December 20, 2014 - this Sabbath sermon is,"Journey to Promised Land part 1"


Updated - 12-19-14


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Some Good News to Cultivate a Smile :)

UPDATED 12-19-14

 VIDEO: Car parked in crosswalk turns out to be a big surpriseVIDEO: College Student's Amazing Lake Rescue of 92-Year-Old Driver * VIDEO: Florida Bus Driver Rescued Children From Burning BusVIDEO: San Francisco bus offers mobile showers for the homelessVIDEO: Hillsboro student saves 11-month-oldVIDEO: Crowd Lifts Car Off Woman Trapped UnderneathVIDEO: This is how plants communicate with one anotherUltrasound Captures Baby Smiling in the Womb *  VIDEO: Hero Cop Rescues Man From Gas Station Fire * VIDEO: Scientists still have no clue about God's creationVIDEO: Calif. Officer Returns Man's Life Savings of $125,000 * VIDEO: Little girl's miraculous escape from falling glass at Donetsk stadium during shelling * VIDEO: Habila Shot for Refusing to Deny Jesus (amazing testimony!)VIDEO: Pittsburgh detective thinks outside the box to help foster kids * VIDEO: Elderly man is best friends with a hummingbirdVIDEO: Bucket Bear freed of its 'bucket' in Perry Township * VIDEO: Playful Beluga Whale Teases Kids * VIDEO: Police officer drives car and does CPR at same time on toddler


UPDATED 12-19-14

Pay-per-view ExecutionsPope’s Homosexual Agenda in full swing MANY Reasons to Homeschool  Demon of Caiaphas at work TODAY!  Santa = Satan (Is Christmas Christian?)  Schools encourage sexual promiscuity in teens  The Pope is killing Christians TODAY  Lutheran Church called Pope Antichrist!  Rome's attack on Marriage  Obama as Herod / Emperor?  Anglican Church called Pope Antichrist!  Immigration to Destroy Religious Freedom in USA Legalized killing of healthy toddlers?  Should Christians Vote?  Baptist Church called Pope Antichrist  ALL church forefathers called him ANTICHRIST?!  Vatican Describes Mary Worship as a CULT!  Govt: Christians must wed Gays or go to JAIL!  PROOF: Ebola Panic STAGED! Christian Sermons ILLEGAL in TEXAS! ANOTHER Deadly Virus Outbreak?! (Marburg)  Can Christians keep the Law? SHOCKING VIDEO! Concrete Evidence! Vatican Wrote Koran! Why Christians are Hated Jesus didn't die for our sins?!  Pope blames Bible Christians for Terrorism!  Joel Osteen's Wife Confirms Prophecy Fulfilled! A Cure for Ebola!-2  A Cure for Ebola!  Pope asks all to deny Christ!  URGENT Prophetic Events Execution by Guillotine in USA  Islam in Christian Prophecy Cashless Society SOON Vatican asks Catholics to break US law!  Jesuits granted global power to kill "true believers Vatican cooks up false prophecies AGAIN Mary Worship Destroying Europe Why we left Babylon  Islam victor over USA and Vatican Vatican, Hitler, USA and Islam Is the SDA church the Remnant?





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