It's time! The long prophesied calamities that were set to increase in the very last days have begun to escalate. Sadly, what we're seeing now is nothing in compared to what their numbers will be very soon and then in unimaginable numbers when the 7 last plagues begin. Yes, we are that close to the return of our Lord wherein we can say with Christian assurance that we will see the plagues of Revelation in our generation as well as the return of our Lord, Saviour and KING for all eternity, Jesus Christ. And no, I am not talking about the fake Jesus that Rome will stand beside when Satan appears as "Jesus" so as to try and slow the work of the Loud Cry that causes many to "come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." -Revelation 18:4

We have already witnessed that which the prophet Hosea said would happen with all the birds, insects, animals and fish dying in biblical proportions, and we have seen signs that all seven of the last plagues have their foundations set and are ready to begin. ALL this is known by Satan and his man of sin in Rome and how will they use it? They will claim all the signs of Christ's return are nothing more than "Climate Change." Proof? See this.


Article Stack 09-28-22

VIDEO: Homes washed out to sea as Fiona slams Canada * VIDEO: Earthquake in Mexico creates 'desert tsunami' 1,500 miles away in Death Valley National Park * New Zealand’s 'Supervolcano' Showing Signs of Unrest * A New Island Just Appeared in the Pacific Ocean * VIDEO: Fiona Floods and Lashes Eastern Canada * Highway 2 Closes Again in Washington Because of Wildfire * Total Blackout: Cuba Reports ‘Zero Electric Generation’ Nationwide After Hurricane Ian * Ian swamps southwest Florida, trapping people in homes * Powerful Typhoon Leaves 6 Rescuers Dead in North Philippines * Alaska Landslide Damages 3 Homes, 'Squishes' Pickup * A New Report Questions the Federal Response to Hurricane Maria * Hurricane Ian Rapidly Intensifies off Florida's Coast With Maximum Winds of 155 Mph, Just Shy of a Category 5 Hurricane * Pollution From Florida Mining a Concern With Hurricane Ian * VIDEO: 2 Children Swept Away in Rain-Swollen Gully in El Salvador * Officials Seek Possible Starter of Idaho's Largest Wildfire

Article Stack 09-21-22

12 Die Under Collapsed Structures Amid Heavy Rains in India * Batten Down the Hatches: WMO Predicts First ‘Triple-Dip’ La Niña of the Century * Thousands in shelters as 'dangerous' typhoon hits Japan * Strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan, triggers tsunami warning * VIDEO: Fiona nears hurricane strength; unleashes ‘life-threatening’ flooding, in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic * A Year On, Volcano Scars Mark Spain's La Palma Island * Damage Assessments Begin in Flooded Remote Alaska Villages * Strong Earthquake Shakes Mexico´s Pacific Coast; 1 Killed * Drought in Western US Heats up as a Senate Campaign Issue * Climate-Fueled Wildfires Worsen Danger for Struggling Fish * Wildfire Smoke Reaches Unhealthy Levels in Seattle

Article Stack 09-14-22

WOW! VIDEO: Terrifying moments when 6.8 earthquake hit China * Biden new executive order that gives Americans 'chills' * VIDEO: POISON IN THE RAIN: Scientists have discovered dangerous toxic substances in rainwater * Oregon wildfire quadruples in size, forcing more than 2,000 homes to evacuate * Montana's newest wildfire quadruples in size, but so far is not threatening homes: officials * VIDEO: 57000 Cows died in Rajasthan - no media coverage about it (This was prophesied) * VIDEO: August 2022 End Time Last Day Bible Prophecy Environmental Events and Signs * Millions in China brace for torrential rains and floods as Typhoon Muifa makes landfall * VIDEO: Mountain Glacier in Chile's Patagonia collapses * VIDEO: Rare "Gustnado" Caught on Camera * Video of Pink Water at Great Salt Lake in Utah Is Pretty Impressive (Pink?!) * VIDEO: Southern California Mudslides Damage Homes, Carry Away Cars * Death Toll Climbs to 40 From July Floods in Eastern Kentucky

