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UPDATED  06-26-16

VIDEO: Massive 'murmuration' of starlings in Israel's skies * VIDEO: walmart asks greeter to stop saying 'Have a blessed day' * VIDEO: Miracle escape: Father and daughter pulled alive from suspected gas explosion rubble * VIDEO: God's beautiful creation: best space pictures of 2014 * VIDEO: Momma Goose Asks Officer For Help Untangling Baby From Balloon string * VIDEO: Man Rescues Whale From Tangled Ropes * VIDEO: Cop Buys Car Seat For Struggling Father * VIDEO: Watch This Rescued Bear Get His First Taste Of Freedom * PICS: This Colorful Moth Might Just Be The World’s Most Beautiful Insect * And they say we evolved by chance? If so, explain this! * VIDEO: Still think 'all' cops are evil? See this


UPDATED  06-26-16

Doctors treat 'Pretend Sex'  SHOCKER!!! Doctor HISSES he loves to kill Babies Catholic Sainthood Proven FALSE US Muslims want Sharia Law that demands Christians MUST DIE! Muslim kills 50 in florida gay nightclub SDA church joins hands with ROME as Harlot Sisters US Schools say NO to Jesus and YES to Allah! Ancient Vatican Pedophile Games Boy falls in Gorilla cage - Why not tranquilize Harambe?  Boy falls in Gorilla cage - Mercy for Harambe? Literal 'spark of life' caught on camera -the real BIG BANG  Pope Francis prays to Statue on Camera! Muslims ARE Catholics? 4 yr old Muslim boy Kills & Salutes Pope  Wow! God did that for me?  SDA Church now preaching Pantheism SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE and HERE

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