt leadership in DC will find themselves in hot water. In short.. if you homeschool your child, this is not an issue. If you are forced to allow your child to go to government school, pray as much as possible for them each and every day. Why? Keep reading. (also see this video)

Video~ Parents Argue School Is Violating Separation Of Church And State
"Does teaching yoga in public schools violate the separation of church and state? That's what two parents are contending in a lawsuit against Encinitas Union School District in California. The parents, represented by The National Center for Law & Policy (NCLP), are suing their children's school district over "civil rights violations resulting from its inherently and pervasively religious Ashtanga yoga program," ABC News reports." --Yoga is a religion no matter what they say. Furthermore, "yoga is one of the six astika ("orthodox") schools of Hindu philosophy." Ask any Buddhist, Hindu, Jainist, or Sikh and they will confirm it as such. But, this courtroom won't see it that way, especially since they plan to allow the judge, who practices Yoga himself, to rule from the bench and without a jury. Convenient eh? Again I state plainly, schools are a not a safe place for children!

Elite British Boarding School's Entrance Exam Asks 13-Year-Old Boys About Killing Innocent Protesters
"If you want to win a scholarship to the prestigious British boarding school Eton College, you'd better be prepared to think like a politician — even when politicians are committing heinous crimes and even when you are just 13 years old." --Government schools are nothing more than breeding grounds for corruption.

Quebec teachers strip search students during math exam
"A school board north of Montreal has launched an internal investigation after school staff strip searched 28 high school students to find a cellphone during a year-end exam." --Strip search for a cell phone? How can one hide a cell phone on a naked body? You can't. Could it be the teachers were more interested in the stripping than the phone? In today's schools, many teacher are homosexual. That means, even if a woman searches a girl or a man a boy, IT'S DANGEROUS! Yet, they get away with this simply because they;'re federal employees. Schools are NOT a safe place for kids!!

Video~ Gender Bender Day causes controversy at Tippecanoe School
"Students at Tippecanoe School have participated in several different theme days during School Spirit Week, but Friday, May 23rd’s theme of Gender Bender Day caused some controversy. Members of the Student Council decided on day’s theme. It called for boys to dress like girls and girls to dress like boys." --Why is the government doing this? It's because it's a sin against the Lord and His will for His creation. How so? Deuteronomy 22:5 clearly says, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." The principle claims this is not about sexual orientation, but then that's is an easy to realize lie. Why else would he ask the children to crossdress?  Especially now when the schools are pushing homosexuality on all the students they can all around the country. Tired of all this? Remove your child from the school system. As the number of students diminish, so does the government funding to the schools. Need a few reasons to use as fodder for your decision with the school administration when you remove your child? Better yet, would a thousand or so articles and videos that prove schools are a dangerous place for children?  If so, keep reading.

Blanche Ely High School teacher punished after alleged sex talk
"A Broward reading teacher has been suspended for 13 days without pay after her overly permissive classroom environment led to rampant student misbehavior and students feeling emboldened enough to ask the teacher about her past sexual encounters. Rather than scold students for such inappropriate questions, teacher Laurie Nenortas told her 10th-grade Blanche Ely High School students about when she lost her virginity, school district administrators say." --In today's world, what hormone crazed teenager isn't going to want to take part in this discussion? In the public school system, the rooms are filled with kids that do and don't want to listen. Of course very few don't want to listen. But they are trapped in those rooms by both the government and peer pressure.

Teachers to vote on making everything LBGTTQ friendly
"Promoters of a plan being considered by a teachers group in Manitoba, Canada, say it would make sure everything in school – all teaching materials, classes, texts and resources – are friendly to the LBGTTQ community, and it could be a first for the education industry." Or as prophecy stated so long ago, they will figure out ways to educate their own children towards a homosexual lifestyle so as to bring about the days of Lot when Jesus is to return.