Article Stack 09-08-22

Flooding in Pakistan created a 100 km wide lake, satellite images show * VIDEO: Furnace to Flood: Hottest city under Water * VIDEO: California wildfire sets homes ablaze, forces evacuations * Californians plagued with feet-eating 'mini-shark' bugs * VIDEO: Apocalyptic STORM Moments Caught On Camera * Quake lasted several minutes * Northern California Wildfire Burns Homes, Causes Injuries * Pakistan Appeals for More Aid for 33M Affected by Flooding * Sheriff: 2 Dead in Northern California Wildfire * Flights Grounded in South Korea as Typhoon Hinnamnor Nears * Typhoon Batters S. Korea, Preparations Minimize Casualties * Brown Sends State Resources to Second NE Oregon Fire * Wildfire Threatens Homes, Cabins Near Idaho's Alturas Lake * China Earthquake Deaths Rise to 74 as Lockdown Anger Grows * Water Use Drops 10% in July as California Deals With Drought * 'Extremely Critical' Fire Risk in Montana as Heat Sears West * Hurricane Kay Heads to Mexico's Baja California Peninsula

Article Stack 08-31-22

VIDEO: Baby Killed by Giant Hailstone as Raging Storm Suddenly Strikes * VIDEO: State of emergency declared in Mississippi due to flooding * Firefighter killed, state of emergency declared as Rum Creek Fire scorches 10,000 acres in Oregon * VIDEO: Mississippi governor says Jackson cannot produce water to fight fires, flush toilets * VIDEO: Pakistan: One-Third of Nation Underwater After Record Floods * Tropical Storm Ma-On Headed for Southeastern China * Wildfire Near Spokane Prompts Mandatory Evacuations * Oregon Fire Quadruples in Size; Governor Declares Emergency * Fire Threatening Over 7,000 Structures in Southwest Oregon * UN Weather Agency Predicts Rare 'Triple-Dip' La Nina in 2022 * In Pakistan, Fears of Waterborne Diseases as Floods Recede

Article Stack 08-24-22

Mass evacuation underway in Arizona town as river overflows, reaches 'major flood stage' * VIDEO: Heavy rain hits Utah, Colorado, flooding businesses and shutting down roads amid safety concerns * VIDEO: Death Valley is WRECKED * VIDEO: Record drought poses serious threat to Europe's environment and critical infrastructure * Dallas flooding: Disaster declared following rain event; at least 1 person killed * Dozens of dogs killed by mysterious parvo-like illness in Michigan * Mass fish deaths found in Georgia creek following soybean spill * VIDEO: Massive rocks break free from Mountain Summir * Plunging Waters in China’s Yangtze River Reveal Trio of Buddhist Statues * VIDEO: Flash Food carries debris into Grand Canyon * Texas Drought Exposes Dinosaur Tracks * Bushfires Add to Pressure from Drought in China * 16 Dead, 18 Missing in Flash Flood in Western China * Wildfires in Algeria Kill at Least 37, Including Family of 5 * Hurricane Winds, Fierce Storms Leave 8 Dead in France, Italy * Chinese Farmers Struggle as Scorching Drought Wilts Crops * Floods, Landslides Leave 40 Dead in Northern India * Flash Flooding Kills Dozens in Afghanistan, Pakistan * Arizona Hiker Missing; Swept Away by Utah Park Floodwaters * Many Still Seeking Food, Shelter a Year After Haiti Quake * Its Largest Lake Is So Dry, China Digs Deep to Water Crops * Weather Whiplash: Summer Lurches From Drought to Flood * Drought Disaster Declared; City Restricts Outdoor Irrigation * Ranchers Told to Stop Diverting Water in Drought-Hit Area * Tropical Storm Ma-On Headed for Southeastern China * Pakistan floods kill 580 and bring misery to millions

