climate change will lead to the mark of the beast



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The natural disasters are here to herald the arrival of Jesus Christ
The Pope invented climate change to hide that truth and create a reason to enforce
his coming mark

Christian Prophecy is THAT Accurate!
The above was Early 2020
Below Video pic was
posted on YouTube June 30, 2021

Do Facts Show Global Warming? NO!
Do Facts Show Jesus is Returning? YES!

News agencies coordinate to promote climate change agenda - 400 outlets told to 'blanket airwaves'

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." -Club of Rome

VIDEO: See Gore admit global-warming warning 'torqued'








































Pope wants Climate Change to
enforce Mark by 2027!

as Prophesied

Mask-less Woman Attacked - Next: Christians!




Greta works for Rome

 Pope to use Military FORCE
to push Climate Change Worldwide

The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change


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Schwarzenegger Starts Vatican Guillotine Agenda

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funny Dilbert

If climate change was legit, why then are all the banks that are owned by the powers that be who happen to be the same that push global warming still
selling real estate and offering 30 year mortgages on the shores of Florida and other states wherein they claim will be under water in as little as ten years?


The day of test and purification is just upon us. Signs of a most startling character appear, in floods, in hurricanes, in tornadoes, in cloudbursts, in casualties by land and by sea, that proclaim the approach of the end of all things. The judgments of God are falling on the world, that men may be awakened to the fact that Christ will come speedily. (Review & Herald, November 8, 1892)

Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

Delingpole: Environment Canada Airbrushes 100 Years of Inconvenient Climate Data out of History

It's official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005
(in other words, the Pope LIED)

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(Entertaining as well as Scientifically correct)

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(Lehr said the report is filled with “blatantly absurd conclusions” designed to put more money and power into the hands of the United Nations.)

Delingpole: Now YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’

Global Warming Is A blatant LIE & This video scientifically Proves it
CO2 levels today the same as in 1910

(in other words, the Pope is lying)

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31,487 Scientists confirm Global Warming is wrong
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Big List: Now scientists want U.S. out of U.N. climate agency
(300 agree: 'Actions … not scientifically justified')


Seeing how all of us are on the same planet, we can all agree that there are many strange things happening all around the world in regards to the weather and the changes in the environment. And many can assume that the term "climate change" is valid simply because of all that; BUT, first and foremost, the term “climate change” only came about after the Pope hired Al Gore to push a certain agenda. When Gore agreed to push this agenda for Pope John Paul II as I shared in an old video, they had a 50/50 chance at guessing what was happening with the climate in a way they could cultivate hysteria around the world. And I must say I still chuckle to this day that they didn’t even get that right.

What I mean is, it's not global warming as the Pope told Al Gore to promote. It’s actually global cooling. That’s why they changed the name of their agenda to climate change. And yes, the Pope in Rome is at the forefront of this lie because the office of Pope was prophesied to do this to help enforce the mark and so every Pope is not actually who you think they are. If you trust the Bible and well documented historic referencing, then see me characteristics of Antichrist page to get the truth about the Popes of Rome.  I not only list dozens of prophecies about the fruits, characteristics and antics of the Antichrist; I show using verified historic record that every prophecy ever uttered in the Word of God regarding Antichrist have been fulfilled 100% to the letter by all the Popes of Rome. No, not as one man, as some false prophets today are claiming with their strange numerological theology found nowhere in the Bible regarding their titles and 666, but as an ongoing office of Pope as the Bible defines it or as the beast system as obedient students of prophecy have been declaring lately.

Let me ask you this.. if Russia wanted to infiltrate America, they would send a spy that acts just like an American, right? Yes, that's how it’s always worked. Well the same is true with the Government of our God, and the many embassies He has on our world, which most understand to be churches today.

As we also know, Satan hates the Lord with a passion and so he created a religious organization that borrows just enough truth from Christianity to make it appear as a church to billions of people that refuse to truly study the Word that was written by the God of New Jerusalem. He does this to infiltrate God's people so as to lead them to destruction just as a Russian spy would do for his government. And since the Pope of Rome became the leader of the One World Church on June 26, 2000 just as prophecy said he would, and the Roman International Criminal Court became his globally recognized legal system by all nations in bed with him as of March 2001, all the churches and governments of the world are right now bowing to the Pope as their Bibles predicted they would in Revelation 13:3.

All too often people like to use one or two prophecies from the Scriptures to claim a certain man or even a certain country is the Antichrist, the man of sin, or even the whore of Babylon. But that's not how prophecy works. 100% of all the prophecies regarding the government and or beast system of Antichrist must be fulfilled in one entity. Yes, many nations are in fact antichristian just as most leaders are. But when it comes to who leads them, all the prophecies must point in one place. Not just 2 or 4 of them.

Satan has them believing his lies over and above the truth as it is written; and the easiest way for him to do that is to keep them out of the bible and under the control of the many false prophets Jesus spoke of that like ravenous wolves are not sparing the flock from the clutches of the devil today.

Our God is very accurate. In fact when it comes to prophecy, it says in Isaiah 46:9-10 says, “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,  10,  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:”

Our God saw all of it happen thousands of years before it ever came into the minds of men. And that is why Satan keeps people out of the Bibles today because being the very last days, prophecy is fulfilling all over the place. And yes, this is why the Vatican has been instrumental from day one to either chain Bibles on pulpits to prevent people from reading them or translating them into the dead language of Latin so only the prelates that study Latin can understand and then in our day they have re-written so many Bibles that I lost count. Rome and Satan know that if the people open that book they will see how easily the Popes and their end time agenda on global warming will be exposed.

And in all the Bible colleagues they have taught the students to rely on traditions of mankind when studying the Word. This approach to the Bible in a haphazard way is an insult to the God that wrote it with perfect clarity. And so, when the Bible speaks of an antichrist, don’t go asking mankind who that antichrist is. If our God prophesied of him in the Bible He wrote, then one can rest assured He will define him in that same Bible.

That means, unless 100% of the prophecies being presented match one man, and that means ALL of the prophecies, and not just one or two, then that man cannot be the long prophesied Antichrist. And yes, for those of you that don't like to read a lot, as there is a ton of info proving the Popes are Antichrist, there are many videos on my characteristics of Antichrist page as well. But make sure you have your bible open when reading it or watching the videos. You must never rely on me or any man as the final say. Let the Bible do all the talking so as to be sure of the context presented. I also have a summarized video showing 11 of my favorites prophecies exposing Antichrist posted there as well.

So.. assuming you have checked out the data about the Pope being Antichrist and you know for a fact, as did all founders of every denomination stated in writing over the centuries, that he is Antichrist, then the information I am about to share about his reasons for promoting the lie about global warming will make perfect sense to you. But even though it is actually global cooling and not global warming as nearly 32,000 real scientists have declared in writing regarding the Pope’s bought and paid for handful of 100 scientists who say otherwise, it still has nothing to do with what the Pope's claiming here.

What I mean is, it doesn’t matter if the planet is cooling, warming or staying the same. Their claim is only put out there to have the reason to do what they need to do to enforce the mark of the beast. They could care less about the climate. It’s only their means to an end.

Satan knows the end time prophecies better than we do. Seeing how the Popes of Rome were prophesied to worship Satan and have been caught red handed doing so on camera and many of you that watch my videos know about, they will naturally do as their dying god demands of them. And so even though most know the planet is not actually warming at all, they will still lie and declare it as such because to lie is to obey Satan and that is the duty of any lost soul in his camp.

In fact, the prelates of the church of Rome admit in writing that if they lie to you and you know for a fact it is a lie, you still have to believe them regardless because they demand worship.. and I can prove it. Notice this quote from the Jesuit order’s founder, Ignatius de Loyola.

"The Grand Rule"
"For an inferior readily to declare his assent and consent to his Superior in active obedience when he says,
the snow is black, or the crow is white...

...we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." -The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141, -By Ignatius de Loyola

Now.. even though we all know Al Gore was proven wrong by every honest person alive on the same planet Gore is standing on by simply stepping outside on any day of the year, and some that do their homework know he was actually hired by Pope John Paul II many years ago to push a "global warming" agenda so as to do what prophecy said the man of sin will do when it comes to cultivating an excuse to enforce the mark of the beast in a way most people will miss, the fact global warming has been proven a lie won't stop them from pushing ahead on this because they must do as their dying god commands; and the lie itself will actually help them to enforce the mark anyway; and so they will definitely keep pushing this. In fact they have invested billions into this agenda and simply cannot afford to admit they messed up because in so doing will mean no one will believe them when they say they changed their warning from global warming to global cooling. Still, none of this matters as Christian prophecy WILL be fulfilled! It is that accurate. That mark will be enforced, and so the Pope that stands in office on any given day will continue to do as Satan commands of him. And as the Russian spy will claim to be American, the Popes of Rome will always claim to be Christians to keep those Satan’s deems as a threat under his thumb.

And so.. what’s really happening out there, and how will the Pope use it all to get what he needs to get done? Do you recall when the Lord descended upon Mount Sinai back then and how the people and the mountain itself trembled at His very presence?

Exodus 19:16-18  And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled.  17,  And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the nether part of the mount.  18,  And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.”


As the day of our Lord's return comes closer to fruition, we also see the world is trembling. In fact, was it not prophesied by Jesus Himself when He said this in Luke 21:11? He said, “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”

Were you aware that we are right now averaging 2000 to over 4000 earthquakes a week? And not too long ago we had 6330 quakes in one week? We have also seen natural disasters all over the world get worse and more frequent with each passing day. This includes hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, quakes and volcanic eruptions just to name a few. Satan knows these strange occurrences to be a major sign of the end and so he will most assuredly use them to his advantage.

And for you young people that think it’s always been this way. Yes, it has during your lifetime, but it wasn’t this way when I was a child, it wasn’t this way when my parents were young, and I know for a fact my grandparents didn’t have such disasters happening weekly in their lifetimes.

Now get this. Yes, the natural disasters are all part of those great signs we’re looking at. But did you know that even the animals, birds, fish and insects were also prophesied to be dying in biblical proportions all over the planet? That fact alone confirms the prophecy of Hosea 4:1-3 is being fulfilled as we speak.

Notice what that prophet said will happen right before Jesus returns. And keep in mind, when he uses the name Israel here, he is speaking of the Christians in the last days. See my “Who is Israel” page and video to confirm this when you get time. The name Israel is only attributed to obedient Christians.

Notice how Hosea described the sinfulness of society in this prophecy which locks down the fact that he is speaking of our day. It says this in Hosea 4:1-3  Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.  2,  By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.  3,  Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.

Christian prophecy is THAT accurate and that is why the Pope under the direction of his dying god does all he can to not only re-write Bibles, he teaches all those that follow him that the Bible is not to be trusted. In fact, I have many quotes on my words of a beast page wherein the Popes have declared the Bible a “dead and speechless book” or a “poisoner of souls” so as to prevent people from reading it.

Rome and Satan knows all these signs mean Jesus is coming soon. And yes, this is why the Vatican has a telescope named “Lucifer” in Arizona fixed on the eastern sky they peer into quite often so as to have the jump on everyone when they push their final acts of rebellion to try and help Satan win.

The last few Popes have all been moved by Satan to confuse the masses as to why all the natural disasters are happening in the world today so as to make it appear it’s not about prophecy at all. His claim is that it's all our fault and we as humans can do something to curb the natural disasters; when in fact nothing can be done to stop what the Lord said He will do. Did not the Lord say though his prophet Isaiah a moment ago that “My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.” He will return and He will make it very obvious He is returning before He gets here and that is why they do all they can to belittle the Bible.

Everything about global warming is a lie. It's all smoke and mirrors. In fact, were you aware the CO2 levels they keep claiming are the reason for all the disasters have been confirmed by thousands of scientists to be at the exact same level they were back in 1910 before all the trains, cars, planes and factories we see belching out smoke today came into society? Some weren't even invented yet. This planet was designed by an all knowing God. It is designed to recycle itself perfectly. Did you know the water you drink today is the same water Adam and Eve drank in their day? That means the air we breathe is also the same.

But now for some facts that show the Pope and his cohorts are doing what they can to get their agenda met quickly. Were you aware the US Government awarded $1Billion to all 50 States to prepare for climate change back in 2016? We all know it's a farce, right? Common sense dictates that no money will stop it even if it was true. In fact, if the president gave each State $1Trillion dollars, it wouldn't stop what Christ penned in His Word. So, what's the $1Billion going to be used for? You guessed it. Enforcement of the mark! Good judgment dictates that since they cannot use the money to stop what was prophesied to happen, they will only be using it so as to do as prophecy said is really going to happen.

The Pope knows exactly what he's looking at here, and he knows he cannot stop what's already begun. Hence the reason for that telescope in Arizona; it's the final prophecy and he knows it because his dying god is very aware his time is short and he will use the Pope in every way he can to make sure his charred trophy case gets filled.

Seeing how it shows he and his dying god have little time left to lure many into hellfire with them, they have come up with the scheme that makes many think we can do something about this to stop it, and so the money flows in that perverted circle of reasoning to get everyone to follow their lead. Well.. for the sheeple that don't read Bibles that is. Prophecy spoke of the disasters and animals, birds, fish and insects dying and so as students of prophecy we know exactly what we’re looking at here.

Of course they cannot force real Christians to believe them because Jesus said the elect can NOT be deceived. But since Beelzebub also knows about the Loud Cry that's already begun, he needs to set up his foundation before the present truth goes forth in global peals of heaven sent thunder as the people saw at Sinai thousands of years ago. He must have his "climate change" fiasco set up as believable and embraced by all political leaders so as to declare we all need to keep Sunday holy to try and stop the calamities. And for those that were shocked at that last statement. See my February of 2005 Truth Provided Newsletter wherein I show how they already starting claiming we need to keep Sunday holy to stop the disasters. They actually claimed in writing that the "Christmas Tsunami" that killed 300,000 people was the end result of people refusing to go to church on Sunday! They’ve already started to do as we have been saying they would do for decades. But they never said the churches that were in that area holding services during that disaster were filled with dead bodies going to church on that Sunday. Obedience to Rome didn’t help them one bit, did it?

Truth is, Satan will declare this only because the Loud Cry puts forth the present truth in a way he simply cannot refute. And so as usual he will use his lies as well as physical force via the powers that be to demand anyone keeping the true seventh day Sabbath holy and not the Roman Sunday Sabbath will be punished. And unless you are an obedient Christian who has been blessed with perfect peace from Jesus, you will not be able to escape his lies. Satan will push his agenda first with the loss of the ability to buy and sell, and then, when the weak ones that haven’t been reading their Bibles have been weeded out, he then goes after the strong ones that have been in the Word daily with the death penalty that demands they break the true Sabbath to keep Sunday holy or die. This is why there are already 30,000 guillotines in American storage facilities as we speak. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

Satan (and his recently exposed cohorts in Rome) believes demanding Sunday laws will target the remnant people, which it will. And he believes it will stop the message we preach, which it won't.

Truth is, when they legally make God's law void, the calamities will actually get much much worse. Satan knows this and so he uses the expected increase to declare all Sabbath keepers are the reason for the increase and therefore worthy of death now because we refuse to keep Sunday holy and therefore are the reasons the disasters got much worse. It gives him the perfect reason to legalize our deaths globally by this time and since most people are conditioned via their violent TV shows, video games, music and sports to see nothing wrong with such violence, he will demand we must die because the natural disasters HAVE gotten worse due to his making God's law void.

Satan knows Psalms 119:126 says, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." Prophecy WILL be fulfilled and he knows it! And so this is why they are even talking about "pay-per-view executions" being "money makers" in the media. Did you see my video on that one? They are readying the masses for what the insanity of what prophecy says will soon happen. They have even started talking points on the use of guillotines and it was actually written into Obamacare when that folderol was penned. I actually did 5 videos on those guillotines.

Yes, most of the world will believe Satan who by now is standing on earth claiming to be Jesus Christ incarnate, and they will do whatever he commands through his man of sin in Rome because lies are now the people's comfort zone, and so we the remnant people will be hated and hunted simply because we want to obey God rather than man. All the world will believe the calamities are our fault because we refuse to keep Sunday holy which the Pope and his fake Christ, who is now physically glorifying himself before the eyes of mankind, are both declaring worldwide on every TV, Newspaper, Tablet, Cell Phone, Radio and Pulpit that we need to die so that the majority of the people on earth can live. And yes, that is an exact echo of what Satan moved the church leaders to do to our precious Saviour 2000 years ago. Notice what it says in John 11:49-51  And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all,  50,  Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.  51,  And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation;

Prophecy will be fulfilled and those calamities will get far worse as they seek to kill us, and then those that receive the mark of the beast will have to deal with God's wrath just as He warned they would. The plagues will fall upon them. What’s worse, the lost souls that have the mark believed the lies so much that now they will ignore with their own eyes how the plagues are not affecting God remnant people in any way shape or form. Yet they are experiencing abject horror on a daily basis.

Yes, we may see warmer Winters and somewhat colder Summers as the return of the Lord draws nigh. But the Word of our God is plain. The climate will NEVER change completely as the Pope and his lying scientists claim for it is written in Genesis 8:22, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

And so when the Pope says global warming will destroy the world, he is actually calling your Christian God a liar! But because the Pope and Satan know most people don't read or even trust their Bibles, they boldly lie in ways that any babe in Christ with Bible in hand can grant peace unto any obedient child of God by simply showing them that verse.

Satan and his bride in Rome know why the disasters as well as the national turmoil from immigration problems to actual war and even the fear welling up in the hearts of mankind are all part and parcel to all that was prophesied to happen right before the Lord returns. The Lord blessed His children with all these warnings but as usual, only those that love Him and study His Word will be able to see all this. We know all of this is happening because Jesus is soon to come. The rest of the world just thinks it’s climate change and see no danger whatsoever and will be totally caught off guard when the plagues actually start. And so we will see with our own eyes what was prophesied long ago in 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4 which was, “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.  3,  For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.  4,  But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.”

In short.. they believed the lies and therefore will not be prepared for the end, and we believed the truth and are prepared even now.

I believe the main reason the
man of sin in Rome is pushing global WARMING is because of what happens in plague #4. Satan has that much control over these Popes. The devil knows he needs to gather his troops for Armageddon so as to surround the 144,000 when that all the powers of the world gather for that one hour with the beast. All the violence in Hollywood, sports, video games, music and society itself with legalized abortion and doctor assisted suicide has cultivated the demonic mindset that killing your fellow man is no big deal by now. But when the plagues begin Satan will have the perfect means by which to blame the obedient Christians and when plague #4 hits, which is all about the Sun which they worship scorches the planet with the heat they deserve. The Pope's global warming claims will finally appear valid in the eyes of billions at this time and it will be the final straw he needs to break the back of common sense and moral decency so as to move the crazed minds of billions into a feverish bloodthirsty pitch so that by the time plague #7 is preparing to fall, they will be ready, willing and able to seek us out to kill us. But not to worry brothers and sisters, if you are in that number. the Bible says clearly that the 144,000 CANNOT DIE. And all those that surround us will in fact die when that plague hits.

That all being said… Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?

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Pope’s Global Warming and Plague #4
Some may think the Pope is just plain stupid since every honest person on the planet knows global warming is not only bad science; they can see what
31,487 legitimate scientists who are not politically connected with the Vatican’s paid off experts. The legit scientists have declared in published journals more than a few times that science confirms global warming is not happening at all. And so why does the Pope still push this strange idea that even Al Gore has been recently embarrassed?

It has to do with the dying god of this world who controls the man of sin and the people prophesied to wonder after him. The crippled angel of darkness knows all about the coming plagues, and so the Popes of Rome, who have been caught more than one time allowing and promoting actual devil worship in the Vatican, have no choice but to do as their decaying god demands. They are just that loyal to him.

To put it plainly, the way I see it is, the main reason the man of sin in Rome is pushing global WARMING is because of plague #4. Satan has that much control over these men in Rome and because of that control, the Pope will even let the prince of darkness play him for a fool in front of everyone. The devil knows he needs to gather his troops for Armageddon so as to surround the 144,000 in the hopes of killing them before that great and final day arrives at the end of the plagues. And it’s not just the Pope he needs to use to get this done now. He is a major cog in his wheel of deception yes, but the enemy of souls also has to make sure all the billions of lost souls will do as he commands moments before Jesus returns.

What I'm getting at is; have you noticed all the violence in the Hollywood movies, sports, video games, music and society itself, which includes the normalization of legalized abortion and doctor assisted suicide no less? All this wickedness has cultivated the hellish mindset in billions of people that makes killing your fellowman no big deal anymore. Hence the reason the movies, games and sports are so popular and doctors can actually kill your children and sick loved ones at your request. But when the plagues begin, those that don't have a problem with all this killing will have to step up and do as the devil commands them just as much as the pope does. And by this time Satan will have the perfect means by which to increase the hatred of the obedient Christians off the chart by declaring we are the reason the calamities have gotten so bad that they have now escalated to become the prophesied plagues.

In other words, before the plagues begin, the Pope of the day will declare all the calamities are upon the world because we the obedient Christians refuse to keep the Vatican's admitted extra biblical invention of Sunday Sabbath. His excuse will be that keeping Sunday holy is the only way to please God who will then stop the calamities once we obey. But if they can't get everyone on earth to obey the Pope and Satan who is physically claiming to be Jesus Christ on earth by this time, they will twist prophetic reality and claim the plagues will come upon all on earth unless the obedient Christians stop keeping the Biblical Sabbath. This causes the people of God to be hated by everyone alive that have received the mark. And so when plague #4 hits, which is all about the temperature increasing in a very scary way worldwide to the point massive droughts wherein all vegetation, animals and many people are dying; it will be then that the Pope's global warming claims will finally appear valid in the eyes of billions that he has lured into his ecumenical camp. And when you compile that awful plague with the previous 3 plagues already upon the lost causing them much suffering, it will be the final straw Satan needs to break the back of common sense and moral decency still lingering in a few souls under his command. This final push will move them all around the world into a feverish bloodthirsty pitch so as to cause them to rush upon the people of God to kill them.

But suddenly the darkness of plague #5 begins and in that awful darkness the truth is made known before the eyes of all on earth and the loving promise of God's protection appears to encircle each obedient Christian causing the lost to tremble in absolute terror because it is at this point they finally realize the wolves they thought were trusted pastors had been lying to them all along regarding the biblical message we proclaimed for years. This sobering truth is now made clear in their own minds that they have been marked for death and eternal damnation because they trusted the Pope and his wolves, and so their hatred and weapons now turn upon their lying pastors. And as plague #6 begins preparing the way for the Eastern sky to split wide open revealing the true King of kings and Lord of lords, Satan quickly rushes about the world to gather his forces together via the kings of the earth thanks to the ecumenical work he has wrought both in and outside the church for one last attempt in his Armageddon rush to defeat Christ. But as we know, plague #7 falls. And as the world literally falls apart at the seams with billions of people dying all over the world simultaneously, the dead in Christ will rise, the 144,000 who the billions previously wanted to kill are now granted immortality in the twinkling of the eye and they ascend to forever be with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pope slams climate change deniers as 'stupid'
Pope Francis on Monday slammed climate change doubters as "stupid" in the wake of a spate of hurricanes that have thrashed the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. "Those who deny it (climate change) should go to the scientists and ask them. They are very clear, very precise," the pontiff said Monday during a press conference on the return leg of a five-day Colombia trip." -Source

What this Jesuit Pope doesn't seem to understand is that most people are not stupid when it comes to what he calls climate change because we are all on the same planet experiencing the weather changes. Yes, we had a few hurricanes, just as we do every year. And just so you know, those hurricanes were bad, yes. But they were not as bad as the media reported them to be. They are obviously pumping up the numbers to help the Pope in his long prophesied agenda regarding climate change. Check out this animation that compares hurricanes the last few decades. Irma, Harvey and Jose were large storms yes. But not THE largest. In fact, Matthew was much larger than Harvey, Jose and Irma, and Irma was only 15 miles wider than Katrina. And just so you know, Irma was 400 miles wide. But Sandy was 1120 miles wide literally engulfing Harvey, Irma AND Jose! In fact, you could fit another hurricane Harvey inside Sandy with 3 miles left over! But, Irma and Harvey got much more air time in the media than any other hurricane in history because we now have a Jesuit Pope who needs to do what Satan demands seeing how he knows his time is so short.

Plus, when the Pope says the "stupid" people should ask the scientists; he is actually talking about his small handful of paid off politically accurate scientists that prophecy declared would be very active in our day. What the Jesuit Pope doesn't seem to realize is, the "stupid" people actually know when he says "climate change" he really means global warming. And everyone, including his own "scientists" know they messed up and picked the wrong scenario when Al Gore and Pope John Paul II got together to fabricate this whole thing decades ago so as to hide the truth about the soon to start 7 last plagues that are actually the end result of their agenda wherein they use the natural disasters as a way to enforce the mark of the beast. The fact Al Gore's most recent movie flopped proves the "stupid" people know his previous movie spoke of some very scary things that were supposed to happen in nature by 2016 that never actually happened as he and Pope John Paul II predicted. The "stupid" people happen to be living on the same planet and so the lies were easily seen as just that, a bunch of lies. And so they changed their agenda to enforce their mark from "global warming" to "climate change" because they can no longer back up their bad science. Not even the Vatican's pawns who claim to be scientists can effectively cover-up what Al Gore's movie boldly failed on when it came to predicting the end results of their global warming.

One last thing. As I stated earlier, the Pope only has a small handful of puppets he calls scientists that back his claims. But the "stupid" people know all about the 31,487 Scientists that confirmed in writing that Global Warming is wrong. And DELINGPOLE stated quite recently that ‘Global Warming’ is a myth, according to 58 scientific papers published in 2017.

Now don't get me wrong. Nature is running a little off kilter. But it is neither climate change, global warming or global cooling, (even though the present figures say the planet is actually cooling.) The planet has had its normal climate cycles since day one like any other planet in the Universe. But what we're seeing now is not normal. It was prophesied to be this way right before Jesus returns to remove His bride from this sin sick world. And so, just as the mountain shook when the Lord descended upon it when He gave Moses the already understood Ten Commandments that have been the Law of the land in New Jerusalem long before mankind was created, the entire planet is convulsing as the day of His return draws nigh. And anyone that declares the end is not yet nigh as did Pope John Paul II back in 1998, that my brothers and sisters is the ultimate definition of "stupid."

Lawrence: Hurricanes (Harvey & Irma) are God's wrath for voting in Trump
"Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence suggested the devastating hurricanes in Texas and approaching Florida were signs of “Mother Nature’s rage and wrath” at America for electing Donald Trump and not believing in man-made climate change. ...It’s scary,” the actress responded to the interviewer’s assertion that there was “an end-of-days feeling” across the world and especially in the U.S."- Source

First and foremost, Jennifer Lawrence is a very well paid professional liar. And no, I am not being sarcastic. It's the basic definition of what an actor is. Every actor in Hollywood literally makes their living by lying to people on camera. And as we also know, Hollywood has been pushing the Vatican's leftist view for years. The fact the most popular film making entity is named "Universal" should tell you something. The Latin term "Catholic" is translated as "Universal" in English. But enough about that.

The movie makers of Hollywood have promoted all that is evil in the world and like Roman Catholic Theologians who promote Paganism and its evil rituals as if it is all Bible sanctioned Christianity. What I mean is, the movie producers have somehow convinced the masses that all of their extremely violent and flesh filled movies that promote everything from murder to rape is somehow to be considered entertainment by all. And the fact they have gone political in their many strange messages and plots for as far back as I can recall even from my teen years shows they do indeed have a long term agenda that is write now coming to fruition. And seeing how there isn't a human alive today that has not been born after the end times started in 1844 which was the exact years Daniel's 2300 year prophecy ended, none of us can afford to be swayed by Hollywood, politics, or worse yet the confirmed man of sin in Rome

Jennifer Lawrence, like many of her cohorts in Hollywood that have sold their souls for riches and fame, they know all too well that unless they tow the line presented them and use their celebrity to bend the ears of the fans that worship them, they will lose their jobs, money, fame and pretended political powers splashed upon them that they playact a scripted part for a set fee that is purposely designed to sway the minds of their fans. And so when the powers that be demand they speak for the Pope's climate change agenda, they will do it! They have no choice. And at present, the Pope can use the current disasters piling up to shore up support on his climate change docket towards enforcing his admitted mark. We are right now cleaning up from hurricane Harvey, Los Angeles is experiencing the worst fires in US history, Hurricane Irma, a Cat 5 like no other in history is continuing to destroy and kill, and Mexico just had a quake that was so bad it moved the fault 32 literal feet! And so yes, as prophesied the calamities are increasing. But not for the reasons the Pope claims!

Now for the obvious next step. Will it happen directly after Irma wipes out large portions of Florida, or will they let this all fester in the minds of the sheeple so as to have the prophesied compilation of additional disasters nicely stacked up so as the people ready to hear them declare, "the disasters are only here because all you Christians refuse to go to church on Sunday!" Time will tell. But do you remember this Vatican approved minister who declared the Tsunami of 2005 was the end result of people refusing to go to church on Sundays? Sure, it went over a like a led balloon because they only had the one disaster. But pile a few up, and they will have what they need to push the agenda forward.

But for Lawrence to claim God's wrath is upon us because Trump, who has also been in bed with Rome since he had his mandated CEO meeting with him years ago, is ludicrous at best. It's merely a way to increase the expectation in the minds of many that there must be a reason for the disasters increasing and seeing how next to no one reads Bibles anymore, any idiotic claim will most assuredly be used as the proverbial lump of mud that sticks in the minds of many that Rome can use to eventually grant them their "aha" moment when Satan steps up claiming to be Jesus who then claims everyone needs to keep Sunday holy to stop the calamities. The majority that have bathed in his lies all their lives will be primed and ready to declare this final lie to make perfect sense for all the disasters and so they will agree and receive the mark as the right thing to do. 

Pope Francis Urges World Leaders to ‘Hear the Cry of the Earth’
"Pope Francis has once again waded into ecological waters, inviting all people to pray for the environment while urging world leaders to “hear the cry of the earth.” ...We no longer respect nature as a shared gift; instead, we regard it as a private possession. We no longer associate with nature in order to sustain it; instead, we lord over it to support our own constructs. ...The human environment and the natural environment are deteriorating together, and this deterioration of the planet weighs upon the most vulnerable of its people." -Source

Since he came into office, and yes I said office and not the church because the Vatican is not just a church structure. It is first and foremost a political entity, a literal nation on its own. It is a church and state as prophecy predicted and being as such the man of sin in Rome has the ability to destroy people lives in both the physical and spiritual spectrum. So we must always expect him to lean towards whatever will benefit the Vatican most and their long prophesied agenda towards the enforcement of the mark upon every disobedient soul on earth because I've never heard this Pope or any other Pope ever actually say anything that would spiritually bless any soul on earth. And yes, that is a biblical fact for it is also stated in James 3:10, "Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be." And as we know, every Pope has claimed to echo Scripture while at the same time preaching Paganism which if embraced curses the soul with damnation.

That all being said, since he was elected by his exceptionally corrupt cabinet of prelates with a centuries old method of fixing the outcome, have we ever heard him preach a sermon on a global scale regarding the need of all of mankind to seek Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour so as to escape the damnation headed their way due to the many sins of the world that entail everything from homosexuality to drunkenness? After all, mankind has been crying out for deliverance from such things for eons. No, like all the Popes before him you have not heard him use the largest modern day pulpit available on this planet to preach Christ crucified. Instead of doing as all Christian that truly do obey Jesus would do if they had the same audience to proclaim the Gospel message, he chooses rather to pander to and literally promote homosexuality, same sex marriages, alcohol consumption, euthanasia,  illegal immigration, Islam, rape, redistribution of wealth, Socialism, belittlement of Christ's death (TWICE on camera) communism, ecumenicalism, Sunday laws, removal of sovereignty for all nations, abortion, Mary worship and evolution just to name a few of the many that come to mind. And as I was looking for the articles and such to show I am not kidding in regards to his true message, I ran across some Catholic monks that I heard about years ago that have listed their disgust for the last few popes in writing. In other words, even the Pope's own ordained monks expose him and his predecessors as being very evil men.

So why is it the Pope speaks volumes on things that entice and excite the worldly among us instead of sharing Jesus who will help them find the peace they are searching for? It's because the Popes of Rome truly are the prophesied man of sin. And since they are all about the world they worship, it's only fitting that when Satan needs them to help him enforce his mark upon the people of the world that seeing how the Popes worship the world over and above the Creator of it as Romans 1:25 predicted, the climate change agenda was a no-brainer for Satan to use o help puff up the one man on earth who represents just how far Satan can get any soul that obeys him into loving all that the world has to offer. And so instead of hearing any Pope urge the world's leaders to "hear the cry of the lost" so as to gain many souls for Heaven as is the duty of every real Christian, this Pope like his predecessors urges leaders to "hear the cry of the earth" just as any real Pagan does and has done since they started dancing under every green tree in the hills since time began. Look in your Bibles to see how this angered the Lord in Deuteronomy 12:2 as well as many other areas of the Word. They have been doing this ever since Satan was cast to this earth.

Now yes, I expect some Catholics to email me a homily or two from the present Pope wherein he does mention Jesus Christ and salvation on occasion. In fact I welcome and even implore you to send me that sermon if you can find it. For I am sure, as I was once Catholic 3 decades ago, and I know for fact how Catholic sermons are written. If you allow me to do so I will show you what you send isn't actually a sermon at all. It is a Vatican promotional speech seeking to both fill the pews as well as keep them warm with souls that refuse to open Bibles to discover their Pope is openly lying to them. And so, email me that sermon and I will do all I can to place the truth back in context for you so as to help you see you need to "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." -Revelation 18:4.

And yes, Jesus called you "my people" in that passage. But also keep in mind that you are only considered "my people" when you obey Him to the best of your ability as well as in the expectation that you will obey Him as Lord once more and literally COME OUT.  

 World Council of Churches Scolds Trump for Dumping Paris Climate Deal
"The World Council of Churches (WCC) has censured President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris climate accord, an agreement the president said gravely disadvantaged American workers. In an official statement from its executive committee, the WCC said that the President’s decision “has grave consequences for the impoverished and vulnerable, for our children’s children, and for the entire planet, putting at risk people’s access to clean water, food, shelter and secure livelihoods, and undermining efforts for environmental sustainability and for peace.” –Source

As we know, Trump caved on the climate change fiasco after he appointed his daughter to head up the White House climate change work for the Pope. Plus, we have Trump's own words that his decision to pull out of the Paris accord had nothing to do with the fate of the planet as the Pope's fear-mongers suggest. In days gone by he was very vocal declaring global warming a lie. Which 31,487 Scientists have stated in writing is bad science and a bold faced lie. But when pressured about it after becoming president, Trump reiterated about how the United States government has all along been a trailblazer in taking measures to slow global warming by its many very expensive (to US business men) government regulations. He even stated we are the cleanest nation on earth when it comes to governmental efforts in this issue.

But the real clincher is in how he walked away from the Paris accord that most everyone missed, or purposely ignore for political reasons. He stated, and I quote, "The United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, but begin negotiations to reenter either the Paris Accord or an entirely new transaction for terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers. So we're getting out, but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that's fair. And if we can, that's great, and if we can't that's fine." (See the video here) In other words, he no longer claims the Vatican's climate agenda is a farce. He just admitted on camera before the nation that he is right now negotiating a deal to reenter the Paris accord.

Now, for some real bad news for Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). 

Their long prophesied fallen church is part of the problem now and has been for decades. As many that have left the SDA church know, your pastors and General Conference leaders right up to you your "presidents" have been lying for years about being a card carrying PAID member of the Vatican's World Council of churches (WCC). Students of prophecy not only knew they're lying, we eventually dug up documented proof the SDA leaders were official members of the WCC all along. Being as such, this article now confirms they have joined their voices with the man of sin in Rome like all the other churches to proclaim a political lie that Trump pulled out of the Paris accord and therefore all hope is lost for the children of the world. Basic reality dictates that by simply reading Trump's own speech on this wherein he says he will reenter the deal when the deal is right means the members of the WCC are lying through their teeth for political reasons.

But here's where the bad news for the SDA people comes in even deeper. Their very own church was prophesied to be used of God to expose the Popes in Rome and so they have been echoing Spirit of Prophecy statements for decades wherein the United States government (second beast of Revelation) will eventually help the Vatican (first beast of Revelation) push an agenda wherein they can claim the increasing calamities all over the world can be stopped by simply enforcing Sunday Laws to appease an angry God. Since the SDA church (and all its members) are now official members of the Vatican's one world church, this places them in agreement with both the second and first beasts of Revelation as well as with all the daughters of the Harlot church, and being as such they are actually helping to fund not only political attacks like this article in the global arena to push the Pope's evil agenda, they are right now helping the Pope maintain his forward progress in bringing about the long prophesied mark of the beast! But then that was to be expected after they were one of the first to help create the image of the beast by joining their church with the state in the prophesied 501c3 contract.

If ever there was a time to "come out of her" as well as her many daughters, now has to be that time!  

Al Gore Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming
In his comments, Gore equated the fight against global warming to a religious-based, moral crusade similar to the civil rights fight, women’s suffrage, and the abolitionist movement during the Civil War era. Gore insisted that it is a moral imperative to fight against climate change. ... And if you are a believer, as I am, I think God intends for us to open our eyes and take responsibility for the moral consequences of our actions.” -Source

As many students of prophecy know, the prophecy regarding the mark of the beast predicts the need for a religious law and so the powers that be need to do all they can to assure religious laws become part of society as soon as possible. They need to rush ahead with their plans because their dying god knows his time is short and so this is why Trump did what he did a few weeks ago to help the government approved 501c3 pastors have the legal ability to lobby for religious laws. See my May 4th video on this.

As we also know, according to the Christian Bible the mark of the beast is Sunday laws. In fact, the Vatican has admitted more than once in writing that their unbiblical Sunday Sabbath is their mark of authority over all churches and even the Bible itself. And so this is why we have seen tens of thousands of articles the world over the last few decades wherein the Popes of Rome and their political pawns have pushed for religious laws and specifically a legally mandated Sunday Sabbath. See my Sabbath attack page for over 1000 of these articles and videos from the last 12 years alone.

If you recall, back in December of 2004 we all witnessed the devastating Tsunami that killed over 300,000 people. But were you also aware that within a few weeks of that devastating disaster the Vatican friend and cooperatvive in this long prophesied agenda by the name of John MacLeod declared the reason people died in that Tsunami was because they weren’t going to church on Sundays. So the prophecy regarding their need for Sunday laws to prevent disasters finally became a reality in the minds of many scoffers that doubted the prophecy that very day. See my Feb 2005 Newsletter on this.

And so now we see Al Gore, who was approached by John Paul II to push the global warming agenda decades ago; and I have a few videos on my climate change page on the website if you’re interested. This man (Al Gore) was caught lying by every single living person on the planet regarding his Vatican contrived prediction that global warming was to come to a frightening conclusion in 2016 that never actually did. In fact, his predictions about the polar ice cap being gone by 2016 was not only proven a lie, the ice cap has actually been documented as growing in size. You might want to check out this website when you get time. Oh.. and when you go to that website you may notice that firefox and other browsers have a built in device declaring that website site to be dangerous so as to help the powers that be hide what’s on that website. So, expect a huge read page popup warning when you go there.

So.. why are they doing this? The current calamities we see all over the world are prophesied to increase due to the sins of mankind coming to a festering and putrid head just as they did in Noah’s day when they legalized homosexual marriage, of which caused the Lord to move Noah to build the ark due to the global flood he was sending. Satan knew this then and he knows this now. And so he must react to this prophesied reality accordingly. Only this time he has come up with a way to use these already increasing global disasters to his advantage to try and get every soul on earth in his camp ready for hellfire. Using his man of sin in Rome he has devised a plan to convince all the nations on earth to gather as one so as to try and do something about the global disasters by using the excuse that we are all in this together seeing how we are all on the same planet.

So, now that religious law is to be a legal reality soon, and yes this is why we see talk of Shariah law in the USA as well lately; Al Gore now has received the go ahead from Rome to start mentioning God in his global warming fiasco so as to open the door for the enforcement of the religious laws Rome plans to enforce, or the mark of the beast as we know it. And according to prophecy, this is what will happen next.

The calamities will increase, the media will concentrate on making sure everyone on earth knows they have increased, so much so they will even fabricate calamities to bolder the panic in less frequent regions. The Pope will then step forward under direction of the physical Antichrist who by now is literally standing on the planet in bodily form claiming to be Jesus Christ incarnate. After this demon masquerading as Jesus goes about healing a few people and speaking in melodious tones to garner many souls into his camp, he then demands everyone on earth must keep Sunday holy so as to appease God who will then stop the calamities once they all obey. And to assure everyone does as he commands from Rome, the leaders under his control will then prevent the buying and selling of everyone on earth that refuse to bow in worship to the mandate, or “receive his mark” as prophecy calls it. Now do you see why every CEO and every political leader on earth have had those closed door meetings with the Pope recently?  

Now, since all that Satan spews is based on lies, the disasters will increase anyway because it has nothing to do with people breaking the Roman Sabbath. Those calamities, like in Noah’s day, are nothing more than the end result of all the sins Satan has moved billions to embrace all along. And so to get around that, Satan, who most think at this time is really Jesus Christ, will then declare all the real Christians still keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath are blaspheming his name and so they must now die to stop the calamities. And so he will move all those that worship him to step up to surround the people of God as the prophecy regarding Armageddon has predicted.

Now do you see why we already have blasphemy laws in Islam and Shariah Law is right now being pushed in American courts? Since the people are already used to people dying under blasphemy laws, this will be accepted worldwide and so all the people of the world who have been conditioned the last few decades to kill thanks to watching violent Hollywood movies, playing violent video games, listening to violent Rock music and even participating and gambling on violent sports; all of them declare their loyalty to the Pope and his Antichrist to go forth and kill the Sabbath keepers by surrounding them on a specific date set forth by Rome. Problem is, this action seals the fate of all those that obey the Pope and his dying god claiming to be Jesus. The plagues then begin, and as prophesied in Psalms 119:126 we see that, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

The Sabbath keepers still alive at this time are counted in that prophesied number known as the Gideon band that stand firm in obedience to God’s law due to the Holy Spirit inside them that promised to help them to do so, and the obedient people of God never even get so much as a boil or heat stroke from the 7 last plagues falling upon all the wicked that have bowed to the Pope and his antichrist.