HIV-Infected Teacher's Aide Accused of Molestation
"An Illinois special-needs teaching assistant accused of molesting a teenage student in school while knowingly infected with HIV remained jailed Tuesday as police investigated another claim of similar misconduct by the man involving a different student." --It was bound to happen eventually. In fact, I'm sure this has happened before, but quickly covered up. Truth is, I'm also sure HIV infected Roman Catholic priests have also been discovered seeing how the priests are dying of AIDS 11 times faster than anyone else.

School behavioral specialist 'has sex with dog'
"Stephanie Mikles was hired in 2009 to be the behavioral specialist for Harford County Schools … but it is her behavior that may very well get her fired and did get her indicted." --Notice how they say she "may" get fired? Even though she was arrested for what she did, the school may still keep her on. She was hired to teach children to better behaved in life, yet she's into bestiality?

Video~ Student suspended after posting principal's mugshot on Instagram
"A Clayton County high school senior was suspended weeks before his graduation after he posted his principal's mugshot on the social media website Instagram, claiming she was arrested for the wrong thing." --The kid was mistaken, the principle was not arrested for DUI. She missed a court date for speeding. Still, when he posted her mugshot the principal tried to get him arrested for it. When the police refused, she suspended him. THAT is an abuse of power. Perhaps another mugshot is needed?

Feds Eliminate Mom & Dad From Education Aid Forms
"The U.S. Dept. of Education announced new terminology for federal student aid forms to describe parents regardless of their marital status or gender. The new monikers will be used beginning with the 2014-2015 year. ...The new form will also use terms like “Parent 1 (father/mother/stepparent)” and “Parent 2 (father/mother/stepparent)” instead of gender-specific terms like “mother” and “father.” --This is purely a pro-homosexual statement that students of prophecy see as inevitable. How I ask can Christian parents avoid such idiocy? By homeschooling their children.

Video~ Bus Brawl Caught on Tape, Driver Allegedly Set Up Fight
"Two teenage girls seen on video brutally beating one another, bus driver reportedly encourages the brawl." --This is absolutely insane. Fairly normal for schools now-a-days yes, but insane nonetheless.

Co-Ed Bathroom Bill Passes California State Assembly
"This bill allows children of any gender to participate on any sports team, and enter into locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of their choice based on that student’s private sense of their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth." --The homosexual agenda of Rome has pushed society into a degradation only seen before long in the past and in prophecy for the end. It was never seen this bad before except during the days of Noah and Lot. And as we look back at what method best brought all this decadence to such a festering height, it's the public school system which was purposely designed by Satan himself that allowed for the indoctrination of our children that are right now leading this nation. Don't believe me? Keep reading the now over 1000 articles and videos confirming that as fact!

Five Chester students charged as adults in video beating
"Parker, a chair in hand, is heard addressing the 16-year-old victim, according to the affidavit. He and the group walked toward the victim and attack him, police said. Several other students joined in the attack, striking the victim in the head, face and back with chairs, hands, fists and feet, the affidavit states." --This is a fairly norm school day now in the USA.

Video~ Arkansas school cancels entire graduation after being asked not to pray
"As Christians and a mainly Christian town I think, there were a lot of people hurt that our rights were taken away,” Sixth grade parent Kelly Adams told the station. “My daughter graduated last year from 6th grade and my son is graduating this year from 6th grade, and we had a pastor open our ceremony and my daughter actually closed the ceremony in prayer.” --The leaders in this school illustrate what's wrong with the majority of Christians today. It's lukewarm Christians like this that are causing Christianity to lose every battle in the courts so much so that our rights will soon be entirely eliminated UNLESS we agree (as China and other nations have) to embrace Catholicism as the official religion so as to not "offend" non-Christians. What really bothers me here is how the kids in this school are being taught it's best to cave into anti-Christian pressure than it is to stand up for Jesus!

