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This will scare most Christians

Scary pic: Satan owns Rome


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UPDATED  05-01-17

Miracle? This time, the lions save the Christians * Teen stuns toddler with good deed at Target * VIDEO:  A Man, a Dog and a Hummingbird * Hero dog saves stricken owner by smashing window to summon help, cops say * VIDEO: Miracle escape: Father and daughter pulled alive from suspected gas explosion rubbleThe 10 year old who saved the lives of 850 passengers * VIDEO: Miracle rescue from blazing car once Jesus called on * VIDEO: Three Bears Are No Match For This 20-Pound Bulldog * VIDEO: This Is How Plants Communicate With One Another VIDEO: The "ice disc" is not your average winter phenomenonVIDEO: Police officer helps speeder tie his tie * VIDEO: Baby steals phone while it's still recording * VIDEO: Officer offers driver prayers instead of ticket * VIDEO: This is what the inside of a cell looks like * VIDEO: Police Officer Praised for Saving Life of Unresponsive Woman During Traffic Stop * VIDEO: It's a good thing we have all of eternity to search His creation. It's going to take thousands of centuries to check this ONE galaxy out! * Underground Christian ministry witnesses Mideast 'miracle * VIDEO: Why Do Leaves Change Color? * VIDEO:What showing God's love can do: 200,000 Tibetans, including 62 Buddhist monks, decide to follow Jesus * VIDEO: 2 Police Officers Talk Man Out Of Suicide * VIDEO: They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza What He Did With It Broke Me Down * VIDEO: Why Do Leaves Change Color? * VIDEO: Massive 'murmuration' of starlings in Israel's skies * VIDEO: walmart asks greeter to stop saying 'Have a blessed day' * VIDEO: Miracle escape: Father and daughter pulled alive from suspected gas explosion rubble * VIDEO: God's beautiful creation: best space pictures of 2014 * VIDEO: Momma Goose Asks Officer For Help Untangling Baby From Balloon string * VIDEO: Man Rescues Whale From Tangled Ropes * VIDEO: Cop Buys Car Seat For Struggling Father * VIDEO: Watch This Rescued Bear Get His First Taste Of Freedom * PICS: This Colorful Moth Might Just Be The World’s Most Beautiful Insect * And they say we evolved by chance? If so, explain this! * VIDEO: Still think 'all' cops are evil? See this


UPDATED  05-01-17

Sunday Laws are coming SOON! (Jews pass Law to BREAK SABBATH!) Will God use You? 666 - The MARK of his NAME SDA President sends APOLOGY to Pope? Reality Show to allow Rape and Murder!   Media ADMITS to using mind control This will scare most Christians WOW! Dust Devil filled with burning Tumbleweeds?! Vatican Controls US Media! Scary picture proves Satan watches over all Papal Audiences   What is Wrong with you Christians Pope: STOP preaching Christ and START preaching Climate Change! (Sunday Laws coming soon)   Strange Signs & Trumpets over Jerusalem?  Pope CONFIRMS himself Antichrist! (Gives power to forgive sin!)  Armageddon Bunker sales UP 700%!  Why SDA hates SDR Vatican: Universal jurisdiction is an "important tool"  Muslims Worship Mary?!  Pope: Global Warming is SIN - Homosexuality is NOT Trump and the Prophesied 501c3 Dallas Shooting was Prophesied! Global Government Plans FAST TRACKED - EU EMPIRE COMING  Vulgar Catholic Priest Dancing on PRIME TIME TV!   Will YOUR Bread and Waters be Sure? Doctors treat 'Pretend Sex'  SHOCKER!!! Doctor HISSES he loves to kill Babies Catholic Sainthood Proven FALSE US Muslims want Sharia Law that demands Christians MUST DIE! Muslim kills 50 in florida gay nightclub SDA church joins hands with ROME as Harlot Sisters US Schools say NO to Jesus and YES to Allah! Ancient Vatican Pedophile Games Boy falls in Gorilla cage - Why not tranquilize Harambe?  Boy falls in Gorilla cage - Mercy for Harambe? Literal 'spark of life' caught on camera -the real BIG BANG  Pope Francis prays to Statue on Camera! Muslims ARE Catholics? 4 yr old Muslim boy Kills & Salutes Pope  Wow! God did that for me?  SDA Church now preaching Pantheism SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE and HERE

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