Article Stack 08-17-22

No rainwater that falls anywhere on Earth is safe to drink * VIDEO: All Rain Water is now TOXIC * Experts warn California of a disaster 'larger than any in world history.' It's not an earthquake * VIDEO: Fatal Evansville, Indiana, home explosion caught on video * VIDEO: Flash floods overwhelm the Las Vegas Strip * ‘Upping the odds’: megafloods could add to California disaster woes, study says * VIDEO: Large explosion rocks Armenian capital, traps unknown number under rubble: reports * Fire at Coptic Church in Egypt kills dozens, mostly children: report * "Snow blood" colors the peaks of the Alps red: "A vicious circle" * US: Drought-stricken states to get less from Colorado River * Rains in S. Korea Turn Seoul's Roads to Rivers, Leave 8 Dead * Wildfires Spread, Fish Die off Amid Severe Drought in Europe * European Drought Dries up Rivers, Kills Fish, Shrivels Crops * 2 Dead Amid 'Restless' Monsoon-Season Flooding in Las Vegas * Firefighters Continue Battling Large Hawaii Wildfire * Italy's Lake Garda Shrinks to Near-Historic Low Amid Drought * VIDEO: Shippers Prepare for Worst as Rhine Levels Near Critical Low * VIDEO: Major Wildfire in Spain Forces the Evacuation of 1,500 * Europe Drought: German Industry at Risk as Rhine Falls * VIDEO: Record Death Valley flooding ‘a once-in-1,000-year event’ * Ethiopian Rebels Propose Humanitarian Truce Amid Drought * China Cuts Power to Factories, Homes as Reservoirs Fall * Pakistan floods kill 580 and bring misery to millions

Article Stack 08-10-22

France in Midst of 4th Heat Wave Amid Historic Drought * Death Valley National Park substantial floods leave 1,000 staff, guests stranded * Kansas splash pad linked to dozens of gastrointestinal illnesses, CDC says * Study Connects Climate Hazards to 58% of Infectious Diseases * In Dry California, Salty Water Creeps Into Key Waterways * Rains in S. Korea Turn Seoul's Roads to Rivers, Leave 8 Dead * Wildfire in Southwestern France: 8,000 People Evacuated * Rhine River Could Fall Below Critical Mark, Risking Industry

Article Stack 08-04-22

VIDEO: ‘Loss of life expected’: Catastrophic Kentucky flooding one of the worst in state’s history, sweeps away homes * VIDEO: Las Vegas Strip and iconic casinos impacted by flooding * VIDEO: Kentucky flooding death toll reaches 15 and may double, governor says * Texas town declares 'water emergency,' tells residents that it could run out of water * Kentucky flooding death toll rises to 25, with more rain forecast for disaster areas * VIDEO: Flood threat returns to Kentucky, other areas devastated by flash flooding last week * VIDEO: Kentucky death toll from floods rises to 35 as state braces for more severe weather * VIDEO: Lyme disease epidemic? Tick-borne illness cases skyrocket 357% in rural America

Article Stack 07-27-22

VIDEO: Philippines earthquake: People run in panic as historic watchtower starts to crumble * VIDEO: Water bans could be put in place if the UK continues seeing dry weather * VIDEO: Philippines struck by powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake * Microburst Destroys Mobile Home in Mesa Area; Woman Rescued * VIDEO: 2nd Tornado Recorded in New Hampshire This Year (NOT the norm for NH) * Reduced to a Trickle, River Managers Brace for More Drying * VIDEO: Flash Flood Kills at Least 21 People in Southern Iran * Pakistan Death Toll From Monsoon Rains, Flooding Reaches 304 * VIDEO: Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Erupts, Triggering Evacuation * VIDEO: Fire Damages Homes in Southern Greece; More Blazes Active * Alaska Experiencing Wildfires It's Never Seen Before * Official: Grass Fire Torches as Many as 20 Dallas-Area Homes * VIDEO: Top 5 Largest Sinkholes Caught on Camera * Hundreds of Firefighters Battle Blazes in Germany, Czechia * Crews Make Progress Against Destructive Fire Near Yosemite * Drought in Northern Mexico Threatening Livelihoods * Scientists: Water Seeping Into Faults May Cause S.C. Quakes * Almost 1,000 firefighters tackle ‘mega-fire’ in southern France * Anthony Albanese faces first test leading during a natural disaster in flood-ravaged north-west Sydney * VIDEO: Cargo ship stranded off Sydney forced to remain at anchor by ferocious conditions * ‘Too much suffering’: survivors talk of quake’s deadly toll in Afghanistan * Afghan quake: at least 1,000 people killed after 5.9 magnitude tremor * VIDEO: ‘This is not typical’: Arizona wildfire fighters brace for threat ‘on steroids’