Video~ Boy, 7, suspended for pencil as gun
"A Suffolk school suspended a second grader for pointing a pencil at another student and making gun noises." --Why is it teachers that can't distinguish the differences between a 7 year old playing around with a pencil and a 17 year old holding a bushmaster? That being the case, why are still allowed to teach children? If the teacher doesn't have a firm grip on reality, what will happen with the children she is entrusted to educate?

Video~ Frantic 911 call leads to 3 missing women in Ohio
"The woman's voice was frantic and breathless, and she was choking back tears. "Help me. I'm Amanda Berry," she told a 911 dispatcher. "I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years and I'm, I'm here, I'm free now." --One of her kidnappers (3 brothers) was a School bus driver! Keep reading for over 1000 articles and videos confirming schools are not a safe place for children!

Teens Decide to Fight Back Against Anti-Christian Bullies
"There is a lot of bullying directed at Christian kids in public schools and the culture at large,” said Gary Brown, founder of Reach America. “So many teenagers are being ostracized for being a Christian.” --Schools in America are either owned outright by the US government, or they are regulated to the teeth. In both cases, the once Christian government, and now voraciously antic-Christian government does all it can to remove Jesus Christ from the lives of our youth. Praise God some of these young people are actually standing up! Still, the fact they have to stand up at all proves just how bad it is in the schools now. Keep reading for much more about how bad the schools are now.

Judges rule to destroy homeschoolers' family
"The justices of the Supreme Court of Sweden have finished the destruction of a family that was begun in their lower courts, rejecting an appeal of a ruling that permanently separated a young boy from his parents because he was being homeschooled." --Why are governments so fearful of homeschooling? Have you looked into what they do in government schools? If not, click here. They need to be able to "create" citizens that will bow to their agenda so as to have a society they deem acceptable. That being, unconditional obedience to corrupt politicians. Or "Roman Catholicism" as history and prophecy call it.

Texas teacher has sex with student, shows up drunk at prom party
"A Texas teacher is jailed after her illicit relationship with a 16-year-old student is discovered at a prom after-party. Nikki Scherwitz, 25, showed up to the April 20 party for Brazosport High School students barefoot, drunk and scantily clad and eventually left with the teenage boy after being asked to leave, Houston police said." --It never ends!

Oregon Teachers Traumatized by Unannounced Shooter Drill
"Panic erupted on Friday at Pine Eagle Charter school in rural Oregon when two masked men carrying handguns burst into a teachers’ lounge and opened fire. After the initial chaos, the terrified teachers realized the guns were firing blanks and that they were the subject of an unannounced shooter drill." --Is this not rock hard evidence our government seeks to instill fear in the hearts of the nation? What's worse is they're doing this in buildings wherein our children are supposed to be educated and kept safe from danger and fear. One can only imagine what the kids were thinking when those guns went off!

Video~ Hawthorne Schools Speed Up Lunch Line With Palm Scanners
"Two schools in Hawthorne are introducing palm scanners in hopes of speeding up the cafeteria lunch line. In a trial program at Hawthorne Middle and Ramona Elementary schools, students are being asked to use their palm prints to register for their mid-day meals." --Truth is, schools are run by the United states Government. Before palm and fingerprint scanners came along, the only way a person could be "in the system" was they had to have committed a crime. Now.. all you need to do is show up hungry and in a hurry? The very second your child allows themselves to be scanned, they are forever locked into the police system. And in today's world, that's not a good place to be. Ever.

Video~ Black student erupts on white teacher
"The Oakland Unified School District is sending in extra resources to Alliance Academy after video surfaced of a fight between a substitute teacher and student. But some teachers told KPIX 5 the action may be too late." --If the students have that much anger in that they can't control themselves against a teacher, how safe is your child?

