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This will scare most Christians

Scary pic: Satan owns Rome


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 Pope commands all pray Rosary October 13!  What will Happen October 21?  Bible reading sparks PANIC on Train!  Bloody Hollywood Milking Vegas Shooting  Vegas Shooting used for Media Blitz? (Notice what Hillary said?!)  1 Million to pray Pagan rosary on Poland's Border?!  1 Million to pray Pagan rosary on Poland's Border?!  What will happen on September 23? SHOCKING origin of: NEW WORLD ORDER  40% of USA Prefers Socialism! September 23, is Satan's way to TRAP BILLIONS!  Pope says YOU are STUPID!  September 23, 2017 false prophecy  YouTube Censoring ONLY Christians!?  Harry Potter and the Vatican   BLM and KKK Rioters on SAME BUS?  2017 Eclipse & Flat Earth Is YouTube Deleting Subscribers?!  No FREE SPEECH for Christians!  Another Prophecy (#3) Fulfilled!  ANOTHER Prophecy Fulfilled!  Prophecy Fulfilled!  Room with a view: 2 ex- Vatican hospital officials charged Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment  MANY False Prophets!  Christians are God's agents  SUNDAY LAW ALERT: Al Gore Says God Told Him to Fight Global Warming  Only in the End Times is insanity like this allowed  SUNDAY LAW ALERT! Trump meets with Muslims, Jews and Pope!  Atheist asks: Why doesn't God heal Amputees?  Atheist says Women should be Silent & Submissive  666 wrong number of the beast?  BREAKING NEWS!! Trump, 501c3 Govt Preachers and Sunday Laws!  Federal judge backs firing squads, GUILLOTINE for executions  Sunday Laws are coming SOON! (Jews pass Law to BREAK SABBATH!) 666 - The MARK of his NAME SDA President sends APOLOGY to Pope? Reality Show to allow Rape and Murder!   Media ADMITS to using mind control This will scare most Christians WOW! Dust Devil filled with burning Tumbleweeds?! Vatican Controls US Media! Scary picture proves Satan watches over all Papal Audiences   What is Wrong with you Christians Pope: STOP preaching Christ and START preaching Climate Change! (Sunday Laws coming soon)   Strange Signs & Trumpets over Jerusalem?  Pope CONFIRMS himself Antichrist! (Gives power to forgive sin!)  Armageddon Bunker sales UP 700%!  Why SDA hates SDR Vatican: Universal jurisdiction is an "important tool"  Muslims Worship Mary?!  Pope: Global Warming is SIN - Homosexuality is NOT Trump and the Prophesied 501c3 Dallas Shooting was Prophesied! Global Government Plans FAST TRACKED - EU EMPIRE COMING  Vulgar Catholic Priest Dancing on PRIME TIME TV!   Will YOUR Bread and Waters be Sure? SHOCKER!!! Doctor HISSES he loves to kill Babies Catholic Sainthood Proven FALSE US Muslims want Sharia Law that demands Christians MUST DIE!  SDA church joins hands with ROME as Harlot Sisters US Schools say NO to Jesus and YES to Allah! Literal 'spark of life' caught on camera -the real BIG BANG  Pope Francis prays to Statue on Camera! Muslims ARE Catholics? 4 yr old Muslim boy Kills & Salutes Pope  SDA Church now preaching Pantheism SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE and HERE and HERE

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"The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power-- all will  be unmasked." -Evangelism page 43.4



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