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Updated 04-26-15

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UPDATED 04-24-15

VIDEO: This Policeman Went Above And Beyond His Oath To Protect, Serve And Care * VIDEO: Sailor Rescued After 66 Days Lost at Sea * VIDEO: A Police Officer's Body Camera Captures His Heroic Rescue Of A Little Boy From A Burning Home * VIDEO: World's First Sidewalk Store Offers Free Clothing To Homeless * VIDEO: Girl Feeds Backyard Birds And They Bring Her Some Wonderfully Kooky Gifts * VIDEO: Only a God can create like this! * VIDEO: A Real-Life Example Of Superhuman Strength Saves A 3-Year-Old * VIDEO: Not all cops shoot first!VIDEO: Dramatic Video Captures Florida Deputies Pulling Man From Burning Car * VIDEO: We will enjoy animals like this in Heaven * VIDEO: One very blessed cyclist! * VIDEO: $20 Homeless Backpack Care Kit * VIDEO: A caterpillar transforms into a Monarch butterfly * VIDEO: Adorable Weasel Is Awfully Camera Shy * VIDEO: Tsunami Miracle: What Islam could not do - Jesus Christ does by Saving People * VIDEO: Arrested Teen Saves Life of Fort Lauderdale Police Officer As He Is Being Arrested VIDEO: NASA stuns with new image of 'Pillars of Creation'PICS: These Oddly Adorable Flowers Were Created By GodVIDEO: Heroic monkey: Monkey saves 'dying' friend at train station in India VIDEO: Tarrant police officer delivers groceries to woman caught stealing eggs at Dollar GeneralVIDEO: 15-year-old-boy repays an elderly woman who was robbed by his father * VIDEO: Car parked in crosswalk turns out to be a big surpriseVIDEO: College Student's Amazing Lake Rescue of 92-Year-Old Driver * VIDEO: Florida Bus Driver Rescued Children From Burning BusVIDEO: San Francisco bus offers mobile showers for the homelessVIDEO: Hillsboro student saves 11-month-oldVIDEO: Crowd Lifts Car Off Woman Trapped UnderneathVIDEO: This is how plants communicate with one anotherUltrasound Captures Baby Smiling in the WombVIDEO: Hero Cop Rescues Man From Gas Station Fire


UPDATED 04-24-15

 Fox News calls for Global Ruler?!  Q&A Who are the 144,000?  Q&A~ Moses' Law -vs- God's Law  URGENT! US Senator Wants SUNDAY LAWS!  Q&A~ Is God Showing Signs Today?  Q&A's in video format?  Fiery Trials of the Remnant  US Police State Coming Soon! They plan to regulate ‘every nut and bolt’ of Internet  SDA Conference: Sunday worship “no big deal Obama says Christians are killers too Israeli President compares ISIS to Nazis! North American Union Prophecy Fulfilling Why most Christians won’t be ready US Senate Agrees with Pope on Climate Change! Muslims hold secret meeting in Texas! Ben Carson likens Islamic State to American patriots Pope demands limits on free speech! Obama Declares Anti Extremism Summit Pastors teach members to beat each other bloody Pope Francis, Climate change and Sunday Laws Pay-per-view ExecutionsPope’s Homosexual Agenda in full swing Demon of Caiaphas at work TODAY! The Pope is killing Christians TODAY Immigration to Destroy Religious Freedom in USA Legalized killing of healthy toddlers? PROOF: Ebola Panic STAGED!  Can Christians keep the Law? SHOCKING VIDEO! Concrete Evidence! Vatican Wrote Koran! Why Christians are Hated Jesus didn't die for our sins?! Pope blames Bible Christians for Terrorism! Joel Osteen's Wife Confirms Prophecy Fulfilled! A Cure for Ebola!-2 A Cure for Ebola!  Pope asks all to deny Christ! Execution by Guillotine in USA Islam in Christian ProphecyCashless Society SOONVatican asks Catholics to break US law! Jesuits granted global power to kill "true believersVatican cooks up false prophecies AGAIN Mary Worship Destroying Europe Is the SDA church the Remnant?


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