Sex-ed cartoons 'too graphic' for N.Y. Times
"The American Life League, or ALL, issued a statement questioning why major news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post have declined their recent request to run ads highlighting the methods Planned Parenthood uses to target young kids. ...Judie Brown, president and co-founder of ALL, agrees that the images are shocking, but says that the images come directly from Planned Parenthood materials funded by American taxpayers and aimed at those taxpayers’ own children. ...Starting in kindergarten, funded with our tax dollars, [Planned Parenthood] uses graphic cartoons to saturate children with sexual imagery that encourages them to focus on sexuality, engage in sex and accept dangerous aberrant sexual acts as perfectly normal,” --And the Obama administration is doing all it can at present to promote Planned Parenthood as moral and acceptable? Only in the last days are we to expect such insanity. In any event, keep praying! The fact they are promoting it so viciously suggests they are on the ropes.

U.K. sex education publication says porn should be education tool
"A sex education publication in the U.K. believes that pornography could be used as "helpful" tool in educating young students about sex. As the BBC reports it "advocates pupils being taught how to view pornography in school sex education lessons." --Is this not insane? This may be a shock to hear, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strange methods allowed and deemed "educational" in government schools today. Continue reading to see what I mean.

Video~ Stockton student, teacher brawl over makeup
"A high school freshman has been suspended and her math teacher is on leave after a wild fight broke out in a Stockton classroom." --As you watch this fight you have to keep in mind one of them is a teacher who is supposed to teach the child how to be an adult. It appears she failed. But then, this is not what the school system is really concerned with. In these last days, the schools system is designed to manufacture society as it is based on the wicked morals of mankind. Keep reading to confirm.

Teacher resigns amid assault allegations
"he grabbed her real hard, got her up and escorted her to his classroom and apparently had a hold of her so hard and in such a manner that it left some pretty good bruising." --Schools are not a safe place for kids! PERIOD!

Video~ Irving ISD suspends custodian accused of impregnating minor
"An Irving ISD custodian is in custody for allegedly impregnating a 14-year-old girl and giving her pills that aborted the fetus." --The teachers, principles, students and now the custodians are stalking our children. But let me get this straight. Had the girl gone to Planned Parenthood to abort the child, it's not murder. But if her lover uses a pill to abort the child it is murder? Why? Planned Parenthood makes money killing the baby. And the prosecuting attorney makes money convicting the lover. There's a word that explains what this is. HYPOCRISY!

School claims right to censor pro-life 6th-grader
"A charter school in Minnesota has told a parent that administrators claim the right to censor whatever they want of a student’s speech outside of class time, including a 6th-grader’s expression of her deeply held pro-life views. The result? A lawsuit over the school’s alleged violations of the student’s constitutional rights." --I wonder if anyone told the school that if it wasn't for pro-lifers the schools wouldn't have any children to teach?

Hundreds of Ottawa students suspended over immunization records
"About 900 students have been sent home for 20 days for not having the records, not necessarily for not having their shots. Ottawa Public Health said the provincial Immunization of School Pupils Act gives them the power to suspend students until they can show they’ve been immunized." --This is regardless of the fact anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can prove immunization is not reliable.

Video~ School forces all girls to ask for lesbian
"Outraged parents say a New York middle school instructed young female students to ask one another for a lesbian kiss and boys learned how to spot young sluts in an anti-bullying presentation on gender identity and sexual orientation, according to Fox News’ Todd Starnes." --How I ask does this have anything to do with bullying? Nothing of course. But they need to tag it somehow so as to push the homosexual agenda forward. Schools are the most dangerous place for children today. Of this, no human with a pulse can deny. Don't believe me? Check out over 1000 articles and videos I have compiled below proving just that here. (Feel free to use this page with school administrators when illustrating why you feel the need to remove your children) When they do this to our children, does this not confirm our society has become what prophecy calls the "days of Noah" right before our eyes?

Video~ Woman, 22, accused of raping girl, 17
"A Riverton High School math teacher and coach of the sophomore girls’ basketball team has been arrested and charged with raping a student. Courtney Louise Jarrell, 22, was charged Friday in 3rd District Court with object rape, a first-degree felony, and forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony." --In a society wherein homosexual behavior is rewarded, one can expect actions like this with the young.

