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UPDATED  10-11-15

VIDEO: Hes Bullied By His Classmates, But When He Says THIS To Them, Im Destroyed * VIDEO: Seven-year-old Colombian girl survives 18 days in the jungle * VIDEO: Biologists Are Amazed By What These Fish Can Do * VIDEO: This Is How Plants Communicate With One Another VIDEO: Octopus Demonstrates High Intelligence * VIDEO: Underwater Park * VIDEO: Look at this gears in an insect's legs! * VIDEO: How 'Hero' Bus Driver Stopped Kidnapping in Progress on His Bus * VIDEO: A Farmer Saw A Hole In A Rock. But The Inside Has Astound The Whole World * VIDEO: Gun-Wielding Robber Returns Wallet, Phone as Victim Prays for Him Out Loud * VIDEO: Watch Albuquerque Cop Save Baby Using CPR * VIDEO: Spreading of Christianity in the world since Jesus Christ * VIDEO: Stunning Slow-Motion Footage Shows How Some Plants Explode To Disperse Seeds * PIC: Photo of Marine with bride-to-be goes viral * VIDEO: Senior class gives trip money to principal battling cancer * VIDEO: This tree isn't what it appears to be when the birds decide to fly away


UPDATED  10-11-15

The Pope said WHAT?!  Popes 666 Hand-sign before Congress  More Historic Proof Popes Created Islam!  Worshiping Hillary Clinton!?  As we NOW see the day approaching  SHOCKING admission of former Satanist about ABORTION!  Are you ready to meet Christ? ARE YOU SURE?!  SDA Politician Snubs Bible  Obama said WHAT? (Hypocrite!)  Baphomet in Detroit!  Pastors Caught RED HANDED  Thank Pastors for Homosexual Marriage  Obama demands Christians Deny Jesus  Global Warming to bring Global Government  SHOCKER! Please Slow Down! Q&A~ Is The Law only for Jews?  Clinton Demands Christians Deny Jesus!  Mark of the Beast being fast-tracked!   Babylonian Talmud is GARBAGE!  Homosexual Marriage - major sign of the END  Q&A~ What does "many shall run to & fro" mean in Daniel 12:4?  Fox News calls for Global Ruler?!   SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE and HERE

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"The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power-- all will  be unmasked." -Evangelism page 43.4



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