The eastern sky then splits, the dead in Christ rise up, and we all go home together to leave behind all those that worshiped the Pope and his dying god. The pulverized dead bodies of the lost souls are now all over the planet as rotting dung due to plague #7; which by the way is the 125lb chunks of hail falling from the sky killing them as prophesied. And it is now that Beelzebub truly rules his subjects as his given name predicted he would thousands of years ago. For the name Beelzebub translated into English is, the god of the dung.

One last thing. I already made the video for this blog entry. All I need to do is fine tune it a bit and I will be uploading it HERE asap. 

VIDEO: Zinke: It's not about climate change, it's about a bad deal
"On 'America's Newsroom,' the secretary of the interior defends President Trump's decision to exit Paris accord..." -

As I said in videos and blog entries, Trump caved long ago on this but not as many can tell as of yet it seems. He has been saying since day one in his presidential campaign that climate change is a hoax. But almost immediately after being elected president his daughter Ivanka is granted the lead position in the White House climate change department. If it's a hoax and he plans to walk away laughing; why is his daughter doing as he denies? Why is he allowing US tax dollars to be spent on what he called a hoax?

It's as I've been saying since day one of his campaign when he first declared the truth that it was a hoax, prophecy confirms they will use the climate change agenda to get all the nations in bed with Rome so as to have a global reason to enforce "certain laws." And these laws will be used to police every single citizen on the planet. Never before in the history of mankind has there been such a suggestion (outside of Christian prophecy that is) wherein the overwhelming majority of nations on earth agree with as we see 175 nations doing right now. According to the Bible it is only prophesied to be as such when the mark of the Vatican beast is enforced and this is why students of prophecy can easily declare Trump is going to play along on this just as much as everyone else is because you cannot change that which was written by a God who sees the end from the beginning!

The fact the secretary of the interior in the Trump administration is right now (on this video) speaking about the "bad deal" behind the Paris accord confirms this as fact. The man has stated on record all along that he believes climate change is a fact. And, what about the statement made by Gary Gohn a week ago, who happens to be Trump's economic advisor that "President Trump's views on climate change are "evolving" following discussions with European leaders who are pushing for him to stay in the Paris climate accord." So as usual, the campaign promise is only declared as such to gain the office. It's happened with every US president before Trump, it has happened with Trump and if the Lord tarries much longer, it will happen again.

Trump, his enemies, his friends, and the wildly corrupted main stream media can make all sorts of claims that Trump pulled out of the Paris accord all they want. But as I said before, Trump is a deal maker who clamors after anything he can that will remove Obama's illegitimate legacy. Trump is also about making decisions as president that will offer him all sorts of fame and long term benefits to himself and his family even after he's gone. And so as soon as a better deal is struck so as to make Trump appear the "champion of the people," as he has been promoted himself to be lately, we will see the United States of America join the Paris accord so as to assure both the mark is enforced and the US Constitution is rewritten. (as also prophesied) Because the basic reality is, there is a big difference between a treaty and an accord and so this is yet another reason Trump refused to sign and Obama did. But I won't get into that here.

Basic reality is this; If Trump really believes it's all a hoax and he wasn't just saying that after his campaign manager revealed the demographic research showed his voting bloc leaned in that direction, then why would he bother suggesting a new deal is struck at all? If it's a hoax, it's a hoax and so that would mean no deal would make it viable no matter how much it would benefit him and his legacy. There is no getting around the prophesied reality that Vatican bought and paid for scientists will declare natural disasters are the end result of climate change. Once the majority falls for the lies, (as the Paris accord proves they did) Rome will jump on this to pass Sunday laws in every nation on earth. Once Trump and his cronies rewrite the deal the Pope will have the legal ability to demand every citizen comply with Sunday Laws, but only after the loud cry exposes their true Pagan dogmatic fruits as per Bible facts backed by both prophecy, biblical jurisprudence and simple historic record. That exposure will not be tolerated and so the laws will be passed to try shut us up. But as also prophesied they will fail just as miserable as the Jews failed 2000 years ago when they demanded the Apostles shut up about Jesus Christ. And so contrary to popular belief, Christian prophecy WILL BE FULFILLED! At this point, it's only a matter of WHEN. 

VIDEO: Pope-Trump meeting agenda: Climate change, terrorism
"After a highly anticipated meeting,
Pope Francis appears to have left his mark on President Donald Trump. "Thank you. I won't forget what you said," Trump told Pope Francis, before leaving the Pope's private study after a half-hour private meeting. Neither Trump nor the Pope revealed what their conversation entailed, but readouts from the White House and the Vatican highlighted terrorism, climate change and peace as agenda items covered." -Source

As I have been wondering for months since Trump's daughter Ivanka made climate change her focus in her father's White House; when will Trump finally cave on this long prophesied agenda of the Pope regarding climate change? Well, this meeting is not only the focus of a new video I'm working on, (from last Friday's blog entry) it's also what all students of prophecy have been watching for all along because we know prophecy will be fulfilled no matter how much Trump is against it. And as expected, Trump had his meeting with the Pope, and as was also expected they had their meeting behind closed doors so as to keep the people they promised transparency with are kept in the dark, because as also prophesied their deeds are from the darkened realm of Satan. And if their constituents knew they would boldly revolt.

As I have been saying for months in church discussion, emails, phone calls and some face to face meetings with like-minded brethren; Trump will definitely have to cave on his staunch stand against the Pope's global warming aka, climate change. Again, prophecy must be fulfilled even though Trump, being a member of a Vatican influenced church, is taught by pastors in his church that have no clue this was predicted in Scripture and so he must change his mind on climate change. But, if he refuses he can forget about a second term or worse yet, end up like JFK. The Pope is that adamant about pushing climate change so as to have the power in all nations to enforce the mark of the beast and no man; no matter how popular he is, (like JFK was) will stand in his way.

Still, Trump is a man driven by pride and so it's not likely he will openly or easily admit he is wrong without doing so in a way that help him save face. He will still have to cave on this no matter what. But he may choose to milk this to bolster his pride to stand before all claiming how "humble" he is to admit on camera that he was wrong. In any event, he has to somehow flip on his publicly proclaimed stance on climate change. And when he does, it will be in a way he can still stand his ground while at the same time doing whatever the Pope needs him to do.

For example, do you recall what Trump said in his campaign about removing the 501c3 and how he kept dropping hints about how the Christians in America are the largest lobbying group in the nation? Many pundits in and outside the churches used his talking points to declare he was going to completely remove the 501c3 and as you recall in a video I did back then, I stated as I am sure many students of prophecy also stated, Trump will never remove the 501c3 because it is the prophesied image of the beast and it is a necessary cog in the wheel that gets the mark enforced. And so as expected, and as I outlined in another video I did 2 weeks ago, Trump didn't remove the 501c3 at all. But instead and as I repeatedly stated, he did rewrite how it was structured by Lyndon Johnson back in 1954 so as to allow the government approved pastors to keep their tax free status while lobbying for religious laws on their pulpits. Well, this climate change stance of his is no different. And especially since his own daughter has already publicly taken the position to promote climate change in his own White House, and so there's his out. Me thinks he allowed her to take that stand just in case the Pope "forced" his hand. So now, he can actually pull a Pilot and wash his hands of the whole deal and allow his White House to push it for the Pope anyway. As we all know, Trump is that strange when it comes to how he moves politically. In short, he will allow the White House to remain in the Paris agreement.

That all being said, whether he openly admits defeat to bolster his pride, or plays the part of a man that stands his ground but then drops it in the hands of someone else claiming he doesn't have time to deal with it, doesn't matter. Because the bottom line is; he must go along with the Pope on this. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled. But me thinks all of this is nothing more than a smokescreen allowing for closed door shenanigans to go forth in the coming weeks and months. I mean, the fact his daughter is already promoting the Pope's agenda in the White House confirms; Trump already caved! 

Climate experts: Global warming doubts are 'real science'
"A number of Ph.Ds have written a book chapter asserting that doubts about the theory of human-caused global warming should be considered “real science.” You know, the idea of basing hypotheses on documented evidence rather than a political agenda. But the National Science Teachers Association wants nothing to do with such an approach. Its executive director, David Evans, has written a letter to members insisting they must teach the agendas of the National Wildlife Federation, the North American Association for Environmental Education, the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, the Center for Climate Change Communication and other activist groups. What they must avoid, he contends, is the
information compiled by the scientists who wrote “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming." –Source

This is a major fingerprint of the Roman Catholic popes. This has been how they have always dealt with truth that goes against their current agenda. They used this method during the Inquisitions, during Hitler's reign and they are using them today directly before they get the masses to bow to their lies and bow to them in open worship so as to be sealed for hellfire right before Jesus returns.

The fact many people across America have joined in the easily proven lie regarding global warming confirms they are going ahead with this no matter how many real Scientists step forward. And at last count there were 31,487 real Scientists declaring Global Warming to be a political fraud. And to top it off, the climate of the planet itself has backed the truth all over the world in every single persons very own backyard. From the massive snow dumps (100,8 inches!) occurring near the Vatican not too long ago to the fact a climate change rally had to be cancelled in Colorado due to a "monster snow storm" hitting them just yesterday! (rather comical don't you think?)

One thing we can always count on is the Pope will lie. He has no choice. Like the lying Pharisees before him, he worships the dying god of this world and so he will naturally speak Beelzebub's native tongue just as a child of God will naturally speak truth from the Holy Spirit. And since we know he will lie, we can use that truth to our advantage to not only expose them with every soul the Lord sends our way, we can also use the fact he will always lie to avoid his long prophesied agenda that much easier. It's really just that simple. In fact, many Christians have learned how to do this eons ago.

For example, the Bible says the seventh day is the Sabbath in numerous passages but the Popes of Rome claim it is Sunday. And so Sabbath keeping Christians all throughout History not only kept the faith, they were able to alert others to the truth as it is written in God's Word. Another obvious lie of Rome was easily avoided after obedient Christians throughout history read that their Lord Jesus says in Matthew 23:9, "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." But the Popes of Rome not only demand you call every priest "father," they demand you blaspheme and call the Pope "Holy Father." That is a term only found one time in Scripture, and it is the term of endearment Jesus Christ uses when praying to our Father in Heaven. (See John 17:11) And just to make this quick, as there are many more I can touch on, the Vatican also demands you baptize babies even those the Bible clearly says only adults who confess, repent and declare Jesus Christ Lord can be baptized. But since little babies cannot do that, the Vatican removed Acts 8:37 from all their Bibles.

Satan is the father of lies and any truth found on earth will be subject to attack no matter how big or small that truth may be because Satan hates the God of love that much. And so this global warming aka climate change fiasco will continue on all the way up to and during the 7 final plagues. In fact, it will be used by Rome to force every soul on earth to make the long prophesied decision regarding the mark of the beast. Rome will claim all the disasters are due to mankind's refusal to keep the Sabbath of Rome. And so they will pass a global law (first in the USA) forcing everyone to acknowledge their admitted MARK so as to appease the Lord. And so even though we see overwhelming proof that the Pope is lying about global warming in our own weather patterns in every nation on earth; it will still be declared as if it is warming. Reason being is that Satan really is the god of this world. Being as such his lie has to be uplifted above real truth whenever his lies are exposed. In fact this is what he lives for. Take the Bible itself wherein it is truth cover to cover and how he does all he can to rewrite the truth and even delete verses to hide the truth.

Bottom line is this. We are very close now! No, we don't know the day or the hour. But the fact the very events students of prophecy declared a few decades ago as being signs of the very end are right now fulfilling in regards to the Pope's plans to enforce his mark; we know that if the people we warn don't open their Bibles now, they may never open them because so many prophetic events have been fulfilled right before their eyes and they still stand in denial of it all. And why do they do such foolish things? They simply don't want to leave this earth and all the fun they can have in the flesh any more than Lot's wife could leave Sodom that day.

Trump to Backtrack on Climate Change?
"President Donald Trump, having already backtracked on several campaign pledges considered important to his populist-conservative base, sparked worry Tuesday he may decline to withdraw from an Obama-era climate change agreement. ...Staying in the legally non-binding accord would be an abject betrayal to his supporters,” said Thomas Richard of Climate Change Dispatch, in an email to LifeZette. Richard noted that the accord is the kind of abusive agreement Trump used to bash as a “bad deal." ...But Trump is under pressure from moderate advisers to reconsider ahead of a late-May meeting of the G7. Trump would be expected to take grief from France and Canada were he to pull out of the Paris Accord." -

This is par for the course when it comes to all politicians. Be they dyed-in-the-wool as most in office today are, or those that come into office with no political experience beforehand. Just as we saw with Reagan we now see with Trump. What I mean is. Even though they (Reagan & Trump) may have made honest promises in their campaigns, (if that was possible) once gaining the oval office the reality of sitting in that chair had to come with some surprises. The biggest being, as we saw with Reagan, is the fact that the man of sin in Rome is in fact a lot more powerful in American politics than any new candidate vying for that office could know before winning the election and so, I don't see Trump delaying his decision on whether or not to play the global game of climate change as an easy one to make knowing he did in fact make that promise to the American people and now the cold hard reality is he may have to renege on it. So the delay is more about spin-doctoring than it is about reneging. After all, sitting in that chair I am sure he now has a lot more info on why Kennedy was assassinated for denying Rome's will and why Reagan was shot just three months after being sworn in. And most today already know about the Jesuits who killed Lincoln.

Prophecy dictates that the climate change agenda will be used against every soul on earth as the main excuse to enforce the mark of the beast. And so Trump is going to have to either publicly renege on his promise to walk away from the Pope's agenda with Climate Change, or he will have to do some fancy footwork behind closed doors wherein he can promise the Pope he will allow it to be business as usual on this front while somehow calming his many supporters. In fact, I can see this as a bipartisan cover-up in that both sides of the isle have already agreed to work with the Pope and so if Trump finally decides to agree "quietly" so as to prevent public outcry, nary a Democrat will out him on this as this is far more important to their boss in Rome than the politics surrounding it all. It will get done. Will it be a simple changed name as Trump seems to be going for with Obamacare? Who knows.. all I know it prophecy will be fulfilled.

And so, I guess it's as I assumed decades ago after watching for the first time how a presidential candidate flip flopped on a campaign promise. These men running for office assume they will be THE power in the White House once there. And so, like John F. Kennedy found out the hard way, and Reagan who later bowed to the Pope after getting shot wherein he obviously promised to help him bring down that wall and destroy Russia, the promises they make on the campaign trail have absolutely nothing to do with what will really happen once elected. What amazes me is how students of prophecy that have nary a speck of political ambition in their bones already know what will happen in American politics long before even the Presidents themselves do.

Oh.. and like I stated in those videos I did on Trump and the 501c3; Trump can promise to remove the 501c3 all he wants just as he promised to ignore the climate change agenda. But the basic reality here is; that will never happen as the prophecy declares the pastors in the American churches will have the ability to "speak and cause" religious laws (the mark) come to fruition in America and then the whole world. To nullify (without a rewrite of sorts) the 501c3 government contract of all those pastors would be to remove their prophesied ability to lobby religious law. And according to my Bible that will not happen. Those laws will be passed! The fact the pastors already created an image to the beast in Rome so as to be able to have that power confirms, the prophecy is sure. Common sense dictates that once they get that kind of power handed them, which is what happened on March 07, 2006, as Rome planed for every "pastor" in their camp they can now force Roman Catholicism into the American courts! In fact, they admit this in writing...

Now do you see why Trump installed so many Roman Catholics into his administration?  

Whistle-Blower: ‘Global Warming’ Data Manipulated Before Paris Conference
"A high-level whistleblower at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed that the organization published manipulated data in a major 2015 report on climate change in order to maximize impact on world leaders at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015. According to a
report in The Mail on Sunday, NOAA scientist Dr. John Bates has produced “irrefutable evidence” that the NOAA study denying the “pause” in global warming in the period since 1998 was based on false and misleading data. …Dr. Bates accused the lead author of the paper, Thomas Karl, of “insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximized warming and minimized documentation.” Bates says that Karl did so “in an effort to discredit the notion of a global warming pause, rushed so that he could time publication to influence national and international deliberations on climate policy.” –Source

Oh perish (or Paris) the thought! How on earth could this ever happen? Just because students of prophecy have been declaring they would do this for well over a century and everyone breathing air on this very same planet also know the planet is in no way, shape or form "warning" as the Popes in Rome keep claiming, it doesn't mean Christian prophecy is right. Or wait a minute… that's exactly what it means.

You see? This is why the obedient remnant of her seed today, as well as when the 9th hour church (now fallen under the pressure of Rome) was actually walking in obedience over 100 years ago, this is why we were (back then) and are (today) so very hated. All along the Bishop of Rome (now Pope) has known for centuries, in fact since it prophesied inception in 538AD that as back then, today as well there will be real Christians walking this earth who know long before anyone else what the Popes of Rome will do. They hate it when we proclaim today what the Pope plans to do tomorrow because it not only exposes them as the prophesied home to Antichrist, it lends credence and hard core believability to the message we have been called to proclaim when they do EXACTLY as the prophecies in the Word predicted. And yes, that means most get angry with us and actually hate us because unlike all the other churches that cannot see or even preach what we see, don't like it when their doctrinal stand and end time complacency is exposed when the light of truth is shined upon it. Some even get upset because they know their pastors cannot effectively warn anyone of anything because the basic Bible reality here is, in order to understand prophecy you must be obedient.

One last thing:

Did you notice the pic they posted? As we have been proclaiming for decades; the Pope will use the climate change agenda to move all political leaders into his comfy and greatly soiled bed of demonic corruption and control. Once he does that, he will go after each and every citizen on earth to join in unison as a "universal" (Catholic) church to help the planet we all reside on. But.. have you noticed? All the nations already joined with the Pope on this when they signed the COP21 Paris agreement on April 22, 2016 which then became global law on November 04, 2016. So all that's left for them now is to go after the people that are ruled by the leaders that signed onto that long prophesied agenda. 

The poster confirms it

As you can see, the poster in the pic reads "ONE CLIMATE ONE WORLD." It was obviously put front and center in the ad which without their knowing exposed the Vatican's one world government plans which will in fact lead to the mark of the beast in Rome. This is exactly what students of prophecy have been saying almost word for word will happen for decades. The Pope needed a "global problem" wherein he can move the second beast to convince the churches to join with him in a church & State conglomeration wherein they eventually "speak and cause" a global law to be enforced on every citizen that they claim will help all of mankind escape the wrath of God due to the increase in calamities.

The Pope's climate change agenda is now confirmed to the point even a babe in Christ can see to be that very same prophesied agenda the obedient remnant of her seed have been moved by God Himself to warn the people of for years. In fact we have been declaring as such for decades long before that poster was ever placed before the camera which later became the pic that was posted in the article that is now posted on this ministry blog. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

Report on Arctic sea ice unleashes shock waves
"A posting at
Real Climate Science has delivered a body blow to the global-warming agenda – now called “climate change” since the globe doesn’t appear to be warming anymore. It shows the Arctic sea ice today is about the same thickness as it was 75 years ago. That’s despite the massive spread of SUVs, the use of coal-fired power plants to generate heat for homes and gasoline-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers. The posting Tuesday from Steven Goddard, blogs under the pseudonym Tony Heller, featured the image of a 1940 Townsville Daily Bulletin report that “ice measurements were on an average only 6 ½ feet,” according to a just-returned expedition of Soviet explorers." -Source

None of this is going to matter one iota because Christian prophecy will be fulfilled. But we certainly can use this scientific evidence to bolster the truth regarding the man of sin in Rome. Thanks to the recent elections most Americans and now most people in any nation know for a hardened fact that the main stream media is a well-oiled joke. Students of prophecy as well as some well-educated anti-Government types who actually did some homework into reality have been stating for decades that the powers that be are lying using the media so as to push the government's agenda for mass control. Obedient Christians know why this is happening, but the anti-government types, as educated and in some cases as honest as they are, they simply have no clue. What we see happening here has to do with the enforcement of the mark of the beast. And that is why I say this cannot be stopped. Christian prophecy will never fail. And this includes the fact that Trump removed the Climate Change page off the White House website. Like the TPP that he shut down the other day, it will be back with what he will claim is a "better deal" that he was able to negotiate so as to make sure glory settles in the areas he prefers. After all, he's not a  young man and he needs to puff up the name Trump even more so that if the Lord tarries much longer, his children will benefit by his legacy long after he's gone.

So, how can the Remnant use this?

It's easy to see as the nose on your face. In fact, let's start there. First and foremost we know the media is the same as it was in Hitler's day. A well-oiled propaganda machine. And we also know global warming is a lie because the Vatican's small handful of bought and paid for scientists cannot refute the scientific facts nor can the Vatican effectively kill off 31,487 American Scientists that have exposed their lies. You just can't fabricate that many "suicides" and get the majority to believe it. But the real clincher comes with the lies they promote and how the truth we preach will bless those with eyes that see.

How so?

We know the media is bogus and therefore anything they push relentlessly is going to have to be in agreement with the Vatican contrived NWO agenda. There's no way around Bible prophecy. As we also know, the planet was created to recycle itself quite nicely. In fact it was just confirmed that the CO2 levels of today are the exact same as they were in 1910. All those SUV's, coal burners, lawn mowers, and flatulent cows have no real effect on the air we breathe unless we live in a valley wherein the pollution can linger. But the God that made the planet is the same that made the human body. Take the tobacco smoker for example. Quit smoking and you will see, depending how long you smoked, your lungs will pink up within a month to a year. And if you quit young enough they will totally heal with 5 years.

The bottom line here is, literally billions of people on earth know for a fact now the planet's not warming at all. In fact it's cooling. The three feet of snow in the Sahara Desert is just one of many ways to prove that. The powers that be got caught lying and we not only have the scientific facts to prove it, we have the prophesied facts that show why they lied. But the real difficult task is going to be in reaching the city dwellers. The majority of the people in the smog choked cities bought into the lie and their own eyes will be deceiving them daily against the truth.

How do I know this? .. Look around.

And I mean really look around! In fact, download google earth, or look at a map or a globe that has city names on it. Notice anything strange? There is a lot, and I mean a LOT of empty space out there wherein no people frequent. Now, look around in the city. Everywhere you look the roads are getting thinner due to more traffic. The apartments are getting taller to pack in more people. The pollution lingers longer due to the concentration of cars, trucks, busses and yes all the belching factories on the industrial side of town. And the media keeps all that in your mind day in and day out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! They keep showing everyone what all those puny little cities that don't even look like a freckle on a map are supposedly doing to our massive planet. And the people who can't see past their own noses are buying it all hook, line and sinker because they live in the city and that's all they see. But if they were to do the math (as they did in this video) the entire population of earth could easily fit in a small city about the size of Palestine's geographical footprint! In other words, the so called population explosion problem is astronomically nowhere near an actual problem for planet earth. THEY LIED!

And since lies are the native tongue of the dying god of Rome, he and his Vatican pawns are betting on the fact that the majority of the people that live in cities will believe them when they say the human population is out of control. Those city dwelling people will easily believe it because to them, that's the basic reality of their society. But get some of those people a map of the world, or drag them into a car and drive them outside their city into the rural areas and just maybe they will wake up. I'm sure the fresh air will also make it easier for them to think clearer and see that it's all been a bold faced lie from day one. But as prophesied, the lie will still continue and the overwhelming majority will believe it when the Pope says we need Sunday Laws to stop all the calamities brought on by global warming. But now.. as Christians we have a way to expose the lie and prove the truth!

VIDEO: Catholic leaders: climate change on same level as abortion and death penalty
"Opposition to abortion and the death penalty have long been cardinal beliefs for the Roman Catholic church, whose faithful make up about a quarter of all Americans. What if fighting climate change becomes an equally passionate issue in parishes nationwide? The foremost group of Catholic leaders in the U.S. is ramping up a campaign to do just that, urging priests and congregations from San Diego to Atlanta to think about global warming as a sanctity-of-life issue." -

First and foremost we know climate change and or global warming is a bold faced lie. Way too many scientists chimed in on paper to expose the Pope on this. Secondly, we know the Roman Catholic church only uses the abortion issue as a way to keep their political foot in the door at every turn. It also allows them to keep a huge voting bloc at the ready knowing their parishioners will vote pro-Catholic because their 501c3 priests ignore 100% of every rule and regulation posted in the fine print of that contract the dying god of this world inspired Lyndon Johnson to write back in 1954. And yes, they could care less about aborting babies as well. Anyone with access to any Roman Catholic hospital knows all too well about that fact. Click here for a growing page on my website exposing the Catholic hospitals that do kill little girls and boys as well as some comments from the present Pope making abortion appear as a lesser sin with the Lord in recent days.

As for the death penalty. Again, just another bruised foot in the door of American politics so that the Vatican can keep a moral appearance well-polished (like the Pharisees did) as well as a certain power behind any man standing in that Oval Office. In fact, their historic past wherein hundreds of millions of Christians were sentenced to death for simply refusing to become Catholics and their present day Islamic henchmen continuing their work of days of old. Climate change is prophesied as the man of sin's main means to bring about the mark of the beast in Rome. In fact, click here for a growing compilation of articles and videos confirming that as a fulfilled prophetic fact.

As soon as enough nations bow in worship to the Pope and his long prophesied November 04, 2016 COP21 Paris agenda confirmed, he will soon drop the other shoe and use the calamities on earth as a way to enforce his Sunday laws. But I will end this here as I hope to share a tad more in next Sabbath's sermon on this regard. The strange weather events all over the planet the last few years reveals the calamities the Pope will soon use are escalating to a fever pitch as expected. And so.. we must warn the people. The mark will be enforced soon. 

Scientist fired for refusing to sanction false data on global warming
"The Obama administration withheld information from Congress and improperly fired an employee as part of a politically motivated push to end a Department of Energy (DOE) program, House Republicans say. A 
report Tuesday from the House Science Committee, based on an 11-month investigation, said the Obama administration wanted to shut down the DOE’s Low-Dose Radiation Research Program — which the committee has voted to save — in order to shift funds to President Obama’s climate change priorities. …The report released Monday goes even further, accusing the DOE of “a scheme to withhold information from congressional staff” to push Obama’s climate goals. …Thereafter, the DOE took punitive action against a scientist because she was unwilling to go along with the department’s inappropriate and unlawful advocacy scheme." –Source

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. So many bogus agendas swirling around the White House now-a-days that when one comes into view that can jeopardize the most current and focused false agenda of the first beast in Rome, anyone threatening that agenda, and this includes those that have well documented evidence confirming the agenda false, they must be removed at all costs. Problem is, you can't fire everyone, you can't pay off everyone and you certainly can't kill everyone that may eventually speak out against you. Still, Rome and her cohorts in DC will try all the way until the Lord that prophesied their plans returns.

Climate change aka global warming is not going to ever go away. The unholy Church in Rome was prophesied to use this agenda so as to have a reason to enforce her mark and so this will happen in that exact way. If only the Scientists who are in such positions to publish their findings would realize this they would be better off laying low while at the same time continuing to publish their findings to the general population that can use it. Word of mouth has and always will be the best method of communication. Because as I said a moment ago, you can't kill them all. Especially when there are 31, 467 Scientists of which 9,029 carry a valid PhD that have all the data on this. All I see this well researched scientific information can be utilized in today's world is in a way to open eyes that may still be a bit clouded as to why the Pope is pushing climate change. After all, most preachers, pastors and teachers no longer know or even care about any of this and so the common man among us will have to step up to the task. And you guessed it, the Lord knows this too. And so obedient Christians the world over with the desire, faith, trust and God given ability to speak in ways that will move many around them will begin to speak out and that loud cry will get very loud.

We have the prophecies and we already have the utterance of students of prophecy who for decades have shared the facts in Scripture and historic record and so the 30,000+ Scientists, along with their proverbial icing on the cake that is loaded down with facts that confirm, the mark of the beast is about to be enforced can be proclaimed far and wide now by many Christians who at one time sat on the couch waiting for the Lord's will in their lives to be made known. That day has come.  

Pope: STOP preaching Christ and START preaching Climate Change! (Sunday Laws coming soon)

You may not believe what the Pope just demanded of ALL new priests to the Roman Catholic church! However, all students of prophecy will not be the least bit surprised! Christian prophecy is THAT accurate! (click here for YouTube and click here for

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Climate Change will lead to the Mark

Sunday Laws will be Enforced!

The Pope now pushes Climate Justice
"On the surface, this seems like such a simple request…it’s not! After digging and finding the TRUE agenda on the climate change scam, it’s very clear that this entire thing is an effort to redistribute wealth around the world. Don’t believe us? Just check out the comments from the people attending the Paris Climate Summit:" -

When speaking of the man of sin in Rome, the prophet Daniel said long ago the following truths. "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand." -Daniel 8:25

There are only three ways to understand what the Popes in Rome are up to. #1, you must be a prelate in Rome privy to their wicked agenda when it comes to global rule. #2, you must be one familiar with political science and in a position of power wherein you are used by the Pope to further that same agenda. Or #3, you are a student of prophecy who understands the prophetic Word of God.

Being a student, I can see why the Pope in Rome is pushing global warming as a way to get all political leaders in the same camp. On the surface, as the author of this article intimates, it allows for a redistribution of wealth which is also something students of prophecy knew about long ago. That appeals on two political plains. #1, the died in the wool Socialist that seeks to gain the upper hand over those he rules, and #2, the uneducated masses who are dirt poor and actually believe a redistribution of wealth will mean they somehow benefit by the political promises by getting more rice in their bellies. Yes, as they have done so often before, a few token families will be paraded before the cameras to make it appear they are helping the needy when the other shoe drops; but as Poland saw when Roman Catholic emperor Adolph Hitler finally gained power over their people, his campaign promises were all a farce so as to bring about a Socialist rule wherein the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Still.. what most miss, and this includes the elite who are chomping at the bit trying to get at that golden carrot Rome is dangling; the Socialist format is the only way Rome can enforce her mark globally. And it must be a globalist version of socialism to boot. The elite only see the golden carrot that will fill their silk lined pockets, the poor see a smaller version of the same carrot that looks to fill their aching bellies, and the rest see a way to bring peace on earth when all national borders are removed. But none of them seem to realize they too will be forced to receive the mark! And to assure the select few that may actually jump off their couches to revolt, they have them hornswoggeled as well by using men like Jesuit coadjutors Alex Jones who cons them into thinking someone is in their corner fighting for them so they can continue to sit back watching TV.

As Daniel prophesied, the craftiness of the Popes in Rome is of demonic inspiration. No man or group of men can come up with a way to cover all bases without the enemy of their own souls CONvincing them it's all for the better. Even the Pope himself will end up burning in hellfire as well for it is plainly stated in Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." 

Satan uses that written truth to his advantage on many souls all over this world. From the drunkard in the gutter to the elite drunk with power. He uses the prelates of Rome as his favored tool to get his hellish agenda met. And next to no one seems to realize that the promises of riches and world-wide peace is nothing more than a smoke screen that will eventually get them all standing in line willing, ready and able to receive the mark of the Roman Catholic beast. What's worse? 100% of every soul on earth that stand sin that line will have been warned by the Lord that made them in ways they cannot doubt or refute. But all of them will receive the mark anyway for a multitude of reasons. It was prophesied, it will happen and it will happen soon. Maranatha!

Paris Climate Agreement to enter into force on 4 November

"The historic Paris Agreement to address climate change will enter into force on 4 November, the United Nations announced today. ...Now we must move from words to deeds and put Paris into action. We need all hands on deck – every part of society must be mobilized to reduce emissions and help communities adapt to inevitable climate impacts. ...The Paris Agreement, adopted on 12 December 2015 in Paris, marks a watershed moment in global efforts to address climate change. Adopted by 196 parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) last December in Paris, the Paris Agreement’s central aim is to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping the global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius." -

In other words, the means by which the mark of the beast will be enforced will become politically viable on November 04, 2016. No, the mark will not be enforced at that time, but the means by which they can (and will) demand "every part of society" to comply will be forever (that is until Jesus gets here) etched in stone via the Vatican's agenda wherein every nation in the UN have already signed unto. And yes, even though we have 31,487 American Scientists, which includes 9,029 with PhDs who have stated in writing, on camera, or in any other way they possible that global warming is a scientifically proven bold faced lie, this global law that was passed last year and will be enforced on November 04, 2016 still declares this long prophesied law is needed to keep "the global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius." Which means, even though they changes the name of it from "global warming" to "climate change" to hide the fact their bad science was exposed, they will still base this law on a proven lie. But then, when the Vatican is involved, the lie becomes the political truth. After all, the Vatican's finally exposed dying god is in fact the father of lies according to our ever living Creator, Saviour, King and God who stated as such in John 8:44.

For those unaware of how this will work:

Check out three videos I recently made on this topic. Namely, "Global Warming to Bring Global Government!", "Why the Pope calls it Climate Change" and "Pope: Global Warming is SIN - Homosexuality is NOT." And for those that want a quick summary as to how this will go down, all I can say is that Rome has been moved by Satan to hide all that's happening in the world today so as to make it appear it's all our fault, and therefore we as humans can and must do something to curb the natural disasters, when in fact nothing can be done to stop it. It's all a lie, it's all smoke and mirrors. In fact, the CO2 levels they claim are the reason for all the disasters is at the exact same level it was back in 1910 before all the train, cars, planes and factories we see belching out smoke today.

Were you also aware the US Government just awarded $1Billion to all 50 States to prepare for climate change? We all know it's a farce, right? No money will stop it because it was prophesied. In fact, if Obama gave each State $1Trillion dollars it wouldn't stop what Christ penned in His Word. So, what's the $1 Billion going to be used for? Enforcement of the mark! Nothing more, nothing less. Common sense dictates since they cannot use the money to stop what was prophesied to happen, they will only be using it so as to do as prophecy said they will do to God's people.

The Pope knows exactly what he's looking at here and he knows he cannot stop what's already begun. Seeing how it shows he and his dying god have little time left to lure many into hellfire with them, they have come up with the scheme that makes many think we can actually do something about this to stop it and so the money flows in that perverted circle of reasoning to get everyone to follow their lead. Well.. for the people that don't read Bibles that is. Of course they know they cannot force real Christians to believe them because Jesus said the elect can NOT be deceived.  But since Beelzebub also knows about the Loud Cry that's already begun, he needs to set up his foundation before the present truth we are called to preach goes forth in global peals of heaven sent thunder. He must have his "climate change" fiasco set up as "scientifically believable" and embraced by all political leaders so as to declare we all need to keep Sunday holy to try and stop the calamities. After all, do we not already have thousands of articles and videos compiled proving they have been trying to find a way to push Sunday Laws all along?

Truth is, Satan will declare this only because the Loud Cry puts forth the present truth in a way he, or anyone that preaches for him cannot refute; and so as usual he will use his lies as well as force to demand anyone keeping the true Sabbath holy and not the Roman Sabbath will be punished. First with the loss of the ability to buy and sell, and then, when the weak ones have been weeded out, that being the ones that "say" they believe in keeping the Sabbath but never really love and obey the Lord as they should, he then goes after the strong ones with the prophesied death penalty.

Satan (and his recently exposed cohorts in Rome) believe demanding Sunday laws will target the remnant people, which it will. And he believes it will stop the message we preach, which it won't. Truth is, when they legally make God's law void, the calamities will actually get much worse. Satan knows this and so he uses the increase to declare all Sabbath keepers are worthy of death because we refuse to keep Sunday holy and therefore are the reasons the disasters got worse. It gives him the perfect reason to legalize our deaths globally and since most people are conditioned via their TV's, video games, music and sports to see nothing wrong with such violence, he will demand we must die because the natural disasters HAVE gotten worse due to his making God's law void. He knows Psalms 119:126 says, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." Prophecy WILL be fulfilled!

Yes, most of the world will believe him and his man of sin in Rome because lies are now their comfort zone and so we the remnant people will be hated and hunted. All the world will believe the calamities are our fault because we refuse to keep Sunday holy which the Pope and his false Christ, who is now physically standing before the eyes of mankind, claim as the reason for the disasters. But prophecy will be fulfilled and those calamities will only get far worse, and then those that receive the mark of the beast will have to deal with God's wrath just as He warned. The plagues will then begin!

Yes, we may see warmer Winters and somewhat colder Summers, but the Word of our God is plain. It will NEVER change completely as the Pope and his lying scientists claim their efforts will bring about for it is written in Genesis 8:22, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

By the way. Are you SDA? If so, this is just one more of those modern day prophetic events that the 11th hour "remnant of her seed" have been warning the people of the last few decades. But nary an SDA pastor, preacher or Conference leader caught it. There are a few more "missed" prophetic fulfillments that have come to fruition that the SDA church has recently that I plan to post in a video and on a page when I get some extra time. But suffice it to say, why I ask do some SDA people still believe sitting in an apostate church is safe when you have all the evidence you need from the Word and Spirit of Prophecy that doing so is considered spiritual suicide. If you refuse to obey the Word of the Lord regarding "come out of her" then you will echo Jeremiah 8:20 which says, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." But if you obey the Lord and "follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth" then you will echo Isaiah 25:9 which says, "...Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation."

Pope's Climate Change and a green Sabbath day
"Green Sabbath is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit campaign which aims to raise awareness and to encourage people to help slow climate change, preserve precious natural resources and improve planet health by observing at least one carbon footprint-free day each week--on any day of the week. We call it symbolically A Green Sabbath day." -Source

A brother in the faith found this page on the wayback machine and so the source links will be sloooow. For those unaware, the wayback machine is an Internet archiver created by the creators of Alexa that keep on file screenshots of old archived versions of websites. The reason this website's data (Green Sabbath) is being displayed via that archive is because the site is no longer up and active. However, the agenda is very much alive as I prove on my Sabbath Attack page. And I do believe the main reason the site is down is because it was making students of prophecy and our message look way too good and believable for them to leave them up for all those years.

Reason being is, we have been saying for decades what the original students started saying for well over 100 years ago. And so, to have a "" page would declare our message CONFIRMED in the eyes, minds, ears and hearts of many people. And so.. they pulled the site. 

BUT .. Notice this!

If you type in into any browser, it does not come up 100% dead. What I mean is, if you type in a bogus website address that has died off years ago, you get a "404 error" or a "This site can't be reached" error depending on whatever browser you use. But the site comes up 100% blank! Worse yet, if you go to to search out if the page is owned by someone you will get they are still owned and paid for by someone. But, they paid for a "privacy" service to keep their name hidden and so that means the blank page is actually an index page to a normal site. Only difference is, unlike my or any other website that is public, they have the entire page blanked out.

To further confirm GreenSabbath is still owned by "someone" type in any bogue site name into and see what I mean. I typed in "" and it comes up " is available!" Which means no one owns "" But then who would? But if you type in "" all sorts of data comes up about the privacy service that was paid to keep the site's info hidden.

Now they purposely stated on paragraph one of the summary of their site that I posted above that "Green Sabbath is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit campaign." Yet every student of prophecy knows it is prophesied to be a religio/political movement of the Vatican. Therefore, they are actually lying when they say it is not religious or political. Truth is, they also lie when they say they are non-profit because the only thing that does move the powers that be to enforce these long prophesied laws is in fact money. So.. they can lie all they like. We have well over a century of truth from the Word of God and historic documentation showing people it is a religious and political agenda that will be used to bring about the mark of the beast!

I just wonder how long it will be before the "" site goes back online. Reason I believe they will return is twofold. #1, if they had no intention of coming back into the public eye, why keep the domain active? And #2, the prophecy clearly states the Pope in Rome will use "climate change" as a way to get all nations in bed with her. Truth is, we saw that come to fruition last year. SO as some author stated back in the 1980's, the "green Nazis" of Rome will soon use their power to force everyone everywhere to do as they command so as to "save the planet" and a "Green Sabbath" or "Sunday Laws" is what the Lord that wrote the Bible says they will do.

Obama spends $4 million to hype global-warming alarm
"President Obama traveled late last year to Paris for an international conference so he could hype alarm over global warming.
He suggested at the time such an event was a “fitting response to the terrorist attacks that cost the lives of 130 people in and around Paris on Nov. 13,” the New York Times reported. That’s even though the campaign against global warming has morphed into a campaign against “climate change” because there isn’t any more warming, and a new movie charges the entire effort is a “hustle” to redistribute the free world’s wealth. The message Obama delivered cost American taxpayers more than $4 million." –Source

Yes, we know global warming is a farce, in fact I have hundreds of articles and videos exposing it's not only a farce, it's also as this article says regarding redistribution of wealth; which I also cover on my "Vatican's Socialist Agenda" page wherein redistribution of wealth is par for the course when it comes to building on the Vatican's socialist plans which are needed to enforce their long prophesied mark. But the main reason I am posting this article of Obama pushing the global warming, aptly renamed "climate change" because their lie about "warming" was proven to be a lie by over 31,487 American Scientists of which 9,029 have PhDs, but the main reason for the post is to highlight who it is Rome chose to broadcast their strange lies far and wide. They chose Obama, a man infamous for lying. And yes, Rome invented global warming decades ago. See this video wherein I show they used Al Gore to trailblaze the concept to any and all that would listen so as to have a reason to gather everyone on earth under one assumption.

As we know, the  mark is to be enforced globally. Problem is, even if you have a one world government, which by the way was prophesied and is already on paper and headed towards reality as we speak; unless you have some sort of reason to get everyone on earth involved, you will never be able to enforce it no matter how charismatic the global lead is. Like Ronald Reagan, a very good friend of Rome hinted during his administration, if we all had a common enemy that threatened the lives of us all, we would all see the need to work together. He of course used the UFO agenda of Rome as his jumping off point, but the concept was heard worldwide because Reagan was a popular voice that Rome could use to get many to listen. (Check out 28 seconds of Reagan's actual UN speech on video here)

Rome was unable (so far) to get the technology to create a believable alien invasion realized as of yet and so their next best idea was to use some fabricated lie that can be made somewhat believable and so global warming was it. Problem is, they messed up on their 50-0 chance at guessing the state of the planet and instead of warming, it's actually cooling and so they changed the name to "climate change" to save face. This fabricated lie did work and nearly every nation on earth agreed to help Rome push this agenda in every nation around the world last April.