Middle School Girls Forced to Ask Classmates for ‘Lesbian Kiss’
"A recent anti-bullying presentation at a middle school in New York that focused on homosexuality and gender identity has angered parents after their daughters have come home to tell them they were forced to ask another girl for a kiss. ...During the workshop for girls, the 13 and 14-year-olds were told to ask one another for a kiss. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.” ...They also picked two girls to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.” --The government is doing all it can to indoctrinate our children to either accept homosexuality as the norm, or worse yet, entice them to experiment with it right in the classrooms! (keep reading for over 1000 articles proving schools are not a safe place for children!)

‘Jesus’ exercise ban compromises academic freedom
"A faculty committee at Florida Atlantic University has made a preliminary finding that academic freedom was compromised when the school banned a controversial classroom exercise that asked students to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper and step on it." --This is what happens when those that hate Christ work for the court systems or educational facilities. It's truly amazing how uneducated educators are today.

Queens teacher had sex with students at school
"A Queens teacher who was arrested and fired for taking a 16-year-old student to a hot-sheets motel for a videotaped romp also violated two other boys inside her school, says a shocking investigative report obtained by The Post." --More and more women are bowing to temptation in the schools.

Video~ Breathitt schools ordered to remove Ten Commandment displays
"Many people believe the Ten Commandments have a place in the school system, but the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise in Kentucky." --Removing the Commandments allows the schools to teach the children all sorts of sinful things that the Law of God declares to be sin. They know the kids aren't stupid. They know if the Law remains in plain view the kids will eventually realize certain "lessons" shouldn't be allowed. After all, we've seen this to be the case in numerous schools across the land wherein the kids do speak out. So, they remove the Law know that when the Decalogue is out of sight, it's more or less out of mind, and then the decadence they so cheris can have free reign to flourish.

Homeschoolers alarmed by plans to track students
"The nation’s leading homeschooling organization is warning parents that the federal government is advancing its aim of identifying and tracking students throughout their school careers, from birth through college graduation." --One can only imagine why.

4th-Grader: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’
"Harvey's son attends Cedar Hills Elementary in Jacksonville, Fla. Back in January, a local attorney came in to teach the students about the Bill of Rights. But after the attorney left, fourth-grade teacher Cheryl Sabb dictated the sentence to part of the class and had them copy it down, he said." --Prophecy says they will do away with the Constitution. The easiest way they can do this is by using our own children against us. Now do you see why Government schooling was invented? It allows for absolute control via the minds of young people they know will eventually become adults who vote.

Video~ Teacher fired for giving a Bible to a student
"Tutka was teaching in the Phillipsburg Middle School last fall when he told a student who was last in a line a quote from the Bible, "So the last will be first, and the first will be last." The quote, Tutka said, prompted the student to ask several times where it came from, leading Tutka to show the student his personal copy of the Bible on Oct. 12." --Had it been a book about homosexuality, Islam, or even witchcraft the teacher would still be employed today. And no, I am not being sarcastic. Have you see the thousands of articles below about what's going on in our schools?

Video~ Tonga principal apologises over beating video
"The principal of the government run boarding school in Tonga featured in an online video of students being harshly beaten by prefects has apologised and said it won't happen again. " --You have got to be kidding me!

Video~ Drug Testing for Middle Schoolers
"School districts in nine states say they're mandatory but two parents are fighting back." --When the schools are run by the Government, absolute control will be the crux of their agenda with the children. They get away with this by tugging at the heart of course. But what amazes me is the School is not shut down for violating the US Constitution. As students of prophecy we have expected this and more. Prophecy says the Constitution will be done away with, and here we see one more situation wherein we now have proof it has been. Soon the day will come in court when a Government lawyer will list all the instances wherein the Constitution has been violated without protest and with this stack argue that due to the lack of protest, the American people are ok with this. And then all will realize the Vatican's mortal wound is completely healed.