Article Stack 07-19-22

VIDEO: Scariest STORM Moments Ever Caught On Camera * Deadly brain-eating amoeba found in Iowa beach as temperatures rise * VIDEO: Storms with hurricane-force winds topple trees in mid-Atlantic, Northeast; power outages stand at 107,000 * Alaska wildfire season sets record * Virginia flooding: Dozens missing as officials assess damage * VIDEO: Two more shark attacks on Long Island bring total to five * Residents of Texas town could face $2,000 fine for watering their lawn under new restrictions * VIDEO: Firefighters Respond to Possible ‘Explosion’ at Hoover Dam

Article Stack 07-01-22

GRAPHIC LANGUAGE IN VIDEO: [BEST FOOTAGE] EF-3 Tornado Hits Andover, Kansas - Apr. 29, 2022 (It was only an F3! Many more will come) * Fire destroys mansions in Southern California, evacuations ordered * Over 6 Million California Residents Hit with ‘Unprecedented’ Water Restrictions * VIDEO: Avalanche crushes parking lot * VIDEO: Sizzling heat kills 2,000 cattle in southwestern Kansas * West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice declares state of emergency for Mingo County * Flash flooding in Utah's Capitol Reef National Park washes away vehicles, tourists airlifted to safety * VIDEO: Extreme heat causing some roads to ‘bleed’ or buckle in parts of US * Anchovies are reportedly raining from the sky across San Francisco * Afghanistan quake kills 1,000 people, deadliest in decades

Article Stack 06-01-22

WHO says no evidence monkeypox virus has mutated * Landslides and Floods Kill at Least 31 in Northeast Brazil * VIDEO: Largest fire in New Mexico history caused by planned burns, federal review finds (So.. the GOVT did it?!) * Strawberries recalled due to hepatitis A outbreak across several states and in Canada * Experts: Everything Points to Another Busy Hurricane Season * Hurricane Agatha Sets May Record, Then Weakens Over Mexico * Critical Fire Condition Warnings Issued Across US Southwest * Weather's Unwanted Guest: Nasty La Nina Keeps Popping Up * Cancer Patients Seek Damages From Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Article Stack 05-25-22

Global disasters are coming harder and faster * VIDEO: Strong winds fuel more than 21,000-acre Arizona wildfire * Colorado weather swings 60 degrees to snow, 115K lose power * High Winds Hit Germany as Storm Moves In; Floods Feared * 2 Dead; Northern Michigan Town Cleans up From Rare Tornado * Priceless Seeds, Sprouts Key to US West's Post-Fire Future * New Floods in Eastern South Africa Displace More Than 300 * EF0 Tornado Topples Church Steeple * VIDEO: Californians Could See Mandatory Water Cuts Amid Drought * Alaska Road Cut off by Massive Landslide to Reopen Friday * California Cuts Grass Watering Down as Drought Dries West * Heightened Wildfire Threat Prompts Stricter Restrictions * ‘This is not typical’: Arizona wildfire fighters brace for threat ‘on steroids