Obama's lies:

Now I don't want to list all the lies I found of Obama here because some sites have over 300 listed. But I do want to list at least the top ten or so, which are as follows. He never removed Bush's unconstitutional 'indefinite detention of US citizens without charges as promised. Instead he signed it into law and now any American can be held in jail without charges indefinitely. He had 4 US citizens killed without due process of law. He lied about saying we can keep our healthcare plans. He lied about the death panels that are written into Obamacare. He lied about the cost of Obamacare going down instead of way up as it has. He lied ten times about waiting 5 days to sign Bills into Law. He lied about cutting the deficit in half before the end of his first term. He actually added more to our debt than the previous 43 presidents COMBINED! He lied numerous times about being against homosexual marriage. He lied repeatedly about the economy being much better during his administration when realty says quite the opposite. He (and Hillary) lied about the reason  for the attack in Benghazi. He lied about regulations costs. They were actually 20 times more than he claimed. And just to throw the cherry on top, yes he also lied about being born in Hawaii. Even his wife said on camera that he was born in Kenya!

Again, I am not exposing Obama because he's a Democrat. Truth is, I shared some facts about Trump's associating with Muslims the other day as well. My point is showing all the documented facts regarding the lies this man has spoken, and I can literally go on for well over an hour listing the 300+ lies I found online from linked sources; but I am running late today and simply had to stop. My point in all this is; the man is not only a liar, he appears to relish lying as some relish the truth. For someone to lie as much as he does confirms he is a very dangerous man who cannot be trusted on any level to tell the truth. But then most already know this seeing how we're all on the tail end of his administration. Plus, and just so you know, there were many lies documented on and offline that were of a trivial nature listed all over the place as well. That alone shows he is actually a diagnosed pathological liar. And no, that is not sarcasm either. That is actually considered a proper medical condition in that it even has a list of symptoms that he displays. (I was shocked to find that out)

That all being said, students of prophecy that are honest with themselves and the historic facts presented know that it was Rome that spearheaded the global warming aka climate change agenda so as to enforce her mark. Seeing how the Vatican is owned and operated by Satanists. And no, that is not a sarcasm either. They have been caught red-handed. Literally! And since the prelates in Rome worship Satan, they would naturally have to hire a man that speaks their dying god's native tongue as an obedient and loyal act to that dying god. And for the last 7+ years, that man has been Barack Hussein Obama; the current standing president of the second beast mentioned in the prophetic Word of our ever living God.

D.C.’s worst May ever, explained
"So far this May, D.C. has had a record number of rainy days (19 of 23) and the coolest high temperatures since 1882. This May’s afternoon highs are running an incredible 15 degrees cooler than last May’s. And we still haven’t hit 80 degrees. ...usually, this so-called atmospheric super highway is not fixed on the region for weeks on-end, but on the move." -

They admit it's the coldest month of May since 1882 but still holding unto the Vatican invention of global warming?! Don't you just love the way lies are so easily exposed and how short lived they can be at times? The only sad thing about this is that most people could care less. They are so wrapped up in their careers or issues with debt, which by the way is all part of the plan to keep the masses sidetracked; but so many people continue to ignore the facts even when they live on the very same planet that is NOT warming up. I guess some think because they read the Daily Newspaper or watch a few moments of the local News broadcasts that their somehow authorities on the subject regarding climate change and therefore need not listen to those that have actually done the homework on it.

The overwhelming majority, and that's billions of people by the way, have succumbed to the long expected delusions in its infancy and now many are so well ensconced in the grand delusion upon them that blunt truth seems idiotic to them! The real sad part of it all is that even though the truth is staring them right in the face, they ignore it to save face.

What I mean is, most don't like the idea of being swindled into believing a lie and so they will do anything to shore up the lie just to prevent from being exposed as ill-informed or uneducated. They just can't admit they were hornswoggled. It's just too embarrassing to them. And so the fix is in. Satan loves to draw on his supplies of well planted pride in the hearts of billions and so even though real science says the planet is not warming up as Rome claims, the majority will do all they can to uphold the Pope's agenda so as to not come off looking stupid when in fact, they are as dumb as it gets on this topic; and it's all their own fault.

The lie's foundation borrows from Rome

Take Catholicism as the perfect example in how well a lie can be used to keep people believing it. Absolutely every single Roman Catholic in the church today is either born into Catholicism or, and this is an extreme small fraction of a number, some convert to it. But for those that convert, it's always for political or financial gain that they do so. So we can leave that very small number out of it as it is minuscule at best. The majority have been born in to it and they know it.

So.. what does that mean?

It means their forefathers were the weakest of the weakest when it came to obeying Christ. Because anyone that's done any research into the Inquisitions of Rome you know all too well that the only "Christians" allowed to stay alive back then were those that denounced the Bible and its teachings for the Paganism of Rome so as to not be burned alive at the stake. So, 99.9% of all Catholics today are merely the grandchildren of the fearful Christ deniers of old. But.. they stay in the church anyway so as to prevent looking bad on two counts.

#1, if they open a Bible and see the truth about their church doctrines, they have to admit they were lied to and many, especially the older ones, can't bear to appear stupid enough to fall for such things. Because in so doing proves they never read their Bibles. And #2, to leave now would mean to have to admit their beloved forefathers were weak Christians who refused to proclaim Christ Lord even if it meant certain death. And again, pride prevents them from doing that. But perhaps something Jesus said will help them change their mind? He said in Matthew 10:36-38, "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.  He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.  And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me."

As is obvious, Mr and Mrs Catholic you need to open a Bible and discover the truth and get out of Rome, for it is also written in Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."

So.. how does this all tie in with climate change? It's the exact same structural foundation of the lie that Satan used to keep the people in the church of Rome that now keep the people believing in global warming. They too feel if they admit the obvious colder temps and good science offered up by 31,487 scientists, of which 9029 have PhDs in their field of study, proves they were lied to they will feel like everyone will see them as ill-informed or uneducated. And so many keep pushing the lie to save face. But wouldn't it be better to just swallow your pride now when it's possible to do so? On  both counts it easy to see that if you open a Bible and get out of Rome, or open your eyes and realize global warming is a Vatican contrived farce, you will be spared what's coming more than most.

But, I am a realist

Even if the majority did turn their back on global warming, Rome will never stop pushing it. It was prophesied to be this way and they need to use this lie to enforce the mark. It's all they got. They cannot switch gears this late in the game. And even though they know it was prophesied they would do this, they still can't stop any of this. But.. because the lie has become that obvious, they now know they will have to speed things up a bit. So.. it's bound to get real crazy real soon.

Jail politicians who ignore climate science: Suzuki
"David Suzuki has called for political leaders to be thrown in jail for ignoring the science behind climate change. At a Montreal conference last Thursday, the prominent scientist, broadcaster and Order of Canada recipient exhorted a packed house of 600 to hold politicians legally accountable for what he called an intergenerational crime." -

Even though most don't see this as a literal threat or even a serious suggestion by Suzuki; those in power with the agenda well ensconced deep within do see it as a ploy towards generating talking points. And even if most are blind to that reality, it's still very disturbing how far the Vatican controlled Scientists will go to protect their easily exposed image. They know all about the 31,487 Scientists of which 9,029 actually hold PhDs in their field of science that have proven hands down that global warming is a lie. They also know everyone with the ability to add 2+2 know this is nothing more than a political engine run by Rome. I mean seriously, even the cooling of the planet proves they lied. Anyone living in the Midwest with a working thermometer knows global warming is a lie. Worse yet, leaked emails confirmed this is all a political farce! And so in order to save face they are suggesting jailing any political leaders that deny their crazy claims.

So.. why do this?

Let me ask you this. Let's say you're an adulterer or fornicator with an attitude problem. One day someone in your circle of friends finds out about your shenanigans and threatens to out you which will no doubt cause you problems with  your spouse as well as family wide embarrassment. So, in order to save face, you proceed to beat the living daylights out of the person with the evidence against you so as to shut them up. What Suzuki is doing here is a more political version of that punch in the face.

Win win for Rome

The basic reality here is this. If global warming was true and all the scientists were on board, it would not be an issue in the slightest sense. Just as gravity once discovered was not considered an issue, global warming would be an easy to prove problem and you would be hard pressed to find a dozen let alone nearly 32,000 scientists saying otherwise. But the reality is, it's all a lie and they know it. So, like the adulterer or fornicator they are doing all they can to prevent others from talking about their lies because they also know the truth will spread like wildfire. Therefore, the only viable option at hand is to make speaking the truth illegal so as to protect their political agenda. There's your win win for Rome. If (and when) laws are passed making free speech illegal, they win once by stopping all opposition to their well funded lie. And the second win on this one is, once free speech becomes illegal, they actually believe the remnant people will have a rough time preaching present truth that outs them as the house of Antichrist with more power. Yes, this will curtail the lukewarm Christians that fear the lion in the streets will destroy them as Proverbs 22:13 predicts. But the elect that not only seek to warn the lost, but strive to be in that number Rome fears the most, cannot be stopped. They can't even be killed! 

That all being said; this is the only viable reasons Suzuki made the statement in the first place. He knows that he, nor any of his well oiled cronies can possibly refute the good science for his fabricated science; and so suggesting to those ears that love to listen to the mountain of deceptive quips that offer them a deluge of ideas on where to move next is his only option. Truth cannot be put down and so the lie has to be glorified and built up even higher.

Will it stop them?

No.. not at all. Prophecy will be fulfilled and the Vatican bought and paid for 'scientists' will continue to lie about the climate so as to have the long prophesied reason to enforce Sunday Laws when their evil actions literally cause the calamities to go so far off the chart that it forces the other shoe to drop wherein they will see the globally enforceable means presented on a silver platter by Satan making it actually possible to pass the Sunday laws.

'Climate Hustle' will rock alarmists to their core 
"Have you ever been deceived by a “confidence” artist, plying their trade? No? Think again. We’ve all been victimized, whether we know it or not. It’s called the
“Climate Hustle” and scientists, politicians, educators, entertainers, business people, and even the president are willing perpetrators in the greatest con job in our lifetime. ...President Obama claimed at the 2015 State of the Union Address that: “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change." -Source

I can actually think of a few more real life threatening issues that threaten the pace and well-being of future generations. And these issues are real and not fabricated as 31,487 real Scientists already confirmed. Since Obama came into office, racism has gone so far off the chart. It even appears Obama planned this all along and will soon arm gangs to that end. We now have so many racial crimes in America that the media has been extra busy doing all they can to cover them up so as to protect Obama's image of unity. These racial tensions are becoming actual wars in some cities. If left unchecked it will make living in America even more dangerous than it already is for our children.

The economy is another thing that will causes major problems. And know, I am not saying there is an issue at al. Because there's not. But they will make it appear bad and so many will die so as to make the rich even richer. The powers that be keep saying there is economic issues so as to fan the flames of fear that they believe can only be quenched with the Vatican's format on Socialism that all throughout history has been proven to fail 100% of the time.

Disease is another issue that is so far off the charts now we need computers to keep track of the tens of millions of new strains coming out in all diseases as new ones emerge. Wars and rumors of wars are literally occurring in apocalyptic numbers. Earthquakes are nearly 2000 each week, everywhere you look people are so fearful that half are on drugs and the other on alcohol. The suicide rate is breaking records, crimes in broad daylight and this includes rape and murder are happening in every city now, and the powers that be are pushing climate control as if it's the number one problem on earth?

Why is that?

Ok.. I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but seeing how they keep spewing the lies, I will keep sharing the truth. The Pope knows exactly what he's looking at here. He knows he cannot stop what's already begun. Seeing how it shows he and his dying god have little time left to lure many into hellfire with them, they have come up with the scheme that makes many think we can do something about this to stop it. So the money they control flows in that perverted circle of reasoning to get everyone to follow their lead. Not hard to do when the majority on the planet have their eyes glued to the TV's and cell phones. Of course they cannot force real Christians to believe them because Jesus said the elect can NOT be deceived. (See Matthew 24:24) But since Beelzebub also knows about the Loud Cry that's already begun, he needs to set up his long prophesied foundation before the present truth goes forth in global peals of heaven sent thunder. He must have his "climate change" fiasco set up as believable and embraced by all political leaders so as to declare we all need to keep Sunday holy to try and stop the calamities.

Truth is, Satan will declare this only because the Loud Cry puts forth the present truth in a way he simply cannot refute. And so as usual, he will use his lies as well force to demand anyone keeping the true Sabbath holy and not the Roman Sabbath will be punished. First with the loss of the ability to buy and sell, and then, when the weak ones have been weeded out, that being the ones that "say" they believe in the Sabbath but never really keep it or even love and obey the Lord of the Sabbath as they should; he then goes after the strong ones with the death penalty mentioned in the prophecy regarding the mark of the beast.

Satan (and his recently exposed cohorts in Rome) believe demanding Sunday laws will make it easy to target the obedient remnant people, which it will, because we won't bow to him. For some silly reason he also believes it will somehow stop the message we preach, which it won't. Truth is, when they legally make God's law void, the calamities will actually get much worse. Satan knows this, and so he uses the prophesied increase to declare all Sabbath keepers are worthy of death because, as prophesied, he will claim our refusal to keep Sunday holy are the reasons the disasters got worse. It gives him the perfect reason to legalize our deaths globally, and since most people are conditioned via their TV's, video games, music and sports to see nothing wrong with extreme violence, he will demand we must die because the natural disasters HAVE actually gotten worse due to his making God's law void. He knows Psalms 119:126 says, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." And so, prophecy WILL be fulfilled!

VIDEO: Nations sign historic climate change pact -repost
"Representatives from over 100 countries are signing a historic agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Robin Curnow reports." -

Most alive today have no clue as to the significance of this event, but students of prophecy do. We have been declaring for decades that the powers that be will eventually come together globally under the watchful eye of the man of sin in Rome because the mark is about the be enforced and the only way they can hope to make everyone on earth see the need to get on board on this would be to come up with a believable lie wherein everyone on earth feels threatened, and unless they do something about it all is lost.

What am I getting at?

The Vatican knows all about the soon to come massive increase in world wide calamities. And no, I am not talking about the 7 last plagues just yet. Yes, those plagues are coming, but they are actually the end result of the Pope's command that all peoples everywhere deny God's law and that nations in bed with him do so officially so as to "legally make void the law of God."

The Popes in Rome know all about the present day disasters and how they were prophesied. They also know they are about to get much worse. But what they won't say is that it's all due to their own evil actions. So, in order to hide (again) their sinful ways, they shift everyone's focus away from the obvious prophetic fulfillment. Since most people don't read Bibles and the ones that do read them do so with a Vatican inspired creed that darkens the truth so as to shine a false light on the lie, most can't possibly see what the obedient Christians see. Still.. it is also prophesied that we, the obedient people of God, will go forth to educate the masses as to what's really happening and why the calamities are here and why they're increasing. So.. Rome (via accepted satanic inspiration) came up with the plan to claim we are all dying thanks to global warming.

But.. they used bad Science

31,487 Scientists have already proven with tons of well researched data that global warming is an easy to prove lie. That is why the Pope in Rome demanded a re-write to the agenda but not in planned execution. All he did was change the name from 'global warming' to 'climate change' because the science was impossible to ignore regarding the lie of global warming.

So.. how will it work?

Sunday Laws! That's right, the Pope will soon be 'visited' by Satan incarnate who will then publicly claim to be Jesus Christ demanding that Sunday Laws must be enforced so as to stop the global calamities from getting worse. The idea is that if everyone agrees to keep Sunday Holy, God will be pleased and the calamities will end. Problem is, that's actually what brings on the seven last plagues for it was also prophesied in Psalms 119:126, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." But Satan (and his Papal worshiper) could care less about all that. They want all souls to worship Satan and even die in the plagues anyway.

The calamities are here and they are getting worse. In fact they are about to get MUCH worse. This is why the Pope canonized John Paul II recently. In his Dios Domini he, John Paul II, demanded "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy" and so, since this very evil man was canonized by the Vatican, they can now claim he is a saint that speaks from heaven towards the need for Sunday Laws.

You have to understand Rome cannot just demand everyone keep Sunday holy for no reason. Especially since it was prophesied they will demand Sunday laws be enforced in the first place. They have to come up with a way to make everyone think it's the only way the calamities will end while at the same time not realizing it was all prophesied. Especially after Satan, who is now playing the part of Jesus Christ on earth, is agreeing with them in all this. And since the prophecy of Amos is fulfilling and no one knows what the Bible says about all this, everyone on earth will agree that Sunday Laws will in fact stop the climate change disasters.

Summarizing the prophetic facts:

Just to name a few of the many that were fulfilled regarding enforcement of the mark, the Bibles have been altered to hide the truth, the sermons have been censored and watered down to keep the people confused, all churches keep Sunday holy to belittle the Law of God, false prophecies have been preached and accepted to keep the confusion well fueled, the Bible truths have become illegal to gag the weak Christians, free speech is being removed to slow the truth, good has become evil and evil good in the eyes of most, the Christian people have become lukewarm and sinful so as to be unready for Heaven, homosexual marriage has been legalized and accepted by all churches to bring on God's wrath just as they did in Noah's day, all the fallen churches are regulated by Government so as to create the image of the beast, the Vatican's Socialist agenda is in full swing, the man of sin has been revealed, false gods have become synonymous with the Christian God, the calamities have begun, the climate change message has been delivered, a canonized Pope has declared Sunday laws needed, and 171 nations have just this morning signed unto the Vatican's climate change agreement. So what's next? Need I ask? 

Revealed! Feds' demands to manipulate global-warming data
"It’s something climate skeptics have long suspected: Government involvement in science has skewed data to reflect the government’s agenda. "Many have suspected that U.S. political intervention in climate science has corrupted the outcome,” notes Ron Arnold in an essay
posted on “The new emergence of an old 1995 document from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms those suspicions, or at least gives the allegation credence enough to ask questions." ...Among the more revealing tidbits is a remark scolding a scientist for being honest about the weakness of aerosol forcing data: ‘We clearly cannot use aerosol forcing as the trigger of our smoking gun, and then make a generalized appeal to uncertainty to exclude these effects from the forward-looking modeling analysis.’ One instruction was to change a correct statement about warming rates into a flat lie: ‘Change “continue to rise” to “rise by even greater amounts” to provide a sense of magnitude of the extended change. This verbal manipulation as far back as 1995 illustrates how government involvement in climate science is skewing the outcome to reflect an agenda." -Source

Of course it goes on from there, and with every quip from the documents unearthed it gets more and more annoying. But the most annoying aspect of all this is, students of prophecy knew this was the plan of the government via Vatican's command long before the term "global warming" ever spewed forth in the media airwaves, and nary a soul would listen. And check out what they also discovered in this long prophesied agenda of manipulation that allows for every soul on earth to play a part.

The article goes on to say...

"On gay marriage, it was that everyone has a friend, a neighbor, a sibling who could be impacted,’ said Joshua Dorner, a strategist at the Washington political communications firm SKDKnickerbocker, who worked on the same-sex marriage public relations campaigns ahead of the Supreme Court argument. The same message could be applied to a campaign on climate change, ‘showing how it directly impacts people’s lives,’ he said."

It's really that easy to pull off now-a-days. Seriously, the powers that be know the hot buttons to push. They even know that you cannot force one man to bow to your agenda because that one man has a mind of his own. But you can however get that same man to bow to whatever they wish if you place him in a crowd that's in panic mode. So.. create the crowd!

Still.. will any of this stop Rome's global warming agenda that due to their 50/50 chance foul up that caused them to rename it 'climate change?' Not one bit! Why? Because it was prophesied to be this way. All I see happening with articles like this is the is obviously Lord's placing them before the eyes that need to see it. No changes will be made, they will still push this bad science agenda so as to have the tools needed to enforce Sunday Laws, but at the same time those of us that have been preaching on this for decades are being vindicated time and again by such articles. As I've said time and again, only truth is eternal. Eventually the lies will be uncovered. So, keep preaching the truth and sooner or later the truth will become obvious to those seeking a way out of the lies. When the truth is put forth many times like this, and even if the articles are pulled by the powers that be, the seed of truth will still germinate if good soil is found and just as promised, some people will simply snap out of it.

And yes, even though they keep spewing the lies, many people are right now coming to realize what we see is the truth. The weather is going berserk, the animals, insects, birds and fish are dying, and the quakes and signs in the heavens are rather obvious allowing for those that need to snap out of it the fuel to do so. And yes again, as the article intimates further that, "Activists are also spending less time discussing temperatures and more time pointing to more extreme events such as tornadoes, droughts, cold snaps and heat waves. Ball said there’s a shred of truth there, but it’s being badly distorted."

Still.. once the truth is known, those enlightened souls will have an easy way of seeing the lie. And no matter how much back peddling, spindoctoring or bold faces lying is pumped into their broadcasts, once the truth is known the lie dies. So.. in short.. they will still push it and they will keep lying. But at least now, not as many will fall for it.

VIDEO: Obama using children to go after climate change deniers?!

"Though oil and gas interests and the administration often are at warring sides, they’ve joined up to grapple with one of the more unusual suits brought against the federal government. The original complaint, filed last August in U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, was brought by Oregon nonprofit Our Children’s Trust on behalf of 21 young people ages 8-20. It asserts the administration, including several federal agencies, has “violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, property, and has failed to protect essential public trust resources” by not aggressively acting on climate change." -Source


You have GOT to be kidding me? They're actually going to go there? Doesn't anyone remember how Hitler worked anymore? Worse yet, Lorettea Lynch is actually pushing talking points in that direction so as to make some deniers (people with good science) fearful that the DOJ could possibly go after them in the future if they continue to speak the truth about climate change. Most CEO's are gun-shy on this and so this will prevent them from considering further research because comments like Lynch is making makes them worry about a federal lawsuit if they do the right thing. The prophet Daniel's work once again follows him after the grave! He said the beast in Rome would use craftiness, and so it is doing just that.

If I was to ask for a raise of hands I would literally see a forest of fingers spring up coast to coast wherein everyone would agree that this is nothing more than a con job by the U.S. Government and the oil and gas industry who we knew were in bed with the Pope's climate change ever since they had their global meeting with the Pope back in June of 1999. One thing I like about having a website is having a reliable archive of facts that most human brains have a tendency to forget.

We all know by the Vatican's own mouth that the global warming fiasco they now call "climate change" is nothing more than their way to hide the fact they messed up on the basic science of it all by using the term "warming" when in fact it's actually cooling. The infamous John Paul II is the one that spearheaded this long expected agenda. (See this video)

Since they have been exposed by so many, 31, 487 Scientists to be exact, they have to do all they can to spin this back in their favor. What better way than to use some 501c3 government agency supposedly run by children that are upset and declaring we are all preventing them from having breathable air by the time they grow up. I mean, since when does the Government kowtow to little kids? Well.. I guess when they need to use them as pawns in the Vatican's global agenda towards enforcing the mark.

As the video confirmed; when Obama and his cronies make the claim that 97% of Scientists agree that the government's version of climate change is real, it was later proven by many reliable sources to be nothing more than an assertion made by a handful of well oiled surveys. And I say well oiled because as anyone knows about telephone surveys how the questions are specifically worded in such a way that the answers prodded will usually be in favor of the agenda at hand.

Bottom line is this:

Prophecy declared lying scientists will be used by the Vatican to push an agenda that will make it easy to target Sabbath keeping Christians by claiming the only way to stop the calamities, which are real by the way, is to keep Sunday holy. Rome knows the calamities are real and they also know they are happening as the final warning sign that Jesus is coming soon. But they can't say that because in so doing it will appear hopeless to the billions of lost souls following their uninspired lead. So they make them believe it's something we as a human race did that can be fixed by doing as the Pope suggests instead of telling them the truth that it's the harbinger that the end is very near. That is why the Vatican declared in 1998 via John Paul II that "the end is not yet nigh." For the people to know the end is near would mean they would be moved to repent and Rome knows a repentant heart can in no way sit in a Catholic church pew. So.. those that don't read Bibles will be complacent in trusting the lying Pope, and those that do read Bibles will be targeted by the Pope. So be it.. it's not like we weren't warned. That is why God's people are prophesied to be prepared.

DOJ explores 'action' against climate-change deniers
"Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday that she has explored ways to “take action” on turning climate-change denial into a federal crime. ...There are going to be people constantly pushing back and making sure we keep clinging to old dirty fuels and a carbon-emitting economic strategy that we need to be moving away from. We need to be investing in the future, not the past. Instead of subsidizing … the oil industry, we should be investing in solar and wind and battery technology." -Source

Of course there is going to be some apparent push back from companies that make billions per year selling oil and coal; that's an obvious and expected no-brainer. But they are already billionaires and being as such they can easily wean themselves off of selling one product so as to adapt manufacturing the next. Companies do that all the time. Look at the Ford motor company that started off fueling their vehicles with hemp oil who then swapped them to burn gasoline instead so as to bow to Government standards at the time. Or what of the light bulb manufacturers that went from incandescent to fluorescent in just a few years? Even the mass media recently went from solely broadcasting in analog to digital so as to better indoctrinate the masses.

My point is; seeking to pass laws to make it a federal crime to "say" climate change is a lie is not because these companies fear going belly up. Sure they do want to keep selling oil and coal. But they also know they can easily flood and then corner the market using their present billions with solar panels or hydrogen generators so as to offer clean fuel sources if and when the "new" standards come down. The real truth is in the Bill itself. Almost everyone now knows about the 31,487 American scientists that have proven the Pope's present "climate change" data is a farce and those writing the Bill know all about this. This is why the Bill was written. Therefore, just as Roman Catholic Emperor Hitler made it a crime to show facts and figures about his genocidal ways, the Vatican controlled United States Government will also make it a crime to expose the truth about climate change because the man of sin that controlled Hitler now controls DC.

What do they REALLY fear?

Do you recall when the Lord descended upon Mount Sinai how the people as well as the mountain itself trembled at His presence? (See Exodus 19:16-18) As the Lord comes closer to appearing on Earth, we are right now averaging 1200 to 2000 earthquakes a week. We have also seen natural disasters all over the world get worse with each passing day. Satan knows this to be a major sign of the end he has dreaded the last 6000 years. Even the animals, birds, fish and insects are dying in massive numbers confirming the prophecy of Hosea 4:1-3 is being fulfilled as we speak.

Rome has been moved by Satan to hide all that's happening in the world today so as to make it appear it's all the fault of mankind's technology and we as humans can actually do something to curb the natural disasters, when in fact nothing can be done to stop it. It's all a lie, it's all smoke and mirrors. In fact, the CO2 levels they claim are the reason for all the disasters is at the exact same level it was back in 1910 before all the train, cars, planes and factories we see belching out smoke today. Basic reality is, it's God's prophesied wrath starting to fall upon mankind and nary a thing can be done by man or angels to stop that which was prophesied to happen.

But, mankind is rather stupid

Were you aware the US Government just awarded $1Billion to all 50 States to prepare for climate change? This is besides the fact that most know it's all a farce. But they can't hide the money coming into the coffers and so they have to make up some excuse as to why it's being sent out. After all, no money will stop it. In fact; if Obama gave each State $1Trillion dollars it wouldn't stop what Christ penned in His Word. So, what's the $1Billion going to be used for? Enforcement of the mark! Common sense dictates since they cannot use the money to stop what they know was prophesied to happen, they will only be using it so as to do as prophecy said they will do to God's people.

And yes, just so you know, they do know it was prophesied. Why else would they be doing all they can to hide the real reasons behind such things as the global ID card, digital money, free speech and the strange animal deaths worldwide just to name a few? These people in high political office have access to historic archives most of us never see and they know all about how God protects His people as well as certain prophesied events fulfilling that most preachers refuse to speak about on their pulpits thanks to their lips being sewed shut by the prophesied 501c3.

Bottom line is, the fact they are working towards making it a federal crime to merely deny their bad science on climate change confirms they fear the truth God's people have so much they must make those with it fearful to speak it. Yes, this will make some with the facts on climate change to clam up. But not one obedient Christian will ever be quiet when it comes to proclaiming present truth. Like Jeremiah of old said, "His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay." -Jeremiah 20:9. 

Study now says global warming slows sea-level rise
"A prominent global-warming skeptic is marveling at a new NASA report that concludes the purported human-caused changes in the climate now, after years of being blamed for raising the sea level, is
slowing down the rise. “Is there anything global warming can’t do?” Marc Morano asked on his Climate Depot site in response to the NASA assessment. “Now it seems that there is so much global warming that it is slowing the rise of sea levels.”


I nearly fell out of my chair laughing out loud when I saw this headline! Wow! Like the author said, "is there anything global warming can’t do?" It's as if it has a life of its own? But then, that's exactly what a political farce always is. Politicians, who in recent years have proven are not the most efficient thinkers known to man, will always have an agenda that not only makes them money, it also grants them staying power if enough 'big wigs' are part of their sycophant worship services. But when it comes to the Pope's climate change agenda, just about every politician and Hollywood elite seem to be falling all over themselves to kiss the Pope's ring.

The hilarious toss of the coin on this is, none of them seem to be on the same page. Truth is, they can't possibly be on the same page because the page has yet to be penned. It's like it's always been, they figure to throw enough mud at the wall in the hopes that their particular lump is the magical one that sticks so as to guarantee a major piece of the prize once their "idea" is globally promoted. This is why we keep hearing about all these strange "scientific" theories for climate change. And as also prophesied, lying scientists are chiming in to lend a hand. But what's really sad about all this is, none of them. And I mean NONE of them seem to realize they are being played.

The Pope knows they messed up picking "global warming" back in John Paul II's day. And so just like any other PR campaign they are seeking a way to spin this into a win. But the bootlicking politicians and puppeteered elite in Hollywood have no clue the Pope's only using them as no cost demographic workforce. All the crazy theories simply cause all of them to just keep sticking their feet in their mouth so often that when a "new and improved" version spews forth a new lie has to be proclaimed just to cover up the last lie. And the Pope and his cronies watch all of it like a hawk ready to swoop in when the "believable" one finally comes to the forefront.

One thing I will give them is; they appear to be very good at coming up with lies that, unless you read a newspaper and have the old lie still stored in memory, their new "scientific evidence" always appears on the surface to be authentic. Well.. that is until someone with a scientific background actually reads it and shares the facts. Then.. and this has happened often in the last 10 years; the real science is broadcast and people with the ability to think straight realize someone's been lying to them.

Just for giggles..

On my site I have some articles listed wherein "scientists" have declared the strangest things to help shore up the Pope's climate change agenda. This is not meant to be funny, but you will no doubt chuckle on some of these.

There are now scientists claiming that Global-warming will remove all air. The U.N. chief: said global warming is suddenly 'not visible.' And can you believe it, Prince Charles even said climate change is a root cause of the Syrian war! Not too long before he said that Obama commanded the military to embrace Climate-Change agenda to fight terror. Now even though the UN Chief said Climate Change was "invisible" he did say some time before that climate change's effect on children. So, it appears and disappears at will? Recently we had some stating that climate change will shrink the global economy by 23 percent. Some local governments coast to coast want to get their piece of the pie so they too began banning gas stations due to global warming. And you newlyweds looking to start a family, they haven't left you out either. They declare that climate change can now hurt your sex life. And so as not to be left out of the running, Bernie Sanders announced recently that climate change is a 'major' security risk.

Now, I must warn you not to laugh at this next one because they're dead serious, or at least "red" serious on this one. Climate change will now cause moms to have no more red headed babies!? Were you also aware that aliens from outer space are in on this now? Climate change is causing more UFO sightings! But then, they're probably stopping by to warn us that Global warming is making the Earth spin faster. So don't blame the alien. He's just concerned on a planetary basis. I mean come on already, how much fun would it be for him to be commuting the Galaxy when one day as he's off to visit Bizarro land that planet earth spins off its axis like a drunk driver crossing the double yellow? And just when you think you heard it all, climate change will cause pasta to become extinct and yes, you guessed it, climate change causes suicide.

Oh.. one more thing.. I too am a victim of climate change. It literally made me throw my hands into the air to the point I stopped typing this arti...... 

No one will ‘coerce the scientists who work for me
"The Obama administration is continuing to resist efforts by a top House Republican to gain access to the internal deliberations of federal scientists who authored a groundbreaking global warming study the lawmaker is investigating. In response to a threat from House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) to subpoena Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told Smith in a letter Friday that her staff will not be influenced by political interference. “I have not or will not allow anyone to manipulate the science or coerce the scientists who work for me,” Administrator Kathryn Sullivan wrote."


As corrupt as the Obama administration is, it's still amazing to see how blind they are to the fact that everyone (well.. most everyone) sees how corrupt they are. The fact they see no conflict of interest in having "federal scientists" shout in deafening tones just how disconnected from reality those in power are. But then I believe it's allowed to happen this way so as to wake up some people as to how easy the truth is to see in all this. While at the same time allow for Satan to mock the Lord by showing how easy it is to fool people when so much truth is staring them in the face.

Not just a Federal case!

The enemy of souls knows that the majority of the people on earth are just as easy to lure off the path as Eve was 6000 years ago. And he also knows luring them off in ways that's laughable makes it that much easier for him to mock our Lord. What I mean is, look at Catholicism for example. Like the strange claims of climate change and other crazy agendas being pushed at present, Rome has a plethora of extrabiblical (un-biblical) doctrines that are not only completely man-made and demon inspired, they are easily found and false in the Bible. So again, Satan can mock the Lord by declaring the people that claim to be Christians who while holding the Bible that is chock full of truth in their hands yet his lies have become more believable to them simply because he has dangled whatever insignificant bobble he could find to dazzle them away from it.

Truth is, this is something I've noticed even before finding Christ as Lord. Way back in my teen years when I caught my High School teachers lying to me about how and why America was founded, I noticed as I looked around at my fellow students slurping up the idiocy as if it was rock hard factual data I was shocked. How did I know it was all a lie? We didn't have video games or even TV shows worth watching when I was a kid and so when I wasn't outside riding my bike, strolling in prairies or climbing willow trees on windy days to go for a ride, I was reading the old Encyclopedias and history books my parents had. Rome's main problem today is that many of those books are still in libraries all over this nation. In other words, they can't burn all the books. But they certainly try rewriting them at every opportunity.

Lies have become the norm now and this is why so many people hate the truth real Christ or even the valid historians speak. It rocks their boat of lies because that has literally become their comfort zone. And why not? The TV shows, movies, music, novels and even their Sunday sermons are all based on fiction, and so when someone comes forth with truth, like the 31,487 scientists that do NOT work for Obama and the Pope, most will ignore them and follow the media because it truly is the way they have been conditioned to live now-a-days. So be it! It still won't stop the truth from coming to fruition.

And no, I am not saying the strange weather and natural disasters that have been growing in number are not real. I've been tracking them for years. Nature is running amuck! But it's not doing so because our cars are belching out CO2. In fact, the CO2 levels today are the same as they were in 1910. The crazy weather, natural disasters and earthquakes are off the chart because JESUS IS COMING BACK VERY SOON! But Rome needs to keep that prophesied fact well hidden and so they invented something called global warming so as to make the people think all that's happening is the end result of mankind's use of fossil fuels and therefore fixable. And while everyone's looking in the direction the Pope is pointing, the Lord will appear and the majority will be caught off guard.

Ever consider this?

As Jesus' return gets nearer by the day, as we have already seen with the quakes and calamities, things are going to get much worse. So, to prevent the people that are glued to TV's from seeing the "signs of the times" the Pope has come up with climate change so as to hide the truth. It's the man of sin's "greatest cover-up" of all time. Second only to the secret rapture lie of years gone by. I mean come on already, many of the prophecies they claimed would happen "after" a secret rapture have already come and gone! Yet nary a preacher will admit to that one!

Unless you open your Bibles, you won't realize you have been lied to until it's way too late and the eastern sky splits. And if you are one that refuses to open the Bible to get ready for His return, then either way you will still fulfill prophecy. How so? You will be one of many that will echo that which was penned in Jeremiah 8:20 that says, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." 

VIDEO: COP21 climate change summit reaches deal in Paris
"A deal to attempt to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2C has been agreed at the climate change summit in Paris after two weeks of intense negotiations. The pact is the first to commit all countries to cut carbon emissions. The agreement is partly legally binding and partly voluntary. ...The speeches and the cliches at the adoption of the Paris Agreement flowed like good champagne - success after all has many fathers! ...Nick Dearden, director of campaign group Global Justice Now, said: "It's outrageous that the deal that's on the table is being spun as a success when it undermines the rights of the world's most vulnerable communities and has almost nothing binding to ensure a safe and liveable climate for future generations."


As some in this meeting shout success, many others like Nick Dearden mentioned here realize it's all a facade of success so as to make it possible to undermine vulnerable communities later on when the need arises. On one hand we can see this as a way for Rome and the USA to puff up their chests in victory even though no victory was actually won, if in fact climate change was true at all. However, this won't stop them from playing this card whenever anyone with power acts out.

What I mean is.. Now that 195 nations supposedly agreed, and I say supposedly because those in war right now with Rome and the USA will be in opposition no matter what; fir them to act as if it is a success grants the Pope and anyone else echoing his commands via the pen of the Pope, who no doubt plans to "imprimatur" some of this folderol for future use when a long prophesied "doctrine" of his needs to be made into binding law, they now have the right to declare "we are all in agreement" with a political backbone (on paper) when nothing can be further from the truth.

When the rubber hits the road on this we have to use common sense to realize that just because they claim all nations chimed in as on par for the Vatican inspired agenda, the 7+ billion people on the planet are for the most part not on the same page. After all, most nations are run by corrupt leaders and the people under them know it. This means any move they make will be subject to opposition simply because everyone knows their native tongue is in fact to speak lies. But even here Rome can stand supreme in that when anyone acts up they can make the claim "we are all in agreement" and therefore anyone against them needs to be eliminated from opposition. And as Rome has shown before, she will once again see no problem killing those they deem a problem. And this will be especially true when obedient Christians become their main target as prophecy declares will be the case in the very near future.

Climate change is the devil's best idea to bring about enforcement of the mark. As we know, being in the last days; the planet is naturally going to heave, quiver and belch all the way up until the Creator of it actually gets here. The now 1200 to 2000 quakes a week prove that as fact alone. Just as the Sinai shook as the Lord descended upon it, the entire planet is shaking as He descends towards it. Rome knows this because being the puppet of Satan himself, they need to make sure they know some (not all praise God) that is headed their way so as to use it against what they agree is the Enemy of their dying god. They know the calamities will get worse and so they came up with a supposed "world wide agreement" to combat that issue. Even though they also know that stopping the increasing calamities is absolutely and unequivocally impossible. And so they will use that prophesied reality to their advantage.


When the Loud Cry goes forth, all the Vatican churches, and this includes all the churches of the world now, when those churches start to witness an exodus from the pews due to the signs of the end are all around them, and the calamities are in fact part and parcel to that fact, they also know the message of the obedient remnant of her seed are accurately outlining perfectly the prophesies of the Bible and historic records to prove the end is near and "coming out" of Babylon is the best way to prepare for the King's arrival. So, since Satan knew this was prophesied to happen all along, he can now use the COP21 agreement on a global scale to get "all nations" to agree that keeping Sunday Laws will prevent the drastic climate change disasters from increasing. We are now THAT close brothers and sisters.

Can you also see how well this all worked?

Looking into the global players on this chessboard and the agendas of these players one can see the devil's most assuredly in the details. Rome needs a socialist format for the governments of the world wherein they can wield their power unencumbered. But the only way to get that to come to fruition is, and you no doubt already guessed it, it's all about the money, as some in the media have finally started to vindicate those of us that have been stating that for decades. Those with the money can easily manipulate those without it; and so the Vatican's "spread the wealth" campaign, which is nothing more than socialism with its face all painted nicely, can be used to schmooze the less fortunate nations and so they too will buy into it because money has always been an easy carrot to dangle before those lusting after wealth. And when you look at the climate change benefits for those signing on, money is funneled to those that need it by those that have enough tax paying citizens.

Now some may say that is all well and good. But nothing in this world is free except the offer of salvation from on High. In order to keep the money flowing you must also do all that the man of sin commands. If you fail, all of them are already very aware on how Rome can (and will) use the American military to make them bow no matter what. That being said, are you ready? ARE YOU SURE? 

SDA Church helps Pope set up means to enforce MARK!
"As world leaders gather in Paris for the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Seventh-day Adventist Church supports and applauds the efforts of these leaders to come to an agreement to stem the deterioration of our earth due to climate change. ...Increasingly men and women have been involved in a megalomaniacal destruction of the earth's resources, resulting in widespread suffering, environmental disarray, and the threat of climate change. While scientific research needs to continue, it is clear from the accumulated evidence that the increasing emission of destructive gasses, the depletion of the protective mantel of ozone, the massive destruction of the American forests, and the so-called greenhouse effect, are all threatening the earth's eco-system."


This I am sure this is bound to be somewhat of a shocker for some Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) if they actually read their Bibles as well as Spirit of Prophecy. Reason being, if they read them they know how it was prophesied that the Roman Catholic church would in fact use lying scientists to fabricate a global disaster scenario regarding natural disasters to both hide the truth about the prophesied end time events heralding the arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ as Conqueror and King. And yes, as students of prophecy have been stating for years now, Rome's long expected "climate change" agenda that the SDA church is now promoting will also help the Vatican CONvince billions into believing the lies that have at present been proven false by no less than 31,487 real Scientists. All these lies will be used to create a global need to "do the right thing" and their idea will of course be "Sunday Laws" as the right thing to do so as to appease God's anger which they say will move Him to stop the calamities happening all over the world. As students of prophecy we know that too is a lie designed to quench the Loud Cry that's emptying the churches that are part of Rome's global church.

Sadly it was also prophesied many times in the Word as well as Spirit of Prophecy that the SDA church would indeed join hands with Rome to become an obedient sister to fallen Babylon. The fact they are right now helping the Vatican with their global campaign to push the very agenda that will in fact be used to enforce the mark of the beast proves the SDA church IS IN FACT a Roman Catholic Church now. In fact, we have the leaders of the SDA church admitting that in writing no less. Worse yet, we have a Seventh Day Adventist president proudly proclaiming the SDA church to be Roman Catholic before many witnesses in an SDA magazine!.