Video~ Watch "school bus tips over" on YouTube
"kids are thrown to side of bus as it tips over." --2013, where are the seat belts? Are government cutbacks responsible for this too?

Video~ Palin, Beck flip out over MSNBC ad
"MSNBC is airing a provocative message for parents: Your kids belong to the community, not to you." --Surprised? After decades of manipulation per child that attend Government Schooling, most parents have been forced to give up to Uncle Sam as if he's some sort of nanny who can be trusted to raise their kids. And now, thanks to a manipulated economy, the rest of the parents are also forced into using the school system as a sort of daycare center so as to allow Mom to go to work to pay the bills. Hence, a movement like this in the mainstream media to grant the community to own your child was a no-brainer to predict.

Hundreds of Texas educators take free concealed handgun class
"More than 700 teachers and administrators attended the all-day session on gun laws and safety at Kennedale High School in Dallas-Fort Worth area, The Dallas Morning News reported." --Read a few of the thousands of the following articles below, and then ask yourself this. Do I believe my child will be safe in a school with armed teachers?

Video~ Middle-schooler commits suicide after bullying
"A 13-year-old Georgia boy who hanged himself after reportedly being bullied at school was remembered by family and friends as a hero at his funeral this week." --The school ignored the reports of bullying. And when the kid alerted the school that a student wanted to kill a teacher, his fellow students bullied him for it. So, he killed himself.

Lunch denied to some Attleboro students
"As many as 25 students at Coelho Middle School were denied meals or told to throw their lunches away Tuesday because they could not pay or their pre-paid accounts did not contain enough money, school officials said today. Parents said some of the children cried after they were not allowed to eat or had to toss out their lunches." --Let me get this straight. If the kids can't pay, there won't be enough food for everyone, right? Well.. then why did those kids that couldn't pay receive a meal and then told to trash them? I thought they didn't have the money to feed them? Yet, the kids were given meals. The school would rather make the kids throw out food that was already purchased than to let the poor kids eat? It's really gotten crazy now in the schools. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

Fifth Graders Charged With Murder Conspiracy Are 'Danger to Others'
"A Washington prosecutor who is charging two boys aged 10 and 11 with conspiracy to commit murder concedes that it is "very rare" to try someone so young, but said the felony charges were necessary because the boys' crime was premeditated and experts determined they were "a danger to others." --It's bad enough the prosector is making wild claims to further his career. After all, they're just kids! I am sure they didn't mean it. Still, being a student in a school where the kids may want to kill you is very troubling to say the least.

RCC student body president is registered sex offender
"Doug Robert Figueroa, 40, of Riverside, was sentenced to five years in prison for admitting that in 2005 he kidnapped a boy under the age of 14 and then committed lewd and lascivious acts on him. Court documents do not reveal any other details of the crimes." --When Jesus gets here I am sure billions of parents are going to be shocked about what their children teacher were up to when alone with their kids!

Teacher trades candy for sex acts
"A West Palm Beach teacher faces sexual battery charges after a girl told police he gave her candy in exchange for sexual acts. ...According to the police report, Budd rewarded the girl and another student with "Budd Bucks," or candy, in exchange for sexual acts. The girls were both 9 years old at the time." --It's always amazed me how pedophiles never seem to realize children grow up and become adults that can SPEAK.

Indiana advances first-in-nation proposal to require arming school officials
"The Indiana bill would mandate that one officer in every public and charter school have a loaded weapon during school hours. The officers could be police officers or other non-educators but also could be teachers or principals." --Go to my "Homeschool Spurs" page to see thousands of articles proving, that "most" teachers are not the kind of people you would want to have access to a loaded gun around your children. Not all teachers are this bad of course. But the mountain of evidence compiled lately proves the majority are. That being the case. How are they going to be sure the gun doesn't end up in the hands teachers who do the things outlines in all those articles?