Article Stack 05-18-22

Climate Change a Major Factor in Fatal South Africa Floods * Fire destroys mansions in Southern California, evacuations ordered * Colorado Springs fires force evacuations, set homes ablaze * Birds swarm decimating farms * Iraq: Sandstorm Halts Flights, Shuts Down Schools, Hospitalizes 4,000 * Winds, Dryness Raise Fire Concerns in Northern California * Colorado, Nebraska Jostle Over Water Rights Amid Drought * Japan OKs Plan to Release Fukushima Nuclear Plant Wastewater * New Mexico Fires Prompt Forest Closures, Governor Seeks Aid * Oregon Leaders Warn of Difficult Wildfire Season; Urge Prep * Storm Chasers Face Host of Dangers Beyond Severe Weather * 'Like an Inferno:' Western US Burning at Furious Pace So Far

Article Stack 05-11-22

USDA: Farmers in 4 States Can Apply for Drought Loans * New Mexico wildfire scorches about 275 square miles, fueled by strong winds and high temperatures * VIDEO: North Carolina Beach House Falls into Atlantic * VIDEO: "Clear air" lightening Strike Caught on Camera! * Some Rural Areas Near Kansas Tornado Had No Siren Coverage * Strong Earthquake Shakes Taiwan * 3.3 Magnitude Quake Jolts South Carolina * Alaska Landslide Cuts off Road Access to Residents, Tourists * ‘One traumatic thing after another’: New Orleans homes flattened by giant twisters * ‘This is not typical’: Arizona wildfire fighters brace for threat ‘on steroids’ * Queensland floods: woman dies after vehicle is swept away as more heavy rain forecast

Article Stack 05-04-22

Wisconsin reports first death in U.S. possibly linked to puzzling hepatitis outbreak in children * Fire Crews Take Stand Against Destructive New Mexico Blaze * Power Slowly Coming Back for North Dakotans After Blizzard * Vegas Water Intake Now Visible at Drought-Stricken Lake Mead * VIDEO: Kansas Tornado Generated 165 Mph Winds as It Destroyed Homes * Hawaii Volcano Lava Flow Steady After Starts and Stops * To Refine Water Forecasts, Western Cities Map Snow by Plane

 April 2022:

Article Stack 04-20-22

'Wall of Fire' Forces Evacuations Near Arizona Tourist Town * Wind Will Be a Force to Reckon With on Southwest Wildfires * Wildfires Force Some Evacuations in Southwestern Nebraska * One Dead and at Least Three Hurt in Nebraska Wildfires * Emergency Declaration for Multiple Wildfires in New Mexico * Southwest Wildfire Outlook Grim as Flames Char New Mexico * Wildfires Tear Across Several States, Driven by High Winds * Weary of Many Disasters? UN Says Worse to Come * Brown Declares Drought Emergency in 4 More Oregon Counties * Fire Crews Prepare for Dry Thunderstorms, Erratic Winds * About 6M Californians Ordered to Cut Water Use Amid Drought

As the NSW floods dealt their damage, choppers rescued people from snakebites, landslides and rising water * VIDEO: South Africa floods leave hundreds dead, dozens missing * PICS: Southwest wildfires force evacuations, tighten resources * VIDEO: New Mexico Village Seeks Prayers as Deadly Wildfire Rages * Arizona Wildfire Doubles in Size Near College Town * VIDEO: Georgia Tornado Strongest This Year With 185 Mph Winds * Climate Toll on Arctic Bases: Sunken Runways, Damaged Roads * 3 Months After Volcanic Eruption, Tonga Slowly Rebuilds * Expanding Drought Leaves Western US Scrambling for Water * Extreme Atlantic hurricane seasons now twice as likely as in 1980s * Tropical storm Megi: Philippines death toll rises to 123 as landslides bury villages * ‘One traumatic thing after another’: New Orleans homes flattened by giant twisters * UN chief calls for extreme weather warning systems for everyone on Earth * Dozens killed in Philippines landslides and floods as tropical storm Megi hits * Wind Whips Destructive Wildfires in New Mexico, Colorado * VIDEO: Earthquakes Recorded Near Alaska Volcano Dormant 800 Years