Click here for literally hundreds of well sourced quotes proving the SDA church has not only joined hands with Rome, they have adopted a huge amount of their Paganistic theology and Vatican contrived dogma. But just as the Roman Catholic Popes, priests, bishops, nuns and layworkers never let their members know about how they embrace all that Satan demands of them, the SDA church also hides these types of facts from their loyal and devout brethren.

When I was a Catholic in my youth I never knew the church placed such things in writing. When I found out about it at the ripe old age of 29 I immediately left the church and was blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ with salvation and a message to share. If the honest SDA merely opens the archives of their church they too will discover the SDA church truly is a sister to fallen Babylon just as one of their very own pioneers they understand as a prophet predicted they would become long ago. Click here for a growing compilation of quotes confirming that as fact using the well sources words of SDA leaders themselves. And yes, it's no mistake if you're SDA that you NEVER hear about these quotes from your SDA pulpits. Like the priests of Rome they are under direct orders not to share them so as to prevent a mass exodus from the church. Problem is, prophecy will be fulfilled and the obedient virgins WILL leave because Jesus stated long ago that the elect cannot be deceived.

By the way, why is it SDA president Neal C. Wilson saw nothing wrong with making such a strange and exposing statement back in 1981 regarding the SDA church being a "truly Catholic organization?" It's because he was a Roman Catholic all along. How do I know that? Besides the previous comment making it appear as such, notice the following quote that can only be proclaimed by a Roman Catholic, or at the very least, a Jesuit working for the Roman Catholic church while at the same time claiming to be SDA. If you read the Jesuit Oath you would know that is how they vow to operate in churches they deem a threat to Rome's prophesied agenda.

Prophecy states the 9th hour church would fall and a "remnant of her seed" would take her place and finish the work. See this historic and biblical facts that confirm that as fact by clicking here. Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

UN Chief: Global Warming ‘Not Visible,’ But We Still Need Global Treaty
"United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon admitted Monday that even if global warming can’t be seen or felt by humans, the world should still agree to an international treaty to cut carbon dioxide emissions. “We are living in a world of peril,” Ban tells Mashable, according to ThinkProgress. “This climate change, even if it is not visible, is the worst threat to human beings.”


First and foremost, the global warming agenda of Rome is VERY visible. Although not in the manner most can comprehend. It was prophesied that our scientists would lie so as to promote Rome's agenda, and now that we're living it out day by day it cannot be mistaken one iota by any student of prophecy as well as a few scoffers. Sure, as the UN Secretary claimed, the actual science behind the so called global warming is invisible, but it is no more a threat than the invisible boogy man hiding in every child's closet. Still, many will believe this unscientific idiocy because their leaders say so and so they will move forward because the basic reality in all this is, prophecy will be fulfilled. The God that wrote it saw it go down this way and out of love and concern for His obedient people let us know in advance so as to better prepare for His soon return. Hence the reason all Catholic churches and every Protestant church (including the 9th hour church) have stopped preaching endtime prophecy. Sure they may echo some of the old prophetic standards of days gone by, but ask them what's going to happen tomorrow and you're going to get crickets. Why is that?

Two reasons

You know what this reminds me of?

It reminds me of an old Jesuit adage that stated long ago the following Roman Catholic dogmatic statement that all Catholics (and now all Protestants since June of 2000) must adhere to and accept. (Yes, this includes the 9th hour church as well)  It was stated by the man who founded the long prophesied bloodthirsty Jesuit order that "...we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." -The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141, -By Ignatius de Loyola

That's right! The Roman Catholic is taught that even if they know what the priest is teaching is a bold faced lie, they must accept it as truth if the prelates in Rome command it to be as such. Hence the reason for Luther's 95 Thesis and the prophesied great reformation. In any event, do you see why lies are so prevalent in the media as well as in society in general today? No, it's not that the Jesuits have that much control. After all, their just men doing their duty for their dying god as we Christians do our duty for the only true and eternal living God. It's that their dying god was prophesied to have that much control over all people around the world in these final days that choose to embrace his lies over and above the truth the living God had already penned in His eternal Word. 

Prominent Scientists: Climate Change 'based on nonsense
"A team of prominent scientists gathered in Texas today at a climate summit to declare that fears of man-made global warming were “irrational” and “based on nonsense” that “had nothing to do with science.” They warned that “we are being led down a false path” by the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris."


What those "prominent Scientists" fail to realize is, they're dealing with the Pope on this one. Most scientists today are Atheists and so they are completely unaware of the power of hell being wielded in Rome simply because they don't believe in the Bible, the Lord who wrote it, or His main enemy Beelzebub. (Beelzebub = Satan for those that know him by his true name)

Why is this an issue for the scientists?

Rome is very capable of promoting, preaching and CONvincing the people for eons that lies are truth and truth is the lie. Take Catholicism in and of itself. It is NOT Christianity by any stretch of the imagination. Not only do they deny the Bible as the rule of faith, they deny the Creator that wrote that Bible. Worse yet, the Vatican has admitted in writing many times that they are in fact a Pagan church that uses Christian names to mask the Pagan gods and goddesses that they worship. One such statement is as follows...

Prophecy stated Rome would be the Whore of Babylon, which is of course the original home to Paganism. The fact over 1.2 billion people on earth, and this now includes all the churches that have joined with mother Rome on June 26, 2000 when the formation of the One World Church was finalized, proves Rome is very capable of getting people to believe nonsense simply by gilding the lily to make the lie appear trustworthy. In other words, just as Jezebel of old painted her face to cover up her ugly character, Rome paints their church with gold, silver, scarlet, pomp and circumstance to cover their ugliness as well. And since the unbiblical doctrines of the Catholic dogma that proves they are not Christian has been embraced by billions now, what makes these scientists think they will scrap their hoax regarding global warming? As they did with their long prophesied gospel called "another Jesus" as was prophesied in 2 Corinthians 11:4 two thousand years ago, they are doing the same thing today with global warming, homosexual marriage, Xmas, Easter, Halloween, Celibacy, Marian worship, evolution, Purgatory, eternal life in Hellfire, worship of statues, idols and relics, ecumenicalism, Papal infallibility and Sunday Sabbath just to name a few.

In short.. they know they're wrong about global warming. But they also know that doesn't matter because they really don't care about the planet anyway. They could care less if it burns up tomorrow morning in fact. Satan is their dying god and all he's concerned with at this point is getting as many people into the fire with him as he can. They can preach global warming, global cooling, or that purple rain is falling from the sky if it will help them get to where they need to be to enforce the mark. The people their dying god controls will bow to the Pope and worship him. The thousands of statues he has set up in every church confirms the people will agree with the Pope over and above the God of the Bible who says it is sin to bow to those statues. Truth to the Popes of Rome is nothing more than something to exploit! For it is definitely not something to embrace. This is why global warming is the perfect ending to a history of lies. Lies have become their comfort zone and lies will be the cause of their damnation for it is written in Revelation 21:8 that "all liars" will never gain Heaven. That being said, it has to be realized that they WILL use climate change to enforce the mark. Nothing the scientists say will change that one bit. It was prophesied to happen that way and therefore WILL HAPPEN!  

Inhofe gets hot scorching Global-Warming HOAX
"The senior U.S. senator from Oklahoma, James Inhofe, warned the world years ago about the scam of global warming. Now, his book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” is more important than ever as President Obama and other world leaders plot to impose new regulations in the name of fighting “climate change.” That political agenda is being pursued even though, as Inhofe predicted, the scientific consensus behind “global warming” is already collapsing, and the reality that “climate change” is simply an excuse to fuel the growth of government and the erosion of American sovereignty is now becoming increasingly clear."


He's been saying that for years, and I must say I am glad he's back in the limelight now that the COP21 meetings have started. But prophecy will be fulfilled and his well-documented facts as well as the facts of over 31,000 (real) scientists won't matter in the least. Rome must go forward with their global warming lies because way too much has been invested to back down on their easily proven hoax now. So as Hitler's main man stated long ago, if you repeat a lie long enough people will start to believe it. 

Silver lining?

Yes, there actually is one in all this. Since John Paul II was moved by Satan to ask Al Gore to push a global warming agenda in the 1980's, and since we now have tens of thousands of scientists confirming it all as a hoax, and now a Senator is speaking without realizing it is actually confirming what the prophecy says about Rome using the natural calamities as a way to more towards global government so as to have the foundation needed to enforce their mark, we have a literal mountain of scientific as well as Scriptural evidence to prove the Vatican is spreading lies for the sole purpose of creating its long prophesied one world government, or "ten toes" as the Prophet Daniel called it and "New World Order" as Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler coined it. In short.. we can use this!


All one needs to do is lay out the numerous historic facts wherein Rome used lies to push their agenda to gain power. In so doing you just might win a few souls into seeing the truth in all this. Secondly, add to that evidence a well-researched list of Scriptural twists of the Vatican also proving they lie about what is written in the Word of God as well, and you will gain a few more souls. Then, share with them the well documented facts proving global warming to be a lie and a one world government is the main reason for the hoax and you will gain many more souls.  

France: climate summit 'essential' in wake of Paris attacks
"The United Nations will still hold its global warming summit in Paris this month despite deadly terror attacks that rocked the French capital Friday night. France’s foreign minister says the summit is “essential” to fighting global warming. Despite the deadly attacks carried out by terrorists linked to the Islamic State, the U.N. has no plans to cancel the summit. U.N. and French officials likely see the summit as too important to cancel even in the wake of these shocking attacks. Indeed, many world leaders believe fighting global warming is a bigger long-term threat than terrorism. Minister Fabius himself warned that “climate change is a threat to peace” and a greater threat than terrorism. ...“The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security. We should act like it,” Obama said in his State of the Union speech in January."


First and foremost, please pray for the families that have lost loved ones in this crazed attack, but can you read between the lines on this one? So many twists and turns it's amazing how articles like this even make it to press. But in the information super highway era we now live in, what was once a deadly mistake when ink hit the paper before the snafu was realized, today one can merely edit the digital post and walla.. what once was a bold faced lie is now another bold faced lie with a better twist on it.

First and foremost, I take it the press in Paris has yet to discover that the Pope doesn't much like the term "global warming" anymore seeing how 31,000+ legit scientists have come forth to prove their handful (under 5) of scientists are lying. The politically correct term that helps them hide their failures today is "climate change." Hence the title of the COP21 summit. Seeing how this was posted to WND one can expect the snafu will remain, but I believe the original doc files will eventually be edited.

Secondly, anyone with just a few hours a day of dedicated research can tell you, the terrorist agenda, be it in Paris or any other unfortunate city has to realize is, it's not so much Islam anymore as they have never had to means by which to perform their Vatican inspired duties. Hence the reason Obama funded them (and got caught) years ago. Since then his cronies in the CIA have taken the reigns so as to keep this all under the not so transparent rug. Thanks to wikileaks, Snowden and a host of other more reliable whistleblowers with the courage to speak up, just about everyone knows Islam is nothing more than a propaganda machine owned and operated by the Jesuit run Vatican wherein American forces have been "hired" to do their duty for mother Rome. Yes, some may think I've been harping on this day after day and year after year, but that's only because it was prophesied to happen and all that was needed to bring it to fruition was fulfilled decades ago. All we see happening now is the ball rolling down the hill unencumbered.

How so?

Do you recall what Vatican approved and sanctioned President Ronald Reagan said back during his administration? After much pressure from both sides of the isle, Reagan went ahead and appointed an American ambassador to Vatican City even though he knew it violated the laws of our land. Many had their suspicions that he did what he did for his "new friends" in Rome. Yes, many laughed when some believed that to be the case. But the laughing abruptly stopped when W. Kenneth Dan responded in the way he did after being asked by the press why we needed an ambassador in Vatican City; He unexpected and rather shocking reply was, “It would allow the USA to influence the political decisions of the Roman Catholic Church!” Even though the grim reality was and still is to this day that was the exact opposite was true wherein it was Rome doing the influencing and not the USA. In either scenario, that act literally violated the first amendment which says:

This is why Islam is killing Christians today and this is why Islam is "somehow" allowed power to even form Caliphates in certain key areas that are essential for Vatican and American power crazed interests as well as the ability to have access and control to massive amounts of crude oil at the same time. And have you noticed that somehow some way Islam is able to get their hands on billions of dollars worth of American military equipment and ammo? Thanks to the fact that most politicians think Americans are sufficiently dumbed down, and for the most part they're correct; actions as truly transparent as these are not missed by those who do in fact research current events.

Oh.. and one more thing.. ever notice how America politicians are able to visit war torn regions wherein terrorists are supposedly "going berserk" as per the proven government controlled media reports? Ever notice how NONE of these visiting dignitaries and high ranking officials in American politics never seem to get so much as a hang nail when out there let alone a bullet wound? Yes, one by the name of Hillary Clinton did try to bolster her image by acting as if she was in danger, but instead got caught lying about how she had to dodge bullets when stepping off a plane in Bosnia back in 1996, but for the most part, the all know don't even have to bother trying to lie like Hillary did. Why? It's because it's nowhere near as bad as they say it is and when it does get bad as per Vatican orders, when need be they simply make a call, flick a switch and the so called terror is suspended until their visit ends and they're safely out of range.

So.. when the officials in Paris state they have every intention of going ahead with the Cop21 meetings on Climate change, it's all an act to make them appear as if they are all there doing their best for all of mankind to the point they will gladly step in the face of danger for us poor unfortunate peons.

Not buying it.. can ya tell? 

Obama joins Facebook, immediately pushes climate change
"The White House and his presidential campaigns have posted on Facebook, and some of those posts are now on his personal page. But this is the first time Obama has created or managed his own private account. “Now, we’ve made a lot of progress to cut carbon pollution here at home and we’re leading the world to take action as well,” Obama said, in the post. “But we’ve got to do more. In a few weeks, I’m heading to Paris to meet with world leaders about a global agreement to meet this challenge.”


Are you and your house spiritually ready for what he's doing here for Rome? Prophecy says they will use the calamities, which of course is what they now refer to as "climate change" to try and quench the loud cry so as to enforce Sunday Laws. And have you noticed? Since so many scientists have stepped forward (36000+ at last count) to prove global warming is not only bad science, it's an easy to prove lie, Rome stopped using the term "global warming" and changed it to "climate change" to keep their false agenda well hidden. And this is all besides the fact that CO2 levels of today are the same as they were back in 1910! So whether it's global warming or cooling their reasons for the up and coming laws are proven false.

Lie after lie after lie..

The only reason they aren't giving up their well exposed lies is because it was prophesied they must use global warming lies to bring global government. For some strange reason their dying god (Beelzebub) has CONvinced them this is the only way they can get everyone on earth to do what they command. Stranger still, it will work upon ever disobedient Christians as well as blatant nonbelievers. Their claim "we are all in this together, and need to appease God so as to stop the calamities caused by climate change" will work like a charm to enforce the mark of the beast. So, Obama, who cherishes the role of Caesar's Herod, will most assuredly attend that meeting as will many other national leaders under Rome's command. Especially now that there is media chatter this time that they WILL get the laws passed globally to rectify the problem.

As students of prophecy we know they will do this. So, with that said, what are YOU doing to help spread this final message? Have you ever looked into the parable of the talents in Matthew 25? Most took that which the Lord gave them and increased it as their appointed duty. But the one man just buried his talent. Jesus then said in Matthew 25:27, "Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury." So it's understandable that some of us can't physically go door to door, build websites, make videos or even preach on pulpits or street corners to spread the message. But all of us have loved ones, coworkers and acquaintances we can share this present truth with. Some of us have ways to help others spread the message as well. Some can also offer their time to help, or even offer the use of land for free for tent revivals near big cities. Or as Jesus suggests here, some can finance the purchase of items needs to do the work, be it printing, billboards, dvd production or radio spots, and some of us can help out by handing our tracts as the "leaves of autumn" so many will have the chance to escape damnation. This way the "usury" received by the one doing whatever they can will at least bring about some increase and they will be blessed.

And by the way, "usury" isn't only defined via the financial gifts you give that help move the work forward. Usury is also defined as "the act of bringing forth, offspring, birth" and yes as interest earned on money because it "breeds" an increase there. So, whether you give of your time or money the Lord will see it as "usury" when that which you give brings about an increase.

Even at the doors!

Look around.. the enemy of souls is kicking it up a notch wherein he is getting all his obedient followers that cherish the muck and more of wallowing in sin to do his bidding so as to be ready to do as he was prophesied to do. That being the obvious characteristic of today's world, what are the professed people of God doing? Yes, some of you are doing the work and some of you do help us do the work as well. But sadly, not everyone that claims to be of the faith actually do anything. Truth is, those that do the work not only have to do more, they also have to help those that do nothing wake up. And yes, "waking up" does apply to the foolish virgins that waited just a little too long before doing their duty. Their procrastination caused them to lose their salvation. So.. again, look around.. the signs declare our Lord's arrival is "even at the doors." Will you be one to echo Isaiah 25:9 or will be one of the Christians that lose everything to declare Jeremiah 8:20?

'Dire Threat' L US Soldiers battle scorching new enemy
"With the stroke of a pen, Ashton Carter turned the focus of the U.S. Department of Defense in a new direction. Instead of making ISIS and Islamic terrorism the first priority, the new focus will be on global warming and climate change."


You do realize what this means don't you? It means the demons in the Vatican are running VERY scared now! Why? Those fallen angels know prophecy better than any student of prophecy on the planet, and that's not because we are all lacking in our duties, it's just that angels happen to be supernatural as well as extremely intelligent. That being the case, they know for a fact the Latter Rain is about to start pouring in abundance upon the bride of Christ and they need to make sure they have all their ducks in a row before that happens.

Satan (like any commander in war) is going to do all he can to keep casualties on his end as low as possible. That of course means, he doesn't want what we are prophesied to do to cut into his ranks which will of course lower his number of captive souls. He knows he will lose some, that's inevitable. But by assuring his foundation is well set even before the rain starts may grant him a better outcome. And this is why the man of sin in Rome is being moved by Satan to kick it up a notch.

One would think with such super intelligence as an angel has, fallen or not, why can't they realize they're fighting a losing battle wherein they will most assuredly die. The only thought I can muster on such idiocy is because he knows he will lose no matter what and so he wants to take as many into that fire with him as he can. He knows what happened at Calvary and he knows Christ has already won. But perhaps he thinks making him grieve is somehow worth the effort. I really can't say in that I am not one to waste time trying to figure out Beelzebub mental issues. All I need to know is what prophecy and Scripture already outline and that is Satan was prophesied to be that blind.

In any event, one of the nice things about studying the Word and especially the prophetic areas in the Word is that we not only have a plethora of "signs" all around us illustrating the times we live in are in fact coming to a close. We also have an angry angel showing his hand out of desperation. What I mean is, the very fact he is accelerating his efforts by moving his man of sin in Rome to force the US military to place Rome's climate change agenda on the top shelf over and above national security makes it that much easier to see we are VERY close to what we have been praying for brothers and sisters. Prophecy says they will the "calamities" as their main excuse for passing Sunday Laws and this is why they are promoting climate change worldwide now. That being said.. are you ready? ARE YOU SURE? 

U.N. planning court to judge U.S. for 'climate justice'
"At the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, participating nations have prepared a treaty that would create an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” giving Third World countries the power to haul the U.S. into a global court with enforcement powers. Congress would be bypassed – left out in the cold – by this climate deal, critics say. ...Whatever they call it, countries who sign onto this agreement will be voting to expand the reach of the U.N. climate bureaucracy, cede national sovereignty, and create a one-way street along which billions will be redistributed from developed to poor nations,” Rucker says. “Developed nations would be expected to slash their emissions while the ‘poor’ countries expand theirs. China, which holds a trillion dollars in U.S. debt, would be counted among the poor.”


So the Pope will be able to have his cake and eat it too?

If this Court comes to power, as many in power assume it will very soon, then Rome will literally be in the driver's seat on this one. How so? Who is the one that spearheaded the climate change fiasco that prophecy says will enable the mark to be enforced in a way that (they think) will quench the loud cry? The Vatican. Who is it that spearheaded the New World Order that on paper has the nations of the world split up into ten separate regions as prophecy predicted that can easily emulate the structure of Pagan Rome of days gone by? The Vatican! Who is it that has spearheaded the Socialist movement in America that has already spread worldwide with the hopes of creating a one world government Christian prophecy spoke of eons ago? The Vatican! Who is it that is right now being puffed up in the global media as a "moral leader" that can be trusted to rule with compassion all the nations of the world? The man of sin in the Vatican!

Need I say more?

Salvation Army claims Sunday Keeping will stop Climate change
"The call to climate justice is deeply rooted in biblically based Christian convictions. The scriptures provide a wealth of reasons why Christ followers simply cannot ignore this crisis. The following points are drawn from the Evangelical Climate Initiative, a group of senior evangelical leaders in the United States who are convinced it is time to seriously address the problem of global warming. ...Beyond our lives as individuals, we the church are also called to communal action for climate justice. Here are some ways. ...The scriptures make constant reference to rest and care for the land as well as for people on the Sabbath."


Are you a student of prophecy? Then you know why the Vatican controlled Salvation Army has been making such claims. And yes, they are Vatican controlled, just as all the other churches that bowed to the Pope's demand to be installed as the one world church leader on June 26, 2000.

When the loud cry that is happening now gets much louder, as Satan knows it will because prophecy states as such, he knows he cannot use the Vatican to declare the remnant people that are presently proclaiming it are evil because it would put us in the limelight as a people that the Vatican fears. That would inevitably cause some people to look into our message and find truth. Therefore, they must make up a reason to get all the world to agree with them on keeping Sunday holy while at the same time make us look evil. The present climate change agenda is not only what they came up with, it was prophesied it would happen this way. The reason they have to go this route is because instead of saying we must keep Sunday holy so as to shut up the people that are using Bibles, they can more easily say to all the Sunday keepers that are already bowing to Rome's false Sabbath must keep Sunday holy so as to gain God’s mercy wherein He will stop the calamities. Truth is, they have already begun doing this so as to test the waters to see how the people react. For them.. one can say they are moving ahead as planned as nary a few said anything when they first starting making such claims.

For example:

Back in February of 2005, which was about 2 months after what they call the Christmas Tsunami wherein 230,000 people died, a Presbyterian minister said the following to all the listening world…

Five years earlier, or as of June 26, 2000, this Presbyterian minister was already under the control of the Roman Catholic Vatican as that is the date his church as well as all other churches, including the SDA church joined with Rome under the newly formed and long prophesied United Religions Initiative. The fact this minister doesn't mention how many that died that day were actually inside their church on that Sunday confirms Rome's lying hand is behind all this. When he made this statement 5 years after joining with Rome one has to understand that is was proclaimed as a Vatican approved statement so as to test the waters on Sunday Laws.

On my “They’re attacking Sabbath” page on the Website I have thousands of articles wherein Sunday laws are being promoted and the most recent being of course is this article which was posted on on October 23 of this year. Click the title of this article to gain access to the original post on the forum. 

Bolivia's Morales blames capitalism for climate change
"Bolivia's President Evo Morales has blamed capitalism for climate change and called on industrialised nations to reduce emissions. Speaking at the closing of the People's Climate Change conference in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba on Monday, Morales declared his intention to represent unheard voices at the UN climate change conference in Paris later this year."


This man is doing all he can to help the Pope with this article. Not only is he pushing for the Vatican's climate change agenda that will in fact help to enforce the mark of the beast when the time comes for the loud cry to get very loud, he is also pushing for the Socialist format the Pope also craves after knowing that once the Sunday Laws are passed, what good would that be without a Socialist form of Government wherein you can oppress the people into compliance. Well.. at least those easily swayed thanks to their Laodicien attitudes towards Christ. Most know them as non-believers or lukewarm Christians. The churches are filled to the rafters with them. In fact, 100% of the members in the Roman Catholic church are related to those who during the Inquisition decided it was far easier to become Roman Catholic than to burn to death on the stake, die on the rack, or bleed out in the iron maiden. All the rest that were obedient unto death were either carried off into the wilderness to be protected by the Lord or allowed to die for their faith so as to bring more souls out of Rome. In any event, being Catholic today is a sad admission to a massive lack of faith.

And yes, many of you probably guessed right off and know why this man is so adamant about helping the Pope's New World Order plans and the enforcement of his mark. President Evo Morales is in fact a loyal Roman Catholic follower of the Pope in Rome.  

Obama affirmed radical U.N. agenda in lesser-known speech
"As many focused on week three of the National Football League season Sunday, Obama spoke with little fanfare to the closing session of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit that was convened Sept. 25-27 as a high-level plenary meeting of the General Assembly. The U.S. and the 192 other U.N. members unanimously adopted the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” a plan to “end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change by 2030.” ...Also receiving little attention was the fact that when Pope Francis spoke to the United Nations on Friday, his speech served as the opening address to the 2030 Agenda summit. In introducing the pope, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said, “Your visit today coincides with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Ban referenced the papal encyclical on climate change, “Laudato Si,” translated as “Praise Be To You,” a Medieval Italian phrase taken from St. Francis of Assisi’s 13th century poem prayer “Canticle of the Creatures,” written to praise God as the creator of all.”


Still think all the prophetic statements of the Word of God as well as the warnings from His obedient flock regarding the Pope's plan to rule the world and use climate change as a way to enforce the mark is nothing more than scare tactics by those Christians that really do understand prophecy? If so, then you have a lot of explaining to do now that the Pope is doing exactly as prophecy predicts and we have been trying to warn you about for decades.

Rather obvious now eh?

It's no mistake the UN Secretary General refers to the Pope as a god on earth. The Popes of Rome have stated often in writing that they are "God on earth" and many prelates and obedient worshipers (like the UN Sec Gen) have always declared in writing that the Pope's must be worshipped. This is why they puff up the pomp and circumstance as well as boil over the media fanfare whenever a Pope goes into any nation. They do this to #1, make money and #1, cultivate more worshipers of the man of sin so as to have a much easier go of it when the other shoe is finally dropped.

Seriously.. Do you honestly think the mark of the beast is going to be enforced by a hateful and angry tyrant that openly hates all of mankind? No! To demand enforcement using bold anger like that won't work right off because they will have a worldwide revolt no matter how brainwashed the masses are. The mark has to be enforced first in the most loving and acceptable way that a lost and sin sick world deems acceptable. This is why the Vatican is pushing a more than usual acceptance of sin lately so as to appeal to all in the world. They will eventually use climate change as a way to appeal to the hearts of all on earth that "we are all in this together." But they need to be seen as "the moral authority" on earth first. Looking back at all the worshipping of the Pope when he visited Philly, one can see they are well on their way to getting everyone to wonder after the beast.

And so they will continue to lie about the calamities and climate change (as prophesied) so as to make easy for the Pope to preach his "loving sermon" that shows how much he cares for all the little children that will die in coming calamities. All the world (except the elect) will be sucked into his lies because Satan already has most accepting the lies as their comfort zone thanks to Hollywood and the boldly fictional political media we are now used to. Everyone will agree it's a good idea to prevent the buying and selling of all those refusing to cry out to God to stop the calamities by keeping Sunday holy. Then and only then will the real Christians who truly love the Lord stick out like sore thumbs. Since all the world is then wondering after the beast as prophesied, they will naturally agree with him that the "only way" to save our lives on earth is to keep Sunday holy. It will then be deemed perfectly acceptable to use the true hatred of their dying god to enforce Sunday Laws. The death penalty will then be placed upon all those that refuse to keep Sunday holy. Because now, that small faction of real Christians that refuse to keep Sunday is seen as the only reason the calamities are getting worse, when in fact they have gotten worse as a judgment upon themselves for not only breaking God's law; but passing laws that demand His obedient flock do so as well.

As I said earlier, lies have become the comfort zone of most on earth now. This means that all biblical truths will soon appear as lies to the majority on earth. "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2  Thessalonians 2:11-12)

These are amazing and exciting times! Please understand that God has chosen YOU to be alive when so many prophetic events are fulfilling right before your eyes. In short.. don't blow it now. We're almost Home. MARANATHA!!  

Pope Francis hits hard at 'critical' need for pollution control
 "Pope Francis spent a sunny Wednesday mid-morning delivering brief remarks on climate change, the need to protect the Earth and reduce air pollution during a White House joint event with President Obama. ...Pope Francis also spoke of “the honor of addressing Congress,” and his looming travel to the Philadelphia to “celebrate and support the institutions of marriage and the family at this, a critical moment in the history of our civilization. ...Accepting the urgency,” he said, the transcript showed, “it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation."


Confused? Don't be, this is par for the course for what prophecy describes as the man of sin in Rome. Confusion is actually a must if he is ever going to be able to gather the masses under his thumb. In today's world where lying is the norm and truth is the abnormal. Satan has mixed truth with error since he lied to his fellow angels and then Eve in the garden and so all those bowing to his lead after that will naturally bear his fruits. Yes, there is some evidence of climate change on planet earth, but not as the Pope is claiming. Prophecy does declare the Pope will have his scientists use falsified climate change and the coming calamities it will cause to have the excuse to force everyone to bow to Sunday laws as a way to stop the disasters. Only problem is, the Pope is the man of sin and therefore must not be allowed 100% truth. This is why his version of climate change is the exact opposite of reality. It's actually cooling, not warming. When he finally discovered that cold reality (pun intended) he decided to try and cover up his lies by no longer using the term "global warming" to shore up support. "Climate change" was then the "official" term.

The crux of the matter is, all this constant talk of climate change is nothing more than this Pope's repetitive efforts to build the foundation that allows him the means by which to enforce the mark. You cannot just claim on day one we need to keep Sunday holy to stop the calamities brought on by climate change. You need to set the stage first. All the people need to be bombarded over and over again via the media, Hollywood, the Pope and all the government preachers so as to make the lie so believable that when they finally demand action, almost all on earth will do as the Pope commands. All the world already wonders after the beast, so that foundation is already well set. In fact, we now have factual evidence the "mortal wound" has been healed.

Is there more?

Yes there is. The other confusing remark made by the Pope and his media cronies is that he plans to celebrate the institutions (yes.. he used the plural sense of the word) when he comes to Philly. Not only is there no such thing as "institutions" of marriage. There is only ONE according to Scripture and that is between a man and a woman. Period. The Bible the Pope refuses to use to solidify his many strange statements is rather telling to say the least. It has become obvious now to billions that this man has never read a complete Bible. The other amazing irony in all this is, the Pope, a Jesuit no less, and I do believe is an actual homosexual  as prophecy does declare in Daniel 11:37 that the prelates in Rome will not have "the desire of women" and we already have documented proof that 98% of the prelates in Rome are in fact homosexual, and this Pope more than most has been a friend to the homosexuals, so much so that when he was a Cardinal he pushed for homosexual unions in Argentina. So yes, he does see two "institutions" of marriage, hence the plural usage. One sanctified by God in Eden, the other falsely sanctified by Satan in hell.

The other side on this is yet another irony in that all the Popes and prelates claim to be authorities on how to best keep a marriage holy and blessed when 100% of them refuse to marry women and 100% of the priests claim to be celibate. A doctrine by the way that is not found in Scripture which was recently exposed as the means by homosexuality was allowed to flourish in the Vatican. See the video I did on that reality not too long ago. Their celibacy doctrine not only fulfills that prophecy in Daniel, it built the foundation that has made it easy to attack the biblical institution of marriage all along.


Yes, many are overwhelmed by the massive mountain of evidence stacked up against the man of sin in Rome. This is why it's also prophesied many will eventually come to realize the truth about the Vatican. Still, it's much worse than what we see on the surface. I'm only one man with one website wherein I do all I can to illustrate who the man of sin is and I am never able to post everything I find due to time constraints. There's only 24 hours in the day but still, the Lord allowed me to post over 11,000 pages of facts about the Popes in Rome. And again, I'm just one of many that do this.

The man of sin REVEALED

That is the end result of the prophecy found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 that says, "that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" Look around.. most people are evil, right? In fact, just as Isaiah 4:1 predicted, most so called Christians only claim the name "Christian" to hide their shame while at the same time claim Allah is God, homosexual marriage is ok, and abortion is perfectly acceptable in some cases. So the "falling away" has indeed come to fruition and nary a soul can deny that. With that falling away came the identity of the man of sin because Satan now knows most in sin don't care about others in sin as well. So, the crazy and quite demonic statements made by the Popes and government preaches don't really rock any boats at all anymore. That allows the remnant of her seed have eyes that aren't as clouded as those reveling in sin. We all look through the glass darkly, but today, most are literally spiritually blind. Still, even though our numbers are small, we can clearly see who this man of sin is. And because the majority can't see what we see, we are the ones called "hateful." But then we already knew that was coming too. I created a page on that many years ago.

If you are obedient to the Lord, then He will bless you with what you need to see what needs to be seen as well as the faith to proclaim it. You will be used of the Lord to go forth just as prophecy said. So keep up the good work brothers and sisters. "Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly: Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet." -Joel 2:15-16. 

VIDEO: Chris Christie Yells At Town Hall Attendee For Quoting His Own Comments On Climate
"Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie thinks that human exhalation is a cause of climate change. Or he thinks that statement is "ridiculous." Either might be true. "The climate's been changing forever, and it will always continue to change," said Christie at an Aug. 4 event in Manchester, New Hampshire, which was captured on video. "Does human activity contribute to it? Of course it does. We all contribute to it in one way or the other. By breathing we contribute to it."


This is one comical video. But it does touch on what the main problem is today in the world. We are in the age of lying, and the majority of people in power are bold faced liars. For example, Obama said years ago that you can keep your doctor when Obamacare became active. He lied, plain and simple. But he never had to fix the problem he created because the money was spent, Obamacare was funded and the American people have no choice but to do as they say even though Obama and all his cronies were caught lying. The fact he lied is now "in the past" and since Obamacare is here, it no longer matters that he lied in order to get the people to bow to it.

Climate change

With climate change, it's far worse in that we have loads of proof the Pope, Al Gore and now Roman Catholic presidential hopeful Chris Christie are all using lies to shore up the Vatican agenda that prophecy says will be used against the people of God so as to try and quench the loud cry. That means, even though over 31,000 real scientists have documented proof that the planet is getting colder, and we now know some scientists with the power to influence en masse have been killed to prevent the truth from spreading, they will continue to lie no matter what. And like Obama who lied repeatedly, we now have Chris Christie boldly lying in this video about what he said in another video. That's why this comes off as comical to me. He, like so many before him, claim "I never said that" or "you're misquoting me" but when a video is played directly after he says that proving he really did say it, it makes it crystal clear that he has to lie because getting the job or making the money or even gaining the control over the people is always going to be the main power behind the satanic guidance that moves their tongue.

The Catholic thing

Since Chris Christie is Roman Catholic, one can rest assured he is already easy to manipulate. I say that because before I read a Bible for the first time (age 27) I was a devout Catholic that would do and believe anything the priest told me to do or believe. In fact, the old Jesuit assumption that no matter how crazy the doctrine the people will believe it does work well with all Roman Catholics because NONE of them read Bibles. The fact they stay in a church that is described in great detail in the Word as the home to Antichrist proves they refuse to read Bibles. So, their loyalty will always be towards the priest and not God and that is why Christie is helping his parish priest gain points in Rome as one that has control over Chris Christie's tongue.

The Jesuit "Grand Rule"

"For an inferiro (priest or politician in training) readily to declare his assent and consent to his Superior in active obediance when he says, the snow is black, or the crow is white ... we should always be ready to accept this principal: I will believe that the white that I see is black, if the hierarchical Church defines it as such." -The Spirit Exercies of St. Ignatius, p. 141, -By Ignatius de Loyola (Ignatius Loyola was the founder of the Jesuit Order)

This is why Chris Christie, and every Roman Catholic in office or in society will believe the Pope when he says "global warming" even though scientific facts says "global cooling." They must believe their priests because as humans we are spiritual beings and we must attach our loyalty to a higher being. We were created to cry out to God. But when mankind takes the place of God, as the Popes have declared many times in writing, then those that refuse to read Bible will give their Pope worship.

Prophecy says they will use climate change as a way to cultivate political (and public) interest in passing Sunday laws and they will do it! That being said.. are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?! 

President Obama: Don't Condemn our Children to a Planet Beyond Repair
"The time to heed the cynics and critics and the deniers has passed. The time to plead ignorance has surely passed,” Obama said. “Those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone. They are on their own shrinking island. Any so-called leader who doesn’t take this issue seriously or treats it like a joke is not fit to lead,” he said. “On this issue, of all issues, there is such a thing as being too late, and that moment is almost upon us."


First and foremost, this is how Beelzebub always works. He tells the exact opposite of the truth and since we are in the last days and in the age of lying, most people are comfortable living in the lies. In short, Obama is proclaiming more than one bold faced lie here. The real science has been confirmed that the planet is not warming at all. It's cooling. And the second lie is what we also see quite often with those following the devil. When they are doing something they know makes them look bad, they claim someone else is the one doing it so as to make  themselves appear better. In this case the craftiness of this lie is appalling. The truth is, there are over 36,000 scientists affirming global warming is a lie and their numbers are growing with each passing day. The real truth here is, Obama's small number of paid off lientists (No, I didn't misspell that word) is in fact what's shrinking here. Still, they will push ahead on this because they have no choice. First of all prophecy must be fulfilled, and secondly, they know they messed up when they picked global warming to push their agenda that will eventually be used to enforce the mark. To admit they're wrong now after billions of dollars were spent advertising their easily proven lie, they would be unable to convince anyone to trust them when it comes to scientific matters from that day forward. So, they must keep the lie going.

What I like about all this is...

The fact they know they messed up and can't possibly fix it can be used to our advantage. How so? The fact we not only have over 36,000 real scientists exposing their lientists confirms the truth is still powerful and it's actually become laughable to watch how they will still use whatever Satan gives them so that in so doing makes our job that much easier to expose them. Especially now after we have caught them red-handed lying about September 11, July 7 or the claim that Obama is a Christian just to name a few lends credence to the truth they hate. No, I don't expect we will get all the world to follow our lead and see the truth in how our leaders are corrupt and being used by the enemy of souls to get everyone in line for the mark. But the truth we have exposing them as well as what's in the Bible concerning our day and their actions will be powerful enough to get the elect to join our number and that's all we really can hope for. The wheat and the tares must grow together yes, but it's only the wheat that make it home. All Obama, the Pope and all their paid for cohorts can hope for is to CONvince those that already love the lie over and above the truth anyway. In short.. they already lost.

And did you notice Obama's threat? He stated that anyone denying their proven bad science will be considered "not fit to lead." That means they will either be forced to go along with the Pope's plans or they will die. And by the way, the only way our numbers are shrinking is because whenever a real scientist with a viable audience steps up to tell the true effectively the "powers that be" will in fact murder them. So again, when Obama says "not fit to lead," one has to expect that is a bonafide threat. 

NASA sees unavoidable sea level rise ahead
"Sea levels are rising around the world, and the latest satellite data suggests that three feet (one meter) or more is unavoidable in the next 100-200 years, NASA scientists said Wednesday. Ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than ever, and oceans are warming and expanding much more rapidly than they have in years past. ...It will very likely get worse in the future," he told reporters. "The biggest uncertainty is predicting how quickly the polar ice sheets will melt. ...Sometime in the next 20 years we will probably see faster than average sea level rise, so we have to be prepared."


What does all this mean in reality? We now have evidence that NASA is now working with the Vatican on their long prophesied climate change agenda so as to enforce the mark. Not only do we have well over 31,000 scientists declaring the Pope is lying about global warming, (See this video I made back in June) we have concrete evidence from those reputable scientists (who refuse to be on Rome's payroll) that the planet is actually experiencing a "cooling" and not warming as Rome and her paid for scientists claim. Sadly, as some scientists recently found out the hard way, if you publish the facts you have about global cooling before audiences that can counter the Pope's agenda, those pushing global warming will kill you.

Why is this so important for Rome?

First of all, one can't but notice the timing of this article is a tad obvious seeing how the one Pope that is pushing climate change more than any Pope in history is now planning to speak to the American Congress as well as the United Nations in a few weeks on that very subject. Rome knows all about the Loud Cry that is prophesied to open the eyes of many riding the fence between what the Bible says and what Antichrist says and they also know they are still going to demand Sunday laws to try and stop the exodus from their churches. But, they cannot easily step up and declare those preaching you must obey God and His law are in error because they also plan to use that reasoning to enforce their mark. What I mean is. Rome has admitted in writing for all to see that they invented the Sunday Sabbath. They also admit in writing that there is not a single Bible verse to back that up. They changed the Sabbath because they truly worship Satan and not the Creator who sanctified the Sabbath 6000 years ago and as was prophesied this is Satan's favorite way to war against God. Therefore, since their dying god insists they do as he commands regarding forcing people to break God's law as he did in Esther's, Mordecai's Daniel's Shadrach's and even Moses' day, they must move ahead on this no matter what. But they need to do so in a stealthy manner so as to keep those that don't read Bibles from realizing what's happening They know the bride of Christ knows their plans, but they also know our numbers are small and so they ignore us. (for now)

How it all goes down?

I have an awful lot about this on the site in a few areas but to summarize, this is what inspiration tells us will happen. The Loud Cry goes forth to declare unto the world that Jesus is returning and as it is outlined in Revelation 14:12, those that accept Jesus as Lord and keep His law (which He helps us keep) will not receive the mark of the beast and be found worthy of salvation. Rome's mark (as they admit in writing) is the Sunday Sabbath. They even stated in 1923 that "Sunday is our MARK of authority. . .the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact" (Catholic Record of London, Ontario Sept 1,1923.) They believe "they are above the Bible" because as another prophecy stated, all the world is wondering after them by keeping the Sunday Sabbath of Rome and not the 7th day Sabbath found in both the Old and New Testament Bible. Since even Protestants keep the Roman Sabbath the Popes assume "they are above the Bible" the Protestants hold in their hands. Now that the overwhelming majority of Christians keep Sunday as their Sabbath in perfect obedience to Rome, the Vatican knows the timing is nearly perfect to enforce her mark. BUT, the remnant bride of Christ has already begun her work and so Rome needs to deal with it. Many are not only leaving the Catholic and other Sunday keeping churches in obedience to the 4th angel's message in Revelation 18:1-5; those very same people are right now sharing their faith to others in all those churches they left. The long prophesied exodus from Babylon is happening.