Jesus Portrait Taken Down In Ohio Middle School
"A Jesus portrait that has hung in a southern Ohio school district since 1947 was taken down Wednesday, because of concerns about the potential costs of a federal lawsuit against its display." --Not that a picture of man that most think looks like Jesus isn't going to make anyone seek Christ. It's His Truth that cuts the hearts, not icons, pics, statues and crucifixes. But then, most are unaware of this and since Jesus is hated so much, pictures of "him" are removed.

ADHD on the rise: 1 in 5 high school-age boys diagnosed with hyperactivity
"Overall, 11 percent of school-age children are being diagnosed with ADHD, the study found, and the numbers have been on the rise over the last decade." --Years ago I discovered (and posted online somewhere) that the Government grants a $1500.00 bonus to every school that medicates a student. I am sure that dollar amount has gone up since then. Need I say more?

Radical increase in kids prescribed Ritalin
"More than a decade after a national scandal regarding the over-prescription of Ritalin and similar drugs to millions of American children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now reports a far higher rate of diagnosis than a decade ago." --This is one of the many perks offered schools in that with every kid they place on medication, they get a substantial cash bonus from the government. So of course they're going to do what they can to increase their bottom line. Bad thing is of course is that the children are the ones paying for it. Literally. Thing is, prophecy did say they would use drugs to deceive the nations. (Revelation 18:23) And now we see just one more area they have a lucrative way of doing just that.

35 Atlanta Public School Administrators and Teachers Indicted for Cheating
"Juwanna Guffie was sitting in her fifth-grade classroom taking a standardized test when, authorities say, the teacher came around offering information and asking the students to rewrite their answers. Juwanna rejected the help." --Smart kid! She doesn't want to pass the test unless she's able. Too many kids are graduating from High Schools without the necessary knowledge needed to attain gainful employment. So why do the teachers help the students cheat? The schools gain a government bonus when the students graduate

Newspaper map shows schools with no security
"The Des Moines Register is being criticized for publishing online a map that shows which public school districts in the state have security and which ones do not." --Me thinks someone needs to look into the possibility of Newspaper ink being a euphoric toxin that causes editors to do such things eh?

15 Year Old Wisconsin Conservative Meets Bullying From Teachers
"My name is Benji Backer and I attend a public high school in Appleton, Wisconsin. I have always supported the public school system and plan to do so for the rest of my life. Many Americans who stand up for the public school system and the unions believe there is no attempt to sway opinion or that students with opposing beliefs are singled out. Unfortunately, experiences I have had with harassment and bullying prove that wrong. This is a timeline of the most extreme cases of harassment and indoctrination I have had in the three different public schools I have attended over the last three years." --Will his dissertation matter? Not in the slightest.

Teens Accused of Trying to Poison Teacher
"Two Virginia middle school students are facing felony charges of attempted poisoning, accused of spiking their teacher's tea at least twice with hand sanitizer." --If they have the lack or morals to do this to a teacher, one can only imagine how bad they can be to a fellow student.

Bill Gates' $100 million database to track students
"The system has been in operation for several months and already contains millions of K-12 students’ personal identification ‒ ranging from name, address, Social Security number, attendance, test scores, homework completion, career goals, learning disabilities, and even hobbies and attitudes about school." --Homeschooling is looking better and better with each passing day!

Student has Taser at high school
"A Parkland High School student had a Taser in school last week, but the weapon was confiscated and no one was injured, according to the Parkland School District. The district, in a message emailed to parents Sunday morning, said the student had the weapon at school on Monday, March 18." --If a tazer can get in the school, a gun can as well.

Teacher Escorted School By Police For Opposing Planned Parenthood
"I certainly fight Planned Parenthood, which I certainly have a right to do,” he told reporters this week following the incident. “And that was all on the outside, until [last] year when they brought Planned Parenthood [into the school].” --The reason they brought it inside the school was to prevent opposition. The US Constitution is invalid inside government school buildings now! And they will do all they can to prove it.