 March 2022:

Article Stack 03-23-22

VIDEO: At least 15 missing, 2 dead, including infant, in Peru landslide * Texas wildfires * Cyclone Gombe in Mozambique

Article Stack 03-16-22

VIDEO: Japan hit by strong earthquake cutting power to millions * Cyclone Gombe hits northern Mozambique with high winds, rain * Severe Weather Helps Contain Florida Wildfires * VIDEO: 'Hidden burden': Hurricanes keep killing people long after landfall, study suggests * VIDEO: Jet's tail strikes London runway while attempting to land in ferocious windstorm * Japan 7.3 magnitude earthquake triggers Fukushima tsunami warning * VIDEO: Water Pumps At Fukushima's Nuke Plant Halted; Bullet Train Derails After Powerful Japan Quake

Article Stack 03-02-22

2022 Australian Flooding * VIDEO: Weekend tornado the deadliest in Iowa since 2008 * Fire chief: Kansas wildfire destroys 35 homes, 110 vehicles; one person dead * 'That's a big boy': Wildfires tear across Florida panhandle, forcing 1,100 to flee (The Video)

Article Stack 03-02-22

Indonesia earthquake death toll climbs as more bodies recovered in Sumatra * Madagascar hit by fourth cyclone in a month * Floods in south-east Queensland and northern NSW * Bolivia – 20 Feared Missing After Floods in Tarija * Death toll mounts from flash floods, landslides in Brazil’s Petropolis

 February 2022:

Article Stack 02-21-22

VIDEO: Invasion of the sea foam * VIDEO: Istanbul Paralyzed! Turkey has never seen such a Snowfall * VIDEO: 25 Minutes of Extreme Natural Disasters * VIDEO: Mudslides, flooding kill more than 100 people in Brazil * VIDEO: Storm Eunice batters U.K.; Brazil flooding death toll rises * VIDEO: 15 Biggest Tsunami Waves in History * VIDEO: CATACLYSMS: FEBRUARY 18, 2022 earthquakes, wildfire, flooding, snow, natural disasters,news * VIDEO: In Sekigahara, more than 38 inches of snow fell in two days!

Article Stack 02-02-22

Disaster Declared In Illinois Ahead Of Winter Storm Landon. Here’s How To Stay Safe * Major winter storm: Heavy snow, paralyzing ice forecast for Midwest, part of South * VIDEO: GRAPHIC Landslides Kill at Least 24 as Rains Deluge Ecuador Capital * Portugal Limits Some Reservoir Use Amid Winter Drought * Earthquake in Northwest Oklahoma Felt in Multiple States * Deadly Colorado Blaze Renews Focus on Underground Coal Fires * Unemployment Aid Available for Loss of Jobs Due to Tornadoes * Louisiana: Conditions After Ida Killed 280M Fish Inland * Situation 'Dire' as Coast Guard Seeks 38 Missing off Florida

 January 2022:

Article Stack 01-26-22

VIDEO: Strange event hits Saudi Arabia for the first time! A huge and scary tornado hit Hail * VIDEO: Watch Tsunami Hit Tonga's Coast After Underwater Volcano Erupts * VIDEO: Tonga volcano eruption blamed for huge oil spill in Peru

Article Stack 01-19-22

VIDEO: Volcanic Eruption May Be Biggest Ever Seen From Space (That's just ONE Volcano!) * VIDEO: Get away from shore - US and Japan warn on tsunami * VIDEO: Thousands of animals killed in pipeline leak outside New Orleans * VIDEO: Tsunami waves from tonga volcano hit California! * VIDEO: Apparent tornado hits Gulf Harbour in Fort Myers * VIDEO: Communications down and toxic air after Tonga volcano erupts * VIDEO: Ship breaks and sinks into ocean * VIDEO: Many in Tonga had no time to flee as tsunami struck after volcano eruption * VIDEO: Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption Update; New Images of Destroyed Volcano

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