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Is EASTER Christian?

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Congress & Pope agree on Religious Law!  Mortal wound is Healed!  Sunday Laws and Obamacare  Satanism practiced by Pope  Man of sin's prophesied task

HEADLINES  (I do not condone all the article sources)

 Martial Law coming soon! Pope created UFO movement  Guillotines in Obamacare?!!  Ten toes of Daniel lining up!  Ten toes line up accelerating

Videos of Interest (I do not condone all the video sources)

 CNN claims Sunday is 7th day  Pope to address Congress! The Popes and 666  Vatican doing as Dan.11:45 predicted!  SDA Pastor to be Atheist for 1 year!

Distress of Nations (Luke 21:25) (I do not condone all the article/video sources)

 Rome's homosexual agenda  Rabbi sets stage for Antichrist! Angel of light at Promise Keepers?  501c3 = Image of the beast  Homosexual marriage

Additional Signs of the END(I do not condone all the article/video sources)



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