Teacher in trouble for Refusing to Read ‘Gay’ Book to kids?
"The teacher, who is only going by “Mrs. A” in the media in order to protect her identity and her job, had begun to read And Tango Makes Three to her class when she realized that it was a book meant to promote homosexual “marriage.” --Schools are run by the government. The government is pro-homosexual and anti-Christian. Do you need any more reason to pull your child out of school?

High school teacher busted with Photoshopped images of students’ heads on naked bodies
"The teacher, Jeffrey Schmutzler, had four terabytes of data storage capability at his home, reports Public Opinion, a local newspaper. (Four terabytes is the rough equivalent of several laptop computers’ storage capacity.) Pornographic images, including child pornography, reportedly took up much of that space." --Need I say more?

Video~ Mother angry after daughter vaccinated without her permission
"14-year-old daughter was given four shots by the school nurse at Marcus Garvey Academy without her permission. The daughter says she was called out of class by the school nurse back on January 30th and sent to the school’s clinic, which is operated by St. John’s medical." --Even though this mother stated in writing that she didn't want her child vaccinated, they did it anyway. How can any parent feel their child is safe in public schools now? Truth is, if you keep reading, you will find children haven't been safe in the schools for decades!

Video~ Video shows Hillsborough driver shoving girl off bus
"Prosecutors have released a video taken from a school bus camera that shows a driver using her foot to push a special-needs student from the vehicle." --Another day... another bus driver harming a child

Deputies: Fivay High students recorded sex with teen at school
"Cameron Jermaine Coleman, 17, of Port Richey, was charged Tuesday with lewd or lascivious battery. He is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl, the report said. The girl told a sheriff's detectives that the sex was consensual, but that she was not aware she was being videotaped by another student, the report said." --In broad daylight in a classroom no less! Even if your child isn't part of the act, watching something like this WILL corrupt their minds!

Religious leaders protest bill forcing gay-straight alliances
"More religious leaders have joined opposition to Manitoba’s proposed anti-bullying law, saying religious schools must not be forced to accommodate groups that promote equality for gays and lesbians." --Prophecy says it will be as it was in Lot's day, and it will. In other words, they will fail. Period.

Students design Socialist Flag and taught Christianity Is A Cult
"Students in Texas public schools have been taught to design a socialist flag for a new nation, that those that participated in the Boston Tea Party were “ terrorists”, and that Christianity is a cult. If this kind of thing is happening in Texas, can you imagine what is happening in the rest of the nation?" --Now do you see why it's Law that you have your children enrolled in Public Schools? The government is used by Satan to train the children to deny your God! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Notice below the thousands of articles and videos proving the Public Schools system is not a safe place for children!

Video~ Blasphemous Bible Drama By Students Gets Showtime Despite Outrage
"[The characters] Adam and Eve are ‘Adam and Steve.’ In the second act, they have the nativity scene where Mary is a lesbian who says all kinds of gross things,” said Brian Cameker of Mass Resistance. “It’s just a terrible play.” In one scene, the virgin Mary reportedly shouts, “I’m not supposed to be pregnant, I ’m a bulldyke!” Bestiality is also stated to be referenced in the program, and Pharoah is portrayed as a drag queen." --Again, government schools are designed to brainwash children into hating Christians and their God. This is why it is now law that you must allow them to school your children by their government standards. Unless of course you homeschool.

Newburgh Teacher, 44, Accused of Raping Student, 13
"New Windsor Police say the parents of the middle school student suspected the teacher, Lisa Franklin, had an inappropriate relationship with their son at Sacred Heart School when they found suggestive text messages on his phone." --This is a Roman Catholic School by the way. But then, Catholicism is a government as well.

Video~ High-school football players guilty of rape
"Two Steubenville high-school football players accused of raping an allegedly drunk 16-year-old girl were found guilty by an Ohio judge on Sunday." --This is so sad. These boys got caught up in the moment thanks to alcohol. And now, they're looking at jail time a