But Rome has a problem

They cannot just command the people to ignore the Sabbath keeping remnant people because the truths we share can be backed up in Scripture across the board. At this time (during the Loud Cry) Rome is already pushing "religious" talk in the political media so as to generate a "tolerance" between the churches. In fact, they have been doing that for decades. Many of you know of this as the ecumenical charge of Vatican II. It is right now coming to a head where proselytizing is illegal and so the best way to combat the Lord Cry is to pass Sunday Laws using the premise that "global warming" is causing all the disasters. That way they can claim if you refuse to keep Sunday holy so as to "appease God to stop the calamities" then you are one that must be dealt with because they will declare we are the reason for the disasters. The Jews of old were led by Satan to use this very same idea against our Lord when they stated in John 11:50, "it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not." So, in order to avoid the theological discussion regarding the Christian Sabbath they know they cannot hope to win, they will then use the herd mentality to appeal to the masses that already keep Sunday holy so as to drown out the remnant of her seed that speak the real truth. Only problem is, that satanic folderol failed with David as well as Gideon and it will soon fail in our day as well.

Now yes, the majority will ignore all this because we are globally outnumbered as expected. But as Jesus said in Matthew 24:24 the elect cannot be deceived. That means, those that have the faith as well as the obedient heart that blesses them with the Latter Rain can only stand firm in the faith that confirms what the Bible says always supersedes what man says. In other words, no matter how loud Goliath screams, those that need to hear the truth will hear it and accept it. Sadly, and as prophesied, those that won't hear it will die. 

What those climate geniuses aren't telling you
"As the average global temperature has remained steady for more than 15 years, climate-change alarmists have been found exchanging emails questioning where the warming has gone and strategizing how to shape their message in light of the facts. Now another obstacle has surfaced with a report that European scientists have unveiled a new scientific model based on solar cycles that shows a “mini ice age” is on the way, due to decreased solar activity. So, finally, can the dire predictions of life-destroying “climate change” and “global warming” be put to rest? No, said Marc Morano of Climate Depot, a leading expert on the topic. Morano contends the “global warming” movement was never about the science behind the issue; it was always about creating a global system of controlling energy production and consumption."


Notice if you will that whenever the global warming lie is mentioned they never seem to bring up the fact that it was the Pope's of Rome that started all this decades ago. Okay, I get the fact that they did it covertly, (and got caught) and I know the present Jesuit pope is very popular (as prophesied) and so they will protect him from the negative press on his foundational efforts that spearheaded this whole fiasco. But what about the fact the present Pope is very vocal on global warming even though we have rock hard evidence he's lying right now thanks to good science?

It has to do with past controls

The present day controls already in use to censor and limit the truth in the media are such that only a few "alternative" News sources are able to get the real truth out there. And so, the mainstream, which has the public eye thanks to their hourly televised blitzkrieg, has no fear whatsoever that the less controlled News sources (that are very small in number) have the truth. All they need to do is, whenever they see one truth filled report being placed online that they know exposes the truth about their lies, they counter with at least a thousand false reports making the truth appear to be a crazed conspiracy theory at best. And so, evil men like the present Pope can be allowed to boldly lie to the masses without so much as a slap on the wrist or a ripple in their forward motion.

Prophecy said they will use climate change to control the nations and then eventually the individual people in each nation, and this is why we see all this happening now. Ready or not, here they come!

54 stingrays die at Chgo zoo when oxygen level drops

"Officials say all 54 stingrays in a popular exhibit at a suburban Chicago zoo died because the oxygen levels in their tank dropped too low. The Chicago Zoological Society released a statement Saturday saying the four southern stingrays and 50 cow-nose rays in the Brookfield Zoo exhibit were in a shallow pool that allows visitors to touch and feed the creatures. Most died Friday afternoon.


Do you recall the prophecy of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that says, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." Yes, I am sure most people do. What most people don't recall is the next passage that says in 1 Thessalonians 5:4, "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief." What that means is, because we are obedient, we can understand prophecy. And because we can understand prophecy, we have been declaring for literally decades that the animals, birds, fish and insects will be dying because the prophecy of Hosea 4:1-3, that said long ago, "Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away."

The problem is most Christians today know about the peace and safety prophecy, but they don't know their own pastors and the mainstream media are actually preaching the "peace and safety" lie and have been for decades. It has to do with the fact that for most, that day WILL overtake them as a thief because their disobedient pastors cannot understand prophecy and because they can't understand it, they can't preach it. See the Old and New Testament reasons why this was prophesied to be this way today on this study / sermon online.

On this site I created a page years ago that I stopped updating because the deaths of the animals, birds, fish and insects were happening so often and in so many different places that I simply could not keep up with it and do the work as a watchman on the wall at the same time. Still, I was able to compile enough data to show that prophecy Hosea spoke of has been fulfilled. That page is called "Strange Wildlife Deaths" and it is one of the larger pages on this site. I have thousands of links on that page to articles and videos from all over the world documenting that prophecy of Hosea. But notice if you will how I had to make a special section just for the nation of America. Most States in this country are seeing more deaths per month than entire nations see annually all over the world. Why? Read Hosea again. It's because this nation embraces sin more than most.

Why I really posted the article?

They lied in that article. How do I know that. First and foremost, Brookfield Zoo is near my old neighborhood and stomping grounds as a teen and I know all about those fish tanks that held the Stingrays. I also know how to use a fish tank as I have had many in my lifetime over the years. If the oxygen level drops, you simply turn up the tank's aerator and within minutes all is well and the fish are no longer stressed. Plus, when you search through those links on my Strange Wildlife Deaths you will find hundreds of so called "officials" claiming the oxygen levels are what's causing the deaths in the rivers, lakes and oceans. But here's how easy it is to expose that lie. In all cases only ONE species is found dead at any given location. Yet all the other fish in that very same area are perfectly happy and healthy. Common sense dictates that if the oxygen levels were so low that it killed that one species, why didn't all the other species of fish die as well? It's because they lied and they cannot explain away what God is doing as per the prophecy of Hosea.


Are you sitting down? For Brookfield Zoo to claim the low oxygen levels is what killed the Stingrays is to declare unto all reading the articles that they think everyone is so stupid they cannot see they lied about how simple aquarium mechanics work. Those Stingrays died in a controlled environment that had manmade aerators to keep the oxygen levels up to a perfect level 24/7 and have been doing so for decades in that same huge fish tank! They (like the lying scientists) cannot explain what's happening because #1 they don't really know since most "officials" don't read or trust Bibles. And #2, if they did know, they don't want to let the people know God is doing it, and #3, in either case their lie is allowing for the prophecy mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 to be fulfilled. If everyone thinks it's just oxygen issues and not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy that dictates just how close to the end we are, then the people will have a false sense of security to think all is well. The people can then keep on partying and living life as if nothing's wrong and the world's not coming to an end.

Now... I understand that the Zoo is not where we are to find preachers, Bible teaches or prophets, nor would I ever suggest such a thing. But society has fallen so far into the pits of hell that lying has become the norm across the board because everyone, including the "officials" that claim oxygen levels are dropping in the oceans, rivers and lakes, are human beings that, (for the most part) still attend churches that glorify Satan's ways above and beyond God's written Word. This is why everyone is in on it. No, it's not a massive conspiracy, it simply the end result of Satan's prophesied control over the majority of souls on earth that cherish the lie over and above the truth. After all, Jesus did say in Luke 18:8, "...when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" In order to get to that place in society you have to have a majority believing what Satan says over what Jesus said. THAT in a nutshell is our world today.

VIDEO: Global Warming to bring Global Government
As promised, this is the current events sermon with all the info I shared last Sabbath (06-13-15) that proves global warming is Rome's way of forcing all nations that signed unto the Secretive Copenhagen Treaty to go along with their New World Order, as well as a way to create a smoke screen that makes the masses think the coming plagues of Revelation are nothing more than "climate change" and therefore nothing to worry about. This is part of the "peace & safety" spoken of in 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

This "climate change" agenda also makes it possible for them to have their long prophesied excuse to pass religious laws as a way to stop the truth being proclaimed during the loud cry that is emptying their church pews. These laws will then lead to the mark that they hope will garner support worldwide against the true remnant people that WILL NOT bow to their commands that force all to ignore God's Law.

 It is now God's obedient remnant will echo Psalms 119:125-126 that says, "I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies. It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law."

Vatican and U.N. team up on climate change against skeptics
"U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon discussed climate change with the pope before opening a one-day conference of scientists and religious leaders called "The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Development. ...Mitigating climate change and adapting to its effects are necessary to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequality and secure equitable, sustainable economic development."


--Now we see how the enemy of souls was able to convince those under his control to go forward with his plan to use climate change to enforce the mark of the beast in Rome. It's the old standby... money! In fact, whenever you see a new law passed that you simply cannot understand why they passed something so ludicrous, you only need to look into two schools of thought to find out why they did it.

#1, will it make money for those passing the law?
#2, will it help the man of sin go forward with his plans to enforce the mark?

Truth is, #1 will always be found alongside #2 in that some of the more "moral" leaders would never even consider lobbying for certain laws unless they could somehow profit by them. Still, if you look closely you will see that those pushing climate change for Rome will indeed benefit by it. Al Gore is living proof in that he has "so far" amassed over $200,000,000 in his change purse. And that's as of 2013 data, it's much higher now. 

Still, as they (in politics) know, they need to con the masses into thinking they too can benefit by all this and therefore must be the right thing to do, when in fact nothing can be further from the truth. The rich will get richer and the poor poorer just as they have been since this fiasco began. And thanks to the refined foods, GMO, chemtrails, Hollywood movies, video games, drugs pushers in the AMA and government funded school systems, most people are already conditioned into believing their leaders truly are doing all this to "eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequality and secure equitable, sustainable economic development." After all, no one likes to admit they were duped into voting for someone who openly lied to them.

So, look again.. Do you see anything in their comments other than promises of wealth? And did you notice it kinda sounds like the exact same tripe preached from the pulpits of Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and Joel Osteen just to name a few? Their so called sermons make the people think they need more money in life to be considered blessed and so those following the herd will always clamor to their side for the gold crumbs that fall from their master's table. This is especially powerful when their pastors show off their new personal jets and multimillion dollar mansions before their congregations. The sheeple in the pews believe it will somehow "rub off" on them and so they religiously follow these pastors as if they are gods on earth. That's right, did you catch the hint there? The Vatican's vulgar display of wealth and riches are in fact proclaiming them to be the very first prosperity preachers on the planet!

And by the way, their prosperity message also echoes Rome's ecumenical message by declaring we are all Christians who believe in Jesus as Saviour so why not join as one in His name in one church and be rich? The fact they have been able to get the sheeple to bow to money as their supposed Christian right, it becomes mere child's play to get them to follow their lead in any area they point. Today ecumenicalism, tomorrow, the mark!

Is reality hitting home?

Ask yourself this question. Did you buy your $40,000 or $60,000 car to get from point A to point B because you needed it, or because you wanted what they told you needed (or deserved) and it would make you look "blessed" when you pull into the church parking lot? Do you listen to certain forms of music because your friends do, or because it's the cool thing to do? Do you declare the truth as it is written in the Bible when talking with like-minded Christians, or do you agree with them regarding Allah, homosexual marriage or even alcohol because you don't want to come off as prudish or too religious? Do you keep your valid and well researched opinion to yourself when talking with these same friends so as to not rock the boat, or do you let them know the facts they seem to have missed?

Truth is truth. 

Senator: Use RICO Laws to Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics
"In 2006, Judge Gladys Kessler of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia decided that the tobacco companies’ fraudulent campaign amounted to a racketeering enterprise. According to the court: “Defendants coordinated significant aspects of their public relations, scientific, legal, and marketing activity in furtherance of a shared objective — to . . . maximize industry profits by preserving and expanding the market for cigarettes through a scheme to deceive the public.”


The parallels between what the tobacco industry did and what the fossil fuel industry is doing now are striking. ... The coordinated tactics of the climate denial network, Brulle’s report states, “span a wide range of activities, including political lobbying, contributions to political candidates, and a large number of communication and media efforts that aim at undermining climate science.” Compare that again to the findings in the tobacco case.
The tobacco industry was proved to have conducted research that showed the direct opposite of what the industry stated publicly — namely, that tobacco use had serious health effects. Civil discovery would reveal whether and to what extent the fossil fuel industry has crossed this same line. We do know that it has funded research that — to its benefit — directly contradicts the vast majority of peer-reviewed climate science. One scientist who consistently published papers downplaying the role of carbon emissions in climate change, Willie Soon, reportedly received more than half of his funding from oil and electric utility interests: more than $1.2 million.

To be clear: I don’t know whether the fossil fuel industry and its allies engaged in the same kind of racketeering activity as the tobacco industry. We don’t have enough information to make that conclusion. Perhaps it’s all smoke and no fire. But there’s an awful lot of smoke."


The prophet Daniel said the Vatican would use craftiness to get their agenda met and here's one glaring example on how they will do it. Their climate change fiasco is just that, a fiasco wherein they messed up at the start by picking global warming instead of global cooling as their heralding cry. A 50/50 chance that I believe was purposely sidetracked by Divine Intervention to make the obvious truth in all this, well.. obvious. But seeing how the Vat of Sin is based on lies, they will shore up the lie as best they can. After all, it's the confirmed native tongue of their dying god, (See John 8:44 & 1 John 2:22) and he will most assuredly be glorified by his pawns. In short, he can't have his cake and eat it too. What I mean is, if you're going to use the same methods the Creator uses to be glorified, only basing them in lies of course; that means you must back the lies with more lies just as the Creator backs the truth with more truth.

The Tobacco industry was using lies to hide the truth about their deadly product that has killed tens of millions merely so they could make money. But the Scientists that are proving the climate change agenda of the Vatican is a farce are doing the exact opposite. They are using the truth to expose the lies. But, as Daniel predicted, they will use lies as God uses truth and so, anyone basing their statements on truth must be promoted as one spouting lies and seeing how the media is backed by Vatican funds funneled in by American politicians with Vatican approved legislations that will allow them the ability to use climate change to enforce Rome's mark, guess who wins? I'll give you 666 guesses on that one.

Santorum hushes pope on climate change
"Rick Santorum, one of the Republican Party’s most recent entrants to the 2016 presidential race, issued some sharp words to the pope about climate change,
saying in no uncertain terms the state of the atmosphere ought to be left to scientists, rather than religious leaders, to decipher. “I understand and I sympathize
and I support completely the pope’s call for us to do more to create opportunities for people to be able to rise in society and to care for the poor,” Santorum said,
during an interview with WPHT. His comments come as the pope – who has a master’s degree in chemistry – is preparing an encyclical that presses for action
to combat climate change, based on moral arguments, the Huffington Post reported."

--What Rick Santorum doesn't understand is prophetic jurisprudence. Not only is it prophesied to happen, the facts have been piling up that the present Pope is
doing exactly as he was ordained (
by Satan) to do. Santorum's comments really won't mean a hill of beans to the Pope because being in the prophesied position of the man of sin, he must do all he can to glorify his dying god. And no, I am not saying that to be the least bit sarcastic. As little time as we have left, I don't feel the need to explain every aspect of my comments in regards to this Pope or any Pope for that matter because historic record matched to Christian prophecy has
already done that. Plus, I have (at present) over 11,000 pages of data on this site confirming all that I say with plenty of sources to back it all up from Scripture as
well as historic documentation. If I were to explain every statement I make I would be sharing volumes of data with every excerpt I post, instead, I can just link out certain facts and if the Catholic reading believes I am being sarcastic or just plain rude, I implore you to simply click the links.

What Santorum and many others fail to realize is, even if it wasn't prophesied for the Vatican to regain its
church and state power as it had during the Inquisitions,
having such power makes them absolute in power. What I mean is, politicians have power over the people in their realm, and the corrupt churches have power over the people in theirs. But prophecy says the Pope will have power in BOTH! Having power in the church and the state makes them truly believe they are "God on earth" and that is why long ago (and recently)
the Popes declared themselves to be just that.

Now for a somewhat strange turn of events that is actually the main reason I posted the article. Are you sitting down Mr & Mrs Catholic? With all that Santorum said to and about the Pope, proving he does not agree with him, are you aware that Rick Santorum is Roman Catholic? And yes, you are very aware this is the norm in your church. Don't believe me? Ask your fellow Catholics when you get time how they feel about abortion, homosexuality, praying the rosary, Exorcisms, or child molestation and you will no doubt get a plethora of different opinions and I guarantee you that many of them will not agree with the church teachings or the Popes themselves.
Roman Catholicism is not Christianity. It's what Isaiah 4:1 spoke of long ago. Prayerfully, you see that and leave that church.

In September, The UN Launches A Major Sustainable Development Agenda For The Entire Planet
"The UN plans to launch a brand new plan for managing the entire globe at the Sustainable Development Summit that it will be hosting from September 25th to September 27th.  Some of the biggest names on the planet, including Pope Francis, will be speaking at this summit.  This new sustainable agenda focuses on climate change of course, but it also specifically addresses topics such as economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.  For those wishing to expand the scope of “global governance”, sustainable development is the perfect umbrella because just about all human activity affects the environment in some way.  The phrase “for the good of the planet” can be used as an excuse to micromanage virtually every aspect of our lives.  So for those that are concerned about the growing power of the United Nations, this summit in September is something to keep an eye on.  Never before have I seen such an effort to promote a UN summit on the environment, and this new sustainable development agenda is literally a framework for managing the entire globe."

--I did a
video on all this back in March. As a student in prophecy this is something I've been watching for. That being said, after reading this article, I have to ask the scoffer, do you still think my comments regarding the connection between "Climate Change and the Mark" are nothing more than the paranoid ranting of a tinfoil wearing preacher? Things are about to change drastically and if you think prophetic fulfillments have been happening fast now, you haven't seen anything yet!

Has everyone bowed to the Pope on this?

Praise the Lord not everyone that has a seat in the UN agrees with this Vatican folderol.
The Australia PM advisor says climate change is a UN-led ruse. The only thing that concerns me now is what will happen now that he made such a comment. This is why I wated a few weeks to see what may happen. Nothing yes of course, still I wonder if he will recant after the Pope puts pressure on him. Or.. will he be found dead like so many before him? Time will tell. In any event, please pray for this man because, as Christians we know, truth in any form is not very popular today.

Obama warns Coast Guard cadets global warming a national security ‘threat’
"This is not just a problem for countries on the coast or for certain regions of the world. Climate change will impact every country on the planet. No nation is immune," the president said. "So I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act -- and we need to act now." 


--Kind of reminds me of Ronald Reagan's "UFO speech" that has been proven to be scripted via the Vatican wherein he suggested to all the nations of the world that if we had a global enemy threatening the planet, it would be far easier for all nations to work together as one. He said the following on that day...

"...Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat. ...I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." -President Ronald Reagan addressing the United Nations Sept. 21, 1987   See a video clip of this quote here

As prophesied, Rome will use climate change to perform this task. They need to get all the nations on the same page, and as Obama just stated, that is what global warming will do.

Amazing isn't it? Students of prophecy have been on record for literally decades reporting on such things as this. That which the Lord revealed to us long ago is finally starting to make some (that actually read Bibles) stand up and take notice because truth does have an effect on those with eyes that see. The prophesied truth is a powerful tool if wielded in the hands of the obedient. This is why everyone except the obedient bride of Christ have no way of understanding prophecy. For in order to understand prophecy you must... 

'Climate change' worries Obama, pope more than ISIS
"President Obama and the Vatican under the leadership of Pope Francis are equally committed to elevating climate change to a top public policy priority, ahead of issues such as the continued surge of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and its massacre of Christians. But they are ignoring a growing body of scientific evidence challenging the assumptions on which the theory of human-caused “climate change” is based, critics contend."

--And they have to ignore the facts because their main agenda is extremely urgent. Jesus is about to return and Satan, (the Vatican's true and admitted god) is pushing them to ready for the enforcement of the mark. As students of prophecy we know they will be using "climate change" as a way to enforce the mark, and so that is where their focus must remain. Not only does this confirm Obama and the Pope are working together just as I stated back in May of 2009 as well as June of that same year.

No, you don't need to be a prophet to read the writing on the wall here. But you do need to be obedient to understand that writing. Fact is, it's already been proclaimed inevitable and all we need to do to see God glorified is to read the Bible and watch the News. This is why all the churches use bogus bibles and some (like Rome) refuse to even use Bibles at all when sharing their faith. Reason being is that Bible study has a tendency to open eyes. Especially in today's world wherein the prophecies are fulfilling so often now. It makes it childishly easy to see the light of day now for those in the Word.

However, as we that read Bibles also know, when we try to share our faith with those that don't read them, (or at least believe them) it's nearly impossible to get them to see what we see. But then... that too was prophesied in Luke 18:8 wherein it says, "..Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

It was also prophesied in the Old Testament via the prophet Amos that, "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:" (Amos 8:11) And why does Satan make it his main focus to keep people from "hearing the words of the Lord?" Romans 10:17 says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Obama is 'getting more and more desperate'
"Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman James Inhofe is blasting President Obama for telling U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates Wednesday that climate change is one of the most serious threats to security here in the U.S. and around the world. ...“Climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security. Make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. So we need to act, and we need to act now,” said Obama, who called avoidance of the issue a “dereliction of duty.” “Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. It undermines the readiness of our forces,” he said. Sen. Inhofe, who is also a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is the author of “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” “It shows that they’re getting more and more desperate,” he said. “He’s trying to resurrect the issue of global warming. This has got to be the most desperate statement that he’s made because it’s one that no one’s going to believe."

--What this senator and everyone else on the side of the fence that knows global warming is a hoax is missing is, prophecy does say Rome will use "climate change" as they call it as a way to stop the Loud Cry (that has already begun) so as to prevent the masses from hearing the truth we the remnant people will preach. Of course, they won't echo that statement at all, prophecy declares they will claim climate change is the end result of massive sin (which it is) and seeing how "God is angry with us" (as they will say) we need to keep Sunday holy. Yes, that is all a pile of folderol but the fact remains, THEY WILL DO IT because they know the ones heralding the Loud Cry will refuse to break the Bible Sabbath. We (the remnant people) can then be accused of causing all the climate disasters for refusing to keep the Roman Sabbath (mark of the beast) and so we will be prevented the ability to buy and sell. That prophesied economic sanction against God's people will weed out the weak ones in the church, but not the strong ones striving to be in that number. And so a death penalty will be put forth that states anyone refusing to keep Sunday holy must be put to death. And yes, this is why the SDA church has so many Sunday keeping churches open now. They don't want to lose their ability to continue in sin as they have been doing for decades.

So.. Obama will do all he can (under order of the Pope) and they will continue to push climate change. But me thinks a major disaster (natural or man-made) is in order for them to have the fear tactics needed to fuel their indoctrination of the general population under Satan's thumb.

In short.. remember when Peter sunk in the water as he looked at the fearful sights all around him? We need to learn a lesson here that no matter how fearful the enemy gets, keep our eyes on Jesus and ignore Satan, for it is written in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." That means whenever it appears scary YOU KNOW that fear did not come from God. That fear came from his arch enemy who is real good at lying. So, ignore the wind and the waves and keep your eyes on the promises of the Lord, and all will be well. 

Churches to preach climate change  
"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is spending $84,000 to study how churches can be used to combat climate change. A taxpayer-funded graduate fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is examining 17 faith-based institutions that have implemented "sustainability initiatives" in the hopes of developing workshops to teach pastors and other religious leaders how to change the behaviors of their congregants."


--Do you believe that is why they're doing it? No.. neither do I. They're posting info like this "publicly" so as to do what the Vatican demanded they do privately. We already know the Vatican Climate Change agenda is what they are planning to use to scare up support for their long prophesied mark of the beast enforcement. Problem is, only the leaders (pastors and elders) in the main churches are on the same page as the man of sin orchestrating all this for Satan, so they have to get the sheeple in the pews in agreement and as they have done so many times before, they need to "act out" their smokescreen with as much believability as the professional liars on the silver screens all over Hollywood do daily. And because the majority of the sheeple in the pews already frequent Hollywood theaters on a regular basis, using lies to push their agenda forward won't be any problem at all. The people have been conditioned just as the prophet Isaiah predicted.

Isaiah said, "That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:" -Isaiah 30:9-10 

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create 'new world order' – Australian PM's adviser
"The Australian prime minister's chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency's control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN's top climate negotiator.
Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule."


--In this age of lying, one has to expect lies. The New World Order has always been and was prophesied as well to be the brain child of the Roman Catholic Vatican. But because the Vatican has been exposed on this time and time again, and rock hard evidence has been unearthed that they had Al Gore spearhead their agenda in the 1980's via the political power of Pope John Paul II, they must now back pedal away from this bold fiasco so as to keep their moral image (as weak as that may be) still uplifted before the sheeple that don't read Bibles and certainly never study prophecy.

When Rome went forth as prophesied to kill the Christians long ago, they used political deception to hide the facts they were killing Christians en masse by blaming their bloodthirsty actions on the civil authorities that were discovered later to be loyal Roman Catholics. Later, when their lust for blood could no longer be contained or hidden for that matter, they puffed up Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler to kill Christians but they needed to keep a smoke screen well-formed so as to keep their true agenda hidden and since they already hated Jews, they had Hitler slaughter 6 million Jews along with those Christians to make him appear unbiased towards Christians. But, the truth eventually came out regarding their love affair with Hitler and so it had to be ended like they so often did in the past, they abandoned their pawns (this time the Nazis) so as to keep their moral appearance well polished in the eyes of the sheeple. And now, when everyone with half an ounce of gray matter can tell you, global warming is a hoax. Problem is, now that the Vatican's snafu is known by people that don't follow after them like the blinded sheeple of the world, Rome is once again back peddling. What amazes me is that even though we have a mountain of evidence to prove the climate change agenda was in fact invented by the Vatican, we now see the Australian prime minister Maurice Newman lying for the Pope in Rome by clamming the UN invented climate change, when in fact it was the Popes of Rome who did that.

VIDEO: Pope’s top adviser blasts US climate skeptics
"Pope Francis’ closest adviser castigated conservative climate change skeptics in the United States Tuesday, blaming capitalism for their views. Speaking with journalists, Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga criticized certain “movements” in the United States that have preemptively come out in opposition to Francis’s planned encyclical on climate change. “The ideology surrounding environmental issues is too tied to a capitalism that doesn’t want to stop ruining the environment because they don’t want to give up their profits,” Rodríguez said, 
according to the Boston Globe's Crux blog."

--Notice this if you will. In literally millions of websites, and many of those websites are set up by reliable scientific research laboratories, we have all sorts of good science, verifiable charts, and actual historic records to confirm the Pope's version of climate change is a flat out hoax. As students of prophecy predicted and even confirmed more than a few times, the Pope's climate change agenda is nothing more than his method by which he feels he can (and will) enforce the long expected mark of the beast.

So.. how does the Pope respond to all the data?

Those "skeptics" as they are called by the Pope and his so called "top advisor" on climate change, have literally displayed a mountain of evidence from numerous sources and many unexpected viewpoints proving climate change (as the Pope defines) is an easy to prove lie. The Pope's expected response? he and his "top advisor" now claim the greedy capitalists don't want to stop "ruining the environment because they don’t want to give up their profits."

Did you notice?

Neither the Pope or his "top advisor" supplied the media (or anyone else) with scientific facts proving their point. Nor was there ever a debate with real Scientists allowed so as to grant the general public with the answers to their many questions. I guess the Pope wants everyone to believe him without question just as his "infallibility doctrine" demands of loyal Catholics kneeling before him.

This is no exaggeration in that not even a single comment was offered in this article by any of the Vatican's so called scientists to back their claims. Only a claim that global warming is the end result of greedy capitalists? What's worse.. he will get away with it and he will use his "climate change to enforce the mark." Prophecy will be fulfilled

Church of England welcomes Vatican Statement on Climate Change

"The Church of England's lead bishop on the environment says he shares a Vatican statement's clear view that climate change is largely caused by human activity and mitigating it is a 'moral and religious imperative for humanity'. The Right Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, welcomed the statement on climate change by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences after a landmark conference in the Vatican this week."

--Prophecy clearly outlines that the mark of the beast will be enforced directly after
the Loud Cry gets VERY loud. Yes, I know some SDA leaders are twisting that prophetic fact now on YouTube and other popular online sources, but that's only because the Vatican has taken complete control over the SDA church in the last few years. And so, their agenda as is outlined in prophecy must be darkened so as to keep the people unaware.

On this site I have a list of prophetic facts that show the "
order of events" that bring on the Sunday Laws. We won't know the day or the hour of course, but we do know the events as they are outlined and their order. The annoying thing is, so does Satan and all his cohorts in the Vatican as well as all the other churches, and especially the SDA church wherein at one time Antichrist's agenda was well known and exposed by them. Today, most SDA's have no clue. And I don't say that sarcastically. I have countless emails and phone calls from exSDA's that have in fact confirmed their church no longer preaches present truth.

So.. what's next?

We already know they have all the tools they need to enforce
the mark. All they need now is a reason that the general public will agree to. (or fall for) That reason is, Rome's agenda on climate change. We already know the Pope approached Al Gore to fabricate "global warming" as a way to get this done in the 1980's, and we also saw how the US Congress jumped on board within days of the present Pope's comments on climate change. So the stage is set and the tools sharpened and well honed to begin the task at hand. But what's missing?

The prophesied increased Calamities

Prophecy goes into detail, and reality has proven quite boldly that
the planet is convulsing due to the arrival of the Creator. This is also the end result of man's sin just as we saw its end result in Noah's day. So, Satan, via his main puppet in the Vatican, has chosen to use the disasters to his advantage. As we just read in the article posted by the church of England, the upheavals in nature are their excuse to declare it a 'moral and religious imperative for humanity.' That's the key!

Soon the loud cry will begin to empty the pews of the Vatican and their cohorts worldwide. In order to stop the churches from emptying, Satan will fan the flames of anger underneath all those in bed with Rome to try and stop the truth we preach about the mark of the beast. BUT, they can't just declare openly that everyone must attend church on Sunday as a way to shut us up because they know the Scripture we use to back the truth cannot be refuted. So, since they already have the people in their hip pockets worshipping their pastors and priests instead of the God that wrote the Bible that confirms our message, the wolves on those pulpits will use what Satan uses best.


We don't know how long how long it will be before they do this because we don't know the day or the hour, but we do know THEY WILL DO IT! They will declare the increased calamities will be the end result of sin. Yes, that is true, BUT, they will claim the sin is the lack of obedience to
the Vatican's Sunday Sabbath. Yes, that may seem far fetched, but we already have Vatican statements in writing declaring that Sunday is their MARK. And as the prophecy predicted, all the world already wonders after or follows the beast in Rome by keeping Sunday holy, even though all denominations admit (in writing) that the Sabbath was never changed by God for the Christians. Since they already disobey God, it will be easy to make them fearful because unless you walk with the Lord "who has not given you a spirit of fear" (2 Timothy 1:7) you have no defense against the whiles of the devil and so, they can declare that the increased calamities will get far worse and many more will die. That makes them very fearful! And so in order to prevent hundreds of millions and even billions of deaths, they will claim enacting Sunday Laws will show God everyone has repented and then the calamities will end. However, the Antichrist knows denying the Law of the Creator to uplift the law of his enemy from Hell will only make the calamities worse as prophesied judgment upon the disobedient. And since men won't repent but actually hate God for the calamities, they will get much worse. The lie will go forth that the calamities have gotten worse because of Christians who keep the seventh day Sabbath instead of Sunday holy. At first, they will declare no one can buy or sell anything unless they agree to keep Sunday holy so as to weed out the weak Christians. And after that's done (no one knows how long that will take) they will then focus on the stronger Christians (the remnant) and put forth a death penalty against anyone refusing to keep the Vatican Sabbath of Sunday. And because the overwhelming majority of so called "Christians" on earth will be obeying the Pope and their Sunday keeping pastors, most (like in Noah's day) will believe we, the "remnant of her seed" are worthy of death! And then God's wrath will be made know in a very graphic manner by allowing the 7 last plagues to fall. And when #7 finally hits, we will be on our way

 Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures
"Last month, we are told, the world enjoyed “its hottest March since records began in 1880”. This year, according to “US government scientists”, already bids to outrank 2014 as “the hottest ever”. The figures from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were based, like all the other three official surface temperature records on which the world’s scientists and politicians rely, on data compiled from a network of weather stations by NOAA’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN).

But here there is a puzzle. These temperature records are not the only ones with official status. The other two, Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and the University of Alabama (UAH), are based on a quite different method of measuring temperature data, by satellites. And these, as they have increasingly done in recent years, give a strikingly different picture. Neither shows last month as anything like the hottest March on record, any more than they showed 2014 as “the hottest year ever."

--This is literally music to my ears! Why? The Vatican chimed in back in January of this year promoting global warming so as to push their world-wide control agenda forward that we later discovered was first initiated by John Paul II after he approached Al Gore in the 1980s to work with them on global warming. When Jesuit Pope Francis did what he did he actually made our job that much easier in proving this all was nothing more than a bold faced lie. Yes, I am a realist and understand even though the Vatican was caught lying about global warming red handed, it still won't stop their forward motion pushing the bad science students of prophecy knew all about from day one. We've known all along it had to do with their long prophesied agenda regarding the mark of the beast. Problem is, most people on this planet are now defined as indoctrinated sheeple and the Pope knows he will have them bowing to him in droves, just as their leaders have done for decades. (See that video in HD now) In fact, he already had all the world wondering after him proving THE WOUND IS HEALED! The people that refuse to read and/or trust Bibles are ready, willing and able to be easily dazzled enough to stand in line to accept the mark. HOWEVER, the Lord Jesus said you cannot deceive the elect.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:24, "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

Yes, they have the sheeple following them around in blind obedience just as the prophecy said they would. But the elect read their Bibles and they have the wisdom that is promised from on High to those that follow Christ. Silliness like this can't possibly be embraced by them. But now, we have the upper hand in that we now have good science on our side to share as well as a growing mountain of bad science to expose the Vatican's lies. It really has become that much easier to show "real" Christians the truth now, and we have the man of sin in Rome to thank for it. But the, the truth is, every Pope has made out job easier. Well.. only when those we approach with the truth that actually read Bibles of course. It's just that this Pope has helped us by speaking doctrinal as well as scientific lies in his pontificate so as to make it easier for us to use a Bible and Scientific Facts to expose him step by step. That all being said.. since we have the tools, and the truth is most assuredly on our side.. are you doing the work? If not.. WHY NOT? Need I remind you of Matthew 25? 

I challenge climate fascists with $500,000 bet
"The climate scare ... worldwide began when the pseudo-scientific profiteers of doom on U.N.’s fraudulent and corrupt climate panel, the IPCC (known universally in diplomatic circles as IPeCaC after the well-known emetic) predicted with “substantial confidence” 25 years ago that its useless but gratifyingly expensive climate models had captured the essential features of the climate. Therefore, it predicted, by now the world would have warmed at – er – exactly double the rate that the thermometers and satellites have measured since. Oops! More grants needed. In fact, according to the RSS satellite dataset, you have to go back more than 18 years and four months before any global warming is detectable at all. Here are the actual data."

--I like information like this because it makes it so easy to explain to people that have eyes that see just what's going on here. I can't count how many articles have been posted world wide that confirm global warming is a lie. But it's articles like this that make it childishly easy to show that Pope John Paul II and Al Gore were bold faces liars decades ago, and the US Senators promoting their bad science are just as bad today.

Their claims that we would be in a massive climate disaster zone by now has proven they lied. (but that doesn't nullify a coming false flag attack using their weather modification technology of course) They have even gone so far as to warn anyone caught exposing them will be punished.

Their proven paid off Scientists have stated on record that it would happen in a specific amount of years with certain events occurring all along the way and not one of their assumptions have been realized to this day. NOT ONE! In fact, the exact opposite is true. Still, will this stop them? Not at all. To admit they're wrong now would make them appear just as inept in the public eye as they are in the scientific community. So, as Hitler's right hand man said not too long ago, they are choosing to repeat the lie over and over again knowing that in so doing many people will eventually come to believe it.

So be it.. But here's the beauty in it all. Those that don't live in lies won't fall for any of it. In fact, we can use their growing mountain of falsehoods to declare the truth with ease. Keep reading to see that mountain growing rather rapidly. 

2nd global-warming skeptic suspended from Twitter
"For the second time within two weeks, another global warming skeptic blogger has had his Twitter account suspended, this time repeating profanity used by a NASA climate scientist — and no the scientist did not get his account suspended."

--Why are they suspending their accounts? It's simple. The global warming fiasco is now an easy to prove lie. Many "real" Scientists have come forward with verifiable and much more sensible science that proves global warming is a lie. That being the case, those promoting the truth are a threat to those pushing the lie. They know they cannot defend their "so called facts" anymore because good science debunked all of it. And they know a debate between the two in social media will cause a firestorm of truth they simply won't be able to extinguish, so, instead of dealing with the facts, they censor those with the facts.  

VIDEO: Hole punch cloud occurs twice in two days over B.C.
"A rare cloud phenomenon called a hole punch cloud or a fallstreak hole occurred twice in two days over the southern region of British Columbia, Canada, earlier this week, stirring quite a reaction on Global BC's Facebook page - everything from “kinda creepy but beautiful” to “aliens for sure.” The first hole punch cloud was seen Sunday morning over the Lower Mainland, the second on Monday morning over Vernon."

--If you watch the video and you're one that has read the info on HAARP, you know they're doing all they can in the "controlled media" to explain away what happened before so many eyewitnesses. Had no one saw this happen, TWICE especially, they would have had no need to report on it. But since the powers that be were a tad impatient waiting for the clouds to dissipate that day when playing with their "climate change" toys, they decided to go ahead and punch through so as to do whatever they did on the other side of the planet.

What's amazing here is how the overwhelming majority have no clue as to what HAARP does or how to know when it was used. But then, one can't expect them to know too much when they deem sports, sitcoms and Youtube far more important than reality.

Oh.. and by the way.. many years ago, when HAARP was first tested they shot
two holes through clouds about an hour apart. If the reporters "research" was accurate, then two holes would be impossible. One BIG hole would have been the end result of what she explained. (Those 2 cloud holes in the pic were from May of 2014 over Chicago. I couldn't find the ones from a decade or so back)

One more thing.. if what's she's saying regarding the holes over BC were correct because those clouds were mostly horizontal, then what about vertical clouds?
See this pic with two holes in vertical clouds over North Georgia as seen on south I-75 that are 100% impossible by her obviously scripted theories. 

VIDEO: Scientists: New study a 'death blow' to climate hysteria
"A study by scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology found that man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought. Why is this big news? It means increases in carbon dioxide emissions likely cause less warming than most climate models suggest."

--Will this make the Pope and his approved puppet on global warming give up on
their strange climate change agenda? Not a chance! Why? It's prophesied they will use the climate changes that are really happening as a way to enforce the mark of the beast. And by the way, so will the corrupt preachers. The fact the Vatican and Gore messed up when given a 50/50 chance to get it right only suggests, like the 8.4 feet of snow 1 hour from the Vatican, that they are liars and lies they will continue to promote. After all, it is their comfort zone.

So, the obvious question is, how can they use climate change to enforce the mark? Last Friday I posted a video titled "
URGENT, US Senator Wants Sunday Laws." In that video I illustrate how this is a talking point Roman controlled politicians need to keep before the people in the well controlled media so as to have an easy avenue towards Sunday Laws. But, we all know that the Senator's suggestion for a Sunday Law was based on her thinking that in so doing would slow the immoral landslide of the American people. Problem is, if they tried to push Sunday Laws on immorality alone, she and all in agreement with her would find themselves in an unemployment line seeking government assistance.

The America people are reveling in immorality as prophesied, and there's simply no way anyone is going to stop them because in so doing would cause all the major corporations to lose trillions in profits. They would have to outlaw all gambling, sexually toned commercials, movies, sitcoms, alcohol, marijuana, homosexual marriage, abortion and porn just to name a few. Problem with that idea is, all those industries funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into the political bank account.

The only way they will be able to enforce the mark is to make the people believe their mortal (not eternal) lives are in danger. After all, the sinful decadence running rampant proves they don't care on bit about their eternal lives. That being the case,
the prophesied increased calamities is the perfect out. They can keep sinning, but claim a moral act like going to church on Sunday will "appease the gods."

Of course, we know this is only their agreed upon excuse. We already know they only enforce Sunday Laws to slow the exodus from the government funded churches caused by the Loud Cry. 

Still.. another problem has arrived that those in the truth can use to our advantage as well. When they came up with that idea so as to hide their real agenda regarding Sunday Laws, they messed up and picked global warming instead of global cooling. To change their "scientific facts" midstream now would make it next to impossible for anyone to follow their lead. They would be a laughing stock and have to start over with a new agenda. But prophecy says they won't do that. They will choose rather to live the lie so as to save face. After all, Hitler's propaganda monster did say "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." 

VIDEO: Capracotta, Italy, snow: Italian village buried by 100.8 inches of snow in 18 hours
"It's not an official record yet, but it looks like the Italian village got 100.8 inches (256 centimeters) on Thursday, setting the all-time mark for most snow in 24 hours. Pescocostanzo, about 21 miles (34.6 kilometers) away, only got 94.5 inches (240 cm)."

--I just had to laugh out loud when I saw this. Capracotta Italy is only a 2 hour drive from the Vatican, or a 1 hour drive as the crow flies.
The Vatican is pushing global warming, and even though they are ignoring all the real Science proving the earth is cooling, they now have an 8.4 foot snowfall in their own neighborhood confirming something's amiss in the science being promoted by the Pope. It's almost as if the Lord is boldly saying they lied.  

New Climate Paper Gives Global Warming Alarmists 'One Helluva Beating'
"The paper – Rethinking the lower bound on aerosol radiative forcing by Bjorn Stevens of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, published in the American Meteorological Society journal – finds that the effects of aerosols on climate are much smaller than those in almost all the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. ...According to the IPCC’s models, the effect of aerosols on climate could be as much as 4.5 degrees C. But Stevens paper suggests that this is a considerable overestimate and that the reduction they effect on temperature cannot be more than 1.8 degrees C. This pretty much kills the alarmists’ “the aerosols ate my homework” excuse stone dead. If the cooling effects of aerosols turn out to be much smaller than the IPCC thinks, then what this means is that the rise in global temperatures attributable to man-made CO2 is also much smaller than the alarmists’ computer models acknowledge." --Yes, I posted this here, in the links section as well as on my "Climate Change will lead to the Mark" page as well because it's that important. Even though it won't slow the Pope's (now proven) lies about climate change being echoed by his pawn Al Gore, (truth in names?) it confirms the prophetic fact that #1, our scientists are lying to us, and #2, they really will use the "climate change" as their reason to enforce Sunday Laws. That being said, watch for more and more religiously tainted comments from politicians and the media that promotes them so as to have a well "conditioned' mindset created among the masses that will make it easy for them to start bringing up reasons for "religious laws." 

VIDEO: UN chief: 'Very limited window' to realize climate change goals
"UN chief Ban Ki-moon warns there’s a ‘very limited window’ to realise climate change and development priorities." --Okay.. we have good science on this proving they're wrong about global warming. (They now call it climate change) We also have evidence Al Gore was approached by Pope John Paul II to push "climate change" in the 1980's. And we also have prophecy saying they will use the "calamities" (man-made or natural) as a political reason to enforce Sunday Laws and bring about the mark of the beast. And Rome now has 175 nations in agreement with the Pope's agenda as we can see with the man in this video, like all his political friends, is echoing the Pope's urgent plans regarding climate change. Last but not least, we have all the technological tools needed to enforce the mark right now. So yes, they do have a "very limited window" in which to do as they plan. Jesus will be here soon and Satan needs to speed things up to make sure he gets as many souls in the fire with him. And yes, that "speed" was also prophesied. 

Al Gore: Punish climate-change deniers
"The former vice president focused on the need to “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,'” said the Chicago Tribune." --As we know, Al Gore was approached by John Paul II in the 1980's to push the Vatican's climate change agenda that they will need to enforce their mark. We also have prophesied facts regarding how we, the Sabbath keepers will be blamed for the calamities brought by (naturally or man-made) climate change. They will say our refusal to keep Sunday holy is why the calamities are happening. Before you start rolling your eyes, click here to see they already started saying "not going to church on Sundays" brought on a calamity (The Xmas Tsunami) of 2004 that killed 300,000 people. First, as we see here with Gore, they will act as if they will "punish" the politicians. Once the politicians "agree" (they're already in agreement.. it's all part of the game) they will then enforce this "law" on the common man. Compile that with Rome's war on free speech laws and you have the perfect recipe that allows the church AND the State to enforce the mark of the beast in Rome. 

VIDEO: Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger
"Though there are countless forms of damage to Earth from human activities, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single source, it is the epitome of human insanity. Our society has been very well trained to turn two blind eyes to the big picture, and to simply spend their time and energies only on their own pursuit of personal pleasures." --As you watch this video, and YOU MUST watch it; think on what is said in Revelation 11:18, "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth." Never before in the history of mankind have we seen this prophecy having an ability to fulfill until NOW! The wrath of God is about to fall on this planet and it will not go good for those that destroy it to make a profit. As prophesied, they are poisoning the atmosphere we breath. But here's where you can prove our leaders are insane. They and their children breath the exact same atmosphere we do! No one in their right mind would poison self AND offspring for profit! This means they truly are insane.  

Will Obama force U.S. to submit to 'climate justice tribunal'?
"What is climate justice? This is troubling for several reasons,” said Horner, who added that his first concern is President Obama attempting an end run around the Senate’s role in ratifying any international treaties. ...It will be stacked with people who style themselves as climate jurists seeking climate justice, which as we’ve seen in recent years, means pretty much any grievance there is, climate is an excuse to force a wealth transfer to remedy it. ...There are a lot of people, including the head of the UNFCCC, which is the U.N. body running this and some academics and some authors who have come out saying, ‘Look, capitalism is the problem. This is how we solve the problem. This is how we solve capitalism.’ There are a lot of people who believe that, including some in the administration,” said Horner, who said the climate-change movement has had the U.S. economy in its cross hairs from Day 1." --The fangs of the Vatican beast are once again glistening from its sinister smile. As we know, climate change was their invention in the 1980s. And we also know they have been very busy trying to create a Socialist format in America. And, we also know the Pope is all about spreading the wealth. And finally we see someone in the mainstream is connecting the dots? Still.. will it matter? Not at all. Prophecy will be fulfilled. Stories like this will be 'archived" into cyber dungeons and reports like this will be forever censored when future events come to light. Nevertheless.. it is nice to have confirmation on what the Lord has been revealing all along to His bride.

Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS - Global Warming!
"The suggestion that a drought, global warming, or any other weather event created ISIS and its cannibal army is atrociously stupid and an unfortunate example of the intellectual depths to which we have sunk as a nation. The fact that such a claim can be written with a straight face by numerous major media publications is more of a sad comment on the state of the American public than it is on the state of the corporate media. After all, corporate media has always been garbage but, in the past, it was somewhat necessary to maintain a professional and respectable air so as to maintain some level of credibility." --How many of you remember the deadly I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in August 2007? There were actually people claiming that 90 degree plus temperatures brought on by alleged global warming is what caused the steel and concrete structure to collapse. It was an absurd claim. One has to wonder, is there nothing that won't be blamed on global warming now? Then in 2008 we started hearing claims that global warming could increase terrorism. They tried throwing that mud at the wall for a few months but the public didn't buy into it at the time. But as this ministry warned a couple of months ago, it's become obvious the Vatican has decided they are relentlessly going to push climate change as the cause for the worlds calamites until enough people finally believe it. And they'll believe it with so much certainty they will eventually demand the imprisonment and death of those who don't go along to get along. They will use these calamities to enforce Sunday Laws. I's not surprise they blame natural disasters as the end result of climate change, but ISIS too? Wow! What's else will they blame on global warming? A stock market collapse? The next airline disaster or nuclear power plant meltdown? Or maybe even a viral pandemic? After all, they tried it with Ebola as you might recall. Ebola seems to have fizzled out but who knows what's being field tested in Africa right now to be unleashed later in America and Europe? That would be a double win for the powers that be in that they could simultaneously blame the anti-vaxxer's. (The media's new label for people who are smart enough to reject vaccines.) At any rate, people who refute global warming are now called deniers; soon they will be called enemies of the state. 

 VIDEO: Sessions dismantles EPA chief for 'stunning' ignorance
"Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions went head-to-head with Environmental Protection Agency’s Gina McCarthy during a recent congressional hearing on climate change, ultimately telling the federal bureaucrat: It’s unbelievable you can’t guarantee if models have been accurate." --This video is amazing! This Senator goes item by item proving the EPA is inept to put it lightly when it comes to scientific fact. This EPA administrator, who by the way is now working with Rome to further its climate change agenda, chooses to either not answer the questions she knows will be easily ripped apart in the media by real scientists, or she truly is ignorant of all the real science proving her office is a lie. Even those the Senator shares documented facts by reputable scientists, this EPA administrator not only gets flustered, she starts lying to him saying she isn't aware of where he's getting his info from when each time he actually mentions the source first! Still.. will this slow the forward motion of Rome to use climate change as a way to enforce their mark? Not at all. Prophecy must be fulfilled. What this will do however is force the Vatican to fire this woman and get someone in there that can lie more effectively for them. She's simply outmatched on this one. Awesome video though! Especially the ending! WOW! Good stuff! We can really use this to open many eyes as to how easy it is to prove they are lying about climate change. 

Frozen waves captured in Nantucket surf photos
"The unusually cold winter of Massachusetts produced an incredible phenomenon 100 miles southeast of Boston on the island of Nantucket recently: frozen waves, or, as some are describing them, Slurpee waves." --Amazing pics to say the least! But as you probably already guessed, that's not why I posted the article. Everywhere people live we are seeing with our own eyes and feeling with our own mortal bodies how very very cold it has been getting all over the planet. Yet, just the other day another article came out about the polar ice caps melting. Why is that? Well, besides the fact we know they're lying and we also know the Pope was behind "climate change" from the start; what is one thing all of us have in common with each other and the lying scientists have with each other? We live in reality, they do not. But, I'm not leaving it there. What I mean is. We have seen the "real Science" on all this and again, we have experienced how cold it truly is firsthand. But because we don't have access to millions of dollars to be able to visit the north or south poles, we also can't see with our own eyes that the polar ice caps are melting AND THEY KNOW IT! So.. when you know you can lie and even alter photos of the polar ice caps melting and the common man can't possibly prove you're lying without having the funds needed to visit the poles, you keep the lie going. Still.. common sense is a wonderful thing isn't it? It's also a blessing not having to live the lie. When trusting the truth you never have to figure out ways to shore it up. It's always simply the truth. But lies... they have no real staying power. There's always a way to expose them. Better yet, one day all the lies, no matter how well manufactured and globally spewed, they will be shouted from the rooftops! Prophecy will be fulfilled! Jesus said in Luke 12:3, "Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops." Maranatha!

Kerry Issues Climate Warning: 'There is No Planet B'
"Secretary of State John Kerry continued to beat the drum on the dangers of climate change Friday, noting that "there is no Planet B." The secretary made the remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom David Saperstein. He drew a religious connection to the issue of climate change, saying that "when it comes to the fundamental health of Earth, folks, we’d better stick to the Creator’s original plan." --John Kerry is Roman Catholic. Being as such he will have to echo the agenda of his Pope or lose his job. Or worse yet, as 3 Kennedy's discovered, he can lose his life. The fact he lies about sticking to the Creator's original plan confirms he is speaking for Rome because the Creator created the planet and rested on day Seven. Not day one, or "Sunday" as his Pope claims. Not only do we have God's Word on that, we have the Pope's ADMITTING that in writing. So, when Kerry echoes his Pope's command to stick with the "Creator's plan" the god of Rome is most assuredly not the God of the Bible. In fact, we can prove it by simply using the Bible of the real Creator. Oh.. the fact he and his Pope says the planet is warming when in fact it's cooling also confirms they do not worship the God of the Bible. As Jesus said long ago in John 8:44, "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." This is why they see no sin in lying. It has become their comfort zone. This is also why the Pope hates real Christians as much as he hates the Bibles they read because they represent the truth that angers him and his dying god. When you revel in the lie, truth upsets your heart. 

VIDEO: Pope Francis and human ecology
"Austen Ivereigh looks ahead to the pope's encyclical on ecology." --Not only does the Pope's mouthpiece admit on camera in this video that he (the present Jesuit Pope) was the one that caused homosexual "civil unions" to be legalized in Argentina when he served as their Cardinal, he admits the Pope has somehow been able to meld the economy into his climate change agenda as well as human ecology so as to have the perfect foundation for enforcing the long prophesied mark of the beast. This will happen. Prophecy will be fulfilled! In fact, every prophecy that has ever been uttered regarding the Antichrist and the man of sin have been fulfilled. Now that that's all behind us, his mark is next on the agenda and now you will see MANY seeds of truth that have been planted all over the planet by real Christian begin to be watered when the Latter Rain starts to fall. Everyone on planet earth will know what the mark really is when that Loud Cry is performed as prophesied. Sadly, even though most will know it, they will still choose to receive it because their livelihood has become their heaven on earth. So be it. It's not like the Lord didn't do all He could to save them. By the way.. for those of you wondering why it takes so long for some prayers to be answered. Can you see why now? "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." -2 Peter 3:9 

US faces worst droughts in 1,000 years, predict scientists
"The droughts will be far worse than the one in California - or those seen in ancient times, such as the calamity that led to the decline of the Anasazi civilizations in the 13th century, the researchers said." --Here it comes. By comparing the current US drought with one that destroyed an ancient civilization, the stage is being set to CONvince Americans we are facing an extinction level crisis and we'll need divine intervention to save us. And, as students of prophecy have been warning for decades, we'll be told the reason we are suffering all the calamities is become too many Americans forego going to church on Sunday. The story claims "Researchers have long known that the south-west and Great Plains will dry out over the second half of the 21st century because of rising temperatures under climate change." What a joke! In 2007 when Al Gore received his Nobel Peace Prize for his work pushing the Vatican's phony global warming agenda... ur, um, I mean when he won his prize for his work as a climate change activist Gore declared the Arctic ice cap could be fully melted by 2014. And he couldn't have been more wrong. In spite of absolute proof that scientists can't predict what will happen in 7 years, we're now supposed to believe these prophesied liars have long known what will happen decades from now? Seriously? If they knew of it all along, how come we're only hearing about this now? Here is something we all need to keep in mind. The politicians - and more importantly their puppet master Jesuit Pope Francis - have got to know full well that public trust in the news media and their political leaders is at an all time low. Judging by how they like to use fear to move the masses, it seems very likely an event will need to take place soon which instills so much fear in the masses they'll feel like they have no choice but to rely on the very same media and politicians they currently distrust. A catch 22 of sorts. They're betting on the assumption the people have no other "reliable" place to get their News. Could another 911 be on its way? Or how about an economic collapse beyond anything we've experienced before be in the works? Watching how the powers that be seem to be infatuated with the Bitcoin or that the oil prices are predicted to go as low as $20 or even as low as $10 a barrel suggests they have some ducks in a row in this area at least. Or is it something completely different and out of left field? Or worse yet, and orchestrated attempt at all of the above? For all I know these things are still a few years away, but as Christians we need to keep our lamps trimmed in case something happens sooner rather than later. That being said, are you ready just in case? If not, I'm pleading with you to set aside the trivial nonsense in your life and give diligence to make your calling and election sure. 

VIDEO: 200 countries agree on draft to slow climate change
"Almost 200 countries have agreed a draft document on how to best slow down climate change. The blueprint is a first step towards negotiations for a deal to be agreed in Paris later this year which would come into effect in 2020. The United Nations required an official text six months ahead of the French summit. That text was drafted in Geneva." --They claim that "last year was the warmest on record" in this video and many like it,but
they have already been exposed as liars using real science. And yes, the lying scientists have been prophesied to do just that. Still, they will move ahead on these lies because Rome insists on it, and the Pope made it VERY clear they better do it soon, and rather quickly after he said that the US government jumped on it in record time! The basic reality here is, even though they messed up when Al Gore picked the wrong scenario, they cannot abandon their prophesied agenda now, especially since so many billions have been spent promoting it. Prophecy says they will use climate change to accuse the true Christians of the calamities, and unless they come up with the laws to enforce it before they move to enforce their mark, which prophecy also says is what speeds up the calamities, they won't have a valid excuse or even the laws in force to prevent buying and selling as a way to assure Satan gets as many souls in the fire with him, and then yes, after they weed out the weak Christians, they will have a pretty good idea where the strong ones are that calls for stage two of the mark's enforcement. That of course being the guillotines being oiled up and readied. So be it.. as clever as they think they are by passing these laws in advance to assure they have the tools needed, our God has been able to alert His people decades in advance on how to prepare. In short.. THEY WILL FAIL. Not only is prophecy regarding their eternal demise solid as the Rock that penned it, the prophecy concerning His Bride is just as solid!

Climate guru: Brace for massive cover-up
"What is now being disclosed by Homewood, but has been disclosed by others long before this, is that they are adjusting the modern instrumental temperature record so that the older records appear colder than they actually were,” Ball said. “What that does is that it changed the gradient or slope of the temperature increase, making it look like the warming is much greater than it actually is. So this is what’s going on." --What's going on is the Vatican, who has been caught many times changing historic facts, rewriting bibles and even forging documents to hide their true agenda, is behind the global warming scam. But, because they chose Al Gore to do the work for them and he messed up in a major way by picking the wrong climate scenario, (Divine intervention?) they must now change historic facts again so as to keep their globally agreed upon lie going that the planet is warning when in fact it's cooling. But why do any of this? Why would Rome need to CONvince the public the weather is messed up? How can they possibly benefit in all this?
See this video I made about 2 weeks ago. Also see this one

VIDEO: US Senate Agrees with Pope on Climate Change!
--Things are moving REAL FAST! Just this last Monday I posted a
video about the Pope speaking on climate change, which we all know is how they plan to enforce the mark politically; and just yesterday the US Senate agreed with the Pope! I kind of figured they would agree, and I knew it would probably happen before he visited the Congress in September of this year, but for the Congress to declare their going to do as he commands IN THREE DAYS?! WOW! It would be nice if Congress was to act on real issues just as fast, but then.. they don't worship us.  

VIDEO: Pope Francis, Climate change and Sunday Laws
--I posted this article the other day on the main site in the hopes I would get some feedback.. didn't get much.. so I am making a video about it. Most missed what's really happening here and you need to see this video! If you haven't been doing much study in prophecy lately, wait till the end of the video for a bit of a shock. (it's highlighted) Perhaps now you will start "trimming your lamps?"

 Scientists eviscerate feds' 'hottest year' claim
"A number of reputable scientists also immediately cast doubt on the federal government’s declaration Friday. “Using the normal rules of science, is 58.46 degrees then distinguishable from 58.45 degrees? In a word, ‘No, ’” wrote Patrick J. Michaels on the Cato Institute website. His assessment was cited on Marc Morano’s Climate Depot website, which routinely debunks claims of global warming. Climatologist Roy Spencer is quoted there: “We are arguing over the significance of a hundredths of a degree.” And physicist Lubos Motl: “Please laugh out loud when someone will be telling you that it was the warmest year.” --OK.. it's this easy to see why they claim it was the warmest year. In the 1990's, Nazi war criminal who later became Pope John Paul II sought out Al Gore to push a climate change agenda so as to have the tools in place that will allow them to later claim Sabbath keepers are causing all the soon to come (now here) calamities. But Al Gore, having a 50/50 chance at guessing right, messed up. Science and simple reality any one with 2 or more working brain cells can attest to, we are not "warming" at all. We are actually getting colder on planet earth. But.. too much work has been done to push the arming hoax, too many laws passed to enfore their money making schemes, and too many nations are now paying into the new international restrictions set up by the Pope Al Gore, and so the lie has to be shored up daily now. So, NASA scientists had to do as commanded to help the present Jesuit Pope with his "climate change" agenda. I guess Hell has to literally freeze over before some under their thumb can see the truth? I agree with Meteorologist John Coleman and others who said, "it’s time to dump the theory." But.. they will never do that unless they can find a way to keep their climate change agenda intact while doing so.

Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches
"He has been called the “superman pope”, and it would be hard to deny that Pope Francis has had a good December. Cited by President Barack Obama as a key player in the thawing relations between the US and Cuba, the Argentinian pontiff followed that by lecturing his cardinals on the need to clean up Vatican politics. But can Francis achieve a feat that has so far eluded secular powers and inspire decisive action on climate change? It looks as if he will give it a go. In 2015, the pope will issue a lengthy message on the subject to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, give an address to the UN general assembly and call a summit of the world’s main religions." --I recently came across some information that Al Gore, the poster child for global warming, was approached and then given a huge financial "blessing" by Pope John Paul II in the 1980's to help them head up a global warming scam that will allow for better control internationally. IF YOU HAVE ANY info in this, please email me? I need to verify it. (No need to email me. Response was amazing! Thanks again everyone!)

Pope Francis Says Humans Cause Climate Change. These Catholic Members Of Congress Disagree
"Since elected to the papacy, Pope Francis has seemed to drive a wedge between American conservatives and the Catholic Church." --Besides obedient commandment keeping Christians, one other group of people haven't been warming up to Pope Francis - conservatives. The difference is real Christians won't be fooled. But the fix is in to get conservatives in general to bow down to him. And they eventually will! But are these same Republican Catholics along with the rest of their so-called conservative cronies preparing to surrender the global warming debate?  You better believe it!  And as soon as they do one can expect the media will portray Francis as a great uniter who can bring everybody together despite their initial differences.  Millions of lukewarm Christian conservatives in this country believe their ridiculous prosperity gospel preaching pastors. Especially when echoed by the Vatican controlled media. They think God desire's to shower them with worldly wealth.  They'll come around once their political leaders and 501c3 government agent pastors convince them it's the only way to restore America's financial prosperity.  One last thing; despite the fact that global cooling has been happening for years, it looks like the media, academia and political leaders are still going to push global warming as a reality.  Rome loves Hitler's big lie philosophy so much they can't seem to let it go. After all, being in the age of lying and under the control of the father of lies, Rome actually revels in the comfort of the lies they have come to love.

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  22. Democrats in Congress pressured oil industry to cause 'pain' for Americans
  23. Youngkin poised to withdraw Virginia from multistate climate pact 
  24. 'Irreversible': U.N. drops another 'dire warning' on climate change 
  25. VIDEO: And they call us MAD
  26. Major news outlet expands climate-change reporting funded by left-wingers 
  27. VIDEO: Google pulls ads on meteorologist tracking climate for ‘unreliable and harmful claims’ (SCIENTIFIC PROOF climate change is a LIE) 
  28. AS EXPECTED:  VIDEO: Coming soon: Climate lockdowns? (Think-tank on avoiding Plague#4?) 
  29. Roman Catholic Papal pawn John Kerry Issues Urgent Call: Time for Another Climate Summit
  30. Covid conspiracy groups may switch to climate misinformation in 2022, experts warn (EXACTLY as we warned) 
  31. Net Stupid: Sadiq Khan Plans to Charge London Drivers by the Mile
  32. VIDEO: DEMS Press the Fed to Adopt Climate Bank Stress!
  33. Russia vetoes U.N. plan to name climate change a security threat
  34. NYTimes: Climate Change Is Driving Albatrosses to ‘Divorce’ (Wait! What?!)
  35. Doctor diagnoses patient with 'climate change' 
  36. Pelosi claims climate change bigger threat to women than to men 
  37. CBS News Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Strengthening the Taliban 
  38. Biden's energy secretary suggests condo collapse caused by climate change 
  39. Climate-prediction craziness is 'worse than we thought'
  40. Alarmists: No ‘Climate Justice’ Without Defunding the Police (They claim Global Warming led to crazy cops)
  41. Alarmists: Climate Change Making Nightingales’ Wings Shorter
  42. THE POPE SAID WHAT?! Pope’s Lenten message includes environment damage as ‘wounds of Christ’
  43. Private homeownership interferes with fight against climate change, professor argues
  44. Scientist suggests eating human flesh to fight climate change
  45. Roman Catholic Homosexual Mayor Pete Buttigieg Warns of Climate Change Inaction: ‘We Could See Climate Wars in the Future’
  46. ROMAN CATHOLIC U.N. Chief Sees Climate Doom Everywhere: ‘Floods, Drought, Heatwaves, Wildfires and Super Storms’
  47. LOL - WHAT?! VIDEO: Inslee: As President I Can Stop the Influx of Migrants by Solving Climate Crisis
  48. AOC Blames Oil Refinery Explosion on ‘Climate Change’
  49. Millennials not saving money due to climate change
  50. ‘Scientific Response’ to My Global Warming Op-Ed Is Really Stupid
  51. LOL: Ocasio-Cortez claims climate change is driving migrant crisis
  52. 'Daft' story of loud whales gets 'tallest climate tale' award
  53. WHAT?! Cleaner air could mean more global warming, expert says
  54. Hurricane Season Stirs Up Climate Debate in Houston: Activist Claims ‘Environmental Racism’
  55. LOL-WHAT?! Climate Change Activist: Extreme Weather Is Sexist, Targets Women and Girls
  56. WHAT?! VIDEO: Study links 'climate change' to rise in suicides
  57. Iranian General Accuses Israel of Causing Drought by Stealing Clouds
  58. Physicist: Climate Scientists Are Giving Science a Bad Name
  59. Meet face of Democratic Party's queen of performance art (spirit cooking)
  60. Al Gore warns worst of climate change will be felt by black and poor people
  61. Academics Find ‘Climate Change’ Not Responsible for Displacement, Conflict in Africa
  62. Climate Change Could Make Opioid Crisis Worse, Claims Professor
  63. World Bank Prophesies ‘Over 140 Million’ Will Face Forced Migration Due to Climate Change
  64. Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sue Oil Companies for ‘First Degree Murder’
  65. Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change
  66. Author warns everything now about global warming
  67. VIDEO: Why people are nixing having kids because of climate change
  68. Huh? Left piping hot on cold snap as global-warming proof
  69. Parts of Niagara Falls Freeze as Numbing Cold Wave Grips U.S.
  70. 13 scientific studies suggest 'Little Ice Age' looming
  71. "Religious leaders" join with Pope on Climate Change
  72. California May Let People Dissolve Their Corpses to Stop Climate Change
  73. Satellite Snafu Masked True Sea Level Rise for Decades (Only problem? Earth is not actually gettign warmer!)
  74. WHAT?! Having children is one of the most destructive things you can to do the environment, say researchers
  75. Now climate catastrophists forecast 2 billion refugees!
  76. Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China
  77. VIDEO: Climate huckster Al Gore just made a shocking claim that will make you laugh until it hurts!
  78. VIDEO: Chelsea Clinton: 'Climate Change' Connects To 'Child Marriage' WHAT?!
  79. Gloria Steinem: Forced Childbirth ‘the Fundamental Cause of Climate Change’
  80. VIDEO: Al Gore: Global Warming a ‘Principal’ Cause of the Syrian Civil War, Brexit
  81. California targets dairy cows to combat global warming
  82. Climate Change Is Such an Elaborate Hoax That There's Now an Octopus in a Miami Garage
  83. Pope Francis: to fight hunger combat climate change
  84. Climate change remedies could spark … war!
  85. France bans plastic forks, spoons to fight climate change
  86. VIDEO: Barbara Kay: Professor blames "global warming" on "Islamophobia"!
  87. 'Peak absurdity': Islamophobia accelerating global warming?
  88. Swedish Govt Spends Millions Telling Citizens To Eat Insect “Meat” To End Climate Change
  89. Global-warming claim: There'll be no air
  90. U.N. chief: Global warming 'not visible'
  91. Prince Charles: climate change is a root cause of Syrian war
  92. Sanders: Climate change 'major' security risk
  93. Obama: Embrace Climate-Change agenda to fight terror
  94. UN warns of climate change's effect on children
  95. VIDEO: Unmitigated climate change to shrink global economy by 23 percent
  96. City bans new gas stations due to global warming  
  97. Climate Change Might Be Hurting Your Sex Life  
  98. Bernie Sanders: Climate change is directly related to terrorism
  99. Climate change causes no more red headed babies!?
  100. Climate change causes more UFO sightings
  101. Global warming to make Earth spin faster
  102. Climate change will cause pasta to become extinct
  103. Climate change causes suicide

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  1. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-20-23 30 companies to represent Israel at COP28 in UAE (Why "companies" and not nations? Read Revelation 13:17) * Joe Biden: Climate Change ‘More Frightening’ Than Nuclear War * VIDEO: WATCH: Arrests Made as Global Climate Protesters Demand End to Fossil Fuels * Biden plans to target America's industrial backbone with new climate crackdown * THE GREAT RESET: Radical Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Begins Implementing Climate Organization’s Goal to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030 * Pope Francis to Bill Clinton: We Must Halt the ‘Ecological Catastrophe’ of Climate Change * VIDEO: Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Opens General Assembly with Demand for $100 Billion to Fight ‘Climate Chaos’ * VIDEO: Leftist Colombian President Predicts Billions of Climate Migrants in Unhinged U.N. Address * Biden is Using Executive Power to Create New Deal-style American Climate Corps * Climate Cult high priests increasingly rule the world (no mention of the POPE?!) * Homeowners Face Rising Insurance Rates as Climate Change Makes Wildfires, Storms More Common (But those wildfires were INTENTIONALLY set)
  2. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-13-23  Green Sunday arrives this weekend * The elites' breathtaking strategy for ruling entire world exposed * Makati to implement car-free Sunday mornings at Ayala Avenue in September * Western nation pushes people to stop heating homes at night to save planet * VIDEO: Joe Biden Goes Off Script: Global Warming “Going Above 1.5 degrees in the Next 2010 Years” Is More Frightening Than Nuclear War * NPR: Venice Italy Endangered by ‘Human-Caused Climate Change’ (Lies become truth and truth becomes "misinformation")
  3. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-06-23 Fact Check: Is This the Hottest Summer on Earth (NOPE!) * Not climate change: Arson confirmed as cause of state's largest-ever blaze (Govt Arson?) * Top Climate Scientist Reveals the Key Fact He Deliberately OMITTED In “Climate Change” Paper to Pacify Woke Editors and Get His Paper Published in Top Scientific Journal * VIDEO: Alarmists Predict ‘1 Billion’ Deaths from Climate Change This Century * Africa Climate Summit Hears Calls for Carbon Tax on World’s Richest Nations (Always about $$$) * Roman Catholic Doomsayer U.N. Chief Guterres Warns ‘Climate Breakdown Has Begun’
  4. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-30-23 Claim of climate 'emergency' debunked by 1,600 scientists! (Remember these 31,487 Scientists?) * VIDEO: This climate change narrative just got debunked * Study: Paper Straws Pushed By Climate Cultists May Contain Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ * VIDEO: Why Are There So Many Fires? Dr. David Martin Unveils What He Thinks Is Behind It * VIDEO: Pope Francis Calls on Nations to ‘End the Era of Fossil Fuel’ * Leftists now fund top news agency's 'reporting' on major issues: Report
  5. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-23-23 Climate emergency? Biden would be 'basically declaring himself dictator' * Climate Change” Crusher: Publishes Video Claiming 14% INCREASE in Green Vegetation. Mostly Due to Excess Carbon in Air * WSJ: Hawaiian Electric Focused on Climate Change, Neglected Wildfire Risk * Judge bends to whining teens on climate change, makes huge ruling * Nolte: ‘Barren’ Disney Theme Parks Blamed on Climate Change * VIDEO: This climate hypocrisy is 'staggering' * Sadiq Khan Pressured Scientists to Support Anti-Car Scheme as Study Showed Minimal Impact on Pollution: Report * THE GREAT RESET: Report Reveals Globalist Climate Organization’s Goal to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030 * Study: Rich people flood world with emissions while lecturing others to go green * VIDEO: Meteorologist Blasts MSNBC for Trotting Out TV Stooge Bill Nye to Hype Climate Change After Tropical Storm in California
  6. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-16-23 Jesuit Priest: Humans Are Like ‘Frogs’ in Water Boiled by Global Warming (Read the Jesuit Oath he took) * White House: ‘All’ Big Storms ‘We Continue to See Are Definitely Caused’ by Warming, Might Declare Emergency * EPA's new climate rule would cause rolling blackouts in huge swath of America * VIDEO: Using another "intentional" fire to fuel climate change * WEF Orders Govt’s To BAN Public From Driving Cars To Fight ‘Global Boiling’
  7. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-09-23 Elites bankrolling group that supports climate criminals * The government-funded climate alarmism complex * World Leaders Must Be ‘Ringmasters’ to Push Green Agenda, Says U.N. Climate Chief in ‘Doomsday’ Interview
  8. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-04-23 VIDEO: WATCH: Climate-change theory up in smoke as video shows REAL cause of wildfire * ‘Man-Made’ Climate Change: Majority of Greek Wildfires Result of Arson, Minister Admits * VIDEO: 'The era of global boiling has arrived' warns the Roman Catholic leader of the UN * Climate of Fear: U.N. Chief Guterres Warns ‘Era of Global Boiling’ Is Here (This "fear" was prophesied) * VIDEO: CNN: Gas Price Spike Due to Climate Change, Shows Need to Act on Climate * WSJ: Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘a Real Mental Disorder’ * Nobel Prize-winning scientist 'canceled' for saying 'climate change is not a crisis'
  9. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-26-23 VIDEO: Catholics Promote “Laudato Si’ Sunday” in the Global Fight for Climate Justice * Climate Alarmists Project Doomsday Clock onto Rio’s Christ the Redeemer * Hide Your Gas Stove, Hide Your Water Heater: Biden Administration Sets New Efficiency Standards * Local Catholic Priest: Nigeria Trying to Blame Its Christian Genocide on Climate Crisis * Take one guess who Hillary blames for America's summer heat wave * Catholics, Anglicans, and Lutherans Walk to Church on Car-Free Sunday to Commemorate Laudato Si’ and the Eco-Sabbath
  10. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-19-23  Vatican Urges World Leaders to Take Action and Move Towards Sustainability Based on Laudato Si’ * VIDEO: RFK Jr.: ‘Climate Change Is Being Used to Control Us Through Fear’ * VIDEO: This is certifiably insane * VIDEO: Biden admin’s ‘guiding principle’ is climate change * VIDEO: This is the 'dumbest' PR move for climate activism, and it * The “new abnormal”: The rise of extreme flooding, briefly explained * Climate Talks? China Pressures John Kerry to ‘Properly Handle’ Taiwan * Report: John Kerry Admits China Climate Trip Is a Failure (That's because it wasn't about Climate Change at all)
  11. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-12-23 VIDEO: NASA Chief Scientist Blames Increase in Airline Turbulence on Climate Change (Are they going to start crashing planes now?) * VIDEO: Kerry: Fiduciary Responsibility of Money Managers ‘Not to Lose’ Money Is Hurting Climate Transition Investment * VIDEO: Climate Alarmists Fret over Too Many African, Indian Babies on ‘World Population Day
  12. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-05-23  VIDEO: White House reportedly open to blocking the sun in fight against climate change * VIDEO: ‘You’re a bunch of morons’: Piers Morgan unleashes on climate protester * Woke Wars: Radical Climate Activists Disrupt London Pride Parade for Partnering withPolluters * Biden opens door to Bill Gates-style sun dimming to fight climate change * Climate Change Keeps Making Wildfires and Smoke Worse. Scientists Call It the ‘NewAbnormal’
  13. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-28-23  Pope: We have responsibility before God to protect Common Home * Democrat Donor Arrested, Accused of Igniting Explosive Forest Fire Democrats Blamed on Climate Change * VIDEO: Watch — Democrat Elissa Slotkin: Climate Change, Not Woke Books, ‘Truly Harming Our Children’ * NYC Tells Coal, Wood Oven Pizzerias to Cut Carbon Emissions by 75% (Causing more businesses to close!) * Congress tries to bar Biden from invoking a national climate emergency * Apocalypse predictions abound, but humanity is still here * Net zero? Evidence says it's a 'green mirage' * Start Walking: NY Cleared to Impose $23 Levy on Drivers Entering City * Paris summit aims to overhaul global financial system for 'climate solidarity' with South
  14. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-21-23  Greta Thunberg’s Beginning of the End of the World Prediction Was for Today, June 21st (She DELETED the Tweet) * VIDEO: Watchdog hits John Kerry with science ethics complaint over climate change deaths claim * John Kerry Meets with Pope Francis: Fighting Climate Change at ‘Heart of Morality’ (Religious laws soon now) * Jane Fonda Leading Hollywood Heavyweights in Summit to Push Climate Change Content into Movies and TV to Influence Audiences Around the World * Climate activists try to shut down ports, bridge with their own bodies * VIDEO: Roman Catholic U.N. chief declares fossil fuels 'incompatible with human survival'  * Verdict in Oregon Wildfires Case Highlights Risks Utilities Face Amid Climate Change
  15. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-14-23 VIDEO: ROMAN CATHOLIC U.N. Leader Proposes ‘Global Digital Compact’ to Stop Online ‘Hate’ * Montana youth first to trial over whether state obligated to protect residents from climate change * VIDEO: Wildfires aren’t getting worse because of climate change. The real culprit will surprise you
  16. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-07-23 Net Zero Green Taxes to Increase Grocery Prices by £4 Billion Per Year * Slaughtering Dairy Cow for Climate Change?! * Climate fanatics slashing tires in 18 countries, including U.S. * Biden wants power over Defense contracts to climate 'cabal' bent on harming economic growth * Take a Hike! Road-Blocking Climate Activists Could Lose Their Drivers Licenses * Woke Pope Francis Bans Plastic in Vatican to Save Environment * John Kerry Despairs at Global Population Growth: 10 Billion ‘Unsustainable’ (Reason for PlanDemic 2.0?)  
  17. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-31-23 Pope Francis Decries ‘Climate Injustice’ and ‘War on Creation’ * VIDEO: Bought and paid for "Protestors" on Climate Change * The Red-Green Agenda: French Government Told to Implement Wealth Tax to Fight Climate Change * VIDEO: Watch: Just Stop Oil Climate Radicals Disrupt England Rugby Final, Pour Orange Powder on Pitch (HIRED "Protesters") * London’s Green Emissions Tax Will Result in France-Style Revolt, Protesters Warn * Jane Fonda Blames Men for Climate Change: ‘We Have to Arrest and Jail Those Men’ * Video Games Are Finally Waking Up to Climate Change * VIDEO: He lifts weights, he gets a movie deal, becomes Governor and suddenly he's an authority on Climate Change * California blames climate change for insurer's decision to withdraw from state (They lied) * 'Insufferable idiot': Dem calls for complete end to fossil fuels
  18. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-24-23 Pope Francis Invites Everyone to Participate in the Global Celebration of Laudato Si’ Week and Embrace the Call for Ecological Conversion * Williams: W.H.O. Warns of 9 Million More Annual Deaths from Climate Change * German Police Raid Properties of Radical Green Protesters * Climate activists smear themselves with mud to evoke flooding in Italy * News giant now a paid 'mouthpiece' for climate-obsessed donors * State to hear first-of-its-kind lawsuit claiming kids have a 'right' to a 'stable climate' 
  19. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-17-23 VIDEO: Biden’s latest climate action threatens US power grid, experts say * EPA issues climate rule forcing power plants to adopt expensive tech or shut down * VIDEO: CBS segment highlights how adding bugs to the food system ‘could be agame-changer’ to fight climate change (Wait! WHAT?!)
  20. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-10-23 Computer-modeled severe-weather trend forecasting distorts reality * State becomes first in U.S. to ban natural gas hookups in new buildings * U.N. Names ‘Climate Change’ a Top Threat to Babies
  21. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-26-23 MEPs Denounce ‘Utopian’ EU Carbon Tax As Green Agenda Marches Through Parliament * VIDEO: Kerry: Green Energy Will Be More Competitive if We Raise Prices of Oil, Gas * African official unleashes on Gates, Soros: 'My continent is not your giant climate laboratory' * John Kerry's 'powerful, unchecked' climate office faces subpoena threat * Pope Francis Says that the Climate Crisis “Demands the Creation of New and Far-sighted Economic Models” * 'Everything is connected': How sisters (nuns) are responding to the climate crisis  
  22. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-19-23 Nolte: NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate ChangeEvangelicals and Catholics: “The Battles we are Fighting to Promote Climate Justice are not Simply our Own, They are God’s” * Report: Climate Change, Disease Imperil North American Bats * VIDEO: U.S. truckers sound alarm after Biden's latest 'green' move: Matter of 'life and death' * Earth Day is a day of fear and hope
  23. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-12-23 VIDEO: Tom Harris Demolishes Climate Change Lies * Man ends his life after an AI chatbot 'encouraged' him to sacrifice himself to stop climate change * GOP urged to denounce ‘alarmist’ UN climate change report
  24. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-05-23 Chatbot tells man to kill himself to save planet, so he does! * ‘You’re doing the right thing’: climate activists plan to disrupt Grand National * Global Warming? California Snowpack at 221% of Normal, Among Deepest Ever * VIDEO: Proof Amazon "breathes" in carbon dioxide to eliminate it
  25. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-29-23 UN climate report is latest in string of cataclysmic predictions stretching back decades (that ALL failed) * Republican Attorneys General Call Out Biden Administration for Pushing Climate Policies amid SVB Collapse * EU Told Dutch Govt to Double Down on Forced Farm Closures to Gain ‘More Flexibility’ on Green Regulations * Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Says U.S. Needs to Work with China, Russia on Climate Change * Tractor Protests Spread: 5,000 Slovenian Farmers Stand Against EU Green Agenda * Woke Lancet Praises Pope Francis for LGBTQ and Climate Advocacy * Daines: SF Fed Said ‘Financial Risks from Climate Change’ Were ‘Top of Mind’ Issue as Fed Hiked Rates Months Before SVB Collapse * EU Central Banker Pushes Bitcoin Ban Under Guise of Climate Change * The Democrats' green monster
  26. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-22-23 Report: Nearly Half of ‘Climate Change’ Companies in U.S. Banked with Failed SVB * Climate Group Linked to Establishment Media Seeks to Shift Blame for East Palestine Train Disaster to Advance Radical Green Agenda * San Francisco Bay Area Bans Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters (Seriously; why do people still live in California?) * Democrat-Run City Bans New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change * African Nations Consider Swapping Debt for Climate Funding
  27. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-15-23 Huge numbers of Americans say climate change is a religion * Bernie Marcus: ‘Woke’ Silicon Valley Bank Was ‘More Concerned About Global Warming than Shareholder Returns’ * Biden Says Generation ‘Damned’ If We Don’t Fix Climate Change, Also Approves Willow Oil Drilling Project * oOoOoOoops...Nolte: Greta Thunberg Deletes Tweet Predicting Irreversible Disaster by… 2023 * Hillary Ties It All Together, Says Women Are the Main Victims of Climate Change, Especially In Ukraine * Greta Thunberg’s 2018 Prediction That World Would End In Five Years Doesn’t Turn Out So Well * Nolte: Fact-Checkers Busted Again — Biden Seeks to Eliminate 96% of Gas Stoves * Greta Thunberg's online climate change cover-up
  28. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-08-23 Biden admin makes stunning admission on climate agenda in leaked internal memo * Vivek Ramaswamy reveals the 'dirty little secret' of climate religion: 'All about power, control' * VIDEO: Ted Cruz leads 12 Republicans in blasting NASA over 'highly politicized' climate regulation * VIDEO: America has spent $100 billion of your money on climate change. How’s that working out? * Pinkerton: The Circle of Green — Big Money, Big Democrats, and Climate Change * Biden nominee to focus on climate change at the expense of poverty eradication * US intel community warns of 'complex' (climate change) threats from China, Russia, North Korea * VIDEO: Mayorkas Won’t Say Border’s a Crisis, Says Weather Driving Migration
  29. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-01-23 VIDEO: Watch — France’s Cesar Awards Disrupted by Climate Change Protester: ‘We Have 761 Days Left’ * Los Angeles area still blanketed by snow in rare heavy storm (Global WARMING?!) * Government Report: Amazon Deforestation in Brazil Skyrockets Under Lula * What on Earth? Now Greta Thunberg protests AGAINST wind farms
  30. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-22-23 In new book, "Christian" climate activist challenges (Catholic) church to take action * Senate Dems focus on climate change ‘alarmism’ in first budget hearing but no sign of budget plan * Socialists cheer Dem state’s climate bill mandating fossil fuel shutdown: ‘Will transform New York * VIDEO: Are climate activists to blame for Ohio derailment disaster? * VIDEO: Minnesota Democrat lawmakers push ban on gas-powered lawn mowers, chainsaws to curb 'climate pollution' * Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse Wants to Use Budget Committee to Focus on Climate Change * Rep. Barbara Lee launches Senate campaign promising to 'take on climate crisis' and stop 'MAGA extremists' * WWII-Style Rationing of Meat, Clothing, and Energy Needed to Fight Climate Change, Say UK Academics * Life-and-death problem with highly touted lab-grown meat? * Federal employees say forcing them back into the office endangers planet 
  31. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-15-23 To reach critical audiences, we need more faith-based climate news * Miami should begin 'preparing for evacuation' due to climate change, Berkeley professor argues * VIDEO: 'Cult of climate' is filling void left by lack of religious faith * Their lies cannot be explained and so they fear debate * VIDEO: Apple Series ‘Extrapolations,’ Starring Edward Norton and Meryl Streep, Predicts Global Warming Apocalypse: ‘We’ll Be Dead’ (Orchestrated Fear Mongering) * Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Warns of Mass Climate Exodus on a ‘Biblical’ Scale
  32. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-08-23  Over 100 Adventist Leaders With Their Churches Sign Commitment to UN’s Sustainable Devolopment Goal #13 That Aims To Combat Climate Change * Bill Gates defends use of private jet amid fight against climate change * Bill Gates' defense of flying private echoes John Kerry excuse for jet-setting around world
  33. ARTICLE STACK DATE 02-01-23 California’s Sierra Nevada Snowpack Highest Since 1995 (Global WARMING?) * VIDEO: Jane Fonda links the 'climate crisis' to racism: 'Everything's connected' (Wait - WHAT?!) * VIDEO: 'Climatarian': New fad diet dumps red meat, coffee to benefit environment * Biden says climate change is bigger threat to humanity than nuclear war: 'We’re going to have a real problem' * VIDEO: Hawley: Biden Administration Is Attempting to Wipe Out Blue-Collar Economy, Culture
  34. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-25-23 Pope Francis Urges Buddhists to ‘Ecological Conversion’ * VIDEO: Hannity blasts Al Gore’s bizarre climate rant in Davos * VIDEO: Al Gore mocked as a ‘clown’ for Davos rant on ‘rain bombs,’ boiling oceans: ‘An apocalyptic preacher‘ * Kerry: Taking ‘Some Risk’ to Ensure Green Transition Is the ‘Job’ of Multilateral Banks * California Rains Could Have Supplied State’s Needs for 10 Years — If Stored (They need to keep the DROUGHT going) * Federal Reserve chair claims climate neutrality, but advocates for ‘stress tests’ * Science prof blasts green activists who ‘clearly don’t believe’ climate doom, ‘robbing’ young people of hope *  Leftist Elites Have a New Woke Weapon Aimed at Your Family * Massive U.S. automaker reveals $854 million investment into V8 engines amid shift to EVs (Hypocrites) * Climate group behind headline-grabbing protests is a ‘cult,’ former member says * VIDEO: Glazov Gang: Own Nothing and Be Happy
  35. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-18-23 Greta Thunberg laughs in video with German police before coal mine detention photo-op: 'Staged for cameras' * VIDEO: Virginia Democrats force state to adopt California's crackdown on gas cars * Great Reset: Individual CO2 Limits Needed to Fight Climate Change, Says German Scientist * EU’s Von Der Leyen Announces Green Agenda Expansion at World Economic Forum * Nigel Farage: Green Ideology Has Replaced Christianity as Driving Force of the Conservative Party * VIDEO: Detained, or Photo Opportunity? Curious Footage Circulates as Greta Thunberg Grabbed by German Police * Kerry in Davos: Climate change requires 'money, money, money, money, money'
  36. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-11-23  VIDEO: Climate Change makes men beat their Wives?! * VIDEO: A Dangerous Glacier Grows Inside Mount St. Helens' Crater (Global Warming?!) * Newsom Announces Cuts to Climate Change Funding, Mid-flood, Due to Deficit (Low on cash? Change agendas) * VIDEO: GOP Rep. Burgess: Biden’s Weighing Forcing Electric Stoves when Electricity Prices Are Skyrocketing * How Green Investors Pay the Media to Promote ‘Climate Change
  37. ARTICLE STACK DATE 01-04-23 Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown 'trial' to Begin in 2024 * 'Humanity is not sustainable': Network airs apocalyptic predictions to ring in new year
  38. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-28-22 These are the all-time coldest temperatures ever recorded in each state (Global WARMING?!) * VIDEO: Stop Having Babies to Save the Planet * VIDEO: Water freezes straight from the tap in Oklahoma (Global WARMING?!) * CBS News: ‘Climate Change Is Making Planes Crash’
  39. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-21-22 VIDEO: Climate Sunday! * VIDEO: CBS slammed for bizarre claim about climate change * More British Cities to Ban Privately-Owned Vehicles into Certain Areas without Permit to Reduce Traffic and “Help Tackle Climate Change” (They’re flooding Society with a TON of lies to make the mark enforcement easier) * State climate curriculum says ’emotions’ should outweigh ‘rational thinking’
  40. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-14-22 VIDEO: Climate Lockdowns with GATED CITIES! * VIDEO: Major farming nation forcing closure of 3,000 farms to combat 'climate change' (The "great reset" by FORCE) * VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg ripped for using taxpayer-funded private jets amid calls to cut emissions: 'Walk the walk, man'
  41. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-07-22 VIDEO: Environmental activist Meghan Markle seen boarding private jet following female empowerment event * Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Scolds Humanity as ‘Weapon of Mass Extinction’ * The end of humanity? Some climate alarmists wish us all dead
  42. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-30-22 Over 70 Per Cent of Children Aged 7-12 Now Afraid of Climate Change – Survey * VIDEO: Undercover Footage of CNN's Charlie Chester on Climate Change * No longer just an observer, Vatican looks to wield new status in UN climate talks (Now that the fix is in, the Vatican can claim they are now more than an observer, even though THEY STARTED ALL THIS) * Greta Thunberg and Allies Sue Swedish State for Not Pushing Green Agenda Even Harder
  43. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-23-22 VIDEO: Climate activists throw flour onto Warhol-painted BMW (They're obviously being paid) * VIDEO: Block the Sun? Is Lex Luthor now the Secretary of Energy for Biden? * 'A face-saving fake deal': Biden wants to spend U.S. tax money on U.N. climate 'reparations'
  44. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-16-22 VIDEO: PROOF: Climate Change Hoax CONFIRMED * Pope Threatens Climate ‘Crisis’ While Decrying ‘Prophets of Doom’ * Climate cult' meeting is 'all about depopulation * Activists smash tablets atop ‘Mount Sinai’ to launch faith-based climate push * State Scrutiny and Midnight Disturbances Make Egypt’s COP27 the Most Chilling of Climate Talks * Carbon emissions hit new high, Earth's time to contain warming 'running out' (PROOF they're lying) * VIDEO: This is gonna hurt the American people * VIDEO: African protesters demand action from COP27
  45. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-09-22 Religious leaders gather in Sinai to receive 'Climate Justice Ten Commandments' * John Kerry Says Climate Strategy ‘Modelled’ on Covid Vaccine Rollout at World Economic Forum Panel * VIDEO: US could run out of diesel fuel very soon, then what? Energy supplier responds (Pope's Climate Change Agenda IN ACTION) * 'What a scam this is': Greta Thunberg boycotting U.N. climate summit * EPA wants your help spending $13B on ‘environmental justice,’ climate crisis * PM Sunak Opens Door to Climate ‘Reparations’ for Pakistan and Other Third World Govts * World's top CO2 emitters are snubbing U.N. climate summit * Woke Pentagon: ‘Climate literacy’ poll distributed to service members, civilian defense workers * U.N. Tells Rich Countries to Pay $2 Trillion a Year for Climate ‘Justice’ * Humanity Is on ‘Highway to Climate Hell,’ Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Warns * Vatican Warns of ‘Severe Humanitarian Impacts’ from Climate Emergency * Greta Thunberg says it's time to overthrow the West's 'oppressive' capitalist system (The Pope hides behind this little girl to get HIS AGENDA MET) * Humanity Is on ‘Highway to Climate Hell,’ Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Warns * Elementary school bans teachers from telling parents if their child is transgender * Ex-climate czar: Roman Catholic John Kerry could sneak around Congress to implement carbon credits
  46. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-26-22 Public schools turn up heat on global-warming agenda (Since they can't CONvince the parents, they're going after the kids) * As G7 begins, the world needs 'climate Sundays' and 'wild Christians' more than ever * VIDEO: Bill Gates says deadly European energy crisis is 'good' * VIDEO: Eva Vlaardingerbroek: ‘Climate Transition’ Is Globalist Pretext to ‘Starve’ and ‘Freeze’ Europe * VIDEO: Another ridiculous stunt by the climate crusaders * VIDEO: Are dogs responsible for worsening climate change? * VIDEO: WATCH: Anti-oil protesters in London spray paint storefronts of Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti dealerships (No fear to do so = they're being PAID) * Report: Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Jet Emits *17 Times* More Carbon Than the Average American * Australian bank begins linking customer transactions to carbon footprint * VIDEO: Climate Activists Storm BlackRock HQ in NYC with pitchforks, dump coal on escalator as one man tries to stop and block them * VIDEO: McEnany roasts climate activists: 'Do these people have jobs?'
  47. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-19-22 Biden's climate gangsters now targeting Americans' insurance * VIDEO: Washington Post article claims climate change fuels 'hate speech' through hotter temperatures * VIDEO: Companies run from California over progressive policies * Executive Order 14067—Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets (F3 the words "climate change")
  48. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-12-22 VIDEO: Biden: We Got ‘Billions — Trillions — 750 Million Dollar[s] — Billion Dollars off the Sidelines’ for Climate (Pray for him - he is very confused) * Even Greta Thunberg is Telling Germany Not to Shut Down its Nuclear Power Plants * USDA Now Asking People to Register Their Vegetable Gardens for National Database
  49. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-05-22 VIDEO: They don’t care about climate change, they just want power * VIDEO: Tucker shreds ‘climate czar’: They say China is doing a great job, US is sinning * EXPOSED: Democrats blaming climate change for Hurricane Ian at odds with science, experts say * VIDEO: WATCH: Climate Activist Dumps Human Waste on Second World War Veteran’s Memorial * Vatican Cardinal Condemns ‘Reckless’ New Fossil Fuel Projects * AUDIO: 2020 Video: Democrat Mandela Barnes Refused to Detail Costs of Job-Killing Climate Report * Global warming agenda promoters demand Big Tech ban 'climate disinformation' (They want to hide all the truth out there) * Vatican cardinal: No place for 'skepticism and denial' of climate crisis (I beg to differ - WITH FACTS) * UN Official: ‘We Own the Science and We Think That the World Should Know It
  50. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-28-22 VIDEO: Biden Sabotaged the Nord stream Pipline PROVING Climate Change is a HOAX! * Catholic Church Leaders Are Prioritizing Environmentalism Over Unborn Lives * VIDEO: Western Europe should have never given in to the climate alarmists * VIDEO: Democrat Policies Could Help Prevent Hurricanes (Wait! WHAT?!) * Climate Cult cannibalism
  51. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-21-22 VIDEO: International study destroys hoax of 'climate emergency' * "Religious" Leaders to meet at Sinai on Climate Change laws! * Not just gasoline: State looks to ban DIESEL trucks because of the R-word
  52. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-14-22 "Religious" Leaders to meet at Sinai on Climate Change Laws (Click here if they delete it)  * For Our Sin of Emissions: 10+1 Climate Commandments * "Scientists" just issued a shockingly bleak ‘warning to humanity’ * VIDEO: We’re careening into ‘uncharted territory of destruction,’ WMO climate report says
  53. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-08-22 VIDEO: Oops! Dem lets slip what 'Inflation Reduction Act' really was about * Green agenda now demands elimination of natural gas in homes nationwide
  54. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-31-22 Pope Francis Prays U.N. Climate Summit Will ‘Unite the Human Family’ * Harrison Ford frequent flier on private jets despite climate change activism * Justin Trudeau: ‘Climate Change’ Makes Canada Easier for Russia to Attack
  55. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-24-22 John Kerry's office consulted left-wing environmental groups while crafting policies * VIDEO: John Kerry’s office redacted every staffer name in FOIAed correspondence * VIDEO: Liberals think climate change will cause cannibalism * VIDEO: Suspicious emails reveal Kerry office wanted budget info off paper * Climate-activist celebrities 'wasting thousands of gallons of water' amid California drought * PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE UPDATE: 1,107 SCIENTISTS & PROFESSIONALS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD LED BY THE NORWEGIAN PHYSICS NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATE PROFESSOR IVAR GIAEVER DECLARE: "THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY" (Doesn't matter - Prophecy WILL be fulfilled!) * VIDEO: No CARS For YOU - WEF Calls For The End To Private Car Ownership
  56. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-17-22 VIDEO: All Rain Water is now TOXIC * VIDEO: House Dem blasts Lauren Boebert's 'totally fabricated' rant about IRS after she gets her mic cut * Roman Catholic Leonardo DiCaprio funneled grants through dark money group to fund climate nuisance lawsuits, emails show * VIDEO: Climate change is now to blame for everything * VIDEO: Jamie Dimon says America must 'get it through our thick skulls,' US energy is not against climate change * Leonardo DiCaprio traveled on gas-guzzling private jets, yachts while funding climate nuisance lawsuits * John Kerry's climate office rife with ties to far-left green groups * ‘Any Excuse to Grab More Power’: EU Wants a Centralised ‘Civil Protection Force’ to Fight Climate Change * Not just the IRS: Another agency is supersized in Biden's spending bill
  57. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-04-22 First bugs, now CANNIBALISM: scientist says humans need to eat other humans to “fight climate change” * Corrupt foreign entities are buying up massive “carbon-capture” pipeline project in Midwest to fight “global warming” * VIDEO: Kamala Harris details the administration's investments in climate resilience * VIDEO: Climate change proposals putting American food supply at risk, says dairy farmer * CBO Says Manchin-Schumer Climate and Spending Bill Grows Deficit For First Five Years
  58. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-27-22  Climate change 'deadline' crosses ominous threshold as activists warn world is nearly out of time * VIDEO: 'Life on Earth is at stake': Network reporter suggests Biden use military to produce electric cars * Biden announces executive actions on 'climate crisis,' focuses on extreme heat and boosting offshore wind * VIDEO: Former Obama official says climate change isn't an 'existential threat' * Climate activists embrace extreme tactics, violence as deadline to 'save the planet' draws near (Their "deadline" is November of 2027) * VIDEO: Biden is destroying American energy and ordinary citizens suffer * VIDEO: We need more Republicans to say climate change is real: Jessica Tarlov * Another Western country joins growing list putting 'climate' lunacy over food security * Gore: Eliminate Democracy to Save Planet
  59. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-19-22  VIDEO: Climate activists are moving 'too far too fast' * VIDEO: Biden admin blames COVID, climate change for border crisis * VIDEO: Climate activists step up tire-slashing operation * Biden says he will take executive action to address climate change should Congress fail to act * VIDEO: Dutch farmer revolt against harsh climate law just the beginning, experts say: 'There will be unrest all over' (Cops opened fire on 16 year old!) * VIDEO: Larry Kudlow: The radical climate change agenda equals big government socialism * VIDEO: It's been said! "Climate Religious Cult" of Roman Catholic Joe Biden (We have been vindicated AGAIN!) * VIDEO: Report: Joe Biden May Call for a ‘Climate Emergency’ This Week
  60. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-01-22  Mental abuse at the hands of climate-change doomsayers * VIDEO: Climate Negotiators Fly to Germany: Plan for More Talks, Conferences, and Meetings * Climate activists slash dozens of SUV tires in NYC, say 'major cities' across US to be hit next * Supreme Court blows up Biden's strategy to fight climate change * South Australia declares climate emergency in preparation for coming climate lockdowns 
  61. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-01-22  Inconvenient truth for globalists: Arctic ice at 30-year high (They will AGAIN ignore this) * German Chancellor Scholz Accused of Comparing Climate Crazies to Nazis * 'Unprecedented overreach': 16 governors urge Biden to rescind costly climate rules
  62. ARTICLE STACK DATE 05-25-22 George Soros Tells Davos Elites: Defeat Putin or ‘Civilisation May Not Survive’ the Climate Crisis (Wait - WHAT?!) * Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Tells Graduates to Save the Planet: Don’t Work for ‘Climate Wreckers’ * 'Nut job': Major bank suspends top exec for daring to question climate alarmism * Green transition biggest act of 'mass murder' since 20th century communist regimes
  63. Global Warming Was Going to Destroy Skiing, Then the Snow Fell
  64. Pope Francis Tackles Climate Change with Council of Cardinals
  65. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-27-22 VIDEO: They’re taking one issue only to create another one * Climate activists choose windmills over eagles (They claimed Windmills protect Nature - Then all of a sudden they don't care about Nature?)
  66. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-20-22 VIDEO: South Africa floods leave hundreds dead, dozens missing (Signs of Christ's return called climate change) * Green Group Scolds Hollywood for Not Pushing Out Enough Climate Propaganda
  67. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-13-22 Radical Environmentalists Slammed for Urging People to Deflate Tires to Fight ‘Climate Change’ * VIDEO: Climate Change Protests GROWING!
  68. ARTICLE STACK DATE 04-06-22 Defunded: Financing for Oil and Gas from Big U.S. Banks Has Plunged * Biden close to invoking Cold War Powers to push global-warming agenda * Fire and rain: West to get more one-two extreme climate hits (aka exaggerating the norm to push an agenda) * Scientists Demand Climate Revolution with Promise of Civil ‘Disobedience’ * Crying wolf? Media barely notice latest U.N. climate report (It won't stop them - Prophecy WILL be fulfilled!) * Biden's own study confirms the worst about the left's climate agenda
  69. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-30-22 Still don't Think using Climate Change to enforce SUNDAY LAWS is Prophesied? See Point #3 * VIDEO:Protesters demand Biden declare a Climate Emergency! * Biden close to invoking Cold War Powers to push global-warming agenda * UN: Early Warning Systems Must Protect Everyone Within Five Years (We are vindicated AGAIN!) * Roman Catholic U.N. Chief Guterres Says Endure High Gas Prices for the Good of the Planet * Energy agency: Reduce speed limits, ban driving on Sundays to save oil * IEA calls for lower speed limits, car-free Sundays, and public transport incentives to slash oil demand * Top global agency calls for 'lockdowns' to curb oil use
  70. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-23-22 Don’t Look Up’ Director Adam McKay Maintains 2nd Home in Ireland While Posing as Climate Crusader * Feds unveil sweeping climate requirements for public companies
  71. ARTICLE STACK DATE 03-16-22 Radical Climate Change Policies Sink Another Biden Banking Nominee * Biden’s climate agenda ‘created the perfect storm for Putin,’ Republicans say * The Atlantic: The Worst Thing About Nuclear War Is That It Would Accelerate Climate Change (Wait! What?!) * As Gas Prices Skyrocket, Biden Promises He Is Going to Inflict Even More Pain On Us * 'Code-red moment for planet': Dozens of Dems implore Biden to restart climate talks
  72. Vatican cardinal: Tonga's volcano disaster is an environmental reminder (They will use anything to push their climate change agenda)
  73. 'Occupy Biden' forms weeklong camp near Delaware residence, demands president declare 'climate emergency'
  74. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-22-21 VIDEO: 'The Five' slams Democrats using tornado to push climate change * VIDEO: College Students want to arrest climate change deniers! * Leftists accused of sacrificing energy security for 'climate policy'
  75. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-15-21 Mark Ruffalo Hours After Tornadoes Killed Dozens: ‘This Is What Climate Catastrophe Looks Like’ (It's about to get a LOT worse Mark) * Russia vetoes U.N. plan to name climate change a security threat
  76. ARTICLE STACK DATE 12-01-21 House Judiciary Democrats Bring in Racially Charged ‘Climate Justice’ Activist to Testify on Administrative State * NYTimes: Climate Change Is Driving Albatrosses to ‘Divorce’ (Wait! What?!)
  77. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-24-21 Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Hollywood Elites to Deliver Lesson on Looming Climate ‘Armageddon’ * Climate talks: From ‘blah, blah, blah’ to spurring action rooted in care * VIDEO: 'Deep doo-doo': Climate activist warns of pipelines getting 'blown up'
  78. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-17-21 Pope Francis: Failure to fight climate change will incur God’s judgment  * COP26 Summit Fails to Take Decisive Action on Climate Change (For now) * U.N. leaders expose themselves as climate frauds after hastily changing deal at China's, India's request
  79. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-10-21 China’s Coal Output Hits Multi-Year High as Climate Conference Continues * Gavin Newsom Leveling Farms to ‘Rethink’ Land Usage in the Name of Climate Change * Global Britain? UK Seeks ‘Carbon Border Tax’ on Countries That Don’t Meet Climate Goals * VIDEO: Biden basically 'pledged allegiance' to United Nations flag at climate-change conference * VIDEO: Spy on everything! Al Gore goes full Big Brother in climate fight
  80. ARTICLE STACK DATE 11-03-21  Archbishop Welby: Failure to Act on Climate Means ‘Infinitely Greater’ Genocide Than Holocaust * VIDEO: Lancet's 'Great Transition' for 'Planetary Health' (eat ze bugs) * VIDEO: Biden’s 20-car entourage to save the planet * VIDEO: Greta Thunberg Has a Secret * They Defend the Climate While Preparing the End of the World
  81. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-27-21  U.N. Warns of Global ‘Famine, Chaos, Terrorism and… War’ if COP26 Climate Summit Fails (Prophesied fear mongers of a non-event) * VIDEO: Cartoon Dinosaur Lecturers World Leaders on Climate in Infantile UN Video * PICS – Not Very Environmentally Friendly: Climate Activists Burn Boat, Litter During Pre-COP26 Protest * Leftist Harasses Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema at Airport about Climate Change * John Kerry Tells Joe Biden to Soften Position on China to Make Climate Gains (Bow to Communism to promote Catholicism) * Top Polluter China Skipping Climate Change-Focused G20 in Rome
  82. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-20-21  Climate Change Puts Babies, Pregnant Women at Risk, Pediatrician Says * Barack Obama Teams with Celebrities for YouTube Climate Special to ‘Celebrate Mother Earth’ * Thousands Fly to U.N. Climate Summit Where Leaders Will Slam Human Carbon Footprints * Leftist millionaire to fund Associated Press climate-change reporting
  83. ARTICLE STACK DATE 10-13-21  Pope at Lateran: Damage to earth threatens life itself (The prophesied narrative begins) *  Vatican announces Pope Francis won't attend COP26 climate summit (Plausible deniability?) * Catholic leaders in G20 countries urge consignment of fossil fuels to history * England's environment agency issues stark climate change warning (Another pages from Al Gore's failed Playbook) * Pope Francis, faith leaders issue carbon emissions appeal ahead of UN climate change conference 
  84. Pope's new push on Climate Change
  85. Bill Gates to further expand influence by launching his own news publication (24/7 Reports on Climate Change)
  86. ARTICLE STACK DATE 09-08-21  How animals are dramatically 'shapeshifting' their bodies to survive climate change ( Hogwash!) * Pope Francis plans to visit climate change conference in Glasgow (Since the wound healed, it is now time to build on the dictatorship) * Yorkshire support for the climate and ecological emergency bill * VIDEO: Mayorkas on Recent Natural Disasters: ‘This Is the Effect of Climate Change’ (LIAR! What's happening is what's Prophesied!) * Medical Academics Weigh in on ‘Climate Change,’ Call for Reorganizing ‘Societies and Economies’ (They're reveling in their new found POWER to deceive)
  87. Philippine Church rallies support for Season of Creation (Demanding they sign a petition?!) 
  88. No longer an assumption 
  89. VIDEO: Climate Authoritarians Lie About Statistics 
  90. VIDEO: The fires are man-made, the global warming isn't!
  91. ARTICLE STACK DATE 08-11-21  Vatican is pushing "Laudato Si'" with much more fervor - Sunday Laws is the end goal here  * UN science panel set to issue stark warning with key report on climate change * Cop26: Alok Sharma warns world is ‘dangerously close’ to climate change ‘catastrophe’ (As prophesied, FEAR is how they will control the masses) * VIDEO: Padilla: Climate Change Deniers ‘Eerily Similar to People Who Are in Denial about COVID-19’ (As expected) * Democrat $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill Fulfills AOC Dream of a Civilian Climate Corps * VIDEO: Climate change tipping point (IOW - Jesus is coming sooner than the Pope prefers!) * VIDEO: Dan Wootton slams the UN for their 'dire doomsday predictions' about climate change (Fear mongering 101) * VIDEO: Is United Nations climate change alarmism responsible? (As prophesied, they will use FEAR to force people to obey) * COVID-19, global warming and diminishing Catholic guilt (We are vindicated again - They ARE using Covid to launch Climate Change) * VIDEO: Using FEAR to push Climate Change * John Kerry family jet already emitted estimated 30 times more carbon in 2021 than average vehicle does in year (Do as I command and not as I do)
  92. Caritas Oceania: united by faith and the ocean  
  93. VIDEO: Wild Christian presents a COP & Climate Sunday Briefing (Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!) 
  94.  Another "under the radar" startup during the PLANdemic

    VIDEO: CIA Director John Brennan discusses Geoengineering at the Councel of Foreign Relations (Weak excuses for dosing all peoples)  

  95. ARTICLE STACK DATE 07-07-21   The future is written: Students petition to get University of Pretoria to endorse their Climate Justice Charter * VIDEO: Sea snot in Turkey (It's not climate change! It's the signs of the end) * GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: Democrats Use ‘BS' Climate Change to Create ‘Fear’ and Gain ‘Control’
  96. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-30-21  VIDEO: Residents suffer! Heavy storm hit Lviv, Ukraine (Calamities are on the rise - as expected) * VIDEO: Worst hail storm in German history! Rivers of white cold flooded homes and cars! unbelievable * "Climate Change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN" * Biden's energy secretary suggests condo collapse caused by climate change
  97. ARTICLE STACK DATE 06-23-21 CLIMATE LOCKDOWN?: Globalist Elite Call For Extreme Measures To Tackle ‘Climate Change’ * Faith leaders to meet at Vatican in October to discuss climate change ahead of COP 26 * VIDEO: CLIMATE SUNDAY LAWS DISCUSSED (Why is SDA church silent?) * UNICEF calls for investment in climate-resilient water infrastructure in Africa * VIDEO: Greta Admits There is NO Climate Crisis * VIDEO: Climate Pandemic * Physicist to Tucker Carlson: Climate Change Is 'Fiction of the Media,' Not an 'Existential Threat' * VIDEO: Tucker: Brace yourselves, climate lockdowns are coming (As expected - Covid restrictions will be applied now to Climate Change) * VIDEO: Zimbabwe: Laudato sì campaign for a cleaner environment * VIDEO: Psaki: Biden Admin Not Ruling Out ‘Moving People From Their Homes’ In Areas Impacted By Climate Change * VIDEO: Scientists want to use human engineering to solve climate change
  98. G7 Summit: CAFOD calls for UK action on climate and post-pandemic (Exactly was we expected)
  99. Season of Creation 2021
  100. Catholics encouraged to begin planning meaningful action for ecumenical Season of Creation before UN summits
  101. VIDEO: Climate Pandemic (Amazing how accurate Christian prophecy is)
  102. Working groups help Vatican prepare Laudato Si' Action Platform for launch (The man of sin is fearful of the soon to come Latter Rain)
  103. VIDEO: Jane Fonda: Biden Is ‘Not Bold Enough’ on Climate Change (Lost your spotlight? - Push Climate Change)
  104. VIDEO: Exclusive – Caught on Tape: Democrat Lawmaker Admits Biden ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Is Really About Climate Change
  105. VIDEO: Human Extinction by 2026? Dr. Guy McPherson Explains How and Why (As prophesied in Luke 21:26 - he is promoting fear)
  106. US Army: Addressing Climate Change Threats
  107. I'm a climate scientist – here's three key things I have learned over a year of COVID
  108. Report: World Needs Equivalent Of Pandemic Lockdown Every Two Years To Meet Paris Carbon Emission Goals
  109. VIDEO: Ingraham warns of coming 'climate lockdowns'
  110. Vatican official: Church divestment from fossil fuels is 'moral imperative' (Yet he cruises the planet in a jet and a gas guzzling Popemobile)
  111. Pope to diplomats: Promote 'culture of care' to emerge from current crisis
  112. VIDEO: John Kerry: Pope Francis one of greatest voices on climate crisis
  113. Vatican readies to roll out ‘spectacular’ action plan for ‘Laudato Si’ (Fast-tracking towards his 2027 deadline!)
  114. Vatican Official Urges Respect for ‘Scientific Consensus’ on Climate Crisis (But there is no "scientific consensus" among tens of thosuands of REAL scientists - only with the 100 bought and paid for Vatican "scientists")
  115. Justice and Peace in England and Wales to hold conference on ecological conversion (The Pope is more interested in "ecological conversion" than Christian conversion - proof? see this video)
  116. VIDEO: BUSTED!! The Climate Change Scam Is Upon Us
  117. VIDEO: The Great Reset is ‘one of the greatest threats’ to democracy and freedom
  118. COP26 President-Designate Alok Sharma to visit Vatican City
  119. Soros-funded Climate Change Activist Group ‘Sunrise Movement’ Backs Palestinians Against Israel
  120. VIDEO: Must Watch!! New Shocking Evidence Reveals ‘Global warming scare” is wildly exaggerated’ you won’t believe this Shocking Evidence
  121. Earth Day Summit: Biden’s chance to claim climate leadership
  122. This is the 'decisive decade' to limit climate change impact, warns Joe Biden
  123. Greta Thunberg calls for end to fossil fuel subsidies at US Congress hearing
  124. Germany to spend on climate goals in developing countries: Merkel
  125. Climate activists shatter windows at HSBC London building (The Pope's new set of rioters)
  126. UK PM extends support to Biden's emissions target commitment, calls it 'game-changer' for world
  127. VIDEO: Pope on global crises: We are running out of time (Notice they turned OFF the comments?)
  128. VIDEO: Crazy weather . Saudi Arabia’s Sahara Desert has seen snowfall (Not the first time global WARMING dropped snow on the desert - LOL)
  129. Green Enforcer: MI6 Spying on Nations to Ensure They Abide by Climate Change Pledges, Chief Admits
  130. VIDEO: US, China agree to tackle climate crisis with urgency
  131. EU reaches major climate deal ahead of Biden summit
  132. Jane Goodall with Vatican cardinal: Human survival depends on biodiversity
  133. Climate change has brought globe to brink of an abyss, warns Roman Catholic UN chief (As prophesied, Rome is using FAKE FEAR to get things done)
  134. VIDEO: AOC: Climate change is because of 'trampling of indigenous rights' (Wait -What?!)
  135. Planned Harvard balloon test in Sweden stirs solar geoengineering unease
  136. SCoPEx: Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment
  137. Mitigating the risk of geoengineering
  138. VIDEO: They want to put sulfuric acid into the atmosphere (It was prophesied they would poison the atmosphere)
  139. VIDEO: Michael Moore's documentary 'has exposed green energy as a fraud'
  140. VIDEO: Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch: Satellite data shows up climate forecasts
  141. VIDEO: 'ABC forgets' documentary which ‘absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry’
  142. 'Climate confessions': Biden to order companies to report emissions
  143. Pope: Common efforts needed in education to combat climate change
  144. VIDEO: UN climate change warriors move to brainwash kids (Still don't think the WOUND IS HEALED?)
  145. Guardian Promotes ‘Global Lockdown’ Every Two Years To Combat Climate Change
  146. Interview: Joe Biden says ‘America is back.’ What does that mean for U.S.-Vatican relations?
  147. Vatican observes 'Earth Hour
  148. Sweeping climate law zeroes out carbon pollution for Massachusetts
  149. Pope: 'See’ the millions suffering from the climate crisis (He's taking advantage of the sin generated disaters EXACTLY as prophesied)
  150. Climate change bill is tabled at Stormont (Just as the fake Covid went global - the fak Climate Change is next)
  151. Environment Agency chief executive James Bevan says reaching 'net zero' on carbon emissions won't be enough to save the planet (This sets the stage for the FAKE Jesus to arrive and "save the day")
  152. Charging Clean Air Zone launches in Bath
  153. VIDEO: Greatest threat to civilisation is ‘apparently non-existent’ (Climate change is just as fake as Covid)
  154. VIDEO: Pope calls God a liar (again) & lies about melting ice caps
  155. Pope Francis: God’s Wrath will Bring Another World-wide Flood if we don’t Solve the Climate Crisis (Proves he doesn't read his Bible - see this - he also lied about the melting ice caps)
  156. Vatican Covid-19 Commission And Its Partners, Including Cidse, Organize A Webinar Uniting Faith, Science And Youth To Call For An Ambitious Climate Summit  (As we expected months ago, they're using covid to push climate change)
  157. VIDEO: Outsiders Weather and Ice Age watch: Greenland icesheet looks set for massive expansion (LOL!) 
  158. Delingpole: Lockdown Equivalent Every Two Years to Save Planet, Claim ‘Experts’
  159. Pelosi Praises H.R. 1 as Means to Curb ‘Misinformation’ on Climate Change, Gun Control
  160. Scientists issue odd warning: Global warming to cause cooling in Europe (They finally see what we see?)
  161. VIDEO: No ’secret agenda’ about The Great Reset
  162. Pope Francis Warns of Second ‘Great Flood’ from Global Warming (So he's ignoring how that failed for Al Gore in 2014 and again in 2016?)
  163. Gretchen Whitmer Loads ‘Council on Climate Solutions’ with Donors, Utility Lobbyist, Dark Money Group Exec
  164. Sanders: If GOP Won’t Get on Board on Health Care, Climate, ‘We’re Going to Do It Alone
  165. VIDEO: Biden Joins Paris Climate Accord, More $ to Wuhan's Virus Lab, And Much More!
  166. VIDEO: Roman Catholic John Kerry: ‘We Have Nine Years’ Until Climate Crisis — ‘There’s No Room for B.S. Anymore
  167. Climate activist James Murdoch clocks in with $2.2 million in personal jet trips
  168. Facebook now 'arbiter of truth' on 'climate change'
  169. VIDEO: Biden using climate change as an excuse?
  170. Global Warming Activist Matt Damon Flies Private Jet to Film Marvel Movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’
  171. VIDEO: Could churches do more to fight climate change?
  172. VIDEO: Greta Thunberg catastrophising climate perhaps ‘driving force’ in eco-anxiety
  173. Chuck Schumer: Combating Climate Change Will Be a ‘Whole of Senate Approach’ (Easy to do with a super majority)
  174. Largest ever climate survey says urgent change is needed
  175. UK Parliament declares climate change emergency
  176. Overlooked Biden executive order could have greatest harmful impact
  177. VIDEOS: Trickery: Fake animal 'tragedy' boosted globalist 'Great Reset'
  178. VIDEO: Netflix, Attenborough and cliff-falling walruses: the making of a false climate icon
  179. VIDEO: Davos Agenda - sooner rather than later
  180. Climate Envoy John Kerry Ahead of U.N. COP26 Summit: ‘We Have Nine Years Left’ (This is Proof 2027 is just a stepping stone to the One World Goverment of 2030)
  181. VIDEO: John Kerry's family still owns private jet as he leads climate fight, FAA records indicate
  182. 'We need to be bold': Biden's climate policies 'the real national security threat'
  183. Roman Catholic John Kerry Admits: Even ‘Zero’ U.S. Emissions Won’t Solve Climate Change (In other words, no matter how much evidence proves they're wrong, they will still do it)
  184. Roman Catholic Report: Joe Biden to Make Climate Change Top Priority, Targeting Oil and Gas Industries
  185. Biden considering spending COVID funds on climate change
  186. Rome Calls on World Leaders to Adopt an ‘Unprecedented Collective Response’ to Combat Climate Change as the United States Joins the Fight
  187. Marc Morano: COVID-19 Lockdowns Set Precedent for Climate Change Lockdown
  188. Democrat Majority Shifts Focus to Climate Action: ‘We Are Now Thinking in Very Ambitious Terms
  189. Oil companies seeking Supreme Court ruling on climate claims
  190. VIDEO: ‘Obsessed’ Greenie Boris Johnson Is Driving Britain Towards Eco-Dictatorship
  191. U.S. city mandates climate-change health warning at every gas pump
  192. Bill Gates-backed plan to dim the sun quietly moves forward
  193. 'Climate activists' have new plan to 'double-count' emissions
  194. Philippines’ Duterte Eager to Work with Vatican on Immigration, Climate
  195. Your strongest defense against vaccine mandates (Me thinks they will use Covid and Climate Chance to remove the Constitution)
  196. According to Prince Harry, pandemic is due to 'climate change'
  197. VIDEO: Vatican Says Biden Presidency Can Play ‘Key Role’ in Paris Climate Deal (Surprised? - Still.. he has NOT been elected yet)
  198. Report: U.N. Climate Projects Swamped with Fraud, Corruption Allegations (DUH)
  199. 'Immediate' litigation expected to a Biden climate-change campaign
  200. No Vaccine Against Climate Change’: Red Cross Report Moves to Refocus Attention From Coronavirus
  201. Nolte: Softening Us Up for ‘Great Reset’ Climate Lockdowns (Exactly as we warned!)
  202. U.S. officially withdraws from Paris Agreement on climate change (One of many reasons they want Trump out)
  203. Study Confirms - ‘Clean’ Energy Is the Worst (it actually causes envronemtal issues - proving it's all political theater)
  204. New idea to solve supposed climate change: Gene editing
  205. Now they're blaming 'white Christians' for the wildfires ( AS EXPECTED!  They are blaiming Christians for CLIMATE CHANGE!)
  206. VIDEO: Scientists Blame Climate Change for Masses of Hot Water in Oceans (It's not climate change, it's the final sign of Christ's return)
  207. Climate change didn't leave California forests loaded up with fuel (Obama stopped the removal of dead brush and trees years ago so as to have the fires increase today)
  208. VIDEO: 6 accused of starting Oregon fires amid devastating season
  209. VIDEO: 'Earth has deadline!' Climate Clock installed in New York (The Pope's "in your face" declaration of this 2027 agenda)
  210. VIDEO: Russian Weather Engineering over North America -- 1985 to Present Day -- How it's done
  211. Delingpole: No, the Western Wildfires Weren’t Caused by ‘Record Heat’ (Amazing how scientists always prove global warming is a lie, yet no one listens)
  212. VIDEO: Woman Forces Suspected Arsonist to the Ground at Gunpoint (I wonder how much they are being paid to start the fires?)
  213. Pope Francis: Abusing Ecosystems Is a ‘Grave Sin’
  214. Climate pope wants earth to rest from climate crisis
  215. EXPOSED AGAIN: Study: Models underestimate amount of carbon absorbed by Earth’s oceans
  216. UK Greens: Climate Crisis ‘Even More Serious than COVID-19’
  217.  AS EXPECTED!  Pope: Use Pandemic to Give the Environment a Vital 'Rest'
  218. VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Drops Dire Warning! COVID Got Hijacked! We’re Never Going Back (FINALLY! Some are seeing how the PLANNED-demic is to bolster Rome's Climate Change agenda - They still don't see the prophecy, but they do see the reality)
  219. Roman Catholic Joe Biden Suddenly Interested in Climate Change?
  220. COVID-19 is awful. Climate change could be worse (Exactly what we have been warning they will say)
  221. Climate Equity Act would score bills based on how they impact Blacks
  222. Climate battles are moving into the courtroom, and lawyers are getting creative
  223. Jesuit Magazine Urges ‘Carbon Tax’ to Combat Climate Change
  224. Roman Catholic Joe Biden Pledges ‘Civilian Climate Corps’ to Fight Climate Change (Real Reason for Contact Tracing)
  225. Roman Catholic Joe Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Plan to Address ‘Climate Justice
  226. Burger King addresses climate change by changing cows’ diets
  227. Dem climate plan would end greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
  228. Dems introduce a 538-page plan 'solving' climate change amid a pandemic, economic downturn
  229. Environmentalist issues climate-scare apology, then major magazine yanks the article
  230. Pope gave a 7 year deadline to do as students of prophecy call enforcing the mark
  231. Pope Francis: Coronavirus (SUNDAY) Lockdowns Mean Less Pollution, Traffic, Noise
  232. Pope Francis: Wounds of Mother Earth ‘Bleed in Us’
  233. VIDEO: Race to Zero
  234. VIDEO: Roman Catholic UN chief on World Environment Day 2020
  235. COVID vs. Climate modeling: Cloudy with a chance of politics
  236. Germany Warns Far-Left Antifa Infiltrating Climate Movement (So as to FORCE people to comply)
  237. VIDEO: Coronavirus UK: Government launches test and trace programme for COVID-19
  238. Epitome of absurdity': Priest responds to pope's suggestion COVID-19 caused by Earth's anger
  239. Death certificates should recognize 'climate change,' study claims
  240. VIDEO: Whitmer: Climate Change Is Making Massive Floods ‘More Frequent’ – ‘Old Infrastructure’ Is Also an Issue
  241. Doctors Push for ‘Climate Change’ to Be Recorded on Death Certificates
  242. Vatican ties virus rethink to pope's environmental appeal
  243. Facebook Evicts PragerU from Normal Public Visibility, Claiming ‘Repeated Sharing of False News’
  244. Unpriceable Climate Change Staks $31 Trillion Debt Market (They're making this claim to make it appear their FAKE gOD is the peoples only hope)
  245. Global cooling! Low solar activity to cause temperatures to plummet, say scientists
  246. VIDEO: Greta Thunberg Hopes Coronavirus Pandemic Convinces People to Listen to Scientists on ‘Climate Crisis’
  247. VIDEO: Psychic Greta Thunberg Warns of Climate Destruction in Pearl Jam Music Video
  248. Scientist running for office to challenge 'climate change' agenda
  249. Climate change and coronavirus: Five charts about the biggest carbon crash
  250. De Niro, Madonna Use Coronavirus to Demand Climate Change Reforms: ‘Massive Extinction of Life No Longer in Doubt’
  251. Macron Govt Demands Air France Go Green to Get Bailout Cash
  252. Do we need to blow up the economy (buy & sell) to stop climate change?
  253. VIDEO: Has Coronavirus Helped Buy Some Time on ‘Global Warming’?
  254. Alarmists: Climate Change Will Turn Earth into ‘a Giant, Raging Fire Ball’
  255. Pope Francis on Earth Day: We Have ‘Polluted and Despoiled’ the Planet
  256. Earth Day co-founder killed girlfriend, 'composted' her 'mummified' body
  257. Barack Obama Warns Climate Change Will Be ‘Far Harsher’ than Coronavirus
  258. Delingpole: Plague-Ravaged Milan Exploits Lockdown to Turn Itself Green
  259. VIDEO: Pope: Renew commitment to Earth in face of pandemic
  260. News agencies coordinate to promote climate change agenda - 400 outlets told to 'blanket airwaves
  261. Homosexual Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg on Coronavirus: We’re Seeing ‘Life-and-Death Consequences’ of Ignoring Science on Climate Change
  262. May 14, Pope Francis Invites Political Leaders To Sign ‘Global Pact
  263. Cher: ‘The Planet Is Breathing Easier Because We’ve Stopped Assaulting It’
  264. Pope Francis Says Pandemic Is ‘Nature’s Response’ to Human Inaction over Climate Change
  265. Pope Francis says coronavirus may be ‘nature’s response’ to climate crisis
  266. Climate Activists Use Coronavirus Pandemic to Push Climate Change Agenda
  267. FOX News Pushing for Sunday Laws
  268. When Earth Demands Sabbath: Learning from the Coronavirus Pandemic
  269. Catholics pushing Sunday Laws
  270. VIDEO: The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change (Sept 2019 video)
  271. Obama drops coronavirus bombshell: It's all due to climate change!
  272. N.Y. Times: Christians to blame for 'crippling' the coronavirus response
  273. If we can shut down America for COVID-19, Dems can shut it down for climate change
  274. VIDEO: Coronavirus and Climate Change
  275. Climate lawsuits are breaking new legal ground to protect the planet
  276. VIDEO: Anti-Greta weapon scorches Thunberg's climate 'alarmism,' and of course WaPo tries to destroy her
  277. Remembering Climate Alarmists’ False Prophecies
  278. Pew survey: U.S. voters put 'climate change' at bottom of priority list
  279. VIDEO: Watch the exact moment climate-obsessed Warren realizes she's been caught exiting private jet
  280. VIDEO: ‘Take Down’ Civilisation, Says Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder
  281. 440 scientific papers last year disputed climate alarm
  282. Cebu Catholic leaders More COncerned with Saving planet than Saving Souls
  283. Congress Now Funding ‘Controversial’ Geoengineering ‘Plan B’ to Spray Particles in the Sky to Cool Earth
  284. THANKS TO GOVERNMENT TEACHERS - 80% of Young Voters Think ‘Global Warming Is a Major Threat to Life as We Know It’
  285. Baby survives parent's global warming suicide pact (Pope Francis - are you listening or laughing?)
  286. VIDEO: Alarmists Using Children For Climate Fodder
  287. VIDEO: Are Government Temperature Graphs Credible?
  288. Climate expert shreds AOC and Thunberg claims in congressional hearing
  289. Soros-linked political pressure group Avaaz joins forces with MSM to purge climate skeptics from YouTube
  290. VIDEO: Fake Temperature Graphs/Major Life Changes
  291. Facebook Glitch Reveals Father, Activist Behind Greta Thunberg’s Facebook Page. Greta Responds
  292. VIDEO: Hiding 230 Years Of Global Heatwaves
  293. VIDEO: Fake Data And Real Superstition
  294. VIDEO: How The Press Creates Fake Climate News
  295. VIDEO: Past The Journalism Tipping Point
  296. VIDEO: NASA Confirms Their Own "Conspiracy Theory"
  297. oOooOoOoops: Nolte: Department of Defense Predicted Climate Change Would Destroy Us by 2020
  298. Amazon threatens to fire employees who speak out on climate change
  299. VIDEO: Eighty Years Of Climate Change
  300. VIDEO: Snow covers California’s Joshua Tree National Park
  301. VIDEO: Top 5 most outrageous 2020 doomsday predictions that didn't pan out
  302. VIDEO: 10 years ago, Al Gore predicted North Pole would be completely ice free in 5 years
  303. Greta Thunberg's dad: 'Bad idea' for daughter to lead climate fight
  304. VIDEO: Clock Is Ticking On Climate Fraud
  305. Report Hyped By Climate Alarmists Warned: Millions Dead, Nuclear War, & Sunken Major Cities By 2020
  306. VIDEO: One Dimensional Thinking
  307. Australian prime minister calls out Greta Thunberg for capitalizing on bushfires
  308. Pope Francis and UN Secretary General record video urging religious freedom, climate protection (or - religious laws to protect climate AS PROPHESIED)
  309. I don’t want to die’: 7-year-olds left terrified after Greta Thunberg presentation (They are Targeting Children Now)
  310. VIDEO: Fakest Day On Record
  311. On Capitol Hill, Jesuit students deliver 58,000 Catholic signatures in support of Senate climate bill
  312. Nearly 600 institutions back Catholic Climate Declaration
  313. Greta Caught Lying again
  314. VIDEO: Greta forced to apologize after mistranslation leads to firing-squad reference
  315. VIDEO: Stop taking up space with your false solutions,' say furious activists at UN (Notice the "all seeing eye" of Rome and Satan on her shoulder?)
  316. VIDEO: The One Thing Greta Thunberg SHOULDN'T Have Said
  317. 100 scientific papers: CO2 has minuscule effect on climate
  318. Pope further Promotes Greta
  319. VIDEO: Climate Science Breaking Bad
  320. If the climate crisis were real, environmentalists wouldn’t have to change its name
  321. VIDEO: Town under siege by dozens of supposedly endangered polar bears
  322. VIDEO: Top News, Geoengineering Exposing Climate Change
  323. VIDEO: CLIMATE FORCING | Our Future is Cold
  324. Jeremy Clarkson called Greta Thunberg 'mad and dangerous' in his latest tirade against the 16-year-old climate activist
  325. VIDEO: At the Madrid Climate Conference Delingpole Met Naomi, the Anti-Greta
  326. Climate change to steer all New Zealand government decisions from now on
  327. Self-Declared Climate Change ‘Global Leader’ Mike Bloomberg Enjoys His Own Fleet of Private Jets, Helicopters
  328. VIDEO: Delingpole: Green Policies Are Turning Chile Into Venezuela
  329. VIDEO: UN to Enforce Pope's Climate Change Agenda Worldwide
  330. VIDEO: Claims of Climate Change hypocrisy over EU Parliament monthly move
  331. In US, climate anxiety churns up psychological storm (To Generate the Prophesied FEAR)
  332. New report claims everyone now worried by climate change (They're lying)
  333. GLOBAL WARMING? San Francisco Gripped by Record Cold on Thanksgiving
  334. Delingpole: Greta the Teenage Climate Puppet Goes Full Marxist
  335. Canadian bishops’ charity: ‘Jesus came to save the planet ... Mother Earth has rights’
  336. Climate Emergency’ Is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year
  337. Pope urges politicians to take 'drastic measures' on climate change
  338. VIDEO: '11,000 scientists' warning of 'climate emergency' are just '11,000 random people'
  339. Climate alarmists are at it again
  340. VIDEO: Business giants worth $16 trillion commit to sustainable investment
  341. Delingpole: Obama Dragged U.S. into Paris Climate Accord Illegally, Claims Lawsuit
  342. Since no evidence is there, they keep using a little girl to push FEAR
  343. Should 'global warming' fraudsters spend time in the clink?
  344. GLOBAL WARMING? VIDEO: Explosion in Antarctic sea ice levels may cause another ice age
  345. VIDEO: Canadian Professor Lost Her Job for Telling the Truth About ‘Endangered’ Polar Bears
  346. Idiotic environmental predictions: Have we learned nothing?
  347. Britain Braces for ‘Coldest Winter in 30 Years
  348. VIDEO: Opposite of What Climate Experts Told Us: Global Snow (897)
  349. Oops! Nature magazine yanks global-warming study for 'systematic errors'
  350. Finnish study finds ‘practically no’ evidence for man-made climate change
  351. Over 50% of young Americans think climate change means the world is about to end: survey
  352. 3 Malibu Millionaires Help Pay for Climate Change Protests Worldwide
  353. 500 Scientists Write U.N.: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency
  354. VIDEO: PRAY FOR THIS CHILD - Rome made sure her school brainwashed her - then they puffed her up to further the prophesied final push towards THE MARK OF THE BEAST
  355. Delingpole: Environment Canada Airbrushes 100 Years of Inconvenient Climate Data out of History
  356. Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions
  357. Apocalypse not! Proof that climate predictions are always wrong
  358. VIDEO: Hudson: Greta Thunberg, Take Your Climate Tour to China; America’s Reduced Its Carbon Emissions for Decades
  359. Always wrong: Report unveils history of failed 'global warming' alarms
  360. Climate Hysterics: 120 Years Of History
  361. PG&E reaches $11 billion settlement on wildfire claims (But the Government says the fires "caused by down power lines" are due to climate change?!)
  362. LOL! No meltdown: ANOTHER ship with climate-change warriors gets stuck in ice
  363. Emory U. professor claims recent hurricanes are ‘man-made’
  364. AS EXPECTED: CNN’s 7-Hour Climate Town Hall a Bust
  365. Great Lakes keep embarrassing climate scientists
  366. Roman Catholic Homosexual Mayor Pete Buttigieg Seeks Pentagon 'Senior Climate Sceurity' Position
  367. David Attenborough - Humans are plague on Earth
  368. VIDEO: Won't be long before the Pope demands Sunday Laws to "protect creation"
  369. THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR YEARS: Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments
  370. CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA ALERT: Pope urges everyone to change lifestyle to save planet
  371. FAKE NEWS ALERT: Global Warming Causes More Intense Hurricanes
  372. It's official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005 (in other words, the Pope LIED)
  373. FAKE NEWS ALERT: Busted! Celebrities fact-checked after sharing fake photos of Amazon fire
  374. FAKE NEWS ALERT: CNN to air 7-hour debate on Climate Change
  375. FAKE NEWS ALERT: VIDEO: Debunking the fake Amazon rainforest fire pictures shared by celebrities
  376. Delingpole: Amazon Fires – A Big, Fat Nothingburger of a #FakeNews Scare Story
  377. VIDEO: How to Destroy the Climate Change Hoax
  378. Even China Knows it's NOT "Global Warming"
  379. Delingpole: Every Story You Read About the Environment Is #FakeNews
  380. EX-NOAA Scientist Now 'Climate-change Denier
  381. VIDEO: Roman Catholic UN Chief on Climate Change - Media Stakeout
  382. CBCP issues ‘urgent call’ on climate emergency
  383. Global Elites Take Private Jets, Yachts to Climate Summit (In other words, they too know it's a farce)
  384. Prince Charles Warns International Leaders That The World Only Has 18 Months Left To Halt Climate Change
  385. The Pope brainwashed the kids.. now they push his agenda, just as they did for Hitler
  386. AS PROPHESIED: Pope is pushing real hard on climate change
  387. Delingpole: ‘Climategate Was Fake News,’ Lies the BBC…
  388. VIDEO: David Attenborough says we cannot be radical enough in dealing with climate change
  389. VIDEO: Brisbane's CBD swarmed by climate protestors
  390. Pope gets schooled: Carbon dioxide not a 'satanic gas'
  391. VIDEO: Pope pushing more political theater for his prophesied CLIMATE CHANGE agenda towards the MARK
  392. Pope pushing HARD for his prophesied ClimateChange
  393. VIDEO: Global Warming Proven wrong AGAIN
  394. VIDEO: Princeton physicist: There’s a ‘cult’ building around climate scientists
  395. VIDEO: Roman Catholic UN Cheif's World Environment Day 2019
  396. WHAT?! Police Want to Charge 1,100 Climate Activists for ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Disruption
  397. Girl Reportedly Bullied by Teacher, Classmates for Refusing to 'Climate Strike'
  398. Top climatologist: Our models can't be trusted - Warming predictions not even close to reality
  399. Guardian to staff: Use 'climate crisis' in stories
  400. VIDEO: EU Elections 2019: Environmental protection now a top issue
  401. Roman Catholic Joe Biden: We Need a ‘Green Revolution’ to Tackle Climate Change
  402. Global Warming’ Not Scary Enough, Alarmists Rebrand ‘Climate Crisis’
  403. GLOBAL WARMING? VIDEO: Say it ain't snow: Winter storm to pound 4 million people across 1,200 miles of Midwest this weekend
  404. FAKE Scientists say 'It's already begun': Feedback loops will make climate change even worse, scientists say (32,487 REAL Scientists say...)
  405. Delingpole: ‘Climate Change: The Facts’ Was the BBC’s Biggest Lie Ever
  406. (ANOTHER) New study refutes climate-change alarm
  407. VIDEO: Mark Steyn rebukes democrats in climate hearing: 'You're effectively enforcing a state ideology'
  408. VIDEO: Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann, Climate Change: The Facts, Keynote 4, ICCC10 (Entertaining as well as Scientifically correct)
  409. Nolte: Scientists Prove Man-Made Global Warming Is a Hoax
  410. Rome pushing HARD on their Climate Change Agenda
  411. GLOBAL WARMING? California Snowpack at 162% of Average, 4th-Highest Ever
  412. Climate change agenda is being driven by hysteria, not facts
  413. WARNING! Climate Change: A New Global Order
  414. VIDEO: Brainwashed students marching in step with their indoctrinators (Now do you see why US politicians want to change voting age to 16?)
  415. VIDEO: Greenpeace co-founder destroys Beto's climate claim
  416. AS EXPECTED: VIDEO: Students INDOCTRINATED against Climate Change (Image how easy they will gather AGAINST US for refusing to keep Sunday holy to "stop Climate Change")
  417. VIDEO: Students around the world go on climate strike
  418. Macron eyes 'more ambitious' energy and climate law
  419. New global-warming report reveals polar bears thriving
  420. GLOBAL WARMING? Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’
  421. GLOBAL WARMING? Los Angeles Never Reached 70º in February for First Time
  422. VIDEO: The LIE of Global Warming / Climate Change has just gained MORE POWER
  423. Global Warming? VIDEO: Snow in Los Angeles
  424. Dianne Feinstein Pushes Funding for Climate Change Indoctrination IN THE SCHOOLS
  425. Why CO2 does not spell end of the world
  426. GLOBAL WARMING? News: California Officials Warn Skiers to Stay Home, Too Much Snow
  427. Climate guru: 'I'm calling bulls**t' on Ocasio-Cortez 'climate fakery'
  428. GLOBAL WARMING? Farmers: Winter Storms Killed 1,600 Dairy Cows in Washington State
  429. GLOBAL WARMING? Near record snowfall in Hawaii
  430. VIDEO: 'Climate Change Denier' Marc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming Hysteria
  431. ‘This Is the New Climate Democracy — of the People, by the People, for the Planet’
  432. GLOBAL WARMING? Delingpole: Alarmists Cook up Warming Scare as Planet Cools
  433. Delingpole: The Frozen Hell Outside Your Window Is What Global Warming Looks Like
  434. GLOBAL WARMING? Brutal cold smashes records in the Midwest
  435. GLOBAL WARMING? America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’
  436. GLOBAL WARMING? Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat
  437. GLOBAL WARMING? Train tracks are being set on fire in Chicago to prevent them from freezing
  438. GLOBAL WARMING? Parts of Midwest colder than Antarctica during deep freeze
  439. GLOBAL WARMING? USPS Suspends Mail Delivery, Amtrak Trains Canceled as Deadly Deep Freeze Envelops Midwest
  440. Clemson Prof. Calls for Human Extinction to Protect Environment
  442. Teach (BRAINWASH) kids about climate change? This state might require it
  443. Study: Global Warming Does Not Cause Hurricanes
  444. James Woods unearths 'devastating' Bloomberg photo
  445. California AG says utility could face murder charges if found liable for wildfires (IOW- It's was NOT Global Warming that sparked fires)
  446. VIDEO: Chuck Todd Refuses To Give Air Time To Climate Deniers: ‘The Science Is Settled’ (They FEAR the real Science and so refuse to speak on it)
  447. OOoOooOOops! 2018 First Year Ever with No Violent Tornadoes in the United States
  448. VIDEO: The truth about global warming
  449. Delingpole: Another UN Climate Summit Ends in Failure
  450. Climate scientist hit with campus 'inquisition' over post opposing carbon tax
  451. VIDEO: Decade since Al Gore predicted ice-free Arctic in 5-7 years
  452. THEY'RE PUSHING REAL HARD: The Latest: Greenpeace: US blocking text on climate change
  453. Vatican Calls for ‘Urgent Action and Urgent Decisions’ to Stop Climate Change
  454. VIDEO: Hypocrite Bernie Sanders on climate change
  455. VIDEO: Deadly Insect-Borne Disease Outbreaks Linked to DDT Ban, Not Global Warming
  456. Expert condemns establishment media's coverage of (FAKE) global warming report
  457. Nolte: Only Anti-Science Suckers Believe Climate Change Hysteria
  458. Experts on Climate Change Assessment: ‘Every Conclusion of This Latest Government Report Is False’
  459. Winter Storm (in the Fall?) Avery Leaves 5 Dead as Snow Blankets Northeast
  460. LOL: 50,000 Parka-Clad Canadians (braved the cold) Protest Global Warming
  461. Delingpole: Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Joins Calls for Global Warming Rebellion (This sets the stage to later go after Christians via Sunday Laws)
  462. Profesisonal liar "Actor" Sean Astin Scolds Fans for Failing to ‘Like’ His Endorsement of ‘Pro-Climate’ Candidate
  463. Vatican pushing HARD on Climate Change
  464. GLOBAL WARMING? Giraffes and elephants wander about in the snow after freak blizzards hit Afrca
  465. Roman Catholic Jerry Brown to Host ‘Global Climate Action Summit’ in San Francisco
  466. WHAT?! Chicago Cardinal: Global Warming, Migrants Are ‘Bigger Agenda’ than Sex Abuse
  467. Global-Warming Advocates Pressure Media to Silence Skeptics
  468. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Americans Are Dying’ from Global Warming
  469. Delingpole: Now (Google owned) YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’
  470. 30 amazing years of failed climate-alarm predictions
  471. NPR: 'Climate change' agenda is solution to wildfires
  472. Gallup Poll: No One Believes ‘Climate Change’ Is America’s Biggest Problem (That WON'T stop Pope)
  473. Delingpole: Yes, It’s Hot. No, It’s Not ‘Man-Made Global Warming’
  474. VIDEO: "Chemtrails" — How They Affect You and What You Can Do
  475. GLOBAL WARMING? Global warming? 2018 year of 'lost summer' for Arctic
  477. #Yuge: Scott Pruitt Bans Junk Science from the EPA
  478. Pope Francis to Discuss Climate Change With Oil Company CEOs
  479. Al Gore Says Pope Francis Is His ‘Inspiration’ in Fighting Climate Change
  480. VIDEO: Pope gets 150 nations (so far) to sign on with him AS PROPHESIED regarding Climate Change!
  481. GLOBALWARMING? Scientists Observe Coldest Temperatures Ever on Earth’s Surface
  482. Ontario, Canada, to Dump Jerry Brown’s International Climate Change Pact
  483. Delingpole: Thirty Years On — How Dirty Tricks in Congress Launched the Great Global Warming Scare
  484. Delingpole: ‘Bees In Peril’ Is Just Another Green Lie
  485. TV weathercasters now push 'global warming'
  486. Study: Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Are Old, White, Racist
  487. Delingpole: Shock! Antarctica Still Doing Just Great
  488. Scott Pruitt, here's evidence backing your global-warming statement
  490. Global Warming? Delingpole: Earth in ‘Greatest Two-Year Cooling Event in a Century’ Shock
  491. VIDEO: Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists
  492. Calif had to do something with the fed money, and so instead of helping the homeless lining their streets, they paint the streets white
  493. Homosexual man Sets Himself on Fire, Dies in a Climate Change Suicide
  494. Global Warming? Winter Storm (IN SPRING) Xanto Dumps Snow Across Large Swaths of the Country: 12.9 Inches in Minneapolis/St. Paul
  495. Global Warming? The Latest: Snow (IN SPRING) causes Wisconsin hotel roof collapse
  496. Global Warming? Flights canceled, roads treacherous amid spring snowstorms
  497. Delingpole: 48,000 Britons Died of Cold This Winter; UK Government Praises Climate Policy Which Helped Kill Them
  498. VIDEO: ROman Catholic UN Chief on Climate Change
  499. NOAA fudged temps by 2.5 degrees to show 'warming'
  500. More proof they are fudging the numbers! Delingpole: NOAA 2.5 Degrees F Data Tampering – ‘Science Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than This’
  501. MIT scientist: Ranting senator a 'moron' on global warming
  502. Chilling: Play titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ launches theatrical run
  503. Some Christians (Catholics actually) Giving Up Carbon for Lent to Combat Global Warming
  504. Global Warming? VIDEO: UK weather: Sea freezes over at Isle of Wight harbour - BBC News
  505. Global Warming? Rome blanketed by snow as Arctic storm sets European records
  506. Global WARMING? Rome AGAIN sees rare snowfall as arctic cold front freezes Europe
  507. Evangelical pastor seeks support for environmentalism
  508. Delingpole: NOAA Caught Adjusting Big Freeze out of Existence
  509. Kesten C. Green: Climate Bet 10 Years on: What Became of Al Gore’s ‘Tipping Point’?
  510. Delingpole: ‘Sinking’ Pacific Island Actually Getting Bigger Shock
  511. Southern Morocco under snow for 1st time
  512. Delingpole: It’s Over. Now Even Democrats Give up on ‘Climate Change’ (Rome MUST do something drastic now)
  513. LOL Humans now accused of making Earth cooler
  514. Irony Alert: A Thousand Private Jets Deliver Globalist Elite to Davos for Climate Change Summit-wait WHAT?
  515. LOL Pictures: Globalist Davos Summit Buried in Snow as Elites Gather to Discuss Global Warming
  516. VIDEO: Activist: It's OK to break laws for climate change
  517. Pope Francis: Global Warming Is ‘Consequence of Human Activity’
  518. Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation
  519. Delingpole: All the Climate Change Movies that Bombed in 2017
  520. La Niña Brings Global Cooling, Except for California
  521. Eastern U.S. to Usher in the Coldest New Year’s in 70 Years, Nationwide Temps Lowest in World
  522. Climate Expert James Hansen: New York Will Have Vanished Underwater by Midnight!
  523. Hollywood tries to save the Earth, but moviegoers aren’t buying eco-messages anymore
  524. VIDEO: Donald Trump says US could use 'little bit of that good old global warming'
  525. Global Warming? NOPE! Temperatures in International Falls, Minnesota Break Nearly Century-Old Record Low
  526. VIDEO: New York City may have coldest New Year's Eve since 1960s
  527. Trump’s National Security Strategy Suggests Climate Change Lobby Is a Threat
  528. Trump Administration Removes ‘Climate Change’ from List of National Security Threats
  529. At Vatican, ‘Tenets of Faith’ Seen as Crucial in Climate Change Effort
  530. Another Global Warming Study Casts Doubt On Media's Climate Change Fairy Tale 
  531. Global WARMING? It’s so cold outside that it snowed in Florida
  532. Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise
  533. VIDEO: Watch: Apocalyptic Footage of California Wildfires Threatening Los Angeles (Notice LAST COMMENT on screen for the Pope's CC agenda)
  534. Vatican Issues Far-Left Declaration on Climate Change, ‘Very Fabric of Life on Earth at Grave Risk’
  535. Delingpole: Exposed – the Liberal Astroturfers Behind the Global Warming Scare
  536. Disaster claims soar in year of calamities
  537. Jerry Brown to Left-Wing Hecklers: ‘Let’s Put You in the Ground
  538. Jerry Brown: World Needs ‘Brain Washing’ on Climate Change
  539. The István Markó Interview: Possibly the Best Thing You Will Ever Read on Global Warming. Pt 1: The Science
  540. Delingpole: Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth
  541. Al Gore unhinged – now even climate change believers are ‘deniers’
  542. Pope rebukes climate deniers as 'perverse' in Bonn message
  543. Michael Mann Crowdfunds Worst Children’s Book Ever
  544. Delingpole: Man-Made Climate Catastrophe Is a Myth, More Studies Confirm
  545. VIDEO: Global Catholic Climate Movement: Season of Creation
  546. VIDEO: Trump administration to terminate Obama's climate plan
  547. VIDEO: Dire climate change predictions that have NOT come true
  548. San Francisco sues Exxon over 'warming,' but there's 1 huge problem ...
  549. Delingpole: Climate Alarmists Finally Admit ‘We Were Wrong About Global Warming
  550. Climate change not as threatening to planet as previously thought, new research suggests
  551. Climate Realists Strike Back: No Blaming Harvey and Irma on ‘Climate Change’
  552. Trump reportedly flip-flops on Paris climate deal decision
  553. VIDEO: Nobel Laureate in Physics; "Global Warming is Pseudoscience"
  554. Pope Francis urges world leaders to take action on climate change
  555. Volcanoes and ozone are missing from the climate change debate
  556. Stunner! Did global cooling impact Hurricane Harvey?
  557. NASA senior scientist crushes Gore's new climate-change book
  558. Delingpole: Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ – Fact-Checked
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  560. Report: Al Gore’s Home Burns 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household
  561. Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers
  562. VIDEO: Pseudo-Scientist Bill Nye Gets Owned, Humiliated and Destroyed by Marc Morano LIVE on CNN
  563. Greenland just broke the record for the coldest July day ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere
  564. Study blows 'greenhouse theory out of the water'
  565. VIDEO/AUDIO: Rush Limbaugh 06/29/2017 | Climate Alarmists: We Have Three Years Left
  566. Delingpole: Buffett’s Vice Chair – Al Gore Is ‘An Idiot’ Who Just Got Lucky (financially) Obsessing About ‘Climate Change’
  567. VIDEO: Politicized science evident in field of climate study
  568. DELINGPOLE: Ship of Fools III – Global Warming Study Cancelled Because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice
  569. DELINGPOLE: Breitbart 100 Per Cent Correct About Climate Change, Expert Peer Reviewer Confirms
  570. Climate change' fight has cost you more than $166 billion
  571. VIDEO: Steyn on Doomsday Climate Change Predictions: ‘It’s Cartoon Science’
  572. Top 7 Worst Reasons to Keep the Paris Climate Accord
  573. Climate expert praises Trump for pulling out of 'sham' Paris accord
  574. Donald Trump Will Exit Paris Climate Change Agreement (But his daughter still pushes it from WH?!)
  575. Exclusive — Rand Paul: Paris Climate Deal Would Kill 6 Million American Jobs
  576. Cohn: Trump Becoming “Smarter,’ ‘More Knowledgeable’ on Climate Change
  577. VIDEO: Ad Urges Trump to Keep Promise, Exit Paris Climate Agreement
  578. DELINGPOLE: Dilbert Disses Global Warming; Liberal Heads Explode
  579. VIDEO: As Expected - Trump administration’s schizophrenic stance on climate change
  580. Obama Climate Change Speech Earns $3.26 Million for Personal Foundation
  581. Ivanka Trump to Head Review of U.S. Role in Paris Climate Change Agreement
  582. ROTFL: Climate Change Rally in Colorado Postponed After Monster Snowstorm (Global Warming? LOL!)
  583. Climate Scientist Urges President Trump not to Cave to Ivanka’s ‘Climate Change Madness’
  584. VIDEO: They mess up the climate and now they plan to use the same methods to fix it?
  585. VIDEO: Senator slams book burners protecting global warming 'hoax'
  586. Democrats ask teachers to destroy books by 'climate deniers'
  587. Politico: Pruitt Takes Fire from Conservatives on Climate Showdown
  588. Jerry Brown Calls for ‘Countermovement’ Against Trump on Climate Change
  589. DELINGPOLE: Climate Change Deniers Should Be Executed ‘Gently’ says Eric Idle
  590. Cardinal Tagle calls for 'ecological conversion' in the Philippines
  591. VIDEO: OMB Director Mulvaney: Climate Change Research ‘A Waste of Your Money’
  592. Carbon dioxide not ‘primary contributor’ to global warming, EPA chief says 
  593. The Latest: California snowpack nearing record depths
  594. Big List: Now scientists want U.S. out of U.N. climate agency
  595. Global WARMING?! 500 inches and counting: Snow has clobbered California ski resorts this winter
  596. VIDEO: The Paris Climate Agreement Won't Change the Climate
  597. Catholics are about Climate Change
  598. VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks Pope Francis for his work for climate change
  599. VIDEO: Climatologist says global warming is a hoax
  600. At Least 4 Tornadoes Reported in Southeast Louisiana
  601. VIDEO: GRAPHIC: 10:10 No Pressure
  602. VIDEO: Snow scenes in Amman, Jordan
  603. Tens of thosuands of Websites confirm Artic ise is growing and NOT SHRINKING! (That means: Al Gore and Pope John Paul II lied!)
  604. VIDEO: NWO: climatologist says "global warming" is a hoax
  605. VIDEO: White House warns Prince Charles against ‘lecturing’ on climate change
  606. Weather Channel Founder: Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Another ‘Scientific Monstrosity’
  607. Climate change section removed from White House website
  608. Climate-change-fight cost: $100,000,000,000,000
  609. Catholic Priests To Study Climate Change As Part Of Theological Training
  610. Vatican helps the Catholic Left elect Democrats by creating a new ‘non-negotiable’: climate change
  611. Obama touts Pope Francis' work to fight climate change in birthday message
  612. VIDEO: Obama says those that deny Climate Change are Fascists
  613. Pope Francis Directs Message to Trump on Climate Change
  614. Christopher Essex: Milo, Delingpole, Gallant Scientists Remembered, and Climate Politics in 2016
  615. VIDEO: Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax
  616. Obama sneaking in 1 final global-warming spending orgy
  617. Scott and Shackleton logbooks prove Antarctic sea ice is not shrinking 100 years after expeditions
  618. GOP elite 'moderating' Trump's stance on 'climate change'
  619. Ecumenical Patriarch blasts ‘disgraceful’ inaction on climate change, says ‘survival of God’s creation’ is at stake
  620. Geoengineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality
  621. Hillary Clinton: Pope Francis and President Obama Bring ‘Moral Leadership’ on Climate Change
  622. With Clinton and the Pope on board, the climate movement has wind in its sails
  623. Now RICO turned against climate-change activists
  624. Pope asks scientists to find solutions, declare rules to save planet
  625. EU races to approve Paris climate deal to prevent issue if Trump wins election
  626. VIDEO: GOP Lawmaker Totally Trolls Obama’s Climate Adviser With ‘Global Warming’ Article From 1922 ROTFL!! 
  627. The ‘Fingerprint’ Of Global Warming Doesn’t Exist In The Real World, Study Finds
  628. Climate Change Proposal - Once A Week ... A Green Sabbath Day
  629. Anglican church pushing Pope's prophesied climate change agenda
  630. Feds' psychology tricks fail miserably on global warming
  631. Four Studies Find ‘No Observable Sea-Level Effect’ From Man-Made Global Warming
  632. Professors tell students: Drop class if you dispute man-made climate change
  633. White House defends Obama evading Senate on Paris climate deal
  634. Climate-change crowd now targets children
  635. Al Gore's environmental scam funded by George Soros
  636. Climate-change activists call for tax policies to discourage childbirth
  637. Critics: Scientists blowing smoke on 'chemtrail' study
  638. VIDEO: Obama: We Should Heed The Pope’s Message On Climate Change
  639. Physicist who foresees global cooling says other scientists tried to ‘silence’ her
  640. VIDEO: Scientist sees global cooling ahead
  641. Kerry taken to task over global-warming alarmism
  642. Obama spends $4 million to hype global-warming alarm
  643. VIDEO: Church Denominations "come together" on Pope's Climate Change
  644. Science groups blasted for crossing line into activism with climate-change letter to Congress
  645. VIDEO: Gutfeld: Terror rains on the climate change parade
  646. VIDEO: Obama ignores terror to push climate change for Pope
  647. Grexit? Brexit? Now some calling for Clexit
  648. VIDEO: Dem Party Platform Calls For Prosecuting Global Warming Skeptics
  649. Bill would establish climate change teaching curriculum
  650. Record snowfall Strikes Alaska In June
  651. VIDEO: Dem Congressmen: First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Global Warming Skeptics
  652. VIDEO: Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt
  653. VIDEO: New climate change evidence shows models are way off
  654. Is It Really Summer? U.K. Natural Gas Trades Like It’s Winter
  655. Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials
  656. Why Thousands Of Pagans Are Standing Up For The Environment
  657. VIDEO: David Suzuki Says Harper Should Be Jailed Over His Climate Positions
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  659. VIDEO: 'Global warming' takes hit in 'Climate Hustle'
  660. SunEdison bankruptcy exposes climate-change corruption
  661. Berkshire investors reject climate change report
  662. Oops! Rising CO2 proves beneficial to 'greening' Earth
  663. VIDEO: Why is Bernie Sanders in Vatican City not New York City?
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  665. VIDEO: Nations sign historic climate change pact
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  668. VIDEO: Leading on Climate Change
  669. Prosecuting climate 'deception' could soon get easier
  670. VIDEO: Mocked Meteorologist Gets Last Laugh - Piers Corbyn Wins Again!
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  672. Stop Attacking Scientists for Reporting the Truth on Climate Change
  673. Global CO2 emissions now flat for 2 years running
  674. NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years
  675. VIDEO: Obama, Trudeau see eye-to-eye on climate policy
  676. Obama sends $500 million to U.N. climate-change fund
  677. Schools add 'cli-fi' lit to push climate change
  678. Paris Climate Deal Seen Costing $12.1 Trillion Over 25 Years (So.. money was the reason all along!?)
  679. Obama shrugs off court's halt to climate-change agenda
  680. Supreme Court halts Obama's "unprecedented power grab" with his climate-change plans
  681. Hottest year on record? Claim not backed up by data
  682. Time runs out on Al Gore's global-warming Armageddon
  683. US Awards $1Billion to States to Prepare for Climate
  684. Club of Rome and the Pope AGREE (not surprised)
  685. Club of Rome on "Climate Engineering"
  686. NASA stunner: Burning fossil fuels cools Earth
  687. VIDEO: TechKnow - Extreme weather: Coincidence or climate change
  688. VIDEO: Must Watch: Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink
  689. VIDEO: Listen to what ALL speakers say in this video about a universal (Catholic) effort
  690. Activists demand UN ‘revoke’ credentials of ‘climate deniers’ in Paris
  691. VIDEO: COP 21: 'Pope Francis hopes for an ambitious, equitable and legally binding agreement'
  692. Climate expert: Obama's deal a 'scam from top to bottom
  693. VIDEO: COP21 climate change summit reaches deal in Paris
  694. How climate deal could actually kill people
  695. VIDEO: Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience
  696. Pope asking church leaders to promote his climate change agenda!
  697. VIDEO: Global Warming Gasbag!
  698. Obama's Organizing for Action Group: 'Call Out the Climate Change Deniers'
  699. World facing 'grave environmental crisis', pope warns
  700. VIDEO: Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit – ‘Climate Hustle’ To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris
  701. VIDEO: Paris Climate Conference: "business as we know it is dead"
  702. VIDEO: 'Monsieur Météo': French weatherman fired for his book to cover COP21 on RT
  703. Vatican Radio: UN: The rising threat from climate change
  704. VIDEO: Is Climate Change Our Biggest Problem?
  705. VIDEO: Obama says U.S. will step up on climate change
  706. Pope Francis in Kenya calls for environmental action
  707. Dem Senator pushing to prosecute warming skeptics
  708. Calif. science textbooks written like ‘climate change denier blogs’: researchers
  709. New studies flip climate-change notions upside down
  710. Climate Alarmists Demand Wartime Austerity, Rationing, Controls
  711. VIDEO: Climate change: "it is extremely urgent that we act", says UN Environment programme chief scientist
  712. MELTDOWN MYTH: Antarctic ice growing is just the first EVIDENCE global warming is NOT REAL
  713. Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General - The New York Times
  714. CO2 levels today the same as in 1910
  715. VIDEO: ‘Crime of opinion’: French weatherman sacked for climate change skeptic book
  716. Putin declares limate change a fraud
  717. VIDEO: Bishops representing every continent sign appeal for climate change action
  718. VIDEO: Chemtrails: Deliberately altering climate? WOW!
  719. Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification
  720. Democratic physicist slams Obama on climate change
  721. UN releases draft agreement on climate change
  722. More Scientific proof Global Warming is a LIE
  723. Is NOAA Altering Weather Data Ahead of the Big UN Climate Change Meeting?
  724. VIDEO: Pope beseeches world leaders to protect the environment
  725. VIDEO: Papa! DC crowds cheer pope; he calls for climate action
  726. VIDEO: Pope Francis calls for 'significant global environmental' deals
  727. Global warming to pick up in 2015, 2016: experts(Keep an eye on this article. Will it be pulled?)
  728. Where's global warming? Arctic ice cap grows
  729. Climate expert: Obama (and Pope) missed memo on growing ice
  730. Christian Aid welcomes Obama's Climate Change action
  731. VIDEO: Mankind threatened by global cooling, not warming
  732. Obama ramps up Global Warming fight
  733. Three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated, professor claims
  734. Savage: 'The pope is another liar' about climate
  735. Gov. Brown blasts climate change 'deniers' during Vatican conference
  736. VIDEO: Pope Francis: Climate change is local issue
  737. Pope Francis: planet facing ‘unprecedented destruction’
  738. Vatican official says 'it's time to act' on protecting the environment
  739. Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Who Endorsed Obama Now Says Prez. is ‘Ridiculous’ & ‘Dead Wrong’ on ‘Global Warming
  740. VIDEO: Former NASA Scientists... Global Warming Hoax
  741. Pope Francis calls for a new system of global government to tackle climate change
  742. VIDEO: Scientists say pope may be the key player on climate change
  743. VIDEO: Pope CONvinces United Nations food security expert: Climate change could worsen hunger in some regions
  744. Obama calls for world leaders to heed Pope Francis’s message
  745. Explosive intervention by Pope Francis set to transform climate change debate
  746. VIDEO: US Air Force admits they can control the weather
  747. VIDEO: 'Heinous act': Pope's climate encyclical leaked
  748. VIDEO: Pope Francis: Environmental encyclical “is aimed at everyone
  749. America’s Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend
  750. Climate-change skeptics reveal fudging of temperature data
  751. VIDEO: CNN: Al Gore Lied About Global Warming
  752. Obama admits that climate change will be in Obamatrade
  753. NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming ‘Hiatus’
  754. Vatican prepares to make climate change policy plan
  755. Study predicts decades of global cooling ahead
  756. Progressive Catholics Organize to Promote Pope Francis’s Climate Change Message
  757. Cannes closer is call to arms on climate change
  758. VIDEO: "No nation is immune" to climate change - Obama
  759. New Climate Economy: Experts analyze the issue before release of Papal encyclical
  760. Church of England welcomes Vatican Statement on Climate Change
  761. Climate change and the 'settled science' bullies
  762. Astana: elites discuss climate change, while children get sick
  763. Pope Francis to Host Major Summit on Climate Change
  764. Obama Presents Climate Change As Health Hazard
  765. U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare
  766. VIDEO: Inhaling The Highly Toxic Climate Engineering Fallout
  767. VIDEO: Catholic News Service: The science, politics and 'church' of climate change
  768. Lefty lawmaker warns: Climate change makes women prostitutes (WHAT?!)
  769. Institute of Physics Accused of Corruption as Climate Change ’97 Percent Consensus’ Claim is Debunked
  770. FEMA To Deny Funding To States Without Global Warming Plans
  771. VIDEO: Welcome to the tropics: Bogota covered in 24 inches of snow (Global Warming?!)
  772. New Inquisition: Punish climate-change 'deniers'
  773. President Obama’s Budget Request Outlines US Climate Funding Commitment
  774. Giant Chunks Of Ice Wash Ashore On Cape Cod (Global Warming?!)
  775. Florida officials ban term 'climate change
  776. VIDEO: Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger
  777. Negotiators agree to early draft of UN climate deal
  778. Outgoing UN IPCC Chief reveals global warming ‘is my religion and my dharma
  779. VIDEO: Local Forecasts confirm global warming is a LIE!
  780. Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears
  781. Arctic outbreak shatters records in eastern US, coldest yet to come
  782. Global warming? Only the data is heated
  783. The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever
  784. Washington's memo to the Vatican: the pope and Obama are in sync on climate change
  785. Emotions, not science, rule U.S. climate change debate: study
  786. The Catholic church and Climate Change
  787. VIDEO: Climate cycles reveal 'global warming' all wrong
  788. Real Science: Global Warming EXPOSED
  789. (12-16-2009- TPNL) Global Warning = Global Government

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  1. Humans, not climate change, blamed for 96% of mass extinctions among mammals
  2. UK Professor: Only Way to Save Planet Is to ‘Let Humans Become Extinct’


  1. Vatican ties virus rethink to pope's environmental